they are very important too okay


This one provides a warm feeling of comfort and home. possibly is level 1 sex offender but is so sweet you can’t even tell. 4/5

reminds me too much of a Cornellá comic. 3/5

Very strong outlining takes away from the actual image. Face is very vague and unpleasing to look at. 2/5

this emoji is more than okay with cooking you into a cake and then eating it. 1/5

this one is cute and terrifying at the same time 3/5

very simplistic approch makes it hard to tell what the emoji even is. looks like the sun. 0/5

craters are concave, not convex. 1/5

this moon obviously is too important and petty to reflect sunlight. 2/5

looks like a depressed smiley fry 2/5

cheese? 1/5

warming and comforting. reminds me of cookies and happiness 4/5


Some real nice art

Take a breather, Tumblr. You made it to another Friday. We hope that means it’s time for you to sit back and relax. We found a bunch of artists making really precious art stuff for all of us to enjoy. Let these blogs soothe your weary, end-of-week eyes.

Fuzzy Yellow (@heyfuzzyyellow​)

What’s Fuzzy Yellow? Fuzzy Yellow is just like, this yellow, fuzzy friend whose defining characteristic are that they are who they are and they’re happy with it. Fuzzy Yellow, and their creator Måns Swanberg (@mansswanberg​), are all about being yourself.

Originally posted by chibird

Chibird (@chibird​​)

Chibird aims to put cute and motivational drawings on your dashboard with regularity, and man, do they deliver. Have you ever seen a bear with a pair of cuter cheeks? “No,” is what you probably just said.

Originally posted by thefrizzkid

Frizz Kid (@thefrizzkid​​)

Follow Frizz Kid for fuzzy feelings. They’re socially-conscious, and they’re making art about it. If you want a dose of aspirational social justice that comes in a perfectly square form on a semi-regular schedule…well, that is very specific, and we just so happen to recommend this blog right here.

Originally posted by istillhaveanxiety

I Still Have Anxiety (@istillhaveanxiety​​)

Some people might never understand how a block of cheese product could give someone anxiety. That’s okay. Other people probably have their own story about how sometimes this stuff just happens. That’s okay too. This blog knows the importance of acknowledging your own struggles. To ignore them, or to pack them down to some dark, bad, unknown place is often the worst thing you can do for your own mental health.

Originally posted by hillergoodspeed

The Illustration of H. Goodspeed (@hillergoodspeed​​)

These illustrations are simple and their messages are good. If your mom buys you a shirt and you like it, you should let the world know. And you should definitely let your mom know.

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

Top 4 Life Changing Apps You Need as a College Student (With Demos)

Hey everyone!  I was just using each of these apps today to study for my midterms, and I figured I’d share the wealth.  I got each of these apps from the Apple App Store, and use them seamlessly across my Apple devices.  I hope each of them change your midterm weeks for the better! (This is post is kind of long but I made it long to cover what I think are the coolest/most useful things about these apps)

App #1: Notability

Yah, yah.  You’ve heard of this one before.  I’m here to show you some reasons for that.  

Best Features:

1. Annotating and Combining All of the Powerpoints and PDF’s of Your Wildest Dreams

Holy crap is this thing good at converting powerpoints and PDFs.  The transition is undetectable.  Furthermore, if your lecture material was split up into 2 powerpoints that your professor posted, or multiple topics are covered in one powerpoint that you want to separate, you can either combine them into one note, or only import selected slides into separate notes.  Once you do that, you can draw, highlight, add photos and additional typed text…pretty much anything extra you’d need is at your fingertips. 

Demo: Importing PDFS:

Here I’m taking a random web page PDF from about chair conformers, tapping once on it, and copying it to the notability app.  

You literally just tap a couple times and it’s done for you.  You can add the PDF to a new note, an old note, or even take specific pages of the PDF/powerpoint and place only the ones you want into a new or existing note.  It’s almost too easy to be true.  

2. You Can Actually Write Neatly

If you’re anything like me, it bothers you how your handwriting suddenly looks messy when you write on tablets.  Well, notability handles that for you. 

Demo: Writing and Editing Written Text:

Here I’m writing a huge note of what I want to remember with the pencil tool. I picked a red color from the huge color selection, and a rather thin pencil line because it’s only a small side-note.  Of course you can customize your writing to fit what is easiest for you to read and study from.  What happens in the second and third pictures is the cool part:

You can use the scissors tool to put a circle around what you just wrote, and then pinch and rotate the text to change its size and orientation, as well as drag your finger to move it to where you want your note to go.  This way you can write super neatly and just do the moving around afterwords, making sure you can see your text and are comfortable with the way it appears.  You can also re-select it to make it bigger again if you change your mind.  

3. You Can Record and Embed Your Lectures Into Your Notes, While You’re Writing Original Notes OR Annotating Existing Ones

You can do them at the same time.  You don’t have to think about inserting a recording after the fact, or mixing up small recordings and meshing them into one document.  Notability sorts your audio recordings and fixes them up pretty for you, and just starts recording as soon as you hit the speaker button.  Then you can keep annotating what Dr. So-and-So is saying without worrying about your recording being in the right place.

