they better date each other soon


Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader

Summary: How does someone so innocent end up with someone like Richie?


Many times, the loser’s Club asked themselves one question.

How does someone like you, an innocent, pure soul, end up with a trash mouth like Richie Tozier?

And unfortunately, they were never able to answer the question.

You had been apart of the Loser’s Club for a long time before you started dating Richie. Of course, not long after Richie joined, you couldn’t help but be attracted to him. His hair, his freckles, his glasses, everything. You might’ve even been in love.

Except, you never understood his jokes.

Even though you were all in high school and you probably should’ve know a lot more, you didn’t. A lot of times, it caused you to be teased, but you could care less.

Though, it did make it hard during times when you were with your friends and joking around. For example, when Eddie complained about Richie spending his summer inside an arcade and Richie responded with, “It’s better than spending it inside your mom.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Stan immediately shoved his hands on top of your ears while him and Bill glared at Richie.

“D-don’t ruin our precious (Y/n),” Bill said.

So, when you and Richie admitted to liking each other and agreeing to go out, the Losers lost their shit.

“You’re going to ruin her!”

“You’re going to take away her innocence!”

“Don’t mess this up!”

After about a month of dating, they finally got over it. They could see how much Richie tried to limit himself around you and how much he actually cared.

Until one day, everything went wrong.

You and the Losers had been riding your bikes around town, going to get ice cream and then going to the park. You had only been there for about 30 minutes when it happened.

Eddie and Richie had been arguing about the homework you received from your English class when Eddie said, “What in the world did you do with your life to become this stupid?”

“Your mom.”

As soon as the words left your mouth, your eyes widened as did everyone else’s. Hell, even Richie seemed shocked.

The group stared at you for what felt like hours before all hell broke loose. The all immediately started talking (screaming) over each other, completely freaking out. Some of them asked what made you say that while others accused Richie of corrupting “your innocent brain”.

In the midst of all the chaos, Richie suddenly grinned at you from the bench he was sitting on before yelling, “That’s my girl!” Bev then proceeded to slap him on the head.

You blushed bright red at this, wanting nothing more than to disappear. You did not like all the attention and wished you hadn’t even opened your mouth.

Finally, after about an hour of the group freaking out, you all agreed to start heading home. The group went their separate ways while you and Richie walked home together.

The two of you walked side by side in a comfortable silence. That was until Richie spoke up.

“That was hot.”

You looked at him incredulously.


“What you said earlier. That was hot.”

You blushed slightly, looking down.

“Thanks, I guess.”

The rest of the walk home was silent, up until you got to your house. You and Richie stood outside, facing each other.

“I had fun today, we should do it again.”

“Only if it includes you talking back like that again.”

“Then maybe I will.”

Giving him a quick peck on the cheek, you rushed inside, leaving a smiling (and slightly red) Richie Tozier on your front porch.


a/n: well 

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  • ‘oh niCEEEEEEEEE’
  • okay but honestly he’s one of those guys that when you first meet they’re super duper sweet and polite and as you talk he hangs on to every word you say and is always smiling ☺
  • eventually you end up swapping numbers since both of you guys wanted to get to know each other better
  • when you guys text he’s such a softie by using emojis here and there and exclamation marks to show his emotions
  • ‘we should hang out soon!’ aka GO ON A DATE
  • so you guys do and first date is either talking at a café or just walking around the city, shopping and having fun
  • end of the date he hesitates whether or not he should kiss you but he decides not to because he wants to respect your boundaries and comfort zone
  • the kiss will probably happen around the 2nd date***
  • anyways, it just basically ends with a hug and him kissing you on the crown of your head heh
  • but like,, he’s such a cutie my heart swells HAHAUGUDH
  • whenever you’re down in the dumps he starts getting pouty and acting cute just to see the pretty smile on your face again
  • okay but such boyfriend material AAFFAFAF and also a real gentleman?? find you a boy like him-
  • he’d hold doors open for you, walks on the closest side to the car lane, pays attention to the small details you speak of, gives you his jacket etc…
  • he’d loooovveeeee holding your hands so much 
  • him cuddling as the big spoon is his favorite as well as your’s
  • everytime he thinks about you a smile automatically forms on his face and he sometimes looks like a complete idiot so the other members are like ‘jae wtf are you doing’
  • and he’s like ‘huh? hehe’
  • he finds a lot of things you do cute, even the weirdest things like… really weird
  • but that’s his little secret no one must know of 
  • actually he has a lot of secrets that’s why his dimples are so deep they’re full of secrets hohoho
  • sharing food a lot; if you guys go out to eat he doesn’t stick with the food he orders like he MUST steal your food too or else it’s breaking the laws of Jaehyun 101
  • he’s so shameless of showing his love to you to whoever 
  • jaehyun would be kissing you all over the face in front of the members as he hugs your waist and some of their faces are scrunched up while some are just straight faced as they judge
  • but in all honesty they’re happy for you guys and happy that jaehyun can be even happier because of you
  • your parents would love him so much ohmygod like p o s s i b l y more than you jkjk probably not
  • but he’s so charming and knows his manners your parents are like ‘are you sure he’s your boyfriend or are you paying him’
  • all in all jaehyun would just be a sugary cinnamon bun who just wants to cuddle you forever and ever as he shows you the never-ending and countless amount of ways to express his love for you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Vlogue - David Dobrik

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word count: 1058

“(Y/n), are you all dressed for your scene?” Zane’s voice calls through the door.

“Yeah, just give me a second.”

I turn around to see my reflection. The red dress that was picked out for me looks great. It’s tight but in all of the right places. It’s covered in beautiful jewels. This dress has to be more than my rent, I don’t even want to know the price. I adjust the crown on the top of my head a little bit.

“Oh my god, (Y/n)!” Erin gushes when she sees me walk out.

“Shut up!” I roll me eyes, “Did you see yourself in the mirror?”

We both laugh and talk a little but before I’m called away by Zane.

“Hey, so what’s the plan?” I ask. I don’t really know what the plan is. Zane told me about how it’s supposed to be like Vogue and the Met Gala but I don’t really know my role in everything.

“You’re the queen.” He grins.

I have to fight rolling my eyes. I hate when the group jokes about me being the ‘queen’ of the vlog squad. It all started because I was the first in the group to reach one million even though I didn’t start my channel first.

“Seriously, Zane?” I huff and he just laughs.

“C’mon, baby! You were made for this!” He continues to plead with me.

“Fine! You better tell people that this was your doing or else I’ll never hear the end of it.” I walk over to the throne that he pointed me to.

“It gets better.” Zane has an evil smirk on his face.

“How could this get better?” I question.

“David is the king.”

As soon as he says those words David shows up dressed and ready to film.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I mutter.

My relationship with David is complicated. We’re good friends obviously but we’ve also always flirted. We just like to tease each other and have fun with it but the fans lose it. They either love us together or they send me death threats. They already think that we’re dating so this will only add fuel to the fire.

“What? Aren’t you happy to see me?” David grins as he walks over.

“I’m always happy to see you, my King.” I tease. David flushes out of embarrassment and Zane breaks out in a loud laugh.

“This is going to be fun.” Zane grins, his evil intentions evident. He walks back to stand back behind all of the lighting and the cameras.

“Okay, let’s start off with a few shots of the two of you. Both of you should sit in the thrones like you own the place.” Zane instructs.

David and I listen and we even smirk to each other before turning to the cameras.

“(Y/n), would you sit on David’s lap?” Zane asks after we have taken a few more shots.

“Excuse me?” I laugh dryly.

“I think it would make for a great look. I’m not even joking with you.”

I look to David and he shrugs to show he doesn’t care. I roll my eyes and pick up my dress so I can walk over to his chair. I sit down and can’t help but laugh at our now close proximity.

“Well, this is going to be fun.” David whispers in my ear.

We only spend another hour or two filming and they move onto someone else. Finally David and I get to leave the room and stop being forced together. We find a hallway to take a break in for a while.

“Freedom!” I cheer jokingly as David and I are finally left alone from the crew.

David smiles at me and then takes off his crown. He spins it between his hands before looking up at me again.

“This is definitely going to floor the ‘we’re dating’ rumors.” David comments.

“I know. Those fans really push for it.” I lean against the wall opposite him. “It’s crazy.”

“Yeah… is it though? Is the idea of us that crazy?” He looks up at me with a vulnerable look in his eyes.  

“What do you mean?” I ask taking a step closer to him.

“We spend a lot of time together. You’re always over at my house and when we’re not were at your apartment. We always tease each other and joke about dating. I don’t think the idea of us is all that crazy.” He takes a step closer to me, now there’s hardly any distance between us.

“I guess it’s not that crazy.” I whisper.

We’re standing so close now that his lips are mere inches from mine. He’s so close but still out of reach.

David’s hand reaches forward and he brushes back a strand of hair. His hand doesn’t leave my face though. Instead he uses it to pull me closer until our lips finally meet. His lips are warm against mine. I can feel him smiling which makes me smile as well.

