they are turning into each other

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I definitely think your seeing what you want to as well. More so than that anon

how so? if you want me to show you a look of uncomfortableness and borderline jealousy–this is it 

it’s not even new jealousy. veronica and jughead have both showed insecurity over archie and betty’s history in the past, even though it has been nothing but friendship between them. and that scene was nothing but friendship. he gave her a book from when they were little kids. there was nothing romantic about it. betty and archie smiling and joking with each other does not mean they’re flirting with each other. we had a really cute moment in 2x07 where jug and archie are smiling and talking about the future….. i haven’t gotten any pessimistic, outraged anons claiming that was flirting. friends laugh and joke with each other. it’s, like, the staple of being friends with somebody 

this is not the face of a person who is hoping her friends aren’t getting back together. in fact, her mouth only turns down slightly at the end when veronica tells her she bought the gift pre-break up 

my anon thinks the fact this shot is focused on betty with veronica blurry means something, but…… 

what’s the deeper meaning here, then? betty is the focus, veronica is blurry– but archie hasn’t even been brought up yet 

i refuse to gif the kiss, but let’s take a moment to point out that in nearly every kiss she’s shared with jughead, they’ve grabbed each other’s faces. like kissing just isn’t enough. they wanna be closer. neither betty nor archie tried to deepen the kiss or create more contact 

let’s move onto betty’s face after the kiss 

do i even really need to say anything? that’s not the look of somebody that just kissed their childhood crush and is pleased about it. in fact, she looks shocked and horrified 

the kiss happened midway through the episode, and, yet, we got no further indications of romance between them. no weirdness, no lingering looks. it’s like they just….. brushed it off….. like it was nothing

this, however, is not nothing. she looks heartbroken. she loves jughead so much. you can’t refute that without sounding totally delusional 

i also want to point out that jughead is the only person betty gave a present to. sure, she could have given archie and veronica presents off-screen– but jug is the only one we got to actually see or hear about 

and, i mean, compare these two looks 

she has never looked at archie the way she looks at jughead. she absolutely adores him. she’s in love with him. i do not believe, at all, in the slightest, that betty has feelings for archie. other than initiating the kiss, she has shown no romantic interest in him whatsoever 

SoC headcanon
  • Once upon a time, the dregs gave each other makeovers and Kaz turned Wylan emo by accident. 
  • Jesper picks out something for Nina to wear. Nina has a meltdown when she sees herself in the mirror
  • Kuwei uses his impeccable drawing skills to craft a Wylan mask for himself. When asked why, he just replies: “For old time’s sake”
  • Nina does Inej’s hair and make-up (just a little, though) and covinces her to wear the traditional Suli gown her parents had sent her. Kaz didn’t know Inej could look even more beautiful than she already did. He tries to hide his obvious adoration. He fails miserably.
  • Meanwhile Wylan gave Kaz some more colorful clothing. Kaz looks awful in it. Not because it doesn’t suit him, but because it looks sweet enough to give him a toothache and he hates it. 
  • Inej thinks it’s cute. Somehow he doesn’t hate it that much anymore.
  • Matthias gives himself a makeover because he doesn’t trust anyone else not to turn him into a “djel-awful abomination”. He comes out of his room wearing a knitted overall. Nina starts to look like she’s about to throw up.
  • Kuwei also dresses up Waffles, the crow. He gives her a tiny black paper coat and tries to get her to pick up a paper cane with her beak. When she finally gets it, he shows it to Kaz.
  • “Look, it’s you, but pretty.”
  • Kaz pretends to be angry, but damn it, his two kids look just like him now. 

Alright MEGAN. (This is somewhere between a headcanon and an imagine idk)

So you and Prince!Tom have been friends since childhood. You’re not royal yourself, but you do come from a very important family. You and Tom have gone to the same private school together and you’ve had the same tutors to teach you all about how your government works, how you fit in, etc. They also teach you etiquette so you learned how to walk and talk and sit and dance  at important social gatherings together. You’re always around each other and are very close.

