they both blink when they see each other get out

111. Sara Lance x reader

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Request: Hi I was hoping you could write a Sara lance imagine where Sara breaks up with the reader but later realizes she made a mistake and tries to get back together with the read hope you can do it.

Sara Lance was one of the best things to ever happen to you. She didn’t flirt with you as much as other people and you were okay with that until you sort of fell in love with her. Things blossomed from there, she’d flirt with you would shyly reply back things were actually pretty great. Pretty soon you added labels to your relationship and she would make special visits in time for you. That’s why as she stared you down and said a certain five words you were beyond confused.

“I’m breaking up with you.” She wasn’t looking at you. You blinked and set the book you had been reading aside, this was very unexpected. You swallowed trying to clear your suddenly parched throat.

“Can I ask why?” You didn’t recognize your own voice. Neither did Sara it seems because her head snapped up and she looked at you with wide eyes. Something warm ran down your cheek and you realized you were crying. You wiped at your eyes angrily, If she isn't going to cry I’m not going to!  

You kept your head stubbornly waiting for an answer you were in your house not the ship or some other unfamiliar place. Sara took a breath, the truth was she loved you and was ready to do anything for you. In her experience that didn’t blow over well in her line of work. “I…” Sara paused searching your sad yet determined eyes, “I just don’t love you like that (Y/n).”

She was lying through her teeth, you could tell by the way her voice wavered every so slightly. Anybody else would of believed her considering the her apologetic yet confident posture and her hard eyes. But you could tell when she lied it was something you had figured out to do. Or you could be imagining it you chewed in the inside of your cheek while Sara stared at you expecting something.

You licked your lips, “Leave please I have things to do and I really don’t need a Liar Lenny messing with my head.” Sara almost smiled in any other situation she would of found your choice of words cute, but this was not any other situation.

Sara sighed softly and thought about saying something, anything to salvage this because she knew after she walked out the door she wouldn’t be able to do anything. She stood up and walked out. “Silly girl,” you mumbled and tied to go back to reading.

You couldn’t breath, your mind was jumbled into one big mess and you just didn’t understand it all. Frustrated you threw the book across the room, and then walked over to pick it up and set on the coffee table. You groaned and flopped on your couch, getting over Sara Lance was going to be hard.

“Another shot!” Sara yelled as she slammed the shot glass on the table in a bar across town. The bar tender raised an eyebrow it was only noon and right now the only reason people were there was because of the afternoon special.

“Uh sure dude but you might want to slow down there are kids here.” said the bartender as she poured the tequila.

Sara sighed and rolled her eyes, “Says the chick with boobs tattooed on her neck.” The bartender’s hand flew to her neck while Sara laughed.

“You know I can kick you out of here right?” Asked the bartender with a glare.

“Ah but if you do who’s going to pay for all these drinks I ordered? I’m sure if I just leave it might come out of your paycheck,” said Sara slyly.

“Touché Blondie.” Said the bartender with a gruff smile.

Sara rolled her eyes and went back to downing her shots. When Sara hit the tenth shot and started eating the complimentary peanuts that nobody ever eats the bartender knew she had to intervene. The bartender frowned and said, “Did you not get laid today or something? Geez.”

“Something like that,” Sara squinted at the bartenders name tag, “Aries, Oh that’s a nice name.” Aries raised an eyebrow and took another guy’s order before returning to the conversation.

“I have a boyfriend.” Aries said cleaning the countertop Sara had spilled her drink on. Sara laughed and Aries allowed a small smile to emerge from her mouth.

“Ooo she smiled I think somebody likes me,” Sara said with a cocky grin the other girl opened her mouth to correct her but just sighed and continued serving small drinks to the adults ballsy enough to risk getting drunk before nightfall.

“I used to have a girlfriend.” Said Sara suddenly when Aries returned to where she was sitting, or more accurately laying on the table.

“Oh that’s rough, what happened?” Asked Aries curiously while trying to get the blonde back into her seat before the manager noticed. Sara didn’t respond as Aries returned her seat and she opened her mouth to ask again but noticed the tense of her shoulders and decided not to ask.

A sort of awkward silence fell upon the two strangers before Aries had to leave to help serve other customers. When she finished her shift and started to go home she noticed Sara sitting in the same spot with the same sad look on her face.

“Geez this girl.” Aries mumbled before texting her boyfriend she’d be late.

“I know it’s not my place, and my friends say I give shitty advice, but you should do something about that pained look on your face.” Aries said approaching Sara with an annoyed look on her face.

“Excuse me?” Sara was tired, angry, and totally ready to show this lady whose boss, if she could move without falling over.

Aries sighed and explained, “I mean that when you love someone you don’t always have to let them go, so if she treats you good and you both really love each other, what’s the harm?” Sara blinked and opened her mouth to speak only to be cut off.

“No, none of that it’s too complicated bullshit everyone understands but doesn’t, See you have to realize that not everybody gets the girl and that when you do your supposed to hold on to her so she doesn’t get away.” Sara sat there stunned, but she understood what the woman was trying to say.

“Thanks Ariel!” Sara said and hurried out the door.

“Wait your drunk, and that isn’t my name!” She shouted out as Sara returned with a sheepish smile.

“Let me call an uber.”

It had been two days since the breakup and for some reason you weren’t fine. You had expected it to really set in after a month or two, the longest time Sara was gone, but for some odd reason the pain attacked you and just stayed there. Not having the decency to come in waves or dull over time. No the hurt didn’t do that, it just stayed there.

You rubbed your eyes and tried to curl back into your covers. You had already called in sick for that week so you could spend it with Sara but sleeping was ok too. To be honest you hadn’t got much sleep for the past two days because the only thing you could do was think about her. The subtle ways she would tell you how she felt even if she didn’t feel like it.

The slight millisecond scrunch of the nose when something was odd or gross, or the tiny content smile that would appear on her lips when she looked at you. Everything just seemed to remind you of her like she had ruined just about everything for you on purpose. It felt like she knew that she couldn’t love you when she had done things that proved otherwise. Everything hurt and for some reason you couldn’t fight that.

So you let everything ache.

Just when you were about to be able to fall asleep again the doorbell rang. You groaned and stood up to go answer the door. “This better be important.” You mumbled to yourself. When you opened the door you slammed it almost immediately.

“Wait!” Said the voice of the only person you did not want to see right now. She knocked on the door desperately and you heard her voice begging to let her explain.

“Go away Sara, haven’t you ruined me enough?” You asked in a defeated tone.

“Please (Y/n), just let me talk, I swear as soon as I’m done you could ignore me or something just let me explain.” She shouted to the door. You put your hand over your mouth to prevent from crying out, this was too much.

“Fine, but through the door.” you mumbled so soft Sara had to but her ear to the door to hear. She smiled it was a start.

“(Y/n) I lied to you, okay? I just couldn’t handle the fact that I loved you and automatically assumed that it was going to go bad one day,” Sara paused and you hate to admit it but you strained your ears to listen.

“I love you more than I can (Y/N) and it hurts every second I’m not with you because… well I don’t know why it hurts but I do know that I would do almost anything for you and that scares the crap out of me.” She said as tears ran down your face.

“I’m not something to use when you get bored.” You said to her.

“Oh god I know (Y/n) god I know.” Sara said pain racking her voice. You swallowed the lump in your throat, you wanted to open the door so badly but the pain she caused was scary overpowering.

“She’s doesn’t love you bro don’t open the door.” The logical part of you reasoned. “Come on she came to her senses didn’t she? Just open the door.” The heartfelt part of you begged.

Tears blurred your vision and your nose felt stuffy. “How do I know?” You asked Sara sadly letting your impulses control you for the first time in a very long time. There was silence on the other side of the door you could tell she was confused it was a very vague question and you would explain but well you really didn’t feel like it at the moment.

How do I know you won’t leave me again?

How do I know if you’re going to lie to me again?

How do I know things will be ok?

How do I know if you really do love me?

The unspoken and unanswered questions ran through your mind. “You don’t, but I will do everything in my power to prove my words right by you, I even give you permission to smack me upside the head if I don’t live by them!”

A cheesy smile appeared on your face and without another word you opened the door.

