they better freak when everything ends

Should you fight VIXX?

N: I’d lay down my life for my mother, don’t you dare touch Hakyeon. Me and Leo are already on the way to your place to give you a good scolding. Also bc Taekwoonie had too much coffee and he needs to use the restroom so pls open up.

Leo: yes wtf he’s so bipolar. Everyone knows this hamster is a freak when the cameras are off. He’s 50/50 a sadist so idk man he’s most likely got a voodoo doll of you somewhere if you try and start shit. He got some pretty long legs so you better be a track star and run quickly.

Ken: ok listen… he’s my bf and everything but he’s out here coming for our lives every time he does aegyo, and I’ve had enough. You should fight him 100 % but he’s too pretty and someone is gonna end up crying, most likely you. FYI Ravi is planning your murder rn and especially making sure no one finds a body.

Ravi: man you gotta be a serial killer to want to fight this fool. Too busy for you and your antics. Won’t even know what your deal is and ignore your ass if you start throwing punches. Next thing you know he’s spittin bars about Bobby and how no one appreciates him. Just leave this emotional bee alone.

Hongbin: sassy bean is really emo bean. Doesn’t mean any harm, you don’t gotta fight him tbh he’ll just apologize and cringe while trying to do aegyo. He’ll most likely cry if you touch him and his precious hair so pls be gentle.

Hyuk: man this kid will body slam you if you even look at him for too long, no second thought. This dude will pick you up and drag you on the floor and sit on you for like 4 hours until he’s done scolding you. You’ll end up giving him your lunch money and change, don’t even try.

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I am a big dumb idiot who managed to lose the request proper, but it was for RFA + Minor Trio accidentally slamming a door into MC’s face and giving them a nosebleed. 



  • takes one look at you and almost cries 
  • oh no please forgive him he didn’t mean to he’s not going to be an abusive husband he swears it was JUST AN ACCIDENT 
  • seriously won’t stop apologizing and you tell him that you know a way to fix it and make everything fine again 
  • “tell me i’ll do ANYTHING” 
  • you grin and - even as your nose is still dripping blood - you say… 
  • “just give me a kiss and that’ll make the pain go away” 
  • yoosung turns into a tomato. 
  • …….also ur cleaning up the blood first seriously let’s get some tissues. 


  • you are fine c h i l l it hurts but seriously it’s fine 
  • he waxes eloquent about how he failed in his duties of being you’re perfect prince and is like “do it to me, too”
  • uh no Zen ur face puts food on the table
  •  he demands some recompense though so you’re like, alright fine, wear cat ears for a day he agrees
  • but he’s already sneezing by noon and refuses to take them off because HE PROMISED


  •  this woman is so tired. 
  • like she is just dead on her feet and slams ur face with the door in her dazed stupor 
  • she just stares at you in as you hold your face and tear up
  • just stares 
  • in complete incomprehension,
  • like she can’t really process what’s happening. 
  • then she’s like “oh shoot i can, i can fix it” 
  • “bathroom” 
  • “i’ll do first aid” 
  • “we’ll fix this i’m so sorry” 
  • thats what she says but what she actually does is grab your arm and drag you to the laundry room, while you’re going like “Jaehee, I’m fine, it just stings. JAEHEEEEEE I’M FIIINNEEEE” 
  • (you have to grab her by her shoulders to get her to listen, and then you put some coffee into this poor tired woman.)


  • he must assess the damage before he can proceed 
  • unfortunately, the damage is whoops you start reflexively crying, and Jumin doesn’t know what to do about that. 
  • you try to tell him that um you’re fine, but your bawling doesn’t really lend any credibility to your case 
  • things calm down after like, 15 minutes, which Jumin spends hugging you and cleaning your face for you
  •  he feels so bad and makes you breakfast for the next week 


  •  ok so as soon as he realizes what happened he falls to his knees and starts speaking like a Shakespearean actor about the tragedy that has befallen his One True Love
  • you play along and collapse to the floor, pretending to be dying “O, woe is me, for I have been so brutally slain by my own lover” 
  • the two of you go on like this until you’ve forgotten that it hurts and the both of you are giggling on the floor
  • he says he really is sorry, though, and to prove it he shoves some honey buddha chips into your face
  • (honey buddha chips fix everything) 
  • when you finally ACTUALLY clean your face, he tells you that you look like a zombie and you smack him lightly. 


  • You start crying and V apologizes a million times because he FEELS TERRIBLE 
  • (like, he has an excuse for doing it but THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER OMGGGGGGG)
  • omg he’ll make you tea he’ll get you something to clean ur nose, it isn’t broken right?? 
  • ahh 
  • (he can’t even drive you to the doctor) 
  • honestly you. you kind of end up comforting V more than he ends up comforting you. 
  • (this tender flower freaks out about hurting bugs, much less you.) 
  • he also doesn’t have tissues at his house so you have to use napkins. 
  • (well that’s going on the shopping list.)

Unknown (Saeran)

  • After accidentally smacking you, he stares at you for a moment before slamming his own face into the door.
  • Tears are coming down your face and you’re like “WHY DID U HIT URSELF WTF” 
  • he is kind of tearing up himself just from the pain and he’s like “I HIT ME FOR U” 
  • so the both of you are in pain and bleeding profusely together, and then sit on the couch with tissues up your nose 
  • “this is a weird morning,” you idly comment, your voice kind of stuffy from your plugged nose, and he’s like 
  • “yeah.” 
  • “let’s not actually go outside and just watch TV or something.” 
  • “sounds great.”


  • Vanderwood mother hens the shit out of you and knows exactly what to do 
  • honestly they are like the most competent and equipped to handle this though they also apologize the least. 
  • SRSLY” 
  • (way to own up to your mistakes Vanderwood) 
  • after you’re all fixed up though, they do look away and quietly mumble a single “sorry”. 
  • (you know they feel really bad about it, even if they don’t say much.) 
Music Series: Don’t You Remember by Adele

Thank you Anon for the request! I love Adele beyond words. It’s deep and it’s real.

That being said, I have had major mixed feelings on this story. So much of Adele’s music is about the bitterness of heartbreak. I cannot and will not write Harry in a bad light, when we all know what a great person he is. And I don’t like the idea of writing ‘the reader’ as a bad guy, and everything having a terrible ending. I love angst, but this song was tough to catch it just right.

So I did what I do with any story I’m struggling with, and decide what I want to accomplish with it, what the characters feel, and what I want the readers to hopefully feel after reading it. My goal was for Harry to still be loved, for ‘the reader’ to not be completely hated (because who wants to read a 2nd person narrative and come out feeling like shit from it, right?), and I wanted the problem to be resolved and to be as happy as I could make it be when the song clearly states they are not together. I can only turn that key so many ways with my writing.

