they both blink when they see each other get out

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Ok so I have this prompt that just won't leave me be lol. It's Demon Tom x Angel Marco and it's like forbidden love meets teenage angst and I was wondering if you could please write this for me

Of course I would write it for yu! I had fun with this one! It’s suprizingly not angsty! Enjoy!


Marco looked around the field on earth. It was the only place he was allowed to see his lover without fear of being caught. He was late for their meeting, which wasn’t like him. But Marco’s nerves were settled when he felt a pair of warm hands wrap around him from behind. Marco smiled and turned around to see the demon he had come here to meet.

“Tom!” He exclaimed. Marco kissed the demon. Tom smiled at him.

“Sorry I’m so late, I had to slip behind Mephistophiles so he wouldn’t see me leave.” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“How long can we keep this up?” Marco asked.

“We’re immortal. I was thinking forever.” Tom suggested. Marco laughed.

“Seriously. We can’t keep running around pretending we aren’t going anywhere. Other angels are starting to get suspicious.” Marco warned.

“Every demon has been on my case about it too.” Tom admitted. He looked over his shoulder, actually worried he might have been followed. Marco sighed and shook his head.

“This is too much.” marco admitted. Tom got a sad look on his face.

“Do you… want to end it?” Tom asked, he blinked back tears. Marco shook his head and kissed him deeply.

“No, no, no! Tom of course not!” He assured. “I just don’t want us both to get into trouble we can’t get out of.” Marco said. Tom nodded and kissed him again. The couple smiled at each other, their romantic moment was cut off when they heard a shout behind them.

“Tom?” The two whirled around to see a demon approach. Tom froze.

“Ch-Chet! What are you doing here?” He asked the demon.

“Looking for you moron! You ran out! And what the hell is an angel doing here!?” Chet demanded. He raised a fiery fist ready to harm the angel.

“No stop!” Tom cried. Chet stopped, confused.

“Why?” Chet asked. Tom looked nervous and shared glances with Marco.

“B-because… I am going to fight him!” Tom declared. “I um… Mephistophiles sent me to fight this angel!” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“Yes! And Providence sent me to fight you! F-foul…demon.” Marco tried. Tom pretended to punch Marco in the face. Marco pretended that it hurt and he fell to the ground. He then got up and pretended to yank Tom’s hair, causing him to fall to the floor.

“You okay babe?” Marco whispered. Tom nodded.

“Yeah I’m good.” Tom assured. Chet watched the two pretend to fight for a little while. “Chet! Save yourself!” Tom cried.

“I’ll kill you!” Marco cried, unenthusiastically. Tom (fake) punched him in the heart and Marco pretended to fall down into his arms, fake dead.

“It’s over. I won. I slayed the angel!” Tom announced. Chet wiped away some tears.

“You were amazing, and I love you and I’m proud. You served your kingdom well.” Chet told him. He looked down at Marco, who was clearly not dead. “This war has taken too many lives.” Chet clenched his fists. “I have to go. I can’t watch anymore.” A tear streaked down his face and Tom nodded.

“Take as much time as you need, dude.” he assured. Chet nodded, and vanished. Marco sat up in Tom’s arms.

“Wow… he is really… um… what’s a not rude way to call somebody an idiot?” Marco asked. Tom started laughing.

“For Chet? There’s no not rude way to say it.” Tom admitted. Marco looked at where the demon had disappeared.

“Okay well… if he’s our biggest threat as of now… maybe we can keep this up for a while.” Marco suggested. He kissed the demon on the cheek. Tom blushed and started to burn up the grass around his feet.

“I’d like that.”

TWD Meta: Rick and Daryl - Big Bro, Little Bro, BrOTP

I’ve gotten a bunch of asks about this from various people, so instead of responding to them all, I’m going to do one big post.

Rick and Daryl’s relationship is easily one of my favorite relationships on the show, for both it’s complexity and it’s simplicity.

Andrew Lincoln says it all the time, these are two alpha males who rely on each other, they are necessary for each other in the world they inhabit for all the obvious and not so obvious reasons.

It was exemplified beautifully in the scene during the season 4 finale, A, when Daryl and Rick are sitting by the car after the insanity of the night before, when they took out six men, one of whom Rick killed in a shockingly brutal way and no, I don’t even mean when he ripped out Joe’s throat. I mean the off screen kill we didn’t see, but we heard. The man who nearly raped Carl was literally torn to shreds by Rick when the screen blinked black.

Then we get a quiet scene. Two men, grateful that the other is alive, even though they’ve both lost, they’re both still suffering, they’ve found each other and that’s a really big deal. Like Rick said, “It’s everything.”

