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SoA 8


Warm, bright, comforting sunlight gently woke Gabrielle from her sleep, though she was a bit disappointed. She had been having the most amazing dream, and it was already fading. She rolled over in the large, comfy bed and blinked as she sun stung her heterochromatic blue and hazel eyes. Outside the open window, she could hear the bustling as the city of Cheruta came to life. It had already been a year since she and Damon and run away overseas, and it was finally starting to feel normal.

The sound of the door slowly creaking open and the patter of tiny feet followed by the shout of “Momma, momma!” Pained a huge smile on the Angel’s face. Seconds later, the very hyper two year old Eric jumped onto the bed and crawled over to her. “Up, momma!” He insisted immediately. “Daddy make bweakfast!”

Her eyebrows knit together as she tried to tame the toddlers wild bed head. “Daddy? Are you sure? He should be at work.” Damon worked long, hard hours from the moment they got to Cheruta and was now working under the towns most prominent blacksmith, who was training him to take over the business when the widower old man passed. It was unusual for him not to be at the smith shop.

“Come see!” Eric insisted, tugging on Gabrielle’s hand.

The Angel complied, stretching and fluttering her wings -which she never concealed in the privacy of their home- before following the impatient toddler through the sitting room and into the kitchen at the back of the house. Sure enough, Damon was trying his best to cook breakfast, making more of a mess than actual food. Gabrielle smiled softly upon seeing him. “You work over a hot forge all day, yet making breakfast is a challenge?” She teased him playfully.

ok but can we talk about how beautiful karlie really is? like everytime i look at a goddamn candid the sun is literally shining down on her like even jesus is giving her her own personal spotlight as she glides around new york doing normal things that normal people do but she is just like the goddess among mortals with her blonde hair pushed back, cascading in waves that fall perfectly framing her face, but not hiding it, so you see her flawless af skin looking golden in the light and she’s just smiling being chill as can be playfully looking into the camera then before you know it she’s biting her lip, as she does trying to kill us all

update n my life: my tongue still hasn’t grown back. still rad as hell. but I can talk/eat normally.
school is gettin better I think I’ve found potential friends + im makin new friends from outside art school which im so psyched about but still trying not to be overbearing.
gonna open an etsy sometime this month probably (for like patches, pins and prints idk)
things are getting better

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Please don't worry about your weight, you're beautiful and you seem like one of the raddest people I've ever seen in my life. You don't need that kind of stress on your plate, it'll just bring you down.

I’m trying trust me! Thank you v much, my head is all blegh lately, hopefully it’ll pass and my body image will go back to normal ha. Thanks again ☺️☺️☺️

☠ - Angry/Violent Headcanon


Finrod is an elf that you would be a fool to mess with. I headcanon that he is reserved in many aspects of his personality, especially his ‘love’ life or ‘personal’ life. His outward appearance is charming and amiable but Finrod’s smiles are just natural and most of the time empty, except with his family. When he is angry, he isn’t physically violent, nor does he use his powers in empathy (another hc that I’m not going into rn) to sway an enemy or take down an opponent because he has a very strict moral compass. Finrod’s anger is like a rolling wave; it builds up and then it comes crashing down. Then it disperses, smoothing out and returning back to its normal state. His anger is that simmering rage that never gets to a full-on bubbling over the top of the pot level. 


Maglor is an elf that you do not want to mess with. Because of he came into prominence as a bard, many people tend to forget that Maglor is one of the most cutthroat and ruthless elves out there. His anger is formidable and extremely dangerous. It’s not hard to provoke, though he hides it under callous sarcasm and oftentimes, he might even cast a generous amount of shade by composing a song about someone who offended him. But when he gets livid, especially if his family is being threatened or if they were just betrayed by their easterling host, Maglor does resort to violence. You might even get your head chopped off. 

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I thought someone was going to have a twin? And wasn't someone supposed to be alive who was thought to be dead? And also what was that pic of Hannah with a baby bump, that wasn't shown at all!

All Marlene meant by that is some people who are dead will be in the finale - Mrs. D, Wilden and Bethany. She never specifically said ‘coming back to life’. She’s clever with her wording!

