they are usually way older than me

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

worst behavior || nursey + jack


He doesn’t answer him, typing away at his keyboard in a way that’s visibly agitated, or at least irritable. What are normally soft, smooth clicks against the mac’s surface are now harsh, broken-sounding; each near-slam of his slim fingers makes a sharp clack in the quiet of the haus’ living room.

“Nursey,” Jack says again.

The continued silence makes it clear that he’s being ignored. Inwardly, he sighs.

“Twenty-eight, your captain is talking to you. Answer, now.”

At this, the typing stops. Nurse looks up at him, slowly, and his face is so uncomfortably nondescript and blank that Jack cringes a little inside of himself.

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The Worlds Greatest Detective

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: Hey there:) can I request something where Bruce comes back from patrol frustrated because the trail he was tracking went cold or something so the reader helps him blow off some steam? Can it be a little smutty please? Thanks;)

Description: After going on a wild goose chase with none other than The Riddler, Bruce returns frustrated and defeated. Y/N attempts to make her lover feel better, but only one thing can make him feel like himself and clear his mind. 

Smut: yep! 

Words: 2266

Requests are open!


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How do you measure a year?

Request: soulmate au- when you reach 18, you stop ageing until you meet your soulmate. 

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x reader

Warnings: mild angst

Word count: 2,797 

A/N: welcome to day one of the @hamwriters writeathon (aka AU time)! I’m posting a fic a day this week (woah) and I am so excited pls come and scream with me. endless thanks to @gratitudejoyandsorrow for proofreading and being awesome ^-^

schedule for the rest of this week here

@pearltheartist, @whitestorm547


You celebrated your eighteenth birthday in seventeen eighty three. Your parents, ageing together for twenty years, looked on fondly as you accepted their gift- new writing supplies and a diary.

“Write about your life,” your father suggested. He had fought in the revolutionary war alongside Washington himself, meeting your mother when he had returned from to New York to begin his life anew.

“Thank you,” you told him. Your best friend Theodosia had already found her soulmate and, despite you being born before her, she now looked older.

You carefully signed your name on the inside cover. The ink shone on the page and you decided you would write a letter to your soulmate each and every day until you met them.


You pushed your way through the streets of New York, shivering in the cold. Having invested your money well over the last two hundred and thirty years, you didn’t have to work full time, and could afford to spend your time in coffee shops, writing.

You were on your two hundredth journal. You always carried your first one and your latest one with you- the beginning and the end of your life, you reasoned. You had written over eighty-five thousand letters to your soulmate.

And you had never met them.

A couple of times you had tried to find someone else- someone who had lost their soulmate or who hadn’t found them yet either, but it never worked. If they had known their soulmate, you could never be enough.

You slipped into your current favourite coffee shop- a two story independent shop that was a stones throw away from Broadway. You wondered idly if there was a new show you could go and see, and decided to head over to take a look later.

There was a new barista at the counter. Her hair a golden-brown that caught the light as she chatted animatedly to her coworkers. You slid into your favourite seat - a cushy armchair by the window - and pulled out your journal.

You opened it to a fresh page and pulled out a pen and a paperclip. You wrote the date above the lines and fished around in your jacket pocket for a moment before finding your ticket to an art exhibition you had been to. You clipped it to the page and started to write.

Dear Soulmate,

New York is so different now- so busy, so tall, and so alive. It’s no longer the city I grew up in, but I suppose the world moves on even if I don’t.

There was an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about soulmates - I saved my ticket. They had photos of people with their soulmates, dressed in the clothing of the era they were born in. The kind of thing they might have worn on their eighteenth birthday.

Couples from all over the world - every nationality, every gender, every sexuality. Little placards letting you know how long they’d waited for each other. People born during World War One - a horrible time - meeting their soulmates today.

It gave me hope that I might still find you.

You closed your journal as the waitress brought over your coffee, setting it down with a smile. You thanked her.

Over two centuries you had met people who had waited for their soulmates for just as long as you had. Many of them had watched their families die, as you had, and struggled to keep faith. Every one of them had found their soulmates eventually and promised you it was worth it.

So you waited.

