they both just like trees okay

tree bros hcs
- connor gives 0 shits and he’s like “move it im gay” to everyone that’s in his way and evan trails behind with his face all red apologizing to ppl for his edgy boyfriend
- connor left his sweatshirt in evans room once when they were smooching and evan panicked when he found it bc that sweatshirt is connors comfort object; it’s got worn down holes on the cuffs of the sleeves from years of connor fidgeting with it; and evan rushes to school that morning to give it to connor bc ‘holy shit what if he thinks i did it on purpose i distracted him w kisses and i stole his sweatshirt and he’ll never talk to me again’ and connor is like 'dude. buddy. keep it. i feel good knowing you have it. it’ll keep u safe when im not there. it’s chill, okay?’
- evan wears the connor sweatshirt every night to bed even if it’s hot af out bc he never ever feels safer than in that sweatshirt
- (connor honestly did freak out when he realized he left it at evans but then he thought abt evan tucked nice and snug in it and that was a more comforting thought to him than actually getting it back. so he buys a new sweatshirt for himself at hot topic and they both match)
- evan is so fucking extra he finds 56 cents in the pockets of this fucking sweatshirt and gives the loose change back to connor and connor is just like …….bruh
- they go on walks all the time it’s their favorite date activity and evan gets so PUMPED to show connor his trees and evan is like “okay GUESS WHATS COOL ABOUT THIS ONE” and connor is like “it’s….tall.”
- connor went to see evan a lot when he worked at the park as a lil ranger thing and he LOVES evans silly uniform like it’s not even hardcore embarrassing or anything, he just gets a kick out of the fact that evan gets to wear a badge for knowing Some Facts About Trees
- evan always fixes the tags sticking out of connors shirt collars
- and connor always gets defensive like “maybe i wanted it there did you ever think of that >:|” and evan gets all cute flustered
- connor is the first to say i love u and he doesn’t make it a big deal, he just kind of says it one day and evan works himself up into a Panicked State bc he wanted to say it for the longest time but was too anxious to be the first one and now the barrier is just suddenly gone and connor loves him??? and that’s just a lot to handle so obviously evans hands get sweaty
- evan proofreads all of connors essays and connor loves watching him get lost in reading them
- ONE TIME and one time only evan gets up the courage to ask connor what the heck weed is like and connor hands him a brownie like “eat this” and evan eats the brownie and wow is he calmer or? something? and he’s being just WEIRD and connor is snorting bc it was just a normal, clean Cynthia Murphy brownie. he’d never give evan weed are you kidding me
- zoe and evan play this game where they bet on how many of connors outfit pieces are from hot topic but it’s all very discreet like “wow that’s a cool chain leather jacket connor where’d you get that from” and he’ll tell them and then one of them inevitably screams
- evan braids connors hair bc it’s calming for the both of them
- they watch nature documentaries like all the time and no one knows why or how it happens. it will be the middle of the day and somehow these two are dead asleep on the couch with natgeo on the tv at full volume
- they also watch a lot of antiques roadshow but they seek it out and genuinely have a good time with it

no offense, but otabek definitely ends up being the one that yuri has to constantly talk out of doing Dumb Shit™.

because like, yeah yuri flew to japan to chase victor down, but he had a deep-seated, emotional reason. also, he was cranky and fifteen.

otabek thought yuri had pretty eyes so he reserved two tickets to a park and tracked him down to scoop him onto his bad boy bike. and canonically, he’s got a penchant for mischief.

so like, imagine if you will that once they get closer and more comfortable, otabek will just constantly call yuri at random times of the day like, “OKAY, BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING JUST HEAR ME OUT.”

and yuri already knows it’s shit like trying to adopt two fruit bats he just found in a tree, or buying a “haunted doll” he just saw on eBay, or something like that one time when he was visiting in almaty and otabek decided it was the perfect time to learn how to cliff dive even though both of them are pretty terrified of heights, and also that’s just a fuckin terrible idea anyway.

what i’m trying to say here is that otabek definitely ends up being the dumbass friend that goes missing in public and everyone panics that they’ll find him crammed in a hole somewhere or up at the top of a tree or something, but nobody ever believes it because he just looks like he knows what he’s doing.

Just Like Trees

Alternate title: Convincing the Gnome that Elves regrow limbs

Context: Same group as the Kalarel Pantsing. A few sessions before that, the DM’s NPC, a gnome sorcerer named Nyx (adopted daughter to my character, Phukar, an Eladrin Rogue) lost her arm. This is what happened when the battle was over and everyone examined it after it had been fully healed:

Phukar: “Well… You’ll have badass scars, at the very least.”

DM: “I… sure. fucking. will.” She’s kind of-

Elf: “Will it grow back?”

(Large pause before laughter)

Phukar: He looks at Elf like ‘what the fuck’.

Elf: “Wait, wait, no. Nevermind. Don’t look at me!”

DM: “Does that happen with elves?!”

Sylvia: “No.”

Phukar (At the same time): “Definitely! Yes, it does.” (Short pause) Can I roll to bluff?

DM: … Yeah?

Elf: Wait, what?

Phukar: I’m rolling to bluff!

Elf: But- but you’re an Eladrin, not-

Phukar: (Rolls) Um, I’m going to use Master of Deceit.

DM and Sylvia, in unison: That’s a thing!?

Phukar: Yeah!

DM: Fuck! Okay.

Phukar: (Rolls) I got a 6, plus… 9.

DM: (Rolls) And she got 8 plus 7, so 15 for both. So she just looks at you and says… “Nooo….”

Phukar: “Would I lie to you?”

DM: “Yes!”

Phukar: “Elf, back me up!”

Elf: “I was talking about trees!”

Sylvia: I ROLL TO ASSIST. I’ll agree with him!

DM: Okay, roll for Bluff.

Sylvia: (Rolls) I got a 21.

DM: And then Nyx is like… “What the fuck? What a great day to not be an elf then.”

Phukar: “Elves are incredible!”

Elf: “It- that doesn’t happen! What are you guys talking about!?”

Sylvia: “It does!”

Phukar: “Elf, maybe, maybe you’ve never lost an arm-”

Sylvia: “Haven’t you ever lost a limb?”

Elf: “Well… I haven’t!”

Phukar: “Elf, you’ve seen my scars. Obviously, you know that I’ve lost a limb in the past.”

DM: Nyx right now - ‘am I fucking disassociating?’

Elf: I would definitely know that they’re lying, right? Cause I’m a healer!

DM: I mean… Elf’s never lost an arm before! Roll an intelligence check!

Elf: (Rolls) … I got 15.

DM: Sylvia got a 21! You don’t know, man, you don’t know!