I run my hands up the sides of his arms and stop once I reach his hair. I tug on it which makes him moan. I smirk proudly against his lips for making him do so. He retaliates by pushing me against the wall. The action takes me by surprise and I gasp.

“-and that’s a wrap!”

David and I pull away to see Zane and the rest of the Vlog Squad standing at the end of the hall. Cameras and everything.

I can feel my face blush at the embarrassing moment. They’re all smiling but I can only manage to hide my face into David’s chest. He wraps his arms around me to pull me in tighter.

Everyone starts clapping which makes me laugh. I turn toward David and take his hand in mine. We both bow as a joke because of the unintentional show we just put on. The king and queen.

“Are you guys dating?” Kristen asks, walking up to us.


I look to David for help with an answer. He looks just as dumbfounded as I do.

“I guess we are.” David answers and I can’t help but let a proud smile breakout on my face.

“I just got the best clickbait!” Zane cheers and David and I both roll our eyes.

My Personal Pain Reliever | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! This was requested by anon. I’m sorry it isn’t my usual lengthy write-up but I just decided to keep this short and sweet tbh. I hope you guys still like it though! Enjoy!

Request: Hi can I ask for a Zach x reader where Zach finds out the reader’s on her period? He gets flustered and googles what to do… thanks :)


“Babe, I can’t go to the game today, I’m so sorry. I’m having really bad period pains and the slightest movement would cause the most excruciating pain you can ever imagine.” I tell Zach over the phone. It was their big game today and it sucked that I couldn’t be there to support him.

“Wh-what?” Zach mumbles on the other line, I can imagine him scratching his head, with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The thought itself made me shake my head and smile.

“I’m on my period Zachary, you know the 3-5 days females bleed from down south?” I ask while I’m curled up into a ball on my bed.

“N-no, y-yeah, I know what a period is, no.” he stutters and I giggle at him.

“I’m really sorry baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you soon. I won’t miss another game, ever. I’m sorry.” I say, I can hear him sigh from the other line which broke my heart.

“It’s okay babe, don’t worry. As long as you get some rest, that’s what matters.” he answers but I can still hear the disappointment in his voice.

“Good luck Zachary. Do your best okay?” I reply softly.

“I will Y/N. Feel better soon baby.” he says and we both bid goodbye to each other.

After ending the call, I suddenly realize why Zach was acting so flustered while we were talking. It has only been about a month ever since we started officially dating and this is actually the first time that this has happened since. I smile at the thought of him being so confused and worried at the same time. A couple of minutes later and the pain on my stomach causes me to doze off.


Later that day

I hear a faint knock on my door which makes my eyes flutter open. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to move an inch. Luckily, I heard the door creak open before I even had to prepare myself to get up. To my surpise, a pouting Zach Dempsey comes in and places a couple of bags on my desk before walking over to my bed and leaning above me.

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CONSIDER this klance headcanon

  • ok so what if. they find matt and he meets everyone and he automatically assumes keith and lance are dating bc of the way they act around each other??? 
  • matt would tell keith and lance that theyre a cute couple and keith goes SUPER red and lance is like WHAT no i hate that guy!!!
  • pidge would snort and matt would look at her so confused bc like?? they are together right??
  • soon it would become a running joke and every time lance shows up late for dinner everyone’s like KEITH!!! where’s your boyfriend!!! and when no one can find keith bc he’s training alone, they ask lance where his better half is 
  • eventually they stop correcting people and just roll their eyes at everyone 
  • but finally when they get together its super ironic and they laugh about it!!! but then they decide to tell the team and lance puts his arm around keith and is like hey guys, um. this is my boyfriend, keith. and literally everyone just blinks and is like ???? um, guys we know???? 
Short, Sassy, Sarcastic - Requested (Reggie x Reader)

request: yes - Hey can you do a reggie image where he’s into this short sassy girl but she likes to keep a wall up so when reggie talks to her she thinks it’s a prank?? Sorry if it’s too much!! Btw love your writing! 💖💖
pairings: reggie x reader
warnings: none
a/n: feel free to send in any requests !
word count: 1,011

Sunday afternoon: breezy, cool, calm. The ideal finish to another weekend in the school term. You quietly hummed along to the tune of your favourite song as your eyes trailed along the page of the book. It was quiet in Pop’s. Your back leaned against the wall of the booth with your legs stretched across the seat slightly dangled off. Opposite you was Jughead fixated on his laptop, furiously typing up the novel he was working on. The both of you sat in comfortable silence both heavily engrossed in your task. 

The chime of the bells echoed throughout the restaurant as a group of Riverdale’s star football players entered; rowdier than ever. You rolled your eyes, of course they were sporting their letterman jacket; you were starting to think they had one for everyday of the week. 

“Ah if it isn’t Wednesday Addams, still writing your manifesto?” Reggie smirked as he leant over the booth. Before Jughead could throw one of his sarcastic comments you fired one at Reggie. 

“At least he can spell Reginald. If I remember correctly, you could barely pass a 5th grade spelling test,” you said lazily, your eyes still focused on the book. 

“You’re lucky you’re cute (Y/L/N), otherwise I would’ve tackled your 5ft2 ass,” Reggie grumbled as he walked off with the rest of his group. Jughead rolled his eyes.

“I could’ve handled that you know,” Jughead said. 

“I know you could’ve, but your ass would’ve been roadkill in two minutes,” you smiled as you packed up your belonging. “I’ll see you tomorrow Jug.”

Your Monday morning wasn’t off to a perfect start to say the least. First your alarm didn’t go off because you were stupid enough to forget to charge your phone, which led you to skip breakfast just so you could get to school on time and now your locker decided to be a pain and not open up. 

“Stupid piece of crap,” you grumbled as you banged your first onto the locker door. 

“No wonder your locker won’t open, it isn’t being treated with love,” a voice spoke behind you. You mentally groaned, an encounter with Reggie Mantle would be the cherry on top to your morning. 

“What do you want Reginald?” you scoffed, turning around to face him. 

“Not the reaction I usually get from the ladies,” he smirked down at you. 

“Yeah I bet, usually I see the look of wanting to vomit on their faces when they see you,” you shot, turning back to crack open your locker. 

“Here let me help you with that,” he offered, moving forward. 

“Yeah okay, good luck with getting that piece of crap to open. It’s literally jamm-”. You were cut off by the sound of your locker door swinging open as Reggie stood proudly next to it. 

“Thank you,” you mumbled quietly not wanting to give him the satisfaction of you being grateful. 

“I didn’t hear youuu,” he teased. You cleared your throat. 

“I said thank you,” you said a little clearer. 

“That’s better. And you can thank me at 7:30 for a date tonight,” Reggie said, casually leaning against the locker neighbouring yours. You dropped your books at the word date. 

“Sorry, excuse me but I didn’t hear you correctly and I’m gonna give you one more chance to repeat yourself,”. Reggie leaned in closer to your level. 

“Me. You. 7:30. Tonight.” Reggie said with a pause in between each word. You both looked at each other, holding the gaze. You soon bursted out laughing. 

“Oh you’re a funny dude Mantle. Oh you sure do crack me up,” you laughed and sighed as you picked up your Physics text book. You looked back up to a solemn faced Reggie. 

“You’re joking right? Like this is a dare from one of your pals right?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’m serious, I wanna hang out tonight and get to know you,” Reggie said with a hopeful look. You sighed and shook your head as you shut your locker door. 

“That’s a hard no from me Reg,” you said as you walked towards the library. Reggie followed chase and paced behind you as your little legs attempted to fast walk. 

“Why not though? Why won’t you go out with me tonight?” Reggie asked in an almost demanding tone. 

“I said no Reggie, go find some other girl to ask out. i’m sure our school is full of girls dying to go out with you. Heck I bet Kevin would like to go out with you,” you replied, not looking back at him. Reggie ran forward and blocked your path. 

“Are you serious? I have classes to catch up on. I don’t have time for this,” you sighed as you attempted to walk around him but his movements were too quick for you. 

“Why don’t you want to go out with me?” Reggie asked, his eyes furrowed in confusion. 

“Because I don’t okay! I’ve heard what your and your friends have done to girls Reggie. A playbook? That’s just disgusting,” you scoffed. 

“Look, I know the whole playbook thing was shameful but I swear I only had on entry in there until I realised how degrading it was,” Reggie said, trying to reason with you. You crossed your arms and frowned.

“You’re not gonna stop until I agree to a date with you aren’t you?” you asked. Reggie shook his head with a sheepish grin. You rolled your eyes and caved. 

“Alright, fine. I’m agreeing to one date and one date only. And if by the end of that date I decide that I don’t wanna keep seeing you, you leave me and Jughead alone. Deal?” you asked with a raised eyebrow. 

“Deal,” Reggie grinned. “I’ll pick you up at seven,”. With that he sprinted off with a shout of a “YES” echoing through the hallway. You shook your head as your mouth formed into a small smile, giving a small laugh at his excitement. 