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RFA Babysits RFA’s Kid

Hope I got this right. Enjoy! 
Expect two to three updates today! Why? I’ve been slacking ^^”


  • Jaehee and MC have been working so hard.
  • Zen wanted to do something nice so he offered to babysit while they went on a date.
  • Zen loves your girls’ son.
  • Zen shows him his motorcycle.
  • After the kid begged to go on it, and a lot of hesitation, Zen agreed.
  • But only once around the block, at a slow speed, and with helmets.
  • Cause if something happened, Jaehee would kill him.
  • Zen gets called in for work a quick reshoot.
  • Zen takes your kid with him.
  • The kid is in awe!
  • “Uncle, Zen! You look so cool! The way you fought that bad guy and saved the girl! Teach me to fight like that!”
  • Zen laughed and told him when he’s a little older, he wouldn’t mind teaching him acting. But for now he should learn how to protect the ladies in his life, his mothers!
  • He goes back to MC and Jaehee a little more more protective.
  • A day later, he asked for a white jacket, like Zen’s.


  • Zen and MC had to shoot a little further than usual so they asked Yoosung to pick up their daughter after school and watch her for a bit.
  • She’s shy at first so it was hard for Yoosung to bond with her.
  • But then he made her food.
  • She laughed at how funny his food looked but it was delicious!
  • Then he asked if she played video games.
  • No?! Well Yoosung will change that. He pulled out his ZiiU and taught her Bario Mart.
  • After a few rounds of losing, she seemed really frustrated. So they played one last round and Yoosung acted as her 2nd place driver. 
  • He took any damage any NPC threw. He drove in front when the Blue Shell was launched.
  • She had so much fun.
  • They built a pillow fort and Yoosung told stories of how Prince Zen saved MC from the evil Hacker. 
  • Zen’s daughter wanted to be saved by her dad too.
  • So Yoosung pretended to tie her up. And when Zen and MC came to pick her up, Zen understood immediately.
  • He acted like a prince and saved her from the evil Yoosung.
  • On your way home she asked, “Can we play with Uncle Yoosung tomorrow?”


  • Saeyoung and MC were in a bit of a pickle cause their babysitter bailed.
  • Jumin was home so he offered this time.
  • Surely if they left the two girls with Jumin, they wouldn’t die… right?
  • These girls were curious about everything.
  • “Why is this fish tank so tall?” “What kind of name is Ellybeth?” “Why is the ceiling here so tall?” “What are those things?” “Why are you so tall?” 
  • Jumin didn’t know how to answer so many questions at once so he just calmly told them, “Her name is Elizabeth the 3rd.” *cackles*
  • How long has it been? Half an hour? Damn. This will be a long day.
  • So he takes the girl to a restaurant.
  • “Wow, we’ve never eaten anywhere so fancy!”
  • The girls start to pretend to be rich pompous old ladies.
  • Jumin finds it amusing and laughs. Direct hit! His laugh charms children!
  • He tells the girls to never be those ladies cause they are bad people.
  • “Don’t be rich?” 
  • “No, don’t marry for money.”
  • The younger daughter is smitten with Jumin and he think’s it’s cute.
  • He spends the day getting to know the girls and teaching them lessons.
  • They can only retain so much cause they’re like 5 and 7.
  • So they spend a lot of time mimicking Jumin and playing with Elly.
  • But the 5 year old tries to include Jumin in everything.
  • The day wasn’t so bad cause he felt like a father himself.
  • After tucking your kids in bed, the younger one asks “Does Uncle Jumin have a wife?”
  • You ask why and she tells you “Cause I wanna marry him!”
  • You hesitate a moment before calling out, “SAEYOUNG! BRING THE HOLY WATER!” 


  • Jumin wanted a day with MC. 
  • So he offered Jaehee more pay for babysitting.
  • Jaehee only agreed cause you wee stressed.
  • Jaehee offers him cake.
  • He asked if it was really okay? His dad would only let him eat what his nutritionist recommended.
  • She won’t tell if he won’t tell.
  • He saw Jaehee’s Judo trophies and asked her to teach him some moves.
  • She was really against it until he said he wanted to try it out on his dad.
  • She agreed only if he didn’t let his dad know she taught him.
  • Jaehee thought he would be difficult but she enjoyed every second with him.
  • MC later asked Jaehee about her son’s new behavior and she confessed she taught him.
  • MC laughed and asked Jaehee to babysit more often.
  • Jaehee happily agreed.


