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OG trailer thoughts

Maci and Taylor are bad actors, their full segment has already been exposed as fake as fuck and all there has been is a trailer so like surely it’s only gonna get worse with the poor editing?

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Catelynn and Tyler legit like broke my heart. I feel so much for Catelynn, I know her and Tyler aren’t doing what they said they would but I feel like Cate rushed to have Nova because they were feeling like they might loose Carly because of the stuff with Brandon & Teresea and Nova obviously was never going to fill that hole in the way Cate probably thought she would so idk I guess I just feel bad for her because now she’ll still be trying to work through her Carly issues but with a young child on top of it. At least Tyler seems to know what’s up I guess???

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Farrah is just seems like Farrah. Find it hilarious she has a segment in with Dr Jenn although Larry was so against her going on family therapy lmao wtf? I feel like Farrah always seals her own fate when it comes to her love life she wants the big love story and wedding but doesn’t realise that takes time and pressures whoever she’s with so we know her segments are going to be her pressuring Simon for a commitment and him being over it so again I’m already so over Farrah’s segments already

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Where the fuck is Amber???? Like seriously not just Amber but there was like no Gary/Kristina footage or anything but where is Amber??? I’m more concerned than ever  about how much control Matt has not only over Amber but over what is going on around her full life and family situation and it’s genuinely concerning after he information that has came out about Matt in the last few months.

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Really this franchise is dead, the people all need real world help which they aren’t going to get whilst MTV continues to baby them and I am so done.

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Hey momma. I feel really down since i just broke my bed now and I'm not really the thinnest.. I honestly feel like shit and it's kinda consuming me..

Baby♡ It hurts me to hear you don’t feel good. Not being the thinnest doesn’t mean shit. Size doesn’t mean shit. You can be an amazing, gorgeous and mighty person in any size. Feel free to message me off anon and I can talk to you more specifically. All I can say is I bet you’re pretty damn cute and pretty damn amazing. 💛💖💜💙💚 I hope you have a great day, you deserve all the good things.

I’m never the type of person to put my personal life online but this has been really effecting me lately so I feel like it’s important. Someone broke my heart recently, really badly, and I’m having the most difficult time taking it. I don’t really know what I’m feeling but I’m feeling a lot of it. Please come be my friend, I want to take my mind off of it.


Today’s blog entry I teamed up with @feckyeswriting on this entry to talk about tropes and why we break them. It’s a subject fecky and I have spent many an hour talking about as well as the impact on literature and popular culture.

To start, we have to define what a trope is. The first definition is “a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression.” The second is one we are more familiar with; a trope is “a significant or recurring theme; a motif.”

So both of us answered three questions about tropes and broke this entry in half.

My half:

1) How do you feel about tropes?

I have a weird relationship with tropes. While understanding the need for them and how many narratives rely on them, I don’t get how some authors think tropes are law. Sure, there are ones I love and ones I hate, but I argue if taken the wrong way, then tropes can ruin a story. It can make storytelling boring and inflexible especially if it isolates certain characters or misrepresents a culture or a people. If something is expected, it becomes boring, and I hate boring. What is expected can make a reader skip picking up a novel because they know the ending by reading the summary at the end of the book. On the other hand, the romance novel industry is built on the fact the reader knows how the book is going to end and is buying the journey rather than the destination in order to live vicariously through the characters.

2) Why do you break tropes?

One of my favorite things to do is break tropes. To me, breaking a trope makes a story interesting because it’s breaking a rule many think is set in stone. While during the preliminary research for my YA novel, I discovered there was a mountain of tropes about how a female protag needs to act or has to do. So being me, I listed them out, and started circling the ones I wanted to break. What I discovered by doing this was it helped to shape the personality of my Protag. In order to break tropes, she needed to be built differently than many of the popular YA protags out there. The main trope I wanted to break in my design was if the protag is a girl, she needs a guiding influence in her life which is more often than not her Dude Interest. To add onto this trope Dude Interest makes all the decisions and doesn’t tell Protag anything. I hated that trope with a fiery passion so it became the one I wanted to break first. There are so many unhealthy relationships in YA literature it’s stopped being funny and has become  kind of sad and depressing.

3) What is the trope you hate the most?