So, this is the product of my first request today, to Adele’s “Don’t You Remember” (please bow to the soulful queen). You can find this song on my Spotify playlist called Gloomy Poops, Here.

Just a quick note: I’m back to work this week after a week’s vacation last week, which allowed me to do a major amount of writing. I apologize if I don’t pump out as much now (I work 10 to 12 hour days), but I promise to continue posting my stories as long as you all seem to want me to. Thank you for reading, liking, requesting, and reblogging!




When will I see you again? You left with no goodbye,

Not a single word was said, no final kiss to seal any sins,

I had no idea of the state we were in,

I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness,

And a wandering eye, and heaviness in my head,

He was gone. Just like that. No goodbye. No hug or kiss to your cheek. He was done.

You knew things had changed lately in your relationship with Harry. In the beginning it felt amazing, and you both seemed happy, as you became fast friends and quickly began dating over the past few months. But as time went on, you sensed he wasn’t happy and that his feelings were changing for you. But you didn’t want to believe it, causing you to cling on even tighter than you already were.

You were smothering him.

You weren’t the same person Harry had once had feelings for. Your insecurities had killed your chances with him. You had become so unstable in your actions and behavior, seeing you playfully flirt with other men, and feeling he couldn’t even trust you with his own emotions and feelings. If he didn’t get back with you immediately when you texted, you freaked out, and you were constantly questioning everything he said and did, making him feel under a microscope. You had become a stress to him that he didn’t need, and he felt it was better to end it now than to drag it out and make it worse, possibly even losing the friendship. He didn’t hate you, he just realized it wasn’t like being in love. After all, being in love and loving someone were two different things.

He was gone. Told you he needed his space, and it was the perfect time for it with tour beginning. Your relationship wasn’t easy and relaxed anymore, and he needed it to be over.

When was the last time you thought of me?

Or have you completely erased me from your memory?

I often think about where I went wrong,

The more I do, the less I know,

But don’t you remember? Don’t you remember?

The reason you loved me before,

Baby, please remember me once more

Months earlier you had bought a ticket for one of Harry’s shows, hoping to surprise him after a couple of months of being away. You knew it probably wasn’t a good idea to go, but you just wanted to see him again. There was no real need to talk. You knew it was over. You just wanted to be where he was, one last time. You missed his friendship…more if you were being completely honest…but you respected his decision, and you were beginning to understand.

For two months you had had no contact with him, but you had a lot of time to reflect on the situation and lose the bitterness you had harbored early on in the breakup. You only hoped that someday he would forgive you and want to be friends again. But if not, you understood and accepted it was your own fault for what happened that pushed him away.

As you walked into the small, intimate venue, you cling along a wall, staying back where you thought he wouldn’t see you, and watched as Harry performed. He was spirited and charismatic on the stage, just as he always was, but it was bittersweet to you now. It made you feel like he had completely written you out of his memory, already. He seemed…happy again.

You press your back against the wall, arms wrapped around yourself, in a room full of people, feeling completely alone. As you watch Harry sing and intermingle with the crowd, you suddenly see a different Harry than the one you had been dating recently. You see the Harry you became smitten with months before. The one who was fun and full of life. And you realized that it was your actions and behavior that was zapping the life out of him lately. He was really a wonderful man, and you felt terrible for thinking badly of him for leaving you. You were both better off apart.

Gave you the space so you could breathe,

I kept my distance so you would be free,

And hoped that you’d find the missing piece,

To bring you back to me

You could see it now. Maybe subconsciously you always knew that you and Harry didn’t make a perfect couple, that your personalities weren’t made for a relationship together. And how could you compare to the amazing life he had? Maybe you did lose your way a bit. Maybe you did become a bit obsessive with him, afraid that you were going to lose him. And maybe you’re seeing now that he was never really yours to lose.

You understood now. You were suffocating him. Smothering him to the point that he couldn’t breathe or enjoy being with you anymore. Your eyes were opening to how you had been lately, and you felt sad. Sad that you had put Harry through the shit you put him through. Sad that you had now lost something that was once at least a good friendship, even if never a great relationship. You knew you had to let him go, and hope maybe he would still want to be friends. Who knew? Maybe someday you would grow up enough to be what he needed you to be, as you were sure you had lost that now. You hoped that when he would remember you, that he would remember the real you. The one he met months before and enjoyed spending time with. Not the one you had become recently.

Why don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember?

The reason you loved me before,

Baby, please remember me once more,

When will I see you again?

As the show was ending, your earlier thoughts of maybe trying to talk to Harry were gone. You were letting him go from a relationship he had let go of months before. You had lost a good friend, and someone you had once really enjoyed spending time with. You made each other laugh, and that’s what you thought you would miss the most, and what you hoped most that he would remember.

You stand back as the small crowd begins to leave, not eager to fight a crowd or a full parking lot while waiting on a taxi to take you back to the airport for the flight home. Finally the crowd thins enough that you make your way toward the doors. As you are about to step out into the cool night air, you feel a hand on your wrist. You quickly turn and see Harry, a slight grin on his face. It wasn’t awkward as it had been the last few weeks of your relationship. The old relaxed feeling was there once again, comfortable as friends are with each other.

You look at him and smile back to him, hoping he can see on your face the regret that you feel, because words have left you. His smile becomes more broad as he wraps his arms around your shoulders and holds you closely for a moment, then leans away, walking backward, looking at you and waving toward you, before turning around and walking away down the hallway.

No words were needed. It was enough to Harry that you had come to show your support to him, knowing that you wouldn’t have done that if you were still angry. You knew Harry was never angry with you over the situation, or his need to breakup with you. Maybe now you could rest in knowing there were no hard feelings.

Maybe letting go of Harry wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Calling For Help

“Please, mate? I could really use your help.” Joe pleaded into the phone.

“I’m sure one of the others would be more…qualified to take care of her. Or even Y/F/N! What is she doing?” Josh asked, phone pressed to his ear.

“Everyone is busy, and I’m not able to get back. Please, Josh. Y/N just needs someone to grab her stuff from the shops and to make sure she eats. That’s all. It’ll be easy.”


“Josh, I never ask you for anything. I’m asking you now. Please, go take care of my sick girlfriend. It’s for two days. Not even!”

“Fine.” He conceded, “I’ll go.”

“Thank you! You’re a life saver.”

“She’s not dying, is she?!”

“No!” Joe laughed, “It’s just a saying. Y/N will let you in, I’ll text her to say you’re going over.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Josh mumbled, heading to his bedroom to gather a few items. “You owe me, Sugg.”

“I know, I do.” Joe replied sincerely. “Thank you, honestly.”

“Good luck with your meetings.” Josh told him before ending the call.

“Hello.” Y/N smiled as she opened the door, but she leaned heavily against it. “Joe was exaggerating, you didn’t need to come over.”

