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Pairing/Characters: Loki x Reader!Stark.

Guest Apperances: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Heimdall, Thor Odinson, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, Brock Rumlow, Jack Rollins. 

Summary: This tale follows the quest of pirate captain Loki Laufeyson, a savvy pirate and Bucky Barnes, a resourceful blacksmith, in their search for reader, (Y/N) Stark. A feared pirate has kidnapped reader, the daughter of the governor. Little do they know, that he along with his crew has been cursed. Doomed for eternity to neither live nor die, unless a blood sacrifice is made.

Word Count: 984. 

Warnings: Piracy, kidnapping, violence, murder, love triangle, language. 

A/N: This is my entry for the always wonderfull, amazing and talented @tatortot2701 AU challenge. My prompt was: “Prison was made for people like you.” It will appear later in the story, i promise. But not for the first chapters.  Thank you for having me! 

I chose to make this a Pirate AU. I hope you like it. This fic will jump between different  POV’s but you will understand who’s it is as you read. 

This fic will update every Friday. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always loved, you’ll make my day! 

Based on Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl. (because i have no imagination)

Graphic is mine.

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ihideinmymusic  asked:

Which OH actress' style do you like the most? Who do you think had the best acting? The best hair? The best dancing?

I like the style of Grace Kelly,she was so elegant,so was Audrey,the best acting i think Elizabeth Taylor,Bette Davis,the best hair Rita Hayworth,Hedy Lamarr and the best dancing Rita for sure ,i love them all,they were all wonderfull :)


Noct test-shooting - Tenebrae Theme

Last week I finally had the chance to take photos of my dear as Noctis! The weather was awesome and we had a great time. Hopefully you like the outcome too. :) Its a test-shooting. So she can see what she has to work on for future shootings.


Okay, so what is up with the dissapointing appreciation of Jhope? Seriously, nobody talks about him on events. Nobody talked about him at the BBMAS. Nobody really showed their love for Hobie except for all the other members. It would not be a suprise if he talks about this in his mixtape.

About his mixtape, Im sure that when it gets dropped, all of you start seeing the talented artist and producer he is. I can’t stand this any longer. All the attention mostly goes to the maknae line for their looks and this has been going on since debut. Please guys, start spreading your arms more and see the wonderfull things each member has to offer as a whole and in BTS

It was the summer I fucked up    the summer    fucked up   me
fucked up   a fuck-up in the summer   & I spent time laying under stars
too much   time I wasted  the stars  you lied to me under the stars
& the summer was endless   the summer endless   it was an endless summer



endless   & I said things like   “If I ever see you again”
but   I’ll never see you again   I never saw you again   I made sure of that
& I circled   the lake   I went in circles    the lake was endless   it was
summer   I fucked up   too much time & I never saw   you again   & I



circled & it was   endless & the stars    lied to me   the summer
light   moving so slowly   I saw the summer light move   endless
& when I see you   the trees will cluster   green rage green   trees raging
with love   endless love & I’ll never see you   again   I made sure of that



wasted under the stars   the slow summer   light   the endless fuck-up
& you never again   you lovely   you summer you   everything that is now
never again   whatever that may be   the rage I loved   me under the stars
then & now   endless   wasting away me   haze wandering around endless



haze  it was endless  too much time & you   lied to me & I    said things like
I can’t describe the air on my skin can you   can you please   I know it was
important & the light from stars   moved   so slowly   & you   moved off
forever   how can you save everything   everything   important   endless



summer light   the fuck-up   the lake a circle   circling   the lake
how can you save everything   how can I   answer you the light of summer
stars I’m sorry  for my light   the endlessness of my endless & my   fuck-up
the me that is   now   looking back & thinking   & this summer circling


Nate Pritts, “Endless Summer,” The Wonderfull Yeare (a shepherd’s calendar) (Cooper Dillon Books, 2009)

Oh before I go. Please don’t pay attention to people who hate our club, while most of us hate on them. Don’t argue, don’t pay attention and don’t do it by them. Don’t let your good mood and happiness taking away by someone who is mad that we won. The players are your sunlight on your darkest days. They make you happy when you are feeling fucked up. They makes you cry but happy at the same time. Your heart is beating for them. Not only I but I am sure you are feeling home. You are feeling so damn comfortable. You are supporting a club who makes you PROUD and HAPPY. Please don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you.


(Greek πρόλογος prólogos, from pro, “before” and lógos, “word”)

is an opening to a story that establishes the setting and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous information. The Ancient Greek prólogos included the modern meaning of prologue, but was of wider significance, more like the meaning of preface. The importance, therefore, of the prologue in Greek drama was very great; it sometimes almost took the place of a romance, to which, or to an episode in which, the play itself succeeded.