As for the twin, that was never confirmed just hinted to. I think that’s done and dusted, they payed homage to the books when CeCe said that Mrs. D dressed her and Ali almost like they were twins.

And Hanna, I think it was just the angle of the shot because when we saw the first scene of the time jump in 610 she looked normal!

I was asked about streaming and I’ll just answer this publicly. Am I going to stream again?

When I did the live streaming stuff on twitch it was my summer vacation and I had lot more time in my hands than I normally do. I’m back to work now and I work rotating shifts so it’s kinda hard to squeeze in time for something like that again. Only time I could maybe do something like that again would be during weekends and I’ll soon be busy during those too because hunting season.

As it is, while it was a fun experiment, I don’t think I did anything that interesting with the streaming. It was fun and I liked the interaction but I don’t think I could really produce content that would be that entertaining. I didn’t do anything hundreds and thousands of people haven’t already done - most of them lot better than I did.

Plus there’s my Internet connection - my upload speeds suck ass and only way to get anything better would be to switch to mobile connection and I dunno how reliable those are.

Tl;dr I’m not against streaming more, it was fun, but I am not sure it’s worth the effort, I guess?

Don’t Hurt Me


Selene was just reading in the park. She was still scared that he was going to come back, but she had to at least act normal. Everyone thought he was perfect and was the love of her life. She didn’t even know if she loved him. She had been told she did, so she believed it while she was with him. But now, she didn’t know what she felt. All she knew is that she had to act normal or he might come back after hearing that she was telling people things.

She was minding her own business when she felt something furry by her leg. She looked down and smiled as she saw an adorable little puppy at her feet, yipping at her and pawing at her. She giggled as she picked him up and cuddled him.

“ I always had the chance to do whatever I wanted to do, my parents were very open about that. Acting has been a passion of mine. I wanted to be in musicals as a kid, and took tap dance, so for me it’s a dream come true, my childhood was filled with things that I loved to do, and also very normal things: I lived in New York, I have a family life and went to a regular school. If anything, I look back and think, “Wow, I did a lot of things that a lot of people don’t get to do in their lifetime.”

Dear Charlie,

every day for the past 5 months, i get more and more depressed and anxious but now, it’s horrible. The person I love most is dying and it’s killing me. He has less than a week left and I have no idea how i’m gonna survive this. Also, I only have 2 friends so I don’t have a lot of support for my depression and for my grandpa’s sickness. I feel kinda stupid because it’s normal to suffer when someone dies but i don’t just “suffer”… It feels like hell honestly. My grandpa is one of the only men in my life, i love him more than anything and he’s one of the rare person that loves me back. He told my mom that he’ll get buried with every single cards me and my sister ever wrote him and it broke my heart when she told me. I love him so much and his death will feel like mine too.


I haven’t been tumbling much lately! Budgeting, working as much as I can, and coloring my coloring book have sort of taken over my life. Even working out has been on hold – I live in Florida and August is always unbearably hot. Exercising outside when it’s 98 degrees is damn near impossible.

Not going to lie, either, coloring is such a therapeutic thing to do. It’s satisfying to indulge in something so analogue and playful.

For a couple of weeks my pants were too tight. Bloat, probably, from pizza and ice cream. But I’ve been eating more mindfully for a few days and I’m almost back to normal.

I’m proud of my budgeting efforts. Next month I’ll pay off my credit card, and thereafter be able to pay the balance in full each month. Can’t wait to get that done so I can start halving all my money between my car and my savings account. Eyes on the prize, you guys.

I love all of you! Life is rough but I’m hanging in!

So in this comic we learned that Soldier can reattach his hands and use them again mostly fine.

He can regrow teeth

And he can poke people back to life (or, in the last comic, fix a neck snap).

I think Soldier’s got some second-hand Merasmus magic in flowing in his body, ‘cause none of that seems to be normal.

The Best is Yet to Come

Dean lay absolutely still on the bed, barely breathing. The room around him was utterly quiet, bare walls gaping like open mouths. I know, Dean told them. I know. It’s crazy.

Beside him, Cas sighed softly, and buried his head deeper into Dean’s shoulder.