Demo: Recording While Note-Taking:

After you’ve recorded, you can click the speaker button again to edit the recording’s volume, sort multiple recordings you’ve taken as well as name them.  Move the recordings from note to note, etc.  

App #2: Flashcard Hero

Known colloquially as: “How I’m Passing My Anatomy Lab”

Listen here y’all if you wanna make flashcards fast as fuck and learn them the day of your practical, Flashcard Hero is how.

General Overview of Best Features:

The way I predominantly use this app is by furiously making and organizing my flashcards into millions of sections and subsections on my computer, so that everything is findable and easy to access within my flashcard deck.  Then I move them via iCloud over to my phone and tablet to study them on the go.  

You can put pictures, videos, PDF pages, anything on the front or back of your flashcard, and just as much as you want on the back as well.  When you study, you can choose if you want the front or back to show up first, or an alternation of the two if you prefer.  There is no length limit on what you can place on a particular card.  

While you’re studying, the app gives you options of clicking “Easy, Unsure, or Hard” on the card you’re reviewing, so that it will pop up with the ones you’re unsure/really clueless about more often.  This saves my actual ass I can’t recommend it enough.  It has improved my ability to memorize tons of material far more quickly and efficiently.

Demo: The General Interface of Flashcard Hero:

You can see some of the features I’ve talked about.  If you want to know even more of the features, try downloading the app and checking out the “Tutorial” deck it includes on the main menu!

App #3: LiquidText

This is another insanely useful method of PDF annotation.  It is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and is really good for people who enjoy mind-mapping and comprehensively organizing their ideas while reading!

Best Feature: Organizing Important Bits of Text:

Okay prepare to be very happy about this.  You can literally highlight a section of a PDF, drag it to the side of your screen, and poof.  Your highlighted bit is saved for you to click on and easily access later.  You can even link your highlighted bits, no matter how far apart they are within the document, to help connect and organize your thoughts.  And wait until you see Highlightview, where you can pinch the document so that all of your highlighted portions come together labelled with page numbers.  Too satisfying okay, too satisfying:

If you’re reading something really quickly before class, and you want to easily access interesting portions of a long text during a class discussion, this app will save your life and save you pain in the long run.

App #4: MyScript Calculator

Just watch the demo of this one and prepare to take a huge sigh of relief and awe and happiness.  It actually works and doesn’t confuse what you’re writing, and will do difficult/complex computation.  By changing around the settings to fit the discipline of math you’re doing, this app can save you some annoying typing into calculators and can help you visualize large calculations at a glance.

Best Features: Blowing my tiny, bad at fast-math mind

Demo: General Interface of MyScript Calculator

Just. Yes. Yes good.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this/found at least one of these useful!  Merry midterms!  

sunrise over florida

wordcount: 855

genre: fluff // warnings: language

i heard @nihilist-toothpaste wanted ridiculously soppy dan-deciding-to-stay-in-florida. this happened. hi.

Sunrise comes soft and Easter-egg yellow, seeping into the sky like honey, the salty-fresh wind off the waves cutting through the warmer night air. Phil’s hand is cold and comforting in Dan’s – the beach is empty – they’re walking much closer than they usually do and Dan can’t bring himself to care very much.

“I’m going to miss you,” Dan says, quiet. Phil smiles at him sideways, crooked and bittersweet. His sunglasses cover his eyes, but Dan knows the expression in them all the same.

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{Reaction} Going out in public with Monsta X

Can you do Monsta X reactions to the first time you go out in public after announcing you’re dating (like, how they act/skinship) 🙊🙊 thank you!! Love your blog so much🖤🖤🖤

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by jeonfhan

Minhyuk is the kind that would be very happy and energetic, he would spend a lot of time holding your hand and giving you gentle kisses on the cheek or pecks on the lips. This man does’t have time for haters so he isn’t really all that bothered on what other people think. 

Minhyuk: “Come on Jagi, let;s check out this place.”

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by aceyng

Kihyun would be more shy when it comes to coming out in public and would much rather be intimate with you at home rather than out in the open for everyone to see. He would still hold your hand though, and old you close when it gets cold. He becomes a lot more confident in time. 

Kihyun: “Have my jacket, Jagi.”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Originally posted by wonhobe

You’re a beautiful couple, and Wonho likes to show you off a lot. In public, he will do sweet things with you, take you out for dutch pancakes and hold your hands. Even though hateful comments can get to him sometimes, he tries not to worry too much about it because you’re more important to him than anything else. 

Wonho: *kisses you on the cheek then whispers in your ear,* “I love you Jagi.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

Originally posted by cyphermaniac

Shownu would be the most gentlemanly. He would hold your hand, constantly ask you if you’re okay and would be very considerate to you. He’d be the kind that opens doors for you and asks you what you want to do. The press wouldn’t bother him all that much. 

