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Lee Jong Suk & His public speaking phobia...

I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking.

He has now won several awards in the last few years and one thing consistent is that he can not, for the life of him, think coherently when he is the focus of attention on the stage.  He wants to run away as quickly as possible.  And each time, he gets criticized for it.

He does not have an attitude people.  He gets major anxiety when on stage.  He has the same problem on live interviews.  He has admitted this several times in the past.  But those who do not follow him as fans, quite possibly do not know this about him and interpret this as an attitude issue.

Please give him a break!  Let him enjoy the moment.  

Us fans are very proud of him.  Network Daesang awards have always been about actor’s popularity and ratings.  Both require base talent.  He has that in plenty.  He is a wonderful actor who lives and breathes his characters, always making us fall in love with those characters.  How can we forget the vulnerable Nam Soon, the puppy Soo Ha, the charming Park Hoon, lovable Dal Po and sexy Kang Chul?  He deserves that Daesung just like how others deserved it in the past years.    In other networks, it may not be based on voters voting but still is always given to drama that is highest rated and star who made the drama the talk of the town.  Facts indicate, W was highest rated show for MBC and LJS’s Kang Chul was very compelling.  

So, ‘he won by popular votes alone’ is an ignorant statement.  He probably would have won it anyway even if it was not through viewer voting.

I hope he continues to get more acknowledgement for his talent from industry, his seniors and peers.  Again, I am very proud of him and thankful for all the fans that voted for him.  


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"even if Sakura doesn’t exist, there’s nothing to like about hinata, and plenty to dislike" I agree actually. As a kid I could never bring myself to like Hinata, and I didn't even ship Naruto and Sakura. People should open their eyes and realise Hinata and Sakura are bad characters whether the other exists or not.

Some Sakura fans are actually pretty chilled about the hate. At least they can bring themselves to admit Sakura was thirsty and hormonal. Some Karin fans can admit that too.

Hinata fans are so much more delusional when it comes to her character being likable. They think she’s the best character in the show, and genuinely believes she’s “nice” and “perfect”, and can’t fathom why anyone can dislike her. 

I’m like…

what about because she’s one dimensional as fuck? 90% of her thoughts are about naruto, 70% of her speech bubbles are “naruto kun”.

what about because she’s selfish as fuck, she cares about nothing but her own hormonal urges. She literally made a love confession in the middle of the battlefield. She said “I can do this because I love you”. She didn’t try to save Naruto cos she wanted to save the village, she did that cos of her romantic feelings. In the midst of this great threat to the entire village, she’s thinking about her romantic feelings, wtf. How is she better than Sakura?

And that infamous “naruto kun’s hands are so big” right in front of Neji’s corpse…..

This is worse than anything in SS cos it’s disrespectful to another character. SS only ruined Sakura and Sasuke, and I don’t care about either of them. Anything problematic in SS are just between the 2 of them. NH is just another level of sinful, I’ll never stop being bitter how Kishimoto used Neji’s death as a cheap shipping moment. Neji didn’t deserve that, and Kishimoto didn’t even let Team Gai have a spotlight, they’re sidelined cos naruto and hinata needed to hold hands.

Hinata fans also like to shit on Sakura and pretend Hinata is better, saying Sakura is shallow cos she likes Sasuke for his look and talent. I never get why it’s shallow to admire talent. Ino and Sasuke are top of the class, that require both talent and efforts, they should be admired. Hinata tried to help Naruto cheat to pass in exam at the risk of disqualifying her whole team, and she’s supposed to be not shallow??

What’s so profound about fawning over a class clown who spent his time trying to attract attention? What’s so deep about fangirling a dude who’s ready to give up as soon as someone close to him died despite talking up his “never give up” nindo all the time?

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Relating to this week's poll, who would each member's Running Man equivalent be? Hope that makes sense! xD

Mark: Sukjin - Mark and Sukjin are the eldest of their group, and they both are usually quiet unless their team needs something that requires their talent (i.e. Mark with tricking and Sukjin with trivia). These two can also be awkward at times.

JB: Jaesuk - While Jaebum is the leader of GOT7, Jaesuk, in a way, serves as the leader of Running Man. (He is the nation’s MC after all!) These two are witty, know how to push the member’s buttons, and definitely know how to act on variety shows.

Jackson: Jongkook - These two are cuties with strength. They seem tough and intimidating on the outside, which they can be, but they can also be sweet and cute when they want to! (Jackson also tends to tease leader a lot the way Jongkook messes around with Jaesuk.)

Jr: Jihyo - I would definitely consider Jinyoung an ‘ace.’ Just like Jihyo, he’s known to ‘nag’ the members a lot, and can sometimes seem a bit demanding, but he’s always driven to a certain goal. (These two also have the most pairings within the group as well.)

Youngjae: Gary - They both have the same blank stare, which is hilarious. Gary is known as Mr.Random Capable as he can be as strong as Jongkook at times, and Youngjae seems like he has the potential to be like that with Jackson. They’re both sweet and quiet, and when these two crack a joke, all the other ones laugh.

Bam Bam: Haha - Bam Bam is as mischievous and hilarious as Haha. Were Bam Bam on a variety show where he was with a female guest, he would definitely act like Haha and ‘try to make a move on her’ (in a playful way, not a serious way). Like Haha, he’s close to the maknae and messes around with everyone, especially leader.

Yoogyeom: Kwangsoo - The maknae’s of the group! They’re both tall and obedient to their older friends, who sometimes scold them for messing up or doing something wrong. These two are also shy around girls, sometimes getting flustered in the moment as well.


Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kagehina

Summary:  Hinata was… something else. Something pure and unique yet strong and absolutely fierce, passionate and stubborn, much like himself. They both fought over everything and were overly competitive but he was a person Kageyama enjoyed being around, though he’d never say it out loud.

A/N: this little drabble is inspired by these pieces by @k-a-r-o-1221 , Hope you like it Karo :3 

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  • Ugin: I need help from BOTH of you to seal away the eldrazi
  • Ugin: I'm going to use the draconic seals that only I know to bind them
  • Nahiri: And what is my role in this?
  • Ugin: As a powerful Lithomancer you will create the hedrons which will stand for millenia, forever imprisoning these nightmarish beasts
  • Sorin: And what is my role in this?
  • Ugin: As I said, I need BOTH of you for this
  • Sorin: So.... what do I do.
  • Ugin: .... Your skills are key. I require both of you for your unique talents.
  • Sorin: Okay, like what talents specifically?
  • Ugin: Like, um... Lithomancy.
  • Sorin: Yeah, that's her job. What do I do?
  • Ugin: ...... So anyway, everyone is vital here. We all have a job to do. I definitely need both of you here... Because like, there are three eldrazi! And three of us. So... symmetry. That matters!
  • Ugin: Seriously Sorin I totally wanted you here from the start. This was planned.
  • Ugin: You are so pivotal to everything that happens in the multiverse, now and forever.
  • Ugin: And I totally expected you to be here when I came to get Nahiri.
  • Ugin: It's not awkward.