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i was like 99% sure my friend was homophobic but she randomly said 1/3 people is gay and there were three people and i was there (we're all girls) and i knew they were both heteros so i just kind of said "uhm excuse me why are y'all lookin at me im not suspicious heh heh" and then my friend goes "good for you my friend MORE GUYS FOR ME HAH HAH"

that’s so great!!!!!!

Pockets  [ V.L ]

Pairing: Veronica Lodge x Reader

Request: Can you do a imagine where the reader is singing in the music room and Archie finds her voice stunning and becomes great friends with her. Then he introduces the reader to the gang and she catches Veronica’s eye? Veronica x Reader that is. Thank you!

Word Count: 1152

Warnings: None

A/N: Apologies for taking so damn long to get this up. Also, my requests are now empty so please feel free to request whatever you like!

Ever since the first time that Archie Andrews had heard you singing in the music room, he knew how great of friends you were going to become. And he was not wrong in thinking so. When you sang, he could hear the kind of person that you really are–the kind of person who he aspired to be like.

Over time Archie and you had become pretty close, the two of you bonding over the musical talent that the both of you shared. You had helped Archie with songs that he had needed a partner to complete and he had helped you finish the creation of the song you were singing when he had first come across you.

Of course, you and your friends were a complete nother group of individuals that had never crossed paths with Archie and his friends. You had never met any of Archie’s friends, but you had heard plenty about them. From Betty Cooper to Jughead Jones to Kevin Keller and then to Veronica Lodge.

Veronica Lodge always stood out to you. You had only heard of her and seen her here and there in the hallways and it didn’t cross your mind that you ever would. You were observant of her and the words that Archie spoke of her more than you were of his other friends. For some odd reason, Veronica Lodge intrigued you more than you would think possible.

Archie had noticed your interest in his raven haired friend and never let out on the chance to question you about it. You never gave him a real answer, always dodging his questions and immediately changing the topic to one of your own friends or the colour of his hair which always seemed to catch your curious eye.

When Archie had told you that he planned on introducing you to his friends, you could say you were somewhat hesitant. Archie Andrews and his friends were known by everyone throughout the school all for different reason. Betty Cooper was the perfect girl next door, Jughead Jones–Archie Andrews’ beanie wearing, grungy best friend and Veronica Lodge; the rich and painfully beautiful new girl. At least, that’s how they were known to you. Soon enough, Archie had convinced you to meet them all at Pop’s.

So, you were beyond nervous as you stood in the small parking lot outside of Pop’s with your hands shoved into the pockets of the unzipped hoodie that hung loosely off of your shoulders. You clapped your ankles together in attempt to calm your nerves while you looked at Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica through the lightly fogged window.

You just stared through the window, jumping once Archie’s eyes meet your own through the thin yet strong sheet of glass, snapping you back to reality. With a sigh, you furrow your eyebrows at him, shaking your head and walking towards the entrance. Thankfully, it was only Archie who saw you nervously standing outside and thankfully Archie had flashed you an encouraging smile.

You stepped into the diner, taking a deep breath and replacing the worried and stressed look on your face with a more delightful and easy going expression. Your eyes scanned the table, lingering for a second longer on a certain dark haired girl.

Archie waves you over, tossing his friends attention your way. You clear your throat, quickly walking over to the table at which they were situated. You smile, raking a noticeably shaky hand through your hair.

“Hi.” You mutter, making short eye contact with everyone. They all send you welcoming smiles, and mumble replies.

“Here,” Veronica says, her gaze not leaving you as you take a seat beside Archie. “We ordered you some coffee. Just as Archie said you liked, too.”

“Thanks.” You say, reaching over and taking the cup that she slides your way. She sat directly opposite you, and there was really no need for her to push the cup at all, but she knew it would give off some sort of hint.

If Veronica were lying, she would say you didn’t take her breath away as much as you really did. But she wouldn’t be lying. And you did take her breath away. Right from the moment she saw you awkwardly shifting on your feet through the window.

