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Ok, so if you follow me (which is very unlikely because this blog is very new) you may have noticed I just adore those “humans are weird” and “humans are space orcs” and “aliens think humans are cute” posts and now I have this plot for a story in my head and I can’t get it out.

Like yeah, all the posts with human-alien culture shock and relationships are those very serious crew members and specialists that are able to explain cultural differences and human biology and that stuff, so when there is a “weird human moment” the human can explain themselves and reassure the crew. But what if the aliens had to deal with a human that just does the stuff and doesn’t know how to explain it?

Story idea under the cut.

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Perfect For Each Other- Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

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request from anon: #5 for a Lin x reader

#5:“ Are you hitting on her for me?”

“Lin, c'mon you’ve performed in front of thousands of people and you’ve never been this nervous.” I overheard Chris say and I looked at Lin in curiosity.

“Yes well in case you haven’t noticed, I care more about what they think then what thousands of people think.” Lin pointed out and I smiled a bit. Lin having a crush was officially the cutest thing ever.

“Well Lin, if you act as cute as you are acting right now, I’m sure they’ll love you.” I told him and Chris tried to stop himself from laughing at Lin’s embarrassed expression.

“You’re cuter.” He said, looking over to Chris to see if he said the right thing. Chris was laughing extremly hard and didn’t notice. I blinked.

“I’m sorry, no one is cuter than Lin Manuel Miranda.”

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about but I agree with Y/N.” Oak said as he walked up to my side and I laughed.

“You just agreed that Lin is the cutest human being on this earth.”

“Well I mean it’s true but sorry for hitting on your man.” He said before walking away. Chris started crying and he sat down on the stage trying to catch his breath.

“Oak sees it too, Lin.” He said and I frowned.

“Sees what?”

“That we are perfect for each other.” Lin said casually before realizing what he just said and he looked up at me. “I mean I’m not say that we are- we aren’t but-”

“I get it.” I told him in a more harsh tone in which I intended. He looked upset and he nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“We should probably get back to practicing anyway.” He said slowly and he walked away.

“Damn that was a bit harsh, don’t you think so?” Chris asked me and I looked away from Lin’s retreating figure and towards Chris.
“It wasn’t supposed to come out that way.”

“I’m not the one you need to tell that to.” He pointed out and I sighed.

“You’re right. Thanks Chris.”

“It’s no problem, just go and make Lin happy and adorable again.” He smiled and I returned it before running to catch up with Lin, who was probably relaxing in his dressing room. I knocked on the door and waited there for several minutes before he answered, in the green suit he wore for most of act two.


“I’m sorry about my tone earlier- I came out wrong.” I told him and he smiled sheepishly.

“It’s alright- it was stupid of me to get upset over it.”

“Please Lin I don’t think it’s even possible for you to be stupid.”

“Oh trust me, you bring out the best in me so you haven’t seen nothing yet.”

“Is that a promise?”

“If you want it to be.”

“I should get to the stage, I am on for ‘What’d I Miss’ and we have one minute before we’re starting again.” I told him and he nodded and we walked side by side to the stage.

After we finished practicing 'What’d I Miss’, we continued with other songs in act two. And after practicing on several other songs, the intro for 'Burn’ started and since there were no ensemble members in this song, I sat with Chris and we watched Phillipa sing. After 'Burn’, dinner arrived at the theater and we all ate together, bringing out the picnic table used in 'My Shot’ and the chairs used in the cabniet battles.

“Oh yeah, that wink in 'What’d I Miss’ was for Y/N.” Daveed said and I looked at him, confused.

“Oh, you winked at me?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Yeah it was from Lin though.” He said and Lin whipped his head towards Daveed.

“Not true!”

“If the shoe fits wear it.” Daveed smirked and Lin groaned.
“Yeah yeah, thanks Thomas Jefferson.”

“It’s no problem Lin- I am only flirting with Y/N for you since you aren’t.” He said and I nearly choked on my food and I started coughing loudly. I eventually stopped and glared at Daveed before taking another bite of my food.

“Wait- you are hitting on her for me?” Lin asked and I started coughing again and I glared at Lin and Daveed.


