they better this time or i will slay them

Be nice to the new people at your gym,

January first is finally here and for a lot of people that means New Years resolutions. And with New Years resolutions comes weight loss, improving health, and becoming fit. 

I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve planned your gym time around when there are the least amount of people, and now all of a sudden it’s completely packed. But please remember that these people are here to better themselves.

A lot of the time they’re nervous. They don’t know how these machines work. They’re completely out of their comfort zone here. They feel as if everyone is watching them, judging them. They’re sweaty and often times not great at exercising, and they are beating themselves up watching you slay your workout. They don’t need you beating them up too.

Take a deep breath, wait your turn for your favorite spin bike, and realize how lucky you are that you have already started your journey. Look back to you were day one, and where you are now. Chances are, you’ve come along way. Physically, and mentally.

Don’t look down on those who use the first of a new year to motivate themselves. I see a lot of hate surrounding this group of people, and I don’t think it’s right in the slightest. Everyone has their day where they wake up and decide to change their life. Their day just happened to be the same as a lot of other people. Root for them, don’t just think silently to yourself that they’ll never make it because they’re only here for a New Years resolution. 

Know that in a month or two chances are the gym will be back to where it was before. Hopefully, with a few more familiar faces. 


kids we gotta be so fucking careful. like I cannot stress it enough how dangerous what we do is. my friend just the other day saw a guy getting pulled out a store in handcuffs for shoplifting like a 20$ jacket!
the cameras are getting better, security is getting tighter. this! is! not! the! time! to! be! slacking! on any techniques or safeguards you use! I don’t want to scare you, but we should be scared! Remember, we do not have to get caught, we have to stay one step ahead of them at all times.
keep slaying xx :)

all girl groups deserve to much they work so hard and get so little, the industry, their companies and the public do them so dirty they deserve better i wish i could stan every girl group but i dont have the time or energy but i still wish them the best and hope they get to slay the industry

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it gets better every time i watch it

I MADE CAPTAIN. FINALLY. He’s my aesthetic tbh lolol

Pirates? Skeletons? Edgy? All of the above? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.

Anyway this glorious boneboy belongs to @saneivio / @the-humerus-skeleton

I really like his and fetch’s designs and wanted to draw one of them, and what better excuse than halloween being tomorrow and pirates and skeletons being in style for the month? I spent so much time on this guy hhhhhh

afycso songs as people
  • the only difference: the kid whose first words were "mom i'm gonna be famous"
  • london beckoned songs: the sassy bitch who doesnt give a fuck what people say about them
  • nails for breakfast: the kid with problematic parents who writes sad poetry about their life
  • camisado: the kid with problematic parents 2.0 but less sad and more angry
  • time to dance: that one classmate who has read 200 books for the last 6 months and wont shut up about them
  • lying: the fuckboy you broke up with a year ago who still believes you'll never get over them
  • but it's better if you do: the burlesque queen who eats glitter and owns 30 pairs of high heels
  • i write sins: the nosy sibling who tells your parents all your secrets
  • esteban: the kid who reads poetry from the 1800s and knows more archaic words than their english teacher
  • there's a good reason: the high school loser who slays everyone at the reunion party 10 years later
  • build god: the broadway stan who has watched moulin rouge over 30 times but always cries
PLEASE PRAY FOR YIXING (and all the rest of them)

As I write this, Lay’s OK the doctor said he had fainted because of lack of sleep - let’s not blame anyone, ‘cause then he’s the main culprit - he always pushed himself too hard and beyond (remember the sandbags?) He’s said he wants to join the concert (shocker) and SM will now monitor his condition and then decide…

This is the second time he’s fainted in public this year. We all know how much Exo is pushing themselves - it’s not all SMs fault, the boys want it too. Jonginnie just started getting better, Lay just wrapped up his MV, and Exo is gearing up for individual activities all set to slay us again. I’m writing this so that in addition to all the music and video streaming and promotion you guys are doing to help our boys win, I want you guys to remember to pray for them too. They always greet us by asking “Have you eaten?” and end ments by “Get home safely ”. Majority of us international fans can’t really help them with food packages or anything, but we can pray for them. Pray that they remember to eat and sleep, remind them on SNS to do so, leave kind messages for them - not just the regular “I love you” or “You’re cute” etc.

Sending angry tweets to SM is not going to stop Exo from wanting to push themselves. Keep our boys in your prayers everyone.

while everyone is going all “omg peggy totally slayed jack by making him collect dinner orders!” and waving their happy feminist flag around

let’s me just point out the fact that Jack went along with it

he didn’t whine

he didn’t complain

he didn’t protest

he basically went “okay sure i’ll do that for ya” and went to find a place that can get them take out

i know fandom has a hard time ever giving credit to jack thompson where it’s due but for a guy whom you all labeled as an arrogant sexist jerk who needs to be smacked down - that scene didn’t even went down anywhere near a smack down like you all think it did


because jack didn’t behave like a sexist jerk

because jack actually was fine with it and did what was asked of him WITHOUT COMPLAINT

and at the end of the day, he grew up, he proved his worth by handing peggy that arena club pin and telling her what it does

jack thompson came through when this team needed him to

jack thompson stepped up

jack thompson did not deserve to be killed

Pros and cons of Zoemund having a pregnancy storyline of some sort


  • If they decide to keep it, I feel like them in particular having a kid could make them better people. Plus, there’s never been a pregnancy storyline on this show where someone has a baby on screen and watch them raise it without adoption.
  • If Zoe decides to have abortion, it would be interesting to see since her mom is Catholic and it’s not uncommon for Catholics to be against it. Plus, I’d love to see them have another go at an abortion storyline since times have changed since like 2003 and Ana would slay that shit.
  • I doubt Maya would take Zig back lmao.
  • This could lead into meeting Zoe’s father and maybe seeing Zig’s family more.
  • Potential for a couple on this show that has a baby together to actually stay together.


  • It’s been done too many times.
  • They’re too young.
  • If Zoe’s mom disowns her or something and if neither of them have their own assets, they’d be fucked financially.

But what if Clare was listening to Dead Hand because it was on a mix Eli made for her forever ago when her parents were fighting and it always made her feel better. Or he just made it to be romantic when Adam was making him look bad?
Or for Valentine’s Day that year?!
“Woman are trouble.”
“Even me?”
“Especially you.”
Or what if Eli bought her a CD at the Dead Hand concert?
Or Clare bought it after finding out how much he liked them and listened to them endlessly while thinking about him and he smirked when he realized she memorized it all?
Or she learned it because it was always on when they were mackin’ in Morty?