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Some Things About Dear Evan Hansen

So I just saw the show (10/19/17) and like… oh my GOD

Ben as Evan was,,,, so good?? But like we all already know that he’s amazing so I’m just gonna hit the best parts

First of all, the riffs.




Benjamin Schiff Platt? More like Benjamin Riff Platt my dudes. 

And he does this little thing where he beats his fist against his chest whenever he talk and the way he touches things and the way he just like moves and talks and like oh my god… autistic Evan Hansen confirmed guys. 

Sometimes he would just like get in Jared (or whoever else’s) face and like he would push people back and like the way that he moved his face was like he was forcing himself to make expressions but in a good way it was just all really good. 

Like I love Colton and MLB but I am so glad I saw Ben as Evan because… he deserves every bit of praise that he gets. His performance was transcendent. 

Colton as Connor tho…

Good. Shit.

He was a lot more stoic than how I’ve seen Mike play the role in like bootlegs and stuff. The whole time he was very angry and his voice was just so low. It was really good but I wish he’d been a little more dynamic. His Connor is sort of unsympathetic, but not in a bad way. 

He did this thing with his bag where he would shuffle it and he never really looked anyone in the eye and he always seemed like uncomfortable,,, good shit my dudes. Also there’s this point where Evan is wearing Fake Connor’s hoodie and…. ahhhhhh.

 Colton was the only understudy that went on.

Laura mother fucking Dreyfuss

I just want to say that she started crying at the end of requiem and I died right there y’all. She’s brilliant. Marry me Laura. 

Also like the way that Zoe sits… she’s so still. Like so fucking still. And she sits at the edge of her seat like she’s just ready to bolt at any moment. She’s always sitting on the edges of things and getting up and going to a different spot but she isn’t at all fidgety and it’s just so good. 

Kristolyn was beautiful and amazing and she’s just so pretty and her voice… good shit.

Will was AMAZING 

Even though all of his lines were sort of shitty you could really see that he actually wanted to be friends with Evan and like from Sincerely Me on he seemed to be getting jealous of Fake Connor and it was just so good so good so good ahhhh. 

Every single time that RBJ went on as Heidi was amazing. Her dynamic with Evan is wonderful and those are truly some of the best scenes in the show. She’s so good y’all. So. Good. 

Michael Park. This man is so kind and so wonderful and so talented and I actually sort of liked Larry so like. Good job. 

Jennifer!!!!!! She is honestly so underrated. Her portrayal of Cynthia is absolutely brilliant. She’s just,,,, trying so hard. Like anyone that acts like Cynthia is some evil bitch can actually fight me.

All of the characters were so nuanced and three dimensional. And they’re all so brilliant at singing like they legit sound just like the cast recording. The movement of the show adds a whole nother level to the performance and the impact and everyone says this but like the lighting and set design is so wonderful.

In conclusion, I would die for Dear Evan Hansen. 

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can you write a headcanon about Tom dating a thick girl?

  • Tom wouldn’t voice it aloud but he was so in love wth your curves
  • Like he’d get all hot under the collar whenever you’d wear something a little revealing showing off all those best parts of ya body
  • Although he wouldn’t be that subtle about it
  • He’d love how soft your skin was
    • And you smile
    • and literally everything about you
      • Because the boy is whipped
  • The thought the sun literally shone out of your ass
  • And the clothes you wore
  • oh my he was a big fan
  • Like he would always be looking at you
  • Sometime’s pretty obviously
  • checking you out every chance he got
  • Because damn
  • you cute af
  • you’re thighs would be his weekness
  • and when you didn’t wear pants around the house
    • DAMN
  • he’d have a hard time keeping his hands to himself
  • Whenever you’re cuddling on the couch, he’d have your legs strewn over his lap and hands running up and down them
  • He wasn’t really paying much attention to the tv too
    • because why would he when you’re in front of him
  • Anytime you brought up an insecurity about your weight he would be so quick to deny them
    • He would be so caring and loving
    • He would trail up and down you body leaving kisses on the parts you felt insecure about
      • You *kiss* are *kiss* beautiful *kiss* inside *kiss* and *kiss* out *kiss*
        • fuck
    • He would try and make you laugh too
    • Because he’s a sweetheart and hated seeing you like that
      • I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you”
  • Bringing you along with him to every event he could
  • because he wanted to show you off
  • and everyone would be heart eyes for you
    • he’d also help out pick an outfit for the night
    • He just wanted you to wear something that he loved so he could rub it in everyone’s face that you were his
  • Because let’s be real thats actual goals here amiright 