Kim Jaehwan || Besties to Lovers

Jaehwan makes me soft whoops

•Jaehwan and you had been best friends since you both were really little

•It all happened when you had fell and scraped your knee and you started to tear up and pout while looking at your knee starting to bleed and Jaehwan came up to you and saw the way you looked and started laughing

•You would have cried more because you thought he was making fun of you but honestly his laugh was too funny for you to wanna cry

•When he saw you laughing, he’d smile and then sit down next to you to put a sponge bob band-aid on your knee for you

•Baby Jaehwan was honestly the cutest and he made it his mission to make you laugh and to protect you since you were younger

•But as you both became older Jaehwan totally dropped the mature act like people were starting to question who was older

•You’d scold Jaehwan for not cleaning up after himself, or for being disruptive in class

•Jaehwan wouldn’t really get annoyed though he’d just smile a little, giggling a little because he couldn’t take you seriously

•Honestly you two were complete opposites but if anything that just made the friendship better and never caused a rift between you two

•When both of you hit the awkward preteen years nothing really changed either besides your interest but both of you were really supportive of each other

•Like you would whole heartedly listen to his covers of songs and even going to some of his busking after school if you had the time

•In return he would watch your new choreography and maybe even try to copy your moves just to make you laugh

•In high school people couldn’t tell if you were dating or if you two were just siblings

•Eventually you got into your group of friends and he made his own

•Both of you didn’t stop hanging out though because you’re literally still best friends

•On the weekends Jaehwan and you would spend late nights watching movies on the couch

•If not that both of you would chill in either one’s room depending on who’s house you guys were at

•Jaehwan would just be singing and/or playing on his guitar while you just have your head resting on his lap, on your phone or watching tv

•Secretly nights like those meant the most two you because both of you would talk about anything with no judgement

•You started to catch major feels for Jaehwan but you weren’t sure because you thought you were mistaking the strong bond of friendship for love

•But you noticed how you caught yourself staring at him more, admiring his features

•And how his voice just seemed to melt your heart a little more when you heard him singing

•You thought you were being stealthy about it but honestly Jaehwan noticed and couldn’t help but smile because he thought you were being a cutie

•But he’d never admit it though

•Your friend could practically see the ship sailing but both y’all are so damn indenial

•They would literally fangirl when they saw Jaehwan with you or silently smile when they hear Jaehwan and you bickering like an old married couple

•At one point when you were hanging out Jaehwan had yet again caught you staring and couldn’t help but smile and give you a cheeky response

•”I know I’m handsome cutie but take a picture it last longer”

•”S-shut up you look like a meme.”


•At that point it was pretty clear that you liked Jaehwan as more than just a friend

Took you long enough

•You told Daehwi and Woojin because you were close with them too but you honestly should’t have because both of them are snakes

•Every time they’d see you with Jaehwan they’d exchange a look and take turns slipping in between you two and playing cupid

•It didn’t take Jaehwan to catch on and when he was alone with Daehwi and Woojin he’d ask them why they were acting like that and neither would hesitate to tell him that you had a crush on him because it was so damn obvious both of you had feelings for each other

•Jaehwan’s pride literally soared through the roof and he smiled widely before starting to get giggly

•After School while you’re waiting for him outside so you two can hang out he couldn’t help but pull you close, his smile still present

•You asked him why he’s so happy and he’ll innocently blink before his eyes turns mischievous

•”So a little snake birdie told me that a certain person has a crush on me~”

•He literally has to hold back his laughter when he sees your reaction

•”So anything you want to say to me love?”

•”yeah you suck”

•”Yah!… You know what if that’s how we’re going to be saying I love you then you suck too”

•You’re literally a blushing red at this point and Jaehwan just absolutely loves for the fact he has that effect on you

•In the end he ends up showering you in kisses between giggles

•OH and dating Jaehwan don’t even get me started with this boy

•There’s not difference between Jaehwan and boyfriend

•you still scold him about how messy he is and

•dates sometimes consist of you making him clean rip Minhwan

•Minhyun literally thinks your a Godsent because not only did you take Jaehwan but he’s actually got some clean habits from you

•Honestly you cant even stay mad at Jaehwan most of the time because he always giggles when someone’s mad at him and not only that he pulls you into the tightest hugs and he knows you love his hugs

•both of you still have those lazy weekends and occasionally he’ll make you sweet songs

•kisses with Jaehwans ugh his kisses are the cutest



•they’re either sweet short and with him saying sweet words inbetween or they’re long and sweet or maybe even a little rough if Jaehwan is feeling it

•You literally live for his covers/singing in general and his “ok ok!” Literally me

•Jaehwan literally loves you with all his heart and his pride swells seeing you just stare or smile at him

•”I love you so much you poop head”

Μνήμη Part 1 of 2 – Bucky Barnes

Paring: Bucky Barnes x GreekGoddess!Reader

Words: 1376

Rating: all ages

This was a request, but I am not posting it here like I normally do because I feel like it would spoil the story. I really loved writing this, it was so much fun to write! The request was quite long so I split it into two parts. Next part is coming Friday evening!

Y/N walked into the camp where the howling commandos were. She was determined to help them. She got banished from Greek heaven for helping a Jewish family escape the Nazi’s. Now she is just a goddess walking on earth, all by herself. But instead of being sad and feeling sorry for herself she is going to help rid the world of these awful Nazi’s. 

Men in the camp look at her and she rolls her eyes at them. She is more powerful than they can ever imagine. With her head held high she walks into the tent that should belong to Captain America.

 ‘I want to help’ is all she says when she steps into the tent. Two men look up from the papers on the table and look up at her. ‘Who are you?’ Captain America asks her. ‘I’m Y/N. I’m a goddess and I want to help’ she explains. The other man is just staring at her with big eyes and giving her a look over. She smiles at him, hoping that he would be on her side and help her get on the team to destroy HYDRA.

‘Maybe we should give her a chance’ the man next to captain America states after a long silence in which both of them just stare at her. ‘How are you a god?’ Captain America asks. ‘Not a god, a goddess. I don’t know how, I just am’ she says. ‘Can you give us a minute?’ Captain America asks her. He still looks completely confused. As if he didn’t turn in a super human with just an injection. Y/N nods her head and steps out of the tent again. If they don’t want her to join, she will just follow them and save their asses so they have to agree with her joining. With a smile on her face she sits down on a bench outside of the tent. She is getting what she wants, she always gets what she wants.

The other man steps outside the tent. ‘I’m James Buchanan Barnes but my friends call me Bucky’ he says and holds out a hand for her to take. She shakes his hand and smiles at him. His eyes are the most beautiful ones she has ever seen and she has seen a lot of eyes. ‘It is nice to meet you, James’ she says politly. ‘You can call me Y/N’ she tells him.

‘Let me show you where you can sleep until we leave for a mission. You will have to prove yourself to Steve then and if you do you can stay’ he explains. Y/N nods her head and stands up. Kind of like her plan when he decided to kick her out of the camp.

‘He wanted to kick you out of the camp but I convinced him otherwise’ James tells her while they are walking through the camp. ‘Thank you, James’ Y/N says sincerely. ‘You can call me Bucky’ he laughs. She nods her head. ‘Bucky’ she says testing out his name. A shiver runs down his spine when she says his name. He thinks he is in love with her since the moment she walked into the tent being all demanding. She is gorgeous but also kickass. The fact that she actually could be a goddess makes him even more in love with her.

‘Where is Bucky?’ Y/N asks when someone from the howling commando’s walks back into the camp. He looks heartbroken and has tear streaks on his cheeks. He shakes his head and a cry escapes Y/N her throat. She knew she should have gone with him but he told her he couldn’t focus when she was so close to danger. After a lot of pleading she listened to him but now he is gone.

‘I am so sorry, Y/N’ he tells her softly. ‘Steve is gone to. He crashed a ship into the ice, saving the world while doing so’ he randomly says. The last bit of Y/N her heart that was still intact breaking to and her knees give out of her. She falls to the ground on her knees. Her hands are in her hair and she is sobbing uncontrollably. Everything she ever loved is gone. The man who hold her heart is gone and now she has nothing to live for.

 Y/N walked out of the HYDRA building. When she is a few feet away from it, it blows up behind her. She smiles to herself when she smells the fire. Killing HYDRA soldiers is all she is living for right now. She loves blowing their buildings up and smelling the fire and the fear from the soldiers when she shows up.

 She steps into her car and grabs the bottle of Whiskey on the passenger seat next to her. She takes a big swig of it and starts the car. ‘Why can’t I get drunk and forget the pain for just a second’ she mumbles fighting the tears. This always happens after a mission. She remembers going on missions like this with Bucky and Steve. She remembers hugging Bucky after a mission. She remembers how close he held her, how he kissed her hair and how they made love.