You all made small talk, soon becoming comfortable with the new member that was seated at their table. They had all been a bit weary of who Archie had been talking about, but all doubt was instantly washed away once they had gotten to know you almost as well as he did.

Veronica had seemed to take a particular liking towards you and that did not go unnoticed by anyone else. Jughead’s eyes would curiously flicker between the two of you, unknowingly to you, smirking and observing the gazes that you and Veronica shared. Betty would smile at you politely but when you weren’t looking, she would send Veronica hand signals that even she had no idea the meaning of.

Point is, there was definitely something stirring between Veronica and you and everybody could tell.

Betty tucks a loose strand of hair behind her hair before she pats Jughead on the shoulder. She stands, picking up her jacket and pulling it over her arms. Her lips curled as she grins sweetly.

“Right,” She says, “I better get going. Jughead, walk me home?” Betty nudges Jughead at his confused expression (not that he was going to refuse). Archie sends her a nod as Veronica reaches over and wraps an arm around her in a short hug. You smile at her, muttering a small ‘bye’.

Soon enough, you, Archie and Veronica had also found yourselves outside Pop’s, your hands hidden away in pockets from the crisp cold. Archie averts his eyes for a couple of seconds, texting his dad to let him know he’s heading home.

Veronica smiles, pulling you in for a hug. She doesn’t say anything but she slips something into the pocket of your hoodie. She pulls away after her hug lingers on for a longer time than either of you had expected, small smiles painted onto both of your faces. Veronica sends you a playful wink paired with a toothy grin as she turns and walks away from you and Archie.

“You look suspiciously giddy.” Archie teases, his eyebrow raised knowingly. You shake your head, grinning at your shoes.

You play with the piece of paper with your fingers, still tucked deep into your pocket. Archie bumps you with his shoulder teasingly as you pull it out of your pocket. The crumpled up piece of paper had been painted with the tidy handwriting of Veronica Lodge and you couldn’t help but let out a giggle, despite having Archie by your side.

She had scribbled down her number and beside it was a small heart eyes emoji that she had doodled with the black ink of her pen.


Request: Can you do an imagine where Captain America and you get drug into this Avenger team and neither of you are really happy about it cause the reader is from the same time era as Captain America. They connect quickly cause the last time they were out was during WW2 and the Great Depression. (She was used during the war cause she can control things. She’s super powerful) Her and the Cap both kinda have ptsd and they get super close? 

A/N: Full disclosure, I’m not exactly an expert on PTSD so anyone with more expertise on the subject pls feel free to correct me if any of this is inaccurate or offensive

Warnings: Nightmares, blood ment., PTSD, generally dark content, war ment. 

Summary: Angst with a happy ending ?  

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

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Quick Thinking (Sherlock X Reader X John) *Platonic

Characters: Sherlock X Reader X John

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Near death, blood, injuries

Request: love your writing!! sherlock x reader where the reader saves john and barely makes it out alive??? and sherlock is super protective of both? and like john feels bad for the reader but she is doing great

Originally posted by sherlock5countdown

You were helping John and Sherlock on case in the centre of London. There was a murderer on the loose and luckily Sherlock had found his kill list. His next hit was a John, which was pretty vague since there was a ton of John’s in London.

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I am seriously so happy with the newest Boom Episode. Cindy Robinson just absolutely nailed Amy as a character and I was so excited for more Amy-based episodes! She was just so cute, and the team was so sweet to her! There were both some great laughs AND some great Sonamy teases! Totally loved it!

Chapter 37

Jump City. May 24th, 2018. 12:45 AM.

