they are the cutest couple though

okay but 

  • nico realizing this is the first time he wasn’t alone and depressed on valentine’s day
  • will being an endless stream of compliments and affection
  • nico actually trying to match the affection because even though he thinks valentine’s day is way overrated he’s a sucker for traditions
  • nico carrying flowers with extreme caution so that they don’t die in his hands before he gets to give them to will
  • the flowers dying anyways, and will still loves them and puts them in a vase in the medical tent anyways
  • dreamy eyes
  • being the cutest couple in camp since percy and annabeth are gone, and please, travis and katie have nothing on them
  • nico shadow-traveling them to the eiffel tower in las vegas because paris is for another year
  • nico not second-guessing if will truly cares about him or not because he trusts will when he says he loves him
Dating SIMON would include;

- Simon always using a dumb or cheesey pick up line on you (even though you’re dating)

- always giggling at them anyway

- “babe you’re in the frame. move.”

- always being attached or clingy with each other

- being the cutest couple out of the group.

- looking up at him bc daMN IS HE TALL

- late night movie sessions

- either of you falling asleep during the movie

- terrible sleeping patterns

- the rest of the sidemen constantly having bants about Simon finally having a girlfriend 

- Simon being really shy and awkward around you for the first month or so

- Simon being tired and playing mindlessly with your hair

- “you look cute in your glasses Si.”

- always wearing his Sidemen merch (support ya know)

So, I was looking for a picture of Yuri on Ice that wasn’t inexplicably gay, and came across this.

Perfect right? I though so,too, but, NOOO!!

What the actual hell, man! It was so perfect, but then you had to freaking add in your gayness in every frame! What the heck!?

Oh well. They’re still the cutest couple I’ve ever seen, so I guess I can’t complain.

lance sending hunk lots of selfies along with awful pick up lines in spanish bc he thinks it’s a girl he just met’s number and hunk is like ‘sorry man, wrong number. you look nice though’ (in spanish, bc he probably knows like four different languages and doesn’t know if lance speaks english) but lance doesn’t believe him so hunk sends a pic of himself and lance is dying bc this guy is the cutest but hey is that the garrison uniform in the back of the pic? and turns out they’re both going so they end up talking for hours until they finally meet in person a couple days later

The Seven(plus Nico,Reyna, and Will) at Hogwarts
  • Percy being the most obnoxious Gryffindor ever.
  • Annabeth being the smartest Ravenclaw to ever exist except for probably Rowena.
  • Leo and Frank both being in Hufflepuff and constantly pranking each other.
  • Nico becomes the new Slytherin Prince.
  • Hazel being the most shy Slytherin (but she still kicks everyone’s ass).
  • Jason constantly fighting with Percy over who’s the best Gryffindor.
  • Reyna being your classic Ravenclaw and is always in the library studying with Annabeth.
  • Piper being the best Gryffindor chaser that Hogwarts has ever seen and absolutely dominating the pitch.
  • Will being the most kind Hufflepuff and constantly making flower crowns for all of his friends.
  • Percy and Annabeth always getting caught in odd places making out (usually by a disgusted Nico)
  • Frank and Hazel being the cutest but most unlikely couple.
  • Everyone teasing Nico about his crush on Will even though everyone secretly really wants them together.
  • Leo becomes the new prankster and spends almost all of his free time in detention with Filch (he doesn’t mind much though, he thinks that Filch secretly loves him)
  • During free time everyone is usually together and giving all of the professors headaches.
  • At least once a year Leo creates a successful prank war between the houses and even Nico joins in (Leo is shocked with how good his pranks can be when he actually tries)
  • All of them squishing into one cabin on the train even though someone always ends up on the floor.
  • All of them just enjoying their years at Hogwarts and having fun with their friends
Overwatch Hero's YouTube Channels:
  • <p> <b></b> D.vaTheRabbit, gaming let's plays and montages. Well edited and well recorded.<p/><b>Reinhardt:</b> Exercise and cooking tips and tutorials. held him edit the videos because he doesn't understand computers (she gets to eat the food though)<p/><b>Genji + Mercy:</b> Shared couple vlogging channel about their life and adventures together. The entire team watches their videos and thinks they're adorable.<p/><b>Lucio:</b> Concert videos and recordings of his music, the most famous of the team. is low-key jealous because 'my videos are way cooler'<p/><b>Mei:</b> nature montages that everyone pretends to like because seeing her happy is the cutest thing ever. Mercy is the only one who watches them.<p/><b>Winston:</b> makes those science videos that they show kids at schools. Kids think he's adorable but are recommended not to give carbon hydroxide to normal gorillas<p/><b>Zarya:</b> Nothing but workout videos of her lifting heavy things. Writes her own English subtitles and accidentally teaches you some Russian swear words<p/><b>Junkrat+ Roadhog:</b> makes stupid shit. Blows it up. Basically the mythbusters of the internet. Symmetra helps because 'i couldn't have you hurting yourself now could I?' but secretly enjoys the chaos these two get up to<p/></p>

