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“That Idiot” Part 2

“Welcome Home”
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre: Action, fluff
Words: 1888


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[A/N: Here it is… what ya’ll have been waiting for! LOL I hope you like it, peeps! - Mod Max]

           Love is painful. You found that out when you were young. It’s a given that your life would be tough, growing up in the underground and all, but your family seems pretty special. Well, that is if you could consider it a family.

           That’s why … it took a while for you to reciprocate Levi’s feelings. Though, you can honestly say you really weren’t able to do much. It’s just that, you can’t help but feel as if you don’t deserve him. He’s too good for you, and getting comfortable with him is taking advantage of him. He doesn’t deserve that.

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44. My favorite TV Show


So, get this, it’s set IN THE FUCKING FUTURE where it takes just a few months to get to KERBEROS. That’s fucking right, KERBEROS, as in the moon that orbits Pluto at the edge of our solar system, right out near the Kuiper Belt. 

Meet the motherfucking paladins. These motherfuckers each pilot a lion that’s the same colour as that badass armour they’re wearing. Each lion chooses their paladin based on their personality, and each lion has very distinct preferences. These lions come together to form VOLTRON, a massive robot that is stronger than literally anything else in the Universe

KEITH KOGANE, the red paladin. He’s an orphan, and everyone thinks he’s really emo and angsty, but he’s actually a TOTAL CINNAMON ROLL. The red lion chooses her paladins to be quick witted and sharp, relying on instincts alone, and charging into things before thinking. The red lion is the most difficult to pilot, but she’s the fastest and most agile. She is INSANELY protective of Keith, and they have the strongest connection. Keith fights with a sword, and he used to be at the Galaxy Garrison as a fighter pilot, until he got kicked out.

LANCE MCCLAIN, the blue paladin. He’s literally the biggest sweetheart ever. He was in Galaxy Garrison as a fighter pilot after being moved up from cargo pilot when Keith dropped out. He’s the teams sharpshooter, but he has massive self esteem issues and self doubt, which he hides behind humour and jokes. He literally jumps in front of someone he’s just met so that an enemy can’t shoot them. He’s a hopeless romantic, and flirts with everything and everyone he sees. He also has a pet cow called Kalternecker. We don’t actually know what traits the blue lion chooses, because Lance cut off the explanation by saying that the blue lion obviously chooses the handsomest and most charming paladin.

TAKASHI SHIROGANE, aka Shiro, aka the black paladin. He was part of the mission to Kerberos to gather space ice (which he doesn’t get as excited about as some other people), and he and his crew (Matt and Sam Holt) get kidnapped and held prisoner on a Galra ship by Emperor Zarkon himself. That’s how he got the white fringe, nose scar and cool robot arm. He’s a total leader and a complete sweetheart, and Pidge is secretly his favourite paladin. He pilots the black lion, which is the body of Voltron, and chooses a natural born leader who keeps their head in stressful situations. Shiro sometimes gets flashbacks to when he was kept as a prisoner, rendering him unable to move or react to anything. He has the best eyeliner in the Universe.

PIDGE GUNDERSON, aka Katie Holt, aka the green paladin. She infiltrates the Galaxy Garrison, first as a girl, and then cutting her hair and enrolling as a male student, to find out what REALLY happened to her father and brother, Sam and Matt Holt, who were both lost alongside Shiro on the Kerberos mission. She’s an expert hacker and probably the best technician on the team despite being the youngest. She writes code like you eat cereal, IT’S THAT FUCKING EASY FOR HER. She’s a beautiful little nerd who makes maths jokes and snorts when she laughs. She pilots the green lion, who chooses an inquisitive, curious, creative paladin, and also represents nature. Pidge hates nature because of her allergies and general aversion to the sun, but she finds that she actually kind of enjoys being in it.

AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY, DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, HUNK GARRETT, the yellow paladin. He is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet. He loves baking and is an amazing mechanic. He has a sense for dodgy people, and he WILL NOT hesitate to call a bitch out when they’re being shady. He went to the Galaxy Garrison with Lance, and they’re the best of buddies. He’s literally so sweet and such a cinnamon roll and an actual line of his from Season 2 is “I’m just so glad my cookies are making people happy” LIKE UM THIS BOY IS BEAUTIFUL AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED?????? He pilots the yellow lion, who chooses a compassionate and caring paladin, and can also take the most damage and is basically built like a fucking tank. He gets very travel/motion sick BUT HE STILL POWERS ON THROUGH AND BECOMES A FUCKING PALADIN???? He can befriend literally anyone in the matter of a few seconds and honestly I just love him so much I wanna shyly hold his hand and fall asleep with his arm around me and watch movies with him all night because I just love him so much

I mean just look at him. He’s so happy to be alive and have friends and be able to make people happy

Now this beautiful person might just be the most stunning, gorgeous, badass thing to ever cross your dash today. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, MAY I INTRODUCE PRINCESS FUCKING ALLURA. This girl is one of the only 2 surviving members of her ENTIRE RACE (the Alteans). She was put into cryostasis by her father when the Galra attacked, and awoke to find everyone dead and gone (except for her right hand man and fellow Altean, Coran). She kicks ass and has no time for anyone’s shit. She fucking runs straight into danger head on AND IT FUCKING RUNS AWAY. She takes on the Galra’s most powerful magician ONE ON FUCKING ONE and walks out ALIVE. She kicks ass and still looks absolutely breathtaking doing it, and is mentally connected to all of the lions

THIS IS CORAN, THE ONLY OTHER SURVIVING ALTEAN, AND PERSONAL ADVISOR TO KING ALFOR AND PRINCESS ALLURA. He is just awesome and funny and cool and badass and he still kicks ass and provides comic relief and honestly he is the embodiment of the Uncle Friend

Now, they’re all fighting this mean Galra dude called Emperor Zarkon, who takes over worlds and kills people, and he want Voltron because it’s cool and powerful and he’s a butthurt little piss baby who is never satisfied with anything. He used to be the black paladin (but the black lion likes Shiro more, so up yours, Zarkon)


Bonus: it has hot aliens

Tonight’s episode was amazing. We got Murphy calling Bellamy and the others “his people”, but then sticking with the person he trusts most. We saw Kane actually acknowledging Murphy. Kane trusting that Abby will succeed to keep them alive, and being absolutely right. Bellamy being told that one day he’ll feel like he’s worth to survive. We got Clarke talking about Lexa with her mother. Clarke giving up Lexa for her people’s lives. Roan being a badass king who takes no shit and threats from no one. Monty saving Jasper on the last second. Monty and Harper being more than an one night stand. Literally everyone’s characters being how they should be.

This episode was great and everything seems to be taking a right course. I’m proud of the writers and the cast and can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store for us.

Can’t believe how ageist some of Melissa’s own cast mates are.

It’s totally okay to ship Daryl with literally anyone under the sun, except, GOD FORBID, someone with gray hair.

Melissa is BY FAR the most talented member of that cast and she deserves way more respect than she gets.

WHO FREAKING CARES IF SHE HAS GRAY HAIR?? Norman adores her and it’s clear as day that Daryl loves Carol. Every part of her.

WHY are people so threatened by a woman with gray hair being loved and respected by a man of the same age who also is starting to gray? Is it because she’s not some blonde teenager or a skinny, young Hispanic girl?

Carol is a freaking badass warrior and TF wouldn’t even be alive without her. Shall we revisit terminus? They all would’ve died without her.

LET HER BE LOVED. Let her be loved by DARYL because she deserves that and he deserves her.

She is not his mother. She is not his sister. SHE IS HIS PERSON.

Melissa is a queen. A flawless, beautiful, immensely talented, fierce, kind, funny, one of a kind queen. And she AND Carol deserves some damn respect.

The Liam Neeson Nightmare (Chapter One)

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Wade Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Language (a lot), slow burn

Summary: You and Wade were friends long before he became Deadpool but now you two are going to be working together and things feel different.

A/N: So this is the fic I was talking about in an earlier post. It’s going to be a short series like Capable. Hopefully you guys like it because I’m looking forward to writing it, although I’m pretty self indulgent sometimes to even if you don’t like it I’ll probably continue it. It did take me longer than I expected to write this though because I started re-watching the movie and kept getting distracted.

