they are the most shippable ship of all the ships

sometimes i think people don’t understand about ‘opposites attract’ ships. Like yes opposites attract sometimes (sometimes it doesn’t too and that’s cool) but what made those ships just SO shippable and amazing are that despite being seemingly different on the surface, there’s a whole lot of similarities at the core point of both characters and it’s that side of theirs that speaks to each other in a whole other level. and THAT’S what makes ‘opposites attract’ ships so damn beautiful.

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14, 20, 26

Salty Ask List

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

😅 I’ll keep it specific to Supercorp. Depends what angle you’re approaching from. Some people seem to think we’re just a bunch of angry, rude lesbians that are crying because our ship isn’t gonna happen. But again, depending on who you’re talking to, that’s probably the popular opinion 🙄 I know there are a lot of people that agree with me, but our fandom is split… Light Side vs. Dark Side and whatnot. Soooo unpopular opinion from my end that certain people wouldn’t be fond of… even though I ignore them, I just wish the side that so adamantly contributes to our bad reputation would just move on. 

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom? 

I’m giving two answers for this. Because I can. 

Purest canon ship: Sanvers.
Purest fanon ship: Supercorp.

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26. Most shippable character?

That’s an interesting one. I think most of us can agree that Kara is probably the most shippable character on the show as she is linked to the most ships in the fandom whether it’s just on Supergirl or in the entire Arrowverse. Lena, Cat, James, Winn, Lucy, Alex, Mon-El, Barry, Sara… I’m probably missing some. Then going beyond the Arrowverse… Kara and Diana, anyone? 👌 

While I’m not in to all of those ships, by any means, they do exist, so that is probably our best bet. (No wonder the call for a single Kara is so strong lately…)

(I admit I ship Lena with more than just Kara so she’s also pretty shippable but, Kara still gets the first place trophy.)

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Do you what I love the most about David and Gillian? Is that they are so damn good together, they're so shippable that people ship their characters in XF, their characters of other series even if they never gonna met in any capacity, and people can't help but shipping the actors themselves. How can someone not ship these two is beyond my comprehension. 😍😍😍😍

I mean what are we supposed to do with Rob and Laura Petrie, a successful old married couple, sitting in a moist anteroom, making each other tingly after they’ve been all night and not missing especially one of them, after, all they’ve have left is the heart!? 

I mean, even Gillovny ships Gillovny so who am I to not follow?😂😂

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cc ships: anon got the big ones, except daniel/david, neil/harrison & neil/tabbii... and max/david.

hmm let’s see. 

- daniel/david: that’s a difficult one. the most shippable way i’d see to it is p much an one-sided thing on daniel’s side.
but i’m not too keen on it, all things considered.

- neil/harrison: do you know who i AM child

- neil/tabbii: honestly, i love tabbii (and the other flower scouts as well), she’s hilarious and i don’t mind the crush subplot happening. not shipping them though, especially since neil looks super uncomfortable around her.

- max/david:

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What other Sakura and Sasuke ships do you like? I find Sakura more shippable than Sasuke

I don’t ship Sasuke with anyone else, though I find SasuHina to be very aesthetically pleasing. Most Sasuke ships I really do not support, but that one I’m pretty neutral about. As for Sakura, imo she’s such a flexible character that it’s easy for me to ship her with others. I ship her with Kakashi, Itachi, Gaara, Neji, Sasori, Kiba, Shikamaru… tho nowhere near the level I ship her with Sasuke. SasuSaku wins over all other ships for me. Any day. 

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Salty asks: 11, 26, 27

11.   Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?


I think this speaks for itself.

26.  Most shippable character?

I’d say Dagur, Snotlout, or Heather.  I ship all of them with multiple people and since Dagur doesn’t exactly have an off button and everyone wants to fuck Heather…..what is Snotlout’s excuse?  Don’t know.  He just gets around.

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27. Least shippable character?

I don’t ship Fishlegs with anyone.  He always struck me as asexual, for some reason.  Also, Throk. After seeing how awful he was with Ruffnut I basically gave up on trying to ship him with anyone besides himself XD besides, he has a clear foot fetish and if that doesn’t make me want to stop trying, I don’t know what will.