Okay but imagine Stanford!Sastiel

Because my favorite headcanons include

  1. Cas stealing all of Sam’s stanford hoodies even though he has perfectly good ones of his own but the smell of Sam’s are 100% better
  2. Sam and Cas being regulars at the library who always stay way too late and have to be ushered out by the librarian at closing time
  3. Sam and Cas falling asleep on each other while going over their notes late at night in their dorm room
  4. Sam and Cas sharing a bed even though they both have their own
  5. Sam and Cas leaving a sock on the doorknob when they *cough cough* don’t want people to come in
  6. Sam and Cas being the cutest couple on campus
  7. Sam and Cas volunteering with the LGBT groups on campus
  8. Cas playing with Sam’s hair during lectures when he’s bored because he and Sam both already read ahead by three chapters the night before
  9. Cas being a little punk rebel about classes and Sam having to drag him by the arm to the lecture
  10. Cas being a little shit and trying to distract Sam during Cas’ most hated lectures and the only way to shut Cas up is to kiss him
  11. Sam and Cas getting kicked out of class for making out
  12. Sam and Cas holding hands everywhere they go and linking arms and generally just being annoyingly cute

Please add your own headcanons because I need this like I need air

bodhi x luke fake dating
  • luke asks bodhi to be his date to a party bail organa is throwing because obi-wan teased him for not having had a date since he started college
  • so he asks his sister’s friend Jyn’s older brother to be is “date” just for fun
  • but then when obi-wan asks “who is this?”, luke panics and yells “MY BOYFRIEND” and they are too awkward to backpedal
  • bodhi is super flustered as han and chewie come to muscle him and intimidate him until jyn threatens to kick their butts 
  • they’re too nervous to admit to the lie so they start doing Obviously Couply Things so that obi-wan knows they are soooo for realsies 
  • obi-wan doesnt buy any of it for a second
  • bail and breha think they’re the CUTEST couple though and luke feels so bad for lying because he doesnt want to hurt bodhi’s feelings
  • leia is so mad until he lets her in on the fact that they arent really dating, just that he panicked when talking to obi-wan
  • bodhi feels like a total dork because he loved being luke’s pretend boyfriend but doesnt want to be presumptuous and ask to be luke’s real boyfriend
  • they go around in this circle for like a month before luke finally asks bodhi to be his for real boyfriend (using a TERRIBLE pickup line han taught him) 
  • jyn and leia are like “FINALLY, OH MY GOD.”
more melchritz

anon said: melchiritz prom hcs maybe!!! or just anything abt them going to dances n stuff as a couple n being the Cutest™

hope this is everything u want and more xoxo (theyre so out of order enjoy anyway though lmao)

thought these up w @confessionsofageekyfangirl who is the best to talk about hcs with

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Dating Finn Collins would include:
  • Cute nicknames like Princess, Sweetheart, Baby. Pretty much every nickname known to man.
  • Having been good friends on the ark for years before dating 
  • And getting into lots of adventures with him there 
  • Sneaking away from camp to explore the forest with him 
  • Constant flirting even though you are dating 
  • The rest of the camp playfully teasing the two of you 
  • Basically, because you are actually the cutest couple 
  • Him always being there to back you up
  • Him always doing things for your best interest
  • Trying to keep each other safe
  • Sharing a tent… ;)
  • When you are sad he would grab your face in his hands a leave little kisses everywhere till you let out a laugh
  • Staying up late just talking about things
  • Deep conversations about life and all that jazz
  • You would probably have little competitions here and there like little staring contest and people would just walk past all like ‘Wtf?’
  • He wouldn’t get jealous that often because he knows that you’re his and you love him.
  • But when he does get jealous he plays it cool and acts like he is not bothered
  • but he is
  • but he knows you can take care of yourself so he doesn’t do much
  • Overall you would be the cutest couple at the camp and a lot of people would be jealous of how much you adore each other


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I've been lurking on your dash since last night XDD I've got a question, other than Shuji-kun, who else was disappointed that Yuuri got snatched away by Nakagawa?? 。゚(゚´∀`゚)σ゚。

Keiko was definitely disappointed that Yuuri got snatched away, but she saw that coming.  I mean, Yuuri didn’t talk to her for two weeks after she kissed him on the cheek! 

