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Songs that need to be on The Get Down soundtrack right now

  1. Francisco Cruz singing to the record label
  2. Ra-Ra Kipling singing to his girlfriend over the phone
  3. Mylene Cruz singing ‘But By the Grace of God, There Go I’
  4. The song that plays during Thizzee’s painting scene
  5. Mylene Cruz’s song that she created with the drag queens
  6. Misty Holloway’s ‘Backstabbers’ cover
  7. Boogie Oogie Disco Biscuit

when you’re home alone so sing at the top of your lungs and don’t realise that little kids are running around in the garden a few houses down and after the song’s over one shouts “whoever was just singing, can you come and sing at my birthday party?” and another shouts “you’re really good!”


Mamo and Shoutan at the backstage of ASL 2015, with English subtitles~ @tsukinokakera \(^o^)/

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Happy trans day of visibility!! (She/her)
(Guest star: my mom’s dog Snowy, named after Tin Tin’s dog)

Little Favor

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“James, for the last time,” You scolded the taller boy as he chased you down the corridor. “I will not talk to Lily about you when you very well know her opinion.”

“But please, (Y/n)!” He exclaimed, drawling out every one of his vowels. James eventually caught up to, draping his arms over your shoulders. “You’ve always been my favorite.”

You couldn’t help the snort that came from you as you gently shrugged out of his hold. “Flattery isn’t going to help you this time, James.”

You looked over and saw the pout that had settled upon his features, making his brown eyes appear even larger than usual.

You were able to hold your ground for a solid minute, then you sighed heavily as you avoided his gaze. “I’ll see what I can do.” You mumbled in defeat.

A bright smile broke out on James’ face as he took you in arms again, whirling you around. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He said with his usual boisterous laugh. “I knew you’d come through!”

“Alright, alright.” You said shaking out of his arms, smoothing out your sweater vest. “May I go to Potion’s now?”

James nodded, his mess of hair flopping into his eyes. “Yes, we may.” He said, holding his arm out for you to loop your’s through as he waltzed down the hall.


“Lily, I’m begging here.” You wailed, leaning your head against her shoulder as you both sat upon her bed in your dormitory. “There has to be something you like about the poor boy.”

“There’s nothing to admire in the first place.” Your charming red headed friend said as she angrily scrawled out her Transfiguration essay on a peice of parchment. “He is the most arrogant and insufferable boy I’ve ever had the misfortune of conversing with.”

You groaned, falling back onto her bed and stuffing a pillow in your face. “Liiiiiiiily.”

Lily sighed as she looked back at your defeated form, knowing James had been pestering you as much as he did with her. “Come here,” She said with a laugh, nudging your shoulder. “I’m gonna tell you one thing, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone.”

“Well then what’s the point, he’s just gonna bother me even more.” You groaned.

“Or,” She said looking at you with that usual glimmer in her eyes when she was up to something. “You could hold it above his head.”

You dropped the pillow behind you, knowing it was the best you would get out of the stubborn ginger.


“(Y/n)!” You internally grimaced at the sound of the very voice you were trying to avoid for the entire day.

And you were doing pretty well so far. He tried to get your attention in all the classed you shared but you ignored all his calls. During lunch you had stuffed some biscuits into your school bag and sprinted to the library so he couldn’t find you.

You slowly turned around, putting on your best smile. “James!” You eyes deterred to the other young boy standing next to him. “And Sirius!”

Sirius looked at you with a smile as he winked, draping his arm over his close friend. “Prongs here has been telling me you’ve been avoiding him.”

You cleared your throat nervously. “Avoiding? I wouldn’t necessarily call it that.”

James huffed, stepping closer to you. “Well now that I’ve finally caught your attention. Perhaps you can tell me what you managed to find out.”

“Look, she did tell me something,” You told him, watching his light up before you held up your hand. “But I’m not allowed to tell you.”

His face immediately fell, and his hands went to his hips. “That was the whole reason I asked you in the first place, so tell.”

Whenever you shook your head the older boy huffed. “Fine, I’ll just have to annoy you until you tell me”

Your gaze shot between the two boys before you shoved your books into Sirius’ arms, then pointing your finger at James.

“You, over there,” You said, pointing to the window at the far end of the corridor. “Now.”

You immediately shuffled off, knowing James was following close behind, and without looking behind you could practically hear the smirk on his face.

“Now that we’re alone-” James was immediately cut off as he yelped in pain.

You had grabbed onto his earlobe, forcefully pulling him down to your level. “I promised Lily I wouldn’t tell anyone this, so if you so much as whisper it again I will personally jinx you beyond recognition.”

James laughed nervously and winced whenever you pushed down on his ear. “Alright, I-I promise not to tell anyone. I swear.”

Satisfied, you dropped his ear from your grasp, watching him rub at it to ease off the pain. “She told me that she thinks very highly of your hair.”

James hand immediately ran through his messy hair, apparently recovered from his injured ear. “You’re not messing with me are you?”

“James, why would I lie to you about what Lily Evans finds attractive about you?”

“Perhaps you secretly want me for yourself and plan to sabotage our love?” James accused dramatically, laughing whenever he saw the look on your face.

“Come now, (Y/n). I’m an absolute catch.” James said, leaning against you and bending his head to leave a sloppy kiss on your cheek.

You laughed, wiping at your cheek as you looked up at him. “Remember what I told you, not a word to anyone, not even the other troublemakers.” You warned.

James chuckled, making a zipping up motion across his lips. “Like I said, you have my word.”

“Good, now go away, you’re going to drive me to drink.” You said, giving him a smile. “Also, I’m sorry about your ear.”

That caused another laugh. “You know you have some pretty astounding strength for someone so quiet. You could be a beater on the Quidditch team.”

“As tempting as that sounds, I’ll have to pass.” You said, pushing him foward. “Now go go, find a way to woo your future wife.”

James saluted you before doing his normal strut down the corridor, you saw the skip in his step and you felt a little less guilty about telling Lily’s secret, but James seemed happy.

“That was quite the show,” You heard Sirius’ voice say as he gently handed you back your books. “I don’t have to get jealous do I?”

You snorted, placing your books back into your bag. “No, don’t worry. You’re still my favorite marauder.” You told him, reaching up and tapping the front of his nose.

Sirius smiled as his hand came up to rest on your shoulder. “Do you think those two will ever admit their feelings to one another?”

You sighed, resting your head against him. “I hope so, all this back and forth is starting to take a toll on my sanity.”

“So you think she likes him back?” He asked curiously.

“Oh absolutely.”

The Nordics as my teachers
  • I don't know why I just wanted to do this.
  • Denmark: English teacher. Very positive and will act out scenes in the book by cheering "WOOOO!!"
  • Norway: Fashion teacher. Very picky and will ignore you if you don't do good in class, but nice.
  • Iceland: Science teacher. Relaxed and brings pets to class for the hell of it.
  • Finland: Math teacher. Befriends everyone and let's you eat all the time even if it's his food.
  • Sweden: French teacher. Looks intimidating but actually very nice and tells stories all the time