Josh opened his mouth to reply, but she began to couch harshly, gripping the door so she wouldn’t fall over.

“Apparently I did.” He told her, frowning as he put an arm around her. “Back to the couch. Or bed. Which one?”

“Couch.” Y/N replied, wincing at the rawness in her throat. “Stairs are too much.”

“Right.” Josh kicked the door shut behind them as he lead her back to living room, wondering if she should be shaking that much.

Once she was curled up on the couch once again, a couple of blankets wrapped around her, he stood in front of her.

“Now what?”

Laughing softly, she nodded towards the kitchen. “Can you manage tea?”

“Yes. I think so.”

“Do you know where anything is?”


“Of course not,” She sighed. “Well, the kettle is on the counter, and the tea is in the cupboard beside the fridge.” Nodding, Josh headed for the kitchen, and after a little bit of a struggle, he managed to get the water boiling before searching through the cupboard for the tea.

“No, the other cupboard!” Y/N called from the couch, laughter laced through her words. “Oh, you are hopeless!”

“Don’t you dare get up!” Josh said sternly, noticing her make a move to stand up. “You are sick. And Joe will kill me if you get hurt.”

“I won’t get hurt if I walk towards the kitchen.”

“Just stay there.” Josh pointed at her, and rolling her eyes, Y/N settled back against the couch.

By time the water was boiling, he managed to find the tea, and made them both a mug. Only spilling a little bit on his walk back over to the couch, he settled in beside her, studying her face..

There was no doubt that she was sick. Her skin was pale and had a light sheen from sweat, there were bags under her eyes, and her hands still shook slightly as she lifted the mug to her lips.

“Stop staring. I know I look like shit.” Y/N mumbled, smiling when Josh jumped.

“You look fine.”

“Sure I do. Want to watch a movie?”

“Yeah, okay.” A movie, he could handle that. This taking care of Joe’s sick girlfriend should be easy.

Except it wasn’t.

Because they ran out of cold medicine, and the shops had closed early because it was a Sunday. Josh offered to go farther, to find a Tesco, but Y/N insisted she would be fine.

Until her fever suddenly spiked, and Josh began to freak out. He didn’t know what to do, or how to help. But he refused to call Joe. Because his mate had asked him to come help, and he was meant to be reliable.

So Josh did the next best thing: he called Conor.

“What’s up?”

“You’re at home, right?” Josh said quickly, eyes darting over to the shivering body curled up on the couch. Y/N was also groaning lightly, her arms wrapped around her stomach, and her eyes were closed tightly.

Josh was terrified something was really wrong with her.

“In Brighton? Yeah.” Conor replied, “You know this.”

“Can I talk to your mum?”


“Conor, please!”

“Just a moment.” Conor told him, still confused. But there was some muffled talking before a kind voice carried through the speaker.

“Hello, Josh.”

“Hi, Helen. I need your help.”

“What’s wrong, dear?” Her voice turned worried, her motherly instinct kicking in.

“Uhm, I’m over at Joe’s taking care of his girlfriend, Y/N. She’s sick. But…well. I don’t know what to do. And she doesn’t look very good. And she’s shaking and pale and groaning and help.”

“Alright, first, take a breath.” Helen said calmly, and Josh did as told. “Now, have you taken her temperature recently?”

“Yes. About twenty minutes ago. It was near a hundred.”

“Hmm, that’s not good, but not bad enough to bring to the hospital. And you said she was shaking?”

“Quite a lot.”

“That’s okay, her body is just trying to fight the virus. Has she had anything to eat today?” Helen continued her questioning, and Josh glanced over at the kitchen counter, where the plate of half eaten toast still sat.

“A little bit of toast. And some tea to drink earlier.”

“Good. Simple things are all she can handle for now. Any vomiting?”

“Not yet. But she’s got her arms wrapped around her stomach.”

“Might want to grab a bucket, or move her closer to the bathroom.”

“Oh.” Josh said simply, and Helen laughed lightly.

“You’re doing fine, dear. Honestly. It’s hard, taking care of someone. Because there’s only so much that can be done.”

“What…what can I do for now?” Josh asked her, moving closer to Y/N.

“Keep her warm. Get her to drink a little bit of water. And if she does start to vomit, she’ll probably want some crackers after. I wouldn’t worry too much about the medicine, you can pop out and grab some tomorrow. If her temperature goes any higher though, you may have to take her to the hospital.” Helen told him and Josh felt a slight bout of panic at that.


“Yes, but only if it gets worse. Check her temperature every hour, and feel free to call Conor again to talk to me if you need anything else. Are you going to be alright?”

“I, uhm, I think so. Thank you, Helen.”

“Any time, Josh. I’ll ring you tomorrow to check in on Y/N. Good night.”

“Night.” Josh muttered, ending the call.

When Joe came home the next evening, Josh met him at the door.

Never ask me to do that again.”

“Was it that bad?” Joe blinked up at the taller man.

“He did fine!” Y/N called from the other room.

Never again.” Josh repeated, following Joe into the living room.

“Hello, love.” Joe smiled over at Y/N, dropping a kiss on her head. “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” She replied, smiling up at him. “Josh just got a little freaked out when my fever spiked.”

“Was everything okay?” Joe frowned a little, glancing between the two.

“After I called for help, yes.” Josh shrugged.

“Help?” Joe laughed, “Who in the world did you call?”

“Mama Maynard.” Y/N answered as Josh blushed. “She seems like a very lovely woman.”

“I’m going home now. I am never taking care of a sick person ever again.” Josh shook his head, picking up his bag. “I don’t care if I’m the last resort, Joe. Never again.”

“Bye, Josh!” Y/N called after him while Joe continued to laugh.

Poor Josh, he ended up sick in bed two days later.

Y/N and Joe offered to come over to help take care of him. He told them to piss off.

Friendly Meddling

Summary/Request from @hiitsmecharlie: (Y/N) works at WWE, but she can easily pass by unnoticed at the job (not all the famous type etc). She’s really shy, but once you know her really cute and funny. She likes Seth from the moment she laid eyes on him and so does he, but neither of them actually believes the other may be interested so neither does anything to actually get to know each other. Does it makes sense? Make it cuteeee and flufly

FYI- GO READ HER FICS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. She’s an epic writer and a really amazing person.

Warnings: My usual swearing and fluff. Also, long fic.

