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Wow! You're a great artist! It took me a long time to get where I am now, and I'm not even that good haha

thank u so much!! & dont worry its not a race! ur doing good where u are now. everyone improves at their own pace & we r all working to get better together ^^


A bisexual fucked me up last week lemme tell ya

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I admit I tend to kudo over comment, but mostly because commenting is panic inducing to me. The words never seem to come out the right way and I work myself up over just trying to say I liked something. It's not nice of me, but kudos just seem safer.

I understand what you’re saying. I don’t think a comment really has to be complex, though. If you’re not sure what to write, here are some suggestions!

- Quote a few lines of dialogue that stand out to you and write what you liked about them. Were they funny? Relatable? Poignant?

- Comment on something that one of the characters did in the fic, and why you liked it. Did you think a character wasn’t thinking clearly when they did this, or do you love it when a character does that because it makes you feel happy?

- Comment on the characterization of the characters. Were they IC? Did you like a specific headcanon that the author used? Does a headcanon match one that you have personally?

- What was the atmosphere of the fic? Were you able to really feel the warm and soft atsmosphere of that fluffy cuddling one-shot, or was the atsmosphere tense and awkward during a multi-chapter angst fic?

- Does the fic spark any ideas in your head? Do you have any questions? (This goes especially for multi-chapter fics that are in progress - asking questions about the universe the author is developing is an amazing way to help motivate them by allowing them to think about different aspects of their fic and figuring out how to answer the questions!)

- Show your enthusiasm! Tell the author if you like what they’re writing, if you are excited for/want updates - tell them even just a little something about what is special about their fic.

The biggest and simplest thing to write in a comment:

Tell the author what the fic made you feel! 

Did you feel happy when you read it, or sad? Nostalgic? Excited? Anxious? Was the fanfic fluffy and made you feel warm and fuzzy, or was it some angst that resonated loneliness and pain? Was the fic filled with tension? Emotions can be so powerful and telling an author that you felt them is huge.


it’s always sunny on homeworld

dennis- green tourmaline symbolizing stamina and vitality, in reference to his pursuit of eternal youth; i’m not sure what his weapon is, but it’s definitely something totally useless or obsolete and he insists that he has diamond-like power. he may not even have a weapon at all.

sweet dee- emerald symbolizing fertility; her weapon is a shield, but sweet dee uses it to bludgeon enemies with (like beating a pervert with a trash can lid) rather than using it to protect others and herself.

mac- bloodstone used by ancient soldiers as a bringer of protection and courage, the properties of bloodstone mirror mac’s vision of himself and his role as the “sheriff” and protector of both the bar and his friends. in the middle ages, bloodstone was said to have originated during the crucifixion of jesus christ, “when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone”; mac’s weapon is a pair of gauntlets because he prefers to use brute force and hand-to-hand combat when dealing with enemies and threats.

charlie- scapolite symbolizing problem solving and achievement, in reference to charlie’s (surprising) ability to solve problems and think on his feet (as demonstrated in episodes like “charlie work”); charlie’s weapons are clubs because of his rat-bashing weapon of choice. that’s not super creative, but it works.

My issues with the EN localization can be summed up in 2 major points:

1. There’s a huge disconnect between JP Prompto’s sullen and honest sadness and the EN sarcastic bitterness (which I haven’t heard the EN vocals on most scenes yet so it may not be as vast as it feels when hearing one thing and reading something that seems so completely different - camp scene was the most jarring)

2. PANDERING. And maybe it wasn’t meant that way, but there’s two lines in EN which have been taken so shippy like for a certain slash pair that I’m sure is obvious. Which honestly, if it had been across languages, it would’ve felt natural and shippers will be shippers. I don’t get mad about that, I take small stuff and blow it out of proportion for my ships, too, when it’s all in good fun. But the exact phrasing used in EN makes it feel like pandering to shippers when the JP wasn’t like that at all. (Like the post-credits scene)

Soft summer boys~ :3c

preview of my entry for the @giveyourbacktome-zine!!  it was rly nice to be a part of this ✨  the zine will be available on may 31st, so pls consider checking it out!