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My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 1

Hey Guys, I am back :)

So, as previously mentioned, I am starting a new multi chapter. This one sets 5 years after the events of MBBD. It will mainly focus on Omelia and Amelia’s relationship with her family, how it affects the dynamics of her marriage to Owen and the repercussions her trouble past has in her life up to this moment. 

Thank you to the lovely @jia911 for proofreading this overnight. You are my team!

My Boys – Beneath the Surface: Chapter 1


“I really don’t know how to thank you enough.”

At the sound of the words, Amelia’s mother in law turned around with a sympathetic smile on her face.

“There is no need to thank me, I’ve told you that,” The elderly woman added with a gentle nod, genuinely happy for being able to help. A couple of hours before, Amelia had called her to ask if Evelyn had any idea how to cook Spanish and Moroccan food and Owen’s mother had immediately stepped in to help, driving over to her son’s house to give the neurosurgeon a hand with the cooking.

The school to which Amelia’s kids went to was having an international fair to celebrate cultural diversity and much to Amelia’s dismay each student in the class of her eight year old twins was in charge of taking local food from a few selected countries.  

“If I can’t cook our own food,” Amelia said with a teasing smile, “how do they expect me to cook stuff I’ve never even tried before?”

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Soundtrack of Us (Part Three) - You Get What You Give/The Flashback

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Word Count: 2600+ words

Pairing: AU!Dean x musician!reader 

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Ellen & Jo Harvelle, Castiel Russell (OC), Dan (OC)

Warnings: Character Death (not main), marijuana and alcohol abuse, angst, little snarky reader and Dean, kinda fluff, more angst

Summary: Y/N is a local artist with standing gigs at a coffee shop and a bar in a small town in North Carolina. She’s run from some things at home, but life has finally fallen into place in Asheville. Music is her life and her only worry in life, until she meets a pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

Author’s Note: Bare with me, y’all. This one is kind of a rollercoaster. What happened with Russell? Do Dean and reader get a chance??? You’re about to find out guys. 

Flashback italicized, song lyrics bold and italicized.
Song used: You Get What You Give - New Radicals (I like the cover by the Maine as well!)

“Thanks for hanging out, guys,” you spoke into the microphone at the end of your set, “have a good night and drink safe.”

You scurried off your stage and hid yourself in the thick of the crowd. You didn’t want to talk to Dean. Not here, not now. You made a lot of tip, you loved the drunk money-blowers who would accidentally drop twenties instead of ones. You deserved some shots, you thought.

You spotted Jo and made your way to her with lemon drop shots in hand and balancing a beer between your chest and your forearm. When you spotted her, she was listening intently to the voice of a clean cut brunette. He had beautiful blue pools in his eyes and scruff that could have only been a few days old. He wore a khaki trench coat which made you cock an eyebrow, but his looks were more than enough to let it slide. Jo was mesmerized by the man. You knew this because this conversation was different; she was always the one who did the talking, never the listening. She glanced past the man and looked at you, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. That was your sign to keep distance, she was working him up to take her home. Go, Jo. Two shots for you. Go, you.

You aimlessly walked around the bar with the stout that Sam served you. It was getting warm and unbearable to drink, but you needed a buzz through all the small talk and compliments on your singing that the bar goers threw your way. You especially needed the buzz when you saw a pair of bow legged jeans make their way towards you.

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hello its jo, a music junkie, and here’s my longass song recs bc top 10 current faves ain’t enough for a music hoe like me;; if ya see // it means we go from happy to sad bc i’m not ok every night i watch the highlight reel and cry lol let’s go i listen to too much lmao