Now, despite the fact that their relationship is a give-and-take, this particular reunion I think, had more impact on Daryl than it did on Rick. Rick had already come to the conclusion that the man who beat Tyreese, the man who killed with such brutality the night before is the person he is. He appreciates Daryl’s suggestion that anyone would have done what he did and he knows that’s true, but not the way in which he did it. The major impact of that conversation though, I think was from Rick to Daryl. Their relationship is often compared to Daryl and Merle’s saying that Rick is the big brother Daryl should have had, the brother he deserves and I think despite it being cliche, it holds true. Daryl is someone that scrapes together his self worth based upon how other people feel about him, how other people treat him. He was treated like dirt for so long that he believed he was dirt, wholeheartedly. While I don’t want to discount the impact other characters have had on his development (even Beth), Rick’s belief in him, Rick’s confidence, the man who in another life wouldn’t have glanced at him, except maybe to lock him up, that that man trusts him with his child, with his life and as a leader of their group, to run important decisions by him, that’s what created the foundation for Daryl’s transformation from outcast to right-hand-man to reluctant leader and now, seemingly back to right-hand-man, which I think, is the role that fits him best.

That conversation, when Rick tells him, “that’s not on you” and that “you’re my brother” it’s a reaffirmation that despite all the shit they’ve been through, despite Daryl feeling guilty and unbelievably broken after losing Beth, falling in with that group and Rick’s own acknowledgment of his inner brutality and all the shit that’s happened in the past, none of it matters because they’re brothers. This is it. The final brick was laid in their friendship, their brotherhood. There is nothing that’s going to tear them down again. Not the enemies they face, not internal friction in their group, nothing.

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Long distance AU where they aren't together but get to know each other better over Skype and there's lots of pining and miscommunication issues until R comes home for a week and sees how sulky Enj is being and oh no, he doesn't actually want me here. But really, Enj is just mad that R hasn't been paying him any attention when he thought they were gonna have a cliche airport kiss and oh no, he read it wrong and R isn't actually interested?

And they both sulk and the whole thing gets a little awkward, and they waste a lot of time just being upset at the whole situation, knowing that they shouldn’t because Grantaire’s only there for a week, and who knows when the next time they see each other will be. So Enjolras gets himself together the third day Grantaire is here and says, “I know you’re probably not interested, but you’re here and I at least have to try to ask you out on a date because I really, really like you, and-”

Grantaire blinks. “Wait, what? You looked so upset when we left the airport, I thought you changed your mind about wanting me to come over-”

“God, no, that wasn’t it at all!” Enjolras blushes. “I wanted you to kiss me, at the airport. I was disappointed when you didn’t.”

“I wanted to,” Grantaire admits shyly, “but it seemed stupid to presume that I could." 

"Well, it’s not,” Enjolras says. “It’s not stupid. I want you to.” He steps in close to Grantaire. “Presume.”

Grantaire tangles his fingers in Enjolras’ hair and pulls him in for a kiss. 

boyfriend! jimin

this is kinda long and i still have more to say… wtf… kinda wanna make this a series?? idk tho.. tell me tho ^_^

- so in the beginning of the relationship… he’d be so shy.. n he’d ramble and mumble a lot.. and u’re like when is he gonna stop?? even tho u r intently listening to his story where he accidentally spilled his ramyun all over himself in front of a buch of ppl.. smh

- and he kinda really reaLLy wants to kiss you in a non creepy way like he just really likes u and wants to show it u kno.. he doesn’t really mind if it’s just your cheek or ur forehead even.. but he’s like… are we smth? does she like me or is she playing??

- on ur first date he took u to see a movie and the movie really sucked but the both of u had a good time anyway because the cinema was empty so you both ran up the two aisles and tried to catch each other 

- he did manage to catch u and he accidentally-on-purpose wrapped his arms around u from behind and sorta pulled you closer.. and the both of u just stood there for like 2 mins.. waiting for someone to make a move.. but the both of u are too shy so u pull away and he looked really sad but u pecked him on the cheek when he sent you home.. and he had such a huge grin on his face :-)

- but… jimin kinda wants more… but he keeps doubting himself….

