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This one provides a warm feeling of comfort and home. possibly is level 1 sex offender but is so sweet you can’t even tell. 4/5

reminds me too much of a Cornellá comic. 3/5

Very strong outlining takes away from the actual image. Face is very vague and unpleasing to look at. 2/5

this emoji is more than okay with cooking you into a cake and then eating it. 1/5

this one is cute and terrifying at the same time 3/5

very simplistic approch makes it hard to tell what the emoji even is. looks like the sun. 0/5

craters are concave, not convex. 1/5

this moon obviously is too important and petty to reflect sunlight. 2/5

looks like a depressed smiley fry 2/5

cheese? 1/5

warming and comforting. reminds me of cookies and happiness 4/5


victor!!! on ice episode 2

okay but after episode 6 i have a kind of nuanced, multi-faceted theory on victor that i would like to address in detail. it is too complicated to merely describe so i have decided to explore the second episode from his pov to illustrate my perspective.

spoiler: my theory is that victor is gay and thirsty af

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Batman headcanon that when Dick and Jay were Robin they were very vocal about Batman not being their dad. Dick because he had his own parents he missed and Jason out of anger and insecurities. While everyone could see that Batman clearly thought of his Robins as his children, they most likely weren’t his biologically.

Then Tim comes along and Tim is very quiet and practical. He doesn’t know that the previous Robins have loudly proclaimed to the entire GCPD/Rogues gallery that they are not related to Batman at all. So whenever the question comes up, Tim dodges and redirects so he won’t give away anything important. So basically, everyone thinks after a while that Tim is the Bat’s actual kid since he’s the only one not denying it. He does make the claim once he’s more established and Nightwing, with tears of laughter in his eyes, tells Tim that it’s okay to tell but it’s too late, no one believes him now. Riddler will make snide comments about offing the Bat’s “real kid” and Tim is just there with a silently screaming face while Bruce just gives him an odd look. Tim is so embarrassed but nothing he does can convince people he’s not actually related to Batman.

So when Damian comes along, he learns pretty quickly that Gotham thinks Tim is Bruce’s actual child and is, of course, very offended by the very thought. Because he is so extra, he then spends all his time on patrol gripping Batman’s cape and calling him ‘Father’ really loudly and Bruce just kind of wants to die but Damian won’t let up. So now Gotham thinks Tim and Dami are his two blood children and that’s why they fight so much “just like any other siblings” and Tim has worked for years to dispel this myth please let him live the embarrassment alone will kill him if Damian’s possessiveness doesn’t first.

On an upcoming episode of Supergirl
  • Kara: Okay, I understand that you all called me down to the DEO to fill me in on the details of a "very important mission"
  • Kara: but
  • Kara: Why did you call Lena here too?
  • Lena: hi
  • J'onn: ...
  • J'onn: Percussion
  • James: Strings
  • Maggie: Winds
  • Alex: Words

I love Yuuri growing out his hair not only because it looks um, AMAZING but also because it feels like, even if just on a subconscious level (which is what I imagine it would be), it shows a little more confidence in himself? 

Like short hair is the norm for a man and doesn’t draw attention to you, but if he grew out his hair and had to pull it back, that’s much more attention grabbing. And to me, it shows a growing confidence in his own appearance, which is very, very important to me! Yuuri realizing he can be sexy and appealing is so much yes. 

I love the idea of Yuuri wearing slightly more eye-catching clothes? Like occasionally brighter colors and patterns, and maybe sometimes, something a little flashier that still fits his personality. Maybe a little bit of Victor’s extra rubbing off on him, feeling okay and comfortable wearing expensive stuff sometimes. Just– being okay with people noticing him off the ice too. Maybe doing small things like piercing his ears (after all his sister has so many piercings, which is certainly unconventional where she’s from, so he may very well have thought about it), that he’d always thought about but never done because that’s something people NOTICE and he’s always tried to fade into the background.  

Just Yuuri being gorgeous and maybe a part of him realizing that there’s nothing wrong with people thinking him as such. And Victor loves this, of course, because he wants nothing more than for Yuuri to gain confidence in all aspects of himself. 

to the people who inspire me: have a thoughtful lafayette

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hope there aren’t too many people in one post :’)))))

edit: i almost forgot a very important artist! @birdloaf okay, NOW there are too many people in one post 😅

