they break apart

Justifying Lord Garmadon in The Lego Ninjago Movie: Was He Really a Good Dad??

Answer: He’s actually doing the best he can.


  • He only talked negatively about his son when (1) talking to the Green Ninja and (2) embarrassing him in front of his friends.
  • Almost immediately started giving the ninja and Lloyd advice (twisted advice) when they met in the jungle.
  • Garmadon genuinely wanted to help Lloyd when teaching him to throw/drive.
  • Garmadon wasn’t mad at Koko for leaving. Never once did he blame her for anything. Instead, he blamed himself.
  • He wanted Lloyd to be his general #1 so that he could have Lloyd by his side for the rest of his life.
  • He probably did not intend to have the temple fall on the ninja. It only began to fall when Garmadon left on their….helicopter van. And when Garmadon locked the door, he looked like his heart was breaking apart.
  • The reason he locked the door was to stop the ninja from him conquering Ninjago. Not to kill them. He knew they could get out eventually, but it was to slow them down.
  • Garmadon never once ceased from calling Lloyd “La-Loyd” becuase he was certain he was the only one who had it right.
  • Garmadon only canonically cried twice in the movie, and both times was becuase he failed at being a dad.
  • Here’s the big one: the reason Garmadon must attack the city is becuase his blood is infected with the snake venom, forcing him to conquer. It’s like an addiction. He can never stop conquering, even if he has everything he wants.

are people’s finals over? are they still happening? either way good luck and stay sane.

(i saw someone’s calculus notes in the recycling dumpster this morning with ‘fuck you’ scrawled across them in red pen and was like oh finals are happening aren’t they)

Never be

I hear my heart breaking apart 

Strange sounds above me

I have little faith for honey

I can’t pass through these walls  

I can’t stand upright

Everything I hold is on the floor

I only have one emotion

Tiny thoughts above me

I’m heading towards the sea

I need somewhere to stay

But I’m alone with my candlelight

Fear conceals me

I can’t sleep within my dreams anymore

I’m alone with the sea

I can’t breathe

I can’t be with heaven

the thing that fucks you up with compulsory heterosexuality tho is that you confuse literally everything with attraction. a guy made me laugh? I must be attracted to him. a guy made me feel uncomfortable, scared, sad? it’s gotta be because I’m attracted to him

it was only when I started acknowledging and legitimising my attraction to women that I realised how absolutely fake my attraction to men was


My fave moments from that scene that I felt needed to be highlighted. :)

  • Magnus’ hand getting caught in Alec’s shirt.
  • Magnus’ running his hand up Alec’s arm.
  • Magnus chasing Alec’s lips (again); Alec pressing their foreheads together.
  • Alec closing his eyes; Magnus’ smile after the kiss, and that jaw-clench. (UNF!)
  • The way Alec nuzzles his face into Magnus’ shoulder.
  • Magnus’ thumb caressing Alec’s shoulder.
You didn’t just break promises, you broke me.
—  “I promise to love you forever”

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Dude. Those fusion drawings look amazing!!!!!! You should totally do more if you're cool with that!

…heck, as if I need to be asked twice

I dunno what tododeku’s quirk would be but whatever it is it’s definitely too strong to be fair