they be trollin'


French President Emmanuel Macron is Donald Trump’s newest and biggest troll

  • In a new parody video, the French government says “au countraire” to facts put out by the White House in a cartoon about the Paris accord.
  • On Friday, French officials released a video that re-edited a previous 40-second video put out by the Trump administration that denigrated the Paris climate change agreement.
  • “We’ve seen the White House video about the Paris accord,” the tweet accompanying the video reads. “We disagree — so we’ve changed it.” Read more. (6/3/17, 12:28 PM)

angelicasylum  asked:

Your recent post made me wonder - if Lestat is bad with technology like he says in the most recent book, do you think someone had to teach him how to set up a facebook account? Louis trying to show him the difference between the search bar and the status bar after he accidentally posted someone's name for all to see? So many questions.

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Trixie be a trolling in “all bottled up”

TROLLIN VANOSS FOR VIEWS-Black Ops 2 Funny moments
  • Random Guy: Those guys are YouTubers right?
  • Other guy: The only one I watch now is Wildcat and MiniLadd.
  • First guy: Yeah cause Wildcat's the more mature one.
  • *Everyone starts laughing*
  • Wildcat: He said a completely false statement,that's what the man said.

What if all my bois would be a gang? This will be interesting! 
I also draw them in this way so you all can see who is the tallest and bla bla bla ;D 

There was a real story on that one of my friend really thought first that Jamba is a smurf….