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Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar - Part 3

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Series Summary: Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Part Summary: Peter and Y/N talk about how Peter came to be the friendly neighborhood hero known as Spider-Man. They have their first date and go around the city. Tony gets a phone call that rocks his world.

Pairings: Tony x Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Liz Allan, Michelle, Ned Leeds. May Parker, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Scott Lang, T'Challa (Mentioned)

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 and @molethemollie for being my betas!

You Look So Familiar Master List

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Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 2

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Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 4,945 

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Requests: “i love your writing so much and im so happy youre doing bucky now lmao could you possibly do a one shot where the reader and him are arguing and it ends in fluff?” (Credits to gif owners!)

“That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth! Please tell me you’re kidding?!” Y/N pleaded but the look in Bucky’s eyes told her he wasn’t joking. That if it came down to it, Bucky would get killed for her. He would just leave her without a second thought, just to save her. He had been through too much, and arguing made Y/N feel like it would make him unstable.

But Bucky wasn’t giving in. He kept thinking he said nothing wrong. In both of their cases, they were lacking the communication. Neither of them budging. “Look, hun all I’m saying is that if an enemy has a gun pointed to your head I’d offer myself before they took your life! What is so wrong with that?!” Y/N folded her arms across her chest. “Don’t look at me like that.” Bucky warned when she narrowed her eyes at him.

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Home, Sick

For one of the most amazing writers on Tumblr, @funkzpiel . Also I thought I was being clever playing on “homesick” and “home sick” for “I’m at home, sick” so yeah. I’m really bad at titles. Sue me (don’t, really).

It’s a Monday when Percival Graves falls ill, not that he admits that. His nose is runny and itches horribly, his throat is scratchy, and his eyes keep watering to the point he looks like he’s in constant tears. Because he’s not. Crying, that is, or sick. He doesn’t get sick. Anyone who says he gets sick is getting fired. When Percival walks into the Major Investigations Department, leaning a little more heavily onto his cane (which he won’t admit he needs whilst his knee is healing from the Grindelwald fiasco, but really no one is surprised he’s being so bull-headed) and with perspiration lining his paler than usual face, his people immediately look to the schedule they have drawn up on the whiteboard. They call it the “Percival Graves care chart”, and they each take turns to try to get the director to admit he’s sick and try to get him to go home. They don’t always succeed, and sometimes it takes a combination of cajoling from several people and threats from Madame Picquery that she’s placing him on house arrest to get the man to, very grudgingly, concur that he’s not feeling well and needs rest. Their current success rate is at a 5 to 2; the 2 failures were when two Aurors, on two separate occasions, thought they could take the director on in a duel. They ended up being sent to the medical wing, each suffering a nasty concussion and a warning letter to never, ever challenge Percival to a duel again. Ever.

It’s Auror Goldstein’s turn today to try and get Percival to go home and rest, and she groans when her colleagues give her pats on the back and murmuring their sympathy, although she knows they’re all secretly relieved it’s not their turn. Because of course it would be her turn just when Newt was back in London. Of course it would be her turn when their sure fire backup plan can’t work because there’s no Newt to back them up. Not that Percival gives in that easily to Newt; the man is determined to prove his Aurors wrong when he hears about this supposed theory that Newt is able to get him to do things no one else can. Because Newt can’t. Percival does things because he wants to, not because Newt bats his blue eyes and those freckles look oh so charming and – No. Percival Graves does not submit to Newt Scamander. Or anyone.

Anyway. Tina squares her shoulders and readies her wand before she goes into Percival’s office, just in case. It’s a good three hours of shouting and banging and wincing from the Aurors (Madame Picquery’s made an appearance to remind them she’s not dealing with the paperwork that comes from either person killing the other on a Monday) before they both emerge. Tina’s breathing heavily with disheveled clothes, dragging a barely conscious Percival by the collar. He’s using what little coherence he has left to grumble at Tina -you’ll be stuck in Wand Permits for the rest of unintelligible slurs- but Tina has zero fucks to give. She forces him into his coat and makes him stand properly so they can leave the Woolworth building with his dignity still in- Mr Graves I swear to god if you don’t stop whining, you’re going to explain to everyone why you’re hog tied and floating through the entire building. He shuts up, not entirely, but enough that she can properly Apparate them to his fancy apartment without splinching them. Because Newt is a mother bear and frankly, she’d rather take on an angry Percival and not an angry Newt and his band of creatures, who’ve come to be ridiculously protective of Percival.

Percival’s half gone by the time she gets the door open and the wards disarmed, and she’s grateful because at least he’s not fighting her tooth and nail. She’s gentler now, coaxing the tired man to remove his shoes before helping him into his room. He’s at least cognizant enough to change into more comfortable sweatpants, leaving his upper torso bare, to which Tina blushes because he’s her boss and he has a rather attractive chest, sculpted but not overly so, with a sprinkle of greying hairs and several scars. She busies herself by Summoning several blankets but doesn’t magic them on and around him. One by one, she wraps the layers of blankets around the drowsy man, snug enough that he feels warm but not too tight that he might suffocate. She nearly coos when only the top of his head is visible from the blanket wrap she made, but refrains and lowers him onto the bed. He’s out before she’s even done, and she tenderly brushes his now loose hair away from his face. He looks softer, less severe and the perpetual lines on his face are lighter. She thinks he looks terribly snuggleble (neither Tina nor the writer are sure if this is even a word) and that Newt’s presence in his life might have something to do with it.  

