they better freak when everything ends


I am notoriously bad at relaxing. In fact, I’m practically famous for it. How on earth does anyone relax when there is SO MUCH TO DO?.  Alas, my poor little body and brain can’t always keep up and I quite often end up over exerting myself and burning out, which is hardly conducive to productive studying. I know it will serve me better in the long run to manage everything better and to REST. Unfortunately, I am terrible at these things. So, I’ve compiled a list of things to do in order to rest, relax and generally not freak out over everything you’ve got left to do and haven’t done omg my life’s a mess help

Here is a list of things either you or future Ellen could do to relax & look after themselves:

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Last night I went to sleep earlier because people were freaking out (AGAIN!) that Jen will leave. I thought that till morning, things will get better but NO, I woke up with people freaking out that Emma will dissapear in the last two episodes. Just because some guy said something on Twitter.

Under the cut it’s just me being angry at everything that is happening right now and trying to put some sense into people’s minds. Your choice if you read it or not.

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Murder- Justin Timberlake Lyrics // Fairy Tail Girls

Wendy: Walking around middle of the night
             Might end a man’s life with that innocent face

Lucy: Cause everything below your neck killin’ everything next
         It’s murder, murder

Erza: You say I need to watch out, something might go down, good
          I really wanna take this under the ground, under the ground 
          And I’mma be down to go to that level

Juvia: And even when you speak regular a sick freak, girl
          I say okay

Levy: So come on and leave me cause the deeper you take me the better
          You killin’ me softly but we can go as hard as you want to

Romeo, Natsu, Jellal, Gray, Gajeel: Ooooh that girl is murder 
                                                            Everybody get down

@ everyone freaking out because Bob implied that this season won’t get better for Bellamy:

This is a quote from Bellamy that Jason let slip during an interview that he thought was in the trailer: “What do you do when you realize you’re not the good guy?” AND WE HAVE THE BELLARKE TEARFUL HUG. DON’T FORGET.

I firmly believe that towards the end of the season, even though everything’s gone to shit at that point probably, he will realize how much of an idiot he’s been and that this will haunt him more than anything. Season 3 is not going to be easy for Bellamy, but we need to hang in there for him. If the show gets another season, I think it will be a great time for Bellamy to start his redeeming process again. 


ok, this isn’t really working because I’m still getting normal questions instead of the party related ones.    so I’ll just sum up what happened at America’s birthday party and if anyone wants to see something that happened they can:

America had a huge party that he hosted at his house. England was really sick so America called Liechtenstein to ask if she didn’t mind watching him upstairs during the party. England freaked out a few times because he was sick and out of it, America ran up and down the stairs to check on him every once in a while. And when the fireworks were going off he let Liechtenstein go watch them with everyone else while he sat upstairs and comforted a scared England.  Everything ended happy and England woke up the next day feeling better, although he still has a bit of a runny nose. 

its cool seeing how much better i have got about handling my anxieties like….. when i was a high school senior i was literally freaking out constantly bc i HATED not knowing where i was gonna live in a year & i hated the concept of leaving everything i loved behind and i hated the concept of having to make important decisions that would impact my entire life…. and now, here i am, at a fork-roads again, w no idea at all about what im gonna do for a living, or where im gonna live starting in May when my lease ends (and then i graduate that next december, so where tf am i gonna find a lease for just half a year??) or where im gonna live after i graduate, or what i even WANT to do, but instead of constantly panicking im just…. chillin….. bc first of all im on so many medications that reduce my desire to panic, and second of all ive learned that every big transition in life looks WAY more terrifying from far away, but once it happens u just kinda deal with it! bc you dont have any other choice! so im gonna wait it out and relax and assume that everything is gonna fall into place…. there is no reason for me to freak out tbh i just have to take things 1 day at a time