tagged by: @berry-happy-tokki @c-cygnus


KPOP: boys
bts(everysingledamnsong): not today, fire, save me, fun boyz, ma city, take my blood sweat and tears, every single cypher, baepsae, i need u, tomorrow, I LIKE IT PT2, EVER SINGLE SOLO// dead leaves, house of cards, love is not over, run (ballad ver.), let me know, hold me tight, spring day, 4 o'clock, we don’t talk anymore, so far away remix
(ft. RM: joke, do you, throw it, glory
AGUST D: give it to me, tony montana, the one he speaks in, give me the std, so far away
HOBI: hixtape, 1verse)
got7: A, if you do, out, don’t care, Q, sign, skyway, hey, jj project!!!
monsta x: shine forever, incomparable, all i do, OI, calm down, all in, stuck // sweetheart
bap: i guess i need u, pray, killer, wake me up, diamond 4 ya, ribbon in the sky, BANG YONGGUK’s yamazaki (yong guk guk guk)
shinee: tell me what to do, picasso, feel good, view, lipstick, savior // don’t let me go
day6: how can i say (that I LOVE DAY6 SO MUCH), be lazy, man in a movie, dance dance, i’m serious, blood, hunt // congratulations, hi hello, i wait, letting go
winner: love me love me, really really, island // fool, baby baby, sentimental
nct 127: running to u, summer 127, HURRY HURRY RUN RIGHT CHERRY BOMB FEEL IT YUM, heartbreaker, baby don’t like it, back 2 u
ikon: bling bling, bday, MOBB // apology
exo: shimmy shimmy kokobop, they never know, monster, love me right, artificial love, hello angel, transformer, girl x friend, unfair, love me right, tender love
seventeen: boom boom, mansae, if i, crazy in love, ah yeah, aju nice, VERNONS LOTTO REMIX WAIT ENOUGH OF VERNON WONWOO HYUNG HERES THE TORCH
infinite: the eye, zero, air, THE CHASER
block b: yesterday, toy, hey, conduct zero, that’s right
btob: movie, i’ll be your man, just tell me
b1a4: drunk on you, nightmare, sparkling // IT’S A LIE
vixx: HOT ENOUGH, 桃源境, maze, dynamite, six feet under, chained up, good night & good morning, desperate, the closer
hyukoh: tomboy, leather jacket, tokyo inn, hooka
crush: hey baby, I FANCY YOU, YOU AND I
dean: POUR UP, 21, bonnie and clyde, i’m not sorry, fancy, TOO MUCH(ft. loco)
penomeco: WTF (went too far), for you, PNM (plus and minus), SMT (so many times)
jay park: ME LIKE YUH, mommae, drive, alone tonight, only one, I NEED A CHACHA BEAT BOY
san e: DON’T YOU WORRY BOUT ME BABY (ft. cosmic girl), bomb (w/ravi), bad year, ready made, ME YOU, i am me
longguo and shihyun: the the the (their new mini album!!!)
samuel: sixteen, i’m ready, with u (ft. chungha)
keith ape: IT G MA (lmao)
(haven’t got to wanna one yet but i’ll do it soon)

also: jelly by hotshot, cactus by A.C.E, OMGT by madtown, bingo by 24k, swimming by lim hyunsik, eureka by zico, da da da by loco, plz don’t be sad by highlight


KPOP: girls
blackpink: EVERYTHING as if it’s your last, boombayAH
red velvet: red flavour, russian roulette, zoo, some love, you better know,
mamamoo: ooh um oh yeah, decalcomanie, woo hoo, yes i am
exid: BOY, UP&DOWN, velvet, woo you, ah yeah
jessi: GUCCI, spirit animal, boing boing
kisum: FRUITY (ft. hyolyn), que sera sera
ioi: m-maybe, me as i say, HOLD UP, PING PONG
suran: if i get drunk tonight (ft. changmo), walking, 10+1 (ft.dean)

KPOP: coed
kard: RUMOUR, hola hola, their entire discography
AKMU: my darling!!!!

NO WORDS (literally)
thefatrat: fly away, time lapse, jackpot, monody, xenogenesis, unity
snail’s house: hot milk, grape soda, cappuccino
also: ramune, lemon soda (idk by who)


cashmere cat: QUIT, plz don’t go, after coachella, europa pools, wild love, trust nobody
calvin harris: skrt on me, slide, feels
martin garrix: there for you, scared to me lonely, byte
major lazer: particula, sua cara, know no better, run up, light it up
dj snake: talk, good day, here comes the night, sober
peking duck: high, fake magic
galantis: rich boy, no money, peanut butter jelly, hunter, love on me
snakehips: either way, all my friends, right now, burn break crash, DONT LEAVE
chainsmokers: take off (coldplay), roses