Phukar: Now you’re not sure anymore! Maybe magic has changed!

Elf: “Wait, so… So it would grow back like a tree! So it’s gonna take a few years, right?”

Sylvia: “Yeah! Yeah, exactly!”

Elf: “But it’ll grow back? So… Does it work like a tree grows it back?”

Sylvia: “It grows back slowly.”

Elf: “Okay, so… She’ll start seeing like-”

Phukar: “Well, no, it… it only works- as far as I know, it only works for elves. So… I don’t think it’ll work for Nyx, unfortunately.” (Pause) When no one’s looking, can Phukar high five Syl?

Sylvia: Yes.

DM: Make a stealth check, both of you!

Phukar: (Rolls) … I got a nat one.

DM: You guys SLAM that shit behind Nyx’s back. It’s loud as shit, and Nyx jumps and turns around.

Elf: “What was that?!”

Sylvia: “Nothing.”

DM: “I just fucking lost an arm and you guys are high-fiving behind me!”

Sylvia: “We didn’t high-five, what are you talking about? That was downstairs.”

Nyx: “NO IT WASN’T! I just lost a fucking arm!”

Phukar: “Well, someone has to use it.”

Thus I made the entire group die of laughter and made my daughter admit that my character’s abusive father was better than my character was. He conceded the point.

Who says I love you first - tree bros

• so it’s totally Evan but like in a not on purpose way

• that sounds weird, hold on

• okay so

• Evan and Connor have been dating for like three months. They both are totally crazy about the other but think that the other might leave them soon

• both boys are insecure about themselves and don’t want to say they love the other without the other saying it first

• one night its movie night and Evan always falls asleep on movie night

• his head will just plop on to Connor’s shoulder at some point

• Connor always just grins and moves Evans head to his lap as it’s w a y more comfy for both of them

• Evan usually also talks in his sleep so when Evan does fall asleep Connor turns down the volume on the movie so he can hear Evan talk

• Evan talks without a stutter and very smoothly when he’s asleep

• Connor fucking loves it

• one particular movie night Evans been asleep for about 15 minutes

• Connors fingers are gently rubbing circles on Evans back as it calms him down and lets him sleep better

• Evan starts mumbling things

• “Connor, pretty, hair”

• “eyes, yes, blue with brown patch”

• “Tall and lean. Mm”

• Connor silently laughs as he sees a smile form on Evans lips

• “love Connor. I love Connor. Very much. Yes. Love Connor.”

• Connor’s eyes grow wide as he continues to rub Evans back.

• Connor eventually shakes himself from the shock and just grins like a mad man.

• when the movie is over, Connor shakes Evan awake like always

• they order pizza

• while they’re eating the pizza and complaining about school and life and shit Connor leans over to Evan and pecks his cheek

• “what w-was that f-or?”

• “can’t I just kiss my beautiful boyfriend whom I love very much?”

• Evan chokes on his pizza

• “you, you l-love me?”

• “yes, and I know you love me too. You said so in your sleep.”

• Evan blushes and nods. “Yes, I-I love y-ou very mu-much.”

•the rest of the night is spent joking and cuddling

• obviously with many kisses

• Connor doesn’t go home and just sleeps over instead

Hey look I have another one. I did this with Boyf Riends as well on my BMC account @love-your-squip

Okay but just imagine Evan having the biggest crush on Connor and writing out ‘Evan Murphy’ everywhere, all over his books, likewise, Connor adores Evan and writes 'Connor Hansen’ on his jeans and wherever else he can and of course Jared and Zoe tease the heck out of both of them about it

Wanna Be Yours, 4/7 (Olicity, College AU, Explicit)

Summary: College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a ‘Skivvies Only’ party. (See AO3 for Author’s Notes.) 

My eternal gratitude to my amazing beta Margaret. She’s the best.

(read on AO3)

(read from the beginning)

Wanna Be Yours, Part 4

A thin slice of consciousness slowly woke her.

The bed was soft where it cradled her, conforming to her every inch. And it was warm, like it was made specifically to retain just the right amount of heat. Felicity hummed under her breath. It was perfect and she didn’t want to move. She shifted her feet, enjoying the soft sheets against her toes, reveling in her bed cocoon. She loved mornings like this, when she didn’t have to get up, when she could stay tucked in for as long as she wanted.

She was vaguely aware that she’d kicked her comforter off at some point, but she wasn’t cold in the least… although she was tangled in something. Her shirt. It was twisted around her in an awkward bunch right under her ribs, making it uncomfortably tight in the shoulders. Usually that bothered her so much she had to sit up and unwind it, but the idea of moving was just unacceptable. She was too lazy to do anything but scoot closer to him.


A bolt of awareness cut through her chest and with a sharp inhale, Felicity awoke. Her eyes were dry and sticky where her contacts stuck to her lids and she blinked rapidly, waiting for the world to right itself.

When it finally did, she stopped breathing.

She was pressed right up against a bare chest, a very warm, very naked chest. A chest she was currently drooling on.

The reality of where she was hit her and her heart jumped to life.

Oh…” Felicity breathed, a fine tremble lacing her voice, “my god.”

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there's a devil in your smile (that's chasing me)

♡♡♡ for bruna @suprcorp ♡♡♡

the high school au i took too long to write and it ended up being longer than i thought it would be.

basically: the one where kara is very much in love with lena just as lena is very much in love with kara & everything goes sort of wrong before it ends up right.

also on ao3

Kara wasn’t supposed to be in detention. It isn’t even her fault that she is here, no matter what the voice inside her head - which sounds suspiciously like Alex’s - is telling her.

She was just trying to help the poor kitten down from that tree. Everything was going okay and according to plan.

She climbed the tree, calmed the poor animal down and was opening her backpack so she could put him inside, that way she could climb down safely and as a normal human would, using both hands and decidedly not flying.

Naturally, everything started going downhill from there.

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Guys, @osote2011 and I came up with a DEH Beauty and the Beast au.

Connor is the Beast. His temper constantly gets the best of him, and he lashes out at people when they seem like they’re making fun or him. Connor just fits as the Beast so well, okay.

Evan is Belle. He feels like an outcast and an outsider in his village due to his anxiety. He isolates himself to avoid messing things up, and instead spends his time in the nearby forest, climbing trees and reading nature books.

Jared is Lumiere. He lives for attention; he loves showing off Connor’s castle and spends most of his time trying to hook Evan and Connor up to break the curse because being a candle is weird af.

Alana and Zoe each share traits of both Cogsworth and Ms. Potts. Alana is the brains of the trio, constantly trying to keep them on track and get them to stick to the plan. She also has a habit of bickering with Jared. However, she’s also the most tolerant of Connor’s attitude and treats him with the most kindness.