Newt’s not due to be back for another day, and Percival makes her promise, under pain of death and the loss of her job, that she’d not contact the magizoologist and call him away from his duties. So Tina stays for the day, and Queenie joins her. He wakes up several times, during which either sister is always on hand to make sure he drinks enough water and eats the warm soup Queenie’s prepared. He barely speaks 10 words to them, communicating with grunts and occasional growls but Queenie isn’t as deterred by his crabbiness as her sister is.  She merely offers him her usual bubbly smile and she catches fragments of thoughts which feel like grudging acceptance and a hum of contentedness underneath the sick and the grump. She even spies a tiny smile when she’s singing whilst cleaning up the clutter in his home. The blonde thinks it’s a nice smile, and tells him so. She thinks the shy Percival that emerges then is her favourite and pecks him on the cheek. The spot where she kisses him is bright red and so is his entire face.

Percival makes the Goldstein sisters go to work the next day, and insist that he’ll be fine alone. They aren’t convinced, but his fever has gone down and he’s well enough to bark orders at them, so they go to work, leaving abundant supplies of warm meals and instructions to call them because good grief Mr Graves, if Newt comes home to find your dead body, I’ll tell your corpse I told you so. He’s strangely touched at the care they’ve shown him, and he makes a note to put in Tina’s name for a promotion that’s coming up next month, and to send Queenie an order of baked goods from that No-Maj bakery downtown that she seems to love. He’ll deny these accusations when they ask him about it, after Tina gets her promotion and Queenie is surprised by a Mr Kowalski delivering the baked goods to her, but Tina offers him a bright smile now whenever she passes him and Queenie gives him the best coffee ever every day, so he thinks he’s not as successful at hiding his actions as he thinks he is.

Newt comes home in the evening, tired after a long journey and ready to cuddle with Percival, when he notices the apartment is deathly quiet, and Pickett is chittering about a smell of sickness in their home. Cautiously, wand out, the red-head makes way to their bedroom, with Pickett nervously peeking from the top of his pocket, leafy limbs swaying. There’s the muffled sound of cursing coming from inside the room, which confuses the man because isn’t Perce supposed to be at work now? He throws the door open, and is greeted by the sight of Percival Graves sprawled on the floor, blankets pooling around his legs. The sight is both adorable and confusing at the same time, even more so when Percival’s swearing becomes louder and he switches between English and something that sounds like Gaelic.

Newt, being Newt, blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. He’s not entirely sure why he says that, either.

“Oh, hello.”

Said swearing stops, and Percival cranes his neck upwards to take in the lanky form of his partner. He blinks, then tries to stand up. It’s a testament to his sheer bullheadedness that he manages to get halfway upright before wobbling and pitching forward, and it’s a good thing Newt’s limbs are long enough that he catches the falling man before his face meets the floor. Percival thus finds his face buried, somewhat uncomfortably, in the soft woolen material of Newt’s coat. His familiar scent of light sweat, his creatures and the fresh sting of grass, courtesy of Pickett no doubt, tickles Percival’s nose and makes him feel slightly better about being found face down on the floor.

He attempts a smile, which is so pathetic that Newt feels something in him melt, and on one hand, he just wants to cuddle his sick partner and nurse him to health. But sick Percival is a very rare occurrence and really, quite an adorable sight, and a (very small) sadistic part of Newt is thrilled that the normally powerful and unflappable man is so helpless and has to rely on him, and frankly, the little pout on Percival’s lips makes Newt wish he stays sick, if only so the pout stays. That’s not a very Newt-like thought though, so he quickly shakes it off and helps the sick man untangle his feet from the blankets and back to bed. That’s a thought he’ll be saving for the next time they’re both feeling adventurous. And not sick.

He’s tucking the blankets snugly around Percival and leaving to get some warm soup, when his partner catches him by the hand, and with a surprising amount of force, pulls him down for a kiss that’s at once sweet and soft and demanding. The red-head is blinking owlishly when Percival lets him go, a devilish grin on his still tired face. Despite his previous thoughts about Percival being at his mercy, Newt is blushing furiously at how dominant the other man is being, and he stammers an excuse before rushing off to the kitchen, long limbs nearly flailing. The older man snorts and smiles indulgently as he settles back into the pillows; that’ll teach Newt to leave him alone for so long (even though Newt’s been pacifying him since before he left, really Percival, it’s only 3 days you big baby! No, I have to leave n- STOP IT YOU KNOW I’M TICKLISH THERE). He sighs blissfully at the soothing sounds of clanging pots and pans and Newt’s rich tenor voice floating in from the kitchen, and his eyes flutter close as Newt’s singing about castles and rolling fields and going home and the last coherent thought he has before dropping off to sleep is that he’s glad he’s found his home in Newt.

Newt returns to their bedroom, warm soup and bread in hand when he’s greeted by the sight of Dougal curling around Percival’s head, the latter snoring peacefully as the Demiguise carefully grooms him. Dougal turns his bright yellow eyes at Newt and huffs softly, as if reminding the lanky man not to disturb Percival’s sleep. He’s always had a soft spot for Percival, sensing the hurt festering within the broken man after MACUSA managed to rescue him from Grindelwald. In a way, he was the one who initiated the relationship between Percival and Newt; the magizoologist was visiting Tina after she was reinstated as an Auror when Dougal forced his way out of the suitcase and leapt straight at a very surprised Percival. Their first meeting thus consisted of Percival trying to coax the determined Demiguise to relax his grip on his neck, not knowing if he should laugh or yell at Newt, and Newt mumbling an apology for Dougal’s behaviour.