When Tom turns 18, a huge ball is thrown at the palace. Naturally your whole family is invited, and Tom offers to let you spend the night afterward because he knows you hate the long drive back to your estate when you’re exhausted. So you get all done up and head to the party. Shortly after you get there Tom makes his grand entrance, and his eyes immediately find yours. He almost forgets how to walk because wow you’re breathtaking. 

He comes right over to you and asks you to dance (something you’d discussed previously, because it was customary for him to start with a dance and he was comfortable with you). You accept and he leads you by the hand over to the dance floor. It’s just the two of you and you can tell he’s a little nervous about all the eyes on him. You try your best to offer him silent support as you spin around the room.

After that first dance you don’t get to see a lot of Tom for the rest of the ball. He’s busy entertaining his guests and you’re busy mingling and networking for your family. After he makes his grand exit at about eleven, you start saying your goodbyes, seeing off your family before slipping into a back hallway and heading up to Tom’s suite. You get up there and he’s already out of his tux, lounging on the couch in his sweats. You flop down next to him, the skirt of your gown swallowing most of the cushions, and kick of your shoes.

“I hate heels,” you say, flexing your toes. Tom laughs.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you that you look beautiful tonight,” he replies. You’re glad your foundation covers your blush.

“Thanks,” you say, as casually as you can. “But to be honest I can’t breathe in this thing.”

Tom smiles and reaches over the arm of the couch to grab the overnight bag you’d brought. You thank him and take it into the bedroom to change. You toss the bag onto the bed and reach behind you… only to find you can’t reach your zipper.

You pop the door back open and ask Tom to help you. He hops right up and comes to the door. You turn around, and it isn’t until you feel his hands on your skin that you realize what’s about to happen. Tom seems to hesitate too, but then he slides the zipper down just enough for you to be able to reach it, and lets go politely. You turn back around to thank him, but when you make eye contact the words get caught in your throat. There’s something in his eyes that you just can’t place.

“Thanks,” you finally whisper. You take a step back into the room and shut the door again. You look around the room as if the walls would have answers to what the hell just changed between the two of you. Shaking it off, you change quickly, and head back out. By the time you get back to the couch the tension has passed. Tom is on his phone and he looks at you when you sit down.

“Do you want pizza?” he asks.

“God, yes.”

Half an hour later you two are digging into a pie from your favorite joint. Tom takes a selfie of the two of you, him making a dumb face and you smiling brightly with your slice of pizza, still in full hair and makeup. He puts it on his instagram with the caption “So glamorous.” and the two of you laugh as the comments roll in. 

People have been shipping the two of you for years, and it never phased you until tonight. There was a comment that said “i heard a rumor that he picked her for his first dance tonight. they’re BASICALLY married” and then 13 comments below that calling it bullshit. A lot of people call you couple goals, and a lot more are jealous of your pizza.

Eventually the phones go away and you’re back to your comfortable companionship. After you’re full of pizza you start pulling the bobby pins out of your hair, and Tom can’t help but laugh as he watches them pile up on the coffee table. Your hair is a huge, wild mess by the end of it, and you’re both laughing at how ridiculous you look.

“You know you can take a shower if you want,” Tom offers. One more look at your hair and the amount of product in it and you agree that it’s probably a good idea.

You’ve showered in Tom’s bathroom before so it isn’t weird. You know where he keeps everything so you grab yourself a towel and get in. You don’t have any of your products, though, so you’re forced to use Tom’s. The familiar scents of his soaps and shampoo give you a surprising twinge of comfort and contentment.

Hair wet and makeup washed down the drain, you exit the bathroom. Tom looks up at you and doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t look away either. Maintaining the eye contact, he gets up and walks over to you, and that strange tension is back. It twists in your stomach and makes your heart pound in your chest.

Tom stops in front of you, body just inches from yours. Neither of you speak. Tom’s hands come up and cup your cheeks. His eyes flicker down to your lips and your chest explodes with excitement for what you know is about to happen.

You put one hand on his shoulder and wrap the other around his neck, pushing up on your toes and connecting your lips with his.

It’s like coming home. 

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Why do you even care about Vento Aureo? Stone Ocean is a better part!