lana del rey: EVERYTHING!!! summertime sadness, queen of disaster, sad girl, ultraviolence, summer bummer, groupie love, lust for life, money power glory, art deco, blue jeans, off to the races, I LOVE HER
lorde: SUPERCUT, HOMEMADE DYNAMITE, buzzcut season, liability, the louvre, sober, perfect places, I LOVE HER TOO GOSH
marina and the diamonds: savage, blue, solitare, froot, disconnect (clean bandit), LIES, how to be a heartbreaker, power ans control
melanie martinez: TRAINING WHEELS UGH, play date, pity party, PACIFY HER, milk and cookies, soap
dua lipa: BLOW YOUR MIND, new rules
allie x: PAPER LOVE, cassanova, old habits die hard
kehlani: UNDERCOVER, piece of mind, faking it, do u dirty, i wanna be, crzy
grimes: kill v maim, venus fly, flesh without blood
brooke candy: volcano, opulence
adore delano/danny noreiga: hello i love you, i adore u
alaska: stun (this is such a hoe song wow)
oh wonder: ultralife, heartstrings, drive, plans, midnight moon, solo, lose it, lifetimes
troye: talk me down, SUBURBIA, blue, for him.
safia: TAKE ME OVER, make them wheels roll, counting sheep
hurts: guilt, BLIND, miracle, wonderwall
skizzy mars: alcoholics, hit me harder, do you there, comb, recognise
rich chigga: (yikes) gospel, dat stick, back at it


nicki minaj: no frauds, changed it, the night is still young, get on your knees, feelin’ myself, ***flawless, vavavoom, shanghai, want some more (my inner hoe)
ariana: everyday, baby i, piano, side to side
post malone: white iverson, congratulations
dnce: kissing strangers, toothbrush,

that’s all i can think abt atm lmao (wow i’m a total music hoe) and i’m gonna tag people to expose themselves!!

jk ur supposed to say 10 songs u love lol dont be like me @pjungkook @sheloveskook @143jikook @yahjiminie @jjeonguk @2awake @j0ngnini @strawberrymochu @hixtapexx @confidenceatitsfinest @pjmjjk

Disappointment is a Sort of Bankruptcy

I still can not believe that some people are still sitting here wondering why we are “mad”…

I must advise you to be gone… better yet click the (x) button and get out of our faces. Clearly the mentality of some of this fandom is beyond our control. I for one am embarrassed for what occurred last night. Do you not understand the hard work and dedication that was put into this show by this fandom? Twisted can try to bandage this damage but they can never fix the broken hearts on the Twisted fandom.  They say that we are mad that Dacey is over…there you go again the mentality is just not there. Lacey Porter was used and beaten to death by the writers. I mean just keep it real with us Lacey was just guest staring for a while for Jo and Danny’s secret. Whitney on her debut has more of a story line than Lacey, Rico has more of a storyline than Lacey; and if you cannot see a problem in that then…I really can’t help you. Instead of focusing on a 16 year old boy who may or may not have killed his father by accident they focus on a girl who he called his sister and showed no interest towards and now all of a sudden she has become his one true love because she knows his secret. And then you have Jo with her long ass speeches. I was not impressed when Jo stepped out of the race because that was too cliché… I knew it was coming I yawned and used that as a bathroom break to be honest.  I am so tired of everyone telling her how great she is. We got Danny throwing petals at her feet. We got Rico telling her that she is the girl of his dreams. We had Tyler talking about her enigma. We have her parents treating her like she is the golden child. We have Lacey constantly apologizing to her.

Lacey Porter:

  • Her best friend is murdered! Dead…never coming back.  The skip button was pressed ont hat one. Did we get to see how Lacey grieved or how exactly her and Regina were as best friends? No!
  • Lacey finds out that her dad is gay…where did that story go? Is she still talking to her dad or Nah? Lacey has a sister…but did we ever see how she looks or interacts with Lacey…No!
  • She has nobody…her friends dropped her. Her family doesn’t exist. She is being dragged through the dirt by Jo and Danny’s secret. I may have been a hardcore Dacey shipper but Danny doesn’t deserve Lacey at this point because he always underestimates her abilities to get to the truth. Imagine doing all this work for a guy and losing all your friends and slut shaming yourself around school just to find out that Jo is the one.
  • Lacey got recorded with Danny on camera…did Doug and Eloise ever get punished? No! The school was bullying the poor girl. But after all went down that she has to go apologize to Jo. Did they ever apologize to her for that…No!
  • How exactly did Judy and Samuel feel about her daughter being back with Danny? Did they know Danny would be taking her to homecoming? I guess we are supposed to just pretend these things happened.
  • And then you have Jo, who called Lacey a hypocrite because Lacey didn’t tell her about a relationship that wasn’t her business. But it is okay for her to keep a secret about Vikram from Lacey…Bitch bye, dismisses yourself.

