they are way too cute for my heart ugh


athena: it’s nice here, i think someday i wanna move to the city.. just a cute little apartment with lots of sunlight and enough space to hoard all my books.

cole: that sounds amazing.. (: maybe someday we could make that happen…? like together?

athena: you’d really want to live with me? 

cole: yeah, you are my best friend after all. getting to wake up next to you would just be the cherry on top.

athena: that would be awesome, really. i don’t think it’s completely hit me that we’re… whatever we are. everything feels so real and exciting with you, but in a comforting way.. i’ve never really had that before now. 

cole: i know what you mean shrimp, it seems surreal, i honestly have no clue how i ended up so lucky.

athena: my heart (’: ugh. you’re too cute for this world.

Natza Drabble - Passionate like a dragon
  • *if Erza found out she had dragon DNA in her blood*
  • Erza: *thinking on the results she got from Porlyusica* **It's really no wonder I feel so drawn to him..... But still. DNA shouldn't rule my love life... right?**
  • Mira: Hmmm.... Someone looks deep in thought over here~. ^___^
  • Erza: **I mean, I love Jellal! I've loved him for a long time. I feel bad about letting Natsu down, but I can't keep leading him along like this...!**
  • Mira: So, I was thinking about asking Natsu out on a date- *shink shink shink* ^___^ *giddily ignores the swords that narrowly missed her and impaled the wall behind her* Do you have an objection, Erza~?
  • Erza: You shall not be asking Natsu out on a date. >__>
  • Mira: Because he's Lucy's~?
  • Erza: NEVER! o.o I mean... *slides a hand down her face in frustration* I can't get him out of my head.... There's no way I'm going to be able to turn him down. >__<
  • Mira: Hmmm?
  • Erza: Mira, I can't let you date Natsu because he's mi... *cough* I mean... Natsu is... I've looked after him for so long. He's grown into a fine young man that I can no longer ignore. >__<
  • Mira: But what about Jellal~?
  • Erza: I love Jellal. Or at least... I think I do. But if I had to choose letting one of them go... I think letting Jellal go would be much easier than Natsu. It's... It's unfair, damn it. I've got dragon DNA in my blood, and it's ruling my love life. >__<
  • Mira: Do you really believe that...?
  • Erza: Excuse me?
  • Mira: Is it the dragon DNA, or is it Natsu himself? The knuckleheaded pyro. Think about it. Is your attraction ONLY physical?
  • Erza: ... No...
  • Mira: Why not?
  • Erza: Because he understands me the most. He's so childish, but it's one of his charms... *smiles* He's reckless, destructive, and he has a strong dislike for education in general. He's a slob, and he's way too loud for most people... But he embodies our Guild's "never say die" attitude. When he loves someone or something, you can feel there's so much depth to it. He's... He's Natsu. There's no single word that can describe him better than that.
  • Mira: So you love him~. Whatcha gonna do about it?
  • Erza: I'm... going to make him mine. I want... He NEEDS to know I care about him so much. Ugh. That idiot. He makes my heart race and my face heat up even when he isn't here. >__<
  • Mira: *squeal* You two are so cute!!!

…because I need a Raphril/Chompy Picasso picture in my life, okay?

Other than that, I have no excuse…just my Raphril obsession combined with Raph being so perfect and adorable when he has a lil’ turtle to take care of - obviously April feels the same way ;-) <3 <3 <3 UGH! My heart!!!! </3

Also, I updated my 2k12 Space Raphril fict, Abyss”, and it’s getting HEAVY y’all! Read the latest chapter here on tumblr,, or A03.