Shownu: “Shall we get some coffee, Jagi?”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

Originally posted by wonhontology

Changkyun would have very positive vibes when he goes out in public with you, he wouldn’t be too clingy, but he wouldn’t exactly ignore you either. He’d give you the right amount of attention, holding you hand where he can and stealing kisses behind building away from the camera’s eyes.

Changkyun: “Kiss me!” 

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by wonhontology

Hyungwon and you would be the gorgeous celebrity couple, and he would constantly look like he’s walking on the cat walk. He’d hold your hand, but he wouldn’t be that affectionate with you in public because he much prefers the privacy of your own home for that.

Hyungwon: “I think we’re done here Jagi, let’s go home.” 

Lee Jooheon

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Jooheon would be very energetic in front of the cameras, and if you’re okay with it, he would be more than happy to introduce you to people and pose for photos. But like the others, he much prefers the privacy of your own home to make all of the PDA secret and between the two of you. 

Jooheon: “Come on Jagi, let’s leave now.”

The limits of violence: why Toffee won’t be defeated through force alone.

In this analysis, I’ll talk about the fight against Toffee in “Starcrushed,” compare it to “Storm the Castle” and “Into the Wand,” and discuss the implications of this comparison. This will be the first of two analyses I have planned for the season two finale. The second analysis will discuss the finale’s contrast between Moon and Star and include a breakdown of the narrative structure of both episodes. (The number of analyses may change based on whether or not I notice anything new between now and then.)

Since “Starcrushed” is still fresh in all our minds, let’s first go all the way back to the season one finale, “Storm the Castle.”

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Ten Music Major Commandments

I have a Patreon!!

There are some basic things that I find myself repeating over and over when it comes to posts. While I am obviously going to continue explaining stuff and answering questions, I thought it might be good to explain some basics of my attitude towards musicianship as a whole. As there turned out to be ten things, we can consider these the Ten Music Major Commandments.

1. Thou shalt remember that no single audition will make or break a music major career.

Your career isn’t hanging in the balance just because you are auditioning for an important to school or orchestra or whatever. Unless you insult the director, sit on his cat, and start yelling slurs to the room as a whole, a single audition will not torpedo a career. You can always attend a different school, work with a different ensemble, or try again at a later date when you’re better prepared.

2. Thou shalt remember a music major is not a competition, it is a process of personal growth and improvement.

There are few quicker ways to kill your love of music than by comparing yourself to the inevitable “people who are better than you.” There will ALWAYS be people better than you. Use that as motivation to get better yourself, or just admire them for their skill.

3. Thou shalt remember that you can’t know what other people have gone through to get where they are.

If a freshman can play a piece you can’t perform as a senior, take a deep breath and chill. For that to be the case, they likely started earlier than you, had better training at an early age, were forced to practice more, or simply had different priorities when they were younger. You can’t know those circumstances, and you can’t know what you’d have done if you been in their shoes. Don’t judge people who are older but haven’t yet reached your skill level - you can’t know what they have dealt with. So just admire their abilities and perseverance, and mind your own business if you can’t think of anything nice to say.

4. Thou shalt remember that if you decide music may be better as a hobby, that’s okay. It is not a personal failing.

Simply put, not everyone feels comfortable betting their future on the roulette wheel that is the potential career outlook of a music​ major. Music is stressful, it requires a lot of emotional labor and self-sufficiency, and sometimes that’s just not what a person wants. If that person is you, that’s okay. You don’t have to try and make a living making music for it to be your passion. That’s what community ensembles and after-work gigs are for. And if it turns out music isn’t your true passion? That’s okay too. Things can be important to one part of your life but move to the background later. That doesn’t mean you weren’t dedicated to it when you loved it - it just means you have moved on.

5. Thou shalt take care of yourself - taking a break is better than burning out.

Recently, someone I knew dropped out of school completely, essentially because of musical burnout. They had simply given too much of themselves to their music major, and didn’t have any emotional reserves for the other hard parts of life. Do your best to take care of yourself, because you are the most important part of the music you make. You are the true force behind the performance - that doesn’t change just because you need tools (your instrument) to make music. If you feel overwhelmed, as a music major often is, take a break. It’s okay to rest, I promise.

6. Thou shalt write your schedule in stone, but follow it like the Pirate Code.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to have a schedule. Musicians have to handle too many classes and performances and rehearsals and other responsibilities to try to get by without a strict schedule. When you write one up for the semester, imagine each day, and try to be realistic. You should assume that you’ll live each day exACTly like it is written. If it seems impossible, then reschedule stuff.

However, when you're​ actually living your final schedule, remember you can be flexible. If you know you can manage your assignments later, then absolutely use your assigned study time to go on that adventure with your friends. You still need to live your life, after all. Balance is the key, here.