Anon, I feel betrayed…

I expect these sorts of comments about Steel Ball Run (and less commonly, about Diamond is Unbreakable).
I have grown resigned to this. It is like water off of a duck’s back to me by now.

But Stone Ocean? I thought I had something special with Stone Ocean - that it was a part that I could trust, that wouldn’t ever turn on me.

The other divisive, often misunderstood part, victim to comparisons to other parts, which are invariably deemed better; the other part that moved me with its dark and reflective themes.

I thought there was a solidarity between us, even if we didn’t necessarily understand each others’ ways. That we were equals.

On this day, my heart is broken, anon.

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Mr. Wheezy can teleport by turning to ash and reforming in the game. So imagine that he puts an ashtray on the ground and foot first burns up just to get around the casino. Though he have to know where each ashtray is in the process. It freaks out the new employees when he appears out of nowhere while the others don’t even bat an eye.

Soft daddy is a ninja I can’t believe this

I’d say he developed quick dodging reflexes bc I’m sure some staffs would react by throwing a punch out of surprise - took him about a year or two in his younger days to learn this

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Can you write something tiny where El accidentally picks up on Mike's and Dustin's and Hopper's swearing and Hop is just shocked when she drops a FUCK or something?

I’m going to try to work this in to a fic at some point, but now I’m just imagining El boiling water for pasta or something, and she accidentally burns herself and practically shouts an F-bomb—while all the lights in the house flicker—and Hop’s like “HEY! Where’d you learn that?” And she turns around and fiercely shouts: “YOU!” And then they both stare at each other and Hopper starts laughing because he knows it’s true. 


Title: Heartlines
Author: Anonymous  
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 72,200 Approx.  
Summary: Harry never expected he’d end up chipping away at his virginity while wandless and bonded to Malfoy in Northern Europe. // He never expected that would turn out to be the least surprising thing to happen while out on their training expedition in the middle of nowhere, either.
Content/Warning(s): bonding!fic

This fic, oh my god, this fic!  It’s Harry and Draco trainee Auror partners, who just so happen to be attracted to each other, and who are about to go in an training exercise wandless and bound to each other, so you know it’s going to be awesome.

But wait! There’s more! The thing, just before this trip Harry and Draco had a ~moment.  Okay, they went out for drinks and Harry kissed him and of course things got awkward and they had been getting along so well, you see, but now they aren’t quite talking. Only obviously they have to talk in this mission, and the beautiful thing is, they actually do talk. Harry says he didn’t regret kissing him and Draco said he surprised him and, well, things are a bit less tense but it’s full of sexual tension. And then they share a bed AND well things get really interesting.

One of the things I loved the most is seeing Harry and Draco like this. They are honest with each other, they haven’t forgotten who they are, or who they were, but they are growing, they accept the people who were, the mistakes they made and have learnt from them.

There’s of course the ~issue~ of Harry’s virginity which, as the summary says, he’s been chipping away as the trip progress. But there’s more than that, too, because this bond was a last-minute addition, and it’s very suspicious of both the bond caster – a foreign specialist, and the instructor, who hates Draco and practically gave them no choice but to accept it.

It’s interesting and amazing, funny and sexy, seeing them getting to know each other even better, seeing them experiment and admit their feelings and finally build something real. Most awesome. 

Why I don’t Believe In Ghosts

cannibalforthemasses submitted:

I don’t believe in ghosts but I can’t deny a few strange things that have happened to me.
When I was a child I would often wake around 4am when the house was still pitched black and hear voices in the living room.
It sounded like a man and a woman conversing with one another but when I would go into the living room, no one was there. Yet after some time I could hear them again, whispering to each other.
Each time this happened I was far too terrified to ever go back to sleep. I never remember a night where the voices stopped, I just started listening to music or turning on a fan to fall asleep. To this day I still sleep with a fan.
When was a kid I also never liked to close the door to my room completely because someone would like to knock on it. I would be playing and someone would knock three times very softly. I blamed my little brother, or maybe even my parents but one day when they were all outside playing catch I didn’t know how to explain the noises.
Another common occurrence was the “breathing”.
As a kid and even a few times as a teenager I would hear what sounded like someone breathing behind me, always when I was alone. The most notable occurrence was when I was home sick with my mother. She was in her bathroom taking a shower. I was laying on the coach, closing my eyes and trying to sleep but still very much wide awake.
Out of nowhere I felt the hot breath of a man, like someone was leaning over me and blowing out a soft breath on my face. I say a man because I heard a soft sigh. It was also interesting because you know that feeling you get when, you don’t see them but you know someone is in the room with you. I knew someone was there. When I opened my eyes however the room was empty.
I told these occurrences to one of my friends, who does believe in the paranormal and she told me something that gives me chills to this day.
“I think you don’t believe in ghosts because to do so would mean you would have to admit they’ve been following you around your whole life.”