- so one time he asked yoongi to third wheel the both of u and yoongi’s like “wow.. u guys haven’t even kissed? jimin wtf step up ur game”

- and jimin just splutters and he’s like “what?? we have kissed lots of times here look i’ll do it now”

-  and he kisses you and its really intense and almost too deep for a first kiss but the both of u really like it and jimin’s like “wow that felt so nice” and he just keeps kissing u in front of yoongi 

- yoongi looks like he wants to d i e so he just says “my work here is done” and just leaves lol 

- if it wasn’t for yoongi the both of u probably would’ve never kissed so thank him.. god bless

- so after that he gets really touchy and he’s the type of guy that rubs your back when you hug.. and he’d play with your hair while you’re just lying down on his lap using ur phone.. and it’d be a habit for him to just nuzzle ur shoulder

- he’s so cheesy like he’d get the both of u couple items even tho he knows u hate them n think its sorta tacky… but he goes out of his way to get them so u wear them for his sake..

- one time he got the both of u matching undies with little puppies on them..

- he’s the type of person to google pick up lines and use them on you

- “hey, if u were a vegetable you’d be a cutecu-”

- “jimin shut ur mouth”

- half awake smiles in the morning and husky voiced good mornings awrgghh

- taehyung and jungkook would always make puking noises when jimin kisses you in front of them.. he’d either whoop both of their asses or he’d blush and b really shy after that there is no in between

- when u come home sometimes he’d have a whole meal ready for the both of u and he’d claim that he cooked it but rlly it was jin doing everything.. all jimin did was chop the carrots 

- most of the time the both of u would stay in just so he gets to rest more, so u just make some ramyun or order food and stay up late watching really crappy variety shows

- sometimes jimin would just b like “baby feel my abs” and you’re forced to… i mean it feels good n they r def there.. but he’s gonna get all cocky after this… so u just act like its no big deal

- one time the both of u dressed up as bunnies for halloween and he got pouty bc he said u looked cuter than him..

- “i should’ve dressed up like a cow again”

- that night the both of u got rlly sugar high and also a bit drunk and the next morning you guys find a whole lot of rlly derpy selfies on your phones… double chins.. duck faces.. bunny teeth….. u r slightly embarrassed to say this but there were selfies of the both of u kissing… jimin made it his lock screen on his phone aw

- whenever he’s on tour he’d facetime you as much as possible although taehyung would be interrupting him

- “jimin couldn’t stop talking about u tell him to shut up” and jungkook would be like “yea!!” in the background and hoseok would b like “omg y/n he was moaning ur name when he fell asleep in the plane!!!” and jimin would just end the facetime call right away and text u “its not true… i think.. i mean idk how to control my thoughts when im asleep im sorry” 

- there’d always be a lot of late night pillow talk where one of u just fall asleep and you can always tell when he’s about to fall asleep like he starts mumbling things and you can’t make out what he’s saying and he starts blinking rlly slowly… it’s cute

- the both of u love putting on face masks and scaring the other members… mainly hoseok tho… but still… other members

- the both of u just love each other very much and you never get bored of each other

- like you guys are genuinely happy that you get to see each other the first thing in the morning (sometimes when jimin’s drooling u take a pic for blackmail)

Not A Dream

Thank you all so much for the lovely reviews you all gave on my story ‘Connections’ yesterday (especially @imagine-miraculousladybug for giving my fic a boost and everyone else who commented including @my-insanity-is-an-artform) Thank You all so much. I was feeling more up to writing today so this is me ficing one of my favorite headcanons based on this art by @naptillmorning.

Btw I am horrible with coming up with titles so don’t hold it over me.

Leave reviews and constructive criticism. (They are my life).

*Presents fic with a flourish* :

The halls were silent as a young Adrien Agreste slept sweetly in a room too big for a three year old, but being the son of a fashion mogul certainly had its perks. A wail pierced through the night as Mrs. Agreste jumped out of bed hearing the cries through the baby monitor on her bedside table and ran to her son’s spacious room. The baby boy was sobbing with fat round tears rolling down his cheeks. It was obvious he had had a nightmare. A lullaby and a kiss to the forehead later he was sound asleep and watched over by his mother who was sporting a slightly sad smile. She knew her son was meant for great things. But great things came at a great cost.

Ladybug stood at the top of a roof overlooking a silent neighborhood. She didn’t bat an eye when a dark figure silently slipped behind her. It was surprising how silent the cat impersonator could be especially with a baby carrier. The red and black clad superheroine turned around with a smile.

“You brought Adrien tonight ?”

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Fic: Balance (1/1) (Collide 'verse)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kurt spends his winter break in Ohio. So does Blaine.

Warnings: Age gap (Blaine is 18, Kurt is 25), teacher/student relationship.

A/N: Part of the Collide ‘verseI know it’s been a while, but I am not done with this ‘verse yet. I’ll probably keep returning to it occasionally, because I’m having a lot of fun playing with this. Thanks to Pace for being an awesome beta!

Can also be read at the AO3

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