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oilan  asked:

Geonosis, Kashyyyk?


Geonosis: Are you compassionate towards insects?

Hmm, I don’t think so? I don’t know what that would really mean? I can’t like extend emotional rapport with a centipede or anything.

But I like insects, I think they’re cool! They have very complicated lives and social structures and often great character designs.  I never understand people who try to eradicate them or freak out about their existing. I’ll generally try to save them and I’d always rather move them out to a better environment than squish them when it’s reasonable. 

(I would say fire ants are an exception, but really I’m just trying to send them back to hell, which is clearly their native habitat, so same thing.XP)

Kashyyyk: What is your favourite fluffy creature?

CATSSSSSS I love cats, I haven’t seen mine in weeks and now I miss them, oh geez. Fluffy minipredators, the perfect pet. <3 

being a biologist working in the chemistry building is weird because everyone knows me on sight and will say that they’ve defs seen me around, but no one knows who i am or who i work for, and people in my own lab don’t know i’m not in the chemistry department and get very confused when i talk about things like committee meetings, but on the other hand, none of the biologists not in my direct cohort know i’m a biologist and get confused when i show up to like, department events, so i’m basically just an unknowable science cryptid haunting the hallowed halls of higher learning with my ice bucket