they are too beautiful i'm chinese i don't look like them

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Ok I just discovered ur ichor head canon and I'm obsessed!!!! Do u have any headcanons about the kids social media sites, like what they post or if they post each other. Or maybe their possible friendship with celebrities??? If u don't that's cool lol I just love the au as a whole

ahh welcome my friend! 

Annabeth’s instagram is mostly all the cool architecture she sees on her travels, but as her and Percy get more serious he pops up more and more. 

Percy goes through phases where he posts all the time or goes weeks without even opening the app lol but his are mostly candids of friends, or pictures of bodies of water, or him and his mama. One of his most popular pics is of him and Poseidon standing side by side on a red carpet for a charity event and they look so much alike it’s wild 

as Piper leans in to accepting her mom, her social circle explodes and she’s hanging with all kinds of socialites and is always at fancy brunches and dinner parties. Lots of activism stuff too, she goes to protests and is always happy to give the spotlight to a movement 

Jason posts maybe once a month and it’s usually some beautiful scenic view he has visited. when he reconnects with his mom, he posts an old photo she gives him of the two of them when Jason turned 1. When him and Piper get together, he starts posting a little more frequently, maybe twice a month lol, and she’s always in his pics after that. 

Leo posts all the time and it’s usually partial pics of schematics he’s working on or some fancy new tool he got and he loves throwback pictures of him and his mom back in Texas. 

Frank has like 3 posts on his instagram, one of Chinese New Year, one with his mom before she deployed, and one of a his new bow and arrow set he got for his 14th birthday lol 

Hazel’s instagram is just fun! full of her and her friends, and the fun things they do. lots of fancy desserts. she buys tons of jewelry from small businesses and is always giving them promos. She’s for The People. 

I love them. 

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ok but i'm korean too but i was born and lived in spain for 13 years and some people at my school always say that i don't look korean and doubt my ethnicity (? i don't know if that's the right word i'm quite bad at english) and think i'm half-korean it's so annoying i think i know who i am

another anon asked:
Haha I don’t get why people don’t see you as Korean? I get the same question asked a lot as well (since I have big eyes with 쌍꺼풀; that’s actually one of my favorite parts of my face, and I usually don’t like my face lol). I feel like each race has a certain beauty ideal that foreigners expect most of the population to fall into and that’s just not true? Idk it irks me when people say that (but I know that it’s just b/c they’re curious or don’t know, so I try not to let it bother me too much 😊)

another anon asked:
i dont know if its you not looking like a kpop idol (i mean to them it may be idk and thats not right) but its usually a general comment ppl may make? ive been told i dont look chinese many times bc i look a bit mixed lajsks im not saying youre overreacting just offering perhaps a different perspective? It may not be right or desirable but as far as looking like a kpop idol it may not always be that haha this was just a comment it doesnt mean anything! 💞💞💞

another anon asked:
Hey i hope this question is not rude?? But you said both ur parents are Korean. So you’re Korean. But born in America right? So Korean-American? Again im really sorry i’m just curious. Cause if you’re 100% Korean you would be born in Korea? Sorry sorry again ): i really hope this isn’t rude im just curious. Both of my parents are from Frans but i wasn’t born there. But i do speak French. So technically speaking im french?

so i’m gonna answer all of these in one go bc they’re related

the reason why it’s rather irritating for me is bc i always get told that by people who assume that all koreans look the same or have to abide by one similar appearance / face. like the second anon said, there’s that certain beauty ideal that most people expect koreans to fall under. there are dark-skinned koreans, koreans with double eyelids and koreans with monolids, koreans with a variety of sizes and shapes, etc. the reason why i mentioned the “looking like a kpop idol” thing in the tags is because the prevalence and popularity of kpop has spread and cemented the idea / appearance of what a korean “should” look like in many people’s minds. i’m not saying that it’s the case for every single person; that’s just the general reaction and reason that i get.

it’s irritating because i shouldn’t have to validate and prove my own identity based on another’s assumption that i am not who i say i am. years of struggling with my appearance + being told that i don’t look korean enough has made me sensitive to those kinds of comments. i know that the anon probably didn’t mean to offend + and almost all of the people who ask don’t mean it either, but the question still hits a soft spot for me.

as for the last question, i am korean in terms of my ethnicity, asian in terms of my race, and american in terms of my nationality. nationality is a person’s connection to the political state / country that they’re affiliated with. ethnicity is the person’s identity involving their heritage and ancestry and culture and all that. my parents, for example, were able to change their nationality from korean to american by immigrating to the u.s. + obtaining citizenship, but they are unable to change their ethnicity because they can’t just get re-born as someone new. 

hope this cleared some stuff up for y’all!

memory/desire, part i

title: memory/desire
summary: When Adrien is seventeen, Ladybug dies. Nearly six years later, Marinette Dupain-Cheng comes home to Paris. (ao3)


november, 2016

Chat Noir? Are you still awake?”

Eyes closed, Chat murmurs sleepily in the affirmative. Paris is rarely still, but tucked away on the top of the Notre Dame as they are, it’s easy to imagine that the city is a giant of light, sprawled and drowsing at their feet.

The two lapse into another soft silence, but just as Chat is about to doze off, Ladybug shifts away. The bitter November wind is biting, and he whines, instinctively seeking the warmth of her shoulder again.

“Chat?” Ladybug’s using her don’t-you-ignore-me tone of voice, and the inflection makes him grin; as if he would ever—could ever—ignore her.

Opening his eyes, Chat finds Ladybug unclasping something from around her neck, “What is it, milady?”

“Hold out your hand.”

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BBC Jekyll Sentences
  • "Do you want to play lions?"
  • "Who the FUCK is Mister Hyde?"
  • "Just once...Just bloody once, could you tell me where you parked?"
  • "Oh, Mary Poppins! I love Mary Poppins! I could EAT Mary Poppins!"
  • "That's got to be handy."
  • "Why did you lie to me?
  • "Rule one: don't lie to me! I can smell lies."
  • "Don't ever lie. to. me."
  • "Why do you really want this job?"
  • "Don't open your mouth unless you're telling me the truth."
  • "Love a girl with secrets."
  • "As long as the lights and cameras are on, you're safe."
  • "The lights are off...and you're dinner."
  • "Welcome to the company, Mary Poppins."
  • "I don't drink whiskey."
  • "'He' drank! 'He' took the car! Why am I getting the look?!"
  • "It's always the same tea."
  • "You don't do crosswords."
  • "And why not?"
  • "They're for fun."
  • "Good lord, really?"
  • "I'm fairly certain you used to have some sort of ego."
  • "First fag of the day, always hits the spot!"
  • "Don't worry. I have a good doctor."
  • "The night is young, there's a beautiful girl, and somebody is going to die. That's you, by the way."
  • "Trust me, the neck's good: quick for me, easy for you...everybody's happy!"
  • "I don't get a lot of pleasure from killing children...but I get enough."
  • "Let's play llliiiiiiioooonsss!"
  • "Billy! What do you think? Could I be a Billy?"
  • "My liver applied for a transplant."
  • "I hope I didn't catch you in the middle of someone."
  • "That's interesting because I've always thought of you like a bit of a hard-on."
  • "Oh?"
  • "Usually disappointing."
  • "He has Disney favorites?"
  • "My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school."
  • "It's raining, it's pouring _____ is boring!"
  • "Is he doing you?"
  • "I'm your new nanny."
  • "You must have quite an appetite."
  • "The most powerful creature on the planet, that's what I'm lookin' at. The fastest. The smartest. The best. And you’re British – so it’s even funny."
  • "Wakey...wakey..."
  • "You put my SON in a cage with LIONS."
  • "You've heard of good cop, bad cop? This is the movie!"
  • "Don't lie to me! Don't annoy me."
  • "Entirely up to you of course, but I'd say...the front of the queue!"
  • "Oh, ______, alone at last!"
  • "Don't play these games. Not with me."
  • "Know what've I got? You."
  • "Yep. Took your keys."
  • "Took my keys too."
  • "You won't hurt me!"
  • "I'LL EAT YOU!"
  • "I know how he thinks."
  • "Then you have a problem because he likes me."
  • "She's running, she's crying! She turned off the lights and she's DYING!"
  • "Come to daddy!"
  • "Time of the month?"
  • "Bit rich coming from the wolf-man."
  • "You're missing out. It's like sex. But there's a winner."
  • "Kids a bit...freaked."
  • "Well, yeah, what can you do? Someone tried to feed him to a lion."
  • "Then he will kill you."
  • "Then I won't die! I don't have the time."
  • "I don't want a drink."
  • "Sit! On! The chair!"
  • "You could have killed me!"
  • "Yes and this is my good side."
  • "Listen, can I tell ya, I haven't fucked anything in days, seriously a gust of wind and I go off! "
  • "So, nothing personal but I hope you don't have any plans that involve walking straight."
  • "Fantast-ische!"
  • "Well stop me in the middle if I'm doing it wrong."
  • "No. We just share a dick."
  • "First one of you that starts getting nervous, starts pulling that trigger? Dead."
  • "Hope you have a nicer boss."
  • "Yes, I'm a doctor. Know what I do with symptoms? I look them up on the internet."
  • "Did I bring the wrong thumb?"
  • "Sorry, hun. I should have mentioned I'm Dracula!"
  • "Oh this feels good--roomy! I could put up shelves!"
  • "The wife, and the ex, girls together, all friends now - the bastard's dead."
  • "The thing about consuming an alter-ego, bit like a Chinese, a minute later you're hungry again."
  • "Talk to me like you know me again, in public, where people can see, and the next sound you hear will be your own neck snapping. Do we have a basis for communication?"
  • "Hello, Mister Tumor. Goodbye, Daylight!"
  • "I've got rewind. Look at that. I've got digital rewind - It's like Sky Plus in here!"
  • "I finally found the adult channels."
  • "You know the way you sometimes think men are mentally undressing you?"
  • "She switched channels!"
  • "Fantastic arse."
  • "Trust me, I'm a psychopath!"
  • "I've got him sitting in a helicopter. No it's a moped, no it's a helicopter."
  • "Actually, it could have been a horse."
  • "Sorry, but you won't be dealing with Junior anymore. Daddy's home."
  • "People think that ____ is Rage. Or Hate. Or Greed. Or Lust. But _____ is far worse."
  • "Love is a psychopath."
  • "He's a psychopath for God's sake!"
  • "Look at that... Look what you did... This was CLEAN ON THIS MORNING!"
  • "Here it comes...tickles."
  • "A good man until the day he died."

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would you mind introducing all the 17 members to me. I absolutely loved their debut, and i'm obsessed with woozy he's so damn cute. You don't have to if you don't want to. have a good day, I love your blog

hello xiuminsdumpling!!
welcome to 17 hell, i mean the 17 fanbase!! i can definitely introduce them to you and put up some links to other introductions people have done of them!! here’s my brief sort of rundown of the members;

S.Coups (Real Name: Choi Seung Cheol) 
Position: Leader of 17 // Leader of Hip-Hop Unit 
Unit: Hip-Hop Unit 
Personality: He’s the adorable, confident, and witty leader of 17!! He’s the eldest, being a 95 liner, and is nicknamed the “dad of 17″. He’s really good at leading the group, even though he’s only 19 (20 Korean Age)!! If you watch any of 17′s videos you’ll see that he’s a bit of an flirt and really funny!! Sometimes he acts like a big kid, but 17 is just a group of big kids so it’s cool. He’s like the leader of a big kids club. 

Jeonghan (Real Name: Yoon Jeong Han)
Position: Vocalist, Angel of the Group (Because his birthday is 10:04 and also he looks like an ANGEL), Visual (this isn’t like….confirmed but it is true ok) 
Unit: Vocal Unit 
Personality: He’s very calm, sweet, and polite - literally a glowing angel of light like he is always just so beautiful no matter what and so soft spoken and nice like I’m convinced he’s not real. He’s also a 95 liner, but his nickname is ‘Eldest Maknae’. Honestly if you watch any of 17′s video, you’ll see that he is just always such a nice boy with an aura that has the same healing condition of like chamomile tea??? Just very nice and very soft and angelic, I think I’ve said angel too many times but he is literally one. 

Joshua (Real Name: Hong Jisoo) 
Position: Vocalist, ½ of the America Line 
Unit: Vocal Unit 
Personality: An adorable, hardworking, sweet boy who likes nothing but anime, singing, and playing guitar. He’s originally for Los Angles, CA but is fully Korean and can speak both English and Korean fluently!! He deserved more lines in ‘Adore U’ because his voice is so soft and beautiful (Justice for Joshua). He’s a bit on the quiet side, you can remember him because a lot of people say he reminds them of Tao from EXO because of the dark circles under his eyes. He’s also a 95 liner.

Jun (Real Name: Wen Junhui) 
Position: Dancer/Performer, ½ of the China Line 
Unit: Performance Unit 
Personality: Jun doesn’t talk much, but he is really good at body gags like he doesn’t even have to say anything he’s funny just with his gestures and his adorable facial expressions. He’s already an established child actor in China and if you check out his teaser he’s got some kick ass moves because I think he does wushu?? He once made toast for everyone in the dorm and he has the nickname “mom of 17″. He is really nice and is always helping out fellow Chinese member, Minghao/the8, with his Korean!! I think we can expect a lot from Jun in the future!! He is a 96 liner~!

Hoshi (Real Name: Kwon Soonyoung)
Position: Dancer/Performer, Leader of the Performance Unit 
Unit: Performance Unit
Personality: Where do I even begin tbh….Hoshi is like the kid in school that everyone loves because he’s so funny and outgoing and adorable and cute that like even if you don’t bias him in 17, you still bias him because he’s hard to not love and he’s hard not to pay attention to. His nickname is 10:10 because his eyes are spread out like the arrows of a clock at the time 10:10 and he’s also an amazing dancer and choreographs 17′s dances! Which is truly amazing considering he’s only a 96 liner! 

Wonwoo (Real Name: Jeon Won Woo)
Position: Rapper
Unit: Hip-Hop Unit 
Personality: With a deep voice and what people consider ‘sharp eyes’, Wonwoo looks like he’d come off a little cold and mean but that is NOT TRUE he is a squishy kid who is just trying to make it in the world. He’s super selfless, always saying that he isn’t good at taking selcas and that he’s not really goodlooking even though I’m pretty sure you could consider him a visual like he is just - wow you know?? He smiles a lot and has a sort of laidback approach to a lot of things, likes to wear sweaters and look fluffy and break my heart - you know, the usual. Also a 96 liner!!

Woozi (Real Name: Lee Jihoon) 
Position: Producer, Vocalist, Leader of the Vocal Unit 
Unit: Vocal Unit
Personality: Here we go, first things first yes Woozi is tiny and small and whatever - but he is feisty and a literal ball of anger when he’s pissed. During Seventeen Project it is reveled that he has apparently been a bit of a hardass on the members while they were recording. He’s like a piece of cake that doesn’t have frosting on it but hot sauce and you take a bite thinking it’s going to be sweet and soft but it’s just h e l l. But no really, Woozi is a sweet kid too who worked tirelessly to produce 17′s debut album and he’s super talented as a singer and a dancer!! He is definitely lovable and noticeable and should be protected at all costs even though he could probably protect himself but still you know…….He’s a 96 liner!!  

DK (Real Name: Lee Seokmin) 
Position: Lead Vocalist
Unit: Vocal Unit 
Personality: Comedy gold with an eye smile that could shine so bright it could kill a man. He once imitated the Kakao Talk ringtone and called it like Seokmin Talk or something, he also danced to SISTAR’s ‘Give it to Me’ with Seungkwan and made my heart burst, also he tries to English a lot and it’s adorABLE. Basically he’s just a bundle of joy and laughter and singes the ‘You Are My Angel’ part in ‘Adore U’ and to be honest he is my angel, like when he smiles I want to thank god and everyone else because it’s the most infectious smile I’ve ever seen on anyone, sort of like Hyunsik’s if your into BTOB. Amazingly, even though he got those dad looks, he is a 97 liner!! Tall child that must be protected.

Mingyu (Real Name: Kim Mingyu) 
Position: Rapper, Tallest Member 
Unit: Hip-Hop Unit
Personality: A big lovable dork who once scratched his butt during a livestream for all the 17 fans to see. He’s only a 97 liner but already 185cm so if he ever stands beside Woozi it’s literally the most beautiful thing. He’s got the nickname of being 17′s resident hairstylist since he’s always carrying around hair spray. He’s also the loudest member according to Vernon and Joshua, and he eats a lot which is ok considering once again that hE IS 185 fREKAing CM. 

Minghao/the8 (Real Name: Xu Minghao) 
Position: Dancer/Performer, 2/2 of the China Line 
Unit: Performance Unit 
Personality: B-boy’d his way into my heart, Minghao is a bit aloof and on the quiet side but his straight forwardness is sometimes comedic gold. His smile is brighter than a thousand suns and he can do backflips and is also into wushu like Jun!!! He is trying hard every day to imporve his Korean with help from the fellow members and he is basically an adorable apple turnover, cotton candy, ice-cream sundae, sweet pumpkin pie angel that I love so much and that you should also love tbh…..Also a 97 liner!!! 

Seungkwan (Real Name: Boo Seung Kwan) 
Position: Lead Vocalist, MC of 17 basically 
Unit: Vocal Unit
Personality: He is the shining vocal of 17 who can narrate just about anything and make it hilarious. During 17TV when someone was mean in the live chat, he’d always take it with a grain of salt and literally make the best comebacks ever because Seungkwan knows he’s precious and perfect, iconic quote: “We’re cute if you look at us for a while.” He is really hardworking and got emotional on Seventeen Project and singlehandedly made me want to bawl my eyes out because he’s so precious and genuine and he just really wants 17 to make it!! Honestly a top bias list choice and to think that he’s accomplished so much and he’s just a 98 liner!! 

Vernon (Birth Name: Choi Hansol) 
Position: Rapper, 2/2 of the America Line 
Unit: Hip-Hop Unit
Personality: I will personally fight anyone who says Vernon is bratty or pretentious, because that’s a big misconception people have of him for some reason when in reality he is an easily flustered, adorable, nice, hardworking, responsible older brother who when asked what he was thinking about when they got to debut answered that he was thinking about his little sister and how hard he wanted to work for her to make her proud like DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW ADOrABLE THAT IS?? He’s originally from New York, but moved to South Korea when he was pretty young and so he is also fluent in both English and Korean like Joshua. He writes his own rap lyrics which is amazing considering this kids just a 98 liner!! 

Dino (Real Name: Lee Chan) 
Position: Dancer/Performer, Sub Rapper, Michael Jackson’s Number 1 Fan, Maknae 
Unit: Performance Unit 
Personality: He has so much energy that I’m amazed he can’t like fly, honestly. He’s the youngest in 17, being a 99 liner, but he’s already an amazing dancer who coins the nickname Lee Chankson because his number one idol is Michael Jackson. No lie. Kid knows like all his dance moves and likes to show them off. He’ll make you feel like a proud mom even if you’re younger than him to be honest. He’s also just like a ray of sunshine to be honest, just trying his best to do what he can to make 17 succeed!! Honestly, the real golden maknae right here. 

so that was my introduction, sorry if it was bad OTL!! 
here are some links to other useful refrences about 17;
pledis17 (the members profiles show up when you click on their images!!)
google docs slide show of all the members profiles (not mine)
powerpoint intro to 17 (credit to: camera-seventeen) 

hope this helped!! 

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i'm very uncomfortable with the fact that you include kyuubei in your gintaladies gifset. she is not a woman. next time if you are thinking of making a girl exclusive post, please don't include her.

I disabled anon soon after receiving this 3-4 days ago. You should congratulate yourself.

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