Raven sat cross-legged on her bed staring down at her fiancé’s face with a look of disappointment. They both figured they’d eventually have to get around to it, they just… they didn’t want it to be so soon. Damian’s eyes stared back at Raven’s, mirroring her expression. It was actually rather strange how it worked out; any normal person would be ecstatic at the chance to magically recover from a car crash in seconds. But getting thrown through that windshield had, while rendering him wheelchair-bound for several weeks, allowed Damian to take great strides in his relationships with all of his friends. Among those strides were learning to cook with Jon (for someone who spent most of his time in Kansas as a farmhand, Kent made a surprisingly good pot roast), studying meditation with Garfield and Tara (Beast Boy was surprisingly tranquil at heart, especially for someone who called himself “Beast Boy”), helping Jaime learn more about the previous Blue Beetle Ted Kord (Damian never met the man directly, but his father spoke fondly of him; of all the heroes he’d known, Bruce felt that Kord was the most down-to-earth, the most human), and discovering that Kori had been developing her relationship with Todd and veteran Titan Roy Harper. (To what end this relationship was building, Damian didn’t bother asking. He finally realized that not everything that goes on in Titans Tower was his business.) But of course, Raven knew all this… since she was there for nearly every second of it. She enjoyed spending quality time with everyone just as much as Damian. She even got the opportunity to get to know Cassandra a bit better. While there had been something of a language barrier between them (Cassie was still getting accustomed to English), Raven found a kinship in Orphan quite similar to the one she found in Damian.

“It’s been great, hasn’t it?” Damian sighed as he let his eyes turn back to the ceiling.

Raven smiled as she traced her fingertips along his chest. “Yeah… but we have to get this done.” She sighed, and carefully helped him pull himself up, until he was eye-level with her.

“Well… it’ll be nice to walk on my own again, I’ll say that.” Damian smirked back at the witch-girl before leaning in and giving her lips a quick peck. Raven rolled her eyes and began to tug at Damian’s shirt, which caught the boy off-guard.

“Yeah, I know, it’s weird. But for really extensive injuries, I have to be able to see it to heal it,” Raven explained. Damian nodded, blushing as he carefully removed his shirt and lowered himself onto his stomach in front of her. Raven looked down at the expanse of skin before her, and she had to pause for a moment. Even ignoring the bloody smears from where her lover in his infinite wisdom decided to remove his own stitches, Damian’s back was already covered in battle scars; bullet holes, blade strokes, even what appeared to me claw marks from what had to either be a bear or some kind of big cat…  but beneath all those marks, Damian’s skin rippled with toned muscles and curved with his shoulders and spine. Damian was more on the lean side, no hulking muscleman, but…

It was a good few seconds before Raven realized she still hadn’t laid a hand on him. She was just staring down at his back, running her eyes over every mark, every curve. Damian, however, noticed soon enough, grinning back at her over his shoulder. “Ohhhhh. You’re kinda into this right now, aren’t you?”

“Shut up,” Raven snipped with a little smirk before gently placing her hand on his back, over his still-open wounds from where the glass of the windshield had been. Slowing her breath, her hands began to faintly glow with a familiar violet light, which slowly made its way into the wounds in Damian’s back. In mere moments, the wounds in Damian’s back had faded into more scars covering the canvas of flesh. Raven let out a heavy sigh; the wounds were not deep, but they had been numerous enough that healing them all had been somewhat taxing for her.

Damian swung his legs out in front of him and sat up straight, sliding right off the bed as he picked up his Red X top off the floor and slid it over his head. “God, it’s good to walk again…” the Son of Batman let out a low grunt as he pulled the shirt down the length of his torso. “Now I just have to keep my mother in check while we hunt down this impostor.”

“About that, Damian…” Raven slid across the floor, wrapping her arms around Damian’s waist as she gently rested her head on his shoulder. “Are you sure it’s really her? I mean, if it’s been this long since you even heard from her, how do you know she’s still…”

“Because she’s more than just League…” Damian’s expression went grim as he spoke. “… she’s an Al Ghul. Al Ghuls are like roaches… we’re tough to kill.”

“How much do you know about her?” Batman busied himself at Damian’s computer screen, filling in a brand new file for this mysterious “false X” as he tossed the question over his shoulder to the mother of his child. Talia paced back and forth across their son’s room, wracking her brain to come up with any information she could recall about their adversary.

“She was second in line to be the head of the Demon’s Fist,” the Phantasm began, “before my father died. She was trained alongside Damian for years, and they were nearly equal in skill… but Damian was just a hair’s breadth ahead of her. I terminated the Demon’s Fist project shortly after Deathstroke’s assault on the League, and sent her to handle our chapter in Gibraltar.”

