they both love each other so much

Supernatural Preferences #1 – Sex Positions

A/N: I only did a few characters but if you want a part two with more characters, comment there names below please

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okay but,,, conman,,,

everyone at school thinking they hate each other by how they tease one another in class but no one notices when they both go to the bathroom for fifteen fuckin minutes and come back with messed up hair

jared being an Asshole™, slapping connors butt when he walks by just to see him go red

connor getting payback by completely draping himself over jared, resting his chin on jared head (jared: suddenly can’t form any sentences)

besides teasing each other with pda,,, they don’t really do it that much,,, like maybe they’ll hold hands but it usually ends with one of them calling the other gross for having sweaty hands

at home though,,, jared is a goddamn koala he will not Let Go

connor doesnt mind though he likes the attention plus letting jared snuggle up to him keeps him quiet for a bit (until he starts demanding kisses but how can connor refuse)

they are so lazy what the fuck they fall asleep in each other’s arms so much

theyre terrible bfs jared pulls connors hair to get his attention and connor uses jared as a head and foot rest 24/7 they honestly act like they’re gonna skin each other half the time

don’t be fooled they go home and kiss each other until their cheeks hurt from smiling so much

takeput dates!!!!! they stay up all night complaining about other students and watching shitty movies and sometimes they sneak out in the middle of the night to take a walk in the cool air

it’s not an easy relationship and they do clash but they’ve also got an immense amount of trust in each other so they always work out their problems

they are each other’s support systems. they help each other’s weak points and make each other stronger
A Tale of Woo
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Veritas03 | Word Count: 25.3k | Rating: PG-13

Summary: Harry’s a bit of a mess, despite a successful Quidditch career. Draco’s not too much of a mess, but believes his life is as good as it’s likely to get. Both want something more. Fate is going to help them out with that.

Review: Wow so many… squishy feelings!! Squishy angst, squishy longing, squishy fluff, squishy endings… So cute!

There’s so much build up, as you see them dancing around each other and wanting each other, made so frustrating by Draco just being stubborn and pricky but in such an sadly understandable way. Despite all the pining however, this is still sweet and romantic, making for a fun and lovely read.

Content/Warnings: Bonding/Soulmate Bond, Pining, Romance

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Worried- Matthew Tkachuk

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Ok so here we have a little vacation issue! What to do on vacation and what happens when people get mad on vacation! Ok so… enjoy!

Warning: argument, mentions of murder

Anon Request: - [ ] I love how long you make your imagines they are so nice to read! Anyway could you do one where you’re on a trip with Mathew tkachuk and then you start fighting over something and don’t see each other for the whole day but then both come back to the hotel to the night and it’s really fluffy with them confessing how much they worried about each other even if they were fighting?


              It was your first trip together as a couple.

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just to review:

-donna is a lesbian and is in love with laura
-james is gay (james dean figure) and is in love with laura because he misreads laura’s self-destructive recklessness as freedom and wants that kind of freedom for himself
-laura likes james and donna because of how much they adore her
-donna loves laura and james in the way plato loves james dean & natalie wood, bc she feels like she’s part of their relationship in a way that she can’t be part of her own relationship bc she’s gay
-when laura dies, she leaves a void for both j&d where they don’t have anyone to fixate on and so they decide they’re in love with each other
-but in fact, they’re in love with the memory of laura and what she represented
-and in that way they’re also complicit in the symbolification of laura that everyone else in the town participates in, although in a different way and for different reasons

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In response to the previous ask, as a Marichat shipper, I just wanted to say why its my favourite ship. Both Marinette and Chat are their 'true' selves, as clumsy hardworking Marinette and Chat as escaping from his father and stifling home life. They're at their most honest, and aren't afraid of showing it. If they have moments where they care about each other, doesn't that provide so much more meaning to the rest of the love square?

Here you go, other anon!
In my opinion, while it’s an interesting ship, I think it’s presumptuous to assume that honest communication can only be applied exclusively to this ship. It seems that the fandom in general modifies the characters’ personalities in order to fit them into their own ideology regardless of the preferred ship.

avialae  asked:

hopping on the praise train, bc ur most recent comic really blew me out of the water -- i really really admire your work, esp. your josuyasu content; it's really true to their characters, and hits so many of my favorite dynamic buttons, esp. their friendship/romance and the way you show them really strongly having both! your art is amazing & has so much like, personality and character and warmth to it

I’m yelling thank you so so much!!! I love Josuyasu and having them kiss and be romantically cute to each other, but what I love even more is that they are best friends before anything else. I find their friendship REALLY important; the heart and soul of their bond and I just can’t picture them any other way. I love how comfortable they are together; how they’ll bicker and then have their arms over each other the next moment, or sometimes even bicker whilst at close proximity. It’s kinda funny, and so endearing at the same time. I think it’s a friendship that brought a lot to BOTH their lives, not just Okuyasu’s. And that bond goes deep; Josuke doesn’t really open himself up quite like he does when Okuyasu is around. A partner in crime, but also the company he seemed to lack, even after meeting Koichi.