FYNK James: 8/10 That is a really good line at the end. Nice. Thanks for sharing the scares!


“You thought you could turn us against each other? Look around, Prometheus. We’re the ones still standing.”  —  Justice League Of America v5 #20

Leave | Daniel Seavey

Requested? Yes indeed! @kodieoirskott Hope you like it!

Warnings? Swearing? 

Word Count: 1,945

(R/P/N) = Random persons name

“Hey good lookin.”

You instantaneously roll your eyes at the familiar voice that belonged to none other than Daniel Seavey. Your best friend snickers quietly as you turn around to face him.

“May I help you Seavey?” You ask sarcastically.

“I was wondering what you were doing after school?” He asks.

“None of your business.” You sass.

Before he can say anything else, you walk away towards your class. (Y/B/F/N) quickly follows behind you ad when you turn your head to look at her, a wide smirk is placed on her lips.

“What?” You ask.

“How long are you going to avoid him? Everyone knows you like each other.” She says.

“I don’t like him!” You exclaim.

“Mhm.” She responds.

“Whatever. I’ll see you at your house later okay?”

She nods her head and you both go your separate ways. As you walk to class you couldn’t help but think about what (Y/B/F/N) said.

You had known Daniel since you were in the sixth grade. You were new to the school and didn’t have any friends. So, instead of going to the cafe for lunch you went to the library to eat and read by yourself.

One day, Daniel had been there. He was behind on a project and needed to work through his lunch period. He was looking for a specific book when you caught his eye. People rarely spent time in the library on their own accord. He noticed you eating by yourself and without thinking about it twice he started walking over to you.

‘Hi.” He said as he approached the table you were sitting at.

You looked up with a startled expression. No one was ever in here at this time and the sudden appearance of the boy scared you.

“Hi.” You responded quietly.

“Why aren’t you eating in the cafe?”

“I don’t really have any friends.” You respond shyly.

Daniel had frowned at this. How did she not have any friends? Instead of asking, he sat down next to her and stuck his hand out for her to shake.

“I’m Daniel. We can be friends if you want.”

You take his hand with a shy smile crossing your features. “I’m (Y/N).”

You and Daniel spent every lunch hour after that together in the library. You two had found out that you had a lot in common and quickly became very close. He introduced you to his other friends and they soon became your friends.

However once you reached high school, Daniel had started to change. You two grew further and further apart and he became one of the populars. He joined a band and really delved into his music, leaving you in the dust.

Along with his popularity, came the title of a heartbreaker. He had girls swarming him for awhile and each one he broke their heart. You vowed that with this new Daniel, your friendship would never be the same so you cut him out of your life. You didn’t have time for an of his high school bullshit.

“Miss (Y/L/N), late again.” Your teacher says when you walk into the classroom.

“Sorry sir. I got distracted. Won’t happen again.” You say as you walk to the back of the classroom to take your seat next to Corbyn.

Even though Daniel and you weren’t friends anymore, you were still friends with his friends. Corbyn and you were the closest right off the bat. Sometimes you and him were even closer than Daniel and you were always grateful that he hadn’t changed when you hit high school.

“What happened?” Corbyn asks knowing you would never be late to class on purpose.

“Daniel.” You respond easily.

Just as you say his name, he strolls into the room with ease. He takes his seat, a few desks away from yours and the teacher gives him the same sass he gave to you.

“Today, we are starting our final group projects. Before you get too excited, I already picked your partners.”

