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Are you filming me? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Can you do one where y/n is driving and Shawn is in the car too and another driver did something and y/n was just angry and swearing and Shawn laughs and records her. I find this really funny.

Authors note: I laughed while writing this and if no one else finds this funny I need to get my humor checked bahah

Requested: yess

“Did you see that?” I exclaim, turning to look over my shoulder for a split second, my expression one of utter disbelief.

“What hun?” Shawn murmurs, looking up from his phone.

“That cow just came out right in front of me!” I clench the wheel between my fingertips angrily. 

“An actual cow or?” Shawn smirks and I shoot him a glare.

“A driver Shawn,” I mutter.

“And now she’s driving like 40 under the freaking speed limit!” my voice raises and I can feel the anger churning in my stomach. “Can I honk her? Shawn, let me honk her… please!” I beg him, looking at him quickly and he’s grinning, eyes alight with happiness.

“Baby, don’t you dare,”

“I’m going to honk her,” the car stops and I press on the break quickly, jolting us forward in our seats.

“DON’T JUST STOP!” I press hard on the horn, anger written all over my face.

Shawn’s cackling beside me, struggling to get air in his lungs.

“What the fuck is she doing, no no no, don’t put on your indicator- fuck she put on her indicator,” I bite my lip, turning my indicator on as well.

“If she’s going to the same place we are, I’m going to flipping loose it,”

“I think you’ve already lost it Y/n,” Shawn gasps. Out of the corner of my eye I see him raising his phone up.

“Are you filming me? Wait, yes- film this… this monstrosity,” I gesture to the car in front of me that’s slowly starting to move into the middle of the road.

“She’s going to get her self killed, and then, she’s going to get us killed,” I say, one hand raising to tug my seat belt tighter. 

“I believe in your driving skills baby,” Shawn chuckles.

“Not the time to laugh Shawn, have you been to church lately?” 


“I would get worried, we’re about to be seeing God soon,”

His laugh fills the car and I can’t help but crack a smile until the car stops again. I slam my hand on the horn.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” The red mazda slowly swings around until it’s completed a U turn.

“It’s doing a U turn! Yes Shawn this is what we’ve been waiting for!” The car passes us and I turn to stare at the driver, an older lady in her mid 50′s behind the wheel. She smiles at me and I put on a fake smile back.

“What an idiot,” I say, the smile stays plastered on my face until she’s gone, Shawn currently still laughing as I put my foot on the gas, speeding up to the correct speed until the car is a speck in the rear view mirror.

“Well Shawn,” I turn to him and he smirks at me.

“Yes Y/n,” 

“What we did just there, that was what you call cheating death,”

How To Decide On a NCT Bias
  • Brain: Jaehyun looks hot in the Fire Truck dance practice tho.
  • Me: Ten is my bias.
  • Brain: That black hair makes him look flawless, plus that side shave is fuckboy needs right there.
  • Brain: OOH remember curly hair Jaehyun with brown hair he looked as delicious as chocolate.
  • Me: TeN Is mY BiAS!
  • Brain: Those dimples are deeper that the ocean.
  • Me: TEN IS
  • Brain: His nickname is Jeffrey and he lived in America for four years.
  • Me: MY BI-He looks so excited and cute when they call him Jeffrey tho
  • Brain: ikr
  • Me: Sighs
  • Brain: about Yuta Nak-
  • Me: nO
Be More Chill Characters as Things I've Said

Jeremy: once this hot guy at dunkins called me cute and I panicked and yelled “I’M GONNA BUY A COOKIE NOW”, voice crack and all

Michael: my amiGOS are my a-mi-HOES

Christine: I think I’ve been listening to too many musicals because I SWEAR I just saw Lin-Manuel Miranda trying to win a stuffed animal over there

Jake: are you on fire? Because I wanna stop drop and roll the fuck away from you


Chloe: *flips hair* you WISH you were this beautiful *walks in to a door and falls*

Brooke: *just found out her froyo weighs enough for 10 dollars* life is too short to go back on this master peice


SQUIP: you keep talking to me as if I wanna be around you…weird

Mr.Heere: you SAY that pants are essential but I KNOW you’re damn uncomfortable so why are you lying to me

Mr. Reyes: *trying his first hot pocket* oh my god this is…this is amazing im- can I have this taste engraved on my taste buds?? I’ve been saved…

dating nct taeyong!1!2!1!!