I will not sit here and allow the naïve people on the fandom claiming that it’s our fault why people have lost hope. Yup…we were sitting in that writing room thinking of all this bullshit together.  

Let Me Let Go

I am shocked that this series has had the effect it has. Here’s part 6 of the Cherry Stem Knots saga. Read these parts first!

1. Cherry Stem Knots
2. Drinkin’ Me Lonely
3. Between the Raindrops 
4. Rise Above This Mess
5. Tequila Talkin’

This is also week 7 of the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.

PROMPT: “Oh my god, you’re in love!”
CHARACTERS: Jess Moore, Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Jo Harvelle, Dean Winchester, Female Reader
WARNINGS: Angst, language, violence

TAGS: @one-shots-supernatural@b-enfield14, @nerdflash, @onlygodcanjudgeme-sh, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @effie-wreads, @growningupgeek, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @a-pancho-universe, @moonlitskinwalker, @zanthiasplace, @profkmoriarty13, @sandlee44, @castiels-angel-grace, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @fandommaniacx, @deandoesthingstome, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @oriona75, @mangasia, @cass-xxo, @feelmyroarrrr, @busybee612, @eyes-of-a-disney-princess, @nitelotus, @gaysmutstiel, @allinhishands, @allthatsupernaturallife, @lovemydean-o-saur, @sex-in-cars-with-boys, @sevendevilsinmyimpala, @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit, @sdavid09, @rizlowwritessortof, @charred-angelwings, @escabell, @supernaturalblogging, @shameless-danni, @waywardjoy, @iateglitter, @thinkwritexpress, @kindnessalwayswins89, @dontcallmebabe-ok, @love-me-some-pie21, @wwecrazed2010

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You stayed in the shower for a long time, then wasted as much time as you could in the bathroom. You brushed and flossed your teeth, washed your mouth out twice. You dried your hair and brushed it until it was shiny. You pulled some of it away from your face, pinning it back, leaving some of it down around your shoulders. You thought about putting makeup on, but the slight ache in your head led you to decide against it. 

When you’d wasted as much time as you could, you opened the door and walked to the kitchen, going straight for the coffeepot and pouring yourself a cup. You took a sip, then turned back to see Jess sitting at the table. You gave her a smile, lifting your cup to your lips.

“How you feeling?”
“Like shit. I’m so ready for a nap it’s not even funny.”

You gave a quiet laugh, then set your cup aside, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Why aren’t you sleeping, then?”
“I wanted to see how my friend was.”

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I’m a dacey fan, but I’m mostly a Lacey fan. It just sucks that Danny went through all he did just to get Lacey, than turn around and say “It’s always bee you, Jo.” Like does he have a thing where he can’t stand to see either Lacey or Jo has a boyfriend. He broke up Archie and Lacey. I was rooting for Danny to get Lacey, but now it’s like Lacey would’ve been much happier and appreciated better if she had stayed with Archie instead of falling for Danny’s charm.

Danny dropped Lacey like a hot tamale and he never came to ask how she was doing. Everything that came out of Danny’s mouth had to be about Jo, even when Danny and Lacey were together!

And now Lacey left the one guy that actually treated her right. Besides the fact that he was the one who framed Danny, he actually was going to let Lacey back in and forgave her for being with Danny, but because Lacey’s feelings for Danny was so great, she ended up choosing Danny.

That was the moment that Dacers were really happy. Until Twisted 1B came up, the shit really hit the fan. They brought Lacey and Danny back together only to break them up again, like wtf! And now Archie is gone all her friends are gone and are not her friend. Danny has a new-found love for Jo. Charlie was obsessed with Lacey and now he likes Jo. Jo this. Jo that. 

It just sucks so bad that Lacey has suffered through so much yet no one cares. And Danny had the audacity to break up Lacey and Archie, soon realizing that he has feelings for Jo out of nowhere, and practically ruining Lacey’s life. Why doesn’t Lacey get an apology? Why doesn’t Lacey get to cry and let her feelings all out? Why does her heart have to be broken and never fixed, while Jo gets to have her pity moments?