Dean had his arm wrapped around Cas’ back, hand resting on the curve of his hip. He pressed his lips together, and tried to breathe normally, but it was as though he’d forgotten how. His heart was slamming in his chest, and he prayed it wouldn’t wake Cas up. He wanted to stay in this moment forever, to make it eternal. Because nothing could ever, ever be this perfect again.

Cas sighed, and shifted a little more. Dean felt eyelashes flicker against the bare skin of his shoulder.

So, it was over. The most perfect moment in Dean’s life was over. He tried to accept that without bitterness. From here, he knew, it was all downhill. The peak only exists because of the trembling slopes on either side. They’d climbed so far to get here, and now there was only falling back down.

Cas hunched his shoulders slightly, twisting his body so that Dean’s arm shifted further down his back. Too heavy, Dean thought. That would be how it started. Arms too heavy in the morning. Kisses too quick in the night. Spats and anger and weight, all their weight, thundering between them like a rockfall. It was inevitable.

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I always had the chance to do whatever I wanted to do, my parents were very open about that. Acting has been a passion of mine. I wanted to be in musicals as a kid, and took tap dance, so for me it’s a dream come true, my childhood was filled with things that I loved to do, and also very normal things: I lived in New York, I have a family life and went to a regular school. If anything, I look back and think, “Wow, I did a lot of things that a lot of people don’t get to do in their lifetime.”.

what she says: I’m fine.
what she means: Touka cares for Kaneki so much that she’s willing to stay away from him for his sake because she doesn’t want him to go through the shit he had when he was living as a ghoul and she just wants to see him as a happy normal person like he was before the kidnapping took place. They are doing the same thing for each other, like how Kaneki left Touka so that she could have a normal college life as a normal person away from the ghoul life and that’s what she wants for Kaneki and it means being apart from him and it hurts because she wants him back and misses him a lot but she can’t because he lost all the memories and can’t remember her

Betrayed- A Sehun Angst

Part 1, Part 3

You parked outside D.O’s apartment, and for a couple of minutes, you just sat in your car, with your forehead against the steering wheel, wondering how everything came to be, wondering what you had done so wrong in a past life to deserve to be hurt this way.

You couldn’t erase that image from your mind, Sehun’s naked body, his bare back glistening with pearls of sweat, as he hovered over your friend. You tried, and tried to forget about it, but it was etched onto your memory, as if it had just been burned into your brain with hot iron. Your phone vibrated again, with an incoming text from D.O.

“Are you here yet? You are making me worried.” You knew you had taking twice the amount it normally would have taken you to arrive at his house, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to face anyone, the humiliation was too great for you to be able to look into the eyes of someone who pitied you, someone who was actually friends with Sehun in the first place.

You wiped your tears, and held a tissue to your eyes, trying to remove any smudged make up. You fixed your face with whatever you had in your car, and with a deep sigh, you ruffled your hair, and walked out of the car. D.O knew you better than anyone anyway, he would see right through your attempts of trying to make yourself seem stronger than you actually felt at that moment.

You knocked on his door, trying to cover your face as best as you could with your hair, just in case there was someone there with him still. After a couple seconds of waiting, Kyungsoo opened the door, with his precious large eyes opened wide with concern. He didn’t even give you enough time to say hello, he engulfed you in a bear hug, with your face resting on his shoulder. You felt the walls of faux-strength crumbling around you, but you couldn’t cry just yet.

“Oh thank God you are okay. I thought something had happened on the way here.” He mumbled, pulling you closer, inhaling the scent of your shampoo, before pulling away, and dragging you to his living room. He sat you down on his sofa, grabbed a blanket, and put it over your shoulders, as he handed you a cup of hot cocoa, just the way you liked it best.

“What happened Y/N?” he asked you softly, words barely escaping those precious pouty, heart-shaped lips of his, as he patted your head gently, comfortingly. A loud sob escaped your lips, and his body ached with the need to wrap you in his embrace again.

“I-I… I found Sehun… Sehun… cheating on me, with my best friend.” You sobbed, as you barely managed to get the words through your throat. You took a sip from the hot cocoa shaking in your hands. D.O froze on the spot, he felt rage bubbling inside him, slowly growing to a boiling point, but he managed to keep himself calm, although every fiber of his being was telling him to break all of Sehun’s bones.