A tear escapes eyes and she angrily moves is from her eyes. ‘I will not cry. Not anymore’ she tells herself. She starts the car and drives away. While driving she takes another swig of Whiskey. The liquid burning in her throat but she likes the feeling of the burn.

After a while of driving her phone rings. With a sign, she answers when she sees who it is. Some agent, named Tom, of S.H.I.E.L.D. who she ordered to help her looking for Steve’s body. When she is on a mission, she has him look for Steve. Y/N may be a goddess but being in two places at once is not her superpower. She couldn’t find Bucky’s but like hell she will find at least the plane he crashed. She needs some kind of closure for him if she can’t get it for Bucky. ‘What is it?’ she asks. ‘We have found him, Y/N’ the agent tells her.

‘What?’ she manages to get out after a few minutes. ‘He is alive.’ The tears appear in her eyes and she quickly pulls her car over to the side of the road. ‘Steve i.. i.. is alive’ she stammers. ‘Yes, you should come over quickly’ agent Tom says. ‘Yeah, I will be there as soon as I can’ she says. ‘He needs you’ is all she hears before the connection ends. 

When Y/N walks into the building, Tom is already waiting for her. ‘Follow me’ he says grabbing her wrist pulling her along. Normally she would have yelled at him but right now she wants to get to Steve and if letting this man pull her along get her there faster than that is what she will do.

‘Steve’ she whispers when she sees the man she hasn’t seen in 70 years. He is blinking his eyes when he sees her. ‘Y/N’ he manages to say. The tears are already rolling over her cheeks. The two of them are just staring at each other.

A few moments later both of them unfreezes and the just run towards each other. ‘Steve’ is all Y/N manages to say when she feels his arms around her. ‘I missed you so much’ she gets out while fulling on sobbing right now. She got her best friend back and now she finally has something to live for. Someone to share memories with, someone who know who Bucky was. Of course, she talked to Peggy from time to time but after she got dementia that was over.

‘I am so happy that you are here’ Steve says. ‘I am freaking out here’ he explains. ‘I will be there every step of the way, Steve’ she says.  He nods his head and takes her in his arms again. ‘I miss him so much, Steve. I can’t deal with it sometimes. I need him to breathe’ Y/N starts crying again. Steve doesn’t say anything but just holds her closer and lets her cry against his chest. She knows he understands because he must feel the same.

When You Found Me | 2

word count: 6k+

Characters: Jungkook x Reader/ Taehyung / Jimin

Genre: Fluff/Comedy?/Angst (later)

Summary: You are like no girl that Jungkook has ever met, and that’s saying something considering the amount of girls that come out of his dorm room within a week. It’s nothing cliche either, it’s not like you accepted him for who he was or that you saved him from becoming something hideous. It’s also not like you’re putting up an act, pretending to ignore him when he comes to bother you. You just honestly don’t care about his insults or his vulgar comments. You treat him like a normal human being even after all the stupid shit he tells you. And the scariest part is that you see right through him and his bad boy persona. You’re able to skip the bullshit that pours out of his mouth and tell him exactly what he already knows, but doesn’t want to admit. It scares him. But the best part is that he sees through you too, and it’s what has him coming back every time. It’s what has Jungkook repeating to himself over and over again: “When you found me, I found you too.”

1 | 2 

“Get me to sleep with Hyun-ae.”

“Wait…. What?”

You both stared at each other, blankly. He blinked his eyes quickly and you could swear that your heart beat faster for a second because, though you hate to admit it, he looked kinda cute gazing at you cluelessly.

“I- I mean… are you deaf or… like do you want me to repeat what I said..” He replied slowly, acting as if he was confused but you knew he was just messing with you right when he composed himself and gave you a smug grin.

Wow, and the cuteness went away just as fast as it came. Before thinking it through, you grab one of the heavy textbooks laying next you and hurl it in his direction. Lucky for him you had bad aim and it fell next to him on the couch that he currently lounged on but nonetheless it startled him, just a little bit.

He picked up the book and flipped through the pages absentmindedly. “Damn, you’re actually a psycho,” he chuckles.

By this point you decide that you should flee before you could actually answer his request. You were certainly not deaf and you definitely didn’t need him to repeat what he said. You were just so caught of guard, yet… not surprised in the slightest. Of course the guy who fucks all of the “hottest” girls on campus would come after your best friend, the hottest girl on campus.

Of course.

But it still bothered you for some reason, maybe because you weren’t sure what the real reason behind his request entailed. Though you could guess it was because he wanted the popularity that came with deflowering Hyun-ae, the term referring to the fact that she, so far, had remained sexually abstinent in this college, because you unquestionably knew that she was nowhere near being a virgin.

You somehow manage to completely gather the mess of papers surrounding you, before Jungkook even looks up from the heavy textbook. You try and reach for your phone just to have Jungkook quickly take it off the table before you could even touch it.

“Uh-uh. Not so fast, you tiny psycho. I think you still have to answer me.” He said as he stepped towards you, towering over you. His stare made you uncomfortable, but you wouldn’t let him have the satisfaction in knowing what he did to you.

You rolled your eyes, trying to grab it out of his hand but obviously failing since, considering your aim was crappy, your reflexes were absolute shit. “Could you just be nice for once and give me my phone.”

“Umm. No.” He states defiantly as he shakes his head comically, mocking you.

“You know what. Just keep my phone… I wanted to cut back on social media anyways.” You scoff, walking out of the library. At this point, this isn’t a tactic. You aren’t pretending to walk out so he could just call for you and say, “alright, alright.. here’s your phone.” You very well knew he would not give you your phone until you answered, so you actually just wanted him to keep that piece of crap so that he could leave you alone.

As you walk away you turn around to share what you hoped would be your last remark to him.

“Sell my phone and get your 200 dollars back. And stop fucking talking to me.” You say, with no trace of regret in your voice.

His eyes widen, caught off guard by your impassivity at his teasing. Yet he quickly catches up to you, even when you notice his footsteps and speed up.

“Wait, wait…. I said wait goddammit!” He hissed, grabbing your hand and promptly stopping you in your tracks. He begins to drag you to the exit that you were actually heading for yourself, hurting your wrist in the process.

“Why must you insist on fucking grabbing me!” You yell, not realizing that you were right in front of the librarian. You both get startled by her sudden appearance, cause what was she? A magician? Where the fuck did this lady come from?

She looks at both of you, clearly not happy that the two of you were in her presence and absolutely furious that you were the only two students in the library at this time, when she could have closed the library long ago considering the weather and the fact that classes were cancelled.

Jungkook looks at you, putting a finger to his lips. “Shhh, Y/N. We’re in a library!” He retorts, turning around and apologizing to the woman and sending her a flirtatious grin. She nods her head, smiling at him but immediately turns to you and glares. Can’t she see that you’re being harassed by the boy in front of you? How rude. You glare back at her for her automatic affection towards Jungkook and her lack of compassion towards a fellow female in trouble, just as he continues to roughly drag you out of the library. Finally when you’re outside he lets go of your wrist.

“Damn, she scared the fuck out of me. Where did she even come from?” He laughs loudly, seemingly trying to get you to laugh along with him. But you were far from laughing.

“Congratulations, you are actually the biggest dipshit I’ve met.” You say, rolling your eyes and almost succeeding at turning around to get away from him when he stops you again. This time gently placing his arm in front of you.

“Wait. Y/N. Look I’m sorry for doing this-”

“Whoa whoa.” You grab your head and stumble a little.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He leans forward trying to look into your eyes, almost grabbing your shoulder to steady you, but deciding not to touch you anymore.

“Oh, um. It’s nothing. It’s just dejà vu.” You let go of your head and slowly look up at him to find him looking back at you with what you thought looked like concern. “I feel like I’ve experienced all this bef- Oh wait! I did,” you laugh wryly. “Because I’ve already been grabbed by you two times before.. Oh and I’ve also heard that shitty apology from you, my bad!” You slap your hand against your head comically, mockinging him just as he had mocked you.

He glares at you. “You’re hilarious.. but-” He blocks you once again with his hand as you try to escape, for the fiftieth time within these few minutes. “-but… I don’t want your dumbass phone, or money. I want what I told you.”

“Why? Why the hell would you want to sleep with her? You just want a random fuck, then go find some girl at that party you were boasting about earlier.”

He shrugs his shoulders. Yet, before you could reply he speaks up.

“It has to be her.”