Zoe, on the other hand, does not put up with Connor’s shit. She tells him off when he’s being ridiculous, even if she’s a very breakable kettle and he is a giant beast. However, she takes to Evan very quickly and treats him with the most kindness. She doesn’t just see him as a way of becoming human again - she recognizes that he’s a scared kid and she does her best to help him adjust.

Heidi is obviously Maurice. She’s seen as a bit odd because she’s a single mother who works so hard to take care of her strange son.

Basically someone with time should write this because it works so well.

hey friends :)

I’m gonna be real honest with you here, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on the fake bf fic and writing is hard and life is just overwhelming as hell these days, so if y’all wouldn’t mind giving me just a liiiiittle bit of validation that my writing hasn’t turned to complete crap?? that’d be super cool??? please & thank you, here is what I have of ch. 6, it’s not a lot but hopefully there’s gonna be more soon now that I have some kind of flow???? idk man I love you all thank you for being so ridiculously patient

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Fly (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Request: Reader never being able to conjure a patronous until Fred is in danger and she thinks of the time he drunkenly confessed to being in love with her (which she never brought up because she thinks he didn’t mean it) but after she saves him he kisses her and fluff ?

Idk why my Fred Imagines turn out so long every time lol. Kinda went wild with this request, sorry I strayed from the plot a whole lot. I have a tendency to do that. Hope you enjoy!

To preface: this takes place the beginning Deathly Hallows, then the memories are in Order of The Phoenix.

“C'mon we’re going on brooms!” you shouted to Fred as the group made their way out of Privit Drive.

“Now…” started Remus, talking like you’re a toddler. “You have to make sure you two get to your portkey in time.”

You rolled your eyes, grabbing your Cleansweep.

“I’ll think about it, Lupin.” You said back with a grin.

You looked over your shoulder at the Harry who was wearing Fred’s clothes.

“We have to head out”

He was smirking as he usually did at you that usually gave you butterflies, but seeing him as Harry made your skin crawl.

“See you all soon” you shouted. Everyone waved or said simple goodbyes, not wanting them to linger.

“Whaddya think of my new look, (Y/N)?” Fred asked, winking.

You made a small vomit noise, making him laugh. You both lifted off, flying low to avoid attention.

“You nervous?” You asked more seriously after a few silent minutes.

“Not with a badass Auror by my side.”

You chuckled “Barely”

“Well, you’re stronger than me, I run a joke shop!” He said with an encouraging laugh.

When the laughter died down, the silence made your heart race. Maybe it was the deatheathers that were surely near or the closeness of the Harry next to you. No, you thought to yourself. He doesn’t fell the same.

“How does it feel to be Harry?” You asked, breaking the uneasy quiet.

“Not much different, really. Just less devilishly handsome.” He said with a smirk.

“I wouldn’t say that” you said, shoving his shoulder slightly. Did your eyes deceive you or did you see his grin falter?

He let out a chuckled that was supposed to be friendly but sounded sort of cold.

“Hey, now’s your only chance to kiss the chosen one if you’d like”

Your heart stopped at this and you felt your face heating. He joking, you thought, he’s Fred, of course he’s joking.

“Well I-I”

Suddenly a green flash flew by your face, you ducked with a shriek. Fred looked at you with wide eyes.

“It’s okay, we’ll lose them through the forest” you whispered the plan, looking over your shoulder and seeing two huge death eaters on brooms.

Fred just nodded, pulling out his wand. You both dipped into the forest, weaving through trees, death eaters close behind you.

“I know where we are, there’s a hidden cave coming up on your left, it looks like a rock but it’s like the platform.” Fred whispered, breathlessly.

Understanding his plan you took a sharp left after him. The death eaters headed straight pass you, your heart felt like it would explode as you hurdled into the seemly solid rock.

You stumbled off of your broom into a dark cave.

“You okay?” Fred asked, gathering himself.

“I’ve been better” you answered, trying to catch your breath.

Your breathing stopped as you heard two gruff voices outside the cave. You and Fred froze, eyes locked on each other.

You pulled out your wand and whispered a number of protection spells, causing the seemingly solid rock to become solid, the voices died away.

“We should be okay” you whispered “How do you know about this cave?”

“Sirius used it, dad told me. I wasn’t positive this was it, but I’m thankful it is”

You scoffed, dumbfounded

“You weren’t sure that this was the cave!?” you yelled.

“Well, not exactly-” he started

“So you could have just sent us hurdling into a solid rock and killed us both?!”

“We would have died anyway”

You felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

“A risky game, you playing with my life, Weasley” you said with a sigh.

Fred looked at his watch and jumped.

“Shit! We missed the portkey.” He groaned “Mum is gonna be worried sick”

“Oh Merlin, Remus is going to kill me” you said with a whine

“When I think about it, we’re not too far, we can probably get to the Burrow within 2-3 hour or so without anymore bloody death eaters” Fred grumbled the last bit.

Silence fell for a moment, all you heard was breathing and your pounding heart. “Alright, we’d better go” you said with a burst of confidence, grabbing your broom and handing him his.

You disarmed the protection spells and pushed through the rock. The light of the moon casted a silvery glow around the forest, you looked over at Fred and saw, well Fred.

“You changed back” you commented.
“Oh!” Fred exclaimed, looking down at himself.

“I didn’t even notice”

You flew in the direction Fred gestured.

“I guess your only chance to kiss the chosen one passed.” he said with a mock frown.

“What a shame” you said rolling your eyes.

The way he smiled at you made you shiver, his eyes shone through the darkness, reflecting the light of the crescent moon.

As you flew through the forest you couldn’t help but think if he like you. You two had gone to Hogwarts together but you finished out your seventh year and became an Auror.

You scraped by, barely passing. You couldn’t even conjure a patronus. But, you were an Auror nonetheless.

Anyways, In Hogwarts you two were very close. So close in fact, everyone believed you two to be together but, you weren’t. Except for one night. But, you didn’t really like to think about that.

After Fred and George left to open Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes you grew apart, like many friends do. This left a sort of hole in your heart that pained you deeply every time you saw him. But he doesn’t know, and he certainly doesn’t feel the same.

“Do you feel that?” You heard Fred ask, breaking you from your thoughts. “Do you?” He asked again.

“Yes” you replied, breathlessly.

“I think it’s a dementor” he said frightened.

You snapped out of your daze.

“What?!” you shout whispered.

“Behind us! (Y/N), hurry!” He shouted as you two zipped through the trees, you felt bursts of freezing air on the back of your neck.

Suddenly, you felt the body that was so close to you, vanish. You looked down to see Fred on his back, his soul being sucked out by a huge, terrifying dementor.