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why davos seaworth is in my top five forever and ever

other answer to the anon here who wants to know why davos is in my top five among the rest. beware this might get wordy.

short answer: because chuck norris wears davos pajamas at night and he wishes he were half as badass.

no, okay, serious answer, have a top ten:

  • first, we’re talking about a guy who has managed the impossible in these books. as in, this dude managed to survive five asoiaf books and most likely will survive the sixth and he did that by telling the truth to the face of everyone he interacted with. like. guys. he managed that. how do you not love someone who has pulled out the Greatest Feat In These Books aka staying alive while actually being a decent human being without losing limbs in the process? well okay he doesn’t have some of his fingertips but that’s pre-canon, so. I mean, you have to love him just for that.
  • second: this guy is fucking awesome and he’s just - I love how he rises up to the occasion every time, how he works for what he has and how he’s totally not bullshitting about anything he does, never mind that he’s a former commoner criminal who raised up in society and made the most out of it. I mean, he gets a noble title after saving stannis’s hide at storm’s end, people make fun of him because of the onions and what does he do? he picks onions as his house sigil because he’s not a dumbass and he knows what brought him there. he gets nominated hand of the king? he fucking learns to read and write because he knows you can’t be an illiterate hand of the king, and he’s an adult by that point, it’s not exactly easy.
  • actually, shows that you don’t need to be literate to be the smartest man in the room, and I just love how before that he keeps on proving everyone about it even if his peers don’t think he’s the real deal. well, fuck them.
  • third: guys, there’s a reason why you see stannis not being cold at all just when interacting with him, because this badass is someone else who does not judge people, who does see beyond their fame/attitude/name and that is why he’s friends with stannis who has no other friends pretty much, and that’s mostly because people judge him pre-handedly - like I kind of die on how davos just loves stannis that much while most of the rest of the world dislikes him based on his apparently noncharming personality (which is by the way not just his fault, but). and I just die over how stannis who also doesn’t care about your background if he has good reasons to like you loves davos that much okay guys I’m weak.
  • fourth: Actual Decent Husband And Father Of The Century Or At Least Top Three Material. Or, guys, he might think that he’s been a bad husband/father and so on, but he actually managed to raise up his kids and maintain his family when he was a smuggler living in flea bottom with no real money, then he also accepted his title so he could give them a better life, he made sure his children got everything he didn’t (an education in primis because he knows you go ahead in the middle ages with it), he loves them all so much and guys. the letter he wrote to marya when he thought he was gonna die. guys. MY FEELS. HE’S JUST SUCH A DECENT GUY I’M CRY.
  • fifth: he’s the kind of decent/honest guy who will call out a room full of freys on talking shit about robb stark and the red wedding because he knows it’s the right thing to do when he knows they could and would most probably have him killed. and he didn’t know it’d gain him his out of jail free card when he did that and guys that was the most badass moment in adwd not counting theon jumping, k?
  • sixth: while he’s actually a nice honest guy it’s not like he’s naive or that he assumes that everyone will be nice and honest and honorable which is probably what kept him alive when it killed ned, but like I just love how this man knows perfectly how the world works and he knows that people are horrid but it doesn’t mean that he has to stoop down to that level and he keeps on living the way he thinks is right and I just really admire him for it okay.
  • seventh: at least we have a pov who was not born a noble and who knows perfectly what kind of shit commoners face and let me tell you that’s fucking refreshing and you can see he has an entire different perspective from how about everyone else and that he is a lot more cognizant of how much people put at stake in any given situation. (which is why stannis likes him that much along with his honesty I suppose.)
  • eight: he actually has self-awareness the way a lot of people in these books have not. he knows his strengths and weaknesses and he knows where he went wrong and he knows his faults, see that fucking letter he wrote to marya all over again. christ. I cried when I read it okay. 
  • ninth: being inside his head makes me fairly happy because at least I have someone who’s not trying to outsmart anyone, who’s straight about what happens and who is actually also a pretty damn wholesome guy. considering the average in asoiaf I really like having a break.
  • HE’S THE KIND OF GUY WHO WILL ACCEPT SOMEONE CUTTING OFF HIS FINGERTIPS BECAUSE IT’S FAIR AFTER SAVING THAT PERSON’S LIFE. I mean. Guys. I really like people who have the intellectual honesty to do it, what can I do?

bonus: show!davos is about the one character who didn’t get completely butchered, and he’s also the atheist representation I need and deserve even if I love the book version as well also in that one stannis is that representation so I’m good with either.