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Your DayNight AU is the best thing to have happened to the fandom after Misha. <3 there's so much to explore and headcanons to abound it's staggering in it's richness

OH MY GAWDDD STAPH this is absolutely NOT on a Misha level!!!!!!!!! he is the BEST thing ever on this show but it’s like so much higher above than this!!!!!! 

thANK YOU SO MUCH THO AND YEA THERE’S STILL SO MUCH TO DO and i’d like y’all to be part of it! Creativity comes better in a group!

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I think Star Wars has the best action sequences, Star Trek is best for just how expansive its universe is (like every show has its own set of characters, ship, and part of the galaxy its most concerned with), and Stargate has the best premise and is best for having multiple recurring characters (but would have been better if they'd been allowed to do another SG-1 TV movie and the Atlantis movie they wanted to do)

Exactly. Each franchise has its own strengths and reasons it’s fun. Why limit yourself to one space franchise when you can enjoy ALL the space franchises!?? :)

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Sanvers, My Thoughts

Alex Danvers struck a cord with me from the very first episode. For me, Alex’s coming out arc in season 2 was like watching my life on the screen. I loved the story line, the relationship, the acting and the way Chyler and Florianna have embraced the community that I found myself a part of late in life.

I’ve been disappointed in TV before and it will no doubt happen again. What I’ve become slightly distressed about is the amount of negativity on social media. Does it suck? Absolutely! Should/Could the writers have done something else? Absolutely! As an actress would you leave for another project if you were given minuscule screen time as a series regular? Most Likely! Do I want Sanvers to continue on TV with one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen? You better F*ing believe it! Do I hope Supergirl gets a new show runner? Yep! Will I conintue watching Supergirl after episode 5? Yep! Why? Alex Danvers and the amazing human portraying her…Chyler Leigh.

Here’s my worry. Some have been so negative about the “sanversituation” that I worry it will push others to think about leaving the cast (Chyler in particular). She’s practically been Supergirl social media silent and then a post and video explaining that somethings are just out of the control of shows and productions. So in the final 3 episodes of Sanvers I hope to enjoy watching the chemistry between the two of them, enjoy the GIFs that all you wonderful people can produce and then cry my gay heart out! So to all you amazing fan fiction writers, thank you in advance for all of your amazing works that will let Sanvers live on!

Thanks for listening to my ramble. My girlfriend thinks I’m crazy since I’ve been obsessing over this since Florianna was not on the season 3 regular cast list. 🏳️‍🌈

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Do you think George will fit Season 6 & 7 events in Winds of Winter or just mostly Season 6?

Omg I love your blog!! Thanks so much for the ask! 

I think it will be mostly season 6, with part of season 7-maybe half at best? Of course that’s subjective because GRRM will choose to add/take out events from the TV show-the books are already going in a slightly different direction. So there won’t be exactly the same course of events anyway (noticeably the difference between Sansa’s plotline in the show and in the books). I think it would be great if the book ended with the Wall falling, but that’s probably too much to fit in even a 900 page book. 

George has said that the books will be different from the show so I don’t know that the events will stay as linear as they do in GOT but I would imagine it would finish up somewhere in late season six or early/mid season 7. 

✨ love yourself: ‘her’ era jimin ship moments ✨

© mighty jimin

in honor of jimin’s birthday i’ve compiled some of the best jimin ship moments during the love yourself: ‘her’ era! 

