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The Secrets that Change Us (Epilogue)

Summary: The sequel to Before We Were Us and follows how secrets can make or break your relationship with Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

A/N: Sorry for this being so late, I’ve been a little busy. Here’s the last installation of the series. I hope you’ve enjoyed let me know how much you liked it.

<< Part 6

“For the millionth time, Zach, yes I’m ready,” you laughed at your boyfriend’s concern and smothered his face with kisses.

It was prom night and, as cliché as it sounds, you didn’t mind losing your virginity on this special night. Zach went above and beyond tonight and you thought it would be best to show him how much you appreciated and loved him.

Zach was hovering over you with each arm on either side of your head. It was only you two in Zach’s empty house as his mother was on a trip for work and his sister was at a friend’s house. You didn’t hesitate when the two of you entered the house and had taken off your heels at the front door and took off his suit jacket when the two of you were making out in the living room. Zach’s dress shirt was unbuttoned and untucked and his tie was on the floor next to his bedroom door. You, on the other hand, were still wearing your body-hugging dress with the zipper still untouched.

“Babe, I’m serious,” Zach whined a little putting a stop to all your kisses, “I don’t want you to do anything you might regret,”

“Zach,” you said as you sat up. Zach moved over into a sitting position across from you on the bed. You reached for one of his hands and held it in both of yours as you looked lovingly into his brown eyes. “I want you to be my first because I love you and you’ve been so supportive of me these past few months that I wanted to show you how much I love you for that. I just know I won’t regret you being my first,” you gave him a small smile.

Zach gave you that heart-melting smile that you adored so much. He cupped your cheek with his other hand and pulled you in for a passionate kiss. It was just as good as when you kissed after you said you loved each other, if not better. You wrapped your arms around his neck to close the gap between the two of you. Zach leaned over top of you forcing you to lie down on his bed.

“God, I love you,” he said breathlessly. He placed the hand that was cupping your face next to your head to keep himself from crushing you. His lips traveled down from your lips and danced around your jaw and neck. His other hand found its place on your ass and gently squeezed it, making you moan at the feeling.

You could feel the wetness pooling in your core from Zach’s intimate touches, but you weren’t going anywhere if the dress didn’t come off as soon as possible. When Zach made his way back up to your lips, you took control and flipped the both of you over so you were straddling him and making yourself comfortable on his growing erection. He was slightly surprised by you taking control so easily, but it didn’t stop his hands from wandering between your butt and your thighs as he slid his tongue against your bottom lip.

“Dress. Off,” you said breathlessly before nibbling on your boyfriend’s neck. Without hesitation, Zach quickly unzipped the dress and pulled the straps down your shoulders. Without unlocking your lips, you lifted you bottom so he could pull down to your legs. You slipped one leg out and threw the garment to the floor with the other leg. When you sat back down, you could feel that Zach had gotten harder as if his penis was straining to break through his dress pants.

“Let me help you with this,” your voiced oozed with seduction as you ground your hips into his, making him growl. You slid down from your post so you were eye to eye with his constricted bulge. You undid his pants and in one swoop, pulled his pants and boxers down past his knees, springing his dick free. Your eyes widened at the sight of the girthy member and all you heard was a relieved groan. You thought your vagina was dripping through your underwear.

You started to give the tip of his penis kitten licks until Zach pulled you up and flipped you on your back. “You’ll do me later, tonight is all about you, babe,” he said huskily as he played with the waistband of your underwear. You were beyond turned on and the anticipation was nearly killing you as he slowly pulled down them down your legs.

Chills ran down your spine when the cold air came in contact with your heat, even more so when you felt Zach’s lips against them. You released a soft moan as his tongue danced against your core, forming what felt like each letter of the alphabet. Following every couple of letters, he sucked gently on your clit making your head spin. You reached down to pull his raven locks nearly begging for more and his moan against your heat was close to sending you over the edge. In the pit of you stomach, you could feel a warm, fuzzy feeling signaling your approaching orgasm. With one last suck of your clit, you were over the edge. You let out a shout of pure pleasure and arched your back arched as you had cum all over Zach.

Zach had licked up all of your juices before crawling over top of you and crashing his lips against yours, making you taste yourself. “Babe, you taste amazing,” he said slightly out of breath. “You ready for the main event?”

You eagerly nodded your head, with a slight nervous feeling. You weren’t sure how he was going to fit inside of you, but you wanted it more than anything.