7. Thou shalt never be afraid to ask someone a polite question.

While it is a personal pet peeve of mine when people talk out of turn (especially when they don’t know what they are talking about!), I firmly believe there is always time to answer a question. If you want to know more about something, or if you are confused, find someone who knows the answer and politely, at a convenient time, ask them. This means asking a question to clarify important class material during class, and asking that nitpicky question about that tangent your professor went on during their office hours. The main point is to ask!

8. Thou shalt try to practice at least once a weekend.

Weekend practicing is honestly one of the hardest things for me to do. However, I always feel awesome after I do it! Taking a two day break from practice can be good for the mental health, but if you aren’t practicing just because you can’t be bothered, then maybe you should try bothering. Practice is good for you, and​ it builds character. Go practice.

9. Thou shalt treat yourself like you would your best friend.

If you wouldn’t make a comment about them, don’t make it about yourself. You are your first, foremost, and most permanent friend. Take care of yourself, and build yourself up. No one ever became an amazing musician by beating themselves up at every failure. The best musicians take mistakes and use them as fuel to get even better. Stop beating yourself up and start being friendly to the only person who is guaranteed to be around forever - yourself.

10. Thou shalt take a deep breath.

Sometimes we can get so lost inside our own heads that we forget how to leave. The next time you suspect you’re on an anxiety spiral, find somewhere quiet and do you best to just breathe. You’re okay. You are not going to die/get expelled/get thrown in Bad Music Major Jail. That’s not even a thing. Do your best to keep things in perspective: “it’s just one class/jury/audition/performance. There will be more classes/juries/auditions/performances. No matter how this one goes, life will go on.”

Because it will. Life goes on.

You’ve got this.

Batman headcanon that when Dick and Jay were Robin they were very vocal about Batman not being their dad. Dick because he had his own parents he missed and Jason out of anger and insecurities. While everyone could see that Batman clearly thought of his Robins as his children, they most likely weren’t his biologically.

Then Tim comes along and Tim is very quiet and practical. He doesn’t know that the previous Robins have loudly proclaimed to the entire GCPD/Rogues gallery that they are not related to Batman at all. So whenever the question comes up, Tim dodges and redirects so he won’t give away anything important. So basically, everyone thinks after a while that Tim is the Bat’s actual kid since he’s the only one not denying it. He does make the claim once he’s more established and Nightwing, with tears of laughter in his eyes, tells Tim that it’s okay to tell but it’s too late, no one believes him now. Riddler will make snide comments about offing the Bat’s “real kid” and Tim is just there with a silently screaming face while Bruce just gives him an odd look. Tim is so embarrassed but nothing he does can convince people he’s not actually related to Batman.

So when Damian comes along, he learns pretty quickly that Gotham thinks Tim is Bruce’s actual child and is, of course, very offended by the very thought. Because he is so extra, he then spends all his time on patrol gripping Batman’s cape and calling him ‘Father’ really loudly and Bruce just kind of wants to die but Damian won’t let up. So now Gotham thinks Tim and Dami are his two blood children and that’s why they fight so much “just like any other siblings” and Tim has worked for years to dispel this myth please let him live the embarrassment alone will kill him if Damian’s possessiveness doesn’t first.

Please Stay

First and foremost, can we just talk about ‘Sign Of The Times’?! I’m telling you guys, this song is going to get Harry his Grammy. It’s ICONIC and a CLASSIC. His gorgeous, majestic, enchanting and mesmerizing voice is a gift to us. I just love them so much! I’m so proud of everything our boys have achieved!   

 Now hope you guys enjoy this part 2 of ‘Only If’. Hope you like it as much as ya’ll liked part 1 :) xx 

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Inspired by Kendrick Lamar.

 Warnings: serious infatuation…

Jungkook x reader 

A/N: If you think this is low-key creepy, then you understood the whole concept. Listen to the song and you’ll understand.“>

Lust was all it ever was.  

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A Conversation With My Anxiety: The Phone

Anxiety: Hey. “Whatcha doin’?”

Me: “I’m about to make a phone call.”

“Are you sure you wanna do that?

“No, but I have to. It’s important.”

“Well, how about I breathe down the back of your neck while you think about that.”

“That’s very uncomfortable.”

“I know, but it’s what I do.”

“Well, I’m making the call.”

“Okay. I’m gonna sit on your chest while you do that.”

“Please don’t.”

“Too late. I’m sitting on your chest.”

“I just wanna get through this phone call.”

“I know. That’s why I’m going bounce up and down a little bit. I wanna make it harder for you to breathe.”

“Well it’s working. I’m having a hard time talking.”

“That’s great! Are you feeling light headed yet?”


“Outstanding. You’re gonna feel nauseous soon. That’ll be fun.”

“Why are you like this?”

“It’s just what I do, man.”

“Well, I’m done with the call now, so you can go away.”

“Nah. I’m gonna stick around for a little while, this is fun for me.”

“Well, now I feel sick.”


“Fuck off.”

“Fine. I’m leaving. But I’ll be back.”

“I know. But I still have things that need to get done, whether you’re here or not.”