Also, as a friend of mine once said, 90% of the smarts in westeros probably went to him, and I’ll reiterate but he’s the most badass in the good way and I’ll fight anyone on that I love davos seaworth to pieces thank you for your time.

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Sandor Clegane

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute |

—- > badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

Couldn’t choose just one for Sandor Clegane! He is, by far, my favorite character from literally anything. A broken man from a broken home with one of the most tragic backstories that I’ve ever heard. I adore how complex he is, how he is neither villain nor hero but a reluctant anti-hero. George R.R. Martin really outdid himself when he created The Hound. He is not an evil monster, despite what most people think due to his admittedly monstrous reputation and facial disfigurement. Nobody hates him more than he hates himself, and that is a truly sad thing. Sandor does have a heart and is, at the same time, capable of being brutal… and I can’t wait to read/watch his redemption arc. I think he will always carry his anger and self loathing, but if I’m honest - I enjoy that about his character and wouldn’t change it.. I’ll cut this post short now (as I’m not sure if we’re meant to discuss them in great length or just…answer simply by highlighting which one of the options fit), BUT Thank you so much for giving me an excuse to express my love for this character!! Means a lot!

marco polo gives me so much faith in humanity tbh like

  • a show set in asia and all!!!! the actors!!!!! are actually!!!! asian!!!!
  • literally there are 3 white guys
  • and the white guys all fuck everything up so bad
  • even the one mc white guy who doesn’t fuck everything up so bad still fucks stuff up pretty bad
  • ladies are so badass and cool example
  • the khan (aka the most powerful man alive) is so fucking head-over-heels for his wife Chabi like she’s his most trusted everything and holds huge amounts of power & influence over him, and she’s super smart and cunning and can manipulate people so well like she’s so cool
  • a warrior woman Khutulun who (in her father’s words) “will never lose her virginity/get married” until someone beats her at wrestling but she’s like no & doesn’t let a man control her body so she sleeps w/who she wants & doesn’t lose until she fake-loses to the guy she loves so she can marry him (and she could 10000% kick his ass trust me on this)
  • a chinese dancer Mei Lin who KILLED 3 FULLY-ARMORED & EQUIPPED SOLDIERS WHILE SHE WAS NAKED like oh my god??? she’s also a sick spy and super smart and cool and also an amazing mother who would do literally anything to keep her child safe & make sure she has a better life than she did
  • literally they’re all so awesome
  • yes there is like crazy amounts of female nudity which can be improved
  • but the rest of the show is so good
  • it’s not like GoT where the plot is convoluted & doesn’t make sense it’s actually really interesting & everything is well-written
  • have you seen Hundred Eyes?
  • also Prince Jingam and Ahmad and Byamba are so hot
Armin’s parents and the Reiss family (Chapter 83 Predictions/Theories)

You know, when I first read chapter 82 I really, really didn’t want Armin to be dead.  I was in denial for a good week, then I slowly started to accept that he’s probably gone.  But then, after thinking about it a bit more, and reading some other people’s theories here and there, it started to seem more and more likely that Armin could possibly come back and have an even greater role to play in the story.   And well, seeing as the new chapter is coming out soon, I just wanted to share my crackpot theories with you guys.  ಠ◡ಠっ Here you go.

1. Armin’s relation to Historia (i.e. Armin is a Reiss who, if titanized, can absorb titan memories)

So, I was thinking about the scene back when Historia’s father was trying to get her to take the titan serum and was talking all about how the Reiss family are the only family that can use the titan power to its full potential, specifically when it comes to absorbing the memories of other shifters (that they’ve eaten).  Or harnessing the power of the Coordinate.