The trope I hate the most if the trope of miscommunication for the sake of causing drama in a plot between two people in a relationship. It’s not a healthy relationship if the characters are lying, keeping things from one another, and not telling their partner things. It’s slightly abusive and leads to unneeded pressure in stressful situations. Plus it’s been done to death and is BORING, BORING, BORING. For a feminist spin on why it’s a bad trope, it leaves the female protag on unequal ground with the male secondary character. It makes her appear helpless when her agency is the foundation in which the narrative is built. Plus it still sends the message “a woman is only powerful and validated if she has the love of a dominant male force.” Which is bullshit. On the other side of the coin, it reinforces toxic masculinity for the Dude Interest. I could go on for days about toxic masculinity in literature but that is a blog entry for another time. The one piece of advice I always give newly married couples is “communication is key.” It doesn’t have to be good communication but any kind is better than nothing.

@feckyeswriting‘s answers

1) How do you feel about tropes?

I have a love-hate relationship with tropes. They have their merits of being easily recognizable scenarios or relationships that can be easily digested for an audience. They equally have issues with being overly-simplistic and far too prevalent. As someone who skirts the fanfiction-original fiction boarder, I appreciate tropes in one arena and despise it in the other. Tropes are amazing ways to quickly explain what a story line or relationship is.

“It’s a fake-relationship fic” is an fantastically concise way of telling someone that “two characters will pretend to be together, have some shenanigans, and inevitably realize that there is something more occurring between them.” It’s assumed that this is the base that the piece of fanfiction has been constructed upon with some level of variety or clever application on top. But at the heart of it, it’s still a trope-based fic. Within the fanfiction arena, that’s a completely acceptable method of delivering entertainment.

On the other hand, in original fiction tropes are less about consolidating concepts and more about taking a character or situation and having them follow a common theme that’s familiar to the audience. “A young girl rebels against the government and leads a revolution.” This is a plotline that’s become quite prevalent in the past few years in YA media. It’s also become a trope. Again, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this trope; it’s the basis of many fascinating storylines that captivate audiences worldwide.

The issue that I personally have with this kind of trope (and the many others that exist) is that it becomes boring and expected. The “new and exciting” twists end up being just set dressing over the familiar and tiring trope. Even worse, a story can be built upon this trope that doesn’t have the legs to follow through with it. A young girl could rebel against the government because of a terrible injustice, but if she doesn’t have the backing of other more powerful people - say through a pre-existing rebellion she teams up with - it’s unbelievable to watch and see her succeed. The story still needs to have supporting factors to work with or explain why the trope is occurring.

If those factors are missing, then the story overall falls flat with the reader clinging solely to the trope for support of how the girl ends up defeating the government. Following through with the prior example, the girl somehow kicks the government’s ass by herself and the world is saved even though her actions probably would have not had much support by others because that underground movement doesn’t exist. The story is still interesting because wow that girl kicked the government’s ass but if you dive into the universe around her, she should have failed somewhere along the way.

2) Why do you break tropes?

Despite my love for tropes in fanfiction, I love breaking them even more. Readers expect certain things to happen in fiction based on tropes - they expect the guy to get the girl he’s been eyeing the whole book, the awkward nerdy friend to unquestioningly help the somehow more popular friend with the plot-furthering unique artifact, the school dance to be the most life-changing event in the protag’s life. It’s a great feeling for a reader to see a scene or a plot point and recognize oh man, this is going to lead to XYZ event! And it is awesome to get to XYZ point! But even better is to take that expectation and utterly crush it to make it into ABC better thing.

The school dance has been the big news for the past week? It’s even more meaningful or at least unexpected when the protag has that life-affirming event the day before on a totally unexpected Thursday. The main guy finally kicks ass and defeats the big bad to save the girl? She’s grateful and grants him three wishes before gently letting him down. She’ll be an even more interesting character in the sequel counselling the main guy as he struggles with choosing when to use those three wishes. I’m making these examples all up as I go, but I think that I’m still making my point: breaking tropes leads to storylines that are so much more interesting and beyond the typical reader’s expectations. It can elevate writing to another level*.

This is a skill that can be applied to fanfiction or original fiction in equal measure. Any story can benefit from tropes and that same story could still benefit from breaking those tropes.

3) What is the trope you hate the most?