Setting aside the soup on the nightstand with a stasis spell to keep it warm, Newt climbs into bed with Percival and Dougal, who carefully climbs over to the other side to accommodate Newt’s presence. Pickett, who’s still in his friend’s pocket, climbs out and nestles itself in Dougal’s warm fur, and Newt, still tired from his journey back from London, is lulled into Morpheus’s arms by the gently crooning of his Demiguise and Percival’s warmth. It’s really the best feeling ever, being home, and even though Percival’s hair tickles his nose and his snores are a little louder because of his stuffed nose, Newt thinks he’d not rather be anywhere than here.

No pouting Percy

Newt when he sees Dougal cuddling with Percival

Help Him

Summary: Mickey gets to the Gallaghers after Terry beats on him and Ian, when he passes out, Kev, V, and Fiona take care of him.

Word Count: 1316

Notes: Thank you guys for over 1.6K followers!

Everything was going downhill. Ian and Mickey were finally making an improvement in their hidden relationship. They had a perfect night together filled with a whole lot of heated sex and kissing. It was fucking perfect and then Terry Milkovich had to come and ruin everything.

Mickey’s father walked in while Ian and Mickey were fucking, and went absolutely nuts. He attacked both his son and Ian. The man pulled a gun on Ian, and beat on him pretty fucking hard. In reality though, Mickey got the worse end of the stick. Terry beat him bloody, pistol whipped him, and called a Russian hooker to come and rape his own fucking child.

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SILVER SPOON: Part 8 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: Putting another “Keep Reading” link cause it’s a fairly long update again! Let me know if it doesn’t work! (I’m still skeptic of it -.-) 

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         You stepped off the bus the next morning, and stood in front of the stop in surprise. In front of you, with a bright grin on his face and two coffees in his hands, was Yoongi. Your heart fluttered at the sight of him, especially after you two had professed your mutual feelings for each other.  

           "Here.“ Yoongi handed you the coffee, which you happily accepted. "Put it in the other hand.”

           You looked at him questioningly, but did as he said. He grinned and slipped his fingers into yours nonchalantly.

           "Cause I wanna hold hands.“

           You blushed but chuckled nonetheless.

           You hadn’t exactly told Yoongi about the Chairman’s warning, the real reason why you had tried to distance yourself from him. Knowing Yoongi, you knew he would storm right into his grandfather’s office and fight him about letting your relationship be. You knew that would make it seem like Yoongi took a large step backwards from how far he had come, so you remained quiet. If and when the time came, you would shoulder the blame since Yoongi was ignorant of it all. But regardless, you knew you had to be careful at the workplace, you couldn’t exactly be showing off that you were dating the CEO for word would surely spread to the Chairman.

           Yet, you smiled and allowed yourself to enjoy the morning stroll to work. It was still early so you knew you wouldn’t run into anyone on the streets. Yoongi’s thumb mindlessly caressed the back of your hand as he talked about what he did after he left you yesterday. You had heard it all already from Jimin through e-mail, but you liked hearing Yoongi’s voice and how smug and excited he was about what he accomplished.

           According to Jimin, Yoongi had smoothed things over with HR almost immediately upon his return from your house, by saying you weren’t in the best condition and the family had no way to contact anyone at the place of work to notify them. You were given one strike for breaking one of the codes of conduct and not reporting your inability to come into work in a timely manner, but fortunately, that was all. It definitely could’ve been worse and it would’ve been brought up to the Chairman.

           Luckily, you were able to come back into work, comforted by the knowledge that only Yoongi and Jimin knew what you did and why you did it…for the most part.

           "Aren’t I awesome?” Yoongi beamed and you rolled your eyes.

           "Alright, let’s not inflate your head so early in the morning. It’s not healthy.“ You snorted.

           He scrunched his face disapprovingly. "I thought you loved me. What is with this cruelty?”

           You chuckled. “It’s because I love you that I need to give you a reality check.”

           "Oh.“ he glanced at you brightly. "You admitted it!”


           "You said you loved me!”

           You blushed and turned away, embarrassed that he pointed it out so openly. “What? No I didn’t.”

           He grinned and shrugged. “It’s okay. I’ll make sure I hear it from you again later. I’m satisfied for today.”

           He pulled your entwined hands into his pocket and sipped his coffee relaxingly. You chuckled and shook your head.

           "I didn’t expect you to pick me up at the bus stop. I was surprised.“

           "Well, I wanted to see you so I couldn’t really sleep.” he smiled into his cup as he took another sip. “Besides, it’s your first day back into work after not feeling well, so I figured you could use an escort.”

           He smirked and you laughed.

           "How kind of you, Mr. Min.“

           Yoongi clicked his tongue and glared at you. You grinned at him cheekily, knowing it ticked him off when you didn’t call him by his first name.

           "If I had an extra hand, I’d wipe that smirk off your face.” he huffed.

           "But you do have an extra hand.“ You tried to wriggle your hand out of his, but he held onto yours tighter.

           "It’s occupied.” he stated. “Try again later.”

           You giggled and leaned against his shoulder.

           "I wonder how much work I have to do when I get to my desk.“

           "Well, according to your planner, you’ve completed this week’s paperwork two weeks ago.” Yoongi smiled. “And any random papers that came in yesterday have already been completed.”

