they both just like trees okay

some modern college!peggy headcanons: 

  • her favorite snack is hot cheetos and she eats them with chopsticks. 
  • her friends snapchat her pictures of their poop cause you know #medstudentlife
  • she watches a lot of netflix along side her weekly kdrama.
  • she plays pokemon ( still ) and has a 3ds. 
  • she has a gym membership and takes kickboxing and yoga classes. 
  • she absolutely loves football (soccer). she’s both british and korean. do you expect anything else from her? 
  • she has a shitty sleep schedule. on average its four hours of sleep. 
  • she doesn’t like drinking but she can also hold her drink. but when she does gets drunk, she starts speaking in korean. and sings kpop songs.
  • she meal plans. aka she is the one with that instagram that shows that she’s an actual adult in college that can make food on sundays and use that for the rest of her week.
  • her guilty pleasure is american chinese food cause orange chicken is crack. 
Where Is He?!- But I’m Useless Part 4/4

Okay yes this was requested like, today but I was only going to start it…..and then I got kinda carried away. So here it is! Hope you like Anon! Enjoy xxxxx

WARNING! This one is kinda bloody so if you don’t like….sorry!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

I walked back to the jeep, wrestling with my thoughts. Light was leaking from the jeeps as Stiles had turned the headlights on, casting long shadows from the trees.

I meekly made my way to the side of the jeep, expecting both Stiles and Scott to be there, furious. But to my surprise Scott and Stiles were fussing over Liam instead, Scott holding him to his chest as Stiles spoke softly to him.

“We’re gonna get you all fixed up, okay? You’re gonna be just fine.” Stiles soothed as Liam moaned, and my heart stuttered when I saw the blood on his lips. I glanced at Scott, who looked at me through big worried eyes.

Harsh shivers racked over Liam’s body and immediately Stiles took off his hoodie and covered him with it. He seen me on the other side of the jeep door and signalled for me to get in.

He slid back into a proper sitting position as he started up the jeep.

I pulled open the door and carefully shifted Liam’s legs so that I sat under them. I glanced at Scott but he never said anything, just simply hugged Liam tighter to his chest.

“Where to? The hospital?” Stiles asks as he pulls the jeep into reverse and begins to fire out of the forest, leaving a cloud of dirt behind him.

“No, Deaton’s.” I tell him, leaning forward and gently brushing the hair out of Liam’s eyes, watching how they drooped tiredly.

“Liam, sweetheart you gotta stay awake, okay?” I told him and Liam moaned in pain.

“What did they do to him?” Scott hissed angrily, eyeing the two wires on either side of Liam’s head like they were bombs, ready to explode at any second.

“I don’t know,” I whispered, hesitantly moving away more of Liam’s hair too look at them.

Suddenly Liam lets out a loud groan before beginning to cough and splutter.

Blood stains Stiles’ hoodie as it drips from Liam’s chin. My mouth drops in horror as does Scott’s as he positions Liam again to stop him from choking.

“Step on it!” I shouted at Stiles and I heard a faint thud as Stiles pressed down harder on the accelerator.

“We’re nearly there, Liam. Hold on.” I panicked, kissing his forehead which makes his eyes open wider.

I then notice black lines squirming up Scott’s arms as he relives Liam of some of his pain. I smile gratefully at him as Stiles pulls into the animal clinics parking lot.

“Stiles help Scott get him inside, I’ll get the doors.” I demand before throwing open my door and rushing to the front doors.

I try the handle and let out a sigh of relief when it opens. “Y/N!” Stiles warns as they get closer, Liam coughs up more blood on his shirt, his head hanging low as he whimpers.

“It’s okay kid.” Stiles hushes gently as I throw open the doors, kicking the mountain ash door open as well.

“Deaton!” I screamed and he came into view, needle in hand, wondering who the hell was rampaging through his clinic this late at night.

“Oh dear lords, what happened?” He gasped when he made out who it was.