“Is it that obvious?” Lin groaned.

“That you like her? Yeah.” Daveed said and Lin smiled at me cautiously.

“So I have something to tell you.” He told me and I smiled widely.

“So do I.”

sometimes I’m just really overwhelmed with my love for exo. like, they bring me so much joy??? like not just them as a group, but them as individuals as well. kyungsoo is literally the squishiest, most adorable man ever and although he doesn’t like to be called cute, he definitly is and his voice is so soothing and calming and i love him so much!!!! and chanyeol is literally the smollest giant ever and an actual saint like he feeds homeless kittens and make music and he’s a giant ball of fun and make my best friend so happy and im just so greatful for his existence and his voice is literally the best thing known to mankind i just love him som much!!! jongdae’s vocals is actually god like and I want to fcking cuddle him because that’s how cute he is and his laugh can cure cancer and his whining is iconic i just really fcking love jongdae!!! and suho is so fcking gorgeous like dont fight me this is the most beautiful man i have ever seen in my life and he loves everyone so much and he is funny!!!!!!!!! like honestly i want to thank suho for existing because it makes my life so much easier like i love him so much!!! kai is an actual ball of fluff and will laugh 10/10 times of everything and he just really just love his dogs and dancing and exo and it makes me so happy that he always go 110% in to everything he does he’s actually so amazing kai is literal sunshine i just love him!!!! lay is actually such a wonderful person because he just is and he’s the actual king and i want to cry because he’s so cute like he’s such a precious little thing and i want to protect him against evil and his dancing is sinful and just i lov lay!!!!!! xiumin is the fake maknae and actual oldest but i actually dont believe he is real at all like he is an anime character there is no way in hell anyone can look so perfect in real life i want to fcking kiss him like wtf he’s ethereal like can we sit down for a minute and talk about fcking kim minseok like jfc he’s amazing and wonderful and his voice is like velvet and i just love him so much wtf!!!!! oh sehun the one and only, the tower, the most amazing man who actually is the cutests lille boy who loves vivi more than vivi loves him :((( and he’s so precious and just loves all his older members and fans and is actually so deep and smart but still adorable and he loves dancing and i just really love sehun so much!!!! baekhyun… the love of my life and the most precious human being on earth, lay and aeri’s #1 fanboy and actual owner of my heart he always make sure everyone is okay and care so much for everyone, his personality is wonderful his voice is fcking the most amazing his dancing is also so fcking fantastic and i could watch him perform for days he’s the cutest and he’s sinful and ethereal and i want to cry because of how perfect he is please i actually am so in love with him it hurts… he just lights up my world like no one can and i just am so grateful for him .. guys I just really love exo :((

when your fave is problematic:

• scott hoying
— he can sing these crazy riffs
— his jawline omfg
— he’s actually a 6'3 ft five year old child
— an actual, real life noodle

• kirstie maldonado
— she literally looks good in every single hair color/style
— she’s an angel
— she’s the sweetest and cutest human being to ever grace planet earth
— an actual, real life disney princess

• mitch grassi
— he is a pure diva
— his high-notes and just his singing voice in general omfg
— his spunky, sassy attitude
— an actual, real life queen/boy princess

• avi kaplan
— his mesmerizing green eyes
— his deep, low voice (the type that makes the girls want to bear his child and turn all the boys gay)
— he is genuine and sensitive
— an actual, real life dork and bbq-loving dragon

• kevin olusola
— he’s the most intelligent human being ever (speaks fluent mandarin, went to yale, and he can beatbox like it’s nobody’s business)
— his contagious laughs
— he’s swole
— an actual, real life perfect human being

hello people!!

my name’s minnie, I’m turning 17 this summer (but I feel 60+ at heart!!) and I live in europe.

I really enjoy learning, especially biology and literature. I can literally spend hours searching for those amazing facts about the human body.

I absolutely love animals, they’re the cutest beings on the earth. my love for them is one of the reasons I went vegan but I’m definitely not here to judge you for your dietary choices. oh and I also love cooking and baking. I always pretend that I have my own cooking show when I’m in the kitchen.