“You gave her her own chapter?” Bruce cocked an eyebrow as he filled out the bio. “You must have had a lot of faith in this kid…”

“My brother’s daughter was bred for the same purpose as my son and myself,” Talia replied. “We were to supplant Ra’s if anything happened to him. Damian was put at the top of the list only because he was male.”

“What exactly happened to your brother, anyway?”

“Dusan? No idea…” the former assassin shrugged. “He’s probably dead. Either way, if Damian is right about this false Red X, then she needs to be our first priority.”

“Of course. Now assuming she’s roughly the same height and weight as Damian, I just need a little more information…” the Dark Knight scrolled back up to the top of the page. “Hair.”

“Black, with a red streak over her face.”


“Heterochromic. One green, one brown.”

“Notable features.”

“A scar over her right eye.”


Talia grimaced. “… Mara. Mara al Ghul.”

Damian stood on the edge of the roof overlooking the river, watching the flowing water shimmer as it moved around Titans Island. It felt good to be on his own two feet again, and even better to be back in uniform. He had been on the sidelines quite long enough, and he was ready to hunt down the false X once and for all. Unfortunately, the false X turned out, if Damian’s assumption was correct, to be his greatest rival: his cousin Mara. He hadn’t even thought about Mara since he was a child. He figured she was stilled holed up somewhere in Gibraltar where his mother had sent her when Ra’s was killed. He figured she’d probably die there, and it honestly never bothered him that much… to put it mildly, he was not particularly fond of Mara. She was every bit as aggressive and arrogant as he himself had been as a member of the League. The difference was that Damian had had family and friends to help him mature into something more than just the living weapon he believed himself to be… Mara had no one.

“Hey. Good to see ya up and about again.”

Damian looked over his shoulder as Garfield Logan stepped up onto the edge beside him. There was a tired look in his emerald eyes, a look that spoke of far more than just physical exhaustion… Garfield had been struggling lately. A moment passed between them, and the Changeling glanced down at his stub and smirked.

“Did you know you can still feel it?” Garfield asked in a low voice.

Damian blinked for a moment. Was this… was this conversation actually about to happen? “Feel… what?”

Beast Boy looked over at Damian before raising what was left of his arm up for him to see. “I can still feel it… it itches. And I can’t scratch it.”

Damian winced at the thought. “That has to be rough…”

“Could be worse…” Logan continued. “the worst is when it gets numb. Like pins and needles… I can’t smack it against anything to get it to wake up, so it just tingles until it burns. It’s brutal.”

Damian sighed. “Garfield, I’m sorry… I never meant for this to happen to you…”

Beast Boy smiled over at his teammate. “Relax, man. You did what you had to do. And it really wasn’t too hard to adjust.”

Damian knew this was a lie; he’d watched Garfield’s transition into a one-handed lifestyle, and it was most definitely “hard”. And slow. And excruciating. Even his transformations were one-armed… even one-winged, in the case of birds. Still, the shape-shifter somehow managed to learn to gallop as a three-legged stallion, cut through the waters as a one-finned shark, and he almost was able to discover a way to stay airborne with only one wing (sadly, he was unable to overcome the laws of physics in this case).

“But y'know what makes it all easier?” Garfield smiled as he turned and looked down to the grassy area just outside the Tower entrance, where Tara lie gazing up at the stars. “Waking up next to that girl every morning. Makes everything worth it.”

Damian let his mind drift to Raven. In his head, he could see her reading on the couch in the livingroom, and he smiled. “Yeah… I can relate.”

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A Punny Story

I had this girlfriend once where things were getting pretty serious. We wanted to move in together, so we went looking for an apartment. The second one our real estate agent took us to was perfect, we both loved it, so we made the decision to move in. Our neighbour was a really nice guy named Joseph. His wife had left him a few years prior, leaving him alone to take care of his eight-year old son. I always felt kinda bad for the guy. He had this weird accent that was really hard to place.