           You looked up and blinked. “By who?”

           "Your very awesome boyfriend.“ he whispered smugly and you chuckled.

           "Well good, it was my very awesome boyfriend’s paperwork in the first place.”

           He frowned. “Gosh, how do I get you to be grateful?”

           You smiled. “I’m already grateful. How do you want me to act when I’m grateful?”

           "Mmmm…“ Yoongi hummed. "How about giving me a kiss?”

           You turned red. “No way.”

           "You’re no fun.“

           "We’re going to work, not a date.”

           "So it’d be okay to do during a date?“

           You blushed.

           He nudged you playfully. "Oh ~ I didn’t know you wanted to kiss me so badly? I’m that irresistible to you?”

           "Shut up.“ You huffed and pried your hand away from his, seeing your office building just up ahead.

           "Yah.” he called after you sternly.

           You stuck your tongue out and scurried ahead of him.


           You ducked your head down since the media crew was in the lobby as always and made your way to the elevators. You heard them cheering and you knew Yoongi had arrived shortly after you. You turned around and saw him glancing your way. You smiled and pressed the elevator button, watching the numbers light up as it made its way down.

           A minute or two later, you felt a warm hand on top of your head.

           "What was that?”

           You looked up to find a frowning Yoongi beside you. His eyes told you he was worried and a bit hurt by your behavior.

           The elevator opened and luckily, it was empty.

           "Let’s get on first.“ You smiled and stepped in. He followed you in silence, but grabbed onto your wrist just in case you tried to escape.

           "I’m not leaving, Yoongi.” You chuckled.

           "Then why did you do that?“

           "You’re still famous and you’re my boss here.” You explained. “Even though our relationship changed outside, it doesn’t change professionally.”

           "So…you want to hide it in the office.“ he got the gist of what you were saying.

           "Is that okay?”

           It was your turn to look up at him worriedly. He slid his hand down from your wrist to your hand and gave it a light squeeze.

           "Of course it’s okay.“ he chuckled. "I was just worried you were mad at me or you changed your mind or something…”

           You snorted. “Do I seem like a fickle woman to you?”

           "I don’t know.“ Yoongi stared at you, his eyes twinkling. "You keep surprising me still.”

           "Do I?“ You batted your eyes.

           "You…” Yoongi pointed at you seriously. “Don’t do those eyes to Mr. Park, you hear me? And don’t stay in a room alone with him for too long.”

           "Is Mr. Min jealous?“ You smirked.

           "No!” he averted his eyes. “People might misunderstand you and Mr. Park.”

           "Oh, is that all?“ You sang, amused.

           "Yes, that’s all.”

           "Too bad I have a lot of things to discuss with Mr. Park today in his office.“ You teased.

           "Yah.” Yoongi called dangerously.

           You giggled.

           Yoongi tugged your hand so you were pulled even closer to him. “I mean it.”

           "Relax.“ You cupped his cheek gently. "Mr. Park is not my type at all. I can assure you.”

           "Really?“ he perked up.

           You nodded.

           Suddenly, the elevator doors opened and your hands flew away from his face to instinctively shove Yoongi away hurriedly. He glared at you as he rubbed his shoulder that had impacted with the elevator wall and you smiled apologetically at your behavior.

           People piled in bowing to you and Yoongi respectfully. They were from a different section of the building, but everyone knew everyone and their statuses.

           "Good morning Mr. Min.” They all greeted warmly.

           "Good morning.“ Yoongi smiled amiably.

           You squeezed yourself into the opposite corner of the elevator to try to avoid his burning and scolding glare. You regretted shoving him away, but you had panicked at the possibility of being caught in such a questionable position. Now you were embarrassed and didn’t want to look at him.

           "There are a lot of people here so early.” he commented.

           "Oh yes. We have an early morning meeting today to make sure everyone is on the same page.“ Someone answered him.

           "Ah I see. Good luck.”

           "The other floors are having them as well, so I’m sure a lot of people will be coming and going.“

           Yoongi nodded understandably and kept an eye over at you. You had your back turned to him and your forehead resting on the elevator wall.

           When the doors opened, some people piled off, easing up the packed elevator enough for him to reach over and pull you towards him before new workers climbed on. Your eyes widened as you were pushed into him by people trying to squeeze as many bodies into one elevator as possible, not wanting to be late to their meeting.

           Your faces were inches apart and you felt yourself tense up, in panic. He smirked as he stared at you, knowing all too well you were freaking out about being so close to each other. But he furthered your anxiety by sneakily holding your hand. You wanted to glance around to see if anybody was watching, but you were too squished to even do that. Your heart was racing as you had nowhere to look, but at him in front of you. The feeling of his hand caressing your skin was both soothing and nerve-wrecking. This was so dangerous, but a part of you enjoyed the feeling, knowing that he wanted to and liked keeping you close; that even though it was unprofessional, he still wanted to show his feelings for you.

           He playfully jutted out his lips and you gave him a stern look in return, causing him to grin sheepishly. After a few more floors, you two were finally alone again.

           You exhaled, finally feeling like you could breathe properly.

           "What a morning.”

           "A pleasantly unexpected surprise.“ Yoongi grinned.

           You huffed as the elevator finally opened up to the top floor where you two were getting off. You stepped out and straightened out your hair before making your way to the entrance of the office.

           Yoongi watched you fondly as you adjusted your outfit and made sure everything was still inside your bag. When he saw you taking a step forward towards the office, he grabbed your arm and turned you around.