Lots of love and I’ll catch y’all tomorrow! xoxo

working my way through season 1 of The Man from UNCLE tv show and I’m three episodes in and so far:

  • first of all I LOVE THIS SHOW and loved it IMMEDIATELY it’s so delightful!!!
  • Napoleon is so sweet??? He’s more likely to touch his cheek to the girl than to kiss her.
  • He’s so polite and gentlemanly and respectful??? like what a unique kind of womanizer character. He flirts with everyone but is so nice and playful and funny about it
  • and he flirts with these girls and sometimes the girl is like nah but illya tho
  • episodes 2 and 3 were directed by RICHARD DONNER??? like yes good
  • Robert Vaughn’s face is so goood like so good like good shit good shit so cute. He’s cute af and I like him so much like that pouty lower lip and his soft features and round jaw and hair and his reedy little voice and gooossshhhh omg
  • he’s literally like a posh baby running around with a gun going I’M TOUGH I’M COOL I’M TOUGH but he’s not really like he’s ok in a fight but also pretty wiggly
  • david mccallum ugh sweetheart ugh illya so kind so sweet with distressed women and also so respectful of them too???
  • this show is a GIFT
  • that opening sequence where they introduce themselves to the camera and robert vaughn just makes faces????? cuuuute cute cute
  • illya wearing polo shirts buttoned up all the way!!!????
  • also illlllllyyyaaaa sweet child of my heart always in all forms investigating a box of chocolates so intensely what a prince
  • literally everyone is so nice and sensitive it’s the best
  • also there are so many smoke attacks like more than one per episode
  • “If I need you where will you be?” “…Right where I’m needed.” awk awk awk i love it
To Pluto & Back (EXO; Jongin)

“Nngh,” I groan as I roll over for my ringing phone. With closed eyes, I accept the awaiting phone call. “Hi.”

Jongin’s chuckle on the other end is deep and I snuggle further into my covers, relishing hearing his voice again. “Did I wake you?”


“You’re lying.”

“Yeah, but you always ask. Might as well change it up a little,” I yawn. “How’s tour?”



“But it’s always nice to see the fans. You know that.”

“Just don’t want you to forget it.”

“I love you,” he says.

I shift to my back, which makes me aware of how much empty space there is on my right side. “I know. I love you too.”

“How long did it take you to fall asleep tonight?” he enquires.

“An hour? Maybe two.”

“I’ve been in bed for three hours already,” he sighs.

“Jongin-ah! Go to sleep!”

“I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“I don’t like it when you aren’t here to hold,” he mutters like a child. “It’s so hard to sleep. Hugging a pillow is not the same.”

“Don’t you share a room with Sehunnie? Hug him.”

Jongin scoffs. “It’s not the same hugging Sehun and hugging you. You don’t kick me in your sleep. And you’re not taller than me. I like being the big spoon.”

“Yes, I remember,” I say with a smile on my face. “I miss you too, Jongin-ah. It’s only three more weeks.”

He pretends to choke at how long it is. It is long. Jongin has been gone for nearly a month and a half touring across Asia. It’s so hard to not have him home. His puppies miss him and his crazy tour hours are killing my sleeping pattern.

“What did you do today?” he asks.

I give him a run down of my day. I don’t know why he cares. Apparently it helps him miss me less. Given that he actually cares what I’m having for breakfast, it’s probably just making him miss home more.

“Tell me what you did,” I counter.

“Meh. It’s not exciting.”

I’m quiet for a moment. “Jongin, I literally just told you that the most exciting thing that happened today was that Monggu threw up in the apartment hallway. Whatever you did today is way more exciting than that.”

“Yeah, I guess. But I miss you too much to care.”

“Love, just enjoy it, hmm? I know it’s hard. My heart hurts every time we have to hang up, but this is a great opportunity. You said you loved travelling.”

“I love travelling with you.”

“We haven’t gotten a chance to leave the country,” I point out to him.

“But we have been to tons of beaches and mountains. We’ve stayed in cabins and tents. Travelling is always better if I’m with you.”

“Ugh, you’re doing it again.”


“Saying all these cute things that make me miss you.”

Jongin chuckles and I hear his sheets rustle, as if he’s rolling around in his bed. “Three more weeks.”

“Yes. Three. We can do this.”

“And you’ll be picking me up from the airport?”

“With your favourite cookies in hand.”