I don’t hate Jo. I don’t. I don’t really care at this point if Janny happens. What I really care about is that Lacey has someone who cares about her and has a family to be with her. I want Lacey to have someone who was by her side and appreciated her as Archie once had. But I guess that’s too much to ask from the writers. Now that I’m looking at Twisted 1A, I see that maybe it was best for Lacey to stay away from Danny and maybe Archie wouldn’t have framed Danny. Maybe no one would have gotten hurt including Jo. Or maybe the writers would still try and create the mess that they did. All I know is that I kind of miss Archie and Lacey moments, though I’m still and will always be a Dacey fan.

How Vikram Desai was fucking half of the green grove suburban housewife population but he wasn’t fucking tess? How Vikram Desai didn’t give a shit about letting his son go down for murder but he somehow cared so much about tess’s baby that wasn’t even his? why lacey never got to bitchslap Jo? Why Judy porter never got to go off on kyle Masterson for not doing shit when her baby’s privacy was violated? Why lacey never got to tell danny that he ain’t shit? why danny never got to call Jo out for being a thirsty ass ain’t shit friend? how didn’t danny not know whitney was shady when he grew up knowing her and according to her momma she came out the womb a shady bitch? Why Jo gets to suck face with half of green grove high and still not be called out for being a thirsty hoe? why did andie even exist? why didn’t lacey get to side-eye rico everytime his lame jo lovin ass breathed her air? why lacey never ate lunch in 1B? how danny learned how to drive?why didn’t danny drive his own damn car to find his special snowflake jo? how tara had time to babysit jo, danny, and lacey all the time when she had a child of her own to raise? how as tara in all them old family pics but her child was no where to be seen? How danny ain’t know he had a fake cousin? how come nobody got to call tess and her daughter out for hoping on random dick when they can’t get the Desai dick? how come we never got to know if danny got the nookie from lacey? how the soccer team make it to the regionals in 1A but in 1B they acting like season just starting? why judy never got to comfort/talk to  her children after finding out her marriage really ended and her family was torn apart because of his secret? how tess ain’t know if it was a boy or a girl that came outta her shady cooch? how nobody noticed charlie existed and disappeared after tara was murdered? WHY THE FUCK WAS TARA MURDERED? was vikram fucking the red head lady too? why that bitch killed regina? Did doug and louise ever get suspended for releasing danny and lacey’s private moment? why everybody always lying about how great Jo is? why we got to see masterson family movie night but never got to see the porter family discuss a very important family situation? WHY THE FUCK WAS MASTERSON SEX EVEN A THING? how we got masterson sex but no dacey sex? why did danny turn into suck a bitch made Jo chaser?how did rico even know it was a necklace karen threw into that lake when it was night time and he was 1000 feet away? how vikram had all these hoes crazy over him? why did vik even fake his death? where was his ass all this time? if he was fucking gloria crane why was tess the one to finally lure him back to town (but they wasn’t fucking tho o_O)? why did karen throw a casserole at tess shady ass only to later be bffs and bond over how vik was’t shit? how come karen didn’t call tess out on her 180 on vikram? why didn’t lacey get to repair her friendship with sarita? why did sarita disappear? why did half the green grove high population disappear? does archie still live in town or nah? I thought cole was danny homeboy where he went? if jo so great why so don’t have more friends? why lacy gotta be the one to solve everybody shit while nobody give a fuck about her? why lacey still claiming the trio when the trio ain’t claiming her? why the trio went from being a trio as kids to a duo plus 1 as kids? why Jo still salty? why karen stopped being a fly ass housewife to rocking a damn braid and messy tess masterson hair? how jack go from living at a random ass boat house to all of a sudden plotting with his daughter and charlie to infiltrate the desai family? how come vikram came back only to die in like 5 minutes? how lacey went from being super guarded to letting a shady bitch like whitney into her life all willy nilly? why lacey never got to bitch slap danny? shit why lacey never got to curse not a single person on the show out? why Jo went from being a miserable bitch to an insufferable bitch? what kinda voodoo Jo got on everybody to make them think she so special and great without receipts to back that up? why jo got to cry because she willingly tossed that v card at tyler but lacey never got to cry when the whole school saw her being intimate with her boyfriend?WHY NOBODY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT LACEY? and WHY LACEY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THESE PEOPLE WHO DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HER? how charlie managed to share a room with danny in juvie? how charlie knew danny was his cousin but danny ain’t know charlie was his cousin? how come nobody remembers that Jo is a flaky disloyal heaux? why kyle can’t tell that his wife and daughter ain’t shit? why did the lady cop disappear? where eddie ass came from? why eddie was a better cop than kyle? WTF was the purpose of MARNA inc? WTF did vik used to do in connecticut? why he had that apartment under his name? what kinda hardened criminal that can flawlessly fake his own death put a secret apartment in his own name? why was tess adopted baby more involved in the plot that lacey? why did andie’s parents make an random ass appearance for 2 minutes but clara wasn’t at her own party? Did clara’s gymnastic’s coach move to seattle to be with samuel or nah? did judy pull clara outta gymnastics after learning about how the coach was fucking with her husband? what kinda friendship did judy have with tess and karen? how did the trio even become friends? WHAT THE FUCK WAS TWISTED ABOUT THIS PREDICTABLE ASS SHOW? 

