they better get more screentime next season!

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S4 was a let down for the poor klance shippers. Lance didn't even notice keith. Allura noticed him. Like a lover. Klance is dead.

i mean i won’t be too happy if they go w allurance since shiro is still way more respectful of her, but i don’t fault the season for having allurance moments instead of klance moments. klance shippers so clearly rate the quality by the amount of klance, lance screentime and keith screentime. shiro and allura didn’t really get much screentime or ship bait besides fun “they’re standing next to each other” stuff, but i’m not complaining? get in line assholes, esp keef stans, it sure isn’t fun when your fave is gone from the team and they go on better without him, is it?

Bye Nina, Bye Elena...

Why are anti Elena people and Stelena shippers in our tags talking about the show is about Elena and it will flop without her. Please I watch this show for Stefan Salvatore the vampire with the diary and his messy relationship with his brother Damon and Damon’s new growing relationship with a witch name Bonnie Bennett. The show already flopped in season 5 anyways, it is on it’s last leg.

And you guys are fully aware that Bamon shippers put Bonnie first, so of course our only thoughts are, Is Kat returning? Will she get more screentime? And then, Will Bamon happen?

For us, McQueen, Trevino and Dobrev leaving is great, chances are Kat will get a better contract with the show now that less people are returning back. The CW knew before they renewed the series that Nina didn’t want to return, but they renewed it anyways letting Ian and Paul carry out the series together with the remaining cast members. Next season is optional, we knew many of the main cast members weren’t going to return. If you even pay attention to the show they have been pushing Elena into the background a lot lately she hasn’t had a storyline until now with the cure and planning her future for the next 5 episodes. Caroline and Bonnie are the ones getting storylines and building stronger relationships with the Salvatore brothers this season.

Anyways season 7 will probably be the last season anyways so I doubt Plec is worried about ratings to help her get an 8th season. So let’s just wait until the final episode of the S6 to see what happens before we jump the guns.

I sure as hell hope we get Dominion S2.

Because that fucking ending?

How many sides are there now? ARE THERE SIDES?

The only thing I know for sure is that Uriel is playing her own game and is on her own side, possibly manipulating everyone she ever met.

Everyone else is just either really conflicted, a complete dick or both.

  • Alex is way too prideful of his own role and tends to be unable to play his part without emotions taking control over him. He expects way too much out of himself..
  • Claire clearly attained certain level of power-hungry and I doubt she will be as nice as she was at the start of the season, what’s with all the shit that went through. Any other show would get all preachy via her character as some sort of moral compass, who wants to save everyone, but Dominion chose to portray her as a human.  And now pretty much everyone in her life betrayed her or left her. If anything she will continue to grow darker and will have to make harder and darker decisions as time goes on. I hope she gets far more screentime next season because her character got REALLY interesting Ep5 to EP8. Somehow I feel that she and David will be the people the show will use to display the full spectrum of both Michael and Gabriel’s viewpoint of humanity.
  • Michael and Gabriel both are batshit insane monsters. Just because one stands for humanity and other goes against it, does not mean either is “better” as a person. They do not have same moral values, they do not have same definition of “good” and “evil”. Its the case of blue and orange morality where killing is just another day in the life of a really messed up family with daddy issues. I would not be surprised on if Lucifer ends up being the only “good guy” of the family, in a twist
  • David is arguably the most human character. Its hilarious that someone who looked like a complete monster at the start is now surrounded by monsters. I think he does realize what a monster he made out of his son via how he treated him.

In short this show REALLY managed to pull off the idea of everyone being a morally conflicted asshole.

And I really hope we get Season Two, because I want to see those plotlines continued.