My absolute least-favorite trope (in any field, whether it’s YA fiction or blockbuster films) has to be the concept that the main character has to fall in love with someone to be happy. Whether this is the driving force of a story line (Scott Pilgrim**, every rom-com ever) or just an unnecessary subplot (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spectre, Hunger Games), it’s incredibly frustrating to be watching a fascinating plot line peppered with one character seeking the affections of another. This is especially agonizing when they have no connection or the love interest shuts down the main character over a disagreement of fundamental principles. Then, magically in the end they end up smooching and are together through the power of plot! Wow, what a total disappointment. Yeah, you made the girl swoon because you killed the evil robot terrorizing the world, but are you even friends? If the filmmakers fast forward a year, will you still be together or will your stance on milk in cereal tear you apart at the seams?

(*) if properly executed. Like any writing skill, good vs poor execution is the key point.

(**) Scott Pilgrim actually is a fairly interesting example of tropebreaking in the original books as Scott doesn’t end up with the fantastic Ramona Flowers just because he beat up her 7 ex’s. They changed the film because it was “more fulfilling” for the audience to see him fulfill the trope of getting the girl.

For more information on common tropes check out TV Tropes!

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Me and my boyfriend broke it off yet i feel nothing i only think about it when I'm lonely I'm such a shitty person

you’re not a shitty person. sometimes the feelings just go away for no reason and that’s okay


This guy just broke into my home. I don’t feel safe.

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Hi can we call Reyes the feck out?

Does my boy realise he probably shattered Jack’s confidence in ever leading again?

Jack most likely thinks he was the worst thing to ever happen to Overwatch and that everything happened because he failed them.

Jack was probably a brilliant commander, well now he has a panic attack if the suggestion of him leading even comes up.

I love my Gabriel but I want to him to feel FECKING GUILTY for what he did to Jack’s mental state.

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Lana Del Rey performing “Video Games” at TW Classic Festival in Belgium
9th July, 2016.

It is so disgusting to see how people behaved during Lana’s concert. They could have at least pretend to enjoy her music. She’s a human too and she has feelings like everybody else. It broke my heart seeing her so sad that she didn’t even walk down to fans.
People were bored by her performance and they were waiting for Bruce… 
It’s just sad. #weloveyoulana
Probably because of that she performed a shorter set.

More than this - Stiles Stilinski ( & Theo Raeken) part 8

[part 1-7 (Masterlist) ]

A/N: I am so amazed by the amount of support and love you guys have send me. I love you all to death. As you will notice, this story changes a lot in every chapter and it’s not always clear who will end up together. Don’t worry guys, in the end it will make sense. I just want to say again, this story is AU, there is no supernatural and some characters can seem very ooc.

Warnings: way too short sorry, swearing, making out, implied smut, FEELS.

My heart almost broke a little bit when I looked into his glistening amber eyes, a tear threatening to fall. Stiles moved his hand and for a moment I thought he would reach out to take my hand in his, but he hesitated and let his hand fall back into his lap.

“I miss you (y/n). I mean, you’re here. You’re right there. But We aren’ Us.” He stuttered, running a nervous hand through his hair.

“Stiles, I have honestly no damn clue what you just said.” I blurted out, laughing quietly.

His eyes lit up and he immediately smiled at me. “There you are! This is what I meant! This is how we used to be. Me talking some weird fucked up shit that nobody understands and you teasing me about it. And then we laugh and talk about other things. I miss this (y/n). I miss us. Talking, having fun. You were my best friend. And I know that things aren’t great between us, and I acted like a total dick the last few weeks.”

“You did.” I said with a slight grin.

“I know. But I want to make things better okay? I want us to be friends again. And you’ve got Theo and I have Malia. So I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.”

He was right. I am in a sorta relationship now. I moved on, right? This should work. But somehow I was strangely hurt and offended by him assuming I was just over him. Like he was just some stupid crush for me. I decided not to act on it though.

“You’re right. I’ve missed you too, Stilinski.” He opened his arms for me and I gladly accepted the hug. It felt so good being close to him again. Feeling his warmth and smelling his familiar cologne gave me a feeling of comfort and it showed me just how much I had really missed him. I sighed, letting myself get consumed by him. After a while we slowly loosened ourselves out of the embrace and suddenly our faces we’re extremely close. I could feel his breath on my lips and his deep stare seemed to hypnotize me.

The door behind us opened and Me and Stiles abruptly shot up from the bed.