Word count: 4,500+

Bonus: There is a The Princess Bride reference hidden in here…

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You know what pisses me off about the Anti Jashi Fandom? Most fans wanted them as a lame father and daughter relationship and yet Jack and Ashi grew to love to be happy and finally found true love and shared their first kiss and i started loving them so much as a romantic relationship and yet people constantly just don’t understand the Jashi relationship and yet It disappoints me when Jashi gets the most hate out of everything and yet Jashi needs to be deserved as a much better couple from the fans. DEAL WITH IT IT!!! IT’S NOT LIKE JASHI IS A COMPLETE SHIPPING TOO YOU AND YET IT JUST UPSETS ME WHEN THEY DESERVED TO BE HATED ON THE ANTI FANS? EVEN PHIL LAMARR AND TARA STRONG SUPPORTS THEM ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP. SHOW SOME FREAKING RESPECT PEOPLE!! :( IT IS NOT LIKE JASHI IS RUINING YOUR LIFE OR ENDING THE WORLD ON YOU!! STOP BEING SO RUDE AND RACIST FOR ONCE ANTI FANS. LET THE TWO LOVE BIRDS JUST BE HAPPY FOR ONCE THEY COMPLETELY DESERVED. JASHI IS LOVE ADORBLE PERFECT AND DAMN RIGHT MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!! SERIOUSLY BUT TAKING IT OUT ON JASHI BEING CANON IS UNACCEPTABLE AND DISRESPECTFUL SHOW CANON COUPLES THE WAY YOU WANTED TO BE TREATED ANTI FANDOM!! :(

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what Olly loves in Trish? and what Trish loves in Olly?

I think Olly loves that Trish is smart and creative and that she’s like the angel on his shoulder when he’s about to do something stupid( even though he doesn’t listen every time) and I think that he likes that she see’s more in him then him just being a fuck up and thinks he can do better for himself then just ending up in jail, drinking himself to death or dying young from being involved in gang shit, he likes that shes concerned for him and cares cause that’s not something that he’s had a lot of. That she’s different from everyone he knows  and all her little quirks ( lol she’s a neat freak and everything in her apartment is just so, he moves stuff on her bookshelves to see if she notices and she always does) she’s something stable in his life + she pretty cute too u w u! 
I can’t speak for @goblinqueenbluebie‘s character but I think Trish like’s that Olly is a goofball and that he’s a giant kid?? I’ll have to ask her and update dis 

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu (Rerun) Tokyo Daisenshuuraku Report (May 8th 2016)


Felicia again!!!
I’m back from watching Haikyuu Stage, Tokyo Daisenshuuraku (last show)!!

Basically I felt too many feelings yesterday, my chest feels so full and I can’t express my feeling last night. I cried and laughed a lot during and at the end of the show. Oh great now I sounds like a teenage girl on her rebellious age who is emotionally unstable ((´д`))

I learned my lesson from watching Haikyuu Stage on Miyagi last December, that it’s better to take a note and NOTE EVERYTHING I SAW on the stage! Because there are sooooo many scenes that are not captured by the camera on the DVD! For example, when the main scene is Karasuno vs Seijo, you can’t see Sugamama & Yamaguchi jumping cutely like 2 cheerleaders on the side of the stage XD 

This time I took my note with me and I’m gonna make this report as detail as possible, so you guys could know the scenes that aren’t captured by the camera!

Beware: This post is gonna be freaking long.

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theforestlesbian  asked:

AU where the gang couldn't figure out how to get to Pylea (at least for a while) so princes Cordelia ended up saving Fred her damn self and they rule together for however long?

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

 - okay, the first thing cordy does when she becomes queen and actually has control over pylea was to free humans and slaves and whatnot, and cordy’s p sad bc none of the people she saved sounded like the girl who helped her, but then a while later she’s getting to know her new kingdom and she sees this crazy looking girl trying to hide and she just Knows. it was almost impossible for cordy to understand her at first but she was just so grateful, she somehow convinced fred to go back to the castle and convinced her she would be safe.

 - fred Never leaves cordy’s side. first bc everyone else scares her - they did try to kill her multiple times -, and then because cordy just makes her feel very, very comfortable. it was awkward at first when fred insisted she had to sleep in cordy’s bedroom and cordy was decidedly Not happy about it, but turns out fred’s cute and she doesn’t make too much noise, so she could stay.

 - at first it was just gratitude, but soon cordy finds out she Needs fred. fred knows everything about pylea and their culture, she knows about their food, costumes, language ((kinda))… people in pylea grow to really like cordy as a ruler and a lot of that has to do with fred. thing is, for the most part fred doesn’t even know she’s helping so much. she just really likes cordy and when she likes people, she rambles. cordy’s spent Hours just listening to fred talk and talk about everything that happened to her since she got there.

 - fred never Really begins to recover from her ptsd while she’s still in pylea, she’s still jumpy and afraid, and she still writes on walls, but her sanity shines through here and there. cordy can see there’s an actual person behind that crazy, and she realizes how much she really cares about that girl, and how much she wants to help.

 -  cordy decides to throw feats as often as she can, for as many people as possible. it’s mostly a substitute for parties, that she misses greatly, but it doesn’t really work without the music - at least the drinks are Amazing. fred always eats too much and at the same time, regrets not eating more.

 - they don’t start dating or anything like that, at least until they’re back in LA - their whole situation is a little too crazy for that. but the signs are there. fred stopped sleeping in the extra bed, and now cuddles cordy every night, they’re always touching and smiling and laughing around each other, their goodnight kisses stopped happening only at night, and pyleans started using the word for “partner” when talking about fred - she’s too shy translate that to cordy. they’re yet to com-shuck tho.

 - no matter how many times cordy asked her to stop, fred always calls her princess. even if cordy is a Queen, and she wants to be called by her name, fred can’t help it. she’s as pretty as any princess she’s ever seen or read about, and she lives in an actual castle, and as far as fred’s concerned, they’re living their version of happily ever after.

Angel Rising: Part Eleven (Final Part)

Title: Angel Rising: Part Eleven

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Barry x Reader (What?! No cheating, don’t worry.)

Word Count: 3 880 (Sorry)

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Some swearing, small mention of blood, not graphic, a heated argument. Feels!

Summary: Continuation of part ten.

Author’s note: Oh my gosh you guys, it’s done! I can’t believe I just finished my first series!! I’m soo excited, and I really want to thank you guys for continuing to read it for this long! I’m sorry I didn’t post it last night like I usually do, but this is the last part and it required some extra time, so I hope you guys will forgive me, and enjoy! –xoxo Katie

You can read the rest of Angel Rising here:

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      The last ten minutes were a blur. You and Sam hit the ground with shaky feet, both of you practically collapsing onto the dusty dirt floor before you were caught – Sam by Dean and you by Barry. There were hugs and happy tears – mostly by you, because you still didn’t have your heightened angel emotions under control – confusion on your part as you wondered how Barry knew you were in trouble while Lucifer was in your head, and questions, so many questions - mostly from Sam. You tried to answer them as best you could in your bleary state, but Cas and Barry ended up doing most of the talking. Sam still looked confused after their explanation, but utterly too tired to care. He would understand tomorrow.