A blissful sigh escapes him. “Gah, do you know how much I love you?”

“You never fail to tell me.”

We wind up talking until both of us fall asleep. When I wake the next morning, there’s a text message from him:

Good morning, jagi. I love you to Pluto and back. I’ll see you when I’m home and I’m going to shower you in kisses. xx

anonymous asked:

Tell us why you ship Reamy.

You’re asking for a rant, anon. And I’m giving it to ya  😘

Leaving the obvious reasons aside (Yvette/Reagan is hot and so is Rita/Amy = hot ass makeouts = satisfaction for my gayness)  

This kind of relates back to one of my other answers:

Amy (bless her introverted, princess sarcasm ways) doesn’t usually get along with other people that aren’t Karma. Karma is depicted to be Amy’s only friend/best friend. When she actually likes someone other than Karma even Karma is surprised. Like when Amy met Oliver and said she surprisingly didn’t feel like jabbing scissors in her eyes (or something along those lines). So her taking a liking to Reagan is an obvious indicator that there’s something special there.

And when we see the episode of the group hang, right in the beginning you can clearly see how much Amy genuinely enjoys Reagan’s company from what she tells Karma. She’s excited to go to communal even though it’s not really something that fits her personality. She constantly has dates planned with Reagan too, meaning they probably can’t get enough of each other (cue my heart melting). They share the same humour, there’s clear attraction, insane chemistry AND ALSO Amy can actually see herself moving on from Karma because of Reagan (WOOO AMY AND HAPPINESS).

I’ve seen the arguments about Reamy being just a physical couple and whatnot but I think that if the show had gone slower and actually showed us their interactions during the few weeks prior to the group hang episode and their growth as a couple then those opinions would change. 

I mean did you see the way Amy asked Reagan to be her girlfriend? All nervous like she was scared the girl would say no or that she scared her away (this is how I see it). If Reagan was just a physical escape for Amy and her feelings for Karma then in my opinion she wouldn’t have even thought about making Reagan her girlfriend. 

There are a lot of other examples but I don’t want to make this too long even I’m getting tired of me talking. LOL.

I’m just saying that I ship Reamy because even though we’ve seen so little of this couple and their dynamic I myself feel like they have a really great connection and I envy their relationship (and because of the way Amy basically melts to the ground every time she looks at Reagan). THEYRE SO CUTE/HOT/DORKY/UGH. 

and they changed my views on camping… so that’s another thing… 


don’t tell me. i don’t want to hear it. 


a/n: I am so in love with this and I had fun writing it. So I hope you guys like it! Please do tell me what you think & have a nice day! :)

“Ow!” My hand flew to my nose as my eyes began to swell with tears. I looked at my hand stained with blood. Suddenly the music became unbearable and the “oi oi oi oi” of the crowd made it worse. This night is officially awful. First, I really wanted to do something else tonight. I don’t know, something like eat ice cream, sit in front of the TV and watch movies all night. I honestly wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for my friend, who was the drummer. Second, they weren’t even that good. They were only sort of good. The vocalist was still hot with his three-day beard though, but still. And third, of course Leven’s already left me here and is probably already out with another ding dong who probably looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. And then there’s me. With the bleeding nose, probably looking haggard as all hell. Oh god I hope nobody sees this. It’s awkward enough picturing myself getting elbowed in the face in a mosh pit.

“Holy shit. Oh holy shit. Shit! Shit I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry,” the stranger that have accidentally hit my nose with his elbow held my arm and my wrist, his eyes gleaming with concern. Well, at least he’s not the biggest jerk. His voice was covered in this Australian accent. I looked up at him and I was actually taken aback. He had these puppy dog eyes and these incredibly adorable cheeks that was probably softer than my pillow with a fine jawline that might have looked better than my whole face. Not to mention his dark, messy hair. “Oh, god you’re bleeding,” he said, grabbing my waist, pulling me into the crowd behind us.

