they both have peter pan tattoos

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Bahorel and Cosette being absolute BFFs:

  • Again, 6’4’’ Bahorel and 5’1’’ Cosette being absolute BFFs
  • matching Halloween costumes which they then post on their fashion blog (their best one has to be Peter Pan & Tinkerbell because they both look amazing in green and Bahorel’s wings were absolutely gorgeous)
  • Always making the cake together for when it’s another Ami’s birthday, Bahorel bakes, Cosette does the decorating (because Bahorel sucks at decorating), everyone agrees that they have yet to top the five layered peanut butter chocolate cake for Gavroche’s tenth birthday
  • Bahorel teaching Cosette self-defence (She accidentally breaks his arm once, he’s never been more proud)
  • Cosette holding Bahorel’s hand the entire time when he gets his first tattoo because, ‘It can’t be that ba- HOLY FUCK’
  • Going shopping together
  • Going wedding dress shopping together when Cosette and Marius get engaged (Bahorel gets drunk on champagne because he’s classy okay, and also crying at literally every dress Cosette tries on).
  • Bahorel staring at Cosette completely scandalized the first time she curses like a bloody sailor and she’s like, ‘What? You basically said the same thing like, ten minutes ago’ ‘Yeah, but I wasn’t raISED BY NUNS.’
  • Every time someone assumes they’re together Bahorel’s like, ‘Oh god no, she’s way too punk for me’. Cosette, in her pale pink pastel dress, smiles. People scutter away terrified. They high-five
  • Cosette being the first one Bahorel called when he figured out he had a crush on Feuilly because, ‘YOU’RE DATING A GINGER RIGHT HOW DO YOU WHAT DO YOU WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!’ (After she calmed him down a bit and they talked for like two hours, he called Parnasse who too, has experience with dating a certain other ginger only to be threatened to have all of his waistcoats sliced up and ‘YES THE PURPLE ONE TOO EVEN THOUGH IT’S FUCKING GORGEOUS, I SWEAR TO GOD , IT’S FUCKING 3 AM, GO THE FUCK BACK TO SLEEP, ASSHOLE’)