  • Yoosung and MC’s babysitter cancelled last minute.
  • Seven was so excited cause he had the day off and wanted to babysit.
  • This guy had too much energy for your child.
  • Your kid had to scold him to get a decent lunch and not chips.
  • Your kid felt like the babysitter instead of the other way around.
  • But when it comes to the dangerous things like cooking with fire and knives, he was serious.
  • And when your kid tripped and scraped their knee outside, he calmly disinfected the scrape and then put a bandage on it.
  • And another bandage. And another bandage. He even put bandages where there were no cuts, like your kids cheek.
  • When you and Yoosung came to pick your kid up you almost had a heart attack.
  • Why would someone use so many bandages!
  • Your kid asked to go back at least once a week and would cry when he is busy.
  • So Saeyoung visits from time to time.

Ok. I need to talk about this. It just occured to me that this is the only time they actually behaved truly “immature” towards each other. See, it took me a while to think about, and I could never quite put my finger on what exactly it was that I thought fascinated me about the particular way in which the Anne/Gilbert relationship was adapted in this version. Casting is great of course, as is their chemistry, no need to argue about that. But what the writers did here, with all their changes and alterations, additions and partly really flying off the canon big time and into AU-land…they made both Anne and Gilbert seem more ‘adult’ than they actually are, also in relation to one another. The books and all other adaptations hint at the romantic potential of the Anne/Gilbert conflict from the beginning…only it is usually a childish, boys-annoying-girls-girls-pretending-to-be-peeved kind of elementary school dynamic. Anne 2017 is of course altogether more “mature” and realist, with the realities of life back in the days shown more starkly and the timeless realities of adolecence and teenage life struggles also being shown in a pleasantly frank way (period talk, the mouse in the pants, etc.)

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"Blue lipstick is for whores "

So I work at a drugstore and I recently got a job at a big name makeup company. My boss at the drugstore I’ve worked at for two years is honestly a stuck up petty bitch and she’s mad that I only work once a week now. So she asked me how my new job was and I told her great and I was doing well and I was happy, no one at the drugstore is happy it’s a miserable awful job and she’s a god awful boss. So she tells me she came into my new work and saw all the girls working there and said that they were “soooooo made up, they really cake it on there.” So I told her that yes, but I like it because u have creative control and u can be whoever u are there. So she tells me the “right way” to do makeup is by doing it natural bc that’s what she was taught. I said it’s art, people are expressing themselves. She then tells me I’m wrong, that she’s older than me so she knows better, that the way she was raised was right and that my coworkers in their blue lipstick look like whores. She then accused me of influencing her daughter then said she’d never let her leave the house looking that trashy and whorish. So we straight up had an argument and she’s so sexist and it makes no sense because she’s young and usually doesn’t hold beliefs like this. Part of me thinks she was just saying it to get back at me for leaving. She said she hates red lipstick so she thinks Taylor swift looks like a whore. Ok? Taylor swift makes a lot more money than you and doesn’t work at a shitty drugstore. No one asked her opinion on Taylor swift btw. But she loves the kardashians lol. As a woman I don’t believe in calling other women whores for their choices in makeup, she shouldn’t especially as a mother of two daughters. I feel sorry for her kids.

What are Ace Attorney Characters like in the original Japanese Version?

mxearthling asked me:

hello!! i found your AA “pronoun” and honorifc post in the tag and it was really interesting!! i was wondering if you could expand on blackquill, edgeworth, and klavier in particular when it comes to how they refer to themselves/what others call them? i am INSANELY curious.

This is an interesting Question I got a while back. Now that I’ve replayed some of the games AND am playing Spirit of Justice I feel more up to try and answer it. That said, I am going to go through all Ace Attorney main characters, meaning Defense Lawyers, Detectives, Assistants and Prosecutors, and will give you a profile of how they were written in Japanese, comparing it a little to the original. 

This post might be edited when I realize I misremembered something or learn something new.

That said, let’s go!

Currently on this list:

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Mia Fey
  • Maya Fey
  • Miles Edgeworth
  • Dick Gumshoe
  • Pearl Fey
  • Franziska Von Karma
  • Ema Skye
  • Kay Faraday
  • Apollo Justice
  • Trucy Wright
  • Athena Cykes
  • Klavier Gavin
  • Simon Blackquill

Phoenix Wright

Japanese Name: 成歩堂龍一(Naruhodô Ryûichi)

Japanese Name Meaning: “Naruhodô” is a pun on “Naruhodo”, a Japanese phrase akin to the English phrase “I see(what you mean).” “Ryûichi” means “Dragon”, and the ending of the name indicates that he was the firstborn son of his family. This “Dragon” is presumably what served as the inspiration for naming him “Phoenix” in the English localization. 