@juminzenweek : Day 2 | Cats | Drinking | Ribbons & Mirrors

Zen is away on location,  

Alone with his thoughts, Jumin looks at the ceiling.  He starts thinking ridiculous scenarios which include an imaginary makeup artist named Chichi.

He rolls over on his stomach in frustration, folds his pillow in half closes his eyes and enters a restless dream.  

In the dream, he is naked looking at two Zens mirror images of each other.  

Feeling confused he enquires “Hyun, is that you?”

They speak in unison.

“I am Beauty, I am Beast”

“I can love you tender, I can sex you hard”

“So tell us”  

“What is your flavor, Mr. Han?”

Jumin’s expression changes to that better left deleted in one’s browser history.

“Oh, I want to be greedy,  much more greedy,  I will take both as my flavor is HYUN”.

Earlier edit found here

“HanRyu Project” collaboration with Cheebs for Jumin Zen week. Also check out Cat prompt on Cheebs page.

Lance & Hunk Broship

•Lance will just rant to Hunk for hours about how much he hates Keith
-“…and his dumb face and his stupid mullet- I mean it’s not the 80s any more, why doesn’t he just cut it off-”
-and Hunk just sits there like ‘Mmhmm, yeah, that’s right, you hate him so much. you aren’t hopelessly in love with that boy at all
you totally don’t want to kiss him till you’re both gasping for breath
you don’t want to make sweet love to him on a bed draped in silk sheets and rose petals. not one bit.’

•Sometimes they’ll look at each other and nod like they just had a mental conversation
-Keith is completely mystified by this

•Lance once tried to help Hunk in the kitchen to disastrous effect

•They’re always completely honest with each other; they’ll talk about pretty much anything. (This obviously means that Lance brings up some freaking weird stuff.)
-Hunk talks about how much he misses Earth, misses the heat and scents and laughter of his family kitchen, packed with far more people then it could comfortably hold.
-Lance tells him about how useless he feels among the paladins, how confused he is about his purpose, his life.

•Whenever Lance feels shitty he goes to Hunk for chamomile tea and pillow forts. Hunk lets him scream and rant and sob into his shoulder and is basically the Best Bro Ever.

These two are just amazing. I love my lil idiots. If you have any ideas/request, please ask me! I’m fresh out.

I find it so hard to believe that Kara and Mon-El were in love. Honestly, what did they have together? Aside from both being aliens? 

Now, I never liked or shipped Karolsen, but they were so, so much more believable as a couple. They started out as friends, they had moments where they both bonded and shared important moments together. They confessed things to each other they didn’t tell anyone else. They supported each other and grew through their mistakes. James was mature, recognized and respected the boundaries Kara had set, and continued to support her. By the time Bizarro came around and James said he loved Kara, it made sense. When Kara was pining over James, we could see why she felt that way. 

Do Kara and Mon-El have that? Not at all. They majority of their relationship they were fighting, and he was abusing her in some way, and most of the time Kara was even outlining why he wasn’t good for her. Her giving him her mom’s precious necklace and confessing their love? Didn’t buy it at all. 

the more I think about it, Bellamy and Raven have always had very subtle interactions that mean so much. He called her smart, said that they needed her. When Raven was shot, he was the first one over to help her. When Clarke killed Finn, he was the one to hold her while she cried. When he was in mount weather, despite her being devastated and upset, she got herself together to help him. He was the one to mention saving her when no one else did. He VOLUNTEERED to go save her. They were the first to hug after being reunited. It’s the little things that I love