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Things Harry Potter Should Have Named His Kid Instead Of “Albus Severus”

Because I have an abundance of saltiness about the name Albus Severus Potter

Remus Rubeus Potter: Remus Rubeus Potter, you were named after a man who fought bravely in the war despite the fact that he had a newborn just so that the world could be safe for his son and the next generation and a man who did nothing but take care of and look after me. 

Arthur Rubeus Potter: Arthur Rubues Potter, you were named after the two best father figures I ever had. Both of which look after me, were always there for me, and only ever cared for me.

Remus Regulus Potter: Remus Regulus Potter, you were named after two of the bravest men I knew. Both of them risked their lives so that future generations could have great lives. One of them was a Slytherin so if you’re a Slytherin then that’s pretty rad.

Dean Seamus Potter: Dean Seamus Potter, you were named after two of the gayest guys I’ve ever met. Me and your uncle Ron shared a dorm with them when we were at Hogwarts. I know they are pretty insignifican but neither of them continually abused me and my friends so…

Fawkes Hedwig Potter : Fawkes Hedwig Potter, you were named after two of the coolest birds I ever met. One literally saved my life and the other was pretty much my only friend in an abusive household.

McGonagall Remus Potter: McGonagall Remus Potter, you were named after two of the best professors I ever had at Hogwarts. Both made sure to look after me and actually teach me useful things like teachers should. THe were both complete badasses and I have nothing but the upmost respect for both of them.

Fred Ronald Potter: Fred Ronald Potter, you were named after two guys who did nothing but make sure I not only had a family but I was extremely comfortable in theirs. 

Remus Remus Potter: Remus Remus Potter, you were named after a guy who was so immensely brave and so incredibly genuine with me that I gave you his name twice.

Florean Potter: Florean Potter, you were named after a guy who gave me free ice cream even though it got him killed by Death Eaters. He was kind to me even through his fear.

Evan Prewett Potter: Evan Prewett Potter, you were named after both my biological mom and the woman who practically adopted me. The were both completely badass and did nothing but love me.

Horace Regulus Potter: Horace Regulus Potter, you were named after two of the bravest Slytherins I know. One of them gave me information that helped me save the world and the other risked his life at 18 years old so that other people could have a chance at defeating Lord Voldemort.

Fred Peeves Potter: Fred Peeves Potter, you were named after two of Hogwarts biggest trouble makers. Raise hell, son.

Hedwig Pigwidgeon: Hedwig Pigwidgeon Potter, you were named after two owls because owls are fucking cool.

Arnold Pigwidgeon Potter: Arnold Pigwidgeon Potter, you were named as a constant reminder to all the people who wonder why Ginny didn’t get to name any of our kids.

Neville Dobby Potter: Neville Dobby Potter, you were named after two incredibly brave beings who were tragically underestimated their entire lives. Also, both of them gave me information that helped me win the death tournament a dark wizard entered me in when I was 14.

Cedric Tonks Potter: Cedric Tonks Potter, you were named after the two bravest Hufflepuff’s I knew. They proved that Hufflepuff’s are much more than nice, they can be incredibly brave.

Remus Tonks Potter: Remus Tonks Potter, you were named after the bravest couple I ever knew. They continued fighting in the war despite just having a baby so that he and everyone else could have a brighter future. 

Nicholas Remus Potter: Nicholas Remus Potter, you were named after two guys who were actually helpful directly after Sirius’ death. One of them was a ghost that you’ll have the pleasure of meeting.

Cadogan Potter: Cadogan Potter, you were named after one of the funniest and tragically unappreciated things that made my teenage years outstandingly better. 

Tonks Potter: Tonks Potter, you were named after the bravest Hufflepuff I ever knew.

•Credence Barbone Potter: Credence Barebone Potter, you were named after a character who deserved better. Come hug me please.

Lee Regulus Potter: Lee Regulus Potter, you were named after two men who despite how young they were still managed to be brave and find a way to impact thre outcome of a war.