“Where are we going?” I yelled out by his ear. My voice was probably barely audible and it probably came out like I had some cold with my hand still on my nose. But hey, for all I know, this guy was a creep no matter how good he looked.

My heart skipped a beat when he leaned to my ear, I never really knew how to act around cute guys. Especially not those with messy hair and brown eyes and some freakin arm tattoos. He said, “Somewhere you could breathe better. We’re probably inhaling evaporated sweat in here.” I smiled. Hilarious, too. My heart raced at his concern. Ugh damn, why did he have to be so cute I can’t even get myself to be pissed at him. He had a point, though. The air felt heavy and damp. I felt it on my face and on my hair. And so we pushed through the hysterical crowd, still with their oi’s and their whoo’s. Little bumps raised on my arms when I realized his hand was on the small of my back, guiding me as we went through the jumping and noisy crowd but we eventually found our way out the street as he glanced around the place.

I groaned. “My head hurts.” I was sort of scared that I would lose consciousness and suddenly just pass out. Because I got hit in the freakin nose. “There’s a coffee shop over there. Is it okay if we walk it?” he pointed across the street, maybe a block away. “Yeah, okay. Unless you want to carry me, though. That would be pretty neat,” I joke at him. He raised his eyebrows, “You know I could totally just do that, right?” He says to me. I thought about it. But since he was a sickeningly attractive stranger and I would rather not have a heart attack, I said no thanks to the generous offer and started walking. The night was cold and inside the mosh pit was contrast to the temperature out here.

“I’m Y/N, by the way,” I tell him as I realized that we haven’t been introduced. “I’m Calum,” he says. I realized how tall he was when I look up at him. No wonder. His elbow was probably level with my face. “Look, I am so sorry for hitting you. I really am,” he says. Again, I realized that he was walking with larger strides and faster too. “It’s okay. You didn’t mean to. Or did you? I mean if you did, I’d punch you in the nose so we’d both be bleeding,” I say, putting on a fake serious face. He looked at me, his eyebrow raised. I smile. He smiles. What on earth was wrong with his face. What. Kind. Of. Perfection. Was. Injected. To. That. Fucking. Face.

“I really didn’t mean to but if you want to punch me to get even, that’s totally fine by my but first we need to get you some ice before you do punch me,” he says as we reach the coffee shop. He smiles at the barista, gets me seated, and ordered a couple cups of tea and particularly asked for ice. I was seated close to them so I overheard the hilarious conversation going like this:

“And also, can I have some ice please? I accidentally elbowed her nose,” Calum says. I honestly have no idea why he had to share this but the barista’s reaction was priceless. He raised his eyebrows suspiciously at Calum. “Are you sure it was an accident?” Calum snickered, “I’m sorry, what?” The barista said, “Well what if you were just hitting your girlfriend?” Wow, how flattering. Somebody would actually think that I’m that guy’s girlfriend? So far, here are the only three things I know about him. One, his name is Calum. Two, he is a perfect gentleman. And three, he looks like some kind of movie star ripped right out of a girl’s magazine I had when I was twelve. I most certainly do not think I look like someone he would date. “Look, could I just please get the ice? She’s bleeding,” Calum points over at me and I just grin cheekily at the barista. Calum smirks. And again, my heart flutters. It’s like everytime he does something like that, I hear a new song that I like and I would do anything just to keep hearing it.

It was eventually settled. They eventually gave us our well deserved ice cubes, they were even nice enough to give me a damp towel to wipe my blood stained nose. My nose eventually stopped bleeding and came to the point where it only hurt when you touched it. My head still ached, though. But that was okay. I was now paying more attention to the fact that I was sitting in a coffee shop with this gorgeous son of a bitch.

“Do you want to go back to the show or…?” He says, gesturing out the street. No, sir. I would rather just stay and stare at your face all night. But of course I don’t tell him that. I shook my head. “Nah, I honestly don’t even like them that much. I’m friends with the drummer so I’m an obligatory fan,” I say. He chuckled. He has to stop doing that. I get chest pains everytime he does. His smile was contagious.

