they asked her if anyone had recognised her (because she looks different in the game)

Drunk Headcanons

They’re not children in this don’t worry. 

Also idk if this is polyamory or whatever I just love these guys and they all love each other. All of this can be taken as either platonic or romantic, idc.


     • Marinette is a super giggly, truthful, and affectionate drunk. If you’re one of her friends, she’ll constantly be making grabby hands at you so she can give you face kisses and shower you in compliments. Adrien, Nino, and Alya have all been so touched before that they may have shed a couple of tears. 

     • One time when she was drunk, she didn’t recognise that it was Nino talking to her, so when he asked her what she thought about her friends, her filter somehow turned off even more

     • She started off talking about her sweet friend Nino, who has the softest eyes ever and they look like pools of honey and he’s honestly so gentle and such a good friend, where is he she wants to hug him

     • Then she talks about Alya and how she loves her smile and her confidence and her style and everything about her, and Marinette feels so lucky to have her as a best friend god dammit where are her friends she’s really tempted to cuddle the fuck out of them right now

     • And then she lands on Adrien and she sighs and settles down a little, resting her head in her arms as she talks about how beautiful Adrien’s laugh is, and how she wants to give him a reason to laugh like that every single day. If he was here, she says, she’d be giving him a bunch of face smooches right now. 

     • Nino, Alya, and Adrien are all openly ugly crying and totally tipsy and they just can’t handle how much they love their totally plastered friend right now dear god. Even if they weren’t tipsy they’re pretty sure tears would be shed.

     • They have a sleepover at Marinette’s house that night and sleep in a giant cuddle pile because none of Marinette’s friends wanted to let go of her

     • (They replicated that conversation from before while Alya got it on video because it’s honestly the sweetest thing and they all want to have that video as a daily reminder about how much Marinette absolutely adores them.)


     • Adrien’s the kind of drunk that you’ll never know is drunk until the very moment when he passes the fuck out whilst standing and ragdolls against the floor. Everyone has to keep an eye out for how many drinks he has.

     • Honestly it baffles everyone. Adrien almost acts no different while drunk in comparison to how he is sober. The only real indication that he’s even slightly intoxicated is when he gets a little more emotional. It’s easy to figure out when he’s drunk when Marinette is drunk— all she needs to do is compliment him and then everyone will know from his teary-eyed reaction. 

     • Adrien once got so drunk at a fancy gala event with his father that he nearly lost consciousness while talking to a business investor. No one noticed at all.

     • They never drink and drive but the four of them agreed that if they absolutely had to, they’d put Adrien behind the wheel. He could easily pretend to be sober if an officer pulled them over. Also, he might actually be able to drive the car without crashing, but they’re not gonna test that. 

     • Another indicator that Adrien is drunk is when he sort of naturally gravitates towards Marinette, because he knows that Marinette = praise and affection, and it’s harder to resist that when he’s drunk. Especially blackout drunk.

     • Literally no one can tell if Adrien’s a lightweight or not it’s really iffy because sometimes those tiny indications that he’s drunk happen really early in the game and sometimes it happens a lot later for some reason.

     • He’s not a lightweight he purposely fakes it early in the game because he likes to fuck with people.


     • Alya is an absolute mess when she’s drunk. She’s clingy, jealous, uncharacteristically quiet, and she’ll glare at anyone she doesn’t know yet still look like she can cry at any moment somehow. It’s like she’s a ticking time bomb but she’ll cry when she blows up.

     • When she and Marinette are drunk together, they have to be separated. Marinette would just cuddle and compliment the shit out of Alya and Alya would just burst into happy tears and they’ll never be able to leave the fucking nightclub because they’re too busy clinging to each other on the ground in the middle of the dance floor.

     • When she clings to Nino her glaring gets a million times more intensified like literally no one will ever approach them. Not if they valued their lives. Nino rolls with it and piggybacks Alya wherever she wants, which for some reason makes her cry in joy.

     • Alya gets dehydrated really quickly so they’re always having to force water down her throat in between drinks. It doesn’t slow down her descent from sobriety at all. 

     • One time Alya saw some guy give Marinette a lap dance and Alya threw the guy off in a drunken rage and started doing the lap dance herself. She sucked at doing it but she’s out of it so points for trying. 

     • Sometimes she’ll get really close in front of Adrien’s face and squint at him, trying to figure out whether or not he’s drunk too, and Adrien always thinks that he did something wrong because Alya looks like she’s willing to murder him in these moments.


     • Nino pretty much sheds all of his fears and insecurities when he’s drunk. He will do shit he would never otherwise do when sober. He will do shit that he’ll regret, and he knows he’ll regret, even while he’s getting ready to do the thing.

     • One time Nino took over a fucking nightclub by kicking the DJ offstage and doing the remixes himself. No one knows how he managed to do that without getting himself thrown out and banned forever.

     • Nino challenged Adrien to a shots competition even though he knew that he would never know when Adrien is drunk or not. He was hoping to last long enough until Adrien just fucking passes out or whatever. He didn’t.

     • Nino literally ripped his pants off on the dance floor for no conceivable reason whatsoever. Like, ripped them off. They don’t know how he did that. The pants were unsalvageable. 

     • He picked Marinette and Alya up onto his shoulders and tried to escort them to whatever destination they wanted for the whole night. He does not have the strength to do that, and he knows it, but he did it anyways and woke up the next morning with noodles for arms. They were so sore.

     • He claims to know how to do things that he most definitely does not know how to fucking do. He has no idea how to bake a chocolate lava cake. He doesn’t know how to shave with a fucking straight razor. (Adrien does, though, what the fuck.) He has no idea how to ride a damn horse. HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO WRESTLE A FUCKING CROCODILE, BUT OH LOOK THERE’S FANG, AND HE WANTS TO IMPRESS HIS FRIENDS SO—


     • No matter how drunk they all get, they always manage to stay together, and always leave together at the end of the night. 