Refers to himself as: “Boku”, a rather soft-sounding way for men to say “I”, albeit it’s still less formal than “Watashi” would be. This makes me sound younger than a professional who would be using “Watashi”, since older men tend to prefer “Watashi” in their work life. While we’re at “Boku”, contrary to what you may have heard, women *do* use it veeeeeery rarely, albeit women using this in real life are usually seen as eccentric and odd. It’s more common for women to use it in poetic writing, though. In any case, Phoenix’ “Boku” is written in Hiragana, indicating that it sounds especially soft, hinting at his generally mild-mannered personality. 

Referred to by the Textboxes as: “Naruhodo”, with a short “o”, openly acknowledging the pun.

Referred to by others as: Maya, Pearl and Mia call him “Naruhodo-kun”, with the short “o”. Trials and Tribulations indicates that Phoenix tried to stop Mia from constantly cutting off the “O” in the end of his name, but she never did, so the punny nickname stuck. Larry and Edgeworth both call him by his last name, “Naruhodô”, without a honorific, which is common among male friends. Apollo and Athena correctly refer to him as “Naruhodô-san” (with the long “O”). Trucy calls him “Papa”, which explains the writing on his beanie. The Judge calls him “Naruhodô-kun”. Blackquil calls him “Naru-no-ji”.

His Speech-style: Somewhat casual, he does sound like a pretty typical, mild-mannered young man, using less polite forms when talking to Maya and more polite forms when talking to certain witnesses or the Judge. He uses the very common, polite “Desu-Masu” forms (which most people in Japan use when they’re talking to anyone other than their closest friends and family) a lot more frequently than a lot of other characters in the series.

Notes: Probably the character who carried over best in the translation. His averageness definitely helped.

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anonymous asked:

Tell me more about the Paladin Training AU! What does the rest of the team think about golden boy Shiro, and how does this effect them when they form Voltron for the first time? Tell me more about the first time they decided training and dark history be damned, they're going to do this Voltron thing their way. Tell me about how the team decided THEIR Shiro, (not the Shiro conditioned by training, quiet and submissive before the command, but the Shiro who rebels and protects) is the one they 1/2

2/2 will follow till the end of days. Tell me how these strangers became the team that will save the universe.

(So I originally wrote this from Lance’s POV in tumblr and then lost all of it when my computer suddenly reset.  This version ended up better anyway.  It doesn’t answer a lot of your questions, but they also weren’t strangers in this AU.  They were raised together.  But here’s that story anyway.

Based on this original post)

The short of it was: nothing was the same since Zarkon betrayed them.

The short of it was: Hunk wished things could go back to how they’d been.

Those first few days right after had been terrifying.  The panic, the yelling, the strained atmosphere.  Hunk had wanted to stay in his room for it, but he wasn’t allowed to, and even if he was, Lance would have dragged him out.  For the longest time, they’d had no idea what anyone was talking about.  There were just clipped commands, being told to sit and wait and be good, while horrifying words like ‘rogue’ and ‘attack’ and ‘death toll’ were thrown around, just barely within hearing.

All of them had been put into one room and while they weren’t told not to leave, the implication was strong.  Immediately, Keith turned to Shiro, trying to get him to spill.  In hindsight, Hunk didn’t know why they’d all thought Shiro would know, except that he was older and he was going to be their leader someday, and he always helped with the answers to their nightly school work, so maybe he knew this too.

Shiro hadn’t.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure they’ll tell us soon,” he told them, hands up in placation, and at the time he hadn’t noticed, but when he thought back, Hunk thought Shiro looked just as scared as the rest of them.

That look only got stronger when one of their instructors burst in.  “Shiro,” he called, voice icy, and Shiro stared back, eyes wide.  Shiro always seemed so much older than them, but in that moment he’d been very young looking.  “You are to come with me.”

It wasn’t even an order.  It was a demand.  It was a threat.

“Just me?” Shiro asked, and ducked his head at the immediate glare.  “Yes, sir.”  Iverson’s hand clamped down on his upper arm, rough in a way none of them usually saw, as Paladins to be.

He was dragged away, and Shiro cast another wild look over his shoulder.  “I’ll be back soon,  Stay calm.”

Then he was gone.

(Read more below)

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anonymous asked:

Would you have any tips on how to write a girl in the early 1800s, i.e. what she would wear, what the streets would be like, what she's expected to do for others etc?