You jumped off your broom and whipped out your wand. You hand was shaking furiously. ‘Think, just think’ you flashed
back to what Harry said in DA and your Auror training.

'Happy thought, happy thought, any happy thought’

Your mind was crowded by fear, Fred looked dead under the dementor. You had to save him, time was running out. Suddenly, a memory played in your mind’s eye.

—in the memory—-

It was after a huge quiddich match between Slytherin and Gryffindor and of course Gryffindor won.

There was a raging party but you, not being much of a drinker, hung out in the corner with a few friends. After everyone had cleared out, either passed out, sleeping, or shagging. There was only one person left on the couch, a very inebriated Fred Weasley.

You walked over to him, chuckling.

“Looks like you had a fun night” you said, gesturing to his state.

He looked up and you and smiled “I-I love seeing your face” he slurred.

You blushed madly.

“Let’s get you up to bed” you said grabbing his arm and pulling him up.

You gave a sour face when the alcohol smell hit your nose.

“Can’t I sleep in your bed? I’m a danger to myself and others.” Fred asked, giving you puppy eyes and pulling you toward the girls dorm.

“You can’t go in the girls dorm, remember?” you said, shaking your head.

He laughed “I can disarm that in my sleep”

He stumbled as he pulled you to the door and muttered a few spells.

“C'monnnn” he slurred, practically dragging you up the stairs. He stopped at your door and went to turn the knob.

“Wait!” you hissed, pulling his arm away.
“Let me check first” you peeked in the doorway and found all your roommates gone, probably in the boy’s dorm.

You walked in and Fred trailed after you.

“Wait. How did you know which door was mine?”

Fred wiggled his eyebrows “I know everything, love”

This made you scoff, you turned much more serious when you realized Fred had started to strip.

“Woah, woah, woah, what are you doing!?” you shrieked, trying to look away but you couldn’t pull your eyes from his toned chest that was splattered in freckles.

When Fred was left just in his boxers he noticed your stare. He broke out in a smile.

“Like what you see?”

He attempted to saunter over to you but stumbled. You chuckled.

“How about we get you to bed?” You asked guiding him over to your red four poster, pulling the comforter back and letting him settle in.

He grinned lazily at you, “Thanks, Mum” and like a five year old snuggled into the covers.

You looked around and figured you’d just take Angelina’s bed, 'must be with George’ you thought making you feel a twinge jealously.

You sat on her bed and started taking off your shoes when Fred sat up, looking confused at you.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting ready for bed” you stated.

“Listen, I know it’s kind of awkward because I just, um… called you Mum and all, but I was thinking more like, us sharing a bed.”

Your brows scrunched, you felt your heart pound furiously in your chest.

“Unless you don’t want to” he added.

You gathered all your courage. Hell, you’re a Gryffindor for Godric sake you have the balls to sleep in the same bed as your crush. Crush? You never really though of him as a crush until now, but the feeling in your heart make you want to run over there, grab his face, and kiss him.

But of course, that’s crazy, you just stood, walked over and slipped under the covers next to him.

You turned to face Fred and could practically see the haze of alcohol in his eyes.

He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to his chest.

“Is this okay?” He murmured, face inches from yours.

Merlin, even drunk off his ass he’s considerate.

“Yeah” you breathed. Your heart was in your throat, you tried to slow your breathing.

“Good” he whispered, slowly shutting his eyes.

You couldn’t help but feel disappointed, the romantic in you expected a bit more to happen, not a lot more, just a bit.

You sighed slightly and let your eyes close. The heat radiating off him was inhumane, you’d never felt more safe than right then, in his arms.


You heard softly, your eyes were too heavy to open now.


“I love you”

Your breathing stopped, you felt a burst of energy as you flicked open your eyes to find his staring right back at you.

“I love you, too”

The words just fell from your lips before you could think. Fred’s face split into a grin, biting his lip.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling you flush to each other. Fred looked in your eyes for a moment and before you could say anything else, kissed you so softly and sweetly you could have melted.

—back to present—-

You shook your head back to the scene in front of you, you were so lost in your thoughts you hadn’t seen the ( your patronus) silvery, and beautiful burst from your wand and chase the dementor into the forest.

You ran over to Fred and dropped to your knees.

“Fred, are you okay?!” You asked frantically, holding his face.

“(Y/N)” was all he choked out before he slumped.

The sight of him pale and limp made you hyperventilate. You let out a strangled gasp as you searched your mind for a healing spell. Your mind was too fogged with worry so you brought your flat hand back and slapped his across the face.

“AGH!” Fred woke with a start, holding his cheek. “Bloody hell, Women!”

“You’re okay” was all you could say, that’s was you were thankful for.

“You conjured a patronus?” He asked eagerly. You smiled finally and nodded.

“Wow, that’s bloody wicked. What was it?” He asked.

“My patronus? It was a ( your patronus)”

Fred’s eyes brightened quickly then tried to mask it with a confused look.

“What?” you asked

“It’s just, that’s um… my patronus too”

“We have the same…” you started, Fred just nodded.

“Let’s get to the Burrow” you said bluntly, standing.

Fred was silent for a moment then scrambled up.

“Yeah, let’s get home”

The rest of the trip was quiet and awkward. Fred kept sending bewildered glances at you that you just tried to ignore. But, eventually you got to the Burrow. The welcome was desperate and thankful. Remus was so happy to see you alive he didn’t even get mad about missing the portkey. All the happiness died away when you saw George and news of Moody’s fate arrived. You decided to get Fred out of your mind, this war was a lot more important than your love life.

—A couple weeks later—

One Sunday morning Fred finally caught you alone in the kitchen, which he’s been trying desperately to do for the past 2 weeks.

“(Y/N)” he sighed simply as you tried to push past him.

“Be quick Fred, I have things to do”

“We can’t not talk about the patronus thing”

“What is there to talk about!? So, we have the same one. There’s only so many animals out there, a few people are bound to have the same patronus. Are we done!?”

You felt you face get heated, you didn’t want to talk about this.

“That’s not the way it works and you know that!” Fred shouted, when he realized his harshness, his face softened.

“Did I do something to you? If I did I’m sorry, I-I-”

“You didn’t do anything, Fred. That’s kind it”

“I didn’t do anything?” He asked, looking completely baffled at you.

You thought back to the memory that conjured your patronus, and the morning after.

That morning after that you tried relentlessly to knock out of your head.

Why couldn’t it just stop there? With 'I love yous’ and kisses? That’s not the way life really works.


You woke up and stretched out your arms, reaching for the face you couldn’t wait to see, but met only empty sheets.