“No time!” I said and right on cue Liam retched and more blood hit the floor, splattered with black goo.

Stiles recoils in horror, still holding Liam up but looking faintly nauseated.

“Put him on the table.” Deaton commands and after carefully side-stepping the puddle of blood the boys carry Liam to the table, Scott using his were wolf strength to lift Liam up.

I watched Deaton go for the wires and on their own accords my hands shot out and grabbed his wrist. “Don’t touch them! They’re in his brain.” I warned, unaware about how threatening I sounded.

Deaton gently pulled away and I let go of him. “The wires were dipped in wolfs bane. If we don’t take them out now they’ll corrupt his brain.” Deaton explained softly.

My knees went weak and both Scott and Stiles gasped. I fumbled for Liam’s hand, needing something to keep me on my feet.

“What do we do?” I breathed and immediately Deaton began moving into action. He grabbed two cloths off of the worktop and dipped them into something that smelled strongly of alcohol.

“You guys need to keep him anchored, make sure that he stays to all of you. What I’m about to do is dangerous. What you do will keep him safe.” Deaton said and his words scared us all to the core.

I squeezed Liam’s hand and Stiles grabbed the other, still muttering, “You’re gonna be okay.” Scott stood at Liam’s head, holding down his shoulders to keep him still.

“We’re gonna get you through this.” Scott reassured and I leant forward and kissed Liam’s cheek, fighting back tears.

“Scott, hold him tight, you two, talk to him,” Deaton ordered and Stiles moved closer to Liam, and I could hear his staggering breathing.

“Hey did I ever tell you the time Scott and I ended up in a gay bar?” Stiles says and I see Liam’s eyes open in shock. The corners of his mouth twitch up and Stiles continues,

“Yeah and Scott even got drinks bought for him.” Stiles laughed and Scott and I smiled.

“You know Derek? Someone asked who he was and Stiles panicked and said he was our cousin, Miguel.” Stiles looked up and laughed, though I saw a familiar tearful look in his eyes and I knew he was as close to tears as I was.

Deaton looked up at Scott and I saw him grasp the wire between his fist and pull. Liam let out and ear-splitting scream, throwing back Scott’s head with the force.

I hung on tightly to his hand, shielding myself from the shards of glass, raining down from one of the now shattered windows.

I looked up cautiously as Deaton threw away the end of the wire.

“Oh my god,” Stiles groaned, looking at the wound that I couldn’t see. His whole face paled and he fainted, hitting the ground hard.

“Stiles!?” I called and Liam’s head slowly moved to the side, and I felt the worry off of him.

Within a second Stiles had scrambled back to his feet, gripping onto the table Liam was on to hold himself up.

“I’m okay,” He gasped, shakily clasping his hand back onto Liam’s.

“Hold this,” Deaton said, pressing a dripping rag into Stiles’ other hand. “To here.” And Deaton guided his hand to the bleeding wound.

Stiles’ face tinged green but he nodded determinedly and held it tightly in place.

Liam was still gasping for breath as Deaton went to his other side. Scott’s arms were tensed and cramped as he drained more and more of Liam’s pain, his normal tanned arms a sickly grey colour.

“Y/N, I can’t! I can’t do it again.” He howled, tears slicing through the sweat and blood marks on his face as he clutched even tighter to my hand.

“Yes you can. We’re all here. I told you I’d save you and that was a promise.” I comfort, leaning over and pressing a short but meaningful kiss to his lips.

With a deep breath Deaton gave a sharp pull and with a disgusting popping noise the wire came out, blood and black goo instantly pouring out of it.

Immediately I knew that one was worse. A stabbing pain in my temples was a hint but by the way Liam’s back arched off the desk as he roared I could just tell.

Scott was thrown off his feet, hitting off of the wall as his eyes shone red. Stiles fell to his feet but I held strong on mines, throwing myself on top of Liam.

Suddenly Liam let out a loud sigh as his body flopped back to the table before going still.