           "Yoongi?” you questioned.

           He simply smiled and pressed a light kiss on top of your lips. “I couldn’t go the rest of the day without doing that.”

           You stood there in surprise. You weren’t sure if you were ever going to get used to him kissing you out of the blue like that. He grinned and waved nonchalantly.

           "I’ll be heading in first then. Don’t get behind schedule.“ he snorted as he disappeared from view.

           You exhaled and chuckled, bewildered at his behavior. Work was definitely going to be quite an adventure from now on.

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anonymous asked:

Ok but....what if Will didn't push them over? What if he just passed out and Hannibal just let them fall either because he himself was barely conscious or he accepted that this is their swan song. I'm making this less tragic romantic, but...

If Will passed out Hannibal would have noticed how the nuzzling stopped, immediately clamped down and gripped Will to his chest like he’d always wanted to do (but in those dreams Will is conscious, possibly batting his eye lashes up at Hannibal in a hello there handsome sort of way) and carried him back into the house then into one of the seven vehicles he has for a quick escape and driven to his next safe house to tenderly care and nurse Will back to health (and at some point do something about that pesky bullet wound, but that can wait because Will comes first if you know what I mean and I know you do ( ¬ ͜ʖ ¬ )).


So since these requests were very similar in concept, I apologize that I didn’t quite answer them exactly how you guys wanted, but I also saw this comic by @atwotonedbird and couldn’t help myself. 


(Drabble takes place in between events of Chapter 10 of Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure before the Yiga attack happens)

Sidon was still grumbling angrily when they got back to his quarters, and now Link wasn’t sure if it was because Ruta’s stubbornness was still getting to him or because of the monster attack that just added fuel to his fire.

“Bastards,” Sidon growled, “I can’t believe they’d have the nerve to grab you like that…”

“Hm?’ Link grunted in confusion. It was only then that it finally clicked for him; a Moblin in the attack had gotten rather gutsy, grabbing Link by the hair and pulling him off his feet. Unfortunately for the Moblin, the motion had granted Link the perfect opening to slice it and kill it. But if Sidon had been the one to been grabbed like that and on the tail…

Well, Link still couldn’t remember much about Zora biology but he did know that tails were a sensitive spot and his first instinct would have been to rush Sidon straight to the infirmary.

That would also explain why Sidon let out such a rage-filled roar and ran his trident through the moblin’s neck even after it was dead.

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anonymous asked:

Hii, your smuts are so fucking good ... Can you please write some obout jimin, where you are his teacher and you're mad at him because he doesn't study. So you call him to some private room and he just fuck you really hard and then leaves like nothing.... ( hope you understand, sorry for my english)

Ughhhhh!! You guys are making it so hard for me to let chimchim go!! I say I won’t love him because I just can’t cheat on Yoongi and then here comes ideas like this and it’s just overkill for my ovaries. But I am more then happy to write this for you love~

My Teacher Is A Naughty Teacher: 

You balled up your fist looking around your classroom eyes on fire as he was late again. Who was he? Park fucking Jimin. The little brat was always late and worse then that he NEVER did homework and even when you let him make it up it was never in on time. She sighed with frustration letting it rake through your bones before you stood up straight looking at the rest of the class. 

You knew all eyes would be glued on you when you took over. It wasn’t because your lectures were all that fun and you knew that. And you knew it also was not because most of these kids wanted to learn. What they wanted is what was hiding under your outfit. A pencil skirt that was black outlining your hips coming down to rest a few inches above your knees tight nevertheless. Your white shirt that was buttoned down and tucked into the skirt a few buttons open at the top to give your girls room to breathe. Your hair down today because you didn’t feel like fucking with it. You smiled sweetly at the class beginning today’s lesson hoping he didn’t show his face at all. 

Jimin walked to class slowly winking at a few girl who passed by him and melted on the spot. He had woken up on time this morning showered left the girls house he stayed at last night to go home changing into baggy blue jeans a black shirt that was skin tight on him. Why was he late? Simply because he was so frustrated with you. Most of it was pent up lust that he wanted to get rid off. He didn’t do dates no never. But he wanted to fuck you so hard against the board you wouldn’t even be able to look at him without blushing. He groaned as he saw you from the back door bending over your breast popping out. You were a fucking tease. And he wanted nothing more then to put you in your place and to shove his cock down your throat.

When Jimin came in you stopped your lecture over molecules and atoms to glare at him. Worst part as that unlike most guys he wasn’t even phased. He glared back at you and the amount of lust you saw in his eyes made you almost think twice about calling him out. Almost. 

‘YAH JIMIN! What are you doing late AGAIN?!” You asked him feeling your insides boil with madness as he just shrugged his shoulders sitting down in his seat. 

“Do you at least have your homework?” You asked knowing it was a dumb question.

“That’s rhetorical right? Because you and I both know how dumb that question is and the answer to it already.” He said smirking as your face turned red. ‘serves you fucking right’ he thought to himself watching you. 

“Your staying after class.” You said to him and he groaned kicking the desk in front of him before he settled down his tantrum watching you. 

You had talked on and on about your molecule topic not really caring that some kids were falling asleep. You got it. It was boring to most people but as a teacher you had to do you job and tell them about it or that was your ass. When you got through you released class letting everyone go. Jimin stood up going to the back to lock the door when you turned your back to erase the board before he looked the front room draping the blinds over the windows so people couldn’t see what he was about to do to you. 