You sat up, looking around confused.

“Morning, (Y/N)!” pipped a merry Angelina.

“I cannot wait to tell you about last night” she looked practically giddy.

“I can’t wait to hear” you respond, swinging your legs over the side of the bed. The look of disappointment on your face was obvious.

“Are you okay?” Angelina asked, suddenly concerned.

“Yeah, oh yeah. Just had a weird dream.”

“Oh, okay well. George of course was a perfect gentleman and after the party..”

her voice drifted off as you began to think. It really didn’t seem like a dream, it couldn’t have been.

You looked around on the floor for some piece of evidence causing Angelina to stop her story and looked confused at you.

Suddenly, you saw it. You grabbed Fred’s beater jersey and gripped it in your fist, happy for a moment when you confirmed your dream was real.

The happiness faded quickly and a deep sinking feeling came as your realize what this meant.

He left, and in such a hurry that he forgot his jersey. He didn’t love you, he didn’t care about you. He was drunk.

“(Y/N)? Is that Fred’s?” Angelina asked, when she didn’t get an answer she continued “Ooo, looks like I wasn’t the only one who had fun last nigh, huh?”

You felt tears slip down your cheeks, you gripped the jersey to your chest and turned to your friend who immediately knew that something was wrong.

She looked pitifully at you as you began to cry harder. She reached her arms out and pulled you into a silent hug. You pulled away, kicking yourself for letting this upset you so much. He was drunk, for Merlin sake he was probably just trying to shag but passed out before he could go farther. You feel on your bed and sobbed into your pillow. He made you realize your love for him, and when you thought for a moment he loved you too, it was ripped away.

—back to the present—

“(Y/N)!” Fred shouted, holding onto your shoulders, trying to look into your eyes, that you didn’t realize tears had slipped out of.

“Fred!” you shouted right back.

You knew he must not remember, when you went to breakfast that morning he chatted with you like normal, like nothing happened, like he never loved you.

“I-I love you” he stammered.

“No, you don’t” you said shaking your head, trying to push him away.

“Yes, I do”

“No, you’re drunk, Fred, you’re drunk” the phrase you repeated to yourself every time you thought he might love you fell from your lips.

“(Y/N), I am stone cold sober and I love you”

“I-I don’t believe you” you whispered, lips trembling.

“Why? He whispered back, dropping his grip on your shoulders.

"There was this night” you stated, “yeah?” he asked, gesturing for you to continue.

“And, well.. some things happened that you don’t remember and…”


“Well, you-you broke my heart, Fred.”

Your voice broke and you looked at him through tear filled eyes. You’d never seen Fred look this way, like a knife had gone through his chest. He pulled you to him and hugged you tightly.

“I’m so sorry, please forgive me. It hurts me so much, I love you” You took a deep breath. You couldn’t help it.

“I love you too.” you whispered.

You felt his heart pump faster as he took in your words. He pulled away, you still in his arms.

“Really?” He asked, desperately.

“Really, a lot. Maybe too mu-mmh”

You were cut off by his lips on yours in a passionate kiss.

Suddenly, all your pain from that memory washed away, that feeling of having love dangle in front of your face then it ripped from your fingers.

His lips felt like heaven, the soft peck you got on the night was nothing compared to the feeling of this kiss.

“Eh-hem” you heard loudly.

Fred reluctantly pulled his lips from yours and snapped his head around, obviously angry at being disturbed.

You looked over his shoulder to see George, all bandaged but grinning widely.

“I am wholly gratified at this sight” he said proudly emphasizing 'wholly.’

Fred chuckled coldly before walking over and sharply whispering “You better go back up those stairs before I rip your other ear off”

“Oh, yikes. Sorry 'bout that” he looked past Fred and nodded at you.

“Morning, (Y/N)”

“Morning George”

Looking at Fred he backed up the stairs.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t contrHOLE myself”

Fred rolled his eyes, pushing him up the stairs.

“That barely even works, get the bloody hell out of here!”

George left with a wink. You couldn’t control your laughter.

“He’s not even funny” said Fred with a smile as he walked back to you.

“I’m funny” he said confidently, resting his hands on your hips.

“Funny looking” you replied, raising your eyebrows.

Fred groaned “Not you too”

You giggled, “I have some more of you’d like”

“Oh, Merlin no” Fred said quickly before he covered your mouth with his.

You brought your hands to his face and he wrapped his arms tighter around you. The kiss you two shared that night, you felt as if you could melt, but this time you felt like you could fly. For miles and miles, forever with Fred.


Imagine celebrating Galentine’s with Charlie and Dean trying to hang out with you two.

A/N: Barely getting this in before Galentine’s Day is actually over, anyway I hope you like it. :) 

“What’s up bitches?”

You heard Charlie from your room as she entered the bunker.  You ran out of the room, not even bothering to finish putting your t-shirt on after your shower.

Originally posted by godshipsit

“(Y/N)!” Charlie yelled as you pulled her into a hug.

“What’s up?” you asked eagerly.

“Your nipples,” she said through a laugh.  You heard Dean cough to cover up his own laugh and you saw Sam shaking his head.

You quickly put your hands over your chest that only had a sports bra covering it. “What, it’s cold in here.”

“I’ll warm you up, sweetheart,” Dean said as he picked you up from behind and held you to his chest.

“The only help I need from you is for you to put me down,” you said, struggling against your friend.

“That may be the only help you need but not they only help you want,” Dean whispered, flirtatiously. He finally put you down, his hands lingering for a moment.

“Well,” you said clearing your throat, “I’m going to go grab a shirt and then we can get started.”

You walked over to the laundry room that was just off the kitchen and grabbed the first shirt you could get out of the dryer.

“Get started with what?” Sam asked.

“Galentine’s,” Charlie said with her big, cheeky smile.

“What?” Sam asked through a laugh.

“It’s like Valentines but cooler because it’s for best friends and no stupid significant other is involved,” I told him. “Plus I hate Valentines.”

“Wait, why?” Dean asked rather quickly. “I mean, Valentines Day is the best day.” He added to cover up his hurried question.

Originally posted by soluscheese

“First of all Dean, the only reason you like it is because you can go to a bar and get laid by as many sad girls as your heart desires,” you told him. “Secondly, I’ve never liked the day. Why have a single day out of the whole year to celebrate your love for someone, shouldn’t you do that every day? My parent’s never celebrated it and I never have and don’t plan to.”

“Damn,” Charlie said.

You looked from Charlie then to Dean to see the end of some look that he was giving Sam but you couldn’t make it out.

“You ready?” She asked, eager to start our evening.

“Yeah, definitely,” you smiled and she grabbed your arm and dragged you to the tv room.