“Okay, I’m going to go slow. It’s going to hurt some, but I’ll try to make it as pleasurable as possible,” he pressed a kiss to your forehead before reaching over to his nightstand to get a condom. He ripped the foil with his teeth and pulled the circular rubber along his erection. He looked down to make sure he was aligned with your entrance. He took his hand and held his penis and slowly pushed into your heat. You inhaled sharply at the increase in pressure until it stopped.

Zach looked to you with concern. “You okay?” he asked. You slowly shook your head and let go of the breath you didn’t know you were holding. “I was just letting you adjust. Now I’m going to start pulling out slowly,” He did as he said and you were starting to miss the fullness inside you. You let out a moan when he pushed back into you. The sensation was unlike anything you felt before and you couldn’t get enough of it. The way he stretched you out was unbelievable and you wished he would go in deeper. Zach got into a rhythm as he started to quicken his pace and you swore you saw stars.

You wrapped your legs around his waist in hopes that the new angle would make him go deeper. He slowed down and pressed deeper inside of you, right to the hilt. You mewled Zach’s name at the feeling and Zach let out a moan against your ear. The tension of your impeding orgasm had returned and with a few more thrust you would be done for.

“Zach, I-I’m close,” you stuttered with each of Zach’s thrusts.

“Me too,” he panted. He reached between the two of you and ground his fingers on your still sensitive clit. You cried in pleasure as you snapped, your orgasm hitting you so hard that you saw stars. Your vagina clenched around Zach’s dick making him groan as he reached his peak.

The two of you were a panting and sweaty mess. Zach slowly pulled out of you and threw away the heavily lubricated condom. He went to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth to clean you up. Once he had finished, he threw the cloth to the side and pulled you into his chest. You wrapped your arms around his waist and nuzzled into his side.

“That was mind blowing,” you said hoarse.

“Best. Sex. Ever.” he panted before pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Are we going to do it again?” you yawned.

“Not tonight, babe,” he said as he pulled the cover over the both of you, “We’ll do it again after we get some rest,” Before you knew it the two of you were out like a light.

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Darkness Devours Part 2

Summary:  Reader has been in Purgatory for a few years surviving as best she can with her companion Benny.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Benny, Castiel

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2041

Warnings: SMUT (fingering, oral - male and female receiving, little bit of breath play), canon typical violence, canon typical angst

A/N 1:  I have a MAJOR Purgatory!Dean problem this series is the result.  This is Part 2.  Part 1 can be found HERE.

A/N 2:  Bolded text denotes dialogue from the show, credit goes to the writers.

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The next day you find the stream.  Water babbles over the rocks at the edge, the welcome sound calling to you.  You start to strip; the cool, clean water is too tempting to ignore.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” Dean asks surprised.

“I don’t remember the last time I had a shower or a bath,” you say, shimmying out of your pants.  “If you think I’m going to pass up a chance to get clean, you’re mistaken.”

Dean puts out his arms standing in between you and Benny.  “Benny you want to give us a moment?”

“Whatever you say chief.  I’ll make sure you’re not interrupted.”  He walks back into the trees.

Dean starts pulling off his clothes and you give him a questioning look.

“If you think that I’m gonna let you go in there by yourself, then you are mistaken.”

You smile pulling off your bra and running into the water.  It’s cold but you keep going, diving under the water.  It feels exquisite as the water washes away the grime and blood.  You pop up, pushing your hair back from your face.  Suddenly strong arms circle you.  You turn to Dean, beads of water speckle his face and water drips from his hair.

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I have faith

I just finished watching the newest su episodes. I have no words. I’m literally just…speechless.

Watching the latest episodes was an amazing experience. But undoubtedly the best part of it was Lars.

He grew sooo much from the Lars we knew a couple of seasons ago. He and Steven are much closer now and he conquered his fear and really stepped up. He was..brave! Something he never thought he could be!

And you know what? Lars has officially become one of the best and relatable human characters in the show to me. And just look at the fandom! They love him now!

Honestly? If the crewniverse can make Lars, who was arguably the most hated human character, develop to become the most relatable, inspirational human character in the series? Then I have high amounts of faith in the crewniverse for Jasper’s, now confirmed, redemption arc! Let’s go!

So I just got blocked by @truelove-seeker and had all my (reasonable, non aggressive) points deleted for trying to convince them that there are more good people than bad in the Klance fandom. Apparently the turning point was me saying that they are more good people in the world than bad generally… I don’t think that’s a bad view to have..?