Hey there, love! Before I begin, I just want to say historical accuracy is a thing that lots of people struggle with and find themselves lost at where to start at as the internet contains a boatload of information! Now, seeing as you never specified where the setting is in your writing, I’m going to give you a general statement for each category.

Also, a quick note before hand, if your book is fantasy or along the same lines of that genre, don’t feel limited to the history you just find online! Add your own stuff about the history. For example, if your story is about Vampires (and if they are widely known to exist), include national holidays for them or something like that. You can include things that don’t exist and alter things that do, just don’t be insensitive about it.

Now that is out of the way, let us begin!



Starting with children, most still typically wore what we would call ‘hand-me-downs’ now or things cut and hemmed from adults old clothing if it didn’t fit. Infants and young children usually didn’t have clothes with a distinct sex intended about them or in other words, they’d be ‘unisex’. This typically consisted of some type of gown, robe, or tunic. As the children got older, however, their clothing got more in tune with their gender.

Boys ( from 4-6) would either wear skirted outfits which were simpler than girls and lacked more color and trim. They also held more masculine details such as being accompanied by a dress of some sorts. Boys (from 7-14+) wore ankle-length trousers that were buttoned to a short jacket worn over a shirt with a wide collar edged in ruffles. For girls, they were typically always seen wearing dresses regardless of their age. The only difference is that as they grew older, their dress became more lengthier and complex. Please note that depending on status (whether they were a peasant or noble, etc), the quality of these items would differ. Peasants would receive the bare minimum and nobility were given the finer things. Most children were barefoot during the warmer months and wore loafers otherwise. Girls also had flats and heels.

Now onto men, they usually wore breeches (a pair of pants/trousers that stopped at the knee or sometimes at the ankle) or pantaloons (a more casual version of breeches). They also typically wore coats with tails, shirts that featured cuffs, sometimes with ruffles down the front and wide collars. They also usually wore hessian or wellington boots and a cravat (a cloth worn around the neck), a top hat and a wig (as powdered wigs were in fashion back then though nobility and highly respected positions such as doctors, military, lawyers, etc usually only worn these and not peasants).

For women, they always had to wear stockings and their undergarments were usually a pair of drawers (that peaked out in younger girls) and a chemise. As women were not supposed to show much skin back then, they wore a kerchief (similar to a cravat) though it could be taken off during formal occasions. They also wore corsets which was to support their body and perfect their posture. Peasants usually wore a cap and gown and they always had to have their hair up in a bun, usually. During colder weather, they would often wear a shawl over their gown and around their shoulders. Nobility usually wore petticoats under their much finer gown. Many women, regardless of status, had an everyday dress and a dress meant for church.

What It’d Be Like

Until the beginning of the 1840’s, most homes were made out of logs. During the 1840’s, bricks were made available though most peasants continued to use logs whilst the nobility and royals used bricks and stone. Most homes were not large and included a room for the family to live in and then another for the family business (doctors, lawyers, and others always made sure to have a separate room to do their work in). Streets were not paved and there were no cars. Usually, there were cobblestone or dirt streets and horse-drawn carriages were used.

There isn’t much information on this though many worked on farms and such whilst the woman ran the houses (cleaning, cooking, etc) and the children did their chores or went to school (typically only boys did though few noble women did as well). Nobles typically had servants do their housework and nannies to care for young children and private tutors for their children.

Women were expected to cook, clean, and take care of other household chores (unless they were slaves who worked in the field). Men typically worked from sunrise to sunset and weather often didn’t affect their jobs. Young girls often kept with their mother to learn how to do such chores whilst boys went to work from varying ages.

There were some activities though such as painting, pottery, sewing, etc for women and hunting, gambling, going to bars/pubs, etc.

I hope this helped some! I’m unsure of the accuracy of some as, like most, I rely on the internet for my research and am in no way a historian. However, if you have any additional questions about this on a specific area/culture of the world, feel free to send in another question, lovely! Good luck and happy writing!

- Mod Lilly

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

My little ballerina.

Request from anon:Ummm hello! If it isn’t too much of a bother could you plz write about this little girl from Red Room who’s super badass and hydra takes her to train more with Bucky and at first he doesn’t trust her but then slowly starts warming up to her. Oh and just imagine that he calls her his little ballerina! *_* sho cute! HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT

Note: I actually found it rather hard to get the whole ballerina remark into this so I hope I managed to pull it off!