“Looking forward to it.”

I have anxiety. It often keeps me from doing things that I want or need to do. I don’t take medication for it for reasons I won’t go into right now. Because of this, I have had to come up with some of my own coping mechanisms. The above conversation is one of those mechanisms. I have personified my anxiety, given it form.

Anxiety sucks. It sucks even more since it is just a “thing”. It is something that can happen at any time. There usually isn’t any kind of warning, it’s just there suddenly. I have found that by personifying it, I have an easier time dealing with it. I can have a conversation, even if anxiety is being a dick.

I’m writing this because I want to bring attention to mental health disorders. I have noticed a trend of mental illness being romanticized. That is the wrong kind of attention, and not the kind of narrative I want to push. Approximately 450 million people suffer from some form of mental illness. I have seen that it sometimes gets attention, but in my opinion, it isn’t enough, and it is often the wrong kind of attention.

What I want to do is talk about it. I want to get it out there. I want to help other people. If something I do to cope with my own issues can help somebody with theirs, I would get all warm and fuzzy over it. Although mental illness has become more “accepted” over the last decade or so, there is still a stigma attached to it. Whether conscious or not, when somebody finds out you have a mental illness, they look at you differently. They treat you differently. Unless they are a complete ass-hat, it is subconscious and reactionary. They can’t help it, and I’m not judging people on that, just to be clear.

My intention is to help. I want to talk about what helps me, and I want to hear what helps other people cope with and deal with their conditions to bring understanding and peace to a huge community of people. I know this post is going to get lost in the sea of the internet, but I’m still going to post stuff like this in the hopes that it will help at least one person

Alright. I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

Allura + Earth

So last night at like 1AM, instead of sleeping I was crying because “Who’s gonna adopt Allura when the war is over??” and I was sad for about five seconds before the solution became clear: the paladins will have joint custody of Allura. As in, when the paladins go home for some R&R before flying back into space to deal with the problems left behind by the defeat of the Galra Empire, Allura will spend x amount of time with one paladin and their family, then she and Coran will move on to the next paladin and their family.

And then I lost control of the idea and I’ve been weeping ever since. So! Here is a list of ridiculous feelings and headcanons about Allura on Earth. Warning: It’s long.

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  • Ozpin: Pyrrha, this is very important. Please listen closely.
  • Pyrrha: Okay.
  • Ozpin, standing next to the most powerful adults on Remnant: We need you to do something none of us are able to.
  • Pyrrha: Uh-huh.
  • Ozpin: We need you to... SAVE THE WORLD.
  • Pyrrha: What?! Why can't YOU do it?!
  • Ozpin, drinking coffee: We're busy.
  • Glynda, shuffling paperwork: Very busy.
  • Qrow, taking a swig from his flask: SO busy.
  • Ironwood, checking his watch for several minutes: Much too busy.

I love Yuuri growing out his hair not only because it looks um, AMAZING but also because it feels like, even if just on a subconscious level (which is what I imagine it would be), it shows a little more confidence in himself? 

Like short hair is the norm for a man and doesn’t draw attention to you, but if he grew out his hair and had to pull it back, that’s much more attention grabbing. And to me, it shows a growing confidence in his own appearance, which is very, very important to me! Yuuri realizing he can be sexy and appealing is so much yes. 

I love the idea of Yuuri wearing slightly more eye-catching clothes? Like occasionally brighter colors and patterns, and maybe sometimes, something a little flashier that still fits his personality. Maybe a little bit of Victor’s extra rubbing off on him, feeling okay and comfortable wearing expensive stuff sometimes. Just– being okay with people noticing him off the ice too. Maybe doing small things like piercing his ears (after all his sister has so many piercings, which is certainly unconventional where she’s from, so he may very well have thought about it), that he’d always thought about but never done because that’s something people NOTICE and he’s always tried to fade into the background.  

Just Yuuri being gorgeous and maybe a part of him realizing that there’s nothing wrong with people thinking him as such. And Victor loves this, of course, because he wants nothing more than for Yuuri to gain confidence in all aspects of himself. 

The Sleepover

I realized that although I put the link on here for the A03 fic, I never actually posted the fic on here, so, without further adieu, a Bughead Sleepover.

“Hey!” Betty crossed the short distance to where Jughead was sitting in a booth at Pop’s. “I was hoping I’d find you here.”

Jughead had seen Betty coming through the door and hadn’t been able to wipe the smile off his face since. He picked up his coffee and took a sip, then set it back in it’s place. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I have a surprise for you.” Betty smiled. She got back up and stood at the counter. “Hey, Pop? Could we get an order of french fries please?”

Pop Tate smiled and nodded at her, and Betty turned to sit down with Jughead.

Jughead stared at her for just a moment before laughing. “Well? Are you going to give me a hint?”