You’re baffled by his vague response. “Why? Why does it have to be her? Is it because she’s popular, because she’s gorgeous, or because she’s got a great body? Or maybe you actually ran out of girls to sleep with already.. so you have to go for the most unattainable girl on campus?” You snap back angrily.

He pauses, displaying a furrowed brow and creased forehead. Like he was thinking about what to tell you. Obviously he was hiding something.

“No that’s not it.” He retorts after a moment of silence.

“Then why?” You probe further, crossing your arms over your chest.

You see his breath in the cold air surrounding the both of you as he sighs.

“Because I’m in love with her.” He states simply.

“Oh go fuck yourself Jungkook.” You huff out, successfully turning around, running away from him towards your dorm.

Day 2

Shit. Well Jungkook really screwed up there. Your help was evidently essential in his quest to get through to Hyun-ae and win the bet, considering you undeniably knew the most about her. So the big question was: could he even convince you that he was in love with her?

He knew shit about her. Absolute shit.

So the answer was a very strong no

Yet, what seemed to confuse him was the fact that he never saw her with you. Ever. And it’s not like he ever really saw you before now, it’s just that when he saw Hyun-ae, which was very often, you were absolutely nowhere to be found. That’s what shocked him the most when he learned about you, that you were apparently her best friend and currently living with her. Jungkook went to enough parties to know that Hyun-ae was no stranger to partying, dancing, and getting drunk. And here you were, the designated driver.

That’s when Jungkook had an idea. Probably a very stupid and pointless idea, but nonetheless he was happy that he wasn’t completely lost in his journey to Hyun-ae’s bedroom. He would talk to the team’s goalkeeper, Dean. If Jungkook manages to stay sober enough through a night of partying, he often sees Dean rounding up some crazy drunk assholes. He was especially certain he’s seen him at parties when he himself ends up being a crazy drunk asshole, picked up and dropped off by Dean. So, being a designated driver, Dean had to know you in someway.

Practically none of the guys on the team spoke to Dean on account of the fact that he was an absolute shit goalie. It was a good thing that Jungkook, Jimin, Tae, and a few others were good players, the best even, that they managed to win every game they played in the season.

Regardless, Jungkook had to get more information on you and hopefully, but not as likely, on Hyun-ae. Dean was his best bet. Maybe ‘best bet’ wasn’t the best choice of words…

Hours before their upcoming game, Jungkook finds Dean stretching on the field far away from the other teammates, naturally.

“Hey, Dean! Can I talk to you for a sec?” He yells out as he jogs towards Dean’s figure currently stretching on the ground.

Dean seems startled by Jungkook’s deep voice, jumping up onto his feet suddenly. He looks towards Jungkook, his eyes widening and his mouth falling open. He was baffled that one of the star forwards on the team was actually acknowledging his presence.

“O-oh ye-yeah sure. What do you want?” He states, but suddenly realizes his mistake, speaking informally to Jungkook, and quickly and politely stutters out, “I-I mean what would you like to ask me?”

As he stumbles on his words it’s clear to Jungkook that he is clearly nervous in front of such an intimidating teammate. Though Jungkook was just a freshman and was in the so-called “pledging” process of the soccer team, his skills on the field made him an automatic favorite of the older players, specifically Tae and Jimin. Just by Dean’s reaction, he knew he would be able to get some information on you, if Dean had any that was.

Jungkook begins his interrogation, “You know Y/N, right?”

“Um, no,” Dean blurts, “well not really anyways. Let’s just say we aren’t friends,” he awkwardly chuckles.

“Okay..… well I need to get some info on her. Like do you any secrets or maybe embarrassing stories?” Jungkook smiles, trying to lighten the mood since Dean was way to unpleasant to talk to.

“I mean, like I said, I’m n-not really friends with her. I don’t- I don’t um really know. um-” He continually stutters out all of his words, which started to get on Jungkook’s nerves. He quickly runs his hand through his hair, irritated at Dean by just looking at his face.

Yet, he drags on, hoping that Dean could be useful at least in someway. “Well, maybe you know about her best friend? Hyun-ae?”

“Best friend? Last time I checked she has no friends, haha,” Dean snickers, but when he notices Jungkook’s indifference he continues on, “I- I mean wouldn’t say that she’s like her best friend or anything.”

“Wait, what? Anyone I talked to on campus told me that they’re roommates and best friends.”

“Oh, um, when I talked to Y/N she said- oh nevermind. I shouldn’t say,” Dean stops himself, abruptly turning around and continuing his stretches.

Jungkook steps in front of him, interested in what Dean was hiding.

“Said what? What did she say?”

“It’s not really my, you know, place to say- she was kinda tipsy when she told me so-”

Y/N? Tipsy? That is something Jungkook really needed to see.

He needed to get Dean to tell him exactly what she said, and the only way Jungkook believed he could get Dean to spill her secret was to bribe him.

“Listen,” Jungkook begins, grabbing a strong hold on Dean’s shoulder, “It seems that you really want to be cool so you joined the team, you finished pledging shockingly, but you were always on the sidelines. Then our famous goalkeeper broke his leg and you’ve been put in his place as substitute. But you suck at goalkeeping… You’ve also been wanting to get into all the best parties, yet you’ve resulted to designative driver cause, why?”

“I mean yeah but, I like, I’m tryin-” Dean stutters, trying to defend himself.

“Cause you’re not friends with anyone on the team and no one invites you, since you clearly fucking suck at soccer. Sorry, but it’s true,” Jungkook shrugs sarcastically and continues on, “So, it seems like Junho will kick you off the team soon.”

“Wait, what?!” Dean shouts out, the other players on the field turning around looking at the both of them.

“Look, the truth is that we can only keep winning the games for so long. Each game we come closer and closer to losing because the opposing team can get as many goals as they want with you ‘defending.’ The only reason people stay on this team is if they have great skills or they are cool with the guys. Your best bet is to befriend the guys. How can you do that? You get invited to parties, and actually party…” Jungkook pauses, waiting for Dean to maybe catch on to what Jungkook wanted.

Yet Dean stands there, on the verge of crying, looking at Jungkook and waiting for him to continue.

“So, what I’m getting at is: I’ll get you in on all the best parties on campus for the rest of the semester,” Jungkook finishes proudly.

“You would do that for me?” Dean’s eyes widen, shocked at Jungkook’s suggestion.

“What. Fuck no. I’ll do it if you tell me about Y/N. About what she said.”

Dean looks confused, asking, “Why do you care so much about her? She’s no one. She’s practically nothing to someone like you. I mean she’s-”

Oh and look who’s fucking speaking,” Jungkook growls, surprisingly finding himself defending you. “You know what, nevermind jackass. You’re wasting my time. Good luck staying on the team.” Jungkook smirks, waving his hand at Dean as he begins walking off the field.

“Wait! Ok- okay I’ll tell you.” Dean runs up grabbing his shoulder, Jungkook immediately shaking his arm off so that it falls back to Dean’s side.

“Well, I don’t talk to Y/N that much, really, but one night when we b- both had the same shift and she looked really sad. Puffy eyes, red nose, every detail pointing to the fact that she de- definitely cried earlier. So I sorta felt ba- bad and when our shift ended I offered to go drinking with her. She got pretty tipsy, real fast, and starting spilling everything off of her chest. Long story short, she tells me that Hyun-ae is a b- bitch and she hates her fucking guts.”

Jungkook stands there, dumbfounded. ‘Well I mean maybe she pissed her off or something-”

“After that d- day when she saw me she came up to me and told me not to t- tell anyone what I heard her say,” Dean mumbles, as if he was scared to be doing exactly what you told him not to do.

“Well shit… But everyone I know tells me that Hyun-ae and Y/N are the best of friends.”

“Cause they probably heard it from Hyu- Hyun-ae,” Dean states plainly, shrugging his shoulders.

Why would Hyun-ae tell people that they’re friends when it seemed that your true feelings for her are the complete opposite. But at least Jungkook felt good knowing this, because immediately thought up a plan to get you on his side and help him win this goddamn bet.

Day 4

As you lay on the slightly damp field with your headphones placed tightly in your ears, you look up at the pastel sky, breathing in deeply. The song currently playing distracting you from the  annoying sad feelings that began to lurk on you. Between assignments, jobs, and volunteering you tend to forget how generally sad you are, but a time has come within the semester when you don’t have anything due for two weeks, no shifts available, and no volunteering opportunities to sign up for, so your feelings become very apparent to you. Yet, with the lyrics of the song filling up your thoughts and the cooling sensation of the wind grazing your body, you feel somewhat at peace an-

Suddenly you feel something hit the side of your face, causing pain to run through your cheek, temple, chin, basically the whole side of you left face. You grab your cheek, sitting up abruptly and turning around to find a soccer ball a few centimeters away from you. When you take your headphones out you hear soft footsteps coming towards you. You look up and instantly groan, remembering that your face was aching but also because you’ve just made eye contact with Jungkook.