      Flying down had been even harder than going up, probably because you were already tired from your fight with Lucifer and you’d been carrying Sam, but you weren’t done yet. There was still one more thing you had to do before you left Hell, which is how you got to where you were now, with your blood-stained hand pressing against Crowley’s suited chest, about to give up a piece of your newly-acquired grace as forfeit for Sam’s life. A sacrifice you were more than prepared to make, yet you still found yourself hesitating.

      “Come on then, let’s get on with,” Crowley said as he waited not-so-patiently for you to keep up your end of the deal, which was that he would let you into Hell and you would give him the one thing he wanted most, but would never admit to anyone: humanity.

      You ignored his surly prodding and refocused on the task at hand, which you had to admit you weren’t totally comfortable with. Every time you’d practiced this on Barry you would take your grace back after a few seconds, allowing it to stray but never fully letting go. This time you had to let go. This time you had to give up a piece of yourself for good, and to Crowley no less, who’d made you pay this unevenly matched price to help you save your friend. It’s not like he even had to do anything, you were the one putting your neck on the line!

      “Angel,” Barry said softly as he placed his hand on your shoulder, dragging you back to reality and giving you a reassuring smile. He must have heard your thoughts again. You really had to get that under control! But then you gave Barry a slight smile and a nod and did what you promised you would, you gave Crowley humanity.

      A warm white light started glowing from underneath your hand as you allowed some of your grace to flow into Crowley - an action that seemed to make him both stiffen and relax at the same time - and then you did what you’d been dreading: you let go. You felt it like a jolt of electricity as you and Crowley staggered apart, the piece of your grace breaking away from you like a broken bone. No, a shattered bone. You hadn’t expected to feel the loss that much, since you never really felt your grace to begin with, but it was like a part of you was missing - which you guessed it was – but you didn’t think you were going to feel so empty.

      “Woah, are you okay?” Barry asked as his eyes got wide and he helped steady you. Clearly he hadn’t known what would happen either.

      “Yeah, I’m fine,” you said breathlessly. Barry didn’t look like he really believed you but he nodded anyway - you were glad you’d been able to convince Dean and Cas to take Sam back to the Impala. It wasn’t very nice to make Sam keep standing around when he didn’t have to and besides, you didn’t think Crowley would want an audience, and as it turned out, neither did you.

      “What about you Crowley? How do you feel?” you asked. “Or more accurately, do you feel?” Crowley snapped his head up at that.

      He still looked rather shocked, his expressions and body language once again teetering back and forth between anger and joy - though you weren’t sure who those emotions were directed towards – but then he smiled. Though it only lasted for a second, and he seemed to think better of it almost immediately, he smiled. “You guys know your way out,” he suddenly said, his face melting into a look of indifference, and then he was gone.

      “Well, I guess that takes care of him,” Barry said, eyeing the spot where Crowley used to be standing. “You ready to get out of here?” He was already moving towards the mouth of the staircase and for some reason he sounded agitated.

      “Yeah, uh, let’s go,” you said slowly, following Barry up the stone steps – which you still couldn’t believe Crowley thought was a good way to get into Hell – and wondering why his signature smile was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was just tired?

      He wasn’t.

      It had been almost a week since your unpleasant excursion to Lucifer’s cage and you were at the end of your wits.

      For the most part everything was fine; actually, for the most part, everything was great. Sam was feeling much better - with the exception of a few cuts and bruises – and he didn’t freak out too much when you told him how you got him out of the cage, though you suspected he felt guilty. Dean was much less afraid to touch you and far more agreeable now that he had his brother back – which was good for everyone. And Cas was, well, Cas, floating through life in blissful ignorance – yesterday he was googling new species of bees. But unfortunately, you didn’t have anything particularly good to say about Barry.

      Ever since you got back from Hell Barry had been distant. He always chose the seat furthest away from you in the library, he never wanted to train, even though you knew there was more you could learn, and he hardly ever smiled, except when you smiled at him. You didn’t think anyone else really noticed that, but you did. You just couldn’t understand what you’d done wrong!

      Against your better judgment you had become close to Barry. He’d made you mad at first, even creeped you out, and he always managed to find some way to annoy you, but in spite of all that you still felt drawn to him. You’d always just felt this natural ease around Barry, even when he was driving you crazy, even the first day you met him when you’d just learned he’d been watching you your whole life! You’d been understandably angry, and yet, you found your aggression towards Barry dissipating almost immediately. So even though Barry could irritate you to no end, he also made you feel safe and happy, and you just wanted your friend back. What happened to him?

      “So, what movie should we watch?” Dean said as he finished moving Sam’s bed. The bunker didn’t really have a living room so whenever you all watched something together everybody huddled in Sam’s bedroom – because he had a T.V. – and you’d move the bed lengthways across the back wall so you could all sit on it. Whenever Cas was here he had to drag a chair in from the library, which wasn’t very comfortable, but he didn’t really care.

      “Something fun – oof -” you flopped down on the bed, “ny,” you side with a grin.

      Dean laughed – it was nice to see him laugh – and said, “Got it. Something fun – oof –ny,” and threw you the remote so you could choose a movie to watch. You caught it without even thinking about it. Being an angel-human hybrid did have its perks, incredible remote catching reflects being one of them, but your immortality, the promise that one day you would have to watch everyone you love die, always hung over you like a thick fog. You pushed the thought to the back of your mind and refocused on your very-alive friends in front of you. There was no need to think about that now.

      You were watching Sam and Dean fight over what movie to watch from your spot on the bed when you saw Barry walk past the door. You were gripped by a nervous excitement. You didn’t know what you were planning on saying, or if he was even going to listen, but you immediately jumped up to chase after him.

      “Barry, wait!” you called, stopping just outside the door. Barry’s feet slowed, but he didn’t turn around. “Uh, do you – do you want to watch a movie with us?” you stuttered, and then instantly felt angry with yourself for being so nervous. He was the one who was ignoring you! He shouldn’t be allowed to have this power over you.

      “I, um, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said slowly. Your nerves were gone, now you were angry.

      “Why not?” you said with more venom than you intended. “Why have you been ignoring me?”

      “It’s complicated.” Barry didn’t turn around. Dean was walking towards you.

      “Then uncomplicated it!” you shot back, surprised at how angry you were, though you supposed your angelically enhanced emotions weren’t helping matters.

      “Just drop it, Y/N.” He’d called you Y/N. It felt like a betrayal. Barry turned around.

      He looked pained, like he immediately regretted yelling at you, but said nothing. “Fine, don’t tell me then,” you said in a small voice. Dean was behind you now and he placed his hand on your shoulder.

      “Okay, I think everybody just needs to calm down,” Dean said roughly, his deep voice like two rocks rubbing together.

      “No, you’re – you’re right,” Barry said cautiously. “I’m sorry, I just – I,” Barry looked up quickly, his eyes lit up. “Come with me,” he said, and then before you could protest you felt Barry’s strong arm wrap around your waist and your feet lift off the ground.