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✤ + feysand. ♡

who said i love you first? rhysand. rhysand is such an emotional creature and he adores feyre more than anything. he basically worships her.
who laughs when the other trips? both??? honestly they would both laugh at each other if the other tripped. supposing neither was very injured that is. bc if feyre had so much as a scraped knee rhysand would probably carry her.
who pays the bills? rhysand, hes extremely responsible. hes basically why they are wealthy and delegates where the money needs to go all around.
which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays? rhysand. feyre probably never got to celebrates holidays much due to how poor they were when she was a child. rhysand is very family oriented and would insist everyone come together on the holidays.
who’s more clumsy? honestly??? i guess if its just the two of them feyre. generally neither of them is very clumsy over all.
who checks their daily horoscope? rhysand. feyre teases him relentlessly about it but he takes a lot of joy out of it and she thinks its cute.
who sings louder in the car? rhysand has been the one for most of this answers but?? i could see him singing loudest. feyre sings with him. they have the best time, windows down and all.
who leaves the cap off the toothpaste? feyre. she doesnt mean to, she just forgets about it. rhysand doesn’t complain, he just fixes it for her.
who is more up to date in pop culture? rhysand, he gossips like a teenage girl sometimes its the only reason feyre has any idea whats going on. 
who insists on going to see the newest movies? feyre. she couldn’t read literall y until she met him and he taught her so, movies are really interesting to her. 
who cries when the abused animal commercials come on? rhysand, hes the biggest softy ever and he gets so emotional about it. he lowkey donates every month.
who’s the lighter sleeper? feyre. she never slept very deeply when she lived with her father and sisters. its never really changed.
who believes in ghosts? honestly i don’t know that either of them really believes in ghosts, i dont think they they would write them off but i dont think they really put much thought into it.
who does the grocery shopping? its a combined effort. unless there is something pressing keeping one of them they tend to go together.  
who updates their facebook status more often? rhysand, he probably posts pictures of feyre a lot and pictures of them together. hes a picture hoe.

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Favorite Omelia scenes and episodes?

Hi! Thanks for the question! This is a tough question because I think all of they’re scenes are meaningful. I think I’ll talk about it chronologically:


Loved the scene in the chapel. It was so real and raw. They barely even had a working relationship and yet they had a connection. 


That kiss! It was so perfect! Amelia was so nervous and it was so awkward but it was real. You could see in their faces they were taken back by that kiss.


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Owen can hug! The hug after the Ruby crisis was magical. They’ve both gone through so much and that hug was exactly what they needed.


Amelia breaking down in Owen’s arms after Derek’s death. That to me was the point where I knew they loved each other. They really are each other’s person. That scene killed me it was so good. 

The scene where Amelia is listening to Derek’s voice message was also similarly great. Owen was there for her when she needed a push. He was going to give her space but she wanted/needed him there.


I loved the “We’re not perfect. So what?” scene. Both Owen and Amelia have issues and this one sentence spoke volumes to who they are and how perfect they are together.


LOVE cuddly happy Owen and Amelia. She found him!


Amelia talking about sex with Owen was hilarious. Love the cinderella moment at the end!


PUPPY FIRST DATE! So cute it killed me.


They’re finally a real couple at the end and in love (without saying it of course).



Season 13:

I’m still processing season 13 but I definitely liked the beginning and end haha. The middle was really rough. 

Sooooo basically as you can see, I love any scene with Owen and Amelia. I may have forgotten some. Sorry for the long post. Let me know what you’re favorite scenes are!

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I have to thank you for answering that anon regarding Luci & Chloe's feelings towards each other cos I was going bat-sh*t crazy trying to figure out why the show writers let Chloe go through so much feelings. I mean I couldn't for the love of God understand how she did not talk to Lucifer about their "This is real" moment. I guess your answer answers my questions as well. I just don't want Chloe to think she is another of Luci's flings. Cos the "just friends" hurt big time. ughhhhhh

Yeah, as I have said, both of them are hurt and thinking what they had wasn’t real, for different reasons, and neither of them want to be the first to try to change that. Which is, again, why you need to drop in a plot shakeup and force them out of this place and to confront everything that is going on. From what I’ve seen, Maze gives Lucifer an absolute bollocking in the next episode, literally, for keeping so many secrets, which I need. Lucifer needs to be slapped over the face with his cumulative spiral of bad decisions, and Chloe is as yet under no obligation to give him another chance if he’s trying to “prove” they’re not real. As I said, she still thinks he was married, and has been trying to talk about it at points, but Maze isn’t the most emotionally sensitive or supportive (at least with words, as she gets actions) person to do this with.

So yeah. I want to see how things have shaped up at the end of 2x17, and then I can guess more how they might look going into the finale. Also, Tom said that it was too EARLY for Deckerstar to get together, not that they WOULDN’T. Which is obvious at the amount of issues that both of them are currently faced with, and the amount of things that need to be straightened out, on both their parts, before they can even think of trying again.