Little did you know that by the end of tonight, Reggie Mantle would be the one to finally hold near and dear to your heart. 


BTS Date Types

Seokjin - Picnic
Jin likes the girl that’s feminine, a girl who is sweet and caring, who can cook and clean, a girl who would make a good wife and mother. He also can cook. I think ideal date types for Jin would be something sweet and romantic, like a picnic date. You both could bring your home cooked food and also  would talk, get to know each other better, and soon realize just how much you liked one another.

Yoongi - Sleepover
He would like girls who were similar to him. He would want a super hardworking, but still lazy, passionate girls who were artistic and independent. I think Suga’s ideal date types would be simple and casual. He would invite you over to his house to watch a movie, write songs, listen musics, and also a lots of cuddles.

Hoseok - Night Club
J-Hope would want a fun, optimistic girlfriend with an amazing sense of humor, intelligence, bright, kind-hearted girl, always be smiling and cheerful, and one who shared his interests. I think because he is rapper and dancer, his girl would enjoy the music and dance like him. So, it’s ideal to have date in the night club.

Namjoon - Cinema
Rap Monster would like confident and intelligence girls, a girl who was super dedicated to her hobbies, and had a wide variety of interests, someone he can have an intellectual discussion with, someone he could cuddle with in bed as you debated philosophy, and would listen to him whenever he needed someone to talk to. A simple trip to the movies where he could finally talk some, get to know each other with popcorn and coffee would be perfect for his ideal date types.

Jimin - Dinner
Jimin would want to be with a girl who was very open and warm, very friendly and charismatic, a girl with a cuter personality, who despite all of her charisma would still be slightly awkward and clumsy. He often on diet, so a girl who could cook healthy food for him would be perfect. He spent so much time at practice room and would come home tired. I think Jimin would like date types that included candle light dinner, you would realize just how sweet Jimin really was.

Taehyung - Amusement Park
He would want to be able to see his partner as a best friend before a girlfriend, a girl he had fun with, someone who could make him smile no matter what, a dorky, awkward girlfriend who was goofy and charming, a super laid back girl, who can take care of him, someone who could get him to smarten up and act mature when he needed to be. An ideal date types with V would be a trip to something casual and fun, like Amusement Park.

Jungkook - Park
He would prefer more shy girls, someone who like music, art, and reading, a girl who liked staying at home and rainstorms and cuddles with tea as you both talked, a smart girl, someone who would care about him, that would always be there for him, and someone with common sense with him. He likes games, dance, skateboard, and do anything adventurous. An ideal date types with Kookie would be a trip to the park. This way, he could talk to you, get to know you.

anonymous asked:

im getting skater boy yoongi and soft pastel jimin vibes from the recent photos please give us cute headcanons for that please ❤

this somehow turned into something else but

  • they met when jimin was on his way to meet his friend taehyung in the park and somebody on a skateboard (one of yoongi’s friends, namjoon) accidentally collided with him and knocked him over
  • yoongi came over to laugh at namjoon but then he saw jimin with his pink hair and flushed cheeks and (holy shit is yoongi weak for Cute Boys) totally forgot about namjoon so that he could help jimin up
  • then he started to apologise for his dumbass friend and jimin!! started giggling!! and yoongi tried to play it cool but it totally made him blush
  • (namjoon noticed and could not stop snickering at him)

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Series: It was always you

Summary: [Y/N] and Sebastian Stan have been best friends for 5 years but she has been secretly in love with him for two and a half years. Unfortunately, Sebastian is in a two year relationship with Margarita Levieva, meaning that [Y/N] is forced to hide her true feelings towards him. Their friendship is put in jeopardy after an eventful night that lead to regret the morning after…

Pairing: Plus sized reader x Sebastian Stan

Warning(s): NSFW 18+only, unprotected sex (wrap it up people), crying

Collaboration with: My boo @mcusocialimagines, thanks for making the imagines for the series boo, love you!

Credit: The imagine were made by @mcusocialimagines, but for real y’all go follow her, I wouldn’t have been able to pull the whole series off without her imagines!

Chapter: 8/8

Word count: 3670


CHAPTER EIGHT: It was always you


It had been one year since [Y/N] moved to Paris and she never felt so happy. Her new job was exhausting but she loved it. Her new boss and coworkers were so nice and respectful, she sometimes patted herself on the shoulder as a reward for having accepted the promotion. She had new friends but never lost contact with [Y/B/F/N] and her other friends. She was also excited because her best friend was moving in with her soon because she had found a better paying job. [Y/N] even had a boyfriend for a few weeks, it wasn’t serious because she still had some trust issues but it was refreshing to dive back into the dating world.

[Y/N] forgave Sebastian despite that they never talked to each other again after what happened when she left. When she forgave him, she felt at peace and realized that she never hated him. She was sometimes keeping up with his life via social media, seeing his pictures whenever the blogs talked about him and was very proud of what he was doing with his career. She hated the fact that sometimes she missed Sebastian so much that she wanted to pick up the phone and call him. She was always able to stop just in time and convince herself that maybe it was for the best that the two of them weren’t talking anymore. Nonetheless, [Y/N] was living her best life and wouldn’t trade it for a thing.




“Bonjour [Y/N], comment tu vas ?” (Hi [Y/N], how are you?) her coworker asked while quickly typing, her eyes never leaving the screen in front of her. It was eight am exactly, the time [Y/N] always entered their shared office with fresh coffee in her hands.

“Je vais bien, et toi?” (I’m fine and you ?) [Y/N] answered her and placed the warm coffee on her coworker’s desk. She nodded her head and thanked her before focusing on typing again. [Y/N] shook her head with a smile and walked over to her own desk and turned her computer on before sitting on her chair and going through her files.

[Y/N] let out a deep sigh before cracking her knuckles, knowing that today would be a long day. She had no plans for the evening so she didn’t mind working a few hours more. Gosh I wish that [Y/B/F/N] would move here as soon as possible, I miss her so much she thought to herself. She wasn’t used to spending the evenings alone which made her miss her best friend even more. Unfortunately, [Y/N] had been working so much that she hadn’t been able to fly over to her friends and family and visit them.

“Let’s go” [Y/N] mumbled to herself before moving her fingers over the keyboard, starting her work. She and her coworker worker for hours before [Y/N] had to attend an important meeting. As the secretary and assistant of the CEO, she now had to attend every meeting inside and outside the building. She loved it because it didn’t give her the feeling of being locked up in the office for eight to ten hours straight.

“Bon, je pars au meeting. On se voit après le pause ?“ ( Well, I’m going to the meeting, we’ll see each other after lunch?) she asked her coworker while pushing her chair back and standing up. Her coworker nodded and hummed, her eyes still not leaving the screen in front of her.

[Y/N] giggled and took all the necessary notepads and folders she needed for the meeting before walking out of the office and closing the door behind her. It didn’t take her long to arrive at the meeting room, her boss already waiting there for her. “Bien préparée, comme toujours Madame [Y/L/N]” (Good prepared as always Ms. [Y/L/N]) her boss spoke with a smile before opening the door for her and letting her enter first before closing it behind him. After everyone had greeted each other and sat down and started talking business.




“Merci” (Thank you) [Y/N] smiled at the waiter who just had placed her lunch on the table. He nodded and smiled before walking away, leaving her all alone. [Y/N] still wasn’t used to eat lunch alone, it was something her and [Y/B/F/N] always did. She sighed heavily and stared at her delicious meal, a part of her wanted to text her best friend but she decided not to because it was early in the morning where [Y/B/F/N] was. Damn the freaking time zone difference she thought to herself before lifting her fork and starting to eat.

She had an open magazine placed next to her plate, beautiful pictures of French models and fashion covering the sheets. She swallowed before taking a sip of her water when her phone started chirping. [Y/N] immediately dropped her fork and unlocked her phone, seeing that she had many Twitter notifications. She clicked on the app icon and leaned back against her chair, curious to know the hype.

[Y/N] gasped with wide eyes but continued scrolling down her feed. Seb is coming to Paris she thought to herself. Her heart skipped a beat but she quickly cleared her throat. “No, big deal” she mumbled to herself and placed her phone in her purse before finishing her meal, trying to distract herself with other thoughts.

After lunch, [Y/N] went back to work and tried her best to not overthink the whole Sebastian coming to Paris thing. Her coworker had discovered the news too and asked her how she felt about the whole situation. She admitted that it was a shock but it wasn’t a big deal for her. Her coworker saw the discomfort that [Y/N] tried to hide and quickly changed the topic and the two ladies talked about the upcoming Fashion week.

They worked until eight thirty pm, the office was empty by the time [Y/N] and her coworker were done. They were kind enough to help the cleaning staff to lock up the huge building before they wished each other goodnight and went their separate ways.

[Y/N] quickly walked to her car and got in, sighing while putting her seatbelt on. “Can’t wait to relax and watch some Netflix” she mumbled to herself and drove out of the parking lot. It took her twenty five minutes to get to her house. She pulled into the driveway and quickly got out of her car, eager to change into her favorite pj’s.