      It took you a second to realize what happened but when you did you found yourself in the sparring room, just about as far away from Sam and Dean as you could get and still be in the bunker. Dean was probably running around angrily screaming Barry’s name right about now, you might as well join him.

      “What the hell Barry?!” you shouted as you pushed him off of you, just now registering that his arm was still wrapped around your waist. He quickly removed it.

      “I needed to talk to you,” Barry said calmly. He didn’t look angry anymore, he looked … sad? He wasn’t allowed to be sad, you were mad at him.

      “Well why couldn’t you do it where we were?”

      “Because I needed to talk to you alone!”

      “You couldn’t have just told me that?” Barry was starting to look frustrated again.

      “Dean would have told you not to go.” You were silent for a few moments. He wasn’t wrong, especially after all the yelling. “Look, I owe you an explanation for how I’ve been acting lately.”

      “Yes, you do,” you said as you crossed your arms over your chest.

      Barry sighed, as if the words he was about to say next physically hurt him. He looked at the floor, then after an agonizingly slow few seconds he finally said, “I’m leaving.”

      Everything stopped.

      Your heart was hammering in your chest. You pulse was thundering in your ears. You took a step back.

      Leaving? How could he be leaving? He was your guardian angel, he couldn’t just leave. He swore an oath to protect you! He couldn’t do that if he left, right? Of course he couldn’t, so he had to stay. He had to stay.

      Your breathing slowed. You looked up at Barry, expecting him to be making the same revelation as you right about now, but his face was unchanged. If anything, he looked worse.

      His whole body slumped. “I fulfilled the terms of my oath two weeks ago, Angel.” You were stressed, you hadn’t been filtering your thoughts. “I swore to protect you until you completed the transformation, and now … you don’t need me anymore.”

      There was a lump in your throat. “Who says I don’t need you anymore?” you said quietly, but with a definite edge to your voice.

      Barry ran his hands through his short hair. “The arch-angels, they said you’re strong enough to protect yourself now and that you don’t need a bodyguard. The only reason I’ve been able to hang around this long is because I convinced them I needed to teach you how to control your powers, but that excuse isn’t working anymore. You got Sam out of Lucifer’s cage and now there’s nothing I can say to make them believe that you still need me here!” His voice faltered. You said nothing. Was the room spinning? “Angel, I have to leave, tonight, or they’re going to come get me.” You inhaled sharply.

      Barry is leaving, Barry is leaving, Barry is leaving.

      No matter how many times you rolled the words over in your head you couldn’t accept it. Barry is leaving. It hit you like a brick every time.

      Barry is leaving tonight.

      Why did you care so much? It’s not like he was someone who’d always been in your life. Except he was. You’d only known him for a few weeks. You’d known him forever. You barely even knew anything about him! He knew everything about you.

      With a shaky voice, you finally spoke. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You looked at the floor, Barry shifted from foot to foot.

      “Because, I thought if I ignored it long enough I could figure a way out of it.”

      You felt angry again. “So you ignored your problem, but why did you ignore me?” This time you glanced up, Barry looked ashamed.

      “Because I thought it would be easier,” Barry said with an uncharacteristically tiny voice. You clenched your fists.

      “What’s easier about avoiding me for a week and making me think you’re mad at me? Making me think that I did something to cause your little mood swing.”

      “Because I was trying to get used to being without you…” He spoke even quieter. You yelled even louder.

      “You should have told me, we could have spent your last week together!”

      “I couldn’t!”



      Your breath hitched. What did he just say?

      Barry’s eyes bulged out of his head like he’d just said something very, very bad. Something he couldn’t take back. You just stared at him; it was like you could see everything that was going through his head just by looking at his face – shock, embarrassment, anger – his eyebrows knitted together – fear – then his mouth set in determination – acceptance.

      “I’m in love with you,” he said again. This time it barely registered, it was like you were numb. “I know everything about you, Angel, and sometimes I love you so damn much it hurts.” You exhaled. Had you been holding your breath? “I’ve been in love with you for so long that I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t love you and I just thought … I don’t know, I thought that if I could distance myself from you, but still have you here, that maybe it wouldn’t be so hard when I left. But I was wrong, this has just made everything worse…”

      Your head was swimming. Barry loved you? You loved Dean. Since the day you’d met him you loved Dean. Barry was leaving. But how did you feel about him? You didn’t love Barry, not like you loved Dean, but you had a connection, one that you couldn’t explain. Barry loved you, and he was leaving.

      “I’m so sorry, Angel. I should have told you, I was stupid … I just … I just thought it would be easier this way.”

      You felt tears welling up in your eyes and you were powerless to stop them. “For who?” you whispered, locking onto Barry’s slightly blurred face.

      “What?” He looked confused.

      “Who was it easier for?” you said slightly louder, as you felt a tear trail down your cheek.

      A new wave of guilt seemed to wash over Barry. Then he said, “For me,” in a low voice.

      You looked down at the ground and squeezed your eyes shut, small droplets of water hitting the ground with faint splashing sounds. “Why does this hurt so much?” you finally asked, honestly not understanding why you were reacting like this. “I’ve only known you for a few weeks, so why does you leaving make me feel this way?”

      “Because we’re connected.” You looked back up, everything about Barry had softened. “Since the moment I was assigned to you we’ve been connected. That’s how I knew you were in trouble in the cage, I felt it. That’s also how I was able to get through to you at all. Castiel tried too but he couldn’t get around Lucifer. You were reaching out to me, you just didn’t know it.” You were speechless. “It’s like you gave me your hand, all I had to do was take it.”

      “So when you leave…” you started slowly, but Barry answered your question before you even asked it. Connected.

      “When I leave the connection will be broken. That’s why you’re so upset, it’s like losing a part of you, whether you know it or not.”

      You considered this information in silence. Barry was a part of you. That’s why you were always so comfortable around him, that’s why the idea of losing him made your insides crumble. Barry was a part of you, Barry loved you, and Barry was leaving. Tonight.

      “I’ll stay,” Barry suddenly said, his words quiet and small, but oh so clear.


      “I said I’ll stay,” He said quickly. “If you want me to, if,” he paused, “If you want me.” Everything around you ground to a halt. You could make him stay if…

      “Barry, I-”

      “I know, you love Dean,” he interjected. “I’m painfully aware of your love for that man – I, uh, can feel that too,” he said awkwardly. You felt your cheeks get hot. “So you don’t have to explain, I know what you’re going to say, I just … I just wanted you to know it was an option. I mean, a guy can hope, right?” he said that with a slight chuckle. You didn’t feel like laughing.