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Sinju, alikou, alimor


Sinbad is probably the most shippable character in Magi. When I first joined the fandom about four years ago, Sinju was a dear ship of mine. Mostly because at that time, we didn’t have a lot of options. 

I read a couple of fanfics, too. But the all had the same plot:

▪️Sinbad is sleeping in his bed chambers.

▪️Judar comes through the window  which Sinbad conveniently leaves open every night.

▪️Judar gets fucked while trying to keep quite from Sin’s generals. 

▪️Judar leaves.

Every. Fucking. Fanfic. 

I ship Sinja a tad bit more than I ship Sinju, but it’s still good. I love how in the manga, every time Sinbad is fighting someone, Judar comes in outta nowhere like he has some sort of Sinbad radar, makes the situation worse, and then leaves. 

Overall: 7/10, Sinbad coulda locked him down, but he doesn’t know how to keep a Magi around unless the magi is a couple of century old grandpa with arsonist tendencies.


I’ve done it.


I’m gonna be blunt. Mor is WAY out of his league. She deserves better. Not someone with ambiguous relationship with a Kou princess with heavily implied romance. 

No. I do not accept this. 

Overall: 1/10, I have better ships to obsess over, like literally anything else. 

SanNami Week 2016, Day 8 - Thank you

Based on @imadeablogforchitchat‘s post “Who is the Most Shippable Character in One Piece?” and the ending observation that:

If we count up all the male ships Sanji has, he is worth about 11,056 guys to Zoro’s 10,438. Still a narrow victory, but then Zoro would counter and say he has more female ships (1979 vs 1684) than him. Sanji would probably cry in the corner in that point. Sanji should be very thankful to Nami. If it weren’t for her, he would have nothing but yaoi.


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21, 26 and 17 for the salty asks please!

21. Thoughts on crack ships? I adore them. I mean, there’s Tarcien, Elriel (which started out as a crack ship), and so many others!

26. Most Shippable Character? Um…Aelin, obviously. But, besides her…a minor character maybe? Like Asterin or Elain.

27. Tarquin cause he’s taken by @highlord-tarquin and also…Maeve, Erawan, Hybern, Ianthe, etc. Though I hope all of them burn in the fiery pit of hell ^-^ (not Tarquin)

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8,11,18 ;D

8. My favourite style/look that my bias has had

Oh mannnnn this is tooo hard, every lock is a good look on Jimin, but hmm maybe I can narrow it down to 2?   nope….. still can’t do it, I am just gonna have to include a series of looks of his I really like:

Ok so firstly i love him in really simple styles, which a) look amazing on him and b) allow you to focus on his beauty:

I had such a weird ladyboner for him in this white shirt and harness combo which my sister referred to as his “han-Solo” outfit:

Also I have a big weakness for Jimin in casual clothes, I love him in hoodies, sweats and that sorta thing, like these:

I also love how he always makes sweater paws out of his too-long sleeves, and he looks amazing in his endless collection of stripey shirts (here with a bonus choker omg):

Also i want to draw attention to his look for war of hormone look which was A+ in my book:

And it wouldn’t be a good list of Jimin looks without some sin so OF COURSE his MAMA 2014 outfit has to be on here, Jimin looking gorgeous and expensive with that coatt and those pants and NO SHIRT and all those teasers for HYYH era painted on his boy I NEED TO GO LIE DOWN GOOD LOED

And for some more sin i want to introduce you to my favourite pair of Jimin jeans, his thighs are proof of a higher power if you ask me, also why is he PUSHING HIS JEANS DOWN JIMIN WHYYYY???:

And here is a photo that always gets me, I love adorable sleepy BTS and even though this one is posed he just looks so serene I love it:

BUT my favourite look on Jimin? it is his gorgeous joy-filled eyesmile, he would be wearing anyething, he could have terrible fashion or a shaved head or literally anything and that smile would still melt me <3

11. Who, if anyone, I’m most likely to ship my bias with

Jiminie deserves all the love in the world so i will ship that boy with pretty much anyone, and everyone.  I am a big fan of the jiminxEveryone or like all members being somewhat in love with him just because he is so shippable.  Tbh whichever girl or guy he finds is super lucky and they better treat him right :D

As for some of my favourite Jimin ships while I am into all of them I do tend to love the idea of him with someone who dotes on him so I have a particular soft spot for JiHope since Hobi makes his affection for Jiminie very clear, Jinmin because they are the softest sweetest ship in bts and honestly there is such a loveliness to that underrated ship, and also Vmin because they’re the cuddly same-age-friends bff ship (and they wanna grow old together OTL), Minjoon because Namjoon dies over Jimin’s cuteness as much as we do, and Jikook because look at them i mean they ship themselves and Kookie has really come outta his shell being affectionate with Jiminie, and of course even gruff Yoongi has a soft spot for Jimin.  This is why I am huge trash for every Jimin pairing.  