It didn’t take her long to walk up the front porch and reach the front door. “Damn keys” [Y/N] mumbled to herself while searching for her house keys in her purse. She let out a relieved sigh when she found it and quickly opened her front door.

She frowned once she saw small candles forming a path on the floor. “What the?” she mumbled while frowning deeply as the path lead to the living room. So, with many questions swirling in her head, [Y/N] slowly followed the path of candles, anxious to see what was waiting for her in the living room.

Her heart started racing as she finally entered the living room. She gasped once seeing that the whole living room was decorated pictures hanging from the ceiling, she took a closer look and gasped once she saw that it was pictures of her and Sebastian. One where he was kissing her cheek while she was grinning with closed eyes on her birthday a few years ago. [Y/N] smiled and looked at another one where she and Sebastian were smiling gently at each other at a Halloween party two years ago, she was dressed as a zombie while he was dressed as the Winter Soldier. Tears brimmed her eyes as the memories started replaying in her head.

“[Y/N]” a deep and all familiar voice called out. [Y/N] jumped when Sebastian slowly walked up to her. Her heart skipped a beat as she stared wide eyed at him. Sebastian couldn’t keep the smile off his face, it had been one long year since he had seen her. To him, she was even more beautiful than he remembered, he had missed her so much.

“W-What are you doing here?” [Y/N] stuttered. She shivered once Sebastian gently took her hand and led her to her couch, they both sat down with not much space in between them. She was truly speechless and had a hard time trying to understand what was happening. “I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other” Sebastian began, his hand still holding hers while staring deeply and lovingly into her eyes, “I need to confess my feelings to you because I couldn’t stay away from you any longer” he sighed deeply and swallowed hard. [Y/N] nodded and tried to sit still, her emotions were all over the place.

“When we met, there was always this special connection between us. We clicked instantly and we always could confide into one another. And then you got into a relationship with your idiot ex boyfriend who damaged you to the core. My heart broke whenever I saw you crying because of him, what I didn’t realize was that my feelings for you already had developed.” [Y/N] gasped as her eyes widened at his confession.

“When he left you, I swore that I would build you up again so that I could treat you better than he did. Treat you right without the hurt and abuse, my feelings for you still were present but then Margarita came along. I instantly felt attracted to her and when I saw that you were still getting over your ex, I chose her. I thought that my feelings for you had changed back to platonic but I was wrong [Y/N]. So wrong. I was loving two women at the same time without really knowing it.

The breaking point came when I acted like a complete jerk by forgetting you and spending more time with Margarita. And I wanted to apologize again for that [Y/N]” Sebastian took a shaky deep breath and moved closer to [Y/N]. Short puffs of air were leaving her parted lips as she hung onto every word that left his lips. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss on her cheek, his lips lingering against it before he pulled away.

“Sebastian-“ [Y/N] started but he cut her off, “No, please let me finish” he rasped, their faces only a few inches apart from one another. “I love you [Y/N]. I’ve loved you for the longest time but was too oblivious and a jerk to realize that you’re the one for me. The day after we made love was where I started realize that it was always you.” tears had gathered in[Y/N]’s eyes.

“Look” Sebastian pointed the pictures hanging from the ceiling. “We made so much memories that left a mark in my heart [Y/N]. I need you, I want you and I love you” and with those words Sebastian leaned in and captured [Y/N]’s lips in a passionate kiss.

The air got knocked out of her as she closed her eyes and concentrated on Sebastian’s lips. Her stomach churned as the butterflies swirled around like crazy. Sebastian let out a silent sigh of relief, his heart pounding in his chest. Their lips moved together perfectly as they wrapped their arms around one another. “I love you” Sebastian whispered in between the kisses. [Y/N]’s mind went completely blank at his words and she couldn’t help but let out a small whimper.

A few seconds later, they pulled away at the same and stared at each other, their chests heaving up and down. The atmosphere was intense, “Now, it’s your turn” Sebastian whispered with a smile and unwrapped his arms from her thick waist. [Y/N] cleared her throat and nodded.

“I already confessed that I loved you Sebastian…I fell for you when you took care of me after the terrible break up. I wanted to get my self confidence back so that the past wouldn’t repeat itself. When you got together with Margarita I was hurt.

I was so hurt because you gave me mixed signals. Sometimes, you treated me like your girlfriend and it gave me hope that you would break up with her to be with me. Other days you and her would be so lovey dovey, it made me jealous and sick.” she took a deep breath and stood up.

Sebastian copied her actions and held onto her hands to show his silent support. Tears brimmed [Y/N]’s eyes, “I made you my only focus Seb. Besides my job, I pushed everything to the side and waited until you would come to me and tell me that you wanted me.” she took a deep breath.

“I know” Sebastian interrupted.

“It’s now that I remember the way your beautiful eyes sparkled whenever you looked at me. Or when you’d cancel every plan you had only to hang out with me. It was so obvious” he continued and lifted his hands to caress her cheeks and wiping away the tears that had ran down her face.

She sniffled, “When you left the morning after we made love to one another was-“ [Y/N] sniffled again and felt a pang of pain in her chest. “You looked me deeply into the eyes while feeling me in the most intimate way possible. You held me tight while pleasuring me. You told me you loved me before letting me fall asleep in your arms” her voice was shaky, “That broke my heart Sebastian. You broke my heart and stomped on it”.

Sebastian’s face turned from regretful to pained, “No words can ever describe how sorry I am for doing that to you [Y/N]. He furrowed his eyebrows, “I am so sorry that I treated you this way. I am so sorry that I didn’t go with my feelings from the beginning on to spare you all the pain I caused. I’m sorry for leaving you that morning.” His voice trembled.

[Y/N] blinked and wiped the fresh tears off her face while Sebastian moved his hands to her thick waist and pulled her closer to him. Their upper bodies were pressed against one another while their eyes stared deeply into one another, pain, regret, sorrow and love flashing through them.

Everything they said was long overdue but nonetheless, they felt the burden fall of their shoulders. “I love you” Sebastian said again and leaned his forehead against [Y/N]’s. “Despite everything that has happened….I still love you” she confessed. His heart swelled up in his chest as her words replayed itself in his head. “Do you really mean that?” he asked and bit his lower lip, trying his best to not grin. [Y/N] smiled softly and nodded her head.

“Oh baby” he whispered before he captured her lips in another passionate kiss again. The kissing sound echoed through the living room as they ran their hands up and down their backs and shoulders. The love that pumped through their veins was overwhelming as Sebastian and [Y/N] tumbled to the couch before falling it.

“Sorry” Sebastian chuckled through the kisses and hovered above [Y/N], leaving kisses up and down her neck while his hands roamed her curves. A pleasant shiver ran down her neck as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Sebastian’s lips. He groaned and kissed his way up back to her lips while whispering “I love you” over and over again.

“Oh hell no. You’re not about to do the nasty in front of me” the voice of [Y/B/F/N] interrupted the heated moment. [Y/N] gasped and opened her eyes, seeing her best friend standing in the middle of the living room with her suitcases next to her.

“[Y/B/F/N]! Oh my god!” she squealed and pushed Sebastian off her. She quickly stood up and rushed over to her best friend, engulfing her in a bone crushing hug. They two ladies yelled and screamed, incomprehensible words falling from their lips. Sebastian stood up and chuckled, loving to see [Y/N] happy.

“Guess who’s officially moved to Paris?!” [Y/B/F/N] said and flipped her hair. “I wanted to surprise you” she confessed and hugged [Y/N] one last time. “Thank god I walked in right on time, don’t know how I’d reaction seeing the two of you doing the nasty on the couch“ she winked at Sebastian who coughed awkwardly while a blush crept onto his face.

“And I just wanted to see you before I’m going back to the hotel” [Y/N] furrowed her eyebrows at her best friend’s words. “Why hotel? Your room is ready” [Y/N] spoke with a frown. Her best friend chuckled “Because I want you and Seb to enjoy the night. Wait until you see the bedroom” she smirked and winked at [Y/N]. She shook her head, “What? H-How do you-“ [Y/N] began, “Who do you think helped Seb with all this? Who called him and told him to man up and confess his feelings to the woman he loves?” [Y/B/F/N] chuckled and folded her arms.

“You’ve been through so much with him but I know that you love this man as much as he loves you. I couldn’t stand the thought of the two of you living on different continents and never talking to each other because of what he did” [Y/B/F/N] finished with a frown.

[Y/N] was about to say something when Sebastian continued, “I begged her to help me” he said while walking up to her and lifting her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles sweetly. [Y/N] was surprised and listened eagerly. “I was so miserable after you left, I wanted to follow you and catch the next flight but [Y/B/F/N] didn’t let me. She told me how you felt while we weren’t on speaking terms and said that you needed time to heal and find yourself again. I took her advice despite that my heart ached for you every single day, and kept my distance. When she told me about moving in with you I begged her to help me get you back. Not as my best friend but as my girlfriend” Sebastian kissed [Y/N]’s knuckles again before gently squeezing her hand.