Bill Charles Potter: Bill Charles Weasley, you were named after the two Weasley’s that I will never stop wanting to know about.

Tonks Fleur Potter: Tonks Fleur Potter, you were named after to women who managed to look past appearance and still marry werewolf despite the hardships that came with. They were also both gorgeous badasses. Lastly, if someone has something to say about your middle name being girly send a letter to your aunt Fleur and she’ll kick their ass while still having flawless hair.

Oliver Nimbus Potter: Oliver Nimbus Potter, you were named after one of the best Quidditch players I ever met. You better make the bloody Quidditch team.

Alastor Kingsley Potter: Alastor Kingsley Potter, you were named after two incredibly brave men who are often overlooked when it comes to heroes from the war. One of them continued to fight even after being kidnapped. The other was nothing but honest and brave and clever.

Ignotis Potter: Ignotis Potter, you were named after my ancestor who was written about in the Tale of three Brothers. He was humble and clever. I’d like for you to be like him.

•Merlin Newton Potter: Merlin Newton Potter, you were named after two incredibly succesful wizards. They were both very hard working.

Sirius Ludovic Potter: Sirius Ludovic Potter, you were named after the two most dramatic men I’ve ever met. They were both incredibly extra.

Severus Umbridge Vernon Voldemort Potter: Severus Umbridge Vernon Voldemort Potter, I was just gonna name you Albus Severus Potter but I was sitting there and I thought to myself why just give you one of the names of people who’ve abused me. If I and other people are going to be constantly reminded of people who have abused us then I might as well go all in.

~feel free to add~

“I broke up with my girlfriend this morning. We’d been together for three years. But I’m Catholic, and she doesn’t know if she believes in God or not. I wanted to propose to her one day. I think she’d be a great mom and a great wife. But I feel like this might be something we can’t overcome. I want to get married in a Catholic church. I want to raise my children to be Catholic. It’s important to me and it’s something that we’d have to deal with eventually. So I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep putting it off. But it really hurts to lose her. Both of us were bawling our eyes out. She was such a big part of my life. Every time something good happens, she is the first person I want to tell. And I do respect that she refuses to believe in something just because I do. But I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping God will give me an answer.”

Hunk and Lance deserve better

I’m really, really disappointed about the treatment Hunk and Lance received this season. I understand that the season’s focus was on Keith and Shiro, I understand that the story arc was important and had to happen, but you can have a season that revolves mostly around two characters without throwing others completely to the back. Pidge and Coran, for example, both had a lot of great screen time, even though the season was centered on Keith and Shiro.

You know who didn’t have a lot of great screen time? Or, hey, screen time in general? Hunk and Lance. They were sidelined. Two characters who bring so much to the show, who have so much to give, who are important to so many viewers, were forgotten.

Lance had no character development, and he was there almost solely for the purpose of comic relief. Lance is so much more than comic relief! He’s strong, and brave, and scared, and he misses his home. Why was there no focus on that? And then there was his insecurity scene, which had the potential to be a great scene, but it got glossed over. It didn’t get the depth it deserved. Lance’s entire character didn’t get the depth it deserved.

And then there’s Hunk, who is exactly the kind of character that’s so refreshing to see, except that he’s pushed onto all these stereotypes to the point that that’s all his character is about! 90% of his scenes, if not more, had something to do with food. So many of the jokes revolving around him had to do with food. Hunk is not just the food guy. Hunk is a paladin of Voltron, but man, with the treatment he got, it’s pretty easy to overlook that. Hunk has over come so much, he’s come so far, and yet none of that is being highlighted.