Winter Soldier x Young!Reader

Words: 1,816

Warnings: Violence, gunshots, injuries and fighting.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

The Winter Soldier’s sharp blue eyes were trained on you, watching your every move, he didn’t so much as blink while you took out each man in the room because he needed to see EXACTLY what you were capable of…he didn’t just train anyone, although he wasn’t at all happy that you were so young.

“Isn’t she just spectacular?”

An agent of Hydra sat himself down next to the intimidating frame of the super soldier as his eyes also travelled to the small girl who was knocking out men three times her height.

“She is young…” His voice was cold and emotionless but it was more than evident that he wasn’t at all impressed with the new ‘apprentice’ he was going to be given. “…which makes her a liability.”

The agent’s face hardened as he continued to speak to one of their best creations but his eyes never moved away from the carnage you were creating.

“You may not be in a cell soldier but you are still expected to do as you are told. You have been assigned to train her and that is exactly what you will do. You think she is a liability? Then make sure you teach her not to be.”

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For Steter Creator Appreciation Week, I’m gonna make a post of some of my fave Steter fics. You should check them out :D (assuming you like Steter and haven’t already read them, which you probably have, but you could reread them for scaw)

Amends by AuntieClimactic

This one is first because AuntieClimactic starts with an A, but it’s coincidentally also the first Steter fic I can remember loving for their relationship rather than just the way the worst parts of Peter and Stiles can twist each other. It’s adorable and fun, and takes place years in the future when Stiles is sheriff and Peter has returned to Beacon Hills after undergoing a significant amount of therapy. The pack is happy, and Derek is alpha. I’m pretty sure it was written between seasons 2 and 3. Early on, I rarely read Steter because I thought it was more about pain and corruption, but Amends is about forgiveness and love.

Pulled Taut by Corpium

This one features helpful manipulative asshole Peter Hale, which is a version of Peter I can get behind. It always feels too rosy when Peter’s upfront and helpful. This is the first part of a series, and I definitely recommend reading the rest too. 

Whatever Works by KouriArashi

My favorite soulmate AU by far. It’s technically Steter and Sterek both, which is part of why I read it while I was still primarily reading Sterek. I really love the worldbuilding included in this, addressing the changes you might find based on people being able to recognize their soulmates based on tattoos. 

Something I Can Never Have by KouriArashi

This is another of the earliest Steter fics I fell in love with. Stiles goes to Peter for help avenging the pack after they’re killed. It’s dark, a great example of Peter helping Stiles meet the darkness inside him, which, yeah, is one of the great things about this ship sometimes. Also, I bookmarked this and Whatever Works so far apart that even though I know KouriArashi is a writer I like, I somehow didn’t realize I’d kept two of their fics.

Flickers Between Radio Silence by mia6363

This one flips the usual dynamic between Peter and Stiles in a lot of ways because even though Peter is still older than Stiles, he’s leaving everything he knows to enter a place/society only Stiles is familiar with. I really enjoyed the worldbuilding here. It’s my own fault I don’t read a lot of AUs; something about this one called to me. It might have been the title. 

Parade Upon Your Victory by oriolevent

I love the title of this one too, and it’s another AU, though it has more similarities to canon than the last. Peter keeps most of the fun parts of his personality, but his bad history with the pack is gone. He’s just Derek’s slightly estranged and very hot werewolf uncle. Stiles is a badass witch and immediately attracted to Peter. 

Gamer Trash by taylorpotato

This one is just a lot of fun. A lot of it is written in chat format, so it reads really quickly. Their voicechat conversations are distinguished by italicizing text instead of dialogue tags. Prose is only used for in-person interactions. I really liked the formatting because it felt a lot like what you get while actually chatting with people, and their dynamic is distinctive enough that I don’t remember having trouble telling who was speaking. Anyway, if the premise of accidentally meeting in an MMORPG after s3b is amusing to you, this will definitely amuse. taylorpotato’s account is restricted, which I assume means you have to be a member to see? I don’t actually know.

Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems by taylorpotato

I love this fic so much. The premise is that Peter is a deaf werewolf, and Stiles is the child of a deaf parent. Their signing is written in ASL Gloss, so read the opening notes if you aren’t familiar with it. The first conversation is a rehash of canon from late s1, which gives you time to get used to it. taylorpotato’s account is restricted, which I assume means you have to be a member to see? I don’t actually know.

love me lights out by veterization

This fic. You might have noticed from a few of my earlier comments that I slowly eased into reading Steter. If I had been standing at the edge of the pool dipping my toes in the water, this was the point where I just jumped straight in. The premise itself is simple: a snowstorm traps Stiles and Peter in a hotel room together. You can guess how it turns out, but getting there is so great. I’ve read a few others of veterizations fics, but I think this one is my favorite. Also I love the title. 