     • Marinette makes everyone take a picture of themselves in the mirror and send it to her mother before they leave, just in case anything happens to them and they need to describe what clothing they were wearing to the police. 

     • Adrien normally has his bodyguard/driver drop them off and pick them up. Adrien’s old enough not to need the guy constantly following him everywhere, but the Gorilla still watches the entrances of the buildings, just in case.

     • No one can ever tell if the four of them are dating, and if they are, if they’re all dating each other, or… if there’s a system or something… They confuse people at clubs and bars, because their interactions are just on the border of romantic but at the same time maybe they’re just affectionate??? Maybe they’re only friends, it’s not like they MADE OUT with each other, but also that girl is loving the other three pretty damn good and that isn’t something most friends do uhhh aLSO THAT GIRL IS GIVING THE OTHER GIRL A LAP DANCE AND THAT GUY IS CARRYING THE GIRLS NOW AND— WHAT??? IS GOING ON???

     • Paparazzi follows Adrien around whenever he’s going out to get drunk but like… Since he never actually shows any outward signs of ever getting drunk, the articles and news stories usually end up being about his friends. None of them mind, really, except maybe Nino because he just does not like hearing about the things he did. He doesn’t want to remember, thank you very much, he’d rather live blissfully oblivious to the stupid shit he did the other night.

     • Marinette made them matching “let’s get DRUNK” shirts once. 

     • Alya sometimes writes her own experiences getting drunk with Adrien and the rest of his friends and sells them to magazines and stuff. She makes sure to carefully word it so that it can’t be used as slander. Everyone usually loves to read Alya’s telling of the stories because damn… she could honestly be a novelist. 

Okay I’m done making these, enjoy. :) I did this for shits and giggles mostly and it was fun!! I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with these and that’s okay, in fact I’d love to hear other people’s headcanons for the drunk OT4.

Valentine’s Couple

Summary: Being born on Valentine’s Day had always been a bother until you meet Jung Jaehyun who was also born on the same day.

Pairing: Jung Jaehyun x reader

Genre: ridiculously cliché fluff

A/N: As you all know, I write a “birthday” fiction for all my biases and thankfully, Jaehyun being born on the 14th of February meant I could cover Valentine’s Day all in the same fiction! I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 2156


Originally posted by nakamotens

You always thought you would hate Valentine’s Day.

After all, being born on the day of love wasn’t the easiest. Okay, so you didn’t have it as bad as those born on Christmas Day, but whenever you were propositioned with telling someone your birthday, it always came with the endless comments.

“Oh, Valentine’s Day?!” You nod, trying to prevent your eyes from rolling. “You must be simply full of love then.”

“Not really.”

“Have you ever had anyone confess on your birthday to be your Valentine? You’d get double the presents! Chocolates and a gift, I think it would be amazing to be recognised twice on such a magical day.”

You scoffed. Love just wasn’t your thing.

Until you met Jaehyun.

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Never Have I Ever…


Siruis x reader


Reader is younger

3000+ words

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

*disclaimer: all characters are assumed 18+


It had been three weeks since the ‘tequila night’ and your feelings for Sirius had not dampened in the slightest. If anything they had grown. Learning about his love of 70s rock music, his distaste for cruelty and exclusiveness, hearing stories from his days at hogwarts and feeling pain for the boy banished by his maniacal parents, he was hands down the most interesting person you had ever met. He was charming, happy, and so very witty. This was so different to the grim, disheveled Sirius you had met only seven weeks ago, and so you were very grateful to the Ministry for finally officiating his innocence. From what you had come to learn about Sirius, he had not deserved his fate yet he blamed no one and was as dedicated as the most faithful soldier to ensure the safety and freedom of witch, wizard, muggle alike. He was the most beautiful and broken man who deserved the world and your heart started to make room for Sirius, not because you felt sorry for him but you admired his integrity, courage, and strength and god he made you laugh. You thought back to that night often. It was incredibly enjoyable but boy did you pay for it the next day at work….

“Here you go, take a swig of this and you’ll be right as rain, well at least a lesser shade of green.” Tonks held out a cup of tea as she sat on your desk and stifled a giggle at your bedraggled appearance. You shot her a look of gratitude. As you accepted the mug she was proffering Tonks cleared her throat -

“So ah, what happened between you and Sirius last night?”

“What do you mean?” You blew on your tea.

“Well I hate to break it to you but he was flirting up a storm with you and I wasn’t the only one who noticed!” She folded her arms in a sort of so there! gesture, her pink hair gleaming.

You smiled at her defiant posture “didn’t you tell me that’s what he does? Flirt?”

“Well…”Tonks unwrapped her arms “…yes he does but that was before Azkaban. Remus said he hasn’t seen Sirius show interest in anyone since he got out, five years ago.”

“Yes but he was still thought guilty by most of the wizarding world, I’m sure the ministry finally recognising him as the innocent man he is has lifted the burden from his shoulders, he’ll be getting back to his old self.” You reasoned sipping your tea.

Tonks considered you for a moment. “Did you not see the plethora of women and men for that matter, approach him last night? And him waving them off only having eyes for you?”

She took your widened eyes and dribble of tea down your chin as a no, you hadn’t noticed that.

“It’s not just last night.” Tonks continued. “He stares at you during meetings when you are not looking, and I heard him ask Remus that he hopes he would get paired with you during missions.”

“Nymphadora! Y/N! Quit your gas bagging and get back to work!”

Tonks waved Moody off and turned back to you as she stood up from your desk. She was smiling now at your frozen expression.

So Sirius Black, may or may not be harbouring feelings for you. This was new.

- - -

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