She stared at her best friend and Sebastian, “You deserve the love you always wanted from him” [Y/B/F/N] smiled and kissed her cheek gently. [Y/N]’s eyes brimmed with tears again. “Thank you” she whispered before hugging her best friend again while sniffling. “You’re welcome love” her best friend answered and pressed another kiss on her cheek. “Now” she pulled away and lifted her suitcases off the floor, “Go get some and call me in the morning with all the details” she smirked. All three of them laughed loudly, [Y/N] the most because she had missed her best friend so much and was happy to be having her around again.

“Okay I’m going now, use protection!” and with that she turned around and left the house. Sebastian wrapped his arms around [Y/N]’s thick waist and gently squeezed it. She looked him in the eyes, “Will you give me a chance to treat you right?” he softly whispered sending a shiver down her spine as she felt his hot breath on her lips.

[Y/N] bit her lip, “I know that I’ll have to win your trust back and I’m more than willing to do that because I’m not letting you go babe”. Sebastian promised which made [Y/N] nod her head. “Yeah, I’m willing to give you a chance” and with that they grinned before sharing deep, passionate kisses while making their way upstairs.

They giggled and couldn’t keep their hands to themselves until they reached the bedroom to which [Y/N] gasped when she saw only a few candles lighting up the room. White and red rose petals were scattered all over the bed. She turned around and kissed Sebastian deeply, showing her appreciation for the beautiful gesture.

Sebastian carried her to the bed and softly placed her on top of it, his eyes weren’t able to leave hers as they slowly began to undress each other. No words were spoken as their hands explored each other’s bodies. “Magnificent” Sebastian whispered after he had removed the last piece from clothing on [Y/N]’s body. He hovered above her and laid in between her legs, moaning when he felt her arousal gathered where she needed him the most.

They shared quick, passionate kisses while he aligned himself at her entrance. “I love you” Sebastian whispered while staring lovingly down at [Y/N]. “I love you too Seb” she whispered and cried out when he pushed his hips forward, his length slowly sliding inside her. They moaned at the sensational pleasure of their body intertwining in the most intimate way. Soon enough, Sebastian thrusted his hips at a steady pace while staring down at his girlfriend’s face. Her eyes were clenched shut as she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving from him. Her hands were wrapped around his shoulders, her fingernails digging into his skin which made him groan.

The sound of their skin slapping against each other along with the moans and cries of their names echoed through the room. “Oh baby” Sebastian gasped when he felt her tight walls starting to clench around his hard length, [Y/N] was very close to reach her high. Sebastian brought his hand down to her sensitive clit and pressed his thumbs against it, the overwhelming sensation throwing her over the edge with a loud cry.

Sebastian reached his high too and moaned loudly while releasing himself inside [Y/N] before resting his head in the crook of her neck. He gently slipped out of her and rolled onto his back, the two of them breathing heavily. Sebastian looked at [Y/N] who already was smiling tiredly at him. Without a word, he leaned in and gave her one last sweet kiss on the lips before wrapping his arms around her. [Y/N] rested her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat, feeling complete. The couple fell asleep happily each other’s arms.


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Tom gets extremely nervous when he runs into you at a formal event. The two of you dated and broke up years ago and never saw each other again. As soon as he lays eyes on you, he gets this urge to say hi but thinks twice when he notices a man by your side. Tom immediately comes to the conclusion that he’s your new partner and somehow he feels jealous because you look better than ever.

‘Public’ T.H x Reader

Originally posted by parkersstark

A/n: Okay so YES!!!!sorry this took so long, i am just super lazy but yeah oof enjoy!!! feedback it would be amazing so please send me your thoughts!!! also requests are still closed because i have a list i need to get done with oof. i love you okay bye :)

Request:Can you do an imagine based on this “Remember this if you date Tom Holland, your whole life will be public””Its okay i have nothing to hide” “everyone has something to hide”

warning: language???

Dating a celebrity is never an easy thing. Especially when you’re not one for social media,fame,or having the spotlight on you,You were just a normal person,,,,,Except for the fact that you were dating Marvel’s, Spider Man star.Tom Holland.

You two have been dating for  a year since you first met on set on Spiderman:Homecoming. You found out they were filming a new marvel movie right near your apartment and decide to check it out since, it was in your way to go to work down the street. Not even knowing that day you’d meet the love of your life.Of course you didn’t know it at the timer, while bumping right into the star himself. After a wave of emotions hitting you and Tom rambling on and on about being sorry, you two talked for awhile,until security cut you out and told you to leave the permasis. You did as you were told but then you felt tom grab your writ and then he proceeded to ask for your number. The rest is history.

You weren’t going to lie when you said dating Tom was hard. He was always on press, or filming new movies, and boy did you miss him when he left.But you knew he’d be back soon and he was away doing what he loved.That kept you happy. At times it didn’t help when dating rumors came up tp the surface, every month or even week, a new rumor came up in articles on social media.”Tom Holland Spiderman-Homecoming star with new babe?”, articles like those used to bother you,How could the not?.Even if you guys were public,shit happens. But you and tom both knew better and both loved each other deeply.

The paparazzi didn’t bother you anymore, well it still does,but not as much as it did before. The cameras, the people asking questions, watching your every move, with or without tom by your side while you are out in public. It just wasn’t your cup of tea. But you loved Tom and would do anything for him,even if that means showing a little pretty face to the spotlight every once in awhile.

All that didnt bother you that much, what bothered you the most was the fact that you r family,of all people completely didn’t approve of your relationship with Tom. They didn’t like the fact that you felt uncomfortable at times,or that the cameras were in your face, or the fact that his crazy stan fans attacked you every time you two posted pictures together. All that didnt get to you. The hate? No. The cameras? No. That comes with the price o dating a celebrity, and you knew it was going to come due to you dating Tom. But again, that did not bother you. No matter how many times you reassured you family you were in love with tom, and him in love with you,and that you two were happy no matter the conditions. They were not listening to your words.

You tried to forget all the things they said to you but one that stood out was what your mother recently said to you during a phone call, that yet again was about you and Tom. You were laying on your bed that you and tom shared, he was out doing interviews for Infinity War, with his other cast mates. You picked up your phone and checked the time, it was 2pm, and you still havent got out of bed, after you hung up on your mom. The words she just said were flowing in your mind as if it were like she was in the same room as you telling you the same lecture she just did on the phone

Her words and voice were clear in your mind. “Remember this: if you date Tom Holland, your whole life will be public”. Sure she was right, and did that bother you that she was right?. Big time. But you just simply replied to her by saying.”Its okay i have nothing to hide”. You didn’t realize those words came out of your mouth again as you said them to yourself in your empty bedroom. Your mother’s words rang in your head like a headache that wouldn’t pass. “Everyone has something to hide”. With that all you remember is hanging up the phone and laying your head back on our piow. Which leds to you to where you are now.

That call happened two hours ago. Have you really been thinking of her words for that long.She wasn’t correct. You had nothing to hide. You knew your life would be public and open, and people would dig up past secrets because of your relationship with Tom. But you knew you had nothing to hide……..You were okay. Right?.

Then why did that keep repeating in your mind?

“Everyone has something to hide”.

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My coming out experience

Since it’s the International day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, I thought I might share my coming out experience with you.
First of all, I didn’t do it out of my own will, not completely however. It happened in January, but it’s not like my parents were totally clueless before that day. As a matter of fact, my mother knew about my preferences because when I had my first girl crush (way back to 2012) I had nobody to talk to, so I started writing down my feelings in a journal. Eventually, my mother found out about my journal and read it, I remember being forced to talk about it – not the bravest girl, since I locked myself in the bathroom. After that day, she had her doubts but we never spoke about it ever again. 
Two years later, I fell in love with a kind and beautiful girl, we dated for a while but after our first kiss I freaked out and I decided it was better for both of us to just stop seeing each other, I was so scared of what people might have said about me. She tried to fight me on this, and I was so in love I grew the balls to  talk about her to my sister. I told her everything, the dates, the things she made me feel and all I got out of her was: so, are you gay or not?
Back then, I din’t have an answer, nor for her nor for me. She ended the discussion with a simple “as soon as you find out, let us know.” And it wasn’t really inviting nor accommodating. It shocked me, because to me my sister was the most open-minded member of my family and all I could think about was how will my parents react if my sister didn’t even try to hear me out?!
So I let it go, I let her go and I stayed in the closet for a little more. Other two years, the be exact (equals a total amount of: five years spent in the closet!) 