“What the fuck is your deal?” He asked you and you turned around glaring at the younger male.

“My deal? MY fucking deal is that your a dumbass who can’t even complete a fucking simple assignment and heaven forbid you actually bring in homework. I’m so tired of arguing with you and I’m so tired of giving you chances. Just because you bat those eyes lashes at females and bounce your dick around everywhere don’t mean shirt to me. You have detention.” You said turning back around. 

“WHAT?!” He shouted loudly feeling his anger rise. Fuck detention and whoever invented the wretched place. 

“You heard me.” You said with a sigh and a eye roll. He wasn’t scaring you right now. 

You felt yourself being slammed against the wall and turned around to face a fuming Jimin. 

“Your a fucking bitch who only teases people and demand respect when you bounce that ass around and those breasts. You think that you can actually tell me what to do? And since your so worried about my bouncing dick how about I bounce you on it?” He said with a harsh growl and before you can even respond he is leaning in smashing his lips against yours roughly hiking your skirt up. 

A surprised moan left your lips as his rough hands grips at your ass pulling  your legs apart as he got himself between your legs shoving his tongue harshly into your mouth. You tried to push his hands from your ass but he only spread them wide letting your panties fall there before he grabbed at the fabric pulling it up and down your ass hole teasingly. You felt your body shudder as you broke this kiss pushing at his shoulders. 

“Y-yah stop! W-we can get in trouble for this!” You whined and he bite harshly at your neck marking you. 

“I don’t remember telling you to talk.” He said as he ripped your shirt open throwing it to the floor. You tried again to weakly protest. 

“P-park Ji-”

“Shut the fuck up.” He growled in a warning tone and you shivered nodding your head. 

“Since you can’t be a good girl and keep your mouth closed I’ll do it for you.” Jimin got on his knees yanking your panties off of you shoving them in your mouth as he moved you to the desk roughly placing you on it his hands groping you harshly as he watched your face twist in pleasure already a smirk on his lips. 

He leaned down biting harshly on your left bud before taking it into his mouth to suck and scrape his teeth across the flesh his other hand pinching and rolling your nipple. You whined into the fabric of your panties feeling yourself getting wet from how he was touching you. 

He trailed kisses to the other side doing the same as he unzipped your skirt throwing it somewhere unknown. He kissed down your body spreading your legs wide a satisfied growl leaving his lips.

“Your so fucking wet already you fucking slut.” He said hitting your pussy with his hand making you gasp and jump. He held your hips down as he pushed his index and middle finger into your soaking pussy his pinky dipping into your ass as he fucked both your holes with three fingers. 

You moaned from the feeling of being filled by his fingers cursing at how good you felt from him. You didn’t want him to stop. He started to thrust his fingers faster leaning down to suck and bite at your clit softly his mouth munching away on your insides. You grabbed your hair keeping your legs wide open for him feeling your orgasm slowly creep onto you. Jimin watched you mewl and whimper around the panties as he finger fucked you and sucked at your clit. He felt himself getting harder from just watching you. He felt like his jeans would rip. He had to have you and now. 

Jimin pulled his fingers out of him sucking on each one slowly as he let your orgasm die down. He smirked undressing himself slowly before he leaned over you dragging your body down to the edge of the desk. He put your legs on his shoulders as he lined up his tip with your entrance wasting no time to push into you. Usually he was the type to wait before pounding into a girl making sure she adjusted to him. But you infuriated him and he had to teach you a lesson. 

He grabbed your hips pounding hard into you making the desk creak and move as he rammed his hard cock into you. For him it felt like someone had put a cock ring on him and not let him cum for days. He was so hard inside of you and you felt so fucking good to him. 

You dug your nails into his biceps moaning as he threw his head back in pleasure beating your pussy up with his thrusts making sure to land deep and hard every time. 

A few minutes later he was picking you up leaning against the wall as he thrusted into you his arms wrapped around your back digging nail markings into your skin. He moaned watching your breast bounce in his face taking a nipple in his mouth sucking hard at the bud before he let it go to look up at you. 

He pounded you on his length as he snapped his hips up proud at how you looked right now. Eyes shut back as tears spilled from your eyes from being fucked so roughly and he knew he was hitting your spot. He moaned watching as you choked on the panties still in your mouth. He removed them to hear your cries of pleasure as you came.  

“D-do you know how much you turn me on? H-how many times I’ve had to fucking jerk myself off thinking about you you stupid little slut?!?! 

You threw your head back feeling him use one hand to forcefully pull at your hair keeping your body arched as his cock landing on your spot over and over your moans turning into choked out cries of pleasure. You tried to mumble you were close but incoherent things along with Jimin’s name is all that left your lips as you tightened your legs around him. 

“AHHH~ F-FUCK PARK JIMIN!” You screamed clawing at his shoulder blades as he destroyed your insides your cum dripping from your pussy and onto his cock. 

“SHIT —!” He shouted filling you up several hard thrusts later.  

He rode out both of your orgasms before he kissed you one last time sloppily laying you on your desk getting dressed and walking off with a wink. 

Both of you were looking forward to detention.

anonymous asked:

Hc new recruit accidentally blurted how attractive their commanders are pre fall Jack and Jack please. Separate please.

I’m guessing you meant Jack and Gabe? I got you fam.