After the two of you were settled on the couch and started a movie you felt the seat next to you sink in and Dean placed his arm behind you on the cushion.

“So what are we watching?” He asked, his fingertips brushing your shoulder.

“You’re not watching anything,” you told him, trying to ignore his arm as it slowly made its way to being completely around you.

“Oh come on,” Dean said, his hand now gripping your shoulder.  

“No, go away,” you said with a playful shove.

“Fine,” He pushed himself up off the couch and left the room.

“He likes you,” Charlie told you as she leaned in closer.

“No, he doesn’t,” you replied, shaking your head.

“(Y/N) and Dean, sittin’ in a tree,” She loudly sang.

“Shut up,” you told her, your cheeks tinted red.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, “you like him too!”


“Come on, admit it,” She said, nudging your shoulder.

“Admit what?” Dean asked as he entered the room again.

“Oh just–“ Charlie started but you gave her a glare. “Nothing.”

“Okay, well I brought some popcorn does that mean I can stay?” He asked, his face holding a childish grin.

“Of course that means you can stay,” Charlie said as she took the popcorn.

“It’s GALentines not GUYentines,” you told the both of them. 

“Oh come one,” Charlie flashed her smile, “Dean is one of my best gal friends.” 

“Hey, whatever will get me in,” he said with a wink.

Dean took his place next to you and wrapped his arm around you once again. You slowly leaned into him hoping he wouldn’t notice.  All of the sudden Dean moved to get comfortable and pulled you all the way into him.  Charlie gave you an ‘I told you so’ look and you just ducked your head to hide your blush.

As the night went on you felt your eyes grow heavy and you sucumbed to a light sleep, still leaning against Dean.  At some point, you heard Charlie say she was going to bed but you were too tired to acknowledge.

“(Y/N), come on, let’s get you to bed,” Dean said as he slowly moved you to wake you up.

All you did was groan in response and buried your head deeper into his chest.

You felt as Dean’s warmth moved away from you then as he carefully picked you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he cradled your body into his.

Dean gently placed you on your bed and covered you with the blankets. As his hands were moving away you reached out and grabbed them, “Stay.”

“Are you sure?” Dean asked.

You nodded and moved over, lifting the covers as an invitation. He got into the bed and you moved so you were closer to him.

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“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” you heard Dean whisper before you drifted off.

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I know you're swamped with prompt requests but please hear me out!! What if it hadn't been Taki and Tanuma that had passed by when Natsume was de-aged, but Nishimura and Kitamoto instead?? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I love your work!!

i had a bunch of people ask for a young!natsume fic ;v ; hopefully just this one is sufficient! i have a lot of requests to work through ladgldgh


Taki forgets the cupcakes. Tanuma says, “Natsume won’t mind if we’re a few minutes late,” and they double back to her house to retrieve them. 

When the Days Eater has gone, and Nyanko is left with a pint-sized Natsume where the proper one should have been, Taki and Tanuma aren’t there to intervene and the child slips away from the unfamiliar tanuki yokai, moving as silently and certainly as a little ghost. 

Natsume is fairly certain he’s lost, and fairly certain he hasn’t been missed. But he wouldn’t want to cause the family he’s staying with any trouble – not sooner than he can help, at least. So he’ll follow the road into town, and figure things out from there. 

He can’t go far before he has to stop and roll the legs of his pants up. They keep slipping down so he cinches the belt tighter, and loses the long socks completely. The grass feels good under his feet anyway, sun-warm and springy. He’s surrounded by fields that seem to sprawl forever. He doesn’t know where he is, but it seems calm and welcoming. It seems nice.

“–told you, look at him! He looks just like Natsume! Right down to the thousand yard stare.”

Natsume jumps, whirling around and loosing his footing as he does. He lands with an oof and looks up to find himself face to face with an older boy. A high school student, maybe. There’s two of them, but only one is at his eye level, crouching in the road with an expression of wonder.

“Kitamoto, seriously, are you seeing this? Hey kid, what’s your name?”

He’s shrinking from them automatically – bigger bodies and bigger numbers usually don’t mean anything good for him, and he doesn’t want to go home with bruises on top of everything else he’s put his current family through – but there’s no real fear in his heart of these older boys, none at all. 

That’s… surprising. 

So he says, softly, “Natsume.” And blinks when the boy in front of him grins, like his name was the right answer. 

“I knew it! Natsume never told us he had a little cousin. Your family must have super genes or something, ‘cause the resemblance is scary.” 

“Do you hear yourself when you talk, Nishimura? You’re freaking him out.” The other boy – Kitamoto – yanks Nishimura back by the hood of his sweatshirt so he topples backwards, but not in the mean way Natsume’s classmates do. Nishimura squawks in outrage and scrambles for a second like a stag beetle tipped on its back, and Kitamoto offers Natsume a hand with a warm smile. “C’mon, you’ll catch cold out here. What are you doing, running around without shoes on?”

“You’re not his mom, Acchan. He might look like Natsume, but there’s no way he gets sick as easily as him. No one gets sick as easily as him.“

Natsume takes Kitamoto’s hand tentatively, and the high schooler doesn’t hold it too tight or pull too hard; just brings him up to his feet with a friendly yank, and then tousles his hair a bit. 

“You – you know my,” he swallows hard, and says, “Natsume? You know him?”

“Well, sure,” Nishimura says, dusting himself off. “We’re his buddies. He’s in my class, too.”

The tanuki yokai said the same thing, sort of. About being a high school student, and living in this area with people called the Fujiwaras. And he doesn’t think these people are lying to him. They’re too warm and lively to be monsters, the human or the spirit kind. They’re smiling at him nicely. 

He likes them. 

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A Perfect Valentines Day for Some Meihem

(I struggled to get all this done today while moving, so I’m sorry if it seems a little rushed! Happy Valentines!)


Roadhog was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet in the junkers’ crowded little bathroom, reading another of his old paperback novels. His drooping gaze scanned it as hurriedly as he could, knowing full well that this was likely the only chance to get to read this particular novel before it was ruined. The book was already burnt on the edges and starting to bend and break from the elements, and now it was discentigrating before his very eyes, spattered with water and wilting from steam. As another splash arced his way, he lifted the book up towards the ceiling and tried to keep reading.

“She’s gonna love this, Roadie! A clean, fresh bloke for Valentines Day! You know how many kisses I’m gonna get today? Yeah, she won’t be able to resist all them primal lady urges when she sees all this!” Junkrat sat on his plastic stool in the middle of the shower, bombarding himself with scalding water as he leaned to fill his up his purloined tupperware container and dumped it over his head. He was looking a bit more like a drowned rat than a junk rat, wild swathes of blond hair now sopping wet and drooping all over his head, stuck in a rather grotesque manner across his eyes and face. He was hunched over like a gargoyle on his chair, using his remaining limbs to awkwardly maneuver himself as the water flowing down his body came away black and gray, swirling down a drain that was already bubbling and threatening to clog. Again.