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ask game: Until Dawn edition
  • Emily: What are you afraid of?
  • Ashley: What makes you smile?
  • Wendigo: What are you weaknesses?
  • Chris: Describe your crush
  • Josh: What makes you feel powerful?
  • Mike: What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
  • Matt: What is/was school like for you?
  • The Stranger: What are three things you want to do before you die?
  • Sam: What do you do when you are concerned for other people?
  • Jess: What are you insecure about? What are you confident about?
  • Hannah: How do you cope with sadness/stress?
  • Beth: What are you going to miss the most about being alive?

Okay so, you probably know who Joan Of Arc was.

You probably have heard she was burned at the stake for being a witch.

You may also know that she is often refered to as a crazy/insane/mad woman and probably even a schisophrenic girl.

But did you know that since she was 12 years old or so she started having hallucinations of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Margaret of Hungary, and also from time to time of the Archengel Saint Michael?
Did you know that they were the ones to tell her she had the mission to save France by escorting King (Prince) Charles VII to his crowning on the city of Reims?
Did you ever hear of the way she led her fist battle and won it in just one night?
Were you ever told in school that once, Duke Charles II of Luxemburg called her to tell him if his health was ever going to better, because he thought she could see into the future? And she told him she could not know, but that she would make sure to have him on her prayers IF HE STARTER TREATING HIS WIFE THE WAY ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING DESERVES TO BE TREATED!?
Did your sexist history teacher ever made a pause during his adoration of male heroes to make sure you and your classmates understood the REAL REASON why they actually killed her?

Have you ever even wondered why?

Well I will tell you why!

The sole and only reason why they killed her was not because she was believed to be a witch.

She was not burned to death because of the way she chose to dress.

They did not burn her alive just because she fought in war and won every battle.

They did not murder Jean Darc, the Maid of Orleans, for banning and forbidding prostitues and lootings in her army.

You wanna know why Joan of Arc was killed?

She was burned alive because, after SAVING ALL OF FRANCE FROM THE GODONS (England), she became the right hand of the, now finally crowned, King Charles. And the people of the entire kingdom of France started saying that WITHOUT HER THE KING WAS NOTHING. So, the King decided to silence her and ended up acussing her of heresy and witchcraft. That’s why they killed her.


This has been PSA.

Caitlin Snow

Okay, let me just point something out. This girl is amazing. First off, she’s really smart, having an M.D. and all. She is a very important member of team Flash because of her intelligence. There have been many occasions where the team wouldn’t have been able to do anything without Caitlin. For example, when she’s having trouble with her powers, they need her help to help Wally. Second, she’s tough as nails. Her fiancé dies. That would be traumatic for anyone. Not only that, but her career is basically ruined after the particle accelerator exploded. Fast forward a little while. Her fiancé is back (hooray!) but he has been taken over by firestorm. That is really hard to see. Fast forward. She gets her fiancé back and they get married. Yay! Only for her husband to die (again). Ouch. Fast forward again. She’s finally coming to grips with what happened, and she is starting to like Jay, when he dies too. But she keeps on going. Then it turns out that it only is Jay alive, but he is evil. Then she gets kidnapped! Like, that’s really traumatic. Okay. She is now back and everything is chill. Then bam! She suddenly has scary ice powers. Like, wow! That sucks. Poor Caitlin has gone through so much, and yet, she is still the most boss people on team Flash. Third, she is super badass with her super cool ice powers. She almost beats the Flash for Pete’s sake! And after a day or two of using powers! All in all, I think that Caitlin is really amazing and needs to be appreciated more. She is super cool and awesome.

