they are the same ok

I know you’re all fucking deceased at this point and probably have no idea what to believe but I’m just gonna say it because I know a lot of people are feeling the same

Even if they brought Thomas back it doesnt make it ok for them to just make silverflint platonic. Not after 4 seasons of relationship development and build up, not to mention the amount of paralells we’ve been given with them and other canon romantic couples. Toby saying that Silver is the love of Flint’s life without them being canon and flinthamilton being endgame just doesn’t add up

The only way I can see any of this making sense would be if they were to make Silver and Flint’s feelings for each other canon, and the tragedy of it all in the end being James choosing Thomas and John choosing Madi 

“It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another”

“Hating a straight white man is the same as hating a black gay man!!!!”

ok becky imma need for you to use ya brain and maybe google to figure out why that sentence is about as correct as a pile of dog shit

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Hey, guys, I have some thoughts after new ch. 192.

Isn’t it Cheng’s “work” which leaded to brothers’ conflict?

We see that He Tian is very physically developed: instant response, coordinated movement, heavy blow. He stopped Mo’s band with only one sight and a couple of words.

ch. 126 -  He Tian’s “you shall not pass”

Mo in his fury couldn’t even hit him.

ch. 175 - Poor Mo (。′︵‵。) . This squirt deserves really hard kick but he is too strong badass.

The same for She Li and random fellow.

ch. 184 - Ok, He Tian, we forgive you.

Seems like he has been really hard training for probably the same “job” as his bro’s in the future, but He Tian chose another way.

What proves that?

Really emotional reaction to Mo’s speech about hanging out with punks (he doesn’t want that information to come out or maybe he doesn’t want to even in worlds be related to this gang’s deals).

ch. 170 - Seems like Mo found He’s sore spot.

When Jian Yi asked He Tian about the reason people live for, he answered: to do what they want to. And later when Jian Yi raised this issue again and asked are there some things He Tian wants to do, he smiled and hushed up the topic saying about different meanings of his words for them.

ch. 120 - Looking at Zhan Xixi - thinking of the essence of life

ch. 133 - ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

My version: Jian Yi took his words as living for purpose, He Tian meant living the way you want (and probably be free of his family’s expectations).

Well, I don’t know the reason for me to write these higgledy-piggledy thoughts. Just my notes. I hope i wrote it understandable. Sorry for my poor English.

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Aaaa yes like what Laf would wear on a regular basis (and even formal if you want) or Alex just basically the squad and even papa George! (I'm the same anon who asked the question about outfits)


Alexander: on a typical day he wears jeans and a t-shirt, quite often one of those free ones you get from like events??? bc he just doesn’t care??? or jeans and a hoodie if its colder out, but ya like,, ,he doesn’t give a shit about how he dresses. he wears his hair up in a Super Messy Bun every damn day (but if he’s wearing a hoodie, his hair is down and his hood is up no matter what)

john: wears joggers or khakis and like running shoes ??? every day. every. day. only owns one sweater (the green one from papa gwash for christmas, chapter 20, 21, or 22 i think) , only wears neutral colours (browns, greens, tans, etc.) so laf calls him Safari Sam, literally NEVER wears his hair down unless he just had sex (bc pony tail against a pillow??? no good) so when he wears it down everyone Knows™ (and laf calls him Sex Hair until john locks himself in his room in defeat). his arms r always cold bc he refuses to wear long sleeves bc that would be admitting that the NYC weather wins

hercules: mY EMO SON, wears black skinny jeans and almost exclusively black shirts/sweaters (sometimes purple or navy too tho), owns the odd plaid flannel button-down but they’re reserved for special occasions (Valentine, my ttfou one shot), emo queen, always has those big headphones around his neck and his shirts are too long and he always ALWAYS has a beanie on, he has a whole beanie collection (the only gift the bois ever get him is beanies but he LOVES IT, he has one in every colour now), laf calls him his Goth Nugget (but in the most affectionate, endearing way that just makes herc laugh)