I think this might be an unpopular opinion based off some posts I’ve seen, but I don’t really think that the Liam romance is incomplete or needs fixing because there isn’t a big sex scene at the end of the romance. I think criticisms or desires for such are valid and wouldn’t want to diminish them. Granted, if Bioware threw more content at us, of any kind really, I’d happily take it. But I don’t think the merit of the romance is diminished because the arc does not culminate in sex.

Bioware said throughout development that not all romances would culminate in sex, and that there would be different romance arcs for different people. So for some Andromeda characters, yeah, the end of the romance comes together with sex. But not all, and I actually really like that. I think it can be a bit exclusionary of a narrative, and also unrealistic. I mean, think about it… in any relationship, are all ills past and future cured once the pair has sex? Not even close. It’s not always the hardest thing to work toward in a relationship.

For Liam, it doesn’t seem like sex is the hurdle. He gets a hookup early on and Ryder has the choice of whether to decide if they want to move forward with something more serious, or just leave it at a one night stand. If you choose to move forward with a relationship, you can definitely get the impression that this isn’t the most familiar thing to Liam. After you choose to lock in a relationship with him, he sends you an email where he talks about “no more games”. He hasn’t played with Ryder, hasn’t been dodgy or shady about a relationship. I think he mostly means himself by that. 

Then, he takes his sweet time putting together the jump jet date, as he says he will. He works on sweet things for the two of them, tries not to get ahead of himself, admits that he says things before thinking. It strikes me that taking relationships seriously with heavy commitment is something he wants, but knows he’s not great with. 

The romance doesn’t end with a titillating sex scene like some others do (and tbh on a personal level, I am very glad because the sex scenes have actually ruled out certain romances for me as an ace person). Liam doesn’t get a giant romantic “I love you” moment, but I think it’s hard to miss that all the scenes you get with him really do say I love you, just in his own way. He makes Ryder mix tapes of movies with themes, and sends them sweet messages just to let them know he’s thinking of them, talks about them growing old together. The love is clearly there, and I don’t think it means Liam loves Ryder any less if he doesn’t get a cut scene to show it.

I think that for a romance between two 20-somethings (because though we’re never given an age for Liam, I find it hard to believe he’s any older than 25/26), I think it’s highly realistic. I know plenty of people whose relationships begin with sex, and they fumble their way to something serious and committed. Sometimes people don’t know how to say “I love you” so easily, but they know how to show it in the best ways they can. So I really don’t believe that Liam didn’t get a good or complete romance because the arc is a bit reversed from Bioware’s usual formula. I think that the arc itself is just completely different, and to me, was incredibly refreshing.

Love Is Enduring

Paring: (Yoongi X Reader)

Prompt: Yoongi Soulmate AU! (Tattoos Are Forever Pt. 3)

Genre: Even MORE Angst

Words: 4.3k

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Altitude (m)

Word count: 5,187

Warning: Jimin smut


You take a swig from the bottle in your hand, savouring the sharp flavour on your tongue you’ve been waiting for all day long.

The boy next to you, impatiently holding out his hand, rolls his eyes when you let out a fulfilled sigh. “Dude, it’s just vodka with fucking water.”

“Fuck off, Yoongi,” you respond, showing your affection for the guy by taking a sip. Only when he basically rips it out of your hands do you hand it to him with offendedly. “Fine, take it.”

Yoongi leans back until his head hits the brick wall, then copies your actions. “Fucking hell, Jimin again today.”

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anonymous asked:

What is your opinion of sex in YA , or on author who makes sure their YA (shelved in the children's areas!!!) is jammed pack with sex scenes. I mean not just hinted, it's greatly described like erotica like "velvet wrapped steel". I'm just curious.

Well clearly I support accurate portrayals of sex (and contraception) in YA. Completely sanitizing books for teens doesn’t make sense to me. Teens deal with real issues and real lives. Portraying relationships, particularly healthy, consenting ones, is extremely important. On a personal level, I prefer writing cut to black romance scenes but that’s just me. More explicit scenes are a different ballgame.  I’ll read it but that’s not where my talent in writing lies. We don’t have a ratings system in literature the same way movies do (or television), so it can get tricky.

