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Hwasa' hair keeps getting longer and I keep dying. @god please have Hwasa cut her hair

i actually like her longer hair?? i like the touching-the-shoulder-length hair on her i think she looks great like just look at the queen

but i do hope she doesn’t grow it out too much because imo long hair doesn’t suit her much (like in ahh oop era/their Road To Sampo immortal songs perf) her short hair suits her face shape and personality more, makes her stand out as well


SCANDAL 47 Prefecture Tour #8 Kanazawa

SNS updates

  • SCANDAL: 47 Prefecture Tour performance #8 @ Kanazawa’s EIGHTHALL is done! Our 1st time back in 2 years! 1st time at a live house but felt great! See you again
  • HARUNA: 「SCANDAL’s 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Ishikawa, Kanazawa, thanks so much! It was so much fun
  • TOMOMI: Thank you, Kanazawa!
  • RINA: Thank you, Kanazawa! 8th perf was @ EIGHT HALL. Surprised by the awesome atmosphere(´-`).。oO(Feels like homeIt’s really nice See you again
  • MAMI: Ishikawa, thanks for the hot nightー! It was so much fun⤴ The groove was great today too and so awesomeーーーー!! Today we were bonbon-san and headband-san🇯🇵 For TOMO-chan we braided in a ribbon like a headband♪ The back is festival-like…💕 For me I had two gourdsー☺️☺️
  • Instagram Story: SCANDAL, RINA + 1

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i really hope Sunny goes for pastel pink someday. Her bubblegum pink hair suited her so much and i love soft colors too, they really fit our sunshine girl! what colors do you think would look nice on her too?

omg, she would look amazing with pastel pink hair. or even rose gold, that would be so cool. I loved her hair colors during igab (except maybe the green lol) but that particular haircut she had did her absolutely no favors, ugh. i think it’d be cool if she did a silver/grey color like taeyeon had for like a week, but i also really liked the blue/turquoise hair she had during this igab perf (dont remember the date at the moment.) i also wouldnt mind if she did the same shade of blonde she had for hoot again ;;;;;

ok so there was a really cute reaper on my team and they had the shiver skin and they jumped around and said hi and thanks a lot and actually listened to me when i was zenyatta and asked them to group up with me

edit: they got play of the game and had the most kills. i love them