      Everything about you felt heavy, like if you were still a human you might just crumple to the floor and never get up. “Barry, I want you to stay,” you said quietly, “but I can’t ask you to go against Heaven. Especially when I can’t give you what you want…”

      “I know,” Barry said as he nodded slowly. “That’s why I need to leave,” your chest tightened, “and you need to stay here with Dean, live your life! Then when,” another pause, “when he’s gone,” the thought struck you like a bullet, “I’ll come back for you.”

      “Y/N?!” you heard a gruff voice call.

      “Dean’s coming,” Barry said quickly, as he took your hands in his. “Live your life, be happy,” Barry said with a pained smile, “and I’ll wait for you.” Then before you could formulate even one word to say Barry pulled you toward him, placed an air-light kiss on your forehead, and with a quick gust of wind he vanished.

      That was it.

      Barry was a part of you, Barry loved you, and Barry left.

      A single tear rolled down your cheek and you were left standing alone in the sparing room.

50 Years Later

      You could see your breath in puffs of white as you stood on the freshly fallen snow, the frosty fluff crunching quietly under your black boots. Sam stood beside you, hunched slightly - he always seemed too short to you now – and holding the wooden replica of Dean’s amulet in his bony digits. You looked down at your own gloved hands, keys. Then you forced yourself to look where you wanted to the least, the place where you would say goodbye for the last time, the chunk of rock protruding from the ground. Dean’s tombstone.

             In Loving Memory of

              Dean Winchester

                 1979 - 2066

Beloved brother, husband, and friend.

       You’d been preparing for this since the day you decided to become a hybrid, since the day you decided to save Sam, but that didn’t make it any easier. Dean Winchester was gone. Your best friend, the love of your life, your everything. But when everything was gone what did you have left?

      You heard another set of boots crunching in the snow.


      You hadn’t seen Barry since the night he left, but he was always in the back of your mind, always lingering. After Barry left you’d been a wreck for weeks, a piece of you that had always been there ripped away, leaving you sad and empty. It was the same feeling you’d had when you gave a piece of your grace to Crowley, but a hundred times worse, and Dean was the only thing that kept you sane.

     Before he disappeared Barry had said that he was going to come back for you, but there was always a part of you that thought he wouldn’t, that thought he would move on to someone else, someone who wasn’t in love with another man. But he waited.

      You felt Barry’s presence – strong and familiar – behind you, but you didn’t turn around, instead you bent down and gently placed the keys to the impala on top of Dean’s grave. Sam’s eyes flicked between you and Barry and then he did the same, setting the amulet on the frozen ground.

      There was a quiet understanding between the three of you as Sam shuffled forwards and wrapped his arms tightly around your shoulders. “Have a good life, Y/N, and thank you,” Sam whispered in your ear. You hugged him back harder.

      “Goodbye, Sammy.”

      Then once you’d separated from Sam he reached out with a shaky hand – one that hadn’t held a gun in years – and grabbed Barry’s in a strong handshake. “You take care or her,” Sam said firmly.

            “I will.” I will. The words sent shivers down your spine. Those were the first words you’d heard Barry say in fifty years. You couldn’t take it anymore, you turned around.

      Once you were facing him it was like everything slowed. Same black clothes, same short hair, same Barry.

      “Hi, Angel,” He said with a shy smile.

      “You came back.”

      “Of course I did, I said I would.”

      This still felt natural, and you suddenly felt better. Not happy, not okay, but better. It was like a promise, a promise that everything would be alright. You had Barry back, and he wasn’t going anywhere. You would be alright.

      You turned away from Barry, kneeled down in front of Dean’s grave, and whispered, “Goodbye, my love, I’ll see you in the next life.” Then you got up, took Barry’s outstretched hand, and walked away on the crunching snow.

      A single tear rolled down your cheek, but you were not alone, you would never be alone again.


Ugh… End of the year papers can break you, yet here I am.

Acting like I have time.





Weak knees.

Sweaty palms.

Dry mouth, tight throat.

Hot room, hot place, hot, hot, hot.

Sasuke cleared his throat. He was leaned against the wall with his hands in his pocket. He didn’t know why he kept trying. He lost count of what attempt this was, but she never seemed to understand his intentions anyway. Still…maybe he wasn’t being clear enough. She obviously wasn’t the type to take hints, so if he could just come out and say he was asking her-


He jerked, looking towards the door of the convenience store. Hinata was partially out, tugging large garbage bags with her. She was in uniform, smiling awkwardly at him. And like magic, his face was suddenly full of heat and color.

“Hinata,” he said calmly despite his heart betraying him.

“I thought it was you. What are you doing here?” She paused a beat. “And standing out in the sun. Look at you, you’re burning up.”

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I am notoriously bad at relaxing. In fact, I’m practically famous for it. How on earth does anyone relax when there is SO MUCH TO DO?.  Alas, my poor little body and brain can’t always keep up and I quite often end up over exerting myself and burning out, which is hardly conducive to productive studying. I know it will serve me better in the long run to manage everything better and to REST. Unfortunately, I am terrible at these things. So, I’ve compiled a list of things to do in order to rest, relax and generally not freak out over everything you’ve got left to do and haven’t done omg my life’s a mess help

Here is a list of things either you or future Ellen could do to relax & look after themselves:

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a long reaction of BTS's s/o being mute or blind (from birth)

I’ve only ever known one deaf person and I’ve never known anyone that was blind, so I hope I did this request justice~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would do what he could to be accommodating for you, though sometimes he might do a bit too much. He would always want to make sure that you were as comfortable and happy as possible, and he was like that with everyone so it wasn’t as if that was such a strange thing for him to do, but sometimes it might feel more like he’s coddling you. If you or anyone else pointed that out to him, he would try to take a step back and make sure he wasn’t treating you any differently than he would treat anyone else that he cared about, and he would slowly get better at realizing when to offer help and when you could do something on your own.

Yoongi knew not to be too overbearing, but he offered you help whenever he thought that he should. You’d been blind/mute since birth, and you’d lived with it fine since then. So sure, he would be there to help you with the things you obviously couldn’t do on your own, but he would always try to seem nonchalant about it; there was no point in making a big deal about helping you when it wasn’t a big deal. He loved you and he was going to be sure that you never had to struggle while you were with him, but he wasn’t going to let you depend on him for everything, as that would inevitably lead to a very messy breakup.

Hoseok, beyond just being there to help you, would end up being really curious about what went on inside your head. Once he felt comfortable enough with you to ask - he didn’t want to risk upsetting you or making you feel like a freak when really he just wanted to get to know you better - he would ask what your dreams were like. Could you see/talk in your dreams? If so, what kinds of things did you see/what did your voice sound like to you? And what did you daydream about? Were you constantly wondering what your life would be like if you weren’t born deaf/mute? Or were you wondering what the rest of the world would be like if everyone else was like you?