“She probably won’t recognize you,” Hog grunted, lifting his book again as Junkrat filled up his container and missed as he tried to douse himself.

“That’s cause I’m a new man! This is gonna blrlrb-” He doubled over in a fit of coughing as he threw water directly into his own face whilst trying to talk, sputtering loudly before continuing on. “This is gonna be perfect, a real gentleman’s-type holiday. It’s gotta be classy. Okay, hand me all them bottles. We’re gonna turn this Junkrat into a Hunkrat. Okay, how do I… Oi, Roadie, what’s the difference between shampoo and conditioner?”

Hog shrugged.

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Mirio spotting Tamaki and his s/o sleeping in the shade.

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

Mirio stops once he sees the two students resting against in the grass just under a tree. The shade falls over them, which is a bit of a relief, since Mirio knows how surprisingly quickly people can get sunstrokes.

Amajiki has one arm around his partner, while their head rests on his shoulder and both of them are stretched out, with their bags lying on their sides.

He hesitates for a moment, unsure if he should wake them, before he decides to leave them to it. School is over for today, so it’s not like they’re going to miss anything and if Amajiki had to be somewhere, Mirio knows that his friend would either wake up in time or he wouldn’t have fallen asleep in the first place.

Quietly Mirio starts to walk again, smiling softly to himself, since seeing Tamaki relaxed and at ease is always a good thing in his opinion. He’s happy for his friend.

our mistakes they were bound to be made

requested by @stroke-my-glabella-please

philkas au based off ‘ill keep you safe’ by sleeping at last

Some days it’s hard. Some days Philip can’t get out of bed, some days Lukas looks over his shoulder every minute. Some days they cling to each other like they’re drowning. Some days the hardest thing to do, the only thing they accomplish, is waking up.

Today is the 2 month anniversary of Philip’s mother’s death; the two month anniversary of the day Ryan Kane died.

Lukas picks Philip up on his bike, both dressed in black, and the two head for the graveyard. It’s empty today, on this random Tuesday in December; that thought is weird for Philip. That day was the worst of his life.

Interesting how one person’s worst day is another’s best.

Philip kneels down in front of the tombstone, still new looking, and sets the small bouquet in front of it. He lets his gaze settle on his mothers name.

Anne Shea. Mother. So dawn goes down to day.

“What’s it from?” Lukas asks, kneeling down beside Philip.

“A poem she liked.”

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anonymous asked:

So I really love your rp blogs and I just saw the fic you wrote about them getting together. And it was so good!! I was curious if you would mind writing about their first date?


“Holy shit, look!” Dex points to a tortoise slowly making its way across the small bike path Dex and Nursey are currently walking down.

“Aww, he’s cute,” Nursey coos. The tortoise continues to shuffle along, unwary of its admirers.

“Get a picture for me?” Dex begs his boyfriend, “My phone hasn’t been taking pictures very well lately.”

Nursey already has his phone out before Dex even finishes talking, snapping pictures of the oblivious reptile.

Dex sighs happily at the photos Nursey shows him. “I want a turtle. And a lizard. And a snake. And an alligator, but like, in theory only.” They start strolling down the path again.

“I could take you to Florida,” Nursey offers. “They got hella reptiles there, ya know.” He wraps his arm around Dex’s waist and squeezes.

Dex makes a face. “I don’t do humidity. It feels like I’m drowning in heat.”

“YOU make me feel like I’m drowning in heat,” Nursey murmurs, nuzzling Dex’s ear with his nose.

“Gross. Hold on, pause,” Dex abruptly stops walking, and Nursey follows suit. The redhead leans over and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips. “Okay, we can start walking again.”

“I knew you liked my sappy, poetic flirting,” Nursey giggles as they resume their trek to the picnic spot Nursey had picked for them.

Dex just smiles, cheeks turning a light pink.

When they get to their destination, a grassy clearing surrounded by trees, Nursey lays out the picnic blanket he bought just for this occasion. Dex empties the contents of his backpack, which holds their lunch. They both sit down to eat, legs tangled together.

When they’ve finished their meal, they make out for a while, lazily sprawled out across the picnic blanket. Their make-out session is abruptly ended, however, when Dex spots a lizard zooming through the grass, and talks Nursey into helping him catch it.

Consequently, Nursey learns how to properly hold a lizard, and Dex names the little green guy “Nursey Jr.”, claiming that “you two look alike. Maybe he’s your long-lost son.”

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, they have to let Nursey Jr. go, and the two watch him go, hands clasped together.

“I hope he isn’t eaten,” Dex says.

“Yeah,” Nursey agrees.

ok but juniper and calypso.,, so Soft

  • long walks through the woods where juniper names all the plants and introduces calypso to the dryads
  • footraces…oh my god just imagine these two girls sprinting down the beach or through the trees laughing their heads off and maybe calypso always loses but it’s great because she finally gets to have all this space 
  • they have a little thing when calypso stays at camp when she first gets back from ogygia and it’s w o n derful like the best summer ever
  • but calypso wants to leave to travel and juniper has to stay near her bush so she can’t come with but it’s okay because they had their time it’s okay it’s fine (it’s not fine) 
  • but they’re both immortal…and forever is a long time oh god what if they get back together like a hundred years later and calypso has s o many stories and pictures to share
  • and she comes back home and she sees juniper and they kiss and it’s the best kiss ever and they just sit together and live in the woods and from then on camp half blood has lessons from calypso and juniper…they meet in the woods and sometimes calypso sings and it’s wonderful
Japanese-Style Fan Dance with a Clown.

Pre-Word: The character that I am playing is the same as the one from the previous submissions here and here. ((  <== If you would like a better understanding of the first setting paragraph, I would recommend reading these first.))

Setting: So here it is… The group has entered a large forest positioned between two mountain-ranges, and are investigating a disease that is infecting both animal and plant-life. At this point now, the group has been whittled down to three party members consisting of a Human Assassin named William, the ever-angsty wood-elf monk Jun, and my character: the Clown Monster Vuuvie. Now, the group had a bit of a falling out since Melch decided to go ape-shit and try to kill William two sessions after their player joined for being a follower of some Fey religion, or whatever-the-fuck. So Melch ran off to who-knows-where after the group threatened to kick the shit outta the scrawny Teifling. -and Sylvara the Dragonborn had gotten separated from the group after meeting her also Dragonborn boy-friend.

