they are wonderfull


Very-very messy illustration for the last chapter of “floating, sinking” by @shu-of-the-wind, because I am bad in commenting and I just want to say thank you for this wonderfull masterpiece. I was reading it for weeks and waiting for the new chapter like it’s my birthday.

Read it if you haven’t - it is the best fix-it fic I’ve seen.



Created for: The Sims 4

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Is there any way to cross borders between differnt worlds? With MILA you can easily cross the borders between the worlds of adults, teenagers and children. Those contrasting elements have found a common ground.
Feel free to use MILA in the way your Sims need it!
Have fun with this Set :)

You get 30 new objects in this set:
- Shelfs
- Cupboards
- TV
- Deco and Clutter Stuff

Creator Notes

Objects are placed with bb.moveobjects on!
You are NOT allowed to reupload my objects or claim as your own!!!
You are NOT allowed to recolor my objects including my mesh without permission, but you are allowed to maka a ‘recolor only’ version with TSR Workshop and upload to TSR ONLY!
Make sure you game is fully patched and up to date!

Credits: all my wonderfull friends!

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To all gay couples; i wish you best
To all gay couples who are in a LDR; your relationship is valid and you can beat distance
To all gay couples who see each other everyday; you guys are cute,smooch your boyfriend
To all asexual gay couples; you are important
To all single gay boys; your special one is out there!
To all gay boys; you are wonderfull

Imagine: Mark and chica sending you a Birthday message. “Hi babe, we wish you a realy happy birthday and may you have a wonderfull day. I’m sorry i’m not there at the moment, but i’ll make it up to you i promise.” Your boyfriend winks at the end of his sentence, promissing you a good time when he returns. “Anyway, chica is way to inocent to hear this kind of dirty talk, so i'l leave it at that. See you soon, i miss you and i love you. Bye honey.”

My friends i can finally present to you Gaster official design for the Playertale AU from the wonderfull game of Undertale !

I havent (just as to every character from the AU) gaved Gaster his own name, and i am still hard working on his character in itself. I just had to give this picture out and make you aware, that Playertale is alive and kicking ! Also i had and awesome idea of an design and i just had to share.

*Added Information concerning Gaster*
- There will be a additional reference picture - just like with all the characters - containing information and some specific personal information, hints and the current status of Gaster in the Playertale AU. Thank you all, sorry for me being stupid and forgetting to ADD THIS !

- Also Gaster in this AU does exist not in the Void, but in the empty space between universes, A.K.A. in the dark space of the Multiverse.
- He IS the father of Sans and Papyrus from his own universe
- He IS/WAS a being of the Void
- Gaster breaks the 4th wall speaking with the reader directly, existing as a provider (for better understanding, i add some picture)
- For the readers mind isnt using his secret language of Wing-Ding, but he does use it for anyone else

Featured AU´s.

Nightmaretale!Chara belonging to my dear @xxmileikaivanaxx
Lycoris and Rose from @blinddetermination (art sempai, go check them out NOW)
Cross!Sans belonging to @jakei95
Epic!Sans belonging to @yugogeer12
Traveller!Chara and Traveller!Sans belonging to @neofox67
Burst!Chara and Papyrus belonging to @keru-the-green and @amachi-blaze
Frisk from the awesome RP blog @askreset-frisk
Core!Frisk belonging to @corefrisk
Error Sans belonging to @loverofpiggies
Applefell AU belongs to my dear, small, lovely @kiacii

and lastly.

ReaperTale!Sans belonging to @renrink

I hope no one is angry for me using theyre characters, if you are please tell me and i will take down the picture immediaetly. Thank you all for your amazing support !


A incredibly shamefull, late birthday present for my dear @moonphyr ! She is absolutely awesome ! Go check her out, like right now ! Hope you dont hate me for reworking your little babies into…well…babies !

Please enjoy this late-present from one of your friends, and fans ! :)

I wish you the best of the world Moon, hoping that on your path towards the things you love, you encounter as few problems as possible, and that your future will bring smiles and laughter to you and those around you. Tough nerves and a gentle smile, thank you for everything Moon :)