they bang tomorrow probably


I’m pretty drunk rn don’t judge me xoxoxo

This me and my tol friend Connor dancing Bing Bang ^^“


Hello Stepan.  :D

Yeah he’ll probably bang your mom sometime tomorrow (sim time).  It’s fine.  It’s science.  I HAVE, at least once if not twice, thrust you directly into the arms of your girlfriend for pseudo-science and (ignoring the crash I had that gave you blue balls) I think you were just content to play in and around her fucking pool.

… no that’s not a euphemism, dumbass.  :|

… bull-riding is a dangerous sport.

And still, some object or other is going to get broken in half later.

anonymous asked:

3A for Lams and 3C Mullette maybe??

these are a blast to do, so please keep ‘em coming! 

(poses from here)

I was reminded this morning that I needed to have camping stuff packed for a group trip we’d planned in January. No idea how I missed that. Anyway, will post big bang stuff tomorrow, but probably won’t get to reading anything until Sunday. Super excited. Also, @the-six-month-novel will resume Monday. In our last week we’re going to look at writing resources to have on hand. :) Excited about that too.