Betty returned his smile. “No, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Good Girls Are Bad Girls- Peter Parker One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt: You, the daughter of Clint Barton, are seen as a good girl, but you really aren’t. You are a bad girl: a partier and the most popular girl in school. Peter is caught in the middle of your separate personalities, as he knows you from the Avengers and also school. When your reputation at school falters, Peter is there to pick up the pieces.

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Drinking, Slurs, Make-Out Scene, Mentions of Sex, Abuse

Inspired by: ‘Good Girls’ by 5 Seconds of Summer

A/N: I have had this idea brewing in my head for months now and I was finally able to finish it. This work is unusual for me because the reader does not reflect myself. I connect more to Peter in this one shot than the reader (which normally I picture myself as the reader). I want to say this is one of my “darker” one shots, simply because it digs into the misery of a girl trying to be the perfect angel for her family while also trying to be the popular, normal chick at school.


“Well, I’m off to study. I’ve got a big French test tomorrow.” You said, standing up from the coach. Peter watched as you vanished up the stairs, acting as if nothing had happened earlier that day.

But something did happen. He had gone to the library after school to look for a book on quantum physics. That’s when he found you and your boyfriend (he didn’t even know if 'boyfriend’ was the proper term for the other boy). Peter stood frozen as he watched you make out with your boyfriend, Brad, between two shelves. You opened your eyes for a split second and stopped kissing Brad as you noticed Peter was there. Brad’s lips moved from your mouth down to your neck. As you turned to face Peter, he noticed your button up shirt was completely unbuttoned and open.

“Brad,” you cleared your throat, pushing him slightly.

“What is it, baby?” He asked, peppering your neck with kisses.

“I think this section is too crowded. Maybe we should take this elsewhere.” He groaned at your response and looked up, finally realizing Peter was there.

“Nerd.” Brad scoffed, “I’ll be in my ride, baby.” He told you, shoving past Peter and leaving the library.

“I’m, uh, sorry.” Peter said, regaining his stance. You laughed softly, buttoning your shirt as you walked up to him. You leaned in close to his ear and whispered,

“Forget what you thought, Parker, good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” You kissed his cheek and then left with a silky “Goodbye”.

As Peter now sat on the Avengers couch several hours later, he felt uncomfortable recalling the memory. After all, your father, Clint Barton, is right beside him.

“Peter, you look a little flushed. Are you all right?” Steve asked.

“I’m just feeling a bit unwell. I’ll be back.” He got up and followed your path upstairs. He knocked on your door and you opened it up a few moments after.

“Hello Peter.” You said casually.

“Hey, Y/N, I just wanted to talk about earlier today.” He said.

“Come on in.” You opened the door wider and let him enter. He took a seat on your couch as you returned to your vanity, applying a new coat of eye liner.

“So, yeah I just wanted to ask about earlier. I don’t want it to be-” he coughed, “awkward between us.” You rolled your eyes as you began to apply mascara.

“Look, Parker, what I do is none of your business and my dad doesn’t meed to know either. Do not breathe a word of anything I do to my father or anyone else. You wouldn’t like the ending if you do.” You turned to him with your make up finished, “Are we clear?”

“Y-yeah, we’re clear.” He nodded nervously. You stood up and stripped your grey robe off, revealing a short dress underneath.

“Where are you going?” Peter asked.

“Like I said, none of your business. Close my door on the way out.” You stated, going over to your window. You slid through it and left without another word. Peter sat there for a minute before finally getting up and leaving your room.


The next day, Peter saw you walk into English late with sunglasses on and disheveled hair. You gave the teacher a pass and sat down in your assigned seat, just to the right of Peter. You hunched over in your seat and adjusted the sunglasses on your face. Peter didn’t know much about your social life, but, based upon what he witnessed last night, he could only assume you were hungover.

“Peter.” Someone whispered, getting Peter’s attention. Derek, the boy to the left of Peter, handed him a piece of paper, saying, “Give it to Y/N.” Peter took the small folded paper and passed it over to you, without saying a word.

You ignored it for a minute before you decided to open it. You grimaced reading the humiliating note. You tossed it onto the floor as Derek and his friends snickered nearby.

The bell rang a few minutes later and you raced out of the room. As everyone else cleared out, Peter grabbed the note off the floor and stuffed it into his pocket. He followed the crowd outside and headed to his locker. A few bullies had tripped him and called him names on the way there, but he was so used to it that he no longer bothered to care. Once at his locker, he opened the note and began to read it.

'Heard what you did to Brad last night, what a skank.’ 'You deserved what you got, slut.’ 'Stupid cow.’

“Hey, Peter. What’re you reading?” The bright voice of Liz Allen filled his ears, making him jump.

“Oh, nothing. What’s up, Liz?” He asked, hiding the note in his pocket yet again.

“I was just wondering what you were reading. It seemed very important.”

“It was just a random note I found. Nothing much. Not too important.” He stammered as he lied, trying to push his worries about you and what exactly happened last night to the back of his mind.

“Okay.” She laughed as one of her friends came up to her.

“Liz! Did you hear what happened to Y/N and Brad last night?”