“Liam!?” I gasped, cupping his face with my hands, searching for a pulse. There wasn’t one.

“Liam?” Stiles said behind me, his voice cracking as he stumbled to my side, shaking the beta’s shoulder in disbelief.

“No!” I heard Scott shout as he picked himself up off the floor and ran to join us.

“Liam, wake up!” I screamed, hot tears streaming down my face.

Deep sobs were emitting deep from Stiles’ throat ones that Scott matched as they both grabbed onto Liam’s arm.

“Liam, I’m so sorry. So sorry for bringing you into all this.” Scott was choking out, his mind numb.

“God kid, what have we done?” Stiles stuttered, his head flopping down onto my shoulder.

“Liam, wake up.” I pleaded, “Look at us. Look at your pack!” My voice was breaking as more sobs engulfed me but I couldn’t stop screaming.

“Liam look at us!” All of us begged, mine and Scott’s eyes burning in the dark room.

With a loud gasp Liam’s eyes snapped open as he gulped for air, his yellow beta eyes contrasting with Scott and mines.

The three of us gasped in shock before throwing ourselves on top of him.

“You’re alive!” I cried into his chest, hugging him tightly. “Kid, don’t scare us like that!” Stiles exclaimed, running a hand through his hair. “Oh my god Liam.” Scott gasped faintly Liam gave us all a weak smile before bringing a hand up to his head.

“You want to sit up?” Scott asked and Liam nodded slightly. I leant back and both Scott and Stiles coaxed Liam’s aching form into a sitting position.

With a small smile I wrap my arms around him, breathing out deeply.

“I told you I’d save you.”

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My muse has been injured and left for dead. How does yours react? Trouble could smell the blood, and by how the smell tried to overload her sense she could tell there was a lot of it. It was from one of her own kind. She moved quickly, keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of a threat until finally she came upon the girl. "Hey. you okay little darlin?" She asked softly, cautiously creeping towards her. She knew anyone who was hurt was more likely to lash out, even is she was just trying to help.

She had barely made it out of the fight, managing to fend off the rest of the group that had jumped her and tried to both kill her and save their comrade that hadn’t been so lucky. Rayne held onto her side as she pressed herself against one of the trees, trying her best to keep watch out of her good eye while the other started to swell shut. Her once white hair was black and stained with both her and others blood from the attack, and her eyes were almost completely black.

The other’s voice nearly made her jump out of her skin; not even sensing her come up, let alone smell her with all of her own blood pooled around her. Once catching sight of the other, she moved slightly, only to gasp in pain and press back against the tree.

“D-don’t get any closer… I’m warning you…” She growled in a broken voice that wavered between two very different pitches.

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*quietly wanders into ask and whispers* if it is okay with you could you please do some christmas hc's for either oikawa or tsukki? i don't mind which one you do i would just love hc's for them oh gosh ;;;;;; *quietly places down a present and quickly skitters away* (sorry to bother you ;-;)

*kicks down the door* TSUKISHIMA ON CRSSMRRRSSSS


- Used to be picked up by Akiteru to put the star on top of the tree. Now that he’s huge they both take sides of the star and put it on together.

- Dinosaur themed ornaments including a Pachycephalosaur dressed like an elf

- The christmas lucifer dogfish

- Both chip in with baking and cooking

- Kei makes the best crown roast

- The only time of year where Tsukki will literally eat his weight in meat


- Has a joined christmas and Mawlid with the Iwaizumi family

- Goes crazy for secret santa and accidentally spends way too much money when the cap for gifts was 10 dollars and he was only supposed to get a present for Kyoutani this year and yet again he buys gifts for the whole team

- Every gift is well thought out and usually has something to do with a happy memory he has with the recipient

- Dresses up like Mrs. Claus for his nephew because then he gets to wear his designer boots. Iwaizumi plays Santa obv