This January, 2017, I had the greatest quarrel ever with my parents (especially my mum), we didn’t talk to each other for three weeks which is funny, because the whole argument started because I omitted a little thing to them (home alone 4 days, I invited a boy over without them knowing and spent those days with him – my sister who currently lives in another house found out and told my parents. My mum acted like she didn’t know about it for a while, I knew she knew because – opps, I read her text conversation with my sister. There was a particular text that said: don’t be mad at her, she wouldn’t have let a total stranger in our house. Plus, at least now we know what she likes/what she’s into. – There is probably no need to say it, but it broke my heart).
An evening, during dinner, my father – tired of living in a cold-war-like- atmosphere, addressed the argument. He kindly asked me what was wrong and I told them everything. I told them how betrayed I felt by that text, I told them it shouldn’t matter whether I’m into boys or girls as long as I’m happy and that, by the way, I’m into both. 
Allow me to say, I live in a small village in Italy, my family is christian and practicing, I still play in the chorus of my church. 
My father took it well, my mother needed more time, she didn’t really understand how it worked for me and I saw her point because it took me a lot to realize it was possible and ok for a person to feel attracted by both, boys and girls. I feel like bisexuals in general need more time to be recognized as such, however. 

Only advice I have for you is give your parents time
I don’t know about you guys, but it took me something like four years to acknowledge I was bi, to accept me as such. Your parents are just shocked in their expectations of the future, they most probably will accept you but they need time. 
Remember how terrible it felt to go through it alone? Then be there for your parents, even if it looks like they don’t want you be there for them ever again. Help them see it’s ok to be you, you’re still the same kid just with different likings.

If you want to talk about it, I’m here on tumblr, kik and snapchat. :)  

Yugyeom Imagine - Shy

A/N - Anon requested Yugyeom fluff~ Shy Yugyeom is my aesthetic omg he’s such a cutie. Keep on sending in your requests everyone!

Today was a day off for the Got7 members and one of the first they’d had in a few weeks. You were getting ready to go over to the dorm to spend some time with your boyfriend, Yugyeom. It had been about two weeks since you had spent longer than twenty minutes together. The only time you’d been able to see each other was a last minute coffee date in between practices or photo shoots. When you arrived at the dorm, Jinyoung was the one to greet you at the door. As soon as he saw you, he turned at shouted into the dorm, “Yugyeom, your girlfriend’s here!” He turned back to you and smiled pleasantly, stepping out of the way so you could come in.

A blushing but smiling Yugyeom ran down the corridor and wrapped you up in a tight hug, picking you up and spinning you quickly as he kissed you softly. 
“I missed you,” he said into the kiss. 
“Missed you too, Yugy,” you replied, smiling at his cuteness. 
“It’s been like a week since you two saw each other. You’re acting like it’s been years,” Jinyoung said teasingly, knowing it’d make you both blush from embarrassment. 
“Aish, leave us alone, hyung! You’re only saying that because you’re jealous you don’t have a girlfriend,” Yugyeom retorted, his voice filled with annoyance and embarrassment from how much he had missed you, even if it had only been a couple weeks as Jinyoung said. His fingers intertwined with yours and he dragged you off to his shared bedroom. Thankfully, Bambam, his roommate, wasn’t in there to tease him some more.

You spent about an hour just sitting on his bed, cuddling and kissing him. Even though you loved going out on dates with Yugyeom, you just loved being able to have him all to yourself. There was nothing better than being lazy and wasting the day in each other’s arms. You could have easily fallen asleep in his arms if it wasn’t for the loud noises the other boys were making elsewhere in the dorm. As if they could read your mind, the noise soon died down and you were left in almost pure silence. Looking up at Yugyeom, you smiled and kissed his cheek. The smile he returned was one of pure happiness and delight; it only made you want to kiss him more and more, just so you would never have to live without seeing his adorable little smile.
“Aw, look at the little lovebirds,” Bambam said from the doorway, making both you and Yugyeom leave your little trance and turn towards where his voice came from. All six of the boys were stood there looking at you both.
“Our little Gyeomie is all grown up with a girlfriend,” Jackson said teasingly, as if he were a proud mother. 
“I hope he doesn’t act too grown up tonight, I actually want to sleep in here later and I don’t want them disturbing me,” Bambam joked, making eye contact with you and winking. Your face went bright red and Yugyeom’s was even redder. He didn’t say anything from shyness and instead he just buried his face in your neck, hoping the boys would leave.
“So adorable! Look he’s gone all shy!” Youngjae teased before JB stepped in. 
“Come on, let’s leave these little lovebirds alone. We’ve done enough teasing for one day,” he said, laughing at your reactions. When they had finally gone and left you both in peace, you turned to Yugyeom who was still blushing. 
“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” you said, leaning in to gently peck his lips. He made a little noise, reminding you how shy he got whenever you complimented him. You kissed him again, loving the reactions he gave and wanting to see him smile again and again for you.

Long-lasting (Chan)


hi! can i request a fluffy (even angsty if u want bc im a sucker for happy endings) chan scenario where ur childhood besties w/ chan, n u develop a crush on him that lasts all the way through primary n high school, even tho they actually kinda started drifting apart in high school. he doesnt even know abt the crush!! but they get to college n she thinks hes forgotten all about her, until they see each other again n u can think of the rest~ im just rly soft for best friend + college au’s (cont)

» alcohol warning!!!! drink responsibly if you’re old enough 🙏 I hope this is at least something like you expected, and there is a fair share of angstier bits ;; 💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 6,006 words

Your first day of kindergarten had left such a deep impression on you that you could still remember it fairly clearly. You had been almost three, and watching your mother leave had made you cry, which wasn’t exactly rare to happen there. You had stayed by the window for a long time, crying and hoping your mother would come pick you up soon, no matter how much the adults tried to kindly tell you that she would come in the afternoon.

The tears only stopped when your shoulder was tapped and you had turned around to see a boy of your age, smiling brightly.

“Come play with me. My mom left, too, but she’ll come back. Come on.”

And that was how you had met Lee Chan, your future best friend.

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5 date rule with Christian Yu

Sitting in front of the TV, all curled up on the couch, you absent-mindedly watched the movie that was on. Some romantic comedy that was on TV over and over again. But this time, something caught your eye. The main character was going on about a Five Date Rule. Before getting serious with anyone, she needed five dates. Only then did she decide to carry on or break it off.

That was stupid… but weirdly, it made sense.

You decided that you too would adopt that rule.

Word count: 2300 words

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Christian was the one who asked you out. You two had met through mutual friends and on the third time you all got together, before leaving, he asked you to go out with him.

1st date: At a cafe

The cafe was a mutual agreement. As a first date, you two just wanted to chill and get to know each other better.

When you got there, he was waiting for you at the entrance. You had noticed it before but you were now acknowledging that he looked good in literally anything. He was wearing casual clothes, a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers but he looked great. You hadn’t dressed up at all either. It was a casual date, right? So, casually, you had slipped on those jeans that made your ass look extra good. But that was it!

The afternoon went by smoothly and almost too quickly. Over to cups of iced americano and two slices of cheesecake, you two just talked, getting to know each other a little better. Soon you discovered he was the type to make people feel comfortable straight away.

You decided not to tell him about your five date rule for now. What if he didn’t want to go on another date?

At the end of the day, it turned out he did. While casually talking about cinema, he suggested you’d go to the movies together. And so you did.

2nd date: At the movies

A couple of days later you were meeting up in front of the cinema place. Again, he looked great. The weather was a bit more chilly so he was wearing a long sleeved brownish shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Straight away, he told you he didn’t really like horror movies. You decided to respect that. Your only choices were a thriller, a romantic comedy or a comedy movie so you two decided to go with the comedy. After getting two cokes and one bucket of popcorn (because you decided to share a bucket since you weren’t very hungry) you two went in.

Aware of the fact that there was only one bucket of popcorn, you were careful not to shove your hand in the popcorn at the same time as him. Last thing you wanted was any awkward moments. And you were enjoying his company way too much. It was nice hearing him laugh beside you.

At one point you slipped your hand into the popcorn and casually caught a piece of caramel inside. You didn’t feel like eating it so you gently prodded Christian’s arm.

“Do you want caramel?” You asked.

“Hm.” He nodded.

Suddenly he bent forward and caught the piece of caramel between his teeth straight from your fingers. You were surprised and unsure of what to do for a second but when you looked towards his face he was happily chewing away the piece of caramel, his eyes on the screen. You had the urge to chuckle at yourself but you did so quietly.

Should you tell him today? You should wait to see what he wanted…

When the movie was over, you two walked out still talking about it. How this happened and how this character did this or did that. You sat down in front of the cinema, sipping at the last bits of coke still left in your cups and just talking. That’s when he told you how he was a single dad of a very spoiled mini pinscher and that she had been ruling his world for a while. He talked of her so fondly that you wanted to meet her too.

Also, it was about time to tell him about your date rule, wasn’t it? If he didn’t want to keep seeing you, he’d just tell you, right?

“Ah, is that so?” He chuckled, looking down at his cup. “So… you need three more dates?”

You weren’t sure of how to answer.

“I mean, if you don’t want to, it’s okay…” You began.

“Where should we go next? Next date is on you.” He grinned.

Amusement park it was.

3rd date: At an amusement park

It was a really nice day, luckily. It wasn’t too cold nor too hot but the sun was warm and pleasing.