You lean back in your seat and sigh. You didn’t like anyone else in this class besides Corbyn and with your luck he would most likely pair your with Daniel. You cast Corbyn an annoyed glance and he nods understandingly.

“Five bucks you get paired with Daniel.” Corbyn whispers to you.

“I’d lose that bet in an instant.” You whisper back.

“Corbyn and (R/P/N).” Corbyn smiles sadly at you before moving over to his partner.

“(Y/N) and Daniel.”  

“Shit.” You whisper to yourself and you see Corbyn smirking at you from across the room.

You roll your eyes at him and he shakes his head at your actions. Once Daniel sits down in front of you, you turn towards him with an unamused expression.

“I guess we are hanging out today after all.” He says with a smirk.

“Actually we’re not.” You respond with a sarcastic smile. “I have plans with my friends tonight. We’ll work on the project another night.”

“Fine. Still have my number?”

“If it’s still the same.”

You grab your bookbag and walk out of class so you can wait for Corbyn. When he walks out you two head towards his car to head home. When you get to your house, you and Corbyn clean up a bit before your other friends would come over for your weekly Friday night hang out.

“So what’s up with you and Daniel?” (Y/B/F/N) asks.

“We have to work together on a project.” You say shrugging your shoulders before taking a sip of your arizona.

“Is that all?” Corbyn says wiggling his eyebrows.

“For fucks sales guys we’re not dating!” You exclaim.

“Not yet.”

After hanging out for a few more hours, everyone decides to head home. You clean up the house before heading upstairs to bed. Your almost asleep when your phone rings loudly next to you. You reach over and lift it to your sleepy eyes.

“I’ll see you at Starbucks tomorrow. 12 o’clock don’t be late.” -Daniel

You lock your phone and pass out instantly, the text fading from your mind and your dreams taking over. When you wake up, you notice it’s 12:30 and you have two missed calls and five text messages from Daniel. Most of them consist of him asking you where you were.

You suddenly remember his text from last night and gasp loudly. You jump out of bed and get dressed in minutes. As you run out the door you slip your bookbag on your back and call Daniel as you get into your car.

“I’m assuming you overslept?” He says before you can say anything.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He assures you. “I’m sitting in a booth near the back, already ordered your usual.”

“How did you remember?” You ask incredulous.

“I don’t think I could forget. Now hurry up.”

After you hang up with Daniel you quickly drive over to the nearest Starbucks. When you walk in you spot Daniel immediately. He was sitting in the back just as he said with a textbook in front of him and coffee across from him.

You make your way towards him and when he spots you he smiles widely. You slide into the booth across from him and pick up the coffee. He goes to say something but you hold up one finger as you take a sip.

“A caramel brulee latte. You got it right.”

He smiles proudly before responding. “Told you I wouldn’t forget.”

“So what do you want to do this project on?” You ask as you place your coffee down and pull your backpack up next to you.

Daniel begins to explain his idea to you and you nod along. By the end of it you agree to the pretty ingenious idea and pull out your books so you two can get started. After two or three hours of working you lean back against your seat and sigh.

“My brain is fried and I’m out of coffee. I need a break.”

“I’ll go get you a refill.” He offers before standing up.

He comes back moments later with a caramel frappe and you smile up at him. You were surprised he still knew you as well as you still knew him. You figured when he left you in the dust he also left any memory of you with it. Little did you know Daniel remembered just as much as you did.

“So, how have you been?” He asks after setting down his drink.

“No.” You retort instantly. “You don’t get to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Act like everything is okay. We haven’t talked in four years and we don’t have to start now.”

Before he can respond you stand up and grab your things. He’s quick to follow, grabbing your wrist lightly, halting your actions.

“(Y/N) please.” He begs.

Instead of responding, you pull your arm from his grasp and walk away. When you get to your car you get in and drive home as quickly as possible. When you park in your driveway you lean against your seat and turn off the car.

It was too much. Seeing Daniel again, talking to him like nothing happened was all too much. Every feeling you had for him since the beginning of your middle school years came rushing back. You couldn’t, no, wouldn’t have your heartbroken by this boy again. You couldn’t bear it.