YA is a bit of a crossroads so it’s difficult to distinguish older end from younger end. There’s lots of MG-YA cross as well as YA-adult/new adult (I think). It comes down to booksellers or librarians or parents being aware, I guess? But teens can handle a lot more than most think and I think they’re usually the best judge of themselves. But erotica in kids books (under 14) or presented as something for children seems a little much to me. I don’t think it really happens though. At least in my experience.

A New Chapter (Ch. 1): The Plan

Characters: Dean Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Dean Winchester x Mia Walker (OC)

Length: 1631+ words

TW: Unrequited love. 

A/N: Chapter 1 of my new Series/Sequel! I hope you guys enjoy. Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

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When a Winchester makes a promise, they stick with it. There are no ifs, ors, or buts, when it comes to a promise. They stay true to their word.

When Dean promised Y/N to give her a chance at a normal life, he meant it. He planned his course of action down to a T. He knew he had to distance himself from Y/N to make it easier for when the time comes that they have to say goodbye. The first step was to physically distance himself from her. Before, every time they came back from a hunt, Y/N made sure to dote on the boys as often as possible, knowing they could leave again soon. She spent every second with one or both of them when they’re home. Slowly, Dean would reject hanging out with her, or her offer to go with him to do a supply run or fixing up Baby. It killed him to see her crestfallen face every time he rejected her, but he kept thinking about happy she would be without having to face the supernatural world.

Everything snowballed when Mia Walker came into the picture. She was a hunter that they had met through a hunt last month- saving their butts when they brothers were kidnapped. Dean was immediately smitten by her badass attitude, and attractive looks. After spending a night with her, and kicking Sam out, he was positive that Mia was a great way to release his pent up feelings and thoughts. He made it clear from the beginning that what they had between them was only physical, and not to expect anything. She agreed, and soon clothes were thrown off, and they sealed the deal with a night full of copulation. Soon Mia became a constant in their lives, and not long after Dean made the decision for her to live in the Bunker with them since she was over for most of the days anyways.

It was just another hunt where they decided to bring Y/N along. Sam’s insistence on taking her out was met with nonchalance by his older brother, and disapproval from Mia. It was a 6-hour trip to their destination, and the tension was thick. Mia and Y/N sat at the back seat, not knowing exactly what to say to each other. Things had happened so soon, and so many changes were happening that it was hard for Sam and Y/N to adjust to another member of their little family. It was a relief when Dean pulled up to a motel, getting two rooms. He and Mia shared a look before walking to their shared room.

“Guess you’re rooming with me!” Sam joked, elbowing Y/N on her side.

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Why I Love - [Chpt. 11]

An Old Friend

Negan x Addison 

A/N: eventual smut ( ̄ω ̄), woot I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. xoxo I’ve mapped out a few ideas for the next few chapters, but I could always inspiration! <3 Love you beautiful peeps 

Chapter 10 || Masterlist 

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Stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him 


Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. The medical supplies were spread all over the counter. I had offered to help out Carson as a thank you for what he did for Toby. Right now, as I’m taking inventory, all I can think about is Negan.

Tapping the back of the pencil on the counter, I bit my bottom lip, shaking the arousing thoughts that ran rampant through my mind. Why am I constantly so back and forth about this? One minute I’m throwing myself at him in a random cabin in the middle of nowhere, and the next I’m shying away.    

I’m not going to lie, hearing Naomi and Jade both talk about Negan made me feel intimidated. I’m nowhere near as experienced as they are or as he is, and realize now that I can easily make a fool of myself. 

I can’t bare the thought of doing that in front of him. 

He’s become an itch that I can’t seem to scratch, turning me into pent up ball of frustration. I need to get a grip of myself. 

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Neverland (8/?)

Summary: The Fakes hate Gemini. They’re a vicious, cut-throat crew who go against everything the FAHC stand for. But when a bigger, badder threat comes along, Michael and Ryan are forced to team up with Gavin - Gemini’s mastermind thief - to take down a common enemy.

The two of them are determined not to get too close - but living together in a small safe house, it’s hard to hide all the ways that you’re broken.

all major content warnings at the start of part 1

c/w for this chapter: Gore/graphic violence (not inflicted on a main character), descriptions of abuse.

Part 1  Part 7  AO3

xiii. guilty conscience

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