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High School Musical Theory:

Chad’s basketball has its own consciousness and Chad is simply a vessel for its will. Chad doesn’t go ANYWHERE without his ball; rather, the ball doesn’t go anywhere without its Chad. Whoever lays hands on the basketball forges a bond with the entity and grows progressively more in tune with the basketball’s goals. This begs the question: what is the basketball’s agenda? 

to answer this, let’s look at some of Chad’s traits. Extremely loyal to his friends and team, sometimes to a fault (placing the team above his best friend in the first half of HSM 1). He is often forthwith and direct, openly addressing his concerns or beliefs about certain people or events. Sometimes the aforementioned traits waver between movies, and these aren’t exactly unusual for high school students, but there’s something we’ve all gotten to know and love about Chad Danforth: his Wildcat spirit.

Chad is arguably, out of any other student at East High, the most devoted to the Wildcats. He is almost always (save for that one time in HSM 2) the one to start the “WHAT TEAM” chant among his peers. Even when separated from the ball for days or even weeks at a time during the events of HSM 2, he still retains this high spirit. I argue that the ball is the incarnation of the Wildcat spirit, passed on from basketball player to basketball player in a legacy stretching back to East High’s first class. This may explain why Chad places an emphasis on making Troy into the next Wildcat legend in HSM 1, citing previous Wildcat basketball legends as inspiration. I may also argue that Chad may have thought himself as the next incarnation of the Wildcat Champion, but upon knowing Troy’s aptitude for basketball he may pressure Troy to take the mantle instead. But why would the basketball spirit forge such a strong bond with Chad, even though Troy seems to be the next Wildcat champion? The answer: Troy is not 100% committed to the Wildcats. Troy is conflicted, his dedication split between basketball and theater. He can’t even decide when going to college, deciding to leave Albuquerque and study in California so he can pursue both basketball and musicals. Troy’s own future, both with Gabriella and with his interests, play a larger part in his life than his team and the Wildcats of East High. Therefore, I argue that the basketball only forms bonds with those that are loyal to the Wildcats and to East High. 

So who else has the basketball forged a bond with besides Chad in the series? Well, although Chad is clearly the most connected to the Wildcat Spirit, I believe that the events of HSM2 concerning Ryan’s relationship with his peers are a result of his contact with the Wildcat basketball. If you watch HSM2, in the opening song “Summertime”, you will notice that Chad throws the basketball back, his excitement for summer momentarily overpowering his attachment to the ball, thus rendering it free to bond to whoever next contacts it. And who is that?

Ryan Evans.

Although his contact with the ball only lasts for a second or two, the bond has already been set in place. In the first HSM film, Ryan was completely dedicated to his sister and to his art, feeling vengeful and betrayed when Troy and Gabriella dared to infringe upon his territory. Of course, he was never quite as hell-bent as Sharpay, but nonetheless Ryan was dedicated to his art. This changed, however, during HSM2.

Throughout the film, Ryan and his sister become more and more distant as Sharpay wishes to perform with Troy rather than her brother. This is, of course, not due to the influence of the ball, but rather a natural human reaction to being scorned by your own family. What is unusual, however, is how he is so quick to reconcile his differences with the other Wildcats and, despite his status as a member of the country club rather than an employee, become a part of their squad (that’s what kids use nowadays to describe their friend group, yeah?). In the baseball game in HSM2, meant only for employees to play, Ryan nevertheless is permitted to join in and become part of the Wildcat crew. This is also where Chad and Ryan have the most direct contact, to the point where I would argue that Chad realizes that Ryan has been influenced by the ball. It is where Chad claims that he doesn’t dance (he does not pursue his own interests over his loyalty to the Wildcats) whereas Ryan argues that both dance and sport are valid activities. And you know what?

He’s right.

Ryan’s dedication to theatre is not out of self-righteous glory (Sharpay) or a desire to fulfill his own fleeting interests (Troy), but rather to uphold a legacy. Ryan’s argument for why he and Sharpay deserve to be the leads in HSM1 and for them to perform together in HSM2 is because it’s what they’ve done for years and years. It’s upholding a tradition. In Ryan’s own way, he is serving the Wildcats not through upholding a sporting spirit, but through preserving the greatness and glory of the East High theater department. Why else would he be so passionate about keeping the most talented theater actors in the lead roles (whom he believes are himself and his sister), and yet so easily supportive of overthrowing his sister once he forges a bond with the other Wildcats in HSM2? It is because Ryan realizes that Sharpay is not serving the Wildcat legacy, only her own. It is for this reason that Ryan is considered a valid vessel for the ball, and possibly why he and Chad have so much chemistry.

tl;dr Chad’s basketball is a sentient incarnation of the Wildcat spirit that is using him as a vessel and is able to have an influence on true Wildcats through physical contact.


