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This is “Frida”, she has saved 52 people so far in Mexico’s Earthquake.

A rescue dog who’s helped to save over 50 people trapped in the rubble of Mexico’s earthquake.

Having already save 52 lives during her career, Frida is plunging back into the rubble to find more people.

The six-year-old labrador has been deployed at disasters across Central and North America,  participating in rescue missions in Haiti, Ecuador and Honduras.

Heroes not always wear red capes!.


(Greek πρόλογος prólogos, from pro, “before” and lógos, “word”)

is an opening to a story that establishes the setting and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous information. The Ancient Greek prólogos included the modern meaning of prologue, but was of wider significance, more like the meaning of preface. The importance, therefore, of the prologue in Greek drama was very great; it sometimes almost took the place of a romance, to which, or to an episode in which, the play itself succeeded. 

A story that crossed the oceans.

I prayed, and i waited.

I praised the sun every day for your arrival. I sacrificed heretics and xenos filth too the grace of the Emperor, only too allow me grasp at you one time.

Sadness filled my heart. Broken was i…

Yet then…

You came.

From the light of the Emperor you were brought too me. Thanks too his legions of Astartes were the oceans clear. And thanks too the sun, it arrived right into my hands.

A item of such sacred power must have been opened with the utmost care and the most powerfull of relics.

A knife stolem from the Hobbits, by the mightiest and most cunning of Czech Larpers.

And a snack, too give me the power i needed.

Full of murderous joy, i grabbed the knife, preparing too gut the longed beast and gain its sweet loot.

I attacked. But i rolled an 1.

A more powerfull blade was needed ! Sitting on the latest of artistic creations, made by the finest smiths in all of Czech Republic ! A blade of immense power and durability ! This was the weapon i needed surely !

And the beast !

Proved toughter then i intendet.

Rage overcame me. A just divine power of true rage. And…

…an idea grasped me. If power is needed too defeat power of an relic that remains too be unbroken…

Then a sword would trully be the best of choices too deal with this heretical nonsense !

AND THEN ! The beast was finally slain !

And its loot was gained !

A letter of love !

Some chocolate of joy !

I sobbed so hard…

Like never before.


And for those of you who have been just yearning for seeing my face. Well there you go. I dont care ! I LOVE MY BEBEE !

My friends, Evie again outdid herself. She sended me a letter across the whole world, just too share with me some good Australian goodness. I have too return the favor immediaetly, and do something outstanding for her !


It was the summer I fucked up    the summer    fucked up   me
fucked up   a fuck-up in the summer   & I spent time laying under stars
too much   time I wasted  the stars  you lied to me under the stars
& the summer was endless   the summer endless   it was an endless summer



endless   & I said things like   “If I ever see you again”
but   I’ll never see you again   I never saw you again   I made sure of that
& I circled   the lake   I went in circles    the lake was endless   it was
summer   I fucked up   too much time & I never saw   you again   & I



circled & it was   endless & the stars    lied to me   the summer
light   moving so slowly   I saw the summer light move   endless
& when I see you   the trees will cluster   green rage green   trees raging
with love   endless love & I’ll never see you   again   I made sure of that



wasted under the stars   the slow summer   light   the endless fuck-up
& you never again   you lovely   you summer you   everything that is now
never again   whatever that may be   the rage I loved   me under the stars
then & now   endless   wasting away me   haze wandering around endless



haze  it was endless  too much time & you   lied to me & I    said things like
I can’t describe the air on my skin can you   can you please   I know it was
important & the light from stars   moved   so slowly   & you   moved off
forever   how can you save everything   everything   important   endless



summer light   the fuck-up   the lake a circle   circling   the lake
how can you save everything   how can I   answer you the light of summer
stars I’m sorry  for my light   the endlessness of my endless & my   fuck-up
the me that is   now   looking back & thinking   & this summer circling


Nate Pritts, “Endless Summer,” The Wonderfull Yeare (a shepherd’s calendar) (Cooper Dillon Books, 2009)

Probably me in the future

Me talking to a friend on the phone: -and she’s becoming more self-confident * tears up * I’m so proud!

Some unfortunate soul: Oh! Do you have a daughter?

Me: Not just a daughter.

Some unfortunate soul: Then how many kids do you have?

Me: * opening my phone gallery * Let me show you.

5 minutes later

Me: * rambling * - she was born out of her mother’s head, she might appear a little cold in the begining, but she is really nice and really intelligent also don’t dare mock her ‘cause I will kill you and she will kill you. She went trough a lot, but now she’s happy with the love of her life, staying away from troublesome quests.

Some unfortunate soul: * looks at me confused *

Me: * still rambling * Here we have my daughter, who peope think she’s crazy, * snorts * they call her “loony”, but despite that she ignores their insults and keeps moving on finding true friends along the way and being a wonderfull human being. Also “You are just as sane as I am”, God I love that quote!

Some unfortunate soul: … What?

Me: * continuing to ramble * This is my angry son, you might say he has an…explosive personality. He is a little shit, but he is a piece of shit with feelings that is getting redemption so now I’m waiting for him and my green cinamon roll son #1 to put their differences aside, kick some ass and become friends.

Some unfortunate soul: * murmuring * Explosive…cinamon roll?

Me: These are my other sons. The handsome one as you can see has a great face and horrible personality, but I love him anyway. And the one next to him is a world class detective frog, with a sweet tooth and a personality Nearly as shitty.

Some unfortunate soul: What the fuck are you saying?

Me: Have I mentioned that the handsome one is a serial killer?

Some unfortunate soul: What!?

Me: Oh! And here we have my prodigy son, he is part of a family of elite assasins, you know?

Some unfortunate soul:

Me: But don’t worry, he isn’t an assasin anyomore, he broke the chains that tied him to his family, thanks to green cinamon roll son #2 who is also his best friend and soulmate.

Some unfortunate soul:

Me: Tough, they had…a disagreement * starts crying * and now aren’t travelling together anymore! WHY!? * breaks down *

Some unfortunate soul: Umm…I- I have to leave! * disappears in a blink of an eye *

Me: * doesn’t notice and keeps crying histerically *


Noct test-shooting - Tenebrae Theme

Last week I finally had the chance to take photos of my dear as Noctis! The weather was awesome and we had a great time. Hopefully you like the outcome too. :) Its a test-shooting. So she can see what she has to work on for future shootings.