I’m disappointed that two characters who mean so much to me and so many other people, two characters who were worth so much more screen time and attention, got treated so poorly during this season. I love Keith and Shiro, and I really do understand the importance of the storyline, but Hunk and Lance didn’t have to be done so dirty for that storyline to be successfully told. Dreamworks, I’m expecting better for Hunk and Lance in future seasons.


and you call yourself a spy Natasha

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe that bts won a daesang award. the crazy amount of hate they have been getting has been so discouraging, but both army and bts worked hard to prove them wrong. i remember when they couldn't even pay for a car for their mv, and now they're winning album of the year. i completely understand why they were crying, i myself am in tears. they are so hardworking and humble, and it feels so good for that hard work to be acknowledged in such a public way. so many were saying that they'll never amount to anything, that nobody likes them anyway, but bts has always kept pushing forward, working hard to release great content for us. i feel so proud of them, just as proud as if i had won an award myself. i will never stop stanning this band. i don't want to ever let them down as army, and i want to keep gaining recognition and awards for them because i couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more. who has worked so hard to get here? who has remained amazingly, shockingly humble throughout the years of rising popularity? who always has words of encouragement for army that brighten my day? who

2NE1 were my first mains so dealing with it right now is too painful. Instead, I’mma focus on all the good things that happened in 2016.

  • Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls got married!
  • JeA and Miryo are both working and releasing solos and also confirmed that Narsha being married won’t interfere with Brown Eyed Girls staying together. Also confirmed they’re working on a full group album.
  • Sohee, former Wonder Girls member, landed herself some great acting jobs this year!
  • Wonder Girls confirmed their dominance by slaying the charts with Why So Lonely which also sold amazingly well for current girl group standards.
  • Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung, Youngji (I think Nicole too? ) are still staying in touch and appearing together. Keep saying KARA is not dead but I don’t know what to make of it.
  • Taeyeon had a comeback as a solo artist
  • Jessica debuted as a solo artist
  • Tiffany debuted as a solo artist
  • Seohyun will debut as a solo artist
  • After School are… Still not disbanded, which is good news
  • CL seems to be enjoying herself in the US
  • Bom uploaded a video in which she said she was practicing her singing which means she has not given up. Will possibly find a new agency?
  • Minzy will debut as a solo artist
  • Jiyoon confirmed that 4Minute are still in touch, this could mean Hyuna too
  • Jiyoon (finally!) debuted as a solo artist
  • T-ara said that they no longer care whether Korea hates them or not and will stay together just to piss every K-netizen. Hyomin even liked a picture of a Chinese fan spitting on SBS’ logo for not letting T-ara win #QueensOnly
  • Amber and Luna are doing everything they can to keep f(x) alive and they’re doing a great job
  • SISTAR are still Queens. And now that 2NE1 are dead I guess that makes them Korea’s 2nd Greatest Girl Group? Good job! I remember I was so mad back in 2014 when 2NE1 didn’t get the “Best Female Group Award” at MAMA but SISTAR did. I couldn’t be a bigger idiot, I’m glad I “atoned for my sins” and love both groups now. They also killed homophobia with their MV for “One More Day”
  • Fei, Jia and Min are still in touch and they all support each other.
  • Min was confirmed to be in a relationship with G-Soul, she also liked a tweet of an asshole who was dissing her and said she should be “greateful that Suzy fed her ass all these years” . She and Hyomin should have a talkshow and just talk about all the shit they’ve heard as idols and laugh about it. Could get Bom to star with them too!
  • Suzy is still the supreme ruler of South Korea

This year we lost KARA, 2NE1 and 4Minute. miss A and After School are still on hiatus and they lost Jia and Jungah and Jooyeon respectively but they’re still officially together (former members seem to still be in touch with their bandmates too) .

But the Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, T-ara, f(x) and SISTAR are still going strong, we should at least be grateful for that!

so i knew moana was great about hiring south pacific actors but i just found out that alan tudyk (who they were reluctant to cast but eventually gave the bit part of the rooster) is the only actor in the film with no polynesian descent????? and now i’m crying????? please let every movie with poc characters from here on out take a note from moana’s book

“In the photo studio he would try to do something unexpected. Sometimes it would be silly dangerous, inconsequential, but I came across a picture where he is lighting his tongue with a cigarette lighter. I don’t think he was actually burning himself, but the image looks like he is.”   [Nancy Ellison, The Mosquito Coast’s special photographer, on River].