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- 11/10 would recommend
- Sebastian Stan is a soft space puppy
- the plot is so compelling and gripping while staying very real
- it made me cry about potatoes
- seriously. Potatoes are a very emotional subject right now.
- Matt Damon’s performance was incredible
- also a really diverse cast compared to movies like this generally have
- such cute side characters. Jessica Chastains badass and competent but also very compassionate captain, Michael Penas loyal and snarky flight guy, Sebastian Stan as an aforementioned soft space puppy and Kate Mara as the most adorkable science kitten (brand new otp), the bleach blonde satellite girl who’s name I don’t know, Donald glover as a crazy smart scientist, Sean bean as alive - it’s very good and I haven’t even listed them all
- the nasa people (Chiwetel Ejiofor is wearing these unfairly hot hipster glasses which is beside the point) but it very clearly doesn’t make them villains - they have hard choices to make that they don’t make lightly
- it’s everything amazing about Apollo 13 and Gravity rolled into one
- the Mars landscapes are incredible
- Matt Damon does such. A. Good. Job. I spent the whole movie on the edge of my seat.

One Hell of a hunt (part one)

Pairings: Reader x Dean

Summary:Just the introduction of the reader, and a bit of her backstory. She reunites with Dean and Sam after almost a decade. Reader is a confident, bad ass Plus sized hunter and she develops a huge crush on Dean. And for all we know, he may end up feeling the same. Hope you guys want me to do more parts :)


Reader Gender: Female. 

Word Count: 1,183

Warnings: a bit of swearing, my first ever fan fiction to share with the world as well. (Constructive Criticism is welcomed!)

This hunt was one you were actually looking forward to going on. You had been tracking down the shapeshifter for a while now, and every day you had came up short, another person’s life was taken. And as a lone hunter, it took a while for you to get all of your information correctly in place.

You had been hunting by yourself since you were eighteen years old. The world had been cruel to you; your mom denying you after you told her you wanted to save people and hunt things in the steps of your father, who passed when you were 17. You being the way you are, decided to keep your head up high and keep your father’s name on a pedestal. Here you are now, and haven’t talked to your mom since you packed your bags and left your hometown in Waco, Texas. Of course, you still keep tabs on her, to make sure she is protected and still alive.


People in the hunter world know you as one of the most badass female hunters the world has ever come to know. You went into every hunt with a steady mind, calm and never taking anything personal. Especially knowing that more than likely when you went into a place ready to kill, the monster would say anything to get your blood boiling. With your hot temper, it took a while to look past it and get the job done. You made sure you had all of the lore and information correct, so you didn’t have to worry about any mistakes that would get you killed. And plus, you were very confident, despite people always trying to put you down for your size and the fact that you didn’t have a partner hunting with you (in the world of hunters, that makes you a reckless piece of crap that gives hunters a bad rep). You had been plus sized since you were in elementary school, which you never saw a problem with. You had curves though- in all the right places. You just had a tummy too- which for some reason guys didn’t like.  Of course, in society then, and now, being okay with how you look if you aren’t a size 4 isn’t acceptable to anyone. At first, you were a shy, timid girl who never talked to anyone, wore oversized clothes, never tried to make any friends- and just basically went to class, made good grades and ate by herself at lunch. By high school, when you were a sophomore, you realized you should actually embrace yourself, because you didn’t feel like you needed to change for anyone. You started dressing the way you wanted to- in tight jeans, leather jackets and flannels- along with low cut tops and fierce makeup that you were actually good at. The boys from middle school started looking at you differently, and your confidence made people respect and admire you.


Still as a young female adult, and being a hunter, you still had your confidence and great personality. You’re still not a size 4, but you’re much more strong and have a lot more muscle than most men you know. Hunting has done you a lot of good.


Now sitting at the bar, waiting for the shapeshifter to appear in it’s meat suit, you order a drink for yourself.

Patience is key, you think. Waiting wasn’t something you liked doing, you wanted to get it over as quick as possible- but spotting a shapeshifter in a semi-crowded bar wasn’t the easiest thing to do. You hear the doors to enter the bar open, so you quickly turn around to see if it’s your prey. But to your demise, it’s just-




“No, no, dammit,” you mumble to yourself. This was your hunt! You had been on this thing for at least a month. Plus, this was the shapeshifter your dad had been searching before he died. Your dad had done some work with John, the father of the two boys. Sam and Dean had even went to school with you for at least a week- Sam talked to you the whole time, but Dean didn’t even look you over once: typical jock.


 It had been at least 8 years since you saw the boys last- and damn, had puberty did them well.