Here is a post i made about jimin pairings I love,  and one about YoonMinSeok, here about Maknae line, and Sunshine Line

18. Something I want to do before I die

I wanna go to Antarctica, My Bestie and I have a race to who can go to all 7 continents first but we are both only currently on 4 continents, I have only been to 31 countries because a) everything is far and expensive from Australia, and B) i KEEP GOING TO THE SAME COUNTRIES! dammit like honestly I Have been to Japan 3 times in the last 5 years - though thats for family - and Korea 3 times in the last 3 years orz).  And yep, I do spend way to much of my money on Travel but hey its been worth it.  

Ask me a question from the squad ask game

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🌟(all of them?)

🌟 What is my muse’s sexual/romantic orientation? 

Click here for canon ships!

Barty Crouch Jr.: Although he is pansexual, it is very unlikely Barty will bother to be honest with you. I have shipped him in the past and I do know gender and identity matters all of squat diddly to him, but those were all such unusual circumstances. He is not likely to ship with anyone I don’t talk to OOC a lot, honestly.

Bill Weasley: Literally the worst kind of human being alive, if tumblr is to be believed! Not only is he white and cis, this boy is also straight. But wait, it gets worse! ( Say it ain’t so! ) The canon end game felt contrived, and isn’t shipped here? So he’s a shippable straight boy? Gross. All saucy sarcasm aside - Bill isn’t the most reliable source for long term dating times. He moves around a lot and isn’t keen on settling down any time soon. 

Gellert: Demisexual equal opportunity offender; he was married with children and honestly is just Not Interested because 90% of the time he tends to forget he has a penis at all. Full shipping details for him can be found here.

Hippocrates Smethwyck: Demisexual aromantic. Hippocrates takes about as long as Gellert to remember he has a penis, and even longer still to accept he wants to do anything with it - relationships with him are as a rule not overly sex-oriented and due to his fear of rejection are unlikely to go anywhere unless the other party makes the first move. Even then there are no promises if it turns out he doesn’t hold a similar connection.   

Mr. Abernathy: Panromantic Demisexual; Abernathy is a man in the 40′s who while having a somewhat broadened understanding of sexuality is going to have homophobic ideals that are representative of his time period. He is more likely to hold a long standing relationship with a woman, though he may engage in something borderline polygamous if all parties consent.    

Marauders Era Mulciber: Pansexual: Lucas uses sex as a coping mechanism and a method of having fun while shutting his brain off entirely. He is not the man to turn to for something long lasting, but if you need advice or someone to bounce off of until you find your “one” he won’t hesitate to help out provided you’re in the circle of people he tolerates.

Narcissa Malfoy: Bisexual. In verses where she is not married to Lucius ( and admittedly, verses where polyamory is welcome ) Narcissa is just as likely to end up committed to a woman as she is to a man. Prior to her marriage with Lucius, her greatest romantic escapade was her closest friend in Ravenclaw, a young woman her parents would never have approved of even if she had been a man.

Rowena Ravenclaw: Straight: Rowena has never found herself attracted to a woman in all the time I have played her so until this changes, she’s going to be tumblr’s undesirable number one. She likes her men big enough to pick her up - and smart enough not to.

Salazar Slytherin: Pansexual: Full details here.

Scabior: Bisexual and liable to stick with anyone who’d be willing to warm his bed for more than a night, Scabior is not the most romantic of men. While he craves something substantial he has no idea how to keep it so he tends to stick with what he gets as long as he can even if it is not healthy for him. 