“The shoot was one of the most remarkable experiences I ever had photographing someone. River was stunning and fearless and without my having to direct him much, more like trying to keep up with him, he went from one amazing pose to another like a great improvisational dancer. And kept going and going… so angelic at times and then raging at me to keep up… “Get this! Now this! What else can we do?”  — [Photographer Michael Tighe on River]. 

Nancy and Michael were both photographers who had the chance to work with River and described his common posture to just do whatever he felt like doing and to be spontaneous.


Magister Illyrio murmured a command, and four burly slaves hurried forward, bearing between them a great cedar chest bound in bronze. When she opened it, she found piles of the finest velvets and damasks the Free Cities could produce … and resting on top, nestled in the soft cloth, three huge eggs. Dany gasped. They were the most beautiful things she had ever seen, each different than the others, patterned in such rich colors that at first she thought they were crusted with jewels, and so large it took both of her hands to hold one. She lifted it delicately, expecting that it would be made of some fine porcelain or delicate enamel, or even blown glass, but it was much heavier than that, as if it were all of solid stone. The surface of the shell was covered with tiny scales, and as she turned the egg between her fingers, they shimmered like polished metal in the light of the setting sun. One egg was a deep green, with burnished bronze flecks that came and went depending on how Dany turned it. Another was pale cream streaked with gold. The last was black, as black as a midnight sea, yet alive with scarlet ripples and swirls. “What are they?” she asked, her voice hushed and full of wonder.

Dragon’s eggs, from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai,” said Magister Illyrio. “The eons have turned them to stone, yet still they burn bright with beauty.”

“I shall treasure them always.” Dany had heard tales of such eggs, but she had never seen one, nor thought to see one.

A Game of Thrones - Daenerys II


thank you seventeen for a great 2016!
there are so many memories that were made this year that one post cannot contain all million and one of them. first win, first anniversary, first year with their fanclub ‘carats’, first asia pacific tour, and many more to come since life is full of “firsts”. i hope in 2017, both seventeen and carats are happy, healthy, and proud of themselves for coming this far ♥ happy new year!

Imagine running with Steve

It was the usual morning ritual the four of you had, a good run in the morning then breakfast at the Tower or the diner near the park. You ran next to Steve, while Bucky and Sam raced next to each other.

“Come on bird boy,” Bucky teased. “I can run laps around you.”

“Whatever you say, metal arm,” Sam retorted speeding up. Bucky looked over his shoulder and winked at you, before taking off to catch up to Sam.

“They do know you could beat both their asses, right?”

Steve huffed out a laugh and smirked. “Let them have their wits.”

“Always a gentlemen,” you mused in between breaths. Your legs ached, you were never a great runner. You downright sucked, but Steve was ever the doting boyfriend; so he slowed his speed and jogged alongside you. The two of you ran together mostly in comfortable silence, you’d occasionally stole glances at the man. His face was a little flushed, hardly any sweat on his forehead. He was beautifully perfect.

“Will you stop staring,” Steve demanded in a teasing voice.

You snorted, “Will you stop being so damn perfect looking! It’s insulting!”

Steve slowed his pace, jogging to a halt. You stumbled over your steps to stop and turned to face him, hands on your hips. Your chest heaved up and down, trying to catch your breath. Sweat beads graced your forehead and you legs were on fire.

“If I can control my urge to pounce on you every second of the day, you can jog in peace alongside me.”

Your mouth gaped open in shock, Steve grinned sheepishly at the ground.

“Steve Grant Rogers!” 

He shrugged innocently as you filled the space between his body and yours. You unashamedly tugged at the hem of his gray shirt, your fingertips danced up his firm stomach. Steve blushed, his eyes darting around to make sure no one saw.  You leaned into his ear, running your hand up and down his chest, and whispered softly, “You can pounce on me any time you want, no permission needed.”

When you pulled away, Steve’s cheeks were rosy. You kissed him softly on the lips and reached around him to pat his bottom, making sure to grab a healthy handful of his ass.

You grinned at him before turning and dashing into a sprint toward Bucky and Sam. “Hey fellas! I just grabbed Captain America’s ass!”