In general I feel like an old grandma living in a tiny house with a beautiful garden who likes to sit on the porch everyday sipping green tea and who’s really into herbs and alternative medicine. but at the same I’m often so childish that I keep wondering if perhaps I stopped my mental development at the age of 5.

my biggest dream is to travel the world with friends. I’m definitely taking a gap year after high school for visiting those amazing countries. I’d love to visit australia and new zealand, india and the whole south america.

my music taste is literally one big mess, I can go from listening to old jazz and david bowie to the weeknd.

I’m looking for open-minded and nice people. your age, nationality, gender, sexuality etc. don’t matter. we can chat here or send emails but I’m okay with writing letters to each other as well (maybe skype or facetime in the future, who knows) as long as you’re comfortable with it. I’m so down for a friendship where we can tell each other secrets and have a deep conversation like we’ve known each other for years.

kik: caelesty
email: caelesty6
tumblr: @caelesty

I’m thinking about sign pairings a lot lately here are some of my thoughts

*One of my very favorites is aquarius-sagittarius this is just like…unrestrained creative potency just VROOOOM like a wild Engine

*So many of my #1 most important people have big Aquarius-Cancer in their charts. Totally sparkling creativity and it’s like nothing about the human being is foreign to them

*I love being Libra Capricorn I love all the earth anchor in my chart. Squares are cute

*Leo Scorpio is the cutest and sexiest square

*Gemini Virgo is another very adorable square, not so sexy but soooo reedy and brainy. I know a ton of these people and they really are walking mercury, some of the most vivid examples of astrology being real I’ve ever seen


*Cancer Pisces is MOURNFUL AF!!! At least the ones I’ve met.

*Taurus Pisces is so gaia and beautiful that it’s almost like fragrant.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Barry Allen x Reader)

Requested by: anonymous “41 and/or 42 ;-)! Love ur imagines!”

Prompt: 41 + 42: “Do you wanna Build a-” - “Absolutely not.” + “You look cute when you’re cold.”

Winter Prompts


Word Count: 953

Author’s Note: THIS IS SO CUTE LITERALLY LIKE I HAVE SO MANY GOALS IN MY HEAD AND I HAD TO CHOOSE ONLY ONE OMG but y’all need to listen to this song: it’s literally the cutest thing ever. AND JUST LIKE LOOK AT THIS GIF^^^ HE IS THE CUTEST HUMAN BEING TO HAVE EVER WALKED THIS EARTH im not even joking guys

It was winter. And it was snowing.

You love the snow.

“Barry! Look! Oh my gosh, it’s snowing!” you excitedly exclaimed as you looked out the window as if you were five and seeing your first snow. You were always a little sucker for snow.

Barry smiled at you as he glanced out the window from the kitchen where he was making himself some hot coffee.

“Yes, Y/N, it’s snowing. Just like it does every year,” he replied back. You glared at him, hearing his sarcasm.

“I don’t appreciate your tone of voice, mister,” you said, pursing your lips in exaggerated distaste. His laugh rang in the small house that you two shared together, making you smile back. 

You ran back into the kitchen, skidding the last few steps with your fuzzy socks on. You leaned against the island in the middle of the kitchen, resting your head on your elbows as you watched him stir his coffee.

“Hey, babe,” you whispered.

“What?” he said, using the same tone of voice that you did.

Your smile grew bigger. Along with snow, you also had a thing for Disney movies.

You took a big breath and began to sing loudly. “Do you want to build a-” you sang, but your bully of a boyfriend shot you down.

“Absolutely not, Y/N.” He turned around to face you and sipped his coffee like he didn’t just break your heart.

Your mouth grew large in hurt. 

“What?! Barry, c’mon! Pleaaaase,” you whined as you started to skid your feet along the wood.

Barry looked at you amusingly. You were squirming under his quiet gaze which made you stop and scrunch your nose together.

“What are you staring at?” you asked, pretending to be mad at him.

He laughed before taking another drink of his coffee. “Nothing, nothing. Go, make a snowman, I’m just going to watch.”

“What?” you protested, “but that’s no fun!”