“Oh god. Naturally my pain is always thanks to you.” You whimper, putting your face into your hands. Maybe you should thank him, considering your sad feelings and anxieties were come completely wiped from your brain at the impact of the heavy ball.

“Well I did yell, ‘watch out!, so..” He smugly answers, grabbing the ball and placing it right under his arm as he kneels next to you.

“Shouldn’t you be practicing like on a field or something?”

“Last time I checked, this was a field Y/N. It has grass, it’s really big, it’s open, and there are no buildings- I mean, you do know what a field is right?” He bites back, always ready for some playful banter.

“Shouldn’t you be like on a soccer field, aiming at a goal or something?” You complain, crossing your arms in frustration.

“I mean my goal was to hit you, so you know-” He shrugs.

“Oh my god forget it,” You grumble. You pack your notebook into your bag and stand up ready to leave.

“Wait, Y/N. I need to talk to you?”

You sigh, “About what?” You question him as if you don’t already know what he wants.

“About Hyun-ae.”

“No,” you huff out, continuing to trudge down the ‘field,’ rubbing the side of your throbbing face.

Jungkook continues as he walks next to you, “Look, you’re honestly so smart. You knew that I was lying when I said I had feelings for Hyun-ae.”

You scoff at him kissing up to you, “You’re basing my intelligence off of that fact that you suck at acting, not really flattering you kno-”

“But you’re not really that smart.” He smirks.

“Ah, should have known you’d never actually compliment me.” You roll your eyes, grabbing your phone and distracting yourself from this pointless conversation by planning your night. You’d probably go get some dinner before you Skyped your sister-

“You hate Hyun-ae. Don’t you?” Jungkook randomly questions.

“What are you talking about?” You mumble, not paying attention to his stupid implication.

“You thought no one would catch on, huh? You think she’s a bitch right? You hate her fucking guts?”

Squinting your eyes at the familiarity of his words, you answer back, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Maybe you don’t really remember saying shit like that about her cause you were too shit-faced-” How could he know that?

“What the fuck are you insinuating Jungkook?”

“Man, you really are clueless-”

You grab his shirt and try to pull him a little closer, “Shut the fuck up and tell me what you’re talking about,” You snarl, looking right into his eyes.

Your attempt at looking intimidated falls short, as pats your head and snickers, “Now look who’s being grabby.”

You open your mouth to yell at him but Jungkook puts his hands up, “Okay, okay. I’ll tell you.”

“Dean told me about this one night when you apparently told him that she’s a bitch. So it seems like you aren’t really the best of friends.”

“God he’s such a dick,” you say. “Wow, so now you know. Who cares?” You let him go, realizing that overreacting made no sense. Who cares if he knew that you didn’t like her. It’s not like he would go around telling people. Even if he did, it’s also not like anyone knows you so it wouldn’t matter to anyone… but they did know Hyun-ae and eventually she would find out how you felt. But who cares, right? Who cares that you’d finally have to confront her and you’d be- whatever. It doesn’t matter.

“So you’re gonna tell everyone now? Spill my ‘big’ secret.” You say, raising your brow in question.

He snorts, “What? No. I’m bringing this up because if you hate her so much you can just help me.”

“How is getting into her pants going to do anything for me?” You sneer at his ridiculousness.

“She doesn’t sleep with anyone, like anyone. So I can know exactly how to woo her from you and you can put a good word in for me, then I can make her fall in love with me and break her heart. You can find some joy in her misery,” Jungkook proposes.

“Jungkook. This isn’t some 90s rom-com where you persuade the hottest girl on campus to fall for you. How do you even know that she’d fall for you if she’s so ‘unattainable?’”

“Trust me… she will fall for me.” He states proudly, flashing his bright smile at you.

“You are so delusional.” You sigh, shaking your head. “Plus I’m not some sicko who gains pleasure from seeing others in pain. I may not like her, but I don’t want her to be hurt.”

“Just, think about it Y/N,” he pleads while rubbing your shoulder a bit, creeping you out even further. You shrug his hand off of you.

“Wait, why do you want to do it then? If you want to break her heart what will you get from this?”

Did Jungkook really want to tell you about the bet. No, not really, because then you would start asking questions about why he was so obsessed with bets and he didn’t even want to deal with that. So…

“If I sleep with her, my popularity for the rest of college is set. One less thing to worry about.”

You grit your teeth, he really was just a dense college athlete with no morals. Sad, cause his looks are wasted on someone with such a horrid personality.

“Whatever. You’re a dumbass.” Walking off of this godforsaken field with new thoughts clouding your mind.

After stopping at the convenience store on campus to buy an ice pack and some pain medicine for your throbbing headache, courtesy of Jungkook, you slowly walked home trying to savor the last moments of the dark indigo and violet sunset. You also hoped that by taking your sweet time you would avoid Hyun-ae for the night, especially when you had Jungkook’s comments and proposition still freshly sitting in your mind. Having almost all of the same classes, which she insisted on having for the obvious reason of getting you to write all of her assignments from time to time, you knew that she would be out partying on a Saturday evening. You just wanted to sit down and finally be able to call your sister, which you missed so much. She’s the only one that understands you completely, but because of her busy schedule you barely get to talk to her, going sometimes a whole semester without being able to see her face. Yet, on this glorious night she scheduled some time away from her bustling life to let you talk out all of your sad feelings and hear some of her crazy stories, maybe being able to finally take your mind off of the shit going on in your life.

You get to the door and hear someone mumbling, “shit, shit, shit.” The voice belonging to none other than Hyun-ae of course. Out of curiosity to walk towards the noises being created, which to your surprise were coming out of your room.

Why was she in your room?

You open the door to find Hyun-ae, dressed in a tight fitting dress, hunched over your bed. Shocked at your sudden entrance, she immediately turns around on the bed smiling nervously at you and keeping something behind her back.

“Um, what are you doing in my room?” You laugh anxiously as you wait for her to tell you what exactly she was up to.

“So… don’t be mad at me or anything,” she begins, sticking her hands out to calm you but the gesture ends up having a different effect on you. You’re irritated. “Well, so you see, Professor Kang emailed me before. He’s such a pain in the ass honestly. Basically he wanted an advance on the paper that’s due in two weeks. He wanted it, like, today! I tried to argue with him but he says that if I don’t hand it in by midnight I would probably fail the class,” she recalls, still nervously grinning at you.

“Still… what the fuck are you doing in my room?” You argue, done with her trying to lighten the mood. Yet, you already knew what she was going to tell you.

She clears her throat, “Uh, I heard you saying earlier before you left the dorm that you had already written the paper, and I was gonna-”

“So what? You decided to steal the paper I had already written?” You snap, raising your voice slightly. You would like to say that you were shocked by her actions but this seemed exactly like something she would do, bearing in mind that she had no fucking morals.

“No! No, I was just gonna take some notes down an-”

“I fucking know you Hyun-ae. You were not gonna just ‘take some notes down,’ you were taking my paper… Ugh I can’t believe you right now!”

She looks down, mumbling to herself a little before saying, “That’s not the bad part…”

You raise your eyebrows waiting for her to spill whatever she had on her mind.

“When I was getting your paper, you know, to take notes down, I kinda spilled my coffee all over your computer.” She closed her eyes and moved your computer from behind her back.

“You fucking did what?! Are you insane? First of all, you try to steal the paper that I worked my ass off writing, and you were probably not even going to tell me until you felt like it. You also wouldn’t have given me anything in return for it. Now you tell me that you spilled coffee on my computer?” You yell as you drop to your knees and lean on the bed, grabbing the computer and frantically pressing the ‘on’ button over and over again.

“All of my writing is on there, and my photos! I was supposed to call my sister tonight and I won’t even be able to do it.” You whimper, getting more and more furious as the time passed. You don’t even glance at Hyun-ae at this moment, because you would probably scream even louder.

You sigh continuously and groan when the computer shows no sign of life. “Where is your computer? I need to Skype my sister and my phone isn’t working properly right now. Then we’ll talk about how you’re going to get me a fucking new one.” You get up, turning towards her with annoyed expression plastered on your face.