- Has one of those mistletoe headbands

- Still wears holiday themed pajamas…..they’re gucci

Christmas Headcannons

Sorry I’m not on as much guys, here’s some headcannons to make up for it

Who puts up decorations?  Dallon. He’s all happy and bouncing up and down like a little kid and Bden just smiles at him. Dal’s trying to get Brendon to decorate too and finally he says yes bc Dallon’s being so cute

Who puts the star on the Christmas tree? Everyone knows this…Okay, but one year Brendon want to do it so Dal’s like ok this is gonna be funny let me get some popcorn and Brendon’s like fuck you and Dal just smiles. Then Bden’s acually trying and Dallon’s just laughing so much and then picks him up so he can reach. The star is a little crooked but they leave it like that bc it looks cute to Dallon.

Who makes the better cookies? They both fail at decorating them with frosting and candy. They make a mess and get it all on eachother. After they’re done cleaning, they take all the cookies and cuddle eachother on the couch watching Christmas movies !!! (Dallon laughs at Brendon’s dick cookies))

  • him: are you okay?
  • me: i'm fine
  • me (on the inside): i just really need to know if the verse "out of student loans and treehouse homes we all would take the latter" from the hit single stressed out was an intentional play on words by tyler joseph and he meant it as both "latter" as in the last thing he said and also "ladder" as in the ladder leading up to said tree house or if im just making it up in my head and he didn't mean it i feel like it was really intentional just from knowing his lyrical style but perhaps it wasn't i just need this question answered or im going to go through my entire life conflicted and unsatisfied
Imagine waking up to Sam and Dean after getting a concussion a really stupid way...

“How you feelin’ there champ?” Dean asked.

You sat up and clutched a hand to your head. “My head hurts. And I feel a little sick,” you said as you swung your legs over the edge of the bed and sat up.

“That’s because you got a concussion,” Sam said. “Don’t get up, okay? Just take it easy.” There was concern in Sam’s voice but he had an amused smile on his face.

“I don’t remember anything… What happened? Was it the spirit?” You asked, looking up at Dean. He was staring at you with an amused and superior smile. “Why are you both looking at me like that?”

Dean chuckled gruffly to himself and straightened up. 

“Well… we were high-tailing it back to the Impala after the hunt, and… you tripped on a tree root,” Sam said.

You looked up at them in disbelief. “Nuh uh. No way. You’re making this up just so I feel stupid,” you said. Sam raised his eyebrows at you.

“Trust us. You can’t make this crap up. It’s too good,” Dean said with a wide grin at you. “You made it through the life-threatening situation only to get taken out by a plant.”

“Shut up…” you said, rubbing your head again and trying to suppress the burning in your cheeks.

okay so a lucaya christmas au where they both work at one of those pop up parking lot christmas tree farms