So our party of three are now being guided by a Druid Wood-Elf through the forest to find a cave where the disease was said to have originated. It wasn’t airborne so all the team had to do was not come into contact with anything contaminated. While Vuuvie wanted to burn the forest down, the rest of the team was not as supportive of this method.

It had also been suspected that a doll that Vuuvie carries around with him is very powerful and can bend time and space to its’ own will (while still being reasonable). While the doll is actually alive, no-one else in the group besides the DM really knows this, and it lets Vuuvie get away with a lot of crazy fourth-wall-breaking bull-shit since they like to help Vuuvie do stuff.

So the group eventually comes to a halt in a small opening when the following happens:

DM: “You come to an opening in the woods. The trees and shrubbery around you seem to make this place ideal for a resting place. So since it is approaching sun-down, it might be good to set-up camp. Do you all wish to stop?”

William (OOC): “Indeed.”
Jun (OOC): “Yeah, sure.”
Vuuvie (OOC): “Why not?”

DM (OOC): “Well, as you are setting up camp, you hear something from the far off areas of the forest to your right. No-one is for certain what it could have been making these sounds, but you can tell that it sounds like… Talking.”

Druid Guide: “Oh no… Is this a bad time to mention that this forest is the home of many different ogre tribes?”

Jun: “Are you fucking kidding me?”
William: “Well, this is quite unfortunate.”

Druid Guide: “We’re sorry, but we would not have thought you would have come out to investigate the forest if you knew ogres lived here.”

Vuuvie: “I sort of thought it was a given. I mean… This forest DOES have some pretty swampy areas….”
Jun: “Shut-up, Vuuvie.”
William: “I do hate to be the bringer of bad news, but we may not want to argue at this moment. It may be better to hide.”

DM (OOC): “Okay, do you wish to all hide?”

William (OOC): “I am going to hide in the shadows of the forest and see what troubles we may be up against.”  *Rolls well, and succeeds on being hidden.*

Jun (OOC): “I am going to use my monk-bullshit-climbing powers to climb up into the highest trees in the area.”  *Also rolls well, and climbs up a sixty-foot tree so they are also hidden.*

Vuuvie (OOC): “Nah, I got this.”

//Everyone else gives me a questionable look.//

DM (OOC): “Um… Okay? Is he at least going to do anything, or is he just going to stand there like an idiot?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Just trust me. You’re gonna LOVE this.”

DM (OOC): “O…kay? Two ogres come walking into your camp-site, and seem to both be dragging a mans corpse by the legs. The corpse is very, VERY dead. In fact, you get the sense that the ogres BRUTALLY MURDERED this guy. They don’t see Vuuvie though as they seem too invested on who will eat the body.”

Ogre #1: “Oi told ya dat dis one is mine!”
Ogre #2: “And I’M telling YOU that it AIN’T!”
Vuuvie (OOC): “As the two ogres come storming into the opening, no-one has seemed to had noticed that they have walked into what seemed to be a Traditional-Japanese festival. There are booths with people manning their stations, and customers purchasing their goods. Paper lanterns are strewn about the area, and give off a dim glow in the growing darkness that the sun-set was creating.”

//The DM is giving me the biggest WTF face I have ever seen, and everyone else seems to be listening just to see where I was going with this.//

Ogre #2: “What the fuck is this shit?”
Ogre #1: “Uh…”

Vuuvie (OOC): “ In the opening, the stalls seem to lead to a large wooden stage you would normally find at gatherings such as these. Do the ogres approach?”

DM (OOC): “Are you fucking DM-ing ‘ME’?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Do they approach?”

//The DM actually seems interested.//

DM (OOC): “You know what? Sure. They approach. What happens?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “As they gather at the front of the stage, they are welcome to the lanterns in the area dimming for the lights on stage to gather even more attention in the open area. At first, there is only the noise of the other people in the area as they crowded the stage, completely unaware of the ogres having been dragging a cadaver through the festival grounds. Then the sounds of music start picking up. Some wind instruments, drums, bamboo-clappers, and even a Japanese koto.

Jun (OOC): “I have a flute, and I join in?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Yeah, Jun joins in to play from the tree they are sitting in. However, as the music starts a single figure in a Japanese female-style kimono walks up on stage as they shield their face with two paper fans. Their natural-skin color is a bleached white, and their long hair is tied back into a neat and tidy bun as they walk with wooden sandals that are clacking against the floor of the stage. A feminine-looking rag-doll, also in Traditional-Japanese garb, is hanging over the figures’ shoulder…”

William (From the bushes): “Oh Gods, is that-?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “As the face of the figure is revealed, a Taiko drum is hit once as it is VUUVIE that is dancing on stage! However, as the music continues with the clown monsters dancing, he begins singing a very strange song.”

Ogre #1: “Wha da shit is happening?”

Vuuvie: “Some… body once told me… the world is gonna roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She was… looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb… In the shape of an ‘L’ on her fore-head.”


//Vuuvie is still doing a fan-dance on stage.//

Vuuvie (OOC): “Oh, that’s easy.” //Vuuvie makes a horizontal motion with one of his fans.// “Just half them and share them.”

// The ogres proceed to tear the body in two, causing the audience of people to finally scream, and panic while both destroying the stalls in the area and fleeing out into the woods. The ogres then storm off, leaving Vuuvie by his lonesome on stage. Jun and William then come out from their hiding places with William having been reeling back at the complete nonsense they just witnessed, and with Jun just happy that they were included in it. All the while, the DM seems to have been the one reeling from what happened the most. //

DM (OOC): “You had a Traditional-Japanese festival in the opening, and had your character cross-dress as a female fan-dancer… Then you had him dance while singing the lyrics of 'All Star’ by Smash Mouth with a Traditional-Japanese festival musical-cover… Just because you encountered two ogres that MIGHT have turned out to be hostile, and you made them go away by meme-ing at them?”

Vuuvie (OOC): “Yep.”

DM (OOC): “Okay…”

Okay so why haven’t I seen any fic of this yet?? Because

Au where Hoseok is the new transfer student who just really likes literature and sitting below the shaded trees while reading sonnets and Min terror twins are the notorious for being the most intimidating pair in the campus, and wow they were just minding their own business and heading on to chill in their usual hangout, when they stumble upon the modern day reincarnation of both Edgar Allan Poe and Adonis sitting under their Spot™ , and become completely smitten with him because dayum??

So after that Hoseok gets really confused because suddenly there’s two of the rumoured “school meanies (min-meanies)” hovering around him, constantly throwing random compliments his way and leaving small pieces of song lyrics on his desk and running away after and he doesn’t know how to take it and gets really flustered because he finds it so adorable??