The world isn’t black and white, it doesn’t mean that negative people aren’t out there or that people can’t make bad decisions, just that it’s better to focus on the good parts. I’m tagging this as Klance because I want you guys to know that drama can be made out of NOTHING, even Lance’s birthday announcement post (I mean… really?) the best thing to do is to focus on your friends, the fanfic, and the parts of the show that made you love it in the first place! Ignore the sad adults that would rather wallow in pessimism, and don’t try to convince the show-runners that Klance should happen, just enjoy the ride and let the show take it’s course.

theinsanefox  asked:

99 for Otayuri? :D

Writing prompt for : “This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!”
Pairing: Otayuri
No warnings, sfw 

Otabek is a go big or go home kinda guy. Which comes in handy when competing to be one of the best professional figure skaters. It also pushed him to be brave enough to ask Yuri Plisetsky to be his friend all those weeks ago in Barcelona, after he admired the younger boy for his relentless ambition and hard work, from afar for years.
His stoic expression had might not show it but he was more than relieved when the Russian didn’t told him to get fucked right there in Park Güell. 

Both had been pleasantly surprised how easily they got along, despite being so different from each other. They keep in contact after they part, taking to texting and skyping whenever their busy schedule allows it. It’s less often than both of them would like it to be but there is nothing that could be done about it, the passion of competing allowing neither of them to make more room for their delicate blooming friendship that stretches from Russia to Kazakhstan. 

Luckily, they both go big or go home kinda guys. Giving up is not an option, even when it comes to human relationships. So when they in the same city again a few months after the GPF for another competition, they make sure to spend as much time together off the ice as they can.
Due to a previous Skype-call, Otabek knows that Yuri isn’t flying back to St.Petersburg until the day after the competition, which leaves them a whole day they can spend together. 

Despite being friends for months and texting regularly, Otabek doesn’t really know what Yuri likes to do for fun. If he had to make a list of Yuri’s favorite things, spontaneously, it would look something like this:

- ice skating and crushing everyone else while doing so

- training for medaling in gold until he either wins or dies trying 

- cats and everything that has to do with them

- all kinds of animal prints that hurt normal peoples eyes, preferably wearable 

- making fun of Viktor and his Katsudon & denying his love for both of them 

- junk food he isn’t allowed to eat

- pissing every person of authority off until they go bald 

- being more extra than Viktor but also denying it, one look at this wardrobe is enough to proof that point

- video games, loud music, a newfound fascination for motorbikes ( god knows where that came from ) and generally being a brat which Otabek finds endearing ( maybe he is in some kind of denial too ).

The list however helps Otabek realizing that Yuri likes crazy and dangerous stuff, stuff that increases heart-rates and leads to screaming, either in annoyance or excitement. 
And just like that, Otabek figures out how they will spend their day off, together.

“An amusement park?” Yuri asks as they stand in front of the brightly colored gate, faint screams and the smell of cotton candy wavering through the air. 

“Yeah, you always see them in movies but I’ve never been to one. You?” Otabek asks, paying for their tickets.

“No.” Yuri answers. “Was too busy with training.”

Otabek thinks that this is perfect. It is colorful and loud, full of all kinds of unhealthy junkfood and all the roller coasters around them will provide the adrenaline Yuri’s so fond of. He’s sure that Yuri will love it. 

Otabek pulls him along into the first line they see, leading to a big red roller coaster. It’s his first ride as well and he’s surprised by how much he likes it, he can’t help but laugh and scream through the entire ride, his eyes watering from the airstream. When they get off, he feels high on joy and adrenaline. 

“That was fun, let’s do it again …Yuri?” When he turns around, Yuri is a bit green around his nose, his blond mane sticking up like the raised hackles of a stressed cat, his knees seem a bit shaky too. 

Suddenly Otabek is glad that they hadn’t something to eat yet and they sit down for a while, just watching the carousels and roller coasters while sipping water. Otabek notices that Yuri feels better once he starts pointing at things and laughing again. For the rest of the day, they only get on carousels for kids and old people how Yuri calls it but they have fun nevertheless.

Yuri eats so much junk food that Otabek is impressed with how he fits all of it in his small stomach and also how he doesn’t puke from dipping his caramelized popcorn into melted cheese. 

Stomaches full, they feel like pushing their luck by getting on another carnival ride, so they end their trip to the amusement park by playing some games at the blinking booths full of cheesy prizes. They hit moles on the head with hammers, let plastic horses race and trow grimy balls at chipped metal bottles. And win a hind worth of cheesy shit for it. Balloons and ugly key-chains, party horns and glittery paper-crowns. 