I’m deceased 💀

  • nonanalogue: Hey, yo, do you have a second?
  • itsbenedict:
  • nonanalogue- "I should probably, like... message you more with things that aren't Dunkables (tm)
  • so as to lower the amount of suspicion when you see a message from me"
  • itsbenedict: but yeah, i've got a second
  • itsbenedict: what's up
  • nonanalogue: I wanted to know if you'd ever played Ori and the Blind Forest?
  • itsbenedict: i haven't, no
  • itsbenedict: what's it about
  • nonanalogue: So understand I haven't played it either, but from what I understand it's about a spirit and its spirit friend that have to save the world. Metroidvania.
  • nonanalogue: The reason I bring it up is because I regularly binge on The Cutting Room Floor articles.
  • nonanalogue: Are you familiar with TCRF?
  • itsbenedict: not that either, i'm afraid
  • itsbenedict: i'm 0 for 2
  • itsbenedict: which i guess is good protection if this is a pun setup
  • nonanalogue: Lord. Okay. That website I bet you'd be a fan of. It's a giant catalog of unused content in video games.
  • nonanalogue: Like, seriously, check it out later, you'll really dig it.
  • nonanalogue: Anyway - so I was looking through articles I hadn't read yet and ended up on Ori and the Blind Forest.
  • nonanalogue: And they had details on this absolutely wild cut sidequest.
  • nonanalogue: Do you mind if I go into more detail? Because it's something else.
  • itsbenedict: i'm sure it is
  • itsbenedict: and i'm sure none of it is made up
  • itsbenedict: as part of a nefarious scheme
  • itsbenedict: continue!
  • nonanalogue: So we're in agreement.
  • nonanalogue: Anyway, so the main characters, like I said, are these two spirits. Main character is Ori, their sidekick is Sein.
  • nonanalogue: Ori ends up getting shrunk to the size of a coin, which becomes useful when they have to use said coin to cross the water - like a surfboard.
  • nonanalogue: Sein, on the other hand, strays from their normal Spirit Flame powers and uses Spirit Fruits.
  • nonanalogue: Very tropical theme.
  • nonanalogue: So with the coin and the spirit fruits, and a third partner they pick up who's an old-school Roman type guy,
  • nonanalogue: they have to release a bunch of mythical creatures from the spirit world, ushering in a new era of prosperity for them.
  • nonanalogue: Isn't that wicked?
  • itsbenedict: oh god
  • itsbenedict: this is going to be some Pearls Before Swine tier shit
  • nonanalogue: I dunno what you're talking about -
  • itsbenedict: anyway sure it sounds wicked and extremely real
  • nonanalogue: it's just: the cent Ori's on, Sein (durian), centurion: centaur eon.
  • itsbenedict: aUGH
  • itsbenedict: that's
  • itsbenedict: that's disgusting is what that is
  • itsbenedict: you oughta be ashamed of yourself
  • nonanalogue: Way ahead of you!
  • nonanalogue: I figured you'd say something like that, so I got a jump on the 'feeling shame' bit.
  • itsbenedict: i guess you didn't need to warn me, because it telegraphed itself pretty hard
  • itsbenedict: you coulda sent some kind of signal- maybe morse code with a flashing ray of light
  • itsbenedict: should've sent a ray on
  • nonanalogue: Beautiful.
  • nonanalogue: That's so bad.
  • nonanalogue: You oughta be tarred and feathered for that sin. Sin tar, yon.
  • itsbenedict: god, fuck
  • itsbenedict: that gets an A for effort
  • itsbenedict: stamped right in the middle of the assignment
  • itsbenedict: center A on
  • nonanalogue: Yes! Yes! Excellent! The spirit of this series burns like fire! Or electricity! Cinder/ion!
  • itsbenedict: christ that's bad
  • itsbenedict: i'm gonna have to mail it to my enemies
  • itsbenedict: but maybe have my friend do the mailing for me so it can't be traced back to me
  • itsbenedict: sender: Ian
  • nonanalogue: Ah, for that, I'm gonna re-mail something back - one of my favorite Japanese animes.
  • nonanalogue: Sent: Yuri On.
  • nonanalogue: (ice.)
  • itsbenedict: ffffshut the fuck off
  • itsbenedict: you need to go to church
  • itsbenedict: and fast
  • itsbenedict: sinned! hurry in!
  • nonanalogue: *Italian chef kissing fingers gesture*
  • nonanalogue: Say, speaking of,
  • nonanalogue: you know what I hate in my Italian food?
  • nonanalogue: Sand, urine.
  • itsbenedict: ugh, is that the best you can do?
  • itsbenedict: boring
  • itsbenedict: that'll make me yawn for a REAL long time
  • itsbenedict: a century yawn
  • nonanalogue: You know what made me yawn for a real long time? I got an email from this big guy with a beard at a mall about my order for a new overhang for my porch.
  • nonanalogue: From Santa, re: awn.
  • itsbenedict: countless millennia in the future, historians found the dessicated corpse of jocey nonanalogue sitting in her chair, waiting for a response that would never come
  • itsbenedict: years of sunlight had baked her corpse into a mummy, preserving it for all that time
  • itsbenedict: she sunned her eon