You and Christian met up at the entrance of the amusement park. As it was nice enough for it, he was wearing a black t-shirt with little buttons near the neck, jeans and sneakers and he had a dark grey jacket in his hand. He greeted you with a big goofy smile.

You decided you’d make the most out of that day. Anything you wanted to try, you would. Even the huge and scary rides.

He was the perfect amusement part buddy. The only thing he wouldn’t do was haunted houses. And stuff with water but you two seemed to be in synchrony on that one.

You went on a few big rides where both of you screamed your lungs out and on a few smaller ones, where both of you laughed your asses off. Christian would nicely let you hold onto his arm whenever you need to and secretly, you appreciated and enjoyed it a lot.

When you two started getting tired of rides, you decided to try to win a teddy bear but with no luck. None of you seemed to be able to shoot down the cans, not even with Christian playfully asking you to blow on the gun for good luck.

You ended the day sharing cotton candy, sitting on a little bench, watching people pass by.

In a moment of silence and in the middle of licking sugar of his finger, Christian asked you about that rule of yours.

“It’s dumb, really.” You started, explaining to him how you had seen it in a movie.

“I thought it was reasonable at the time.” You tried to defend yourself, with a little shrug.

“It is reasonable.” He answered, to your surprise. Christian too thought one single date wasn’t enough to get to know someone. You were thankful he understood.

Slowly, you leaned against his arm and he smiled. His smile was beautiful. You’d like to see more of it.

“Have you ever been to an arcade?” He asked out of the blue. You hadn’t really.

He was taking you to an arcade then.

4th date: At an arcade

Truth was you were excited. Excited to see Christian and excited to go to an arcade with him. He looked really nice that day, as usual. Black t-shirt and jeans along with sneakers and a nice leather jacket to top it off.

When you got to the arcade, you rushed inside like two kids. Of course you started off by competing in air hockey in a very close game which he won.

However, soon you discovered shooting games and decided to go through them one by one. Christian played as well but from time to time he’d stop, admiring how focused you’d get on the game and you’d only realize he had stopped when you heard him chuckle next to you.

You cheered him on as he played an old arcade game where he had to take down space ships and he cheered you on as you miserably embarrassed yourself while playing basketball.

On the punching bag, his score was higher but when you asked for a rematch and pushed him when he was about to punch the bag, your score was higher. “That was cheating.” “Says who? It was the wind that pushed you!”

You decided to try the racing simulator but even with both of you driving the same car, it was a disaster. By the end of the game you two were laughing at how pathetic it had been, his hands resting over yours on the wheel.

As the arcade had a little cafe like area, you two ended up sitting over milkshakes when you had had enough of the games.

“Did you have fun?” He asked casually.

“I did. So much fun! Thank you.”

“Enough fun for another date?”

You watched him for a few seconds, his lips curved into a little smile as he himself watched you. You couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Yes, enough for another date.” You nodded.

“Can I pick the next date? I’d like to take you somewhere I think you’re going to like.” He confessed.

You agreed.

You took the same uber home and in the dim lighting of the car, you slowly reached for his heavily tattooed arm, running your fingers over the portrait like piece on his lower arm, very lightly as you were scared of his reaction. He watched you peacefully and when you asked about it, he briefly explained the meaning behind it, while you felt him moving his arm to meet the touch of your fingers.

When you were leaving, he reached for your hand and gave it a little squeeze, telling you we’d call you.

5th date: At a park

It took you two a bit longer than you thought to go on that fifth date. Christian got suddenly caught up with work and, of course, you wouldn’t be bothering him at a time like that. You told him to work and to worry about what he had to do instead of your date but he still texted you daily, telling you how his work was doing and the progress that had been made. Even if you didn’t want to, you’d end up thinking about him all the time and when his texts arrived, your heart would flutter.

When he was finally done, he called you. The next day he’d pick you up and you two would go somewhere together. You were so excited you could barely stop smiling the rest of the day!

And so it was. The day after, you put on those jeans, were a little more careful with your appearance and kept checking yourself in the mirror every 5 minutes until he arrived. After seeing his smile, you kind of forgot about everything though. He had stepped out of the uber and was standing tall, waiting for you, dressed in a grey long sleeved shirt, dark tight jeans and sneakers. Suddenly, you had butterflies in your stomach. He was so unbelievably good looking.

On the ride there, at first you tried to get him to tell you where you were going but seeing as he wouldn’t budge you decided to drop it and ask him about his latest project. Soon you discovered that in the future you had to ask him more about his projects. His passion and excitement were too lovely not to ask.

At some point he announced you two had arrived. You looked out the window but you had no idea of where you were so you stepped out hesitantly. When you joined Christian on the sidewalk, he seemed to notice your hesitation.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it. Come on.” He smiled, holding his hand out to you.

Your heart fluttered in your chest when you took his hand, deciding to trust him. You discovered your hands fit together perfectly.

Soon you also discovered it was a park. Everything was beautiful. The pavements were made of dark pieces of rock, smoothed out and kept together by light grey cement. Besides the paths, the garden grew freely, with tall, thin trees hanging above your heads creating a bit of shade and the ground covered with low plans, with thin dark green leaves and also thin lilac flowers standing tall through the leaves. The sun shined high through the branches of the tall trees, creating this soft atmosphere, almost magical. You would have never guessed he’d take you to a place like that.

Still holding your hand, he told you how he had discovered that place on a day that he was wandering about by himself. While you paid attention to what he was saying, you were also constantly distracted by the sudden butterflies in your stomach that took off every time he chuckled.

There was a cafe in the middle of the garden where you two sat down, enjoying the scenery, each other’s company, a cup of a warm drink and a slice of cheesecake each.

“Did you like it?” He asked, motioning with his hand towards the scenery around you two.

You nodded, telling him how pretty everything was. He smiled and while he reached for your hand over the table, he told you how he liked the way the sun shined through the trees and how the sunset looked extra beautiful from this one specific place in the park, also saying he’d show it to you.

As cliche as it was, you two hung out long enough to see the sunset from that one spot and Christian was right. The sky, painted with oranges, reds, pinks and purples extended before your eyes and you couldn’t tell if it was that place or leaning against Christian’s arm that made it even more special and beautiful than usual.

“So… have you decided yet?” He asked.

“Decided on what?”

“On whether you want to continue this or not.”

You looked up at him, who also looked down at you with a gentle look in his dark eyes.

“I’d like you to say you wanted to continue.” He added, the corners of his lips tugging lightly into a small smile.

If you hadn’t made up your mind yet, you did right there and then, seeing his dark eyes watching you so gently.

“I think I want to see where you’ll take me the next few times.” You answered, reaching for his hand.

His smile grew, parting his lips into a soft grin and he chuckled, squeezing your hand lightly in his.


“I’m going to need to know what your lips taste like before I take you on more dates.” He smirked, slowly leaning down towards you.

“Is that so?” You mumbled, your eyes fluttering when he rested his forehead on yours.

“You see… I have this rule I need to know what a girl’s kiss is like until I show her my cherished secret places.” He teased in a low tone, a smile plastered on his features.

“Shut up.”

He chuckled and moved his head, his soft lips finding yours when he leaned forward.

(Little note: I wasn’t going to add the first kiss but then I thought you might be disappointed after so much so I added that little extra. Hope you enjoyed this whole thing! I wrote more that I thought I would, tbh.)

Ice Cream

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Hi, Gem! I was wondering if you could do a Chris Beck request where the reader is rather shy and has an obvious crush on him and everyone knows and teases them about it and yeah..x - anon

“Just talk to the guy, what’s the worst that could happen,” Mark shrugged.

“He could hear me,” you exclaimed with a groan at your best friend, “We’re going to go to Mars together and be stuck in close proximity for years and I don’t want him to hate me for all that time. It’s bad enough having to pretend I don’t like him but it’ll be even worse if he knows.”

Mark rolled his eyes, “Or he could like you back.”

You scoffed, “Bitch, please.”

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A/N: I got @fentitrbl’s seal of approval for this one so pls make sure to check out her writing and give her your support! Thanks again, love 💕


“Thank you for dinner again.”

“You paid when we went out last night [Y/N], so let’s just say we’re even..,” Simon picked closed the car door and headed towards your side, “For now.”

You smiled and interlinked your arms with his, “I’m so glad I didn’t turn down our blind date a month ago.” 

“I really thought you were going to leave in the middle of the date after I told you I had a private Instagram account.” Simon stopped and gestured you to sit down on the bench. 

“Why would you think I would leave?”

Simon breathe in and out slowly before answering your question, “I thought I was scaring you away.”

“I’m not someone to leave in the middle of the date just because he has a private Instagram account. Besides, you’re THE Simon Dominic so I’m wasn’t surprised. I know you like your privacy.”

“I’m glad you stayed because I’ve told you things I haven’t told my family and best friends.”

You lifted your head from his shoulders and raised your eyebrow, “You mean you haven’t told anyone that you pour milk first then cereal AND you have a massive collection of recipe books?!”

