they are vampires


There was a princess… Elisabeta. She was the most radiant woman in all the empires of the world. Man’s deceit took her from her ancient prince. She leapt to her death into the river that you spoke of. In my mother’s tongue, it is called “Artzeche”, River Princess.

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I'm writing a story with a character who is a loner (vampire)with a drinking problem and I feel like the usual sort of tough n gruff dude like that is white, straight, and hypermasculine. In my case, the character is immortal, half Mexican, used to be a cowboy/vaquero then later a punk, and is queer and is sort of whatevish about gender. Currently he's living out of the back of a van. Would it be an issue to have him do odd jobs around the small town he's in for pocket (ok drinking) money?

Mestizo Character Concept 

Go for it.  

If your story takes place in Mexico, note that alcoholism is an issue culturally because it has traditionally been part of your pay if you work in the industry (such as growing brewed crops), so you will literally drink (part of) your paycheck.  

If your story doesn’t actually take place in Mexico, then disregard that tidbit because it’s not relevant to the setting and probably wouldn’t enter into the plot to any degree.  I only mention it because you don’t know to research what you don’t know exists.

- Rodriguez

Ride Till The End

Part 2:

Keith wasn’t exactly sure what to make of the guy that kept claiming to be a vampire.
He was loud for one thing, being on the road with him for a couple days now Keith found that he just never shut up talking about anything and everything .
He also never seemed to sleep, Keith had offered to take shifts driving so they didn’t need to stop but Lance turned him down and just kept going only stopping now and again to go the bathroom.
Keith had woken up really late one night to find him still up humming along to some song he didn’t recognise.
All and all Keith found Lance very strange.
Then again, considering he was now a purple freak he really was t one to judge.
They were out of the city now, driving along an abandoned highway without a single zombie in sight.
Keith was routing round the cupboards for something to eat when Lance suddenly slammed on the breaks sending him flying forwards.
“What the hell man!” He snapped
“There’s people outside…” Lance pointed to what looked like a barricade made from an overturned truck with two people standing on top holding guns.
“That’s good isn’t it? We need food and gas after all.” Keith grinned.
“Your purple and I can’t go out in the sun, how do you think they’ll react when a strange RV comes driving towards them?” Lance questioned.
“Again with the vampire bull shit really.” Keith grumbled under his breath.
Lance of course heard him but was too focused on the two figures that seemed to notice them as they climbed down and came running over with their guns raised.
“Shit” Lance cursed putting the RV in reverse and driving away from them only for the sound of gun fire a burst tire to echo through the air.
They skidded across the road, Keith holding on to the back of the seat and Lance trying to keep them from flipping over.
They managed to remain upright and came to a stop at the side of the road just as the two figures made their way to the door.
“What do we do?” Keith asked as Lance jumped up and tossed him some bandages as he began to apply a heavy layer of sunscreen.
“Put those on and if they ask your a burn victim.” He ordered in a serious tone Keith had never heard before.
As Lance pulled on as many layers of clothes as he could including a large ladies sun hat, Keith wrapped the bandages around his face using a spare hat to cover his ears and his is tail down the leg of his pants.
By time the door was kicked in the two looked strange but totally human.
“Who are you and where you heading?” One demanded pointing his gun at Lance who had stepped as daw away from the intruding sun light as possible.
“My names Lance, this is my friend Keith. We ran away from the hospital before the outbreak got bad and are headed to Cuba.” Lance lied so effortlessly that it honestly disturbed Keith a little.
“So what’s with the get up?” The other a tall blonde woman asked gesturing to them with the barrel of her gun.
“I have skin cancer and Keith was caught up in a fire, we have to be careful around the sun and dust ya know.” Lance shrugged again trying to seem casual.
The man looked sceptical but the woman nudged him in the ribs and pointed towards the built in fridge.
“Tell you what, we’ll let you pass in exchange for whatever you’ve got in there.” He smirked.
Lance paled looking to Keith slightly panicked.
Keith had never opened the fridge but Lance had told him that he would die if he didn’t get what was in there regularly.
“No can do… we kinda need it.” Lance said too quickly.
“It wasn’t a request.” The woman smirked cocking her gun and aiming at Lance’s chest.
Keith couldn’t let them take something that Lance relied upon to live.
“I’ll count to ten before I start filling your pretty little body with lead.” She glanced at the fridge almost hungrily but made no move towards it. “One, two, three, nine.”
“Wait!” Keith yelled. “Just let me get the key.” He said quickly moving towards the drivers seat with his hands raised.
“Be quick about it.” The woman spat.
Keith nodded kneeling down as if to get something from under the seat, then he suddenly jumped into the seat and slammed his foot down on the gas pedal.
The RV lurched forwards knocking the two outside as Keith sped straight into the barricade.
He head shooting and hissed in pain when a built grazed his arm.
He ignored it as they crashed right into the truck flipping right over the top.
Keith was air born for a moment before everything turned black.
When Lance woke up everything hurt.
He was lying halfway through the wind screen with pieces of broken glass sticking out of all visible skin.
He was lucky he could heal so fast or he would surly of died.
Groaning he climbed back inside examining the wreckage.
The RV was a wreck and Lance could smell something strange.
However that smell was over powered by the scent of blood.
Lance’s eyes widened at the sight of Keith lying limply over the air bad with red blood dripping from his nose.
Lance felt his fangs descend at the sight, but shook his head to clear any thoughts of drinking from Keith.
He limped over to him trying to shake him awake earning him a small moan.
Good he was still alive.
Lance hears gun fire again, it hitting the metal creating small sparks.
It was then that Lance realised what that strange smell was.
It was the propane tank.
It must of burst in the crash.
Lance didn’t waste any time.
He picked Keith up and started to run along the highway not even stopping to grab any of his blood.
He thanked whatever God that stilled watched over his time that it was cloudy enough so that he wasn’t burning.
Lance didn’t look back when he heard shouting and gun fire on metal.
Or when the explosion sent him flying forwards falling to his knees as he fought to keep Keith in his arms.
He didn’t look back.
He just kept running.
Even though now they had lost the RV, Lance’s blood supply, all their weapons.
And most importantly, the only shelter from the sun they would likely see for miles and miles.
It was a waiting game now.
What would happen first?
Lance find shelter?
Or the Sun coming out and turning him to ash.
Only time will tell.