A couple of the girl idols in the class also formed little crushes on him, but figured that they didn’t have a chance.  He was always surrounded by the swimmers and Shuji-kun and Noda-chan.  And they felt that if he was going to date anyone, it’d be Noda-chan.  Everyone pretty much agreed that she was the cutest out of all the girls in the idol class, though they’d never admit that to anyone.

Everyone knew that Yuuri was friends with Nakagawa and when they found out through Shuji (because of course they’d find out through Shuji) there was a brief morning period.  But Yuuri was still Yuuri and they’d just happily watch him being obliviously cute. :P

Crush AUs

Imagine your OTP… 

  • writing love letters to each other. 
  • leaving notes and small gifts in places where only they can find. 
  • are friends who have crushes on each other. 
  • knew each other for a long time and their feelings start to change. 
  • always have awkward conversations together. 
  • their friends can see that they have a crush on each other but character A and B doesn’t see it.
  • buying flowers for each other that have secret meanings. 
  • are thought to be the cutest couple in the school even though they’re not dating, but they secretly like each other. 
  • are hanging out together but it feels like it’s a date. 
  • Character A kisses character B on the cheek without knowing that B likes them.
Flirtationship // Brett Talbot

Description/Request: Can I get a Brett imagine where you two are best friends and you have a flirty fluffy relationship (you are always together and touching each other and cuddling and stuff) and the pack always asks when you two are getting together. He’s also very protective of her when any guy tries to talk to her (I’m sorry this is so long and detailed lol)


Flirtationship: Fun and flirty in-between place of being just friends and without claiming that you’re in a relationship

That was basically the word that described mine and Brett’s best friendship. Everyone knew it was going to happen. We met by our parents when he was two and I was only one year old. We’ve been attached since literally diapers.

We were Devenford Prep’s cutest couple, even though we weren’t official. We acted like it though. From the hugs, the cuddling, our nights together, to the sweet simple kisses you both shared. It wasn’t much, just quick little pecks but it was enough.

Sure, Brett’s had girlfriends, I’ve had boyfriends but they never really lasted because they didn’t like how close we were.

There was never a secret between you. Not even the werewolf secret. Brett had told you when he first shifted at ten years old. 

It didn’t really matter to me, he was still the Brett I knew and loved. That’s all that mattered.

The McCall Pack; the pack Brett has been associated with, don’t believe that we’re not in a relationship. Every time we’re together, they give us teasing smirks and little jokes like ‘sure, you guys are just friends.’

It didn’t really bother either of us. We would just laugh and keep doing whatever we were doing before.

Today, was different though. I haven’t seen Brett in a week. 7 days, 168 hours. I felt empty and weird inside. I missed him.

I was staying at Scott’s house, who is also my cousin and Brett hasn’t been able to visit. A couple nights ago I realized that I liked Brett. Not like the best friend type, like the other type. I liked him. Maybe even love.

It was weird. A week apart and I have these feelings.

Trying to put the feelings away for now, I was doing the dishes. The pack was coming over tonight, Scott refused to do the dishes and Melissa was at work. So offered to do them. Actually, I didn’t exactly have a choice.

I didn’t mind doing the dishes, it made me relax a little because of the water.

“Y/N! Their here.” Scott yelled from the living room. 

“Get the door then, McCall!” I yelled back with a smirk on my face. It was no question that when Scott was lazy, he was lazy. He looked like an actual puppy flopping down on the couch. If only he still had his long hair, it would’ve been hilarious.

I heard the door open and a lot of feet walking in with chatter. I would go and say hi, but the dishes.

A couple seconds later, footsteps entered the kitchen. Thinking it was Scott I kept washing the dishes, “What movie are we going to watch?”

“Don’t know, sweetheart.” The familiar voice of my best friend said, making my heart skip a beat. Turning around, I smiled as I saw his blue eyes shining because of the light in his face. “I missed you.” 

“I missed you too, love.” He pecked my lips before putting his arms under my butt and lifted me up into a hug. He always did this, and teased me because I was so short. I was basically 5′3 and he was like 6′0 or even taller.

Wrapping my legs around his torso, I hid my face into his neck mumbling, “Don’t you ever leave me alone for that long.”

“Wouldn’t think about it.” 

“Are you sure you guys are just friends?” The very familiar teasing voice of Stiles Stilinski asked from the doorframe. That’s the first time tonight.

Lifting my head from Brett’s neck, “Very sure, Stilinski.” My heart dropped because Brett and I would probably never be more than just friends.

- - - - - 

So far, so good. No one has commented on whether or not Brett and I are friends for sure or more. 