• taeyong wants love
• taeyong is not afraid to show you that he wants love, well he’s kinda shy about it
• but he wants all the love.
• okok jk, not really, but ok jk.
• taeyong is super nice honestly
• he rests his chin on your shoulders and the top of your head a lot like, watching tv? his chin is resting on your shoulder. cooking? his chin is resting on your head.
• PRETTY RANDOOM BUT he answers all of your questions like, no matter what.
• “…mmmmm…. you look good in red. so. red.”
• he looks so good in like, sleeveless shirts
• he’s so passionate about dancing and he loves it when you love his dancing and he’s just so bashful whenever you talk about his dance skills
• he looks good while dancing in sleeveless shirts and he knows you like it. he. knows.
• he knows most of your weaknesses but sometimes he doesn’t know that the slightest “hand brushing through wet, just showered, hair” action drives you crazy and kills you inside
• “…are you ok????” //the tiny shy laugh he does whenever he’s kinda confused of flustered//
• taeyong is like, lowkey (HIGHKEY VERY) protective over you
• esp w the members
• he won’t even share you w the younger baby rookies
• “jaem-”
• “hyung-”
• “jaemin don’t… don’t touch her” and he whines
• “hyung…hyung i high fived her”
• “i…knew that ok that’s ok.”
• he’s kind of… ok he’s not over protective and stops you from meeting people or hugging people but honestly he’s like “…,,,, why’d u hug that guy there”
• “taeyong that’s my cousin. and he’s 4. 4 years old. and 3 months.”
• “he’s SO CUTE OH MY GOSH THAT’S SO adorable. can we take a selfie w him”
• SUPER- OK IF EXPRESSIONS COULD BE MONOTONE- that’s just, like, a poker face.
• but y'all sometimes use like, really weird filters like dog filters and like, angel demon filters and both of tou are making the best facial expressions ever omg but those are, p r i vate.
• but those selfies are also your…um, phone wallpaper, profile pic for every social media site ever, profile pic on kakao/any messaging app ever, and you post them on social media.
• taeyong posts them on twitter and he’s like “whOOPS. HOW DID THOSE GET ON MY ACC- OH GOSH. but we’re cute, she’s cute ok this is cute aren’t we cute.”
• he brags about you in such a lowkey way to the members. it’s so cute
• “hm who’s this cutie? //looking at a picture of you on his phone//”
• you bicker w yuta and hansol a lot. SO VERY SURPRISINGLY TBH
• “you and taeyong are like, perfect for each other. it’s like a frog and an octopus in love. it’s really beautiful.”
• “…you should be the next world wide drag queen, yuta.”
• “it’s true”
• “shut up hansol”
• hansol and yuta stalk you guys on dates but THEY AIN’T SLICK Y'ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING.
• you guys mess w them on purpose sometimes and it confuses them so much and it’s the funniest thing
• taeyong loves sharing his jackets with you
• you guys buy matching couple snapbacks. yes. it’s cute. you guys are that cute.
• sometimes you guys could just be sitting and talking in the empty practice room and suddenly you guys would just, dance and it’s both really romantic and really… idk it’s really special? and really, fun.
• taeyong is very open about his feelings on special days where you two just stay up talking.
• he cries sometimes talking about his past and his present worries and you comfort him and you feel yourself slightly feeling like you’re about to cry too.
• the pressure of being a leader, of being such a big part of this group, and being such a looked up to figure in this group, really breaks him sometimes but he just tries to think about how such a positive turn his life has taken after he met you, got into this group, got accepted to this company, etc etc.
• aegyo. no need for any more words. just. aegyo.
• you were sick once and like, in bed all day and taeyong felt so bad that he just got you, everything.
• “ok, my baby ok, first off i hope you feel better soon and, i brought you soup, i made your favorite ingredients, and i brought your favorite books, i brought you a teddy bear and i brought you some of my nicest jackets, and, OH. OH YEAH. I GOT YOUR MEDICINE.”
• kissing lee taeyong is either super intense and really hot or super sweet and soft and sensitive and slow
• one time you were like, w hansol, GOD KNOWS WHY BC THAT BOY TEASES YOU LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW, ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW, HE ONLY MESSES WITH YOU, but anyway, you were w hansol bc he’s an old friend of yours
• but you were just sitting at a cafe and just sipping your nice little, iced drinks and just talking about stupid memories from high school gym class, you were in like, 2 classes under him. but he still heard about your embarrassing gym stories. they. were pretty famous.
• and then suddenly this hand just, hit hansol on his back and was like “HANSOL?”
• AND boy was he hot. he had really nice eyes and he looked at you and he was, obviously surprised to see you w hansol bc hansol wasn’t. dating. anyone.
• “um, who’s this?”
• and you smiled and said “im hansol’s old friend”
• “oh, well, it’s nice to meet you!”
• and then, every time hansol met with you, it seemed like taeyong was always with him, and that he somehow always, “happened” to be there.
• and then well, meet and meet, you found out that, wow, lee taeyong is a great guy
• and you guys started talking without hansol, LOL SORRY HANSOL, and you guys, liked it. a lot. taeyong felt like he didn’t have anything to hide from you, and he felt so…comfortable.
• meet after meet, you guys just got a, bit closer, inch by inch, after three meets his hand would be on yours, after five, you guys would be hugging, and after seven, he’d be playing with your hair.
• but he never, asked you out. you know?
• but he probably got some weird lecture from hansol and yuta about how he’s gotta GO FOR IT.
• because one day, as soon as he met you, he seemed anxious and when you said “how was your day?”
• he was like “it was goo- hey you, wanna date? like do you want to be my girlfriend?”
• and gosh you could not stop smiling and you nodded and he smiled and gosh SO CUTE.
• taeyong loves you all the time, but he especially loves you when you bake, or buy him chocolate.
• or chocolate chip cookies. or chocolate flavored macaroons. you know he just really loves chocolate.
• he also just, loves you so much, just, he loves you.
• he loves it when you guys just, embrace each other and snuggle up on each other and watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
• he sometimes treats you like you’re 3 i swear- he’s such a grandpa omg but it’s cute you guys are cute
• you’re like an older sister to donghyuck and mark it’s so funny it’s just, damn it’s just really funny.
• you’re so nice to your elders and you’re so polite and taeyong loves that about you, he loves it so much
• he likes it when you don’t necessarily dress up, like doll up, you know? he likes it when you dress up too but he loves your casual outfit. skinny jeans and a shirt, a pair of joggers, trainer pants, everything casual, he loves it.
• he gets super shy and laughs and smiles a lot when you compliment him on his dancing or singing or rapping
• he feeds you a lot like “this is so good try this oh my god”
• he sometimes just stares at you and you look up at him and smile and you’re like “what?”
• “you’re just so pretty”
• but you like it so it doesn’t really matter
• this is super like, this is such a cliché thing but i can totally see taeyong cutely calling you “여보/yeobo” or like making up a really cute petname/nickname for you
• taeyong is one of those boyfriends who like, consistently tells you how beautiful and nice and wonderful and talented and pretty you are, so you don’t feel even the slightest bit insecure.
• because taeyong knows what it feels like to be insecure, not visual wise, but from the way others view him and he doesn’t want the person he loves the most to go through the same thing, and when you first heard him tell you that, that’s when you first realized that this guy is really, a wonderful and kind hearted person who’s been through so much and that he really loves you.
• ok but taeyong is such a sucker for cute babies he really wants kids
• but like, not now ofc, not now, not yet
• the closest thing he has to a child is the other 39 members of nct, yes even the older ones.
• one time you got kind of jealous bc he had this very, intimate acting session in a (future) mv but taeyong kept teasing you and hugging you and being like “nooooo baby you know i love you”
• working out w taeyong. is a thing.
• taeyong could literally go from, PERFECT MAM HE’S WONDERFUL WOW HE’S A GIFT WOW HE’S A 49495959 OUT OF 10. to omg he’s so cute he’s like 3 no jk he’s obviously like 4 months old goodness what a cutie pie gosh you’re so stupid and so cute and so precious im lovin it.
• taeyong cooks for you and he’s always like “can you try this for me?”
• it’s always tasty
• he loves puppies
• puppies are great and you will never see taeyong not gush over puppies when he sees one.
• taeyong once saw you take care of jisung once and gosh you’d be such parent material
• he once saw your little baby niece. he gushed all over her gosh he loved her and he loved you loving her and goODNESS.
• he’s super good with words it makes you just, QUESTION.
• taeyong has nice clothes
• taeyong’s a fashionista, that does not try.
• taeyong is so, TEMPTING SOMETIMES
• k that was so 19+ i can’t believe i did that he’s like 5 noOooOoo
• taeyong has this, laugh, that he does when a joke or something isn’t funny but he doesn’t wanna hurt the other persons feelings and it’s super obvious, and so, funny.
• his eyes also like, shake??? waver???? when he does that laugh and, IT’S SO AWKWARD HAHA
• “if doyoung and i both fell into a lake and was drowning, who’d you save?”
• “you.”
• “i can swim”
• “you.”
• you guys go shopping sometimes but 7/10 times you guys leave empty handed bc you guys are such parents omg you guys are like “I THINK WE NEED THIS BUT WE PROBABLY DON’T AND WE’RE SHORT ON MONEY”
• but the other 3 times you guys either buy food for everyone in the nct dorm or clothes
• “taeyong you’re going to the convenience store that’s 2 minutes away”
• he really wants cute little babies with you
• like he can’t wait for little tiny babies who’s half you and half him to run around the house and play with him
• he’ll be such a good dad
• it took him like, surprisingly a very short time to say “i love you” to you
• he just, said “i love you” the morning after you two talked all of your feelings out which was like, a few weeks after you two became official
• he totally prefers just seeing you in person, but if he can’t, he’ll video chat you
• sometimes it gets, really weird like, johnny comes in the screen and then ten and then they’re dancing and having a contest on who can twerk better and taeyong’s disgusted
• it’s super funny
• or sometimes he’s laying down in the bed in the dark and just smiling and quietly asking you how your day was and how much you mean to him and something funny that happened that day
• you guys go and take walks a lot, you guys love the other members and their crazy, chaotic selves, but sometimes you guys enjoy the quiet, and the breeze, and the crunch of the leaves during the fall.
• you guys sometimes just, go into animal shelters and pet stores and play with the animals
• you better love taeyong
• with all your heart
• i support this relationship yes i do yes
• pls don’t let my support go to waste
• lee taeyong deserves all the love


also this was requested by @yuyukar !!!! (i was working on both hansol and taeyong at once haha) i hope you see this and i hope it’s good haha

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RFA + Saeran and V reacting to an s/o as energetic as Seven?


  • also v energetic so you’re like a power couple!
  • altho he feels kind of paranoid at first b/c Seven plays a lot of pranks on him
  • needs to keep reminding himself that you two are different people and you won’t prank him like Seven
  • he hopes
  • haha jokes on him you and seven team up a lot to prank him
  • and at first he doesn’t expect it from his cute s/o
  • he falls for the pranks e v e r y time


  • at first believes seven is crossdressing to trick him again
  • well, he won’t fall for that trick this time, even if the Seven imposter does seem really cute and funny and his perfect match-
  • constant random messages “GIVE UP THE ACT SEVEN I KNOW IT’S YOU”
  • until you actually show up at his house and he just kind of- deflates.
  • oh. you’re… you’re real?
  • doesfinds your personality really cute tho
  • your energy hypes him up too
  • altho he doesn’t get half of your jokes, poor zenny


  • oh no
  • not ANOTHER seven
  • she swears, one day she’s gonna get a heart attack b/c of both of you playing jokes or spamming the chatroom
  • the amount of memes you make that she doesnt understand
  • likes the fact that customers can talk to you easily tho
  • probably secretly takes notes on how to become more talkative like u aw


  • at first he’s surprised
  • is this another ploy for seven to somehow capture Elly- I mean Elizabeth the Third?
  • he’s happy that you understand him tho & thinks you’re perfect just the way you are
  • is basically fine w/ you being hyper as long as u can quieten during meetings & important events etc
  • you guys are polar opposites tho b/c he’s calm and collected and you’re v excited always
  • you’re one of the rare ppl who can make him smile easily tho b/c your happiness is contagious :’)


  • the 707 side of him is so HYPED
  • like YESS he’s finally found a meme partner who’s just as hyper as he is!
  • and you get all of his jokes!
  • altho Saeyoung is quieter than his 707 persona, he really likes that your actual personality is so energetic & not so forced like his
  • also. so. many pranks to be pulled.
  • so many.


  • oh god
  • his life is gonna be hell living with not just one but two Sevens
  • T W O
  • is a little wary of you at first because of how energetic you are
  • and since this small bean is socially awkward he doesn’t really know how to approach you at first
  • so you’d probably have to approach him
  • pretends he hates it but deep down he actually loves you & your personality


  • finds you a really interesting subject to study
  • your personality is so refreshing to him
  • he often catches himself just observing you because wOw he’s so in love with your personality?
  • so!! Many!! Pictures!! of you (if you consent to it obvs)

Sorry, V’s is kinda short but I can’t get into his character properly ^^“

Hope you enjoyed, thoo!

~ Jo


also on


:- ))

Jeremy could tell something was off with Michael from the beginning. His usual carefree attitude is gone and replaced with a tenseness unusual for him. What bothers him most was that he didn’t have a clue of what could be causing it.

The night had started off normal. He had gone to bed after hanging out at Michael’s for a while after school. Just as he was about to fall asleep around midnight, he heard his phone softly ping in the darkness. He had been half tempted to just ignore it until morning, but fortunately he made himself sit up and look at the text message he had received.

Hey im outside ur house lets go for a night drive pls

And, okay, that in itself isn’t unusual. This isn’t the first time Michael has shown up unannounced at his house, but he could feel that something is different this time. Maybe it’s the “pls” at the end. Maybe he’s just thinking too much into it. There’s probably nothing wrong and Michael just couldn’t sleep and wanted to hang out with Jeremy some more. Yeah, that’s probably it.


He’s brought back from his thoughts when the car stops. They have reached an empty intersection, the stop sign glinting from the headlights. Michael is staring straight ahead, hands coming from the steering wheel to rest on his lap.

“Uh, Michael, what’s up? Why aren’t we moving? There’s no other cars…” Jeremy stutters out somewhat nervously, his worry increasing.

Michael continues staring in front of him as he says, “There’s just been something…. Just… buddy, I -” He stops suddenly.

“Michael, please, tell me. I’m wor -” He’s cut off by Michael abruptly turning towards him.

“Jeremy, I’m gonna do something. And it’s a pretty big something, like monumental, okay. I just…” He looks determined, though his voice wavers as he says, “I need to do this.”

“Um, okay. But what…?” Jeremy trails off when a warm hand comes up to rest on his cheek. Michael’s thumb traces lightly under his eye as he smiles softly, nervously.

“Just stop me if I'm… doing anything wrong, okay?”

And, oh God, Jeremy is blushing so hard that Michael surely can feel it. His heart is beating rapidly as Michael leans closer and closer. Is he really going to…?

His question is answered when lips meet his own.

It’s chaste and quick and hardly to write home about, but it was so much more to Jeremy and he could only imagine what Michael must be feeling right now. Even after Michael is leaning back with his hand gone from Jeremy’s cheek, he swears he can still feel the warmth and softness of it all. He’s still blushing profusely and he can see that Michael is too.

Michael becomes more and more tense and nervous as Jeremy continues to just sit there and stare at him, mouth slightly agape and eyes wide.

“Jeremy? I — I’m sorry; I just… You’re so… amazing? And cute and funny and I love everything about you and I love spending time with you so much and I… I’m sorry if I just ruined everything or something, I dunno, I just…” He shrugs helplessly at the end.

Jeremy finally snaps from his stupor and rushes to lean over the center console and place his hands on the sides of Michael’s face.

“Dude, that’s so gay.” Jeremy says because he can’t think of anything else to say that wouldn’t make him stutter and blush even more. He begins to regret those words until he sees Michael starting to grin widely and laugh. Jeremy leans back over to the passenger side and begins to laugh as well. Michael laughs louder as he hears Jeremy joining him and -

Jeremy stops as he takes in the sight. Michael’s eyes are closed and his head is tilted back — Jeremy can clearly see the line of his Adam’s apple from the streetlight shining through the driver side’s window — and this all causes Jeremy to swallow nervously but with a slight giddy feeling. He can’t believe someone as attractive and amazing as Michael likes him. Awkward, stutter-y Jeremy. He almost feels overwhelmed. Maybe this is all just a dream; maybe he had never checked his phone after all.

“Is this a dream?”

Michael looks at him, laughing subsiding but a smile is still there. He takes Jeremy’s hand in his own and kisses him again, harder and longer this time. Thankfully, he pulls back before Jeremy can feel embarrassed about the moan that was trying to push its way pass his lips.

“Did that feel like a dream?” Michael is smirking now, hand still clasped with Jeremy’s.

Jeremy blushes as he shakes his head vigorously. “Not at all.”

Michael laughs softly as leans over.

“Good,” he says, before kissing him once again.


They’re sitting in the car outside Jeremy’s house now.

Michael looks a little disappointed as he says, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” He still smiles slightly, though.

Jeremy wonders why this all feels so awkward because it’s just Michael, his best friend, so why does it feel like he can’t think of the right thing to say? Then he remembers why it’s awkward because things are different now. It makes him wonder what Michael is to him now. What are they? Are they… boyfriends?

“What are we?” Jeremy blurts out, face already a deep shade of red.

“Well, uh, what do you want to be? Do you wanna, like, go on a, you know, a date first?”

Jeremy lets out a breathy laugh as he nods. “Yeah, yeah, let’s, uh, do that.”

“Okay, okay, cool.”

“Yeah, cool.”

A beat.

“Sooooo…” Jeremy starts but stops when Michael starts laughing. “What? What? Why are you laughing?”

“Because, buddy, best friend, light of my life (Jeremy blushes at that), you are so hopelessly awkward.”

Jeremy sputters, “Wha — Hey! You aren’t any better right now! And can you blame me?” He mumbles the last part.

Michael puts up his hands in mock surrender. “No, no, you’re right.”

Jeremy intertwines his hands with Michael’s before he can think about it too much. Michael grins and Jeremy smiles nervously back.

“Do you wanna come inside for a bit?” Jeremy asks.


Moonlight streams through the window of Jeremy’s room. It casts a pale glow on the two of them lying together on Jeremy’s bed. They’re facing each other, curled up and hands together. Both are on the verge of sleep, eyes heavy and breathing slow.

“I think it’s safe to say that we’re boyfriends.” Michael says softly.

“Yeah, but ‘m still expectin’ that date…” Jeremy responds sleepily, shifting closer to him.

Michael smiles, eyes lit up with adoration. “Of course, Jer, of course.”


A/N: @daintyunicorn asked for the dialogue prompt “Enough with the sass!” as a funny prompt with Negan and Daryl. There might also be some slight saucy elements too because my brain took me in that direction oops but I hope you like this! :D

Word count: 870

Warnings: Swearing, kinda NSFW sexual innuendos, hot kissing, an embarrassed Daryl

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“I swear, you spend more time in your office than you do with your own wives,” you said, pouting slightly as you looked back at Negan. You were sitting on top of his huge hardwood desk, your leg propped up so you could show off your cute pumps and sheer stocking clad leg. Still, he barely glanced at you.

“Darling, nothing would get done around here if I stayed in the parlor and fucked my wives all day,” Negan said as he peeled his eyes away from his work to briefly glance up at you. “Believe me, there’s nothing I’d like more than to bury my cock in you but I’ve got to deal with Rick the Prick and his fucking shenanigans on top of making sure no one acts like a fucking dumbass around here.”

“If ifs and buts were candies and nuts than we’d all have a Merry Christmas,” you said as you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t push it, doll.” Negan sighed and went back to his papers. “If you want to stay here that’s fine with me, but you gotta stop fucking interrupting me. Got it?”

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Any thoughts on Phil's liveshow? If you do, I'd love to hear them!

yaaaa omg i actually just didn’t get a lot of specific/excited questions about it and therefore got sidetracked watching the young pope lmao but YES, it was so good and def several things worth noting: 

1. the signed pic of angel in a bubble bath. like, wow. i can’t believe that phil opened with this. i can’t believe that we’re at a point where phil is comfortable showing this. i wonder if he felt dan backed him into a corner tho? bc it def didn’t seem like he had any intention of telling us beforehand and then he kept sort of mentioning that “everyone was asking” him about it and tweeting him about it and wanting to see it so i just wonder if phil was like very much not intending to ever let it see the light of day but then felt pressured by everyone asking and then i wonder whether dan had to sort of talk him down from being worried about it in some way??? ???? ? ? idk!!!!! like he seemed very calm and giggly about it but only bc, in my opinion, he seemed to have prepared a story around it that was designed to dilute its impact (that he has loved buffy for ages, that dan was for sure looking for a sarah michelle gellar photo and couldn’t find one so he settled for this one, as though there were no other shops anywhere that would have sarah michelle gellar photos for dan to find. that it “wasn’t the signed buffy photo he was expecting” etc. etc.) and then many comments about being very put off by the photo, all of them slightly tempered by the fondness in his eyes and the loveliness of his laughter. idk, overall, such a big step that he shared it (possibly against his original will), but he still did it very much on his terms, in a language he is comfortable with. 

i just love that dan literally bought phil a nude photo of a dude in a bath for his bday like how are we at the point that that is a confirmed thing that we have seen with our own eyes and that we are allowed to KNOW? i feel like i’m living in some alternate reality and every single day things keep happening with them that make me literally wonder when the fuck it happened and just rejoice that we’re getting to see it aeorijaoweirjaowierjaoewr fuck man

2. the little commentary from phil about how in their photoshoots dan is the one who gets to “do the nice smile” and people always make phil do a weird face which inevitably leads to his infamous crazy eyes. that was interesting to me bc i didn’t realize it would be so set in stone that they’d be asked to assume those roles in their professional pics but i guess it makes sense and matches up to the “branding” of phil as strange/quirky and dan as the normie/ “straight man” that is and has been discussed to death. to me it was more interesting that phil didn’t really seem that bothered by it and to also hear him talk about photo anxiety yet again, and always resorting to big eyes as a way to save him from the awkwardness of figuring out how to pose his face in a more serious fashion 

3. YET ANOTHER movie date why are they living in a utopian ideal of domestic bliss i hate them. and yet another date/outing that was accompanied by a heaped serving of social awkwardness and catastrophe. i swear their life is simultaneously too funny and lovely to be real. my fav part of this was that the story started with phil referencing the poor middle-aged dude face-planting into “dan’s popcorn” but then by the end he was saying “our popcorn.” cute. the fact they saw another movie together. with footstools. so, so cute. the fact that phil was very open and intentional and repetitive with his explanation that he went with dan, that it was he and dan in the darkened theater, dan and phil getting accosted by a falling man,,, he could’ve potentially told that story without dan? and maybe would’ve done so at some point in the distant past? but not this time. and the casual “we” he used throughout the live show was lovely too.

4. his thoughts on manchester by the sea sounded very similar to dan’s style of reviewing films in live shows and v un-phil. phil normally sticks to broad opinions: either he liked it or it was ‘okay’ or ‘not the best,’ but this time he gave v specific things he liked and a bit more nuanced opinions and i was into it. 

5. so much about the gas leaks that i don’t really even know where to start. first of all: “you need to move.” “i know.” this is the first direct acknowledgment of moving, i believe, from either of them. holy shit? and then the fact that he said “hotel vlogs” if they were to go to a hotel, as though that’s something they’d ever give us. and then towards the end of the conversation: “is dan okay?” “yes, we’re fine.” i love when one of them answers on behalf of both of them, it’s gross and also so instinctive and it makes my heart soar. i feel like all of the jokes have been made about the very universe trying to force them to move and i’ve written so much on how sure i am that it’s going to happen soon, so i have nothing to add there. it’s happening SOON yall. they’re moving. i guarantee. 

6. phil retelling the meerkat story was so adorable. phil googling random things to have as pets like sugar gliders and talking about dog breeds before once again saying he should stick to plants was adorable and also just continued to solidify for me that they’re BADLY in want of a dog and just as firmly do not feel that it is the right time for it. phil’s coat…. is adorable ….. i HATE having nothing to say about phil things beyond “WOW SO CUTE” bc it’s dumb and reductive a lot of the time but genuinely, during this ls, a lot of the stuff that was under discussion was just v fluffy and cute. 

overall: heartwarming. a bit groundbreaking. ironically, both of those things applied to nearly every piece of content dnp have made so far in 2017. just sitting here totally unprepared for each new development that seems to be happening with each passing day :’) 

(live show: inappropriate birthday gift - 02.09.17)

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Have you noticed Jeremy Shada and Lance are soooo alike. Like. I swear they picked "the guy" they're both cool and funny. And physically too wtf. But Lance is beautifully tanned and Jeremy has cute pale skin ♡

I THOUGHT THAT TOO! BUT not only Jeremy … Josh too. He is so in love with Shiro I love that guy xD

But yes Jeremy is bae and he’s so sweet. Also I guess my first thing I ever saw about him was this gif:

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and I just love him!

one of you asked for a cute bughead-ship aesthetic, and well, you ask and i deliever haha 

once i check your username i swear ill add it it just slipped my mind

anyway i hope you like this!
i plan on doing one that’s less romantic too, more focusing on the blue and gold (newspaper and colours lmao im not funny ill stop) 

i feel as though i did a botched job with the colouring here sorryyyyyy

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my crush is this boy who's so cute and he always teases me yet he's so affectionate and positive!! he's really funny too and always makes me laugh but he makes me happier than anyone ever has and i just want to give him a hug bc i know that he doesn't really see how amazing he really is. he thinks he'll grow old alone, when i just want to grow old with him... he's an angel, i swear.


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I just scrolled your page (because idk) and decided to reread the annon tag train that happened... (last week?? Time is an illusion. I have no clue how long ago this was) and anyway idk it just makes me super happy?? Still?? Like I just got all emotional over it because everyones so positive and youre so amazing??? and nice and kind??? And im so happy that we made you so happy which makes me so happy and like. Idk?? But heres another hug because i love you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

!!! oh my goodness, you’re so sweet?? now i just scrolled back through that and now i’m super happy again and i’m super happy that that made you happy and THIS IS AN ENDLESS CIRCLE OF HAPPINESS AAAAH but seriously you’re nice??? i’m so glad it still makes you smile! i love you too omw 💕💕(/^▽^)/


You’ve described having a love/hate relationship with social media:
Social media helps people communicate. That’s just a part of [the] reality we’re living today. That’s how people get their news, that’s how people share news back in the day you had to actually watch the news on television or read the paper. Now, everything is so instantaneous because of social media. I don’t like to share too much of my private life because to me it just doesn’t feel right. I do sometimes because I may think a moment is funny, cute or harmless. But it’s also an opportunity to do a lot of good. It really is.

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Hey there! I just wanted to say that I dearly adore your art! Especially smol pap, I swear I want to hug him!! And I just had a small question over the comic you've made, the one with the monster candy? What is the "safe place"? Aa, I made this ask too long! fORGIVE ME TOO (/ _ ; )

Hello! Thank you!! Gosh you’re very sweet! (*ノ∀`*) And i’m actually really happy you asked me that! (Aaah don’t worry! It wasn’t long at all!)

When i made that comic (it’s this one if anyone is curious), originally it wasn’t supposed to be anything big, just a funny/cute comic with the fontfamily. But recently i’ve been wondering what this “safe place” could be too. Now normally i would have said it would probably just be a cupboard in the kitchen or on Gaster closet or something, but…

…I’ve been thinking about a more interesting place.

Part 3??

Part 1

The Separation Agitation

I laughed for sure. But I guess I’m ok with the fact I didn’t stay up to watched it live.

* I honestly enjoyed the Wolowitz’s plot more. I’m glad they reprise the topic from last week episode and extended to the rest of the family. I was somehow happy to see how Stuart too is affectionate with Halley now. She’s a lucky girl.
* Sloths!
* The final scene at the baby care LOL Bernadette did exactly what you could expect from her.
* You are doing well Bernie, I swear.
* I want Footprints on the Moon as a regular guest on FwF. The opening was brilliant.
* “Could have played that on my harp.”
* Bert. Uhm. I mean, I kinda like him. It’s funny and cute and strange enough to fit with those weirdos we love. But.. ok, next? Guys, we have other 8 already to take care. And trust me, you DO have things to make happens to them.
* The time out thing was funny, especially when Amy needed to retract lol And in general their banter was cute, but yes please, don’t stretch it too much to the ‘mommy-boy’ side. I’d rather it when it’s more a wife-hubby kind.
* Her mind, her kindness, and especially her body.
At ‘kindness’ I had lost it.
* I’m sure it’s also for organs, but c’mon guys ;)
* So they have the same blood type? Cool!
* What’s wrong with me: I swear that when I heard the line in the promo last week I heard ‘her booty’  Ehm…

me, about my notp: I’ll never ship them, ever. They hate each other/one of them hates the other.

someone: okay okay, but hear me out. Imagine Person A having to take a group picture of everyone and Person B won’t smile. So Person A reluctantly/annoyingly starts making silly faces and funny voices at Person B, and after repressing it Person B finally cracks the tiniest cutest unintentional smile. So cute that Person A is shook.

me: hah, nice try, I still don’t ship it.

me, internally:

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You go into a “haunted” house leaving terrified and a MC show them your reaction (IKON)

B.I: -he found it cute how when you were being dragged into the building before you even started. You hugged your group member tightly as you guys made your way through- “she’s a scaredy cat but she’s so cute”

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Jinhwan: -he hated when you got scared because you would stop responding and often times someone had to help you. So seeing you freak out in a haunted house and have to be guided out by a worker made him sad- “I kinda wish I was there with her. I would have helped her out”

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Bobby: -you two were sitting next to each other when they brought up your most recent trip with your group. The highlights were you swearing in English, screaming at your groupmate when she grabbed you, and almost in tears by the time you left- “well aren’t you a brave little warrior?” 

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Junhoe: -you were throwing a fit before hand and sitting down saying you weren’t going in. As soon as you were in you saw a person and were panicking. Your group member held onto you as you covered your eyes not wanting to see anything- “I never get to see her in situations like this because she’s too scared to do them”

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Yunhyeong: -he felt bad because he could tell you were almost in tears from going through the haunted house. You were scared to death of going through them alone- “my poor Y/N”

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Donghyuk: -he thought it was funny to watch but at the same time he felt bad for you because you were terrified- “she came home and just wanted to be held. It was pretty cute”

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Chanwoo: -he found it great how loud you screamed at the workers. There was lots of swearing. But you were over joyed yo be out of there- “she’s usually never like that. This is great”

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