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Hello I heard you wanted some ace exr headcanons so what about Enjolras and Grantaire having an "ace pick up lines" competition, because they are tired of all bad and too sexual pick up lines and both of them just try to come up with as many asexual ones as possible and some weeks and hundreds of pick up lines later, they realise that they may be in love with each other!

Aaah, thank you for this image!!!!!

They totally would. They’re such dorks.

‘Congrats you’re Acethetically pleasing’

'Are you a fireplace? Because I would like to curl up near you with a book whilst keeping an appropriate distance’

'Are you missing a card from your deck. Cos I could be the Ace of your Heart’

(etc… They’re both probably funnier than me xD)

Except they’re both super competitive so it never occurs to either that the other is actually interested in them they just think they want to win… So it just goes on for months.

Anyway one day Enjolras walks over to Grantaire as they’re about to leave after a meeting and says really forcefully blushing to the roots of his hair 'Can you hold this for me?’ and holds out his hand… And R just blushes and quietly says 'okay’ and takes his hand =).

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hello! i'm curious about how you started shipping iwadai because they are really sweet and pure when you draw them but they barely (or almost never) interact with each other in the manga/anime :O please continue blessing us with your warm iwadais, thank you!!!

aahhh i’ll try to keep this as short as possible without rambling too much about my love for iwadai ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

So it all started when I read a fic, I don’t remember which, but it was a college au and had platonic iwadai. Their friendship was such a pleasant surprise I was like holy shit??? they’d be such good friends if they talked with each other in canon??? They have similar personalities; both have a quick temper, both the reliable type, both competitive dorks. They both just give a very calming and chill aura ya’know?? Anyways, after reading that fic I craved for more of their friendship, but there wasn’t much out there I could find ;m; so i just ended up lowkey liking iwadai.

Fast forward to me chatting with Jess. I don’t remember how we started talking about iwadai but after exchanging thoughts about how good they were together, it sparked my fiery love for iwadai. I cried when I went to the tumblr iwadai tag because there was very few artwork (quality stuff tho that got me craving more). I also cried when I went to ao3 to only find a couple pages of fics of them (fyi iwadai still has less than 100 fics OTL). I came late to the party (as always) so there wasn’t much new fanworks of them. All I had at the time was talking headcanons and ideas for fics/art with Jess (bless her for keeping me company). Eventually I got so thirsty that I was like FINE I’LL CREATE ALL THE CONTENT MYSELF AND DRAG OTHER PEOPLE WITH ME INTO THIS LONELY RAREPAIR CIRCLE.

My first art of them is my tumblr bg and as you can see, I’ve longed since thought of them as domestic and cuddly ;;v;; I see them as the definition of friends to lovers and domesticity. The Good Shit i’m weak in the knees for so ya I fell hard for these two. I was also falling really hard for Daichi at the time, and I found that Iwaizumi would be such a good thing for Daichi. The thought that they would have a trusting relationship and be each other’s rock got my heart aching with dokisdoks.

TRUE they’ve never interacted but the lack of canon interactions between characters has never stopped me from shipping characters (cough sou//mako cough). I find rarepairs extremely fun to ship!! I love imagining characters in different situations and wondering how they’ll react with characters they wouldn’t usually. It allows me look beyond what’s already given to us and explore their personalities more you know??? It’s also much easier for me to come up with ideas for them. There’s nothing wrong with popular ships obviously, but I always feel like there’s enough content and that everything’s been done?? so I don’t usually get invested in them as much as rarepairs.

I always say the same thing whenever someone asks me why I ship a rarepair: its all about the Potential. And iwadai has so much of it.

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Hey there!! I was wondering if I could get a written ship with TWICE, BTS and SEVENTEEN? I'm very cuddly, loving, motherly in nature. Really nice a friendly to everyone including strangers, good with kids (and animals!!), polite around adults. In my spare time I dance and work-out, as well as watching movie (horror, animation and romantic comedy movies) and cooking. I love cuddling and skinship in general. I really want to get married :D I spend a lot of time with my family. Thank you so much 💗

Hey, there!<3 A big thank you for requesting!

-love, Kitty

In Twice I ship you with Nayeon! She seems to be just as loving, cute and optimistic as you. You’d both have a great time dancing together or having sleepovers watching your favorite movies.

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In BTS I ship you with Jin. You’d be perfect for each other always aiming at making others feel good. You’re both kind and good at taking care of others and you’d share quite some interests!

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In Seventeen I ship you with Seokmin. He’s such an angel. He must be a great person to hang out with! I’m sure you’d get along really well as he’s a friendly and polite person just like you.

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