they are white in the front

Straight White Boy Problem #989

I’ve noticed that some dudes constantly put on a front due to their perception of masculinity and it hurts them in the long run because they are discouraged from being open about their feelings or getting emotionally close with other dudes for the fear that they will be perceived as “gay”….like i thought me and curtis were having a heart to heart and then curtis said “why do you have to be so gay about this man” DUDE you ASKED how I felt when stephanie didn’t show up for our “study date”….didn’t know having ANY emotion would make someone “gay”…..

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Hi I'm looking for a jikook fic in which jungkook gets jimin pregnant but jungkook's a bad boy so he wants nothing to do with the baby and taehyung helps jimin through it and jungkook gets jealous and I believe they are in highschool. Thank you!

Thank you @ihatesneaku @stacianathania and @iambrewtifulsworld for helping me find this fic!

Baby Boom by heyhosam on Tumblr (complete | 26,283 | Not Rated)

Jimin eyed the room around him carefully; the office was small, walls painted a light beige, white curtains covering the big window opposite the wall where all the diplomas where hanging. The mahogany desk in front of him big and spacious, maybe a bit out of proportions for such small room, but taking in consideration the amount of papers and folders scattered on it it made sense.

Jimin sighed, feeling the sensation of nausea creeping up at him once again. He grimaced, crossing his arm across his abdomen to make pressure on his stomach in hopes to dull a bit the weird sensation. He was nervous, but he knew the nausea wasn’t from that.


Opening up some commissions now that I’ve gotten back on my feet a bit!

Colored Bust - rough line art, full color, white/simple background
$40 ( example / example )

Traditional Sketchpage - 1 full body, 2 half bodies, 1-2 headshots
$60 ( example / example )

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  • I have the right to refuse your commission.
  • Paypal only. Payment up front.
  • I will send you an invoice through Paypal for you to pay. I will not start on a commission until you pay the invoice.
  • Prices are per character, so if two characters it’s double the price, and three characters it’s triple the price.
  • I will not draw sexual content, but I am capable of drawing gore/violence.
  • I will draw any character (not just GW2!) as long as you give me a good ref to work with. Drawn refs are excellent, but I can work with pictures of people/screenshots, etc. No written descriptions without a ref.
  • Contact me at
Photo pet peeves

If I follow your blog, you probably are aware that I give out hearts like a school kid on Valentine’s day. However, there are some photos I really have trouble liking, for no logical reasons. They are:

1.) Selfies - Please don’t take it personally.

2.) Cars

3.) Food you are about to eat.

4.) Garbage.

5.) Any photo I would take myself. That’s just me projecting my self-loathing onto another’s photos.

The worst possible photo for me to see would be a selfie; in front of your car; holding the hamburger you are about to eat; with some overflowing garbage cans in the background; and in high-contrast black and white (like 80% of my photos.)

Anyone else have any photo pet peeves they would like to share?

there are some white people who really front like they “get” poc and understand the politics of whiteness but then you look at their friend group and it’s all white

And then there was this moment.  Still one of my favorite moments in the entire series, because it completely set the tone for what was to come.  They might have started us off with Charming kissing Snow White awake, but then they turned right around and showed us that she was no damsel in distress.  She didn’t need her husband to stand in front of her as a shield to protect her from the villain.  Nope, she pulled his own damn sword from its sheath and stood in front of him. 

This was the exact moment when I decided that I was absolutely sticking around to see what happened next.

Ah, I guess this means Ruby is not in military prison right now.

So… what’s right in front of them? Does Ironwood even know about the whole Roman/Cinder/White Fang thing or is he attributing the break-in to something completely different?


Did Ruby recognize Cinder? That would help narrow it down, if only because she was fighting Roman that time and Glynda was there.

Roman, Cinder and… ?

Ah, maybe she’s counting both Roman fights (book shop and docks). But she has fought Roman three times if we count the Mecha one. Uhm.

And… they are not impressed at all.

Suicide Squad: Being cheeky toward Task Force X, teasing them with their freedom and throwing one liners just to get under their skin.

For Anon!


“Get outta the way!” Deadshot demanded, frustrated with you already.

They had a job to carry out. The first one without Flag directly at their throats to babysit. Nobody wanted to mess that up. But you had other ideas, standing in front of them and threatening to kill them if they didn’t let you finish talking, among other things.

“Make me,” you quipped, tilting your head to the side and smirking sweetly.

Digger threw his hands up in the air, turning on his heel and gripping his boomerang in frustration. Harley stomped her foot, her curly white pigtails bouncing.

You only smiled wider, watching Deadshot’s jaw clench. Killer Croc curled his lip, and your eyes flitted to his, lit with a warning. He went silent. “You know,” you said, “I could have you free like that.” You snapped your fingers and suddenly Harley didn’t seem so put-out anymore.

Diablo glanced toward you warily. You nodded. “Oh yeah. My powers are beyond your comprehension, you see.”

Deadshot scoffed. “Uh-huh. Sure. Show me.”

The amused glint in your eyes vanished, and your smile along with it. “Try me,” you shot back almost immediately, taking a step toward him. “I could stand here all day.”

“I’m callin’ bullshit,” Digger growled. “On both counts.”

Deadshot was still for a moment before shaking his head vigorously. “Uh-uh. As much as Flag pisses me off, he helped me get my daughter back. I ain’t playin’ your games.”

You raised your hands in surrender. “What, you don’t appreciate my sense of humor? I was joking, sorry.”

Digger nodded slowly, lips pursed. And Harley was mad again. Maybe it was time to take your leave.

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02.19.2017 MERRY Instore Event @ Like an Edison Shinjuku


This was a smaller event than the one yesterday at Tower Records. It was a handshake & poster event. Participating members were Gara, Kenichi, and Tetsu.

I was #4 (!!!!) so I was in the front row again right in front of where Gara would be sitting.

Since yesterday the band was hinting that ~someone~ might show up at the event…

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