they are the cutest brothers ever


The way he laughs is the cutest ;__;


Jackgyeom is so adorable I can’t handle 😭😭😭😭❤️
Cutest brothers ever… 😢
and I added Markiepooh’s clip cuz he was too cute 😍 smiling like that!!! (was Jackson making him laugh at the side?? 🤔🙄)

Clips cr. GOT_7_CHAI on twitter

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the wildest concept to me is that Lonnie really didn’t care about Will dying. like he showed up and only wanted to get the money from suing the quarry but he was so unfazed like…have you SEEN Will Byers? have you looked at him for more than half a second? how could you EVER forgive yourself if something happened to such a precious, caring, sweet angel who puts others before himself and has the cutest smile and has only ever been kind. Will Byers woke up from a coma and the first thing he was worried about was a tiny cut on his brother’s hand. he was honest to Mike about his dice roll. he has a fort that says All Friends Welcome ffs. Lonnie can suck my ass

So I’ve been thinking a lot about Yuuri+Viktor being exposed to each other’s baby photos. 

  • Yuuri was 100% a cute chubby baby who clung to his parents+older sister. Mari was super protective of her baby brother and 90% of the photos is Yuuri shyly looking at the camera behind Mari and Mari pouting at being photographed. 
  • Viktor literally about cries because “Holy-Shit-How-Did-I-Get-The-Cutest-Fiance-Ever” and just keeps thanking Yuuri’s parents for this very important gift. 
  • His favorite though is of Yuuri taking first steps on the ice with a huge grin for the camera. 
  • And the subsequent one of a blurry Yuuri mid fall. (He gets an earful from Yuuri for keeping this one) 
  • But Yuuri coming to St. Petersburg and Yakov (Definitely not bitter over the whole “Abandoning your career for a crush thing”) just drags out his OWN album of Viktor growing up. 
  • And Yuuri is cooing over it because Viktor was a shy kid who hid behind long hair and 100% gave himself a haircut when he was like 6 right before a huge competition. 
  • Yuuri ends up keeping 1-2 photos and they’re one of Viktor being a newer skater with his tongue+arms stuck out trying to keep his balance. 
  • And another of Viktor holding a bronze medal and smiling with all teeth showing at his first competition. 
  • These photos of course lead to discussions of “Babe don’t you want a little you running around?” 

Can we just please take a moment to talk about one of Rogue One’s greatest friendships? Is it just me or is the whole brother/sister relationship between Jyn and Bodhi one of the cutest things ever? Like, let’s be real, they both had a connection to Galen and both accidentally found themselves in a middle of a galactic war. And probably one of the best things is they’re so loyal towards each other - whilst Jyn was giving her big speech at the Yavin IV base, Bodhi was there for her. In the room. And even when she didn’t get help from the Rebellion, our little coward pilot decided to join her cause anyways.

I live for the Erso/Rook brother/sister thing they got going on there.

Feysand family

So I see, personally, Feyre and Rhysand having a daughter bc I dunno it just fits them, but what if she wasn’t first. I see them having twin boys first; they look just like their dad but one has blue and one has purple eyes, being just the cutest little trouble makers. Rhysand would cry when they’re born bc not only did feyre give him a son, she gave him TWO and he’s just a crying teddy bear bc he has a family. Then when they boys are like 10 (bc let’s be real they’d be a handful) Feyre and Rhysand having a daughter and their boys being super over protective over her. She would have her dad’s eyes and light hair and be the cutest kid ever always being dotted on by her parents or brothers or other court members and like 6 years later having another son also with dark hair and light eyes.



RaKen /’Rah ken’/  

noun: 1. The ship that literally sails itself 2. Known as, “Idiot/Dumb Brothers” according to their One Fine Day 3. Ravi thinks Ken is the cutest person ever, despite his age, willingly clings and touches Ken 4. Chooses each other for everything (i.e. to date, to take on an island, etc.) 5. Very close members

synonyms: KenVi

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does anyone else find it really cute that natsu and gajeel are ACTUALLY the older brothers and sting and rogue are wendy's age? it's adorable jeeeeeee

Natsu and Gajeel being Sting and Rogue’s adopted older bros is the cutest thing ever and I’m never gonna be over it okay ⊙ω⊙

almost something (M)

Park Jimin. 5 213 words. Brother’s best friend AU.

But you certainly were an almost –almost something.

You didn’t really hate him at first, in fact, the first thought that crossed your mind when you saw him was hot with a capital H because who’d knew the friend your brother was bringing home for semester break was this cute with lush lips, adorable crescent eyes when he smiled, pale skin that flushed whenever you teased him a tad too much and boy, was he toned –bless whatever reason that made him wear the sleeveless grey hoodie that gave you a glorious view of his biceps flexing when he stopped right in front of you on the doorsteps and shrugged his bag up to reposition the bag on his back.

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