laf: HOOOO YAH Laf dresses nice every. single. day. it kills him that his friends don’t give a shit about the way they look for the most part (but part of him likes it bc it means he’s always the best dressed), typically wears a nice structured button-down (NOT PLAID THO WHO DO U THINK U ARE) with really super nice jeans and brown oxford shoes. if he feelin fancy sometimes he wears a sweater vest (but mostly bc herc thinks it makes him look nerd-cute). he wears his hair in a bun all hte time bc he thinks it makes him look more put together (but everyone loves when he wears his hair down), and once in awhile he hAs the B E S T winged eyeliner 


Few things I hated about this episode: 

It looks like Magnus & Alec did in fact have sex last week….and the writers/producers, or whoever, decided to cut away and not even show us a scene of them in bed or something more concrete than what they did end up giving us. Meanwhile, Jace and that random girl (in the same episode mind you), that was apparently necessary. 

Maureen and Simon: ok. 

Izzy and Meliorn: sure, why not?

But Malec. One of their biggest ships on the show. Nope. 

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And it’s not even the fact that I wanted to see them in bed together, it’s a little bit about that lol, but its more about the fact that you felt the need to add in all these other scenes, that in all honesty wasn’t needed, and yet you had Magnus and Alec rushing off to have sex, to take that huge step in a relationship, especially for Alec who is a confirmed virgin and has never been in a real romantic relationship before only for it to go where exactly???

The only difference between Malec and those other couples that I mentioned is the fact that it’s a same sex male relationship and it’s so gross that they treated it this way and I will forever be disappointed. 

2nd thing. This whole Raphael and Isabelle situation. That needs to end. I don’t appreciate this for either character and knowing what I know about one of them and how they ultimately end up, I am not looking forward to watching this storyline play out in the least. I get that they are all wrapped up in their own problems but Someone needs to pay attention to Izzy and actually help her.  And where the fuck is Aldertree? This asshole just gets Isabelle addicted to this stuff and bounces?  

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Oh,and let’s not pretend Magnus and Alec aren’t going to find out and that there won’t be some sort of fight because of it. Cause I have a feeling that’s something we also have to look forward to. 

You lot can go on all day about how dumb ‘demisexuality’ and 'lithromanticism’ etc are (and I agree with you they’re complete bullshit)…

but at the same time you’re still all ok with using and giving legitimacy to terms like 'agender’ and 'pansexual’ and ’m-spec’ and believing gender is an innate feeling? You bunch of fucking hypocrites lmao 'ace discourse’ won’t achieve jack shit when both sides are just slightly different branches of the same queer theorist bullshit


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left to right, top to bottom.

01. jiwoo. captioned: IM AT THE SAME CAFE AS EROS.. im fanboying.
02. scenery. captioned: ok , art.
03. selfie. captioned: wear a jacket. it cold.
04. dorm. captioned: trying 2 be sneaky and hang this in our kitchen.
05. selfie. captioned: thanks 4 the lap bro, also nice gifts.
06. jae. captioned: he’s thinking “i shouldnt have came w haneul”.
07. selfie. captioned: a nice astronaut.
08. jackie. captioned: me at starbucks.
09. selfie. captioned: pyro took this, probably.

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left to right, top to bottom.

01. trainees. captioned: tbt lmao.
02. selfie. captioned: damn wassup @ this practice.
03. hanke. captioned: what’s good, leader?
04. jaeminul. captioned: “y r u we taking pics in the bathroom”.
05. byungchul. captioned: i didnt even stand nxt 2 him to take this pic.
06. jaeul. captioned: we bought shit, adults as fuck.
07. jinora. captioned: she never acts like this…its only bc we invited her.
08. selfie. captioned: "take this aesthetic picture of us”.
09. trainees. captioned: cold boys??

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[ ok but why do any of the paladins need to switch to black in the interim?? is there something from the older series that i’m missing?? ]

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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