Twisted 1x14 Emotions:

Green Grove:

Danny doesn’t need your pity Green grove.When Danny pulls out that $10 million…they are gonna be throwing petals at his feet…green Grove is going to be on some best friend shit with Danny. Danny better be like: 

Mofos never loved us…but wait umm Vikram…self defense or nah?


Umm you guys when did Danny learn to drive…in juvie or nah? But wait…when did Danny even get a License? Dafuq. Danny needs to come clean because this is really beating him up and I hate to see Danny like this, he needs to go to Chief Masterson (with the support of Jo or not) and tell him what happened, it was self defense…I mean hasn’t he learned about how much damage secrets can do. Danny needs to start taking control of his life and not letting others control for him. 


Cole called Lacey a bad ass for getting shit done…my dawg! But Sarita had me dying though…still a bitch. In the beginning of the episode I just wanted to hug Lacey man my baby was in pain…I was waiting on the hashtag of #PoorLacey to appear on my screen but you know what I’m not even mad cause Lacey trended anyways and she’s not a victim.I know some people were saying that Lacey was acting too desperate… but the girl is 16, she’s drunk in love, all she wanted to do was ride her surfboard…is that really too much to ask for? But when don’t fuck with me Lacey came back I gave her a standing ovation because she needed to put Jo and Danny in their place the ghost Judy and Clara past would be so proud ( or would they) Lacey was pointing fingers at Jo…good times. Also, I still don’t understand why Lacey has to always apologize to Jo.


I had to call life alert on the last three minutes because I had fallen and I couldn’t get up. Lacey loved Danny since they were little…I knew it! Lacey needs to let Danny finish his sentences though. I just don’t understand why he won’t just tell Lacey what happened, I know he might be scared for her reaction but I think he should respect her enough to tell her and let her handle it on her own. That kiss was everything! I was thinking about that scene where Danny told Jo to leave and she didn’t and I was thinking about if it was Lacey who was there that night, she would have bounced out of there so fast like there was no tomorrow…remember in Connecticut when that security guard came outside and how fast Lacey jump into her car and was ready to peace the fuck out?


Bitch got caught…she wasn’t ready.


kyle had Tess like:

Season 1A: Tess you need to check your husband.

Season 1B: Kyle you need to check your shady wife.

Bruh I was jumping up in down when Tess got caught…her lies finally caught up with her ( she had me rolling my eyes when she broke the vase…bitch its already been done breaking vases won’t change your shadiness). Dude I felt so bad for kyle when he was like “I’m your husband!” Kyle man your wife has been acting up with that Desai D.

Grease Lightning

Prompt from anon: I really want dean in a high school musical


“Suspension?” Bobby felt anger start to boil inside of him as he glanced over at Dean with a glare that would make the devil shiver.

“Dean was the lead student who pulled a ‘senior prank’ by painting my car bright orange with paint that doesn’t wash off. I had to scrub it off. For hours.” Principal Harvelle gave Dean a heated glance before clasping her hands over the desk and giving Bobby a straight face. “Suspension is kind. Dean has never been trouble to me before, but there has to be consequences.”

“I understand perfectly.” Bobby let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “But you have to understand, Dean isn’t my son. I am watching over him-“

“Bobby.” Dean gritted out as he kept his stare down toward the ground but still didn’t want his sob story to be known by his principal.

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