You avoided Daniel for a few days after, trying to push away the feelings that came back out of nowhere. You were sitting in your living room watching the newest episode of riverdale when the doorbell rang. You figured it must have been Corbyn because you had been pretty distant recently and refused to talk about what was going on.

However, when you opened the door, there stood Daniel. He looked exhausted and upon seeing your face he sighed. You go to shut the door again but he’s quick to stop it with his foot and slip past the door.

“What do you want Daniel?” You ask knowing he won’t take no for an answer.

“What did I do to make you hate me?”

“You seriously don’t know?” You ask as anger builds inside of you. “You left me at the start of high school so you could be popular. You left your best friend and you broke my fucking heart! So I’m sorry if it ever seemed that I hated you. But you deserved it.” By the end of your little speech you’re breathing heavily, the anger finally bubbling over.

“I never knew.” He says quietly.

“Yeah that was kind of the point.” You spit angrily.

“(Y/N/N) I’m so sorry I never meant…”

“Just get out Daniel.” You whisper harshly.

He starts to walk towards the door but instead of leaving he turns back towards you. He closes the gap and goes to pull you towards him.

“I told you to leave.” You say pushing against him.

“No. I’m not leaving you again.”

You fight against him but he only pulls you closer towards him. You eventually give up and go limp in his arms. He holds you at arms lengths and places his hands on your cheeks making you look at him.

In an instant his lips are on yours and you go to fight him but his hands on your face stop you. You find yourself melting into his arms and you pull him closer. When you break apart he places his forehead on yours and presses a chaste kiss to your nose.

“I’m never leaving you ever again. I promise.”

Rumbelle prompt idea

Belle moves to the town on Storybrooke to run the library. On her first weekend in town, she meets a man at the local dinner. They talk and get to know each other, and afters a few drinks, end up at his house. In the morning, she kinda freaks out because she’s never had a one nightstand and she doesn’t even know this guys name! So she panics and leaves while he’s in the shower.

A month later, she starts throwing up. And since she also missed her period, she goes to the doctor. The only OBY/Gyn in town in one Dr. Rumford Gold.

What do you do when a one night stand turns into your OBY/GYN!?

Don’t Kid Yourself: Chapter 3 - Did You Do This Just To Hurt Me?

Pairing: Erasermic – Shouta Aizawa|Eraserhead/Hizashi Yamada|Present Mic

Categories:  pining, unrequited love, slow burn, angst, very very slow burn

Word Count: 3,000+

Summary: After a short lived silence, Yamada asks to talk in private. Aizawa resists the urge to smash his head into something. 

Notes: This was a hard one. I struggled to decide where to stop. Things are going to take a turn after this chapter. Thanks for dealing with all the pain I keep throwing at you. I meant it when I said slow burn. I really meant it. Stick with me and it will get better, promise. Feedback is always appreciated, no matter how small the comment. I love each and every reader. 

Read it on AO3

Other Chapters:  [1] [2] [3]

Chapter 3: Did You Do This Just To Hurt Me?

Yamada doesn’t really speak to him for two whole days. Sure, there’s the occasional exchange of words at work, can you hand me that? Why was so and so absent? Here’s 1-A’s tests. Nothing real, though. The most significant thing that’s passed through the short gap between their desks was a pen.

Aizawa taps said pen against the top ring of his gradebook, chin resting in his hand. He leans forward a bit, allowing more of his hair to fall down over his shoulder and between Yamada and him.

You want to play this game? Fine, he thinks.

Aizawa finishes marking down the latest test scores for his students and closes the binder, slipping it into his bag.

He’s halfway out of his chair when he hears it, small, mumbled, reluctant. He doesn’t even catch the full thing.

“-ve a goodnight.”

Aizawa pauses and turns back to look at Yamada, whose bottom lip is poking out just the tiniest bit, says, “What was that?”

Now the lip pokes out further. Yamada turns away.

“I said have a goodnight.”

Aizawa hesitates, his left hand gripping the top of his chair and his right hand holding the strap of his bag.

“You too,” Aizawa says.

“C-can, can we talk?”

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Would Willie take the piss outta you and Niall if you were basically living with Niall and Willie was still there and like you walk into the kitchen one morning with a few unconcerned love bites on your neck and maybe niall’s back was red and had some scratches?