I know I said that before I didn’t really care, but now that I know about my feelings for Brett it’s changed. I don’t care if they tease us about out ‘friendship’ but I don’t know. It’s different now.

We’ve all been watching movies for about three hours and it’s about 11 p.m. No one’s really tired so we put another movie. No one really wanted to watch it, expect us girls, but Lydia put in ‘The Notebook.’

I really liked that movie because it was nice staring at Ryan Goslings, and their relationship is like relationship goals. Expect, you know for the fact she almost marries someone else.

Unlike in Lydia’s house, the McCall house don’t have many couches, so some of us are sitting on the floor, or laying on the floor. We didn’t really complain because it wasn’t like the floor was uncomfortable. Plus they had blankets and pillows so it felt just like a couch or bed.

So, I’ll admit. Brett and I are selfish. Really selfish. We’ve taken us a whole couch by ourselves. We were laying down, innocently, not really cuddling but cuddling.

Suddenly, Brett put his head on my chest and wrapped one arm around my waist, and kept it there. I didn’t mind because he wasn’t really on me. It was just his head. Running my hands up and down his hair had him almost asleep.

“We could go upstairs to my room.” I suggested into his ear with a whisper. I wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, but my bed was comfier. Plus, the others could take the couch.

Brett’s head nodded against my chest, and we both stood up. “We’re going to my room to sleep, Scotty.” I informed him and didn’t even wait for a response before I headed back upstairs.

Once we reached my room, I pulled out my pjs and started to change. I was comfortable around Brett, I mean when we were younger we took showers together so me in underwear doesn’t really matter around him.

Climbing into my bed next to Brett, I laid my head on his chest. “Do you ever think we could be more than friends?” Brett’s question caused me to freeze. 

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I mean, if we do and we break up not only will I be heartbroken, we won’t be best friends anymore.” I signed staring up at him, seeing that he was already looking at me.

“Yeah, but… don’t you think it’s worth a try?” Brett kissed my forehead.

“But what if-” Brett cut me off by taking my head off his chest and him laying on his side. 

“I’ll take care of you.” He kissed my nose, and smiled at me.

“Okay.” I whispered.


I nodded, “Okay.”

Three years after that, we were married and I gave birth to a beautiful and heathy baby boy, Adam.



I’m so proud of it, y’all don’t even know. When I finished it I did my happy dance with my sister looking at me as if I need to go to Eichen House [I couldn’t help it. Hehe.]

 Anywayssssssss: I have about six more imagines to write, so I have a busy  busy busy busy busy day. I probably won’t even finish them all today because it’s already almost 6 pm.

I think I started a little too late. 

Welp, request anything here.

Dating Jaemin would include:

·So many smiles

·This boy has the prettiest smile and you’ve been blessed because you get to see it everyday

·You two go to school together and everyone is jealous of your relationship, even teachers and older students

·You walk down the halls holding hands and there is a chorus of aww

·Seriously you would be the cutest couple

·Even though you’re young you have hundreds of couple items

·You have bracelets that you both wear every day, key rings, phone charms

·You two are in nearly every lesson together and you sit together holding hands under the desk

·One time you two got caught writing notes and the teacher called jaemin up and forced him to read it out to the class

·So he walked up to the front of the room, with no shame and sent you a wink before reading it out “To Y/N I love you sooooooooooo much and I hope one day we can get married”

·All the girls let out sighs of jealousy, because being real here who doesn’t want to date this boy

·And all jaemins friends start hooting and whistling causing you to blush bright pink

·You two got separated and now sit at opposite ends of the room but he says it was worth it as he got to publically confess his love to you

·This boy is only 15 but he would be the greasiest/cheesiest person you ever met

·“Y/N look at the stars they’re pretty right?”

·“yeah I guess”

·“but not as pretty as you”

·You face palm so hard at some of the compliments he gives you

·But you love it really

·So many selfies together  

·Like seriously he forces you to take selfies with him because every moment he spends with you he wants to remember

·Jaeminie would be the sweetest boyfriend ever, whos always ready to publically confess his love to you or shower you with compliments cus seriously for a 15 year old this boy is properly emotionally invested in you and loves you with all his heart

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My Favorite Couple in Seventeen

Scoups and Woozi <3

( @somekscenarios )

JiCheol is my favorite, like they are just such great friends.

That time he stole Woozi’’s first kiss though^^^ ( @jeong-cheol-xvii )

Not to mention that Coups is literally the only one who can get away with hugging Woozi 90% of the time.

I just love these two together so much haha

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your penguin hobi is the cutest ;______; <3 i downloaded your shimeji a couple days ago and he's been keeping me company as i sort through music!! ;;; i can't stop watching him waddle or scoot across the screen though lol



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