“Fine,” Barry sighed, “Let me finish my coffee first, and then I’ll help you make your snowman.”

You squealed in delight as you ran out the front door, already getting knee deep in snow. The winter made you feel like you were a literal 10 year old. You loved the softness of the snow, the pureness that blanketed the entire city. The holiday spirit made everyone just a little more happy and everyone just a little more kind. It really was the best time of the year.

Barry stood outside, leaning against the front porch as he watched you build the first snowball for the snowman happily. He smiled. How could he have gotten so lucky to have you? How could it have taken this long for him to find you? 

It took you around half an hour to finally finish your snowman. Barry ended up just watching you, but you didn’t mind. As long as he was there and you could build a snowman, you were happy. 

“There!” you yelled. “I finished my snowman!” You took a step back to admire your work and Barry came around to look as well. He looked at you with pleasant surprise.

“Not bad, Y/N. That turned out better than I thought it would,” he said with a smile. You lightly slapped him on the arm.

“Always underestimating me, Barry Allen,” you teased.

Just then a shiver ran through your body. Kneeling down in the snow for 30 minutes was not doing you good in keeping you warm. You cupped your hands to your mouth, trying to heat up your fingers and your nose which you knew was already a bright pink by now. You glanced up to see Barry looking at you with the smile that makes his eyes crinkle at the edges.

Your face mimicked his. His smiles were so freaking contagious. “What?” you asked, jumping slightly in place to keep you warm.

“You’re cute when you’re cold,” he said.

You laughed before wrapping your arms around his waist. He was a very warm person. 

“Any colder,” you mumbled against his chest, “and I’m going to get hypothermia.”

He wrapped his arms around you and began to vibrate, conducting heat. 

“Mmm, that feels nice,” you muttered. Perks of dating a speedster.

Barry chuckled against your head, also sending vibrations down your spine that tickled you slightly.

“C’mon, let’s go inside,” Barry said quietly. 

“But my snowman,” you whispered, “I can’t leave him alone.”

Barry sighed. “Y/N. You can make another one.” 

You mumbled in protest.

Before you knew it, you were on the couch, coat and shoes off, under a blanket with a cup of hot coffee in your hands. Barry was just about to get situated under the blanket with you.

“Hey!” you objected.

“Hi!” Barry smiled back. You glared at him. 

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?” you questioned. 

He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, you instinctively snuggling into his chest.

“I know I’m funny, babe.”

You smiled as you looked up at your boyfriend. He looked back down at you and beamed.

“I love you,” you said softly.

He gave you a small kiss on your cold lips before kissing your forehead. 

“I love you too,” he whispered.

The End

Author’s Note: Sorry! This one was kinda short but I thought that it should be kept short and sweet:) Hope you guys liked it though. And just because this is my favorite gif in the entire world, I’m gonna post it twice…


Okay so one of my best friends @captain-grump is going to the sidemen match today and I just wanna say HAVE FUN GIRL YOU DESERVE THIS SO MUCH WHOOOOO
Also if you happen to meet Chris tell him he’s the cutest midget I have ever seen and that his upload schedule is shit but I still love him anyway also I beg you make him react to my profile picture lol
If you happen to meet Tobi tell him he’s the absolute most precious human being on this earth and that he deserves the world and I hope he’s taking care of himself
And if you happen to meet JJ please beg him to come back bc I miss him
And if you happen to meet anyone else just say hi from me lol


Isn’t he the cutest human being on earth

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  • @shlanark - pea is the cutest n sweetest human being … wow… little ball of sunshine and funny as hell package (posts aes/multifandom/dogs)
  • @lovebyses -  i lov may …. he is so nice omg … has a heart of gold and a really pretty archive! (anime/aes - lots pink n soft !/multifandom)
  • @vernonchoi - roman is hella funny n down to earth and relatable … a Good mutual .. (aes - cream, pink, dark/multifandom/lots of dogs n flowers!!) 
  • @q8a - my Too cool mutual,,, is super sweet !! has a gorgeous archive !! (pink/blue/cream) 
  • @babyz - i love aree !! has the biggest love to give and is really the sweetest (multifandom/pink/dreamy aes)  

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