There was Theo standing in the frame, his eyes going back and forth between the both of us. I knew he was suspicious, but he decided to drop it and just said “Seven minutes are up.” He looked at me one last time, disappointment in his eyes, before he stepped away and headed in the living room again.

And there it was again, the awkward tension that filled the room. Stiles and I looked at each other and then quickly followed Theo into the living room.

Lydia and Kira were laughing loudly at Scott who stood on the coffee table, removing his shirt in an attempt to look sexy.Truth or Dare, i thought, When Malia noticed our arrival she rolled her eyes. “Look who’s back.  Our former lovebirds. How were the seven minutes in hell?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“Malia, do me a favor. Shut your fucking mouth.” I growled, to her surprise.

“Burrrrrrrrn.” I heard Kira cheer, while throwing her hands in the air and laughing. She was visibly drunk, which shocked me, regarding the fact that she usually never drinks.

“Wow, (y/n), where does the sudden boost of confidence come from?” Malia asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest and shooting me an evil grin.

“Just drop it Malia.” Stiles almost yelled, glaring at her. At first she was taken aback and seemed a little bit hurt, but then she just rolled her eyes and got herself another drink.

I felt someone touch my shoulder, turning around I saw Theo with a frown on his face. “Can I talk to you for a minute? Alone?” he asked quietly. Stiles looked suspicious but I shook my head at him, signalizing that this was none of his business.

“Yeah, sure.” I answered and then followed him into the room where Stiles and I where moments before.

“Look, I now that it must’ve looked like-“ I started to explain myself as soon as we entered the small room but Theo raised his hand, as a sign that he wanted to say something first.

“Stop right there. You don’t need to explain yourself over something like that (y/n). Just listen okay?”

He motioned for me to sit down beside him and when I did he took my hand in his.

“In these last few weeks that I got to know you, I saw someone who is funny and genuine. I saw someone who always looks out for her friends. Someone who is smart and witty. Someone who can be adorable one moment and extremely sexy and seductive the next. I saw a person who is beautiful from the inside and out. And I really really like you, (y/n).”

I blushed, his words almost making me tear up. Theo brushed softly over my hand with his thumb looking deeply into my eyes, but I was at loss for words. He then looked down at our hands.

“And I know that you and Stiles have history. That there are some..unresolved feelings between you two. I’m not saying that I think I’m just a rebound because I now you are not that kind of girl. But I also now that when people are unsure about their feelings, they tend to do things they could later regret. And all I’m asking you is to be honest with me. Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on in that pretty little head of your’s.” He jokingly tipped on my forehead, grinning. I giggled slightly, but my eyes were teary, his words making me extremely emotional.

“And when you wake up one morning and you’re suddenly not feeling…this.” Pointing at us, he continued, “then just tell me, okay? I won’t bite.” Theo winked. I let out a laugh, but It sounded more like a sob. Even though I was crying, my smile was bright. He was being so selfless and understanding, saying all the right things. There was no way I couldn’t like him. Theo was perfect.

“So, what are you feeling (y/n)?”

Instead of answering him, I grabbed his face and pressed my lips onto his. He sighed into the kiss and I felt him smiling against my lips. It was getting heated quickly, and the innocent kisses turned into a full on make out session. My hands were running through his hair, pulling him closer. He let his hands glide up my thighs and I shivered at his touch. Swinging one leg over him, I positioned myself on his lap, straddling him. The sudden friction making us both moan. Theo’s lips went to my neck and he left wet kissed there as he moved to my weak spot, right above my collarbone. I let my hands glide under his shirt, wandering over his naked torso.

“The…door..lock..the door.” I said between heavy sighs.

After the door was locked and we were sure nobody could interrupt us, we continued with what we had done before. It was the most passionate and intimate thing me and Theo ever had, and I was going to remember this night forever.

When we heard loud knocks on the door, we quickly jumped out of the bed and put our clothes on.

Opening the door, there was Lydia, smirking.

“Eh, we were just..talking.” I stuttered, nervously grabbing at my disheveled hair.

“Yes, of course you were. Well I’m glad you guys only talked in the guest room, not the bedroom. Now get out of here, the Party’s over.”

Walking hand in hand out of the room, grinning widely, I thought about how weeks ago, I didn’t think I could ever be happy again and how content I was at this moment.

Part 9?