Sam, who used to be the short one of the two, still had shaggy hair and puppy dog eyes, but grew at least 20 feet. He had a lot of muscle on him now, and you assumed he had still been hunting with Dean, since you heard John passed away years back. But Dean- wow. He had been really attractive back in the day, and you thought that when you were a hunter, you’d age like milk. Dean on the other hand, aged like wine. He had to be at least in his 30’s now. He looked a little stressed, but his eyes still were that indescribable shade of green, he got a little taller too, but was no where near Sam’s height. His bowlegs were still the cutest thing about him, and his hair was still in the same hairstyle as all those years ago. Those freckles that seemed to be splattered all across his nose and cheeks still took your breath away. And those lips- god those lips- you still wanted to kiss them. Every time he talked, you couldn’t help but let your gaze drift down to those pink, full lips. He still dressed the same, just didn’t have on a leather jacket, or that amulet he always wore.


You were sure they wouldn’t recognize you, so you just went ahead and turned back around to finish off your drink and search the crowd. You heard the patter of boots coming up behind you, and stiffened.


“Hey bartender, Jack, straight please?” You slowly turned your head to see that it was Dean talking, and if you didn’t already think he was perfect… after hearing his voice it was enough for you.


The bartender gave Dean a drink, and he just had to sit beside you. Sam sat to the right of him, while Dean was to the right of you. They started talking about the hunt, and not so discreetly either, so you listened in.


“See anything suspicious yet?” Sam asked, scrunching his eyebrows. Dean took a swig of his whiskey before responding, “Not yet, Sammy.”

You snorted. After all of these years- both of these men in their thirties, and Dean still called him Sammy? Apparently, you snorted too loud, because both boys looked at you with a confused look set on their faces.

“Something funny, sweetheart?” Dean asked, sending chills all throughout you.

You looked his way, and smiled slightly. “No, sorry,” You replied softly, turning your head back around to take a drink of your whiskey.

(y/n)?” Sam questioned, and your heart immediately stopped. You froze, not sure if you should run and hide and let them have the hunt. You turned to face Sam with a forced grin, waving before responding, “Heya, Sammy.

Okay but why do we call them the Tony Awards? They’re named after Antoinette Perry, and we basically masculinized her name beyond recognition, so much so that we’re hardly remembering her through them. Like, our awards are named after a badass woman of theatre, why don’t we own that more???

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Can comrade explain WH40K?

Okay, so the Warhammer 40K universe is very GRIMDARK TM. In the GRIMDARKness of the far future, there is only war, and all that.

You’ve got your basic humans spread out across the cosmos, most of them worship The Emperor of Mankind, who’s basically just a living cadaver who is kept alive by a big machine that feeds on people. Then there are the Space Marines, big fucking super humans with all kinds of extra organs and badass armor. I won’t go into all the different space marine chapters because there are a fuck ton. Also there are the Sisters of Battle, who are badass dominatrix nuns in space.

Next there are the Chaos Space Marines, they all got really mad at the Emperor like 10,000 years ago and fucked things up pretty good. They’re the reason the Emperor has to drink the blood of virgins through a straw. They’ve got the all the cool stuff Space Marines do + ancient daemons helping them out + 3000% more spikes on their armor. They’re the coolest, don’t fuck with the Chaos Space Marines, they will chop your head off and drink from your skull. Some of the chaos space marines worship specific chaos gods, some worship all of them.

So, the four Chaos Gods! Khorne, the Lord of Skulls, the Blood God. He’s your basic giant red beasty looking god of war, martial prowess, mortal combat, and, of course, blood! He hates magic.Then there’s Tzneetch, the god of magic, cunning, knowledge, planning, change, and lisps. He’s a kind of birdy looking dude. Nurgle is the god of plagues and disease, his worshippers are not people you should invited over when they have a cold. He’s enormously fat and rotting. Last but not least there’s Slaanesh, he/she is the most beautiful being ever, she/he is the god/goddess of lust, sex, rock n roll, weird body piercings, pleasure, leather pants, and cocaine. She/he is banging Khorne, but he denies it. 

There are the Eldar, who are Anime Space Elves with pointy helmets. They all psychic and shit. There are the Dark Eldar who are murder happy, torturous, evil Anime Space Elves. 