  • He’s a little smug. It’s nice to be told you’re attractive! Jack tries not to let it get to his head, but you catch him flexing a little when he chats with you.
  • He’ll ask what about him you find so attractive. He wants those deets.
  • Definitely feels more confident to flirt with you now.
  • He’s a sucker for compliments, so he’ll gently ask you to say he’s attractive again if he’s feeling a little down. 


  • “Damn right I’m attractive. Good to hear someone finally admit it.”
  • He will never let you live that down. he will tease you endlessly about it.
  • But he also really loves that you said that. You definitely gave him the dokis, that’s for sure.
  • Will use his looks to his advantage. He’ll try to persuade you into things and just bat those pretty eyes at you until you comply. 

cole: i’m thinking you should come home with me after class little miss.

athena: and iiiii think i told you i need to study. how am i suppose to pass trig if i give into your shinanigans everytime you bat those big green eyes?

cole: um we’re seniors, seniors don’t study babe.

athena: smart ones do..

cole: i promise, I SWEAR on my GRAVE, we will study at some point.

athena: pinky promise?

cole: yes, i pinky promise. you’re lucky you’re cute. my little nerd.

athena: you’re killing me.

cole: yeah, whatever you say (x

okay guys so i just watched jupiter ascending and it’s GREAT I LOVE IT A LOT

and i just keep thinking of that moment when caine crashes the wedding, gun out, and goes, “may i kill him?”

and jupiter presses her hand on the book, waits until the ring is executed, until she is the legal wife of titus, and says, “you may.”

caine shoots titus dead, doesn’t hesitate. jupiter looks over all the synthetic droids, away from the blood pooling beneath titus’s cooling body, and says, “i am your queen now. your lord is dead.” and they are used to power struggles, used to loss, so they get on their knees and bow.

everything that was titus’s is now hers, and she’s read the laws pertaining to marriage in the code of conduct, and she’s a smart girl. she’s good with legalese, she has the aegis take her back to the hall of titles first thing. her husband is pronounced dead, and she flashes her executed ring and receives an amendment to her seal. “reclaiming your empire, my lady?” the old man asks her this time, wary of her in a way he hadn’t been before. she’s still in her wedding dress, because what way to make a statement. “something like that,” she answers.

then the missive comes from balem, and she turns to caine. “will you fight for me?” she asks him. she already knows the answer.

“till my last breath, majesty,” he says, bowed low before her.

she half smiles, “good. stay here.” because this isn’t a fight she can win with murder, not this time. so she goes in, alone, to save her family. she plays the simpering, scared bride, which isn’t hard because she’s actually terrified. she spins a lie, says caine killed titus on his own, she tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen to him. how animal. how savage. it’s what she gets for trusting a splice. and he’s off balance enough to listen. tries to persuade her - she can keep the rest of titus’s planets, just give balem back the earth, and they can live in piece. just sign here, darling girl, to abdicate. and jupiter bats those pretty eyes and slams balems hand down on the tablet, reordering the names on the contract with a few flicks of her fingers. “you’ve been a bad boy while i was away,” she says, watching that madness flicker to life in his eyes, baiting him as if she were seraphi, and watches in satisfaction as the seal goes in place and balem unwillingly abdicates his throne to her.

“you work for me now,” she tells the strange lizard people. balem attacks her, but the biggest one intercepts, pinning balem to the ground by his throat. they are loyal to the one with the power, and now that’s jupiter.

“should i kill him, my lady?” he asks, and chicanery’s eyes are wide and pleading, fingers twitching to help his fallen lord.

“no,” she sits on balem’s throne. her throne. “imprison him. i want him guarded constantly.”

and jupiter jones, the reoccurance of serpahi abrasax is now easily the most powerful being in the multiverse. next she has the aegis take her to kalique, and jupiter finds her in that hall with the shrine to her mother. “have you come to kill me too?” she asks, voice hollow. “there’s no need for subterfuge or manipulation with me. upon my death, all i have will go to you as the last remaining abrasax.” she laughs and shakes her head, “i should have known. mother was always - she did so love her power.”

“i’m not your mother,” she says, “and my name is jupiter jones.”

“i suppose forty one thousand years is long enough,” kalique continues, “its been a - a good life, miss jones. i’ve enjoyed it, i think.”

“i’m not here to kill you,” she says, coming to stand besides the woman who is, genetically speaking, her daughter. “i’m not here to take your planets, or your wealth.”

she blinks, “why not?”

“because you didn’t try and use me and hurt me,” she says, “you wanted me to have the earth so balem wouldn’t - fair enough. but that’s it. that was your only play.”

“i loved my mother,” kalique looks back at her statue, “i loved my mother, and we didn’t get along, but i was hoping - hoping that maybe - you are her, you know,” her eyes slide back to jupiter, “every bit of your genetic code is identical to hers. our dna would still name me your daughter.”

“i know,” jupiter says softly, “and i can’t let this - this monstrosity of an industry continue.”

“if you stop it, which you certainly have the power to do, you will destroy the economy of the multiverse, and people will wage intergalactic wars over it. the number of people that will die is - unimaginable,” kalique answers honestly.

“I know,” she answers, “and i don’t want to do that. i want to change it.”


“don’t you think this has been a bit of a waste, the way you’ve been harvesting people?” she asks, “you’ll get what, eight billion lives out of earth? what if you could pluck people from the jaws of death - they live a natural normal life, die as fate allows, grow old or dont - and at the last moment, we snatch them back and harvest them.”