“No, what happened?” Liz asked.

“Apparently Y/N got super drunk at his party and she was hitting on other guys, so Brad took her into his room to "talk”.“ The friend used quotation marks to emphasize that their talk, most certainly was not a talk. "Y/N ran out crying several minutes later with scrapes and bruises all over her. Hilary said she threw herself at Brad, but he wanted to break up and she got the bruises from falling.”

“Of course Y/N would do that. She’s the school whore. I don’t understand how her grades rival mine.” Liz stated.

“I know. She’s such a slut.” Her friend said.

“I’m going to go.” Peter spoke up, clearing his throat. “I’ll see you in physics, Liz.”

Peter didn’t see you the rest of the day and his head hurt thinking about all that could have happened. You were hurt-mentally and physically-and no one really knew why. Peter wouldn’t allow himself to believe everything Liz’s friend said. He just could not see you as the “slut” everyone else thought you were.


“Kid! What brings you here?” Tony asked, seeing the teenage boy and Avengers Tower later that day.

“I-um-I wanted to talk to Y/N. We have an English project.” Peter lied quickly.

“You know where to find her.” Clint said, shrugging his shoulders. As your father, Clint saw you as a good girl with high grades and the highest level of respect. He believed you could never do anything wrong, so he trusted Peter with you. Peter nodded in reply and headed upstairs to your room. Loud music was blasting from inside and Peter cautiously knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” You asked, walking to the door.

“It’s me- Peter.” He stated and you opened the door a crack just to see him.

“What do you want Peter?”

“I want to know about last night.” He said in a hushed voice. You opened the door wider and gave him entry. He sat on your couch as you went into the bathroom. You emerged after a moment with a bottle of dark liquid. You wordlessly sat next to Peter and you took a drink from the bottle.

“It’s my dad’s beer. I hate drinking, but I don’t want to be 100% here for this conversation. It’s going to be a painful talk.”

“Well, I read part of that note. I’m sorry. If I had known what it said, I wouldn’t have passed it on.” Peter said as you drank from the bottle once more.

“I had it coming. I made myself the perfect angel for my father, but that image is too hard to maintain with the world. I decided being bad would allow me to fit in. I thought I would have more friends if I fit into the popular crowd, so I melded into the flow of things. I started drinking and I started being promiscuous. I got too promiscuous because, last night at Brad’s party, I got drunk. I’m a flirty drunk, so I was, of course, going to hit on the other football players there. Brad saw me and he was beyond angry. He tried to-” you cut yourself short and looked down in humiliation. The bottle began to shake in your hands as you started to cry. Peter shifted to put a comforting arm around you. You continued with a shaky voice, “He tried to take advantage of me. Although I was drunk, I still knew it wasn’t right and I didn’t want to. I tried getting away from him and I fell, hitting my head against the side of his bed. He hit me a few times before I was able to stumble out of his room. I don’t remember how I got back here, but I did. Now, the whole school believes I’m some trashy whore.”

“That’s not true.” Peter said and you looked up at him through your tears, “I don’t believe you’re a whore. You got caught up in bad things, but I believe you’re still a good person.”

“Thank you, but I don’t believe that will change anything. It is kind of nice being able to talk to you about this stuff. I feel like it’s so humiliating and personal that I can only open up to special people.”

“You can always talk to me.” Peter said and you let out a dry laugh.

“You really don’t get it, do you, Parker?” You paused seeing the confusion on his face, “I like you, Parker. You’re the only person I can actually talk to- at home and at school.”

“Me? You like me?” He asked, trying to wrap his head around the concept that such a popular girl like you would go for such a nerd like him.

“Yes. I figure I have nothing left to lose, so I might as well tell you now.” You shrugged, drinking some more of the beer.

“I do too.” Peter murmured quietly after a moment.

“Pardon me?” You asked, not hearing what he had mumbled.

“I like you too. I never tried to ask you out because I had always assumed you would go for a jock-not a nerd.” He stated.

“So you like me too, then?”

“Yes. Very much.” Peter nodded.

“Well, then, Parker, why don’t you kiss me already?” You said, leaning in slightly. Peter laughed lightly before closing the gap to give you a kiss.


The next day, you walked into school holding your head high, completely opposite of yesterday. You ignored the stares and harassment as you went straight for Peter’s locker. He was already there with Ned, discussing something about math

“Hey, Peter. Hi, Ned.” You greeted the two boys.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Peter’s cheeks turned a light pink, telling you that he had not yet told Ned about last night. You smiled and held his hand firmly. Ned stared at you two for a moment before a massive grin spread across his face.

“You two are dating? You two are dating! This is the best news I’ve heard all year!” Ned exclaimed, making Peter’s blush darken.