  • nonanalogue: Did you intentionally wait a while to send that one? Kudos.
  • itsbenedict: no, that was a product of a simple fact
  • itsbenedict: that i am completely fucking out of material now
  • itsbenedict: and if you can counter it, i'll have to cry uncle
  • itsbenedict: i'm setting a five minute timer, by the way
  • nonanalogue: Nah, that sounds pretty sane there, eh, on top of all that.
  • itsbenedict: well, fuck, if you can bring in the "th", that changes the game
  • itsbenedict: you got some theory on how THAT shit is allowed
  • nonanalogue: Nah, see, it's with the regional accent. Sane dere, eh, on...
  • nonanalogue: But if you think I might be fishing a bit too much with that,
  • nonanalogue: maybe I'll use something different.
  • nonanalogue: A seine? Dare I? On with it!
  • itsbenedict: god damn it
  • itsbenedict: all my efforts are wasted
  • itsbenedict: just like on Buffy
  • itsbenedict: when Xander, 'e un-did everyone's hard work in that one episode
  • nonanalogue: I applaud that. You know the waveform of applause? I like the one that also represents constellations-
  • nonanalogue: Sine d'Orion.
  • itsbenedict: god, this is going to go on forever
  • itsbenedict: i'm going to have to pass it to my kids
  • itsbenedict: i can't be too pushy about it, though- they need to have time to relax between bouts
  • itsbenedict: "son, tarry on"
  • nonanalogue: I'm not having any kids. Just gonna spend my golden years in California. Gotta get my Santa Rey on.
  • itsbenedict: you already used santa, you-
  • itsbenedict: no, i can do this
  • itsbenedict: the pressure's on
  • itsbenedict: so much pressure
  • itsbenedict: so much pressure it'll compress ore into japanese currency
  • itsbenedict: sinter a yen
  • nonanalogue: You know what you'd say to someone who did that, maybe to convince them to hire someone from Myanmar? Treasurer-san, try Ohn.
  • nonanalogue: (Also you reused eon. :P)
  • itsbenedict: what, when
  • nonanalogue: Eon was literally the first thing I came at you with! Centaur eon.
  • itsbenedict: fuck
  • itsbenedict: okay, um
  • nonanalogue: So I'll call it square!
  • itsbenedict: this is making me feel that one feeling, that fuckin made-up word that only shows up in that one tumblr post about really specific words that are probably fake
  • itsbenedict: making me realize that everyone has a complex inner life that they aren't spending making godawful puns
  • itsbenedict: sonder-y, in this case
  • nonanalogue: Well done! That one didn't stink at all! The Scent Area Involved here is small.
  • itsbenedict: you're cutting it real close with those syllables
  • itsbenedict: but fuck, i'm coming to my limit
  • itsbenedict: my breaking point
  • itsbenedict: you're gonna sunder i, on this day
  • itsbenedict: (fuck, really good extra one that reuses a thing from earlier- "elles sont d'orion" with some bullshit hunting metaphor)
  • itsbenedict: (but that doesn't count)
  • nonanalogue: Nah, man, I wouldn't do that to you. If I'm gonna wear someone down or grind them to dust, I'd rather sander Ian.
  • nonanalogue: (it IS good)
  • itsbenedict: ALREADY USED IAN, TRY AGAIN
  • itsbenedict: 2:10 remaining
  • nonanalogue: Sander Eoin.
  • itsbenedict: fuck
  • nonanalogue: Is what I meant by that typo.
  • itsbenedict: that's a low blow
  • itsbenedict: man i can't believe that nazi guy is surprised about the warrant out for his arrest
  • itsbenedict: "how could the law come after ME, an innocent Aryan?"
  • itsbenedict: (also regardless of whether you get this next one in time, i have to go do a thing and this has taken up too much time already)
  • nonanalogue: Yeah, he should head over to some of the islands near Russia, where he could escape. His steps: Saunter, Ayon.
  • itsbenedict: (so this is for all the beansFUCK
  • nonanalogue: 👌
  • itsbenedict: fucking *ayon*
  • itsbenedict: ugh
  • itsbenedict: you win this round
  • itsbenedict: or more accurately, no one wins this round
  • nonanalogue: I accept your graceful concession and apologize for taking up so much time!
  • itsbenedict: there is nothing graceful about this concession
  • itsbenedict: it is a bitter, spiteful concession
  • nonanalogue: I take what I can get.

anonymous asked:

Aomine 2, 3???

Would they be the big spoon or small spoon when cuddling?

Definitely the big spoon. Aomine loves it whenever he gets the chance to hold you in his arms, where he can see you, feel you, and most importantly know you’re safest gives him nothing but pure joy. 

What kind of person would they be attracted to?

You’d think from the magazines he’s always reading his type is big boobs and a big ass, but nah. Aomine doesn’t actually have a certain type that he feels attracted to. Someone who’s genuinely good, fun, loving and most of all seems to need him just as much as he needs them is enough to get his attention. As long as he’s always feeling good whenever he’s spending time with them, then that’s just ideal.