Sir Cadogan: The ghost writer for the Scarf of Sexuality, this man is gay as a rainbow is long and more than happy to woo the portraits of like-minded men again and again thanks to their ah - forgetfulness. Perpetually playing fifty-first-dates with his favorites, it makes him creative and shows how much he likes particular folk if nothing else.

Sirius Black: Panromantic Demiexual: Kinda covered here. In short, he doesn’t ship.

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Salty ask: 4, 21, 26, please!

Thank you, lovely! ♥

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?
S0llavellan is the one that probably bothers me the most, because it is pretty popular. I don’t find him an interesting character, I don’t find anything about his personality appealing, and I don’t care for the dynamics in the relationship at all. And I have a lot of hang-ups about M!Hawke with Isabela, but I don’t see that one very often, so it’s less of a thing for me.

21. What are your thoughts on crack ships?
I’m fairly neutral. I’ve had fun with them from a creative standpoint–Trying to see how a pair could come together can yield some interesting results. I generally like ships that are a little more grounded and plausible, though.

26. Most shippable character?
I’ve joked before that I ship Cullen with everyone, and that’s still true. 👌 I find when it comes to writing, though, I gravitate towards, like, mid-to-low tier NPCs who have just enough personality and information that I can build off canon, but have a lot of room to play with (see: Harry Carlyle).

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Gotcha! I see a lot of Chanyeol x Baekhyun stuff floating around tumblr. Is that another popular ship among fans?

Oh yeah. Besides Kaisoo it’s probably the most popular because theyre best friends from what we see. They do a lot together and theyre not the straightest at times so it makes them very shippable. They’re just two dumb idiots we love..On that note though theykinda give me a “bro lets just give eachother blowjobs, no homo” “sure bro I love you bro let’s just have sex bro. No homo” vibe.

Sorry for the Baekyeol evidence spam. This isn’t even all I got hahahah. But since Baek is my top Bias and chanyeol is in my top three I ship it super duper hard. Taoris and Xiuhan or Hunhan were also super popular before they left. 

Ghostbuster ships.

i’m kinda scared to make this post, because i’m not great at touching on these topics, or explaining how i feel very well, but this is bothering me and making me feel uncomfortable so i wanna at least try.

okay so, i keep seeing tons of posts and things shipping Holztman and Erin from Ghostbusters, and that’s fine and wonderful and great, like all ships welcome here as long as they aren’t gross or inappropriate, that being said i have…not a question really, maybe more like a musing…

why is Holzty being shipped so hard with Erin, when, from what i saw, the person she was most shippable (is that a word) with was Patty? i love Erin, i do. but she liked Kevin, and yes i understand bi people exist and she most definitely could be bi (or pan or something else). but, Patty literally called Holztman “baby” at one point. and they had great chemisty, and i just am really confused. and i don’t wanna say its a race thing…but it kind of feels like one…. but being a white person i’m not sure i have the right to say what is or isn’t a race thing. (but it feels like what happened with Finn in star wars and Sam Wilson in Captain America and those are race things) (someone please correct me if i’m out of bounds here)

and then another thing, why not ship Erin and Abby? they grew up together, they wrote a book together, Erin jumped into a fucking ghost portal to rescue her, so why not ship them? why aren’t they blowing up the same way Holzty and Erin are? this one feels kinda like maybe people don’t wanna ship the cute skinny girl and the cute fat girl together simply because one of them is fat. because that’s not something that’s portrayed in the media a lot, that fat girls can be loved just like any other girl, and by other girls as well.

and yes i realize that there are people who do ship both the ships i mentioned (Holzt and Patty, Erin and Abby) but i’ve seen hardly any fan art of either of those ships, and maybe one post about Erin and Abby, and like, yes Holzt and Erin are a cute ship but i don’t know, something just feels….weird. something just feels weird to me that the two white skinny girls became the most popular ship in such a small amount of time, and in such an overwhelming way. idk

if anyone feels this way and understands what i’m trying to get at please feel free to explain it better!!!

honestly, my most complicated love square in a screenshot

cuz *breathes* Apple and Raven are clearly a married couple, but Apple and Darling are girlfriends too, and Darling and Raven have a cute thing going on, and then there’s Holly who clearly has a crush on Apple let’s face it but her and Darling are just so shippable that…

ship them all, it’s a mumble jumble of shipping, shipping 2000, poly shipping is best shipping