they are too precious omg

you know his blowdrying function? yeah kiibo learns a little something new everyday

170408 V chart awards // their varying levels of excitement lol kyungsoo looks like his soul has left his body

Why is he so precious?? T^T

Omg i love him too much, he’s awesome i see why blue choose Lance, i mean come on!?! Their personalities are identical, if Blaytz were still alive (i mean i’m pretty sure he is dead now, but if he still lives that would be awesome) he would be so proud of our precious cinnamon roll <3

Also can we talk about this scene where Blaytz flirts with a male galra servant.

I’m not saying Blaytz is gay, but i’m totally saying that Blaytz is gay.


Boyfriend’s priceless and precious reaction to their first win :)