they been through a lot


Appreciation and gratitude.

To the group that risked everything for their dreams, that was uncertain of their future. Look at where you are now, look how far you’ve became. Each one of you has been through a lot of difficulties and hardships in life. Those challenges became stepping stones to the bridge of your goals in life.

To the leader, Kim Namjoon. Thank you for having that kind of determination that not everybody has. Your music, the words that come from your mouth has inspired us to never forget where we belong. You have taught us how remain humble.

To the one who can fly, Kim Seokjin. Thank you for pursuing this path. The path you chose may have been rocky, but things will get smoother throughout the years. We will walk with you in that path. We will be by your side. Know that you have improved in many aspects and you have proved to the many that you are more than what you are. You deserve all the praises in this world together with Namjoon, for raising the Boys right. They have grown so much thanks to your help.

To the man whose heart is dedicated to his work and is filled with passion, Min Yoongi. Thank you for overcoming your challenges in life no matter how hard it was for you. The lyrics of every song you produce has a deep impact to our hearts and our lives. The message it gives has made us realized how important it is to pursue on our dreams. Always remember that you are not a disgrace to this family. We want you to know that the path you chose was right. Your decisions were right. You are a blessing to each and every one of us. Same with everybody, you will never walk alone. We will always be by your side.

To our sunshine and our hope, Jung Hoseok. Thank you for your unselfishness and whole-heartedness dedication to your work. Thank you for giving your all when you perform. Your talent is a gift. You have brought immense joy and happiness to our lives. It’s okay to be vulnerable. We are your shoulders to cry on. We will listen to every problem you might face in the near future. We will solve it together. We are one family.

To the one with a golden heart, Kim Taehyung. Thank you for being pure in heart. Your genuine heart has been our inspiration to do well with our lives. Thank you for giving us smiles that could light up our sad and depressed worlds. Thank you for sharing to us your talent. Your angelic voice has touched us and every performance you showcase to us is a memory we will always treasure. Thank you for teaching us that family should always be top priority. Know that we are a family, and we will never leave you.

To BTS’ guardian angel, Park Jimin. Thank you for your smile and bright attitude that could make everyone feel at ease. Your presence itself is a gift. Thank you for your perseverance and dedication to your love for dancing. Your commitment to your talent has brought you this far. Continue to be what you are, we love you.

To the youngest who never stops growing, Jeon Jeongguk. Thank you for continuously striving to develop. You have encouraged the other youth like me to begin. You have grown into such a respect-worthy kind of man. You have learned a lot from the hyungs. Continue making us proud. We love you and you will always be our baby.

Thank you BTS, for making us laugh, cry and experience things we’ve never experienced. Thank you for letting us join your life-long journey. We will be there with you. Through every step you take, every mile you reach. We will stay by your side and walk with you in every path you choose. Until our very last breaths, till the end of time. Most of all, thank you for being out Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, Our most beautiful moment in life. Thank you for everything. Words aren’t enough to express our gratitude and respect to you guys.

Congratulations for breaking the boundaries by winning the 2017 BBMAs Top Social Artist Awards. You have opened the doors for the KPOP industry and you have brought your country’s name a good news!

ARMY is no fandom, but a family. This family will not be broken down by any circumstances and negativities thrown to us. This family has a strong foundation of trust and love. Fighting!~

All the love. Teamwork makes the dream work. ♥

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My Feraligatr and Steelix have been traveling through Johto with me since they were totodile and onix. Through lots of training and a strong bond, my Feraligatr is now level 100. He and Steelix (lvl. 68) still get along just fine, but lately they seem to want to test who's physically stronger. My Feraligatr is larger than the average Feraligatr by a foot according to my Pokedex. Would it be safe to let them have an arm wrestle? Steelix uses his tail. I'm out of room to type, you get the idea.

Welcome to rut, 2017! You’ve got two testosterone-laden males in breeding season and they are going to need to burn off that energy one way or another. I’m not sure if an arm wrestle will really get all that energy out without someone getting hurt, though. A lot of exercise will probably help, though.

Tsubasa Family as Days of the Week
  • Syaoran: Monday, because he's got a lot of work and shit ahead of him
  • Sakura: Saturday morning specifically because she is peaceful and warm and makes you feel nice
  • Kurogane: Wednesday because he's been through so much goddamn shit already but he's got a lot to go
  • Fai: Sunday night because he feels a sense of oncoming dread constantly
  • Mokona: Friday night, because it's time to get fucked up

“We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. I didn’t like you at first, and that’s no secret, but even then, every stupid thing you did, it was to protect your sister. She didn’t always see that, but I did. You’ve got such a big heart, Bellamy … People follow you. You inspire them because of this, but the only way to make sure we survive is if you use this, too.”

“I’ve got you for that”

Today is my caryl anniversary!

What a big day it is for me! I joined the caryl fandom exactly one year ago by posting this gifset, my first of a very long list :P (I’ve not been through years of suffering like a lot of you haha)

You guys were so welcoming. I still remember it, I actually was surprised and incredibly touched haha. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t talk to others easily (and my bad english skills make it worse). This often leads me to need a great amount of time to feel as a part of a fandom. Not with the caryl fandom, thanks to you. This is more wonderful than I can describe.