“About that…” she sighs. She gets up, running her hand through her hair anxiously. “My dad kind of took that away.”

You pinched your nose, more irritated than before, “What are you talking about?”

“He thought that I was spending too much money on clothes and parties, so he kinda cut me off.”

Are you fucking kidding me right now?” You laugh bitterly, placing a hand roughly on your hip and extending the other one, pointing it directly at her as if you were casting some kind of a spell to make her vanish. Which you really wish she just finally did vanish, out of your life forever.

“How are you going to fix this situation? How are you going to get me a new computer, recover all my files, and get the paper that I worked on before it’s due?” You yell, scaring yourself a little bit. But you almost, almost, jumped on her and choked her for being so fucking stupid, so you felt that screaming at this volume was more courteous and pleasant than the former for the sake of the infuriating person standing in front of you.

“Look, I- I promise that I will get you a new computer once I beg my dad to give me more money. I don’t really have the skills to write you a new paper considering I wasn’t able to write my own,” she chuckles, rubbing the back of her neck.

When you look at her you suddenly remember that she’s dressed up for the party. Her perfect makeup and hair making you more infuriated. You glanced down at her dress, where on the side of it you see a tag hanging down displaying the label. She had gotten it from a very expensive boutique in town. “Did you just buy that dress?” You ask incredulously.

“I- uh. I,” but before she can answer, you point towards the door.

“Just get the fuck out of here. Go to your party and show off your new dress that probably cost you hundreds of dollars. Actually, better yet get the fuck out of my life. I can’t take this anymore. We honestly have fights like this all the time because of your suffocating stupidity. Like how can you be such a fucking ditz. I just-”

“Wow you are such a bitch you know that,” she bites back, “a real friend would just let this slide.” She raises her hand up, “So I’m screwed up. You know that. Everyone knows that. Yes, I bought this dress earlier, but it’s not like I knew that I would be ruining your computer. I didn’t mean for that to happen. But you don’t have to sit here and make fun of the fact that I am stupid. I know that already okay,” she claims, tears starting to run down her face.

“Well a real friend wouldn’t be in this situation anyways, or be in any situation where you put me in pain, but that happens all the time doesn’t it? Because you are just so idiotic and you never fucking think. I don’t want to have this conversation right now and I definitely don’t need to be looking at your face. So get the fuck out,” you retort, shooting daggers her way.

“Fuck you.” She states bitterly and walks out of the room, bumping her shoulder roughly into yours as she leaves.

This was all Hyun-ae. Everytime she did something to irritate you, whether on purpose or by accident, she gets overwhelmed when you fight back and she turns it on you. This situation was in no way your fault, you might have said some harsh words but it’s nothing that she didn’t know already, yet here she is flipping that blame on you at a random point in the argument to try and make you feel bad. Which you would normally, had this been the first or second time she had done this.

But she had gone too far because she used you in too many ways, giving zero shits about you, and you were done. She asked you to write her papers since she wouldn’t do it herself, which you did because you felt bad at first but now because she was willing to give you some money that you really needed, and she asked for your friendship in order to feel good about herself, which you were willing to give at first but not anymore. You knew she was friends with you because she felt guilty, somewhere deep down, for what she did to you, but since the moment that she had failed at being your best friend in many ways. She didn’t understand how to make it up to you, but now you think that she doesn’t care enough to make it up to you. She was just friends with you to make herself feel better, because whenever you would both argue she would make you feel ashamed for calling out on her faults, her stupidity and lack of sympathy towards others, and the argument would end with you apologizing for saying those mean things to her.

But you were done with her, you should have been all those years ago. Maybe destroying your computer and the memories that you had saved on your computer, that included your photos and writing, was something that you could have forgiven her for and maybe you were being too cruel. Yet, when you looked at her dress, which she wore because she was going out to party for the hundredth time in the month, you were reminded of all the times that she owed you money even though her parents were well off. She showed her pettiness when she never bought you gifts for your birthday that cost more than 30 dollars only because you never gave her anything over that price either, because you barely had any money. However, you were okay with that because you didn’t believe love was shown through gifting expensive things to your friends and family. But recently she hadn’t given you any of the money that she said she would for writing her papers, which when writing them you put just as much effort in as your own papers and the act of writing them took away from your precious time. So you knew that she would not pay you back for this, and it killed you because you cherished all of you possessions because you worked so hard to earn money and buy them in the first place.

You found it laughable actually, that you believed for a second she would have gotten you a new computer if she even had money now. You even thought that maybe she lied about her dad not giving her money just so she could keep spending it on herself. She just thought that you would say, “Everything is okay,” and. “I’ll get a new computer and you know what I’ll slave over a computer in the library in order for you to have a new paper by midnight so you can just go party in your beautiful, new dress.” 

Well fuck that.

You laid down on the bed texting your sister that you weren’t feeling well and that you’d hope you would Skype her in a couple months, not even waiting for her to text you back as you felt tears welling up in your eyes from the anger you felt. You scream and throw your pillow across the room having it accidentally hit the lamp that was sitting on top of your dresser, knocking it down and shattering the light bulb and glass all over your hardwood floor. Of course, now that you were mad you had the best aim. You moan and let the tears fall down your cheek. Not even your sister could help you with the rage that was rapidly growing in your chest.

But you did knew someone who could.

Day 5

Jungkook rests his head on the cool metal of the bleachers, hoping the cold would help with his pounding head. Drinking as much as he had last night was a mistake when he very well knew he has 5AM practice every Sunday. Now that it was three hours in, he feels the sun beating down on him so he rests his arm above his eyes in order to block the sun, even though he already sports black sunglasses to block the rays from piercing his eyes. He really, really regrets drinking last night. But he had too much on his mind and Jimin and Tae were teasing him endlessly, especially when Hyun-ae showed up. He wished that the sun would just set him on fire right then and there so that he wouldn’t have to deal with all the shit going on in his life. Soccer practice was the least on his mind and when the coach caught a glimpse of the bags under his eyes and how worn out he looked, he sent him straight for the benches after yelling at him in front of the other team members. He could hear Jimin and Tae snickering in the back of his coaches screams. How were they not as hung over as him?

Regardless, he tries to find some peace by looking around the field, all of the leaves on trees shaking when the gentle breeze passed through them. He closed his eyes and attempted to fall asleep for the rest of the five hour practice. Right until-

“Hey!” someone shouts presumably at him since everyone else was out in the middle of the field. He slowly cranes his neck to see who the fuck was bothering him and screaming for no good reason. His eyes land on you, standing in front of him. Jungkook is happy that he was wearing sunglasses because they were able to hide the pure shock he felt, as his eyes widened and mouth fell open a little.

He wished he could say that he was shocked only because you were actually out on the field looking for him, when he was typically the one chasing you around. Yet, a bit of the shock he felt was due to your tight leggings and cropped hoodie, with your hair falling down your sides and out of the ponytail that you usually sported. He had never seen you  wearing something other than baggy sweats and sweaters, your hair normally up and out of your face in messy buns, your whole look screaming, “I don’t give a fuck,” which he silently respects you for since who cares what you look like when all you’re doing is going to boring classes all the time. You seemed, or at least made an effort, to not care about what other people thought, which he had to admit was unlike most girls he’s ever met.

But to see you standing here, revealing a lot of your body that he’s sure no one has ever seen, really had him shocked. And maybe a little turned on.

“Are you going to keep staring at me or are you going to respond?” You snap, crossing your arms and kneeling down so that your face was closer to his. And once you open your mouth, there goes his attraction, away with the breeze that passes by both of you. He lays his head back down, going back to closing his eyes before he replies.

“What do you want, psycho.”

You laugh at his new nickname for you. If only he saw you break your lamp yesterday.

“I came to tell you something.” You state simply, getting up because you actually wanted to be quick with your, probably insane, declaration.

“Make it fast. I’m hungover and I don’t need to hear your obnoxious voice right now,” he sighs, rolling his head in your direction.

“I’m in. I’ll get you to sleep with Hyun-ae or whatever.”

He sits up quickly, taking off his sunglasses and staring at you.

“Wait…. what?”

But he smirks.

And in an instant, you regretted getting involved with Jeon Jungkook.

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What would baking with Brian be like?

Imagine Baking with Brian

At first, it’s a contest. Everything you do with each other starts out as a contest. You’re seeing who can mix ingredients in the fastest or how quickly one of you can get to the bowl first. It’s always the same sort of thing, but you and Brian both honestly enjoy it. 