“the technology to accomplish that is -” kalique blinks, then frowns, “theoretically possible, i suppose. but it would take so much longer to implement. not all people are suitable for the formula.”

“yes,” jupiter allows, “but consider this - every one hundred years or so, you gain a couple billion lives. a natural resource that never ends.” it hurts jupiter to talk of people this way, but its the only middle ground she can think of. people have to die. it’s not natural to live ninety one thousand years. a normal life for her people, peace for the universe she’s found herself a royal in. its not a pretty line she’s walking, but it’s a fair one. a bearable one.

kalique looks at her and almost smiles, and this is the beginning of how jupiter jones and kalique abrasax take over the whole damn universe, for better or worse.

Summer Nights

Fandom: Overwatch

Rating: General

Relationships: Reaper76

Characters: Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes

Additional Tags: Fluff, Golden Overwatch Days, Marshmallows, Secret Date, it’s just. so fluffy okay, the title is LAME but i dont care

Summary:   No one can tell Jack Morrison he can’t take his husband on a secret date in the middle of the night.

A/N: this is a birthday present for @dildophobia happy birthday orla!!



The whisper of his name had Gabriel sitting up. “Jack?”

Jack was standing in the doorway to their shared room, looking calm, for once. “Are you sleeping?”

“Nope.” Gabriel shook his head. “Is something going on?”

“Nothing that needs our attention. C’mon, let’s go somewhere. You and me.”

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McCree and Hanzo(separate) flirting with an s/o who has self-esteem issues and dont think that they would ever be an object of attraction to men like them? ALSO I LOVE YOUR WRITING A LOT



  • “Sweetheart you are more than a pretty little thing. You are absolutely gorgeous”
  • When he flirts with his S/O he will sit close to them, shoulders brushing together or his warm arm wrapped around his S/O’s shoulders as he tells anyone who is around them how beautiful his S/O is.
  • In private McCree speaks with a serious tone, especially during those moments when his S/O really feels down.
  • “Darling don’t ever think that you aren’t attractive. Don’t you realise how you grab the attention of many without doing a thing but batting those pretty eyes of yours? Damn, I can barely take my eyes off of you.”
  • This cowboy will reassure them over and over through his actions and words that his S/O is so beautiful they only attract the best things in life.


  • He isn’t much with words but his style of flirting will often be seen through his actions.
  • Hanzo will often smile gently at his S/O, brushing a piece of hair out of their face and with a serious tone say, “My love, you are so beautiful you don’t even see it yourself.”
  • Lots of hand holding in general. 
  • Sometimes Hanzo may not speak words of love to his S/O but it is not because he doesn’t care but he believes that saying anything at the right time and when it really means most is how he functions.
  • When Hanzo and his S/O are alone together he loves to hold their body against his chest and relax. Hanzo will gently kiss his S/O’s shoulders, neck, jaw, and then the lips.
  • Hanzo doesn’t like it when his S/O brings themselves down so Hanzo takes it into his own hands to tell them exactly what they need to hear.
  • “You are far too beautiful. Too beautiful I almost have to keep you away from the prying eyes of everyone.”

~Mod Rose

Comments on child!Hux.

Some responses that I would like to signal-boost, to a post that asserts Hux has always been evil incarnate, and his behavior as a small child in Empire’s End s proof.

@reserve said:

1) I am inherently skeptical of [this post’s] interpretive merits because OP has stated on several occasions that they truly dislike Hux.

2) I am skeptical of anyone who denies the idea that abusive behavior is learned behavior. Children raised by parents who value violence and control over affection and nurturing will most likely suffer some level of maladjustment. [… Children] are not held accountable for their behavior as a predictive measure for their future selves.  

3) This post wildly misses the point that Armitage Hux is terrified of these children, nearly on the verge of tears, and shaking as he makes this command. He clearly hopes to assert some small, self-protective authority and ensure that he’s not about to be murdered by a trained gang of murder orphans. He is wildly outnumbered, and they are much bigger than him. He responds in a way that a) he was likely taught, and b) that seeks to assuage his fear.

4) Hux feels a strange and sinister buzz of excitement because he has never felt powerful before. This feeling is entirely new to him. Again, I’m not saying that it won’t define his future actions, but I am saying that exerting control when you’ve always been stripped of it, and taking pleasure in that, does not a future sadist make. Maybe it was formative, sure, but Hux has been told his entire very short life that he is weak and useless, and that’s canon. And welp, here is he, showing his canonically abusive father that he is not weak, that he is not useless. Just saying.

5) Rae Sloane, a grown woman, and a seriously high ranking imperial official, is afraid of these very same children. Tell me again that they are Hux’s peers.

PS: OP fails to mention that HUX IS FIVE YEARS OLD.

@sleepyowlet said:

I’d like to add that most five year olds have no concept of morality yet. It’s downright silly to expect them to know right from wrong, especially in extreme situations.

Also here we go again with the realistic villains/unrealistic heros thing - Rey and Finn are written with just as horrible backstories, but they are never tarnished. they came out of horrid circumstances as normal, well-adjusted people with functioning moral compasses (that kind of thing doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t; these things need to be taught). The more realistically written villains (Kylo and Hux) look twice as bad in contrast.

It all boils down to the good old portrayal of mentally ill people as monsters.

@illusion9 said:

Those children could kill without batting their eyes, but no one will comment them as “naturally evil” since they certainly  had been taught so. Then a five-year-old  who had been scared into tears by them is judged to be “evil out of his own choice”. Ironic comparison.

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