Namjoon did everything that he could to make sure that your life was as easy as possible. That involved doing a bunch of research to find the best ways to help you in certain situations as well as finding things that would make it easier for you to complete simple, daily tasks. However, he never really asked you if that was what you wanted; he was doing what he could to help, and he just assumed you’d be appreciative of it. And you were, for the most part, since you knew he was only doing so much because he loved you, but there were a few times he went too far, buying something too expensive or doing too much, and a long talk would have to follow.

Jimin really wanted to know about your past, though it would take him a while to ask. Once he got up the nerve, though, his first questions would be about what had caused you to be blind/mute and if anyone else in your family had the same handicap. And then he wanted to know about how you’d grown up; had you gone to a school with other kids like you, had you been home schooled, or had you integrated into a public school? Did you get bullied more often than other kids or did people end up being too nice to you? What sort of things had influenced you to become the person he knew and loved today?

In the beginning of the relationship, Taehyung was very hesitant and cautious. Not in the sense that he thought you were easily breakable or that you needed to be coddled, though it might seem like that at first. Once he became completely comfortable with your relationship, he’d open up and tell you that he felt like there was too much of a divide between the two of you. He had no idea what it felt like to be blind/mute, and if you were okay with it, he would want to try to experience it; whenever he was with you, he would wear a blindfold or refuse to make a sound. Because what if his future children, whether he had them with you or not, had the same handicap? He would want to understand as much about it as he could, if you didn’t mind helping him learn.

Jungkook was ultimately very curious about how you managed to complete certain tasks. He’d find himself either closing his eyes as he tried to do his morning routine or trying to go an entire day without speaking, and he never managed it. He kept this to himself for a while, but not nearly as long as the other boys would have; he knew you could do things on your own, but he didn’t see how. You always impressed him when you managed to find a workaround for something that he had assumed would be impossible for you. So when he asked how you’d learned to do certain things, a touch of awe in his voice, you could only smile as you did your best to answer him.

@ur-nitemare  said: “im still hitting at mikael/adam and im not stopping” please dont. nOEALIA YOU DID IT AGAIN!! three times in one day! i remember when we got 6 updates in a day and we all freaked out and bish, this is one hundred times better, you just take the best ships and write the best you can and it ends up as a perfect combination of everything and i’m here, asking myself which fanfic of yours will be my final one that will kill me. (i feel it coming soon) once again, THANKS for making my days much better

AHhhhh I ship Mikadam sooooo much (@ followers: I accept prompts for these two adorable boys!)


I’m so grateful for your support, you truly are the best ! thank you so much!!!♥

Date Night


Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,621


   Screw him. You didn’t really want to go on a date tonight anyway. He could have at least had the decency to cancel over the phone. Even a text would have been acceptable. Hell, anything to let you know he changed his mind would have worked, but no, he just didn’t bother to show up, and you’ve been left to wait. This is the one rare day off you sometimes get, you chose to spend part of it with a blind date, and the asshole decided to stand you up. To be honest, you aren’t sure why you’ve waited here an entire hour. He’s obviously not coming.

   With an annoyed huff, you plop down on a bench near the restaurant you should be inside right now. You purposefully abstained from snacking because you thought you were going out to eat tonight, so you’re understandably hungry. You’re also cold in this garden party outfit you chose to wear, but again, you thought this evening would take place indoors.

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Women, I’ve had a billion gins, so I’m going to give you all the advice you need for 2014:
1) Only hang out with people who make you feel comfortable and happy.
2) Get a bra you can dance in. I highly recommend the Marie-jo from Rigby & Peller. Spendy, but a life-time sex-dance investment.
3) Find what you would do for free, and try and find a way to get paid for it as your job. Everything good in the world comes from love.
4) Drink shit-tons of gin and listen to Daft Punk, Lorde, MIA, Kanye West and prime Bowie. All your revolutionary needs will be met.
5) Read as many books as you can - every book you read means you absorb another life. It’s the most pleasurable power-up ever.
6) You don’t need mascara if you’re wearing eye-liner. Spend your spare fiver on tights.
7) Never complain, never explain. No-one is paying you for either. Shine on you crazy diamond. Carry on your mission.
8) Ghostbusters is the greatest film ever because the main protagonists never fall out with each other. There is a lesson here.
9) Hair looks its best two days after washing, pumped with dry shampoo, and back-combed. YOU DON’T NEED A HAIRDRESSER.
10) A wobbly belly is the sexy birthright of all women.
12) (is it 12? I’m pissed) Always presume everyone you are dealing with has recently received bad news. Be gentle & forgiving.
13) There has never been a party better than eating a baked potato on the sofa watching “Cheers.”
14) The best eye-liner is Rimmel.
15) The best deodorant is 24-Hour Sure. Spray-ons don’t work. If you’re very sweaty, buy under-arm pads.
19) (literally lost count) full a pot with sunflower oil, salt & essential oil for the world’s cheapest shower exfoliant/moisturiser.
20) Become sweatily exhilarant at least three times a week - dancing, swimming, listening to music, walking. Exercise your body like a dog.
21) Feel fat? a) FUCK THE PATRIARCHY b) princess-line. This is the dress-shape that makes everything better.
53) When in doubt, listen to “Heroes” by David Bowie. You will always know what to do afterwards.
23) All concepts of Hell are simply the idea of you suffering for being unkind.
24) Sailors fighting in the dance-hall. Oh man, look at those cave-men go.
473) “And in the end, the love you make, is equal to the love you take.”
1974) If you don’t feel “normal”, your mission is to make your abnormal “normal”. I refer you, again, to David Bowie.
183636) Similarly, freaks, when people say, “That is not what we do,” you reply, “That is not what we do - YET.”
And then you smoke a cigarette whilst “Let’s Dance” plays.
bong) give me your hands, because you’re wonderful
48373) tights, boots, shorts, t-shirt, revolution.
HOT TRAMP I LOVE YOU SO. Mum says I have to get off the internet now.
*expansive arm gesture* PEOPLE ON STREETS *is put into bed*
“I want to do great things, as men do.”
—  Caitlin Moran welcomes 2014

m--ess  asked:

hi love☾ I wanted to tell you that you are very cute and I loooove your personality, and also your videos and your instagram...but, can I ask you for advice? I know you said in your q&a that you have been trough rough times and I was wondering what helped you to become more postive/happy/confident? (I dont have depression but I've been kinda sad lately) thank you so muchh

Well for me what helped was cutting allllll the negativity out of my life. This mostly included people that treated me badly. And surround yourself only with things that make you happy. Throw away anything that brings back sad or negative memories. Toss those old depressing journals, burn those haunting photos.
Also just keep in mind, nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Humans have the tendency to freak out over little things when we don’t need to. You’re failing a class? Not the end of the world, don’t stress so much. Everything is temporary, and that includes sadness. So things will get better! xo