The rivalry part of it soon begins to chill out and you laugh when things get spilled here or there. When you pull your baking sheet out of the oven you blink. The cookies certainly weren’t the prettiest looking things either of you had made. 

“Mm, hey! Looks are only part of it. The taste is the real kicker.” Brian chuckles with a wide smile on his face. You suppose he’s right. “I bet I could eat nearly all of them on my own with how good they smell.” 

Oh. He might have a contest on his hands. 

For @fishfingersandjellybabies because she wants Dick and Damian cuteness, even if I’m a few days late.

Dick followed the sounds of crashing and cursing up from the cave and into the parlor. Tim was perched on the coffee table, snarling and looking ready to pounce.

Damian, on the other hand, was crouched behind the arm chair-which was tipped on its side-and glaring at the teen.

“What the hell is going on here?” Dick asked, exchanging a glance with Conner, who was standing off behind Tim. He looked terrified.

“Damian tried to attack us.” Tim said, narrowing his eyes. He didn’t take his eyes off of his assumed target.

“Okay, youngins. Time to put away the weapons.” Dick stepped over the decorative pillows on the floor and over to Tim. He helped his younger brother off of the table and gave him a gentle nudge over to Conner. “You two go out for a bit. Have dinner on Bruce, okay?” He asked.

Tim shot another glare at Damian, but still he tucked himself under Conners arm and let the Meta lead him out of the room.

“Alright, Kiddo. You wanna tell me why you attacked Tim and Kon?” Dick asked as he picked up the pillows and rearranged them on the couch.

Damian didn’t say anything, just flopped back on his behind and stayed curled in a little ball.

“Damian? Come on, I know there was a reason. You wouldn’t bother them if you didn’t have a reason to.” Dick righted the arm chair, unshielding the child tucked behind it. The man leaned down and hoisted the boy up until he was standing. “Talk to me.”

Damian heaved a deep sigh and closed his eyes, Dick assumed trying to calm down like Bruce had taught them.

“I was in the hall, and I heard them talking about Jon.” Damian admitted. “The clone said he ‘couldn’t stand the little brat’.” Damian explained, his lower lip puckering.

“Come sit down with me.” Dick said, turning Damian towards the couch and encouraging him to sit down. He flopped down beside him and the 10-year-old leaned against him slightly. “Listen, Conner and Jon have some issues in their family. Kon had to work really hard to be accepted as clarks son, and Jon didn’t have to work at all.”

“That doesn’t give him the right to call him a brat.” Damian grumbled.

“Just don’t take it to heart. After all, Tim calls you a brat.” Dick said, wrapping his arm around his littlest brother.

“Drake and the clone belong together then, as they do not know true greatness when they see it.” Damian said, snuggling further into Dicks chest.

“Well they see it in each other. And that’s all that matters. Come on, why don’t we go video chat Jon on the computer in the cave? Bet he misses you.” Dick said, getting to his feet. Damian blinked at him for a moment before getting up to follow.

“Would it be improper to ask Jon to fly out here to stay while the Clone is staying?” He asked as he trailed his brother.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, as long as you both be respectful of their privacy.” Dick ruffled Damian’s hair and smiled. “But we should check with B first.”

“Very well.” Damian pursed his lips, and Dick tried to remember if his apartment was clean enough to keep the two boys for the weekend.

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Ok so I have this prompt that just won't leave me be lol. It's Demon Tom x Angel Marco and it's like forbidden love meets teenage angst and I was wondering if you could please write this for me

Of course I would write it for yu! I had fun with this one! It’s suprizingly not angsty! Enjoy!


Marco looked around the field on earth. It was the only place he was allowed to see his lover without fear of being caught. He was late for their meeting, which wasn’t like him. But Marco’s nerves were settled when he felt a pair of warm hands wrap around him from behind. Marco smiled and turned around to see the demon he had come here to meet.

“Tom!” He exclaimed. Marco kissed the demon. Tom smiled at him.

“Sorry I’m so late, I had to slip behind Mephistophiles so he wouldn’t see me leave.” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“How long can we keep this up?” Marco asked.

“We’re immortal. I was thinking forever.” Tom suggested. Marco laughed.

“Seriously. We can’t keep running around pretending we aren’t going anywhere. Other angels are starting to get suspicious.” Marco warned.

“Every demon has been on my case about it too.” Tom admitted. He looked over his shoulder, actually worried he might have been followed. Marco sighed and shook his head.

“This is too much.” marco admitted. Tom got a sad look on his face.

“Do you… want to end it?” Tom asked, he blinked back tears. Marco shook his head and kissed him deeply.

“No, no, no! Tom of course not!” He assured. “I just don’t want us both to get into trouble we can’t get out of.” Marco said. Tom nodded and kissed him again. The couple smiled at each other, their romantic moment was cut off when they heard a shout behind them.

“Tom?” The two whirled around to see a demon approach. Tom froze.

“Ch-Chet! What are you doing here?” He asked the demon.

“Looking for you moron! You ran out! And what the hell is an angel doing here!?” Chet demanded. He raised a fiery fist ready to harm the angel.

“No stop!” Tom cried. Chet stopped, confused.

“Why?” Chet asked. Tom looked nervous and shared glances with Marco.

“B-because… I am going to fight him!” Tom declared. “I um… Mephistophiles sent me to fight this angel!” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“Yes! And Providence sent me to fight you! F-foul…demon.” Marco tried. Tom pretended to punch Marco in the face. Marco pretended that it hurt and he fell to the ground. He then got up and pretended to yank Tom’s hair, causing him to fall to the floor.

“You okay babe?” Marco whispered. Tom nodded.

“Yeah I’m good.” Tom assured. Chet watched the two pretend to fight for a little while. “Chet! Save yourself!” Tom cried.

“I’ll kill you!” Marco cried, unenthusiastically. Tom (fake) punched him in the heart and Marco pretended to fall down into his arms, fake dead.

“It’s over. I won. I slayed the angel!” Tom announced. Chet wiped away some tears.

“You were amazing, and I love you and I’m proud. You served your kingdom well.” Chet told him. He looked down at Marco, who was clearly not dead. “This war has taken too many lives.” Chet clenched his fists. “I have to go. I can’t watch anymore.” A tear streaked down his face and Tom nodded.

“Take as much time as you need, dude.” he assured. Chet nodded, and vanished. Marco sat up in Tom’s arms.

“Wow… he is really… um… what’s a not rude way to call somebody an idiot?” Marco asked. Tom started laughing.

“For Chet? There’s no not rude way to say it.” Tom admitted. Marco looked at where the demon had disappeared.

“Okay well… if he’s our biggest threat as of now… maybe we can keep this up for a while.” Marco suggested. He kissed the demon on the cheek. Tom blushed and started to burn up the grass around his feet.

“I’d like that.”

TWD Meta: Rick and Daryl - Big Bro, Little Bro, BrOTP

I’ve gotten a bunch of asks about this from various people, so instead of responding to them all, I’m going to do one big post.

Rick and Daryl’s relationship is easily one of my favorite relationships on the show, for both it’s complexity and it’s simplicity.

Andrew Lincoln says it all the time, these are two alpha males who rely on each other, they are necessary for each other in the world they inhabit for all the obvious and not so obvious reasons.

It was exemplified beautifully in the scene during the season 4 finale, A, when Daryl and Rick are sitting by the car after the insanity of the night before, when they took out six men, one of whom Rick killed in a shockingly brutal way and no, I don’t even mean when he ripped out Joe’s throat. I mean the off screen kill we didn’t see, but we heard. The man who nearly raped Carl was literally torn to shreds by Rick when the screen blinked black.

Then we get a quiet scene. Two men, grateful that the other is alive, even though they’ve both lost, they’re both still suffering, they’ve found each other and that’s a really big deal. Like Rick said, “It’s everything.”

Now, despite the fact that their relationship is a give-and-take, this particular reunion I think, had more impact on Daryl than it did on Rick. Rick had already come to the conclusion that the man who beat Tyreese, the man who killed with such brutality the night before is the person he is. He appreciates Daryl’s suggestion that anyone would have done what he did and he knows that’s true, but not the way in which he did it. The major impact of that conversation though, I think was from Rick to Daryl. Their relationship is often compared to Daryl and Merle’s saying that Rick is the big brother Daryl should have had, the brother he deserves and I think despite it being cliche, it holds true. Daryl is someone that scrapes together his self worth based upon how other people feel about him, how other people treat him. He was treated like dirt for so long that he believed he was dirt, wholeheartedly. While I don’t want to discount the impact other characters have had on his development (even Beth), Rick’s belief in him, Rick’s confidence, the man who in another life wouldn’t have glanced at him, except maybe to lock him up, that that man trusts him with his child, with his life and as a leader of their group, to run important decisions by him, that’s what created the foundation for Daryl’s transformation from outcast to right-hand-man to reluctant leader and now, seemingly back to right-hand-man, which I think, is the role that fits him best.