“No one knows about my recipe books. That’s why I keep them in a box which is hidden in the darkest spot of the pantry,” Simon chuckled, “But what I meant was I’ve opened up to you and it’s because you’re so easy to talk to.”

“And you are too.” You took his hands and held onto it, “You’re the first person grown up person to know I still sleep with a night light.” 

“That reminds me I still need to a buy a night light so that way you can sleep over,” Simon grinned mischievously. 

“I’m sorry but I’m only sleeping over when I’m a married woman,” you winked.

“Marriage huh? If I say I was married before, would you still want to be together?” 

You were taken aback as to why he would ask such a question. Did he hear or know something? You stayed quiet not because you were unsure on how to answer his question, but it was because you thought he knew your secret. 

“I’ll take your silence as a no…?” 

“To be honest, yes I would be scared at first, but then I would need to know the reason why and your reassurance that you know, you won’t leave when we decide to tie the knot.”

“Hmm sorry to tell you this [Y/N] but I was married before and she divorced me because I put milk first then my cereal,” Simon joked. 

You playfully hit his chest then moved even closer to him, resting your head on his shoulders, “You wouldn’t leave me if I say I was married before, would you?”

“I really like you and I still want to get to know you better. I’m not leaving anytime soon.” 


“How many dates have you had with Simon already?” your best friend asked. 

You put a spoonful of cereal in your mouth and consciously counted the dates - there was the blind date, then a coffee date, then that time where he took you to his studio, and then the time you both randomly saw each other at the shops which in turn, turned into a dinner date. Lastly last night’s date. 

You swallowed your cereal in one gulp. “Last night was the fifth,” you finally say. 

“Already? Didn’t I set you up like two weeks ago?” your best friend quizzed, “Damn. You two just can’t keep your hands off each other, aye?”

You rolled your eyes at him, “Relax. We haven’t done anything but go on dates.” You quickly finished your cereal while your best friend was trying to figure out long you had been together with Simon. 

“You set us up about a month ago so stop trying to figure it out. You’ll hurt yourself,” you chuckled, wiping down the sink. 

“So it’s official official? I can now also refer you as Simon’s girlfriend?” 

“Yeah I guess so,” you shrugged.

Your best friend walked over to you and stood directly opposite to you, “You don’t sound 100% sure, [Y/N]. What’s wrong?”

You bit your lip and tried to piece a sentence together, “I haven’t told him about… you know..” 

“I’ve seen you two together and the way you look at each other. He’s the one, [Y/N]. I’m sure he’ll accept your past.”

“Thanks.” You looked at the kitchen clock and it was almost 8am, “I gotta go and get ready. I need to be at the centre early today.” 


You met up with Simon at AOMG’s office and today he was the last person to leave. You stood in front of his office and with every second passing, you felt like your feet would give from the new pair of heels, and you would fall over any time soon. 

“You okay, [Y/N]?” Simon asked as he shut down his laptop. 

“Remind me to never break into a new pair of heels on a weekday. My feet is killing me,” you complained, leaning on the wall to help ease the pain. 

Simon shuffled and rearrange his paperwork before taking out a pair of Nike slides, “Here.” 

“You keep this in your drawers?” you chuckled.

“Just in case of an emergency so-,” Simon got down on one knee and helped you change out of your heels, “-This is an emergency.”

You grinned and helped him up to your level. You adjusted his collar and put your hands on his shoulders, “Where would I be without you?” 

“Lost. So, so lost.” Simon joked, pulling you closer to him by your hips. 

The two of you stood in silence as you both got lost in each other’s eyes. The longer you looked at him the more guilt you felt. All the time you had been together with Simon he had been so genuine. He always knew what to say, what to do and most importantly, he understood you.  

“You know what we should do tonight?” Simon pulled you even closer now and you circled your arms around his neck, “Instead of eating out tonight why don’t we stay in? We can order food now and pick it up on the way back to my house.”

You kissed Simon on his lips, “Sounds good.” 


“What?! Why?! Is he okay? Okay, I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

Your hands were shaking from the phone call and you immediately went to grab your bag from the seat. Simon got out of the bathroom and noticed you heading out towards the front door. 

“[Y/N], why are you leaving?” he power walked up to you. 

“I’m sorry but I need to go,” you said, tearfully. “I’m sorry again.” You repeated, putting your hand on the door handle.

Simon pulled you back by your hand, “Hey, what is it? What happene-”

“I really need to go.” You forcefully yanked your hand out of his grip, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Where are you are going?”

It didn’t take much for Simon to volunteer himself to drive you to the hospital. He said you were in no state to drive and he wasn’t wrong. Your hands were still shaking and your breathe was short. You even had trouble opening the car door and putting on your seat belt, to which Simon helped you in both situations.

The drive from his place to the hospital wasn’t long but it felt like time was ten times slower, and it didn’t help when all the worst possibilities clouded your mind. Simon, however, didn’t say a word nor did he ask the reason for this emergency. Something you were thankful for because you were in no position to say anything at this time. 

“Can you wait here, please?” you turned to Simon who was a few steps behind you. 

Simon pulled out a package of tissue from his pockets and gave it to you, “Are you sure you don’t need me?”

“I’ll call you if I need you, okay?” 

You gave him a hug and left him in the Reception area of the hospital.


After everything had cleared you thanked your best friend for the phone call and bid him goodnight. You walked to the Reception area and see Simon sitting in one of the chairs. He looked so tired and you felt so bad for letting him come to the hospital. 

“I’m sorry you had to wait for so long, Simon,” you apologised, sitting down next to him. 

“It’s fine. Is everything okay?” Simon put his phone back in his pocket and wrapped his arms around you. 

“Yeah uhhh there’s something I need to tell you and this isn’t a good place but eventually you’re going to find out anyway.”

“Tell me what?”

“My secret,” you blurted out. You took a deep breath and explained to him that you’re actually a mother to a 5 year old. You told him how you got pregnant after a drunken one night stand so you have absolutely no idea who the father is. 

Ever since your child was born, you always put him first so you hadn’t been putting yourself out there. Your only priority in life was to keep your son safe and happy. 

“He was born with a weak immune system so he gets sick easily. When it gets too warm he would have headaches and when it gets really cold he coughs a lot and might even catch the flu. It doesn’t take much for him to be unwell. But tonight, he fainted because his sugar levels were low. The doctor did some tests and they concluded that he has diabetes.” You choked and tears began to fall from your eyes, “He scared me tonight. I thought I was going to lose him. My baby boy..I thought I was going to lose my precious baby boy.” 

You were in tears and Simon held you even closer and tighter. He didn’t say a word and you thought of the worst possibilities again.

You freed yourself from his embrace and wiped your tears with a tissue. You bit your lip, “I understand if this is all too much so if you leave, I’ll be okay.”

“Why do you think I would leave you now?”

You sniffed, “I know you’re acting dumb, Simon. I have a 5 year old kid.”

Simon readjusted himself on the seat and looked straight ahead, avoiding your eyes. 

“It’s okay. I know a lot of guys who would be iffy about this kind of situation. I’m not going to judge you if decide we should go our separate ways. I mean we have just started dating. I don’t know even know your thoughts on marriage or children.” 

You also readjusted yourself on the seat, moving further away from him but Simon reached over and held onto your hand. He turned around so now he was now completely facing you.

“Why do you think I’m going to leave you, [Y/N]?”

You inhaled and exhaled loudly, “My son has never known his father, hell I don’t even know, and there is a reason why I haven’t put myself out there since he was born. I’m scared that if it doesn’t work out not only will I get my heart broken, but my son’s heart will broken too. I have to put him first. He’s my number one.”

“You’re right,” Simon nodded at you, “We just have started dating and it’s too early to talk about marriage let alone children.”

To hear Simon say those words out loud confirmed he wasn’t on board with being in a relationship where he would be a father figure to a kid who was not even his own. How stupid of you to agree to go out on a blind date with him in the first place? 

“But [Y/N], I’ve always wanted to settle down, get married and have a family of my own. I want to be a husband, father and maybe down the track a grandpa to many grandchildren.” He broke into a slight chuckle at the mention of being a grandparent. 

You couldn’t help but to do the same, “Even if you have to marry a woman who has a kid of her own?” 

“[Y/N] we’re together now and yes, it hasn’t been very long but we are together nevertheless,” Simon responded, while massaging your cold hands, “You’re part of my life and I’m part of yours now.” 

You mouthed a silent thanks and suddenly you felt a like a massive weight had lifted off your shoulders.  

"You’re so easy to talk to and that’s one thing I like about you and hey, like I told you last night I really really like you,” Simon continued. 

You sniffed at his last words, “You said ‘really’ once last night and now you said it twice.” 

“With each passing day I like you even more, [Y/N], “he responded and you couldn’t help but to break into a smile. 

Simon smiled back with a glimmer and hope in his eyes, before leaning forward to plant a soft kiss on your lips. “I’m not walking away from you or your kid.” 

Thanks for making it to the end and as always, any type of feedback is welcome and appreciated :D