They hand it all out to a group of kids, who are way more excited then they were.

On their way back to the gate, Otabek suddenly stops and Yuri almost runs into him. “What the fuck, Beka?” 

“One last game?” Otabek grins and drags Yuri along to another booth. At this one you have to shoot with a rifle and hit the target from a few meters away, the points in the rings adding up to the prize you will get.

Yuri watches curiously how Otabek picks up the gun and places his hands like he knows what he’s doing, he changes the way he stands and narrows his eyes, closing one. Then he shoots, three times, rapidly. And hits the red middle of the target every time.

Yuri’s jaw drops open and the guy behind the both is congratulating him, a few people who saw are clapping. 

“What-? How-?” Yuri stutters while Otabek points at a prize he’s free to choose.

He shrugs at Yuri like he just didn’t do something totally impressive and badass, and grins sheepishly. “My Dad used to take me hunting before I started skating, wanted to see if I could still do it.”

Then he hands Yuri a gigantic, beautiful Tiger-plushie that feels incredibly soft as Yuri wraps his arms around it in order to hold it up. It’s almost as big as Yuri and he loves it. Loves that Otabek had gotten it for him. 

“Thank you.” Yuri whispers in awe, blushing slightly and looking like his birthday and the next GPF gold came early to him. Headline: The Russian Punk’s ice-heart melted by ridiculously cute  Kazak stuffed animal, read below for more.

When they finally leave the park, it’s already getting dark and both of them have to be at the airport soon. 

“That was fun, let’s do it again sometime.” Yuri says, smiling brighter than all the colored lights disappearing behind them.

Otabek smiles back and doesn’t know that there is something he missed adding onto the list of Yuri’s favorite things. 

I’m going to preface this with:

I don’t know Lili personally, for all I know, she is very lovely, but based on the public information I have, I have a hard time believing that. And, this post is not directed at ANYONE. These are MY opinions, that’s it.

1. I thought Lili was queer, because of this tweet. I’ve seen this film. There is a lot of lesbian sex, and no reason to watch it ten times if you don’t enjoy that kind of thing. And I was under this impression for a while, but then she decided to reexplain her thoughts on Beronica which you can read here. Some parts of this I understand, but when she starts talking about how she should be cut slack cause she wrote an essay about gay rights, or because her best friend is pansexual, I stopped understanding. These statements don’t entitle you to anything, in fact they show a high level of ignorance. As a queer woman myself reading someone say that they deserve special treatment for being an ally bothers me. Veronica and Betty kissed on screen and that kiss was how the first episode was promoted. I do not understand how anyone can come to a conclusion that that wasn’t baiting fans into thinking they would be in a relationship. I think Lili still fails to see how queer relationships are discussed and portrayed in Hollywood. How can the same girl who watches a lesbian film 10 times not understand this? Something is missing.

2. This Tweet was not professional. Lili is an actress it’s her job to go with the flow and do her best job to portray the role. This does not include complaining. I have had many opportunities to become an actress and I’ve said no, so far, because I’m not at the place in /my/ life where I wouldn’t complain if I was uncomfortable. Mads almost got hypothermia and KJ broke his hand, but still, they acted like professionals. I understand where Lili is coming from, but I don’t understand why she seems proud of it. Many actresses, Amy Shumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the first to come to mind, have built their career on self-deprecation. They fall on stage and talk about how much they drink, Aubrey Plaza is another one, they do a commercial for old navy where they change in the middle of the dance floor, they complain about doing their job. It’s not cute, but fans are eating it up. Women are not respected as legitimate actors who can be gracious and stand proud, so they find other ways, by being relatable. However, at some point, they are not being relatable, but diminishing the power a woman can have. By pridefully admitting that she complained Lili is reminding people that yes, having hormones is a reason women shouldn’t be in the Whitehouse and yes we are two emotional to be productive members of society. As a business woman myself, when women do this, I get taken less seriously, we all do.

3. I don’t know why Mads puts up with it, but Lili making fun of Mads for being vegan is not okay. The way she talks reminds me of my great aunt. I have celiac disease, this means I am completely intolerant to gluten, another thing Lili seems to find funny, but so does most of LA so I guess it shouldn’t matter. Anyways, anytime I went over to her house, AFTER I’d put something in my mouth, she’d tell me it contained gