they are the same person omg

Not a week later and I’m still so hurt over japril.

The time since I’ve realized, I’m 100% right in feeling this way. The writers played us. They built a story and had a climax in Montana (didn’t go for the pun but I’ll take it) to just completely wipe them aside and build a Jackson and Maggie relationship.

Kay from the Seriously Greys Podcast said it best, even though she’s not a japril shipper (but loves april and enjoys japril), AS a shipper if you were given montana and then literally japril’s next interaction was that three person scene between them and Maggie where all he did was snap at april and act annoyed with her for doing the same thing Maggie was doing…like omg that is such a slap in the fucking face.

Even his fucking body language was all about Maggie. It’s subtle but his body was angled toward her and April had to keep pulling at him to look at her while she was yelling…ugh.

The problem with these writers, besides shitty quality control and pacing, is they don’t consider their entire audience. At least I don’t feel like they considered the japril fan base at all.

Mind you, this isn’t even necessarily about japril being together or not. It’s about being toyed with and given the promise of a really interesting storyline for the rug to just be pulled out from under us.

They could have still had jaggie get close and April alert Maggie to jacksons feelings without bitch slapping japril fans like they did.

I’ve never felt more relieved for a hiatus and my status as a greys viewer is highly unlikely at this point.

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I love your blog. You have an interesting gameplay style and you write well. You have a great sense of humour and you’re a sharing and supportive member of the simblr community. Your creations you share are always interesting and I value and appreciate people who share their content. You like bears and anyone who likes nature can't be bad!😉

Omg ;_; thank you so much. I think the same of you, you wonderful person  (i am assuming you are a person and not a bear). I would never have expected to find such a sweet message in my inbox, you made my day 😄 

Bears 🐻 lmao 

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Which Htf character do you think is which hetalia character?

Omg umm you were probably expecting this but America and Splendid are like.. the same person??

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I'm crying at the mention of you guys sneaking around blasting life will change because I imagine this - was before a bunch of people realized the shoot was in a different location? But it's so funny because the group I was with didn't know there wasn't one Friday (we thought there'd be one) so we did the same when going to the location and even the Hyatt to see if anyone was there.

Omg that’s amazing!! ❤️❤️

Here’s what happened:

It was my first ACEN and I saw the shoot was at the loading docks, so @vicokun and I headed over there and saw phantom fam! People were all gathered there.

I always bring my speaker to cons and I decided to play some music and blast Life Will Change. We started jumping between pillars, dancing, and Reenacting battles until the person running it showed up XD but no one was running it so I’m like “ILL DO IT!!” And ran it on a “whim of fate” ;)

After spontaneously taking control of the shoot, some awesome people told me that the actual shoot was inside, but was split up. So, playing my speaker, all of us sprinted on the sidewalk to the other location in full costumes XD this almost has to be a dream cause I felt like a real phantom thief! ❤️❤️

That’s so amazing you did it too omg! I loved this con experience so much haha

Okay so my sister and I were discussing this mess last night and then we ended up seriously considering a theory I have seen come up a few times but now I’m gonna walk you through it

Here it is: 

It’s all a lie – Yousef lied Mikael lied. They are lying.

Yousef said that Even kissed Mikael which caused Mikael to be distant and Even to hate himself..

Well tell me Yousef

If Mikael is so ashamed, then why does he bring up Evens name? and why is he laughing when he does?

and why are you Yousef looking so mad and sad and guilty?

Why does Yousef have a pride flag next to his message to Sana?

Why does he say Mikael is super religious when he clearly isn’t that religious because he drinks

why does Elias declare Yousef as the “most Muslim person he knows”

Why was the Even thing big enough to impact Yousef so much but not Mikael?

Why does Yousef avoid the fight and send Sana off into it alone?

Why does he go and kiss the first girl he sees after witnessing the fight with Even and his new crew?

I think you know where I’m going with this: Yousef is questioning his sexuality and is ashamed of it. Him and Even kissed which caused a lot of disaster with Even and when it was threatened to come out to everyone and the balloon boys Mikael took the fall for Yousef. Mikael stepped up and pretended it was him that Even kissed.

What could possibly hint that Mikael would do something like that for Yousef?

Remember that youtube video where they went to Mikaels job interview and Yousef took Mikael aside and they had a secret conversation?

this wasn’t there for no reason. This was almost foreshadowing that Yousef and Mikael have secrets, they have each others backs. They share a special connection.

Now this is what we’re thinking. Did Yousef see Even and panic? Did he see that the truth could come out right in front of everyone? Was he frightened?
Remember we saw him go up to Elias and looking outside.

What if…what if Yousef somehow started the fight to avoid the truth…to make sure nothing slipped about what actually happened and that’s why when it did start he ran off sent Sana out to stop it and kissed the first girl in sight…proving he is straight.

Also he kisses Noora similar to how Isak kissed Emma

The girls hands wrapped around their necks while they have their hands by their sides. Both boys wearing snapbacks backwards and standing on the same side.

I know this seems far fetched but maybe this is the twist we have been waiting for.

The trailer is reversed – this season is reversed and as we saw Friday night, it is the roles that are truly reversed. Just like I’ve been saying Mikael and Yousef are reversed this whole time.

Is Yousef truly the Mikael in this story and Mikael is the Yousef?

Omg if Julie does this my mind is literally going to be blown apart.

(Side note: to clarify I am not saying this is going to happen - it’s a theory, nor do I personally believe this will happen. I have just had this theory been addressed with me by multiple people (including my irl sister) and I wanted to outline why this theory is actually totally plausible and could be done and actually hinted in the show already….Do I think Julie will go down this route? no but could she? hell yeah.)



afghafuckin’ WOW.

So I commissioned @yliseryn to draw Allura in my wedding dress because personal vanity and LOOK AT THIS PERFECTION. She even threw in an appropriate Shiro reaction shot. xD And Allura’s holding my bouquet and the ribbon color is the same and omg OH MY GOD the lighting and her hair and look how happy she is and it will take me a bit to formulate actual words to describe this RIP my writing ability. #__#

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As far as parenting goes, allow me to offer an alternative to... that other thing. Said alternative being McCree using his serape as a babby sling, and/or Hanzo sending McCree a picture of the bab sitting in one of his hats.

yesss omg that’s so cute both of that

Also: Hanzo texts like an old person

I love when something gay happens in a show because when you’re scrolling through the tag it’s just like:

gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
other non-gay thing that happened?? uhm?? sounds fake?????
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened
gay thing that happened

Bangtan ships:
  • Namjin: The pillars of bangtan. Parents. Can they be more obvious? Even my dog ships them. Hard.
  • Jikook: Popular as fuck. hate-love relationship. no words needed. please stop touching each other’s diddly dong in public omg.
  • Yoonmin: Tsundere yoongi–angel jimin. Yoongi gulping whenever jimin do something. Them being different only when with each other; in a good way iykwim.
  • 95z/Vmin: Same age, thus comfortable. Picks on each other a lot. Keep each other’s secrets. By secrets i mean nudes.  
  • Vkook: Beautiful. Ships themselves. Everyone’s relationship goals. The amount of eye-fuck is–someone get them a room.
  • Minjoon: Compliments. Namjoon is so soft for jimin. Is the most similar personality-wise. Understands each other deeply. Height difference tho.
  • Namkook: jk’s idol crush: gd, iu, justin bieber sunbaenim, rap monster. Leader x youngest, respects each other. Tall and Taller.
  • Kookwhirt: Looks exceptionally good with each other. Cannot be separated. “jk pls avoid bringing white shirt” “o_O”
  • Horehead: hoseok x forehead. Everyone ships them. Except themselves apparently. Been too long since last time seen in public. Need to comeback asap.
  • Jinstick: Not lipstick. jin x his chopstick. “there are 7 million chopsticks in the world but i choose u” Aiming to taste millions of cuisine together. Nobody knows about them before they make it public on a tvshow.
  • Mintan: Jimin: /does anything/; bangtan: fffuckkckK so. fuckinG. cuTE. “JIMINNN” “OoooO, JiMiinNN”. Hugs & Cuddles.
  • Bangmi: Supports and love each other. Real. The amount of belief and trust. Bangmi vs the world. My longest army ever. “ARRMMYYYYYYYYYY”
smh as things that people I know have done in college
  • Bitty: messaged entire class facebook group of several thousand students to ask if anyone had an egg they could borrow to bake a cake
  • Jack: had an anxiety attack, forgot the english language, had to explain the anxiety attack using only french
  • Lardo: got a job at the art museum on campus, had to sit next to an exhibit that contained 200,000 fortune cookies, watched as 200,000 fortune cookies became 199,999 as someone walked up to the pile and stepped on one
  • Holster: spent an hour stuffed under a twin sized bed with 3 other people to jump out and surprise roommate when they got home; roommate never came
  • Ransom: while stoned, planned a 4-year graduation plan that would allow them to complete 5 different majors and a minor; thought this was reasonable to do, probably could do it with a 4.0
  • Nursey: got very drunk and wrote a poem about space, taped the poem to a wall for everyone to see, realized the next morning that most of it was quotes from an Owl City song
  • Dex: was asked to fix the same person's laptop four times in one week; did it every time
  • Chowder: overdressed in an ironed button down and new sweater to go out with his entire squad to meet one guy's girlfriend because he wanted to make a good first impression
  • Tango: spent several entire lectures asking questions about information that is quite literally on the home page of the school's website
  • Whiskey: stolen fruit, several bags of bagels, a set of silverware, and an entire napkin dispenser from the dining hall
  • Shitty: dressed up as Jesus to go to a frat party, went around saying "whoever said 'fuck the gays' is dumb as SHIT"
  • Also Shitty: got alcohol poisoning before 9pm
  • Shitty again: had a foursome while the Hamilton soundtrack played
  • Listen, the next five dudes you're going to ask about? Were probably all Shitty: walked around the quad in a t-rex costume chasing people

Take a look at the fics from the 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names Challenge !

As usual, all my fic recs are in the masterpost.

⭐️ Wholehearted , by TheMagicWord  : AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

Larry famous not famous AU (77k) : stop everything and read it now. Fav smut (kind of share that)(also ANKLE KINK), and a bit of angst because closeting and bearding.

⭐️See Clearly Now , by @a-writerwrites : OR a five-times fic where two guys, one college dorm room and a faulty door lead to a few embarrassing situations and finding out more about themselves and each other than they ever bargained for. 

Larry Roommates Uni AU (11k) : omg so much wanking. All the wanking. And so much fun !

⭐️  On The Open Road , by MoonlitLarrie : Harry and Louis grew up together, they shared childhood and teenage memories, but they never really got along. What happens when they reunite after four years of not seeing each other, and they find out that the person they hated so much is not the same person anymore? Or a short roadtrip!au in which Harry and Louis have to travel together across the US, deal with the past and of course, share a bed.

Larry road-trip and hate to love AU (24k) : the question is : will I never be tired of this plot ? The answer is : NEVER. Great story, and funny moments ! also car sex , WHOOP WHOOP. (read the tags for TW)

⭐️ come away with me , by @fukcinglouis :  Louis had such big plans. He wanted so much out of life, and so did Amy. Now Bridget is going to grow up without a mother, and she’s always going to wonder what it would be like if this hadn’t happened. He wonders if she’ll blame him for her mother’s death as she gets older, or if she’ll understand that this is just as painful for Louis as it is for her. Louis doesn’t know how he’s going to raise her on his own, because he’s a fantastic father, yes, but he’s always been the fun parent, and Amy was in charge of the rules. He doesn’t know how to make sure Bridget has everything she needs all the time, doesn’t know how to make her favorite meal or how to do that one braid she loves to have in her hair or how to teach her to be the best person she can be. He doesn’t know how to live without Amy, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Or, Louis has to pick up the pieces of his and his daughter’s life after his wife dies, and Harry is a beautiful stranger that just wants to help.

Larry single dad Louis (80k) : this is hurting a lot tbh. Widower Louis (and fair warning, you’ll see his wife in the first chapter), a very big sexual identity crisis, a lot of angst … and it’s awesome. Kind of share that for the smut!

⭐️The Oldest Magic Word  , by anonymous : Louis gets called up to play Seeker for the English National Team and when he gets there, he finds out that Harry Styles, his old school crush, is the Team Healer.

Larry Harry Potter AU (18k) : say hello to the HP Exchange ! also sayyyy helllo to teasing/pining/sexual tension !! GREAT :)) (love you forever for the shower sex)(bottom Louis)

⭐️When You Look Like That , by @hrrytomlinson​ : “You… you still have the dress form I got you for your eighteenth birthday? You’ve kept it for ten years, Harry?” Louis’ eyes flick around Harry’s studio. It’s big and modern, with floor to ceiling windows that help flood the room in bright sunlight, just like the lobby. However, he can’t stop staring at the faded, but present, heart surrounding the “H + L” written delicately in Louis’ handwriting in the center of the mannequin. Louis is a songwriter who is nominated for a Grammy and he needs a suit. Fast. He seeks out help from a very popular, very mysterious designer who just so happens to be his ex-boyfriend.

Larry AU (16k) famous-famous AU and ex to lovers , with a great story, fluffy and not angsty or smutty :)

⭐️ Be with me so happily , by @briannamarguerite Or … the one where Harry Styles has a bad reputation and a heart of gold, and Louis Tomlinson wishes he wasn’t so enchanted by boys who looked like Disney characters and wore shirts with bumble bees on them. [aka Louis is the director of the Styles Elephant Sanctuary and really doesn’t want to babysit his funder’s spoiled lay-about son for two months]

Larry AU (42k) : rich and kind of famous Harry, sassy Louis, some hate to love who doesnt last long, a bit of angst (and elephants will make me you emo) , also yay smut ! (kind of share that)

⭐️ a body wishes to be held & held , by turnyourankle : Harry wants to return the favour after Louis helps him out with his heat.

Larry a/b/o (7k) : let’s be real : it’s smut. Hellooooo dirty talks ! Omega Harry !

  • JD: a 17 year old mentally ill trauma victim who killed a bully and two rapists because he thought he was helping the world and the girl he loved
  • Sangwoo: an adult who murders, tortures, rapes, and holds people hostage because it brings him sadistic pleasure
  • Dumbass fans: omg Sangwoo and JD are like the same person!! Killing Stalking AU anyone?? Fuck yeah 😩👌🏻😍💦