✨ jinmin ✨

© off the deep end

+ jin making sure jimin eats well
+ cuties taking selfies together
+ lots of touching & eye contact
+ jin ranking jimin (and jk) #1 as the people who laugh at his jokes the most
+ another cute addition to their massive twitter video archive
+ jimin saying the thing he’s looking forward to most from the members for his birthday is rice cake soup made by jin
+ jin calling jimin out for recording himself instead of showing off his room
+ jimin sharing that after they won their bbma, he asked jin to go drinking w/him
+ when all the members wrote messages to jin while he was sick, jimin writing “seokjinnie-hyung, i’ll take care of you

✨ yoonmin ✨

© rallytriangle

+ yoongi checking jimin out and smirking while declaring manggae tteok (one of jimin’s nicknames) isn’t bad when asked what his favorite kind of rice cake is
+ constantly making heart eyes at each other
+ during a game where they had to turn to the person next to them and say “i love you,” yoongi immediately turning to jimin and saying “i love you”
+ lots of touching and hand holding
+  jin calling out yoongi and saying the reason why he’s holding jimin’s hand is because he likes him (then the rest of bts joins in)
+ that look on jimin’s face when he was watching yoongi play the piano
+ when asked if he’ll ever be in a unit with yoongi, jimin replying he would like to [be in a unit w/yoongi]
+ and when yoongi is asked which member he’d like to work with before the end of 2017 he picks jimin 
+ both of them being incredibly soft for each other
+ even more shameless flirting

✨ minjoon ✨

© creamsoda

+ 95% of this vlive
+ namjoon calling jimin an angel without wings and when jimin declares he’s a fairy instead, namjoon wholeheartedly agreeing
+ this ??? moment where it looked like they were about to kiss
+ absolutely, ridiculously, hopelessly clingy
+ namjoon trying to get jimin’s attention while jimin’s oblivious
+ namjoon pinching jimin’s nipple at a fansign
+ when a fan asked namjoon to pick his favorite amongst ryan, brown, and jimin, namjoon picking jimin
+ this picture of them doing nothing but being incredibly soft next to each other
+ jimin seeking attention from namjoon
+ namjoon buying jimin a $3000+ ring (which jimin wore on his bday vlive)

✨ jihope 

© heartthrob

+ hobi giving jimin a massage during a fansign
+ constantly being super cute and playful with each other
+ jimin responding cutely when hobi praises him 
+ this adorable twitter video
+ hobi making fun of jimin’s height
+ dancing together on knowing brother
+ jimin unzipping hobi’s jacket to show more of his chest
+ neither one of them having any concept of personal space
+ jimin rapping hobi’s part in cypher pt.4 and hobi jamming w/him
+ body rolling together on stage

✨ vmin ✨

© sweet tete

+ super duper clingy
+ jimin happily pushing tae in a small wagon
+ both of them being extra when recording a commercial together
+ when a fan asks him to draw a picture of them, tae draws a picture of jimin instead
+ tae showing off his dance moves while jimin praises him
+ singing pied piperserendipity, and best of me together/to each other
+ hand holding and heart eyes
+ tae protecting his mochi from a fan that wanted to see more skin
+ when asked what the friendship between him and jimin can be compared to, taehyung replies “friends for a lifetime
+ tae wrapping his leg around jimin and jimin slapping tae’s butt while they cuddle

jikook ✨

© 3x95_jim

+ when a fan who shares the same name as jimin comes along, jungkook saying “jimin-ah” (using informal language) and checking his jimin’s reaction with a grin
+ jimin seductively asking jungkook to vote for him
+ jungkook looking like a lost puppy when he can’t find jimin
+ the two of them catching each other’s eyes on stage and giggling
kookie riding jimin’s back while the two of them sing serendipity together
+ jungkook revealing that jimin is the member who comes to his room the most often and the one who’d most likely treat him to a meal
“park?” “park.”
+ jimin proudly showing off pictures of jungkook fans gave him
+ this adorable moment when they were dancing together
+ jungkook confidently offering to pay for jimin’s parents to have a birthday event at gocheok sky dome

and the best of them all...jimin harem moments: 

I just saw a couple people who looked like they maybe walked out during [Strangers] and that’s not really a problem that we’ve ever had here before so I just wanna take the time to remind everyone that if you come to this concert you are agreeing to be a part of a safe space for everybody in the room. You bought a ticket to see a queer girl who loves her queer fans very fucking much. You see, I wanna make sure that you guys have the best night of your lives tonight and I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen, okay?