Yeah he’d be very casual about it over coffee….. “Guys, I read the most fascinating article last night at 2am while you were fucking each other like rabid dogs.”

Niall pouts and snips, “Oi, watch it!”

“Any way, turns out they’re developing new soundproofing material that’s super thin and can be painted and hung on walls.  You know, for studios…..or……bedrooms??????”

Niall rolls his eys.  “Dramatic much, Will?”

“Rabid dogs, Nialler.” 

Snowflakes and Red Cheeks

Drabble: “Can you do a Vernon scenario where the two of you are on a date and then the first snow of the season starts and I’ll leave the rest to you (hopefully this isn’t too vague)”
Pairing: Hansol Vernon Choi/Vernon x Reader
Word Count: 1138
Notes: This turned out a lot longer than I intended, but I hope that you like it either way! Enjoy!!
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff (hella fluff omg)

Being in Vernon’s company felt like second nature to you. The two of you had grown very close together in your relationship, and despite him being away for long periods of time, you still managed to put together small dates, just so you wouldn’t lose touch with each other. Just like today. Vernon had only been back from his most recent tour for a few days, and yet he wanted to be out and about with you instead of resting, like you really wanted him to. But Vernon was adamant on being time with you, outside, and it seemed that the dreary weather and cold wind didn’t bother him one single bit.

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about the drama and anon asks

Hey guys, thanks fo r all the messages re below - it turns out it was the person i  thought it was. I haven’t engaged with them since we blocked each other but now they’re talking about how I’ve been stalking them about this issue (???) except the only reason I even knew what was going on was ebcause you guys were sending me [anon] asks and screeshots. 

the initial issue involved a mutual friend/third party and I don’t want to drag them through it / make things shitty or exacerbate anything. Even though this means i can’t really explain things or defend myself. I’m not sure if anyone would care about the receipts even if it was anonymised and i’m not sure i have the energy to slog through.

idek i’m not sure what I should do but the point is - i know what’s going on, and I hate vague-posting so. Hopefully I won’t have to post anything about this again, I didn’t expect this to resurface. 

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I trust you. Is Reylo really canon?

the short answer is no. 

the slightly longer, no spoilery answer is rey and kylo have about twenty minutes where they interact in a non-hostile way. they’re two people who relate to each other and think they can turn the other one to their side. hint: they’re both wrong. they touch hands, they talk, they fight together. i get why reylos are excited, but personally i think that none of it was romantic and there was no other sexual tension than the one you experience when someone is in your mind. that’s like given. my best friend actually thought that they showed them more as brother and sister, while i thought they showed them as two people who relate to each other, who could turn into anything in the future.

Easter ditl

Okay but honestly. Imagine an Easter ditl.

We get early morning waking up D&P. We get to watch as they turn their apartment (or wherever they are bc of the tour) inside out and giggle at each other, teasing as they watch the other search high and low for the little eggs they hid for one another. 

I think it’d be eggcellent

Ok I’ll go

Yuletide Giftbox one: The Fam Group

‘Sona gifts, featuring members of my group of fans-turned-friends. Left to right;
@the-enderpony-games @basaltdragon @red-wolf-zander @cosmic-ram (me!) @wolfeyrainbows (a friend who has no tumblr, I think) @elswere-1

I hope you all have a lovely holiday season! We’ve all been through a lot this year, and explored so much about ourselves that we hadn’t even known. We’ve developed new friendships with each other, and I am more than happy to be here with you all, and this fandom. You guys make me genuinely happy, and I’m nothing if not blessed. You are the backbone of this blog, and members of a small, yet strong fandom.

Let’s all look forward to another year of memes, good tears, and discovering more about ourselves and our collective talents.

In the YOI-verse, one of the cutest moments in television is when Viktor and Yuuri do an interview and they’re asked what’s the most important thing in their lives and they both answer with each other’s names. This leads to Yuuri laughing cutely in embarrassment but leaning happily into the quick kiss that a grinning Viktor gives him. 

This is turned into a gif and this clip is watched and shared many times.