I want to thank all of you for this awesome past year. I really liked it.
I liked all the excitation that came with the nice spoilers, the months of waiting until 7x10 filled with your awesome headcanons. And what a great shipping experience 7x10 was, I remember the week before, all of us so impatient and excited, the night the episode aired, all that came after. It was awesome. Happy I have not missed that (but how I regret not being there during S5… I would have like being with you guys for the Sanctuary hug and Consumed)

One year has spent and I’m very excited about what’s next. I don’t know if our ship will go canon this year (but I’m pretty optimistic) but I can’t wait to live what’s coming with all of you.

Thanks to all of you for making the past year such amazing. ♥ ♥

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tbh i really love this blog. ive been through a lot of abuse and my mental hEalth has suffered. im usually seen as a sweet and kind person, but inside im full of rage and fire. I couldnt hurt anyone, but i want to feel their blood run through my teeth when i tear out their throats. this makes me glad im not alone. im boTh full of love and full of poison

I’m glad it helps! I know intrusive thoughts can be super sucky and hard to get out sometimes without others worrying, so i’m glad people can use this space to get out any of those bits they need. :)

Just a little bit of FAITH can change it all

I hear the clock ticking
As it strikes,
I knew it’s my time.

Waiting for it doesn’t come easy,
but I was not afraid.
We cannot avoid uncertainties in life. At times you feel like you have shortcomings,
but God alone is enough to fill it up for you.

We’ve been through a lot.
After the frustrations, tears and efforts I’ve put in,
at the end of the day I still believe.

I’m done with the doubts concerning my capabilities.
We all have our ups and downs,
and we cannot foresee what’s ahead of us,
things that might happen.

Whatever the case maybe,
after you’ve cried all your heart out,
stand up and try again.
And I did it this time.

Have more confidence in Him
for as long as you believe, you’ll see. Miracles happen,
even though you think your effort is not enough,
He’s in control of it.

My achievements are through His works and guidance,
and I won’t forget to bring glory to Him.
So life, “Bring it on, for He’s with me.”

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You've been through a lot Mordecai. You stand up for yourself now and do what you think is right. For reasons I'm keeping myself anonymous, but I'm proud of you mordecai. You're a good Morty.

Mordecai shivers a bit, wondering why they’d want to keep themselves anonymous - unless this was a message from a Rick….

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I feel like we're all forgetting Season 2 happened. Like yeah it's a terrible thing for Noora and Yousef to be a couple but just remember that Noora has never been good at choosing men (Getting with William when Vilde liked him). It probably also doesn't help that Noora's parents never loved her so now she really just takes the very little love that she gets (Because let's be honest, most boys in Oslo only like Noora for her looks). Noora needs to pull an Eva and be single again.

Hi anon!

First of all, i super agree on the Noora not good choices towards men thing…william is a dick. Why is julie still avoiding the fact that Noora is a beautiful lesbian????
And i also agree that Noora have been through a lot, just as the others characters but i think the show always try to teatch us that despite all the issues, we all have a choice… and still, Noora choose William even knowing Vilde had a huge crush on him and most important: that he is a sexist dick. And that’s why i hate when people try to portrait her as a inocent angel or when people try to blame sana saying that she should’ve tell Noora about her feeling for Yousef ( again, it happend on season 2 and she still got together with William)
Tbh i feel like Noora it’s been out of character since her own season (2) which is lame and a waste of an amazing character… i used to love her back at season1.

But YES!!! If Noora won’t be coming out as a lesbian any time soon the best thing to do is to be beautifully single as the strong and independent girl she is! 


//same…… yeah I don’t think ashi is ever “soft” the way she is in canon, I think she’s always got anger underlying everything. sure she can be merciful and gentle, but she can also be vicious. She’s on guard a lot since of everything she’s been through..

unrelated but I also like ashi being uber protective of Jack (like willing to take a bullet for him). She has a real drive to prove her loyalty

I just discovered there is a small subreddit dedicated to google-translating (and actually dubbing, very professionally!!) the Star Wars movies and occasional SWR episodes from english into chinese and back into english again, making the subtitles change ridiculously, and it’s positively the most hilarious thing I’ve ever come across since I saw the LotR post about a similar thing, here are some highlights:

Les Chevaliers…

i feel like a lot of the time people make it seem like cutting a toxic person out of your life will be an instant weight off your shoulders and you’ll feel free and better and it’s usually like…. not that happy of a situation like it’s not FUN cutting people off but it’s often necessary. especially if it’s someone you’ve been through a lot with you’ll probably feel guilty and bad and a little regretful even though it’s the best thing for you, it’s not as easy or as instantly satisfying as it seems.


Rough sketches of Commander Clarke and some of her tattoos for In the Shallows because I know a few people expressed interest in seeing them a while ago. 


infodumping about the ocean