You heard a loud clatter in the kitchen, and you both turned to see a furious looking Kai, with a bowl still rolling at his feet. You gulped, you’d never seen anyone look so angry in your life. Where was the cute boy who talked to his dogs and called them his babies?

Kai didn’t even give you time to question his behavior, he excused himself, and walked straight out the door. You were a little ashamed that he had heard what just happened to you, it was shameful to admit you had just been cheated on. After you both heard the door slam behind Kai, Kyungsoo turned to you with a saddened expression.

“Are you sure he was cheating on you?” He asked gently, trying to fix the shattered pieces of the situation as best as you could. You hissed.

“OF COURSE I AM SURE HE WAS NAKED OVER HER WITH HIS PENIS INSIDE HER!” You yelled at him, and Kyungsoo winced. You felt terrible immediately, it wasn’t his fault and you had no right to lash out at him like that, he was just trying to help as best as he could.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… I’m so sorry… I can’t believe he would do that. I trusted him to know better than that… You can stay here for as long as you need. You know you have a home here. “ he told you, his large eyes beginning to water, as he gently embraced you.

“Thank you so much Soo… I need you right now. I really do need you.” You told him, as you cried on his shoulder, and Kyungsoo’s heart broke just a little bit more.

You meant so much to him, and watching you suffer like that genuinely hurt him. Inside him, rage was boiling, he couldn’t understand Sehun would ever waste a chance like this, he couldn’t believe why he would ever go with another woman when he already had the best one in his arms.

Inside your apartment, Sehun was pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair. Why had he done that? Why did he cheat? It wasn’t like he didn’t love you anymore, he wasn’t mad at you, he didn’t hate you, and it wasn’t like you had neglected him in any way. So why?

Simple, because he thought he could get away with it. He liked feeling wanted, and he liked the feeling of something prohibited. Your friend had come onto him when you were out, and although at first he had rejected her, he liked the feeling of being desirable, he was hypnotized by her purrs of “no one will know” and “it’s our little secret”.

He never thought things would turn out like they did. He never thought you would find out, and most of all, he never expected you to leave him empty and broken inside.

“Sehunnieee! Come back to bed!” He heard her call for him, and for a second, he cringed. He couldn’t stand the sound of her voice. He couldn’t stand the sound of his own voice, he couldn’t stand the tic-toc of the clock, and most of all, he couldn’t stand the silence you had left with your absence.

Your things were left intact, but the house felt empty, you weren’t there, your aura of happiness and warmth wasn’t there to make it even feel like home. He felt like a stranger in his own apartment, and it unsettled him. For once, the bratty maknae hadn’t gotten away with what he wanted.

A loud knock on his door shocked him, making him jump straight out of his internal monologue. He walked over to the door, hopeful, his brain praying for it to be you, coming back to him, to where you belonged. But instead, he was met with Kai’s black eyes.

“Kai-“ Sehun started, meaning to ask his bandmate what brought him to his house, but he had no time to finish his sentence. Kai was pushing him inside the house roughly.

“What do you think you are doing asshole?” Kai snarled at him, pushing him again. Sehun tripped over a table, and fell on his butt. He stared at the older boy with fear in his eyes, not understanding what was happening.

“How could you cheat on Y/N? How could you?!” Kai screamed at him, kicking a chair to the side, making it tumble and fall.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you like this?” Sehun asked him, trying to crawl back somewhere safe.

“Get up. I won’t hit a man who is on the floor.” Kai growled, kicking at Sehun’s foot.

“Kai, you can’t be serious.” He stuttered, too shocked for more words.

“GET UP!” He yelled, and Sehun scrambled to his feet, his heart beating harshly in his chest. He was terrified. What was wrong with Kai? Just as he was on his feet, Kai’s hand collided with his cheek, once, twice, three times. Sehun was left on the floor, his mouth bleeding and his eye bruising.

“Kai… I thought we were friends…” Sehun stuttered with tears in his eyes, as he struggled to stand up again.

“I’m not friends with cheaters.” Kai replied coldly, before leaving the room without a second look. Sehun’s world shattered around him. He was losing everything, everything because of his selfish needs and desires.