You’ve got the Tau, who are filthy weeaboo space communists with really big guns. They cry a lot if you punch them in the face. I highly recommend punching them in the face.

Tyranids are basically the Zerg from Star Craft, except the Tyranids came first. Think big giant mindless bugs that have evolved to be the ultimate living weapons. They’re pretty cool.

The Necrons are ancient metal skeletons with a kind of vaguely Egyptian feel to them. They just kinda pop out of nowhere, wreck your day, and leave again.

Orks are your basic Orcs, they’re strong, dumb, and like to build things out of scrap metal. RED MAKES IT GO FASTAH! They like to run around yelling “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!”  

All of these factions are pretty consistently kicking the shit out of each other, sometimes teaming up with other factions to merk on whoever is pissing in their wheaties that day.

Dead or Alive.

We all know that without Orihime, most of the characters would be dead or writhing in absolute anguish. The fact that people choose to deem that useless because they say she is a bother and “annoying” are just silly excuses for their obvious distaste on the character.

“But we all know Rukia is the badass, without her most of them would be dead!”

Or none of the shit they experience would happen, as in they wouldn’t be dragged in. But let’s just drag in another character to compare her to Orihime, because she is always compared to other woman, especially the fighters. Is there something wrong with being in the back protecting or healing people?

Apparently to a lot of people that are obsessed with fighting and only showing power by their swords or fists.

But it is a fact, that without Orihime most of the people would be dead either by lack of blood or from fatal injuries.

If you deny that Orihime is in fact useful and a part of the main group then…

You are…

a) in denial

b) delusional

c) a hater with the above

I mean her powers are helpful and have done shit not as flashy as the others. But at least she serves a purpose.

Even showing compassion to the enemies.

And even healing, the character that apparently always saves the day.

Even Rukia acknowledges the fact that Orihime is useful.

Lol, these aren’t even all the scenes where Orihime saves someone or protects them. But if you indeed don’t care fine whatever, if you continue to tarnish her character then…

I’m pretty sure the Institute is haunted. Someone call the Ghostbusters.

And before you tell me that I’m crazy, lemme just tell my story. So here I am, walking on back from the movies and heading back to my room to crawl into bed, and something knocks me over. I’m not the most balanced of people, I’ll totally own that, but my two feet were on the floor when I just suddenly toppled over. That shit doesn’t just happen, y’know? 

Plus – I totally saw the lights flickering on and off earlier when I was out in the hallway. We’ve got ghosts, they’re possibly violent, and I think we’re gonna need to exorcise the place if we’re ever gonna live in peace. I’m not worried for me – I’ve watched enough Supernatural that I can totally make it out alive, but not everyone’s as much of a badass as I am.

TWD 5x12 and why Carol's arc is brilliant

Some people (not necessarily Carol fans) have stated how her story has been told and there’s nowhere new to go for her character. While that statement always makes me giggle (because how many times have we seen Rick and Daryl in repititive situations), I am absolutely thrilled that the writers have decided to add another facet to Carol’s arc. Something entirely new and yet very much in tune with her backstory and previous character development. 

Deanna says she can read people extremely well. Who else would be as capable to put on an act as Carol? Carol, the abused wife who had to live a life of pretense every day while Ed was alive. For him, for her daughter, for family, friends and neighbours. She knows how to stay invisible, underestimated, and she’s willing to assume that role again in order to be eyes and ears. 

She keeps being one of the smartest, most pragmatic, most badass members of our group, but continues this role in a fresh, unique way. I’m loving it! Her new arc is perfect and, once again, situates her as one of the key players.


Happy birthday to one of my most favorite female anime characters of all time! I don’t care what other people think about you. You are a beautiful and badass character to me and I would continue to support you as long as the Naruto franchise is alive! 

You are the reason why I started watching Naruto 12/13 years ago and nothing would stop me from doing so in the following years. 

Please give us an Uchiha baby boy in the future and let me borrow your hot husband sometimes, promise we’ll just talk that’s it. 

I had to steal pictures from the net because I cannot fucking draw for the life of me!!