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Full set of concept art for Kageyama and Hinata’s fancy togas!

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So, not at all?
  • Jason: hey, Bruce, I have a question
  • Bruce: oh god.
  • Jason: if someone tries to kill me why can't I kill them back?
  • Bruce: that's murder. Plenty of people try to kill me but I don't kill them
  • Jason: but you maim them and many are in pain for life or die from injuries.... when I shoot people they die for good. At this point aren't I the merciful one?
  • Bruce: murder is illegal
  • Jason: so is being a vigilante in a bat costume. Ok maybe not that specific-
  • Bruce: no murders. Not at all
  • Jason: Half murder?
  • Bruce: that's not real!! Dick made it up while drunk!!
  • Jason: so I can't kill anyone??! Not even a little?
  • Bruce: I need a drink

seranmoo  asked:

So like, I agree with a lot of the stuff people are saying about all the runs at SGDQ this go around but why is it this specific time where everyone is railing on them for completely broken runs that aren't fun to watch? Are there just more of them filling the docket this time or is it something else?

The GDQ events get more boring every year as the event gets larger and the rules imposed on the audience and runners get more strict. The audience can’t actually get hype, the runners can’t put on any kind of act during their run, “distracting items” like signs or plushies are banned, costumes are banned, everything fun is banned.

So, since the runners are literally not allowed to be charismatic and a fun atmosphere is not permitted from the audience, the only thing everyone can do is kinda sit back and let the game be the entertainment.

Thing is, Speedrunning is a pretty stagnant business. The most fun glitches to watch are in older games where the games get turned inside-out and everything wigs out. Problem with that is that everyone’s seen that already. You can only watch an OOT speedrunner walk backwards and immediately run the credits before it’s boring.

So, since all of the fun stuff got boring five years ago, they keep filling the schedule with new stuff hoping that SOMETHING will be entertaining.

It’s not. It’s never entertaining. Newer games? It’s either all OOB clipping or highly optimized play, neither of which are entertaining on their own. Older games? If the game’s 15 years old and you haven’t seen it done already, that’s because the run is boring.

GDQ got old ages ago. It’s a husk of its former self at this point. The games aren’t entertaining, the runners aren’t allowed to be entertaining, the audience isn’t allowed to get excited, nothing’s allowed to happen.

The GDQ events used to be a lot of smiling and laughing nerds celebrating their hobby and laughing off their awkwardness for a good cause, now it’s a massive, nearly-empty room full of bored people checking their phones while the runner of the moment goes through the motions of his five hour long “speed”run of some Gamecube game nobody’s ever heard of.

Nobody laughs, nobody claps unless they’re told to clap, nobody puts on a show, everyone just goes through the motions. One guy in the audience coughs and gets banned for causing a disturbance.

  • Teacher: can you explain why you failed this test?
  • Me: why does Matt's daredevil costume have eye holes? Now either mr. potter did not know Matt didn't need them and made them, assuming, which makes sense, that he would require seeing. But that raises the question on wether or not Matt told him specifics on the costume. I assume he told Mr. potter he wanted it to look like it does, as he said he wanted a symbol, but why would he, if he had give specifics, asked for eyeholes? Perhaps to help protect his identity as Matt Murdock the blind man. Because of people guessed that daredevil was blind, there aren't a lot of blind people they would have to look to to find the right one. But then again, the top half of the face gives away a lot of identify, especially eyes, so it could give him away more easily? But then again Matt usually wears glasses around people that would ever out him anyway. It's a big question. Does Matt Murdock want to be known?