  • so they meet at their orientation and lucas is just sort of confused bc usually these places hire giant teenage guys to lug around giant trees
  • but then there’s this five nothing girl who, despite her hiking boots, obviously isn’t going to be able to lift anything over four feet
  • all the guys are like… wtf is she even doing here she’s hot but like
  • and so anyways they all get their formal training or whatever and low and behold, maya can’t lift any of the trees there
  • and its not until evelyn rand, the owner of their chain of christmas tree farms, shows up does it make any sense
  • she calls maya her little muffin and lucas laughs but the glares he gets from both ladies shut him up
  • and anyways so their positions are all decided and maya is basically put on saw and payment duty while lucas and two other guys on shift have to run around carrying and packaging trees for nuclear families who are only willing to buy overpriced 9 foot nobles
  • and maya works triple the shifts as everyone else so she’s always on during lucas’ shift
  • they click really easily, which suprises him
  • at first she kind of teased everyone lightly, but by the second weekend she’s decided lucas is the main source of her amusement and is always picking on this texan roots
  • so they sort of start up a friendship? and they joke around during their shift and when no one needs anything cut she’ll follow him around and give advice to the potential customers
  • (”alpine’s are the losers of christmas trees. get a noble.” and lucas would just mumble under his breath, “easy for you to say, i have to carry these things.” and she’d just stick her tongue out and run off to go trim someone’s tree)
  • sometimes they sit around during slow shifts trying to make shitty wreathes out of their giant cart of tree trimmings 
  • all of their breaks are spent playing games of chubby bunny initiated by maya
  • he always brings her coffee at the beginning of his shift because he knows by then she’s already covered two and chocolate packs and water only taste good for so long
  • he gives her a ride home after work all the time because he hates the idea of her riding the subway that late at night and she doesn’t comment on how far away she lives from the lot but is touched anyways
  • they work the christmas eve shift and its raining
  • like pouring
  • and maya’s santa hat gets soaked and he’s completely drenched through all his clothes and his dumb car heating doesn’t work and they sit around laughing at how shitty their jobs are and lucas promises he’s never going back and she admitted that she’d never even been to a christmas tree lot before she started working there and never really had her own tree
  •  and he’s like??? “what maya no maya that isnt okay-” “no lucas its fine its just how i was rai-” “i dont care youre getting a christmas tree.”
  • and so they drive all the way back and steal one of the alpines and they try to twine it to his hood but they’re soaked and coughing and the entire time she’s like “this is so dumb lucas you’re so dumb”
  • and he just throws it across his backseat and calls it a day
  • and when he drops her off on her doorstep at christmas eve he stands next to her carrying the alpine in its five feet of glory
  • and her mom opens the door and laughs for like five minutes before inviting him inside
  • and he agrees to stay for a little while and he helps set up the tree and katy pulls out a paper star maya made when she was younger and puts it on the tree looking so proud
  • and maya’s already complaining about all the cleaning they’re going to have to do but she’s really so so happy
  • he leaves after eating microwave-heated oreo cookies and a glass of milk with maya and her mom and its like one in the morning and  his mom is going to kill him and his entire car is going to smell like those godawful trees for weeks and fuck, how many needles got between the seats on the drive over? 
  • he still thinks its probably the greatest christmas he’s ever had
Things I very much enjoyed from Gem Hunt

-Pearl being so over protective that she literally put Steven and Connie in danger
-Pearl bringing back “Do it for Her” and singing it like I love that so much?? So the singing technically isn’t like everyone just goes along with it and no one notices, like its an actual part of the story that they bring up
-Jasper being an Edgelord
-Literally like what is she doing how did she get there did lapis punch her into the arctic?
-Jasper not understanding the concept of Steven and just calls him Rose now
-Connie being like “who dat???”
-Okay so like the gems have the same cut as amethysts gem?
-Both were also the same monster but like differently colored so are they technically like the same gem, i.e. red jasper is different from green jasper, but both are still types of jasper
-Connie using tree bark as a snowboard
-Jasper beating the absolute shit out of that monster, and like having fun doing it
-Last episode we literally saw her on her knees begging lapis to make her feel stong again and yet here she is, beating up gEM MONSTERS WITH HER BARE HANDS
-Steven just taking pics of everything for Connie’s parents to see

It has come up a few times in various RP’s (both here and elsewhere) where Belle basically asks Rumple to leave Storybrooke for/with her. (Not forever, just to see the world and then come home). And Rumple’s oppion has generally been something like: “Well, the notion of being without magic for any length of time makes me a uncomfortable, but you deserve it so… Okay.”

Throughout the seasons there have been various obsticals, such as losing your memory, not being able to come back, turning into a tree, etc. So I thought of having him in the shawl (and her the tea cup on a necklace) but it’s more “seasonless” without (could be anti transformation powder, or that time post Zelena pre Ingrid for example).

A few notes:

* I sent them to Disneyland becuse, while Disneyworld is both closer to Main and more grand, Disneyland is what I grew up on and will always have a special place in my heart.

* I was gonna put them both in mouse ears, but Rumple didn’t want to wear them, so instead he themed his tie and Belle talked him into color scheming his outfit while he was at it.

* Yes, I know the swans aren’t there any more, but in my memory they should be!