That conversation, when Rick tells him, “that’s not on you” and that “you’re my brother” it’s a reaffirmation that despite all the shit they’ve been through, despite Daryl feeling guilty and unbelievably broken after losing Beth, falling in with that group and Rick’s own acknowledgment of his inner brutality and all the shit that’s happened in the past, none of it matters because they’re brothers. This is it. The final brick was laid in their friendship, their brotherhood. There is nothing that’s going to tear them down again. Not the enemies they face, not internal friction in their group, nothing.

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Long distance AU where they aren't together but get to know each other better over Skype and there's lots of pining and miscommunication issues until R comes home for a week and sees how sulky Enj is being and oh no, he doesn't actually want me here. But really, Enj is just mad that R hasn't been paying him any attention when he thought they were gonna have a cliche airport kiss and oh no, he read it wrong and R isn't actually interested?

And they both sulk and the whole thing gets a little awkward, and they waste a lot of time just being upset at the whole situation, knowing that they shouldn’t because Grantaire’s only there for a week, and who knows when the next time they see each other will be. So Enjolras gets himself together the third day Grantaire is here and says, “I know you’re probably not interested, but you’re here and I at least have to try to ask you out on a date because I really, really like you, and-”

Grantaire blinks. “Wait, what? You looked so upset when we left the airport, I thought you changed your mind about wanting me to come over-”

“God, no, that wasn’t it at all!” Enjolras blushes. “I wanted you to kiss me, at the airport. I was disappointed when you didn’t.”

“I wanted to,” Grantaire admits shyly, “but it seemed stupid to presume that I could." 

"Well, it’s not,” Enjolras says. “It’s not stupid. I want you to.” He steps in close to Grantaire. “Presume.”

Grantaire tangles his fingers in Enjolras’ hair and pulls him in for a kiss. 

boyfriend! jimin

this is kinda long and i still have more to say… wtf… kinda wanna make this a series?? idk tho.. tell me tho ^_^

- so in the beginning of the relationship… he’d be so shy.. n he’d ramble and mumble a lot.. and u’re like when is he gonna stop?? even tho u r intently listening to his story where he accidentally spilled his ramyun all over himself in front of a buch of ppl.. smh

- and he kinda really reaLLy wants to kiss you in a non creepy way like he just really likes u and wants to show it u kno.. he doesn’t really mind if it’s just your cheek or ur forehead even.. but he’s like… are we smth? does she like me or is she playing??

- on ur first date he took u to see a movie and the movie really sucked but the both of u had a good time anyway because the cinema was empty so you both ran up the two aisles and tried to catch each other 

- he did manage to catch u and he accidentally-on-purpose wrapped his arms around u from behind and sorta pulled you closer.. and the both of u just stood there for like 2 mins.. waiting for someone to make a move.. but the both of u are too shy so u pull away and he looked really sad but u pecked him on the cheek when he sent you home.. and he had such a huge grin on his face :-)

- but… jimin kinda wants more… but he keeps doubting himself….

- so one time he asked yoongi to third wheel the both of u and yoongi’s like “wow.. u guys haven’t even kissed? jimin wtf step up ur game”

- and jimin just splutters and he’s like “what?? we have kissed lots of times here look i’ll do it now”

-  and he kisses you and its really intense and almost too deep for a first kiss but the both of u really like it and jimin’s like “wow that felt so nice” and he just keeps kissing u in front of yoongi 

- yoongi looks like he wants to d i e so he just says “my work here is done” and just leaves lol 

- if it wasn’t for yoongi the both of u probably would’ve never kissed so thank him.. god bless

- so after that he gets really touchy and he’s the type of guy that rubs your back when you hug.. and he’d play with your hair while you’re just lying down on his lap using ur phone.. and it’d be a habit for him to just nuzzle ur shoulder

- he’s so cheesy like he’d get the both of u couple items even tho he knows u hate them n think its sorta tacky… but he goes out of his way to get them so u wear them for his sake..

- one time he got the both of u matching undies with little puppies on them..

- he’s the type of person to google pick up lines and use them on you

- “hey, if u were a vegetable you’d be a cutecu-”

- “jimin shut ur mouth”

- half awake smiles in the morning and husky voiced good mornings awrgghh

- taehyung and jungkook would always make puking noises when jimin kisses you in front of them.. he’d either whoop both of their asses or he’d blush and b really shy after that there is no in between

- when u come home sometimes he’d have a whole meal ready for the both of u and he’d claim that he cooked it but rlly it was jin doing everything.. all jimin did was chop the carrots 

- most of the time the both of u would stay in just so he gets to rest more, so u just make some ramyun or order food and stay up late watching really crappy variety shows

- sometimes jimin would just b like “baby feel my abs” and you’re forced to… i mean it feels good n they r def there.. but he’s gonna get all cocky after this… so u just act like its no big deal

- one time the both of u dressed up as bunnies for halloween and he got pouty bc he said u looked cuter than him..

- “i should’ve dressed up like a cow again”

- that night the both of u got rlly sugar high and also a bit drunk and the next morning you guys find a whole lot of rlly derpy selfies on your phones… double chins.. duck faces.. bunny teeth….. u r slightly embarrassed to say this but there were selfies of the both of u kissing… jimin made it his lock screen on his phone aw

- whenever he’s on tour he’d facetime you as much as possible although taehyung would be interrupting him

- “jimin couldn’t stop talking about u tell him to shut up” and jungkook would be like “yea!!” in the background and hoseok would b like “omg y/n he was moaning ur name when he fell asleep in the plane!!!” and jimin would just end the facetime call right away and text u “its not true… i think.. i mean idk how to control my thoughts when im asleep im sorry” 

- there’d always be a lot of late night pillow talk where one of u just fall asleep and you can always tell when he’s about to fall asleep like he starts mumbling things and you can’t make out what he’s saying and he starts blinking rlly slowly… it’s cute

- the both of u love putting on face masks and scaring the other members… mainly hoseok tho… but still… other members

- the both of u just love each other very much and you never get bored of each other

- like you guys are genuinely happy that you get to see each other the first thing in the morning (sometimes when jimin’s drooling u take a pic for blackmail)

Not A Dream

Thank you all so much for the lovely reviews you all gave on my story ‘Connections’ yesterday (especially @imagine-miraculousladybug for giving my fic a boost and everyone else who commented including @my-insanity-is-an-artform) Thank You all so much. I was feeling more up to writing today so this is me ficing one of my favorite headcanons based on this art by @naptillmorning.

Btw I am horrible with coming up with titles so don’t hold it over me.

Leave reviews and constructive criticism. (They are my life).

*Presents fic with a flourish* :

The halls were silent as a young Adrien Agreste slept sweetly in a room too big for a three year old, but being the son of a fashion mogul certainly had its perks. A wail pierced through the night as Mrs. Agreste jumped out of bed hearing the cries through the baby monitor on her bedside table and ran to her son’s spacious room. The baby boy was sobbing with fat round tears rolling down his cheeks. It was obvious he had had a nightmare. A lullaby and a kiss to the forehead later he was sound asleep and watched over by his mother who was sporting a slightly sad smile. She knew her son was meant for great things. But great things came at a great cost.

Ladybug stood at the top of a roof overlooking a silent neighborhood. She didn’t bat an eye when a dark figure silently slipped behind her. It was surprising how silent the cat impersonator could be especially with a baby carrier. The red and black clad superheroine turned around with a smile.

“You brought Adrien tonight ?”

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Fic: Balance (1/1) (Collide 'verse)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kurt spends his winter break in Ohio. So does Blaine.

Warnings: Age gap (Blaine is 18, Kurt is 25), teacher/student relationship.

A/N: Part of the Collide ‘verseI know it’s been a while, but I am not done with this ‘verse yet. I’ll probably keep returning to it occasionally, because I’m having a lot of fun playing with this. Thanks to Pace for being an awesome beta!

Can also be read at the AO3

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