[07/01/17] Just some econ notes 🙌🏼 READ THE WHOLE CAPTION ✨now I’m going to use this caption to talk about something important that isn’t talked about in the studygram community all that much and thats self care and mental health. Yes we are all about helping people work hard and get through school with good grades but that isnt all life is about. Self care and mental health will ALWAYS come before school. It is ALWAYS okay to skip school if you don’t think you can face it today. It is ALWAYS acceptable to be sad about a bad grade. It is ALWAYS okay to take a mental health/self care day to look after yourself you need that more than you need your grade. It is important to look after yourself so you don’t hurt yourself by working too hard. You dont have to work every single day in fact thats probably not very good for you - if you can cope with that then fine, but understand that many people (more than you would expect) are badly affected by mental illness and everyone has bad days and its okay to feel that way. Don’t ever feel pressured to work by anyone if you cant/dont feel like you can that day. You dont have to. Look after yourself and dont listen to any studygrams who tell you to just be more dedicated or to just get over your bad day and go to school. Unfollow them. Block them. They are not what this community is about. I, and many other studygrams, care about you and we are here for you. Some days I dont go to school because I cant. Some days I dont do any work because I couldnt get out of bed. I just think its important to keep that in mind when you are looking at my posts - I am not always motivated and I’m not someone that has everything perfect, I’m just here to try and inspire people to do their best. And if the best you can do sometimes is just get out of bed, or just go to school then I applaud you for making that far. I wish all of you guys the best as always. Keep this in mind.


smallry  asked:

I imagine Jesper like soft curls and a deep tan-middle eastern looking? does anyone else feel this way I don't imagine him black?

hmmmm….well idk if anyone else feels that way…but i certainly do not. i guess i can see how he could be interpreted differently because he is mixed race and his dad is said to be pale with reddish hair (right?) but his mother has dark skin……but look my dad is a very pale filipino man and my mom is black yet i am still very distinctively black so i need jesper to be too :) that representation is important to me and i’m sure it is for many other people as well. and i don’t know for certain what zemeni is based off, if someone has an idea please tell me, but there is a zemen in ethiopia, which i know because a quick search of zemeni shows results of a drama based there (and okay yes there’s a zemen in bulgaria too) which just solidifies my belief that jesper is very much black. 

i really had no idea people envisioned him differently and now i’m especially curious. pls come talk to me about jesper lmao


If someone is dissociating please do not shout or get angry with them, it is not in their control and behaving aggressively will distress them more.

If they are forgetting where or who they are, time, date then gently reminding them is okay, getting frustrated or insisting you are right can confuse and distress them further.

If they become agitated or angry, though it may be a normal reaction to get angry too, this can be very detrimental and make the episode worse, even leading to self harming behaviours, it is very important to stay calm and use safeguarding procedures. Note that they will most likely not remember how they have behaved.

If they become detached with reality, and feel they are not part of the world, or go into a dreamlike state, again be calm, and encourage them to use grounding techniques, be patient and don’t try to do anything unexpected to “snap” them into reality, this will most likely result in some sort of panic attack.

I will post more information on how to help a loved one with dissociation but in the meantime send us a message if you would like more information or have any questions.

Just remember - patience, staying calm and reassurance is key!

Love to anyone struggling with these issues, there are ways to cope, we are here to help ❤️

Please Read Very Important TC Community!//Reblog

Okay so I don’t know how to actually start this off but I just thought that I should share this with everybody because it is very somewhat important topic. When I was younger not to long ago like in seventh grade I am currently a tenth grader, I thought that I had a teacher crush. He was the most handsome teacher in the whole school everybody thought so too. I did everything possible to make him like me or notice me like answering questions volunteering stuff like that. He did eventually start talking to me in and out of class I thought nothing of it. Days passed and I noticed and a couple of other student noticed how he would treat me. I started watching how I would dress more prettier than i was used to I also was the ne that started the flirting and little crushes and maybe it was my fault. One afternoon I stayed after class so he could sign a form for me he signed it. After he tried to kiss me I wanted it so badly but then something happened in me that knew it wasnt right so I tried walking out of the class. He blocked my way started grabbing me saying how big of a tease I was. I finally got scared and told him that I was that made him let go cause I was on the verge of tears. A couple of weeks later he was fired for accusations against many female students saying how he was a perv and supposedly touched him but nobody ever said anything because hw was the hot teacher. Guys I know the rush of excitement that goes through you when you think you like one of your teachers. Please be careful on who you choose if you notice things that involve anything less than feelings run away be safe. Notice the signs never let anyone take advantage of you even if you are the one that started everything first they are the adults. This goes out to everyone but since i know there are younger teacher crushers out there its for them as well and the very confused teenagers.  I was lucky enough to open my feelings and heart out to my tc now that I moved forward now I know what it actually feels like to have real feelings and have them somewhat returned.  Please be safe I hope this helped in a way im not sure I was clear or not but hopefully I was I love you guys.


Every day is #DerpyDogDay, but only one day a week is #TongueOutTuesday!

Hi, I’m Kipling “Kip” Dynamite, a 2-year-old awesome dog at  Toledo’s “Pet” Bull Project in Ohio! I weigh in at around 35 pounds made up exclusively of pure love!

I totally need a home where my inner derp can shine… okay, I have outer derp, too. Maybe my last name should be “Derpamite”? Either way, I love friends, other dogs, going for walks, belly rubs, snuggles, treats, and being brushed.

I go to a special class called “Teacher’s Pet,” and have learned so many things! I would be such a great addition to your family, I just know it! My foster mom says I’m the Funniest Dog Ever, and I promise I will make you smile every single day!