He didn’t think about you, when he kissed your friend, he didn’t think about your heart when he took her clothes off, he didn’t care to imagine the pain you would be suffering, the tears you were crying. He just wanted to enjoy himself, to have his own way, he didn’t care to put a thought on the person he would be hurting, breaking, with his actions. And the worst part, he didn’t understand why it was so much of a big deal. It was just sex.

At Kyungsoo’s place, you had managed to cry yourself to sleep on his couch, with your face pressed against his chest, as you watched yet another Disney movie. He knew they were the only source of comfort you could find at times like these, because for a moment, they made you forget about real life, about being an adult, about responsibilities and about heartbreak, because in Disney movies everything is possible and there is always a happy ending.

He brushed the hair out of your face lovingly, chuckling at how cute you looked as you slept, with your mouth slightly open, and your lower lashes tickling your cheeks. He couldn’t understand how anyone could give you up.

His eyelids were growing heavy, and he wanted to take you to his bedroom, so he could tuck you in, and let you sleep comfortably in his large bed, he had no intentions of staying with you in it though, you were too pure, too good for any filthy thoughts his male hormones could muster.

But the moment Kyungsoo moved his body slightly, your hands gripped onto his t-shirt tightly, and a frown creased your perfect forehead.

“Don’t go.” He heard your sleepy voice whisper, as your hold on him tightened. He smiled, and checked to see if you had woken up, but the even movement of your chest was a clear giveaway that you were still asleep. He smiled to himself, and closed his eyes.

Maybe he was a little bit uncomfortable, maybe the position was awkward, but just watching you on him, sleeping so peacefully, brought him great happiness. So he let sleep take him to Dreamland, and for the first time in a very long time, he no longer had to wonder what it felt like to fall asleep with you in his arms.

Learn how to create two new looks that both deserve a double tap.

The line between the Internet and real life is blurring more than ever before. The words “hashtag” and “meme” come up in normal conversation, and we only consider someone a true friend if they follow us back on all our social platforms. Now the techie world is infiltrating SEPHORA COLLECTION with these two new Photo Filter Palettes—and we love them. When you add Sunbleached or Overcast to your collection, your eyes will receive the flattering effect straight out of the photo-sharing app. Sephora PRO artist Karoline Karakeosian has created a duo of easy-to-replicate eye looks using the 10-shadow palettes: Valencia for day, and X-PRO II for night. Follow along with the tutorials below and your next selfie might get more hearts than ever before. JESSICA VELEZ


We’d argue that Valencia is the most natural looking of all the filters currently on the ’gram. It gives you a subtle glow and lights up the world around you. For that same effect, this look uses the warm eye shadows found in the Sunbleached Photo Filter Palette

When applying shadow, you want to make sure it stays locked in place all day without creasing, so use a primer—try SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfecting Eye Primer. From there, pat Latergram, a slightly shimmery amber-toned color, on your lids with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Small Shadow Brush #15, and blend it with Desert Rose in your crease with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Blending Brush #27. To highlight the browbone, apply Whitewashed also with the small shadow brush. Next, line your upper and lower lash lines with Sandy Toes using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29. Finish with SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Curl Mascara—and enjoy!


“For a bronzy peach highlight, use Latergram on the high planes of your cheeks with a fan-shaped brush.”


Like day and night, Valencia and X-PRO II have totally different effects, something you’d notice while scrolling through since they’re neighbors on the app. X-PRO II closes in the corners of your selfie with a dark halo, while adding drama to any color. It’s the filter we’d use if we wanted to show off a smoky eye look like this one, one that’s perfectly suitable for your next “makeup of the day” look—only for, you know, night. Use the Overcast Filter Palette to model this look.


Again, start with an eye shadow primer on your eyes. Then, apply Black Lace on your lids using a small shadow brush. In the crease, take a blending brush and sweep on the smoky gray color, Berlin Underground. Highlight the browbone with Flagstone, a light cream color with a little sheen in the formula with a small shadow brush. Next, line just your lower lash line with Getaway using a precision smudge brush. To finish the smoldering look, glide on few generous coats of mascara.


“For medium-to-deep complexions, use Sandcastle or Cozy Sweater to highlight the browbone instead.”