“Ned, calm down.” Peter mumbled. You just laughed at your boyfriend and pecked him on the cheek. You were free and you were happy.

stuff about the signs (pt. 2)


  • generally, they are very attractive people, physical and spiritually
  • they look cute, but actually they’re a mess
  • social butterflies, you know they’re nice from the moment you meet them
  • popular people
  • they’re the most indecisive, that’s why sometimes they can’t be good leaders (ofc there are exceptions)
  • agressive when defending things that matter to them, their dreams. one of the most important is equality and you can see a lot of libras fighting for social equality
  • it’s hard to change their minds
  • perfect teammates
  • they always look for someone to defend, like it’s a need
  • if a libra hasn’t flirted with you before, you aren’t human
  • they feel rejected, but that’s on them because people like them very much
  • they are vey noble and sometimes they don’t realize people are taking advantage of them. sad but true
  • enthusiastic and polite people
  • quick learning (above average)
  • they’re actually very sexual
  • they want the people they love to be fine and in peace, they’re not selfish


  • complex people, big thinkers with a great imagination
  • practical, they do and undo things incredibly quick
  • passionate people, sometimes possessive
  • psychic and analytical traits since they were born
  • they can be insensitive to others
  • but actually they feel too hard
  • despite most scorpios are introverts, they’re natural leaders
  • they’re self-destructive… too destructive, you don’t want a scorpio to be your enemy, trust me
  • likes adventures
  • stubborn and hard-headed, they’re very hard to deal with
  • they’re very jealous, but they know how to control it. usually they are because they’re afraid of being too clingy, even when they’re not (told you, complex people)
  • they’re very competitive, they believe the end justifies the means; they don’t cooperate a lot, if they’re good or bad, that’s important because they damage or help in their strange way


  • the free spirits; these buddies will be okay as long as they have freedom, in every way
  • don’t tell them they can’t do something, because they won’t stop until they show you they can
  • for them, “no” means “yes”. “maybe” means “yes”.  everything is a damn yes
  • reverse psychology works well with them
  • loyal and trustworthy. they may not always be there when you need them, but when you get their attention you get ALL their attention
  • this people gives much without expecting things in return, they like to see everyone happy
  • they have an incredible luck, that’s why things always go their way
  • charming and good when talking in public, they usually have hidden talents (but they won’t show them that easily)
  • independent and progressive
  • good philosophers, with good and new ideas
  • excelent humor sense
  • the most incorrect people on earth
  • they get carried away because of pleasure
  • strong personality


  • nothing describes them better than the word “ambition”; they know what they want, how to get there and nothing will stop them
  • they have an inner self who leads them even when they can’t keep following it
  • they’re a disaster regards to love
  • they’re prone to depression, because they get too intense
  • this is one of the signs that lives more completely, because they turn themselves into what they want and they focus on that
  • they’re very sexual with the one
  • they can be mean, because they’re kinda vain and think they know everything
  • can get attached to a easy routine and they don’t even like it
  • they have too many secrets
  • talented and hilarious. they’re introvert people who can take the role of an extrovert so well
  • they’re very charismatic, usually role models but they have to put much effort to not be manipulative
  • they’re leaders on emergencies; they make possible the impossible


  • the quirkiest sign, they’re filled with very cool ideas and have unusual interests
  • they’re tense and tend to look for people who only uses/hurts them; they like to be alone and are prone to be an only child
  • veeeeeeryyyyy smart
  • curious and experimental
  • they’re not affectionate or emotional, but they crave to feel these emotions despite they don’t admit it. they need someone to trust and who they can be themselves with
  • even when most of them have a very strange side (which is good), they’re polite and have good manners
  • hot tempered, they’re afraid of intimacy but at the same time they desire it
  • manipulative
  • they’re very proud; when they’re talented at something they know it and feel very proud of it (that’s good)
  • good luck when you want an aquarius to apologize lol
  • they have a hard time discovering what is what they want for their lives, but once they discover it nothing will stop them in their way of reaching the goal
  • they’re friendly once they trust you, and they’re the most loyal friends you’ll ever have. once they care about you they’ll do whatever for you, like, pick you up at 3 am when you’re devastated and confused. an aquarius will always find a way


  • they don’t like conflict; they use to being confident yet they’re not assertive, they don’t show it that much
  • they like either to show off or to be unnoticed
  • they’re romantic and appreciate the art of simplicity
  • very hard to provoke
  • yes, they’re sensitive but they’re elastic too. if you throw trash at them they won’t fall apart easily
  • they enjoy being close to people. loneliness = NOT COOL
  • they’re artistic and enjoy music, films, paintings, literature, watching the clouds, the rain… they find beauty in everything
  • they’re eternally in love, always falling for someone
  • is that friend who thinks everyone is perfect
  • their mechanism of self-defense is lying to themselves
  • they’re altruistic and will do everything for those who they love
  • do you think they won’t hurt anyone? do you think they’re cute and innocent? you can’t be any more wrong, that’s the image they have earned… there are good ones, and there are truly bad ones
  •  they like to victimize themselves and then complain about how others call them weak
  • walking contradiction
  • they’re good listeners and love to analyze; when they’re your true friends they are the best, they’re understanding and give empathy

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