I do have a low grade heart murmur, but the Very Important Veterinary People say not to worry about it.

Please help me find my family… thank you and I love you!

Kipling Dynamite

PS, people say “sharing is caring.” I’m 100 percent positively sure that is true! So re-blog me, wouldya?

How Sirius Probably Gave His Daughter "The Talk"
  • I really liked my idea of Sirius having a daughter and thought of this out of the blue.
  • Sirius: Sit down, sweetheart.
  • Daughter: Okay.
  • Sirius: So...
  • Daughter: Daddy...
  • Sirius: I have to talk to you about something very important. You've grown up and I think it's about time.
  • Remus: Sirius, no.
  • Daughter: Dad, what's Daddy going to do? (Headcanon that she calls Remus "Dad", too.)
  • Sirius: Remus, it's time.
  • Remus: I really don't think it's necessary.
  • Daughter: Daddy...
  • Remus: I'm sorry, sweetheart.
  • Sirius: Remus, I'm sure she's old enough.
  • Daughter: For what?
  • Sirius: It's about time to teach you about...
  • Remus: *sigh*
  • Sirius: The birds and the bees.
  • Daughter: DADDY I'M 15 I KNOW WHAT SEX IS
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: Oh, Lord.
  • Sirius: Don't have sex.
  • Daughter: Daddy, I-
  • Sirius: Don't do sex.
  • Remus: ...
  • Daughter: ...
  • Sirius: Sex will kill you. It will also kill the man you did it with. I can make sure of that.
  • Daughter: Daddy...
  • Remus: Sirius...
  • Sirius: You're allowed to have sex when you're 65.
  • Daughter: But, Daddy...
  • Sirius: If your husband loves you, he can wait.
  • Remus: *sigh*
  • Daughter: *sigh*
  • Sirius: You can always adopt.
  • Daughter: I- *sigh* Okay, I'll have sex when I'm 65.
  • I hope you liked it. =) I'm not sure if I should do more of these, but they're fun to make.
  • Guys, I need a name for his/their daughter. Please suggest some names =) Thanks a lot! I really hope you liked it and tell me if I should do more! Thanks!
if the rangers were a sorority

Here’s the fam, let me introduce you to them one by one

first, we have the little, Brandon

Brandon just pledged and doesn’t really know what’s going on. he has no idea why getting a big is important but he’s okay with the crafts and free booze he got from his big. not smiling too big bc he doesn’t wanna get hazed (even tho Matt would never)

next, we have the big, Matt

Matt’s very excited to get a little, so excited that he can’t take a good picture. very upset that the picture didn’t come out good enough for his insta and is mad at the rest of the fam is posting it everywhere. too nice to haze, doesn’t believe in that stuff. 

and the gbig (grandbig), Jimmy

Jimmy is here for the formality but is waiting to get drunk later with his new gg. excited the fam has grown but doesn’t want to show it bc he wants people to think he’s cool and chill. comes off as quiet and shy but is actually quite the partier and gets sent to standards a lot but he just doesn’t give a fuck. that guy that always says he’s going to drop out but never does 

then we have the ggbig, Brady

Brady is the retiring chapter president. very enthusiastic about the sorority. he’s that senior that cries at least once a week bc he doesn’t want to graduate and become an alum of the sorority. very proud of his fam and is very excited to welcome his gglittle. wears rangers stuff 5/7 days of the week.

and finally, the gggbig, Kevin

Kevin already graduated last year. he’s just here because he refuses to believe he’s not in college anymore and has to be an actual adult. also, he heard there’s going to be a party tonight

Vet School Interview Advice

2017 is now here, which means vet school interview season has also arrived! 

Honestly, there is a lot of anxiety over interviews every year, which is completely understandable, because it’s a scary concept to sit down with 2-4 people and have them help make the decision if you will be accepted to this school or not. However, as someone who has major social anxiety and visibly shook during all of my interviews, I know you can do this! If you want some general tips, check out my two posts on interviews here: Vet School Interview Tips and What You Shouldn’t Say or Do in an Vet School Interview.

Overall, I think it is very important that you know that is is okay to be nervous, and it’s okay to stumble or not know the answer to everything. Try not to be too critical of your performance after your interview is finished- you never know what the interviewers will think and you might have done better than you thought!

Good luck to all of those interviewing this year, I can’t wait to see your acceptance posts and I hope to see your bright and happy posts as you matriculate to vet school in the fall! :) 

I get asked a lot about polyamory and stuff and people feeling bad for not wanting that kinda thing? I love seeing poly life normalized (I grew up around it, my brother’s partners and their families being very important to us, later coming to realize that’s probably what I want too), but I can understand people being overwhelmed by the idea of it. 

It’s not for everyone! It’s okay to want one partner or no partners or multiple partners- whatever is right for you. That’s definitely the whole point of seeking relationships. You can support poly partners without wanting that yourself.