they are the fairies of the youtube forest


The Kylie - Nude pink, body-con dresses, red roses, gucci slides, expensive perfume, matching bra and panty sets, summer weather, hotels, 200$ sunglasses, silk robes, overpriced matching athletic clothes.

1900s- American Outfitters, Mom jeans, thrift stores, record players, rainy days, journals, nice handwriting, messy hair, band posters, cacti, old movies, watching the sunset out of the back of a truck.

The Hipster- Instagram coffee shots, oversized sweaters, grey everything, marble, fake clear framed glasses, coffee table books, small cafes, New York or LA, calm music, long novels, avocado toast, work out aesthetic videos, Youtube  and Pinterest, salads, polaroids. 

Bohemian- Dream catchers, minimalism, long walks, picnics, tapestries, forests,vegan food, religious symbols, flowers, dancing barefoot, warm colored fairy lights, messy braids, sandals, cozy blankets, remote locations, the idea or going braless, loose fitting clothes, moon phases.

Pastel Edge- Galaxy print, colored hair, suspenders, colored converse, skater skirts and high tops, space buns, glitter roots, profanity, WEIRD, holographic things, panted nails, clear mini-backpacks, crazy make-up, vintage kids shows.


Sen noci svatojánské (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

77 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Sep. 25th, 1959
Country: Czechoslovakia 
Director: Jiří Trnka

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream is based on the famous poetic comedy by William Shakespeare, first performed in 1605. Three worlds meet in this story: the noble world of three Athens couples, a common popular world of tradesmen amateur theatre and a fairy-tale happiness of magic creatures as elves and nymphs. The film is considered the most remarkable Jirí Trnka’s work and a milestone in the history of the world animation.

Right before the wedding of Theseus (Duke of Athens) and Hippolyta, the young couple Lysander and Hermia want to be together, but her father forbids it. Meanwhile, Demetrius is also in love with Hermia, and Helena is in love with him. The four end up in the forest that evening. The same night, Oberon (King of the Fairies) enlists his servant Puck to trick the queen, Titania. He’s to collect a magical flower with dew that causes love. The fairies’ plan goes awry when the mortals get in the way. 

An English-language dubbed version was made with narration by Richard Burton.

The film won several awards including the Prize of the Technical Committee in Cannes and an Honorable Medal at the Venice Film Festival.”


A Midsummer Night’s Dream is available on YouTube.

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