“What about you? Were you having a good time? I mean, I don’t want to—” he doesn’t let me finish.

“No, no. It’s okay. I wasn’t exactly having a blast, either,” he says, taking a sip of his tea. I could smell it from here. It was mint tea. He got me the classic tea. Understandable. Not everybody likes mint tea and being the nice guy he is, he didn’t get me mint tea. “So what’s a guy like you doing in a show like this?” I ask him. He shruggs, crossing his legs. “I just got dragged out by a friend. He, of course left with a hot blonde and left me in the crappy show,” he says. I laugh. “Well, for all we know, that blonde hottie was actually my friend who left me as well,” I say. He just smiles. I hypothetically groan at how particularly beautiful his smile is. The crinkles by the corners of his eyes and how his mouth are slighly parted, and afterwards he would bite his tongue. I really had to stop being weird and just stop staring at him.

We were silent for a few seconds. Until he spoke up and apologized all over again. And again. And again. I was this close to dying when he got up his seat and suddenly just kneeled down in front of me. I was kind of hoping for a wedding proposal or something but of course he didn’t propose. He just took my hands and said, “Y/N. From the bottom of my heart, I am really sorry.”

“Jeez to the peace, Calum. You are forgiven,” I say, smiling at him again. He smiles back. And I melt again. He got back to his seat, rested his elbows on the table. “So, Y/N. Tell me something entertaining about yourself,” he tells me. He wanted to know something entertaining about me? Him? Really?

“Okay, well. I’m half paranoid that you’re actually a kidnapper who wants to murder me but the other half of me is just totally enchanted by you right now,” he laughs again. I can’t help but smile along with him. I brush my hair back, a nervous manerism I had.

“Enchanted? That’s funny, because as I recall, I hit you in the face just a few moments ago,” he says, beaming at me as usual. “But no really, tell me something interesting about yourself.”

“Uhh, well. I like Nicholas Sparks,” I say, watching his eyebrows connect and furrow, nodding his head. I chuckle. “And I like Channing Tatum, and also I have this obsession with chocolate,” I say, leaving out the actual interesting parts about myself. And also I don’t tell him the fact that I wanted to kiss his face off right now. “Channing Tatum? Really? How can I compete with Channing fucking Tatum?” He says. Dear god I hope he doesn’t notice I’m blushing. I wanted to tell him that he doesn’t even have to compete against Channing. He just has to keep smiling and keep being cute and I’ll marry him. “And you, Calum? Tell me something entertaining,” I say, copying his previous move, resting my elbows on the table, leaning to him. He chuckles, “Uhhh, okay. I like Channing Tatum,” he says and I laugh. He smiles, “I adore dogs and I play the bass guitar.” I was right. He’s perfect. “Oooh, now that’s interesting. That’s pretty cool,” I say. He smiles. “Nah, it’s okay,” he says, waving a hand at me. He crossed his arms over his plain black v-neck shirt exposing tattoos on his chest, right by his collarbones. I wanted to ask him about them but the thing is we just met and tattoos may mean a lot of things. Things we can’t just tell strangers about.

I glance at my watch. Seeing that it was late and as much as I would love to spend more time with Calum, I was tired and I wanted to get home. Wear the baggiest shirt I own and watch some TV until I fall asleep. “Well, it’s getting late, so. Is it okay if I go straight home?” I tell him. His face fell disappointed, “Oh,” he says, looking down at his hands. When he looks back up, he smiles at me again and he nods his head. “Come on then,” he stands up, offering his arm for me to cling on. I intertwine my arm with his. “At least let me take you home,” he says. My insides went wild and my knees suddenly felt like jelly. “Really, now. Who would say no to that?” I say, as I grin at him.

His car was a 2009 Civic. It smelled like mint, just like his tea. There were a bunch of empty plastic bottles in the backseat and a carton of chocolate milk and cold Mcdonald’s french fries on his dashboard. I sat myself down and I realized that I might never even see him again. Suddenly, my chest was heavy and the soft ballad on his stereo along with the sudden light drizzle falling on his window didn’t help. I leaned my head on the window, sighing deeply after I’ve told him directions to my house. It was about an hour away but he said he didn’t mind. I was happy, too.

The ride home was quiet. I avoided trying to look to the driver’s seat and stare at him the whole time. It’s easier said than done. He caught me staring a couple times. Didn’t help that he smiled everytime he did catch me staring.

“You know, Y/N, I honesly don’t want to get you home. Not in a psychopathic kind of way that would get you even more paranoid,” I chuckle at this. He continued, “But if this is a road that will lead to nowhere, I’m okay taking it as long as it’s with you.” And as he says these words, I didn’t fight myself from staring at him. I was at loss of words and I could believe my ears. Yes, we just met. Yes, he elbowed my nose. Yes, we only shared a a few exchange of thoughts but that was the thing. We’ve only had so little and he was exactly the kind of guy that would make me want more. I smile at him and he smiles at me. “Don’t just smile there, tell me what you think!” He says. I laugh, “Well, can you pull over for a second?” I say to him. My heart was hammering against my chest.

The moment he pulled over, Ieaned into him, grabbing his cheek and my lips were on his and his were on mine. And everything was perfect. He held my waist, his other hand, holding my cheek. Kissing him kind of felt like nights when you were a kid and you get so excited whenever you and your parents are going somewhere. Or when you wake up at Christmas morning or when you watch fireworks with people you care about. Kissing him felt all that combined. I didn’t want to stop I just wanted to keep kissing him. But of course, like always. I stop myself from having too much of him. There was a lot of time and I knew it.

He kissed my nose a couple of times and we laugh again. And right there, I felt so alive. He winked at me as he restarted the engine and went back to driving. This time I didn’t stop myself from staring at him. “Tell me something interesting about you again, Calum,” I say. He smiles again. And again, it just made my stomach flip like a fish out of water.

“I like adventures,” he says. “Obvious,” I say. “I also like space,” he says. “Dork,” I say. Secretly giddy that we’d have more stuff to talk about later. He smiles. “This is a little forward but can I see you, I don’t know, the day after tomorrow?” I laugh. “You know, we don’t even have to go home. Like we could just drive until we get to Africa or something,” I say. “That’s actually a great idea,” He says. “I thought you liked adventures, Calum?” I say.

He just smiled and looked at me in response. To my surprise, he pulled over to the side of the road again. When we stopped, he pulled me into a kiss again, this time he kissed me longer, and I could feel him smiling. Now these are the things I know about Calum. Maybe I could tell you so much of them but I think for now there’s only one important thing. He’s going to be around for a while. He made me feel like I was reading a story and it’s a story I just don’t want to end. Like I keep looking forward to the next word after word. And when it ends I just beg for more.

He is a train. And if I let him go now, I may never catch him again.

“You’re really cute,” he says. I smile. Oh goody, good man. Coming from him that’s like being Leonardo di Caprio and hearing ‘And the Oscars goes to Leo! At fucking last you got it, man.’ The thing was everytime he said something, I love everything he says. Even if it was something as stupid as ‘I like Channing Tatum’ or something as infinitely sweet like ‘You’re really cute.’ Every moment with him was poignant. Not to mention the fact that all of it was exhilirating. Meeting a cute, nice stranger who accidentally elbowed your face in a show you were forced to see. Getting into a car with them. Kissing them in there. Wonderful.

And then he said something that I’d never forget. “Y/N, all of me is lost in you. And I hope it’s not weird but I don’t want it to end.”

And I smile at him. Pictures of You by The Cure was playing on his stereo and I have always loved that song. His voice sounded like a lullaby that never fails to cradle me to sleep. His breath smells like cinnamon and his touch felt like home. Did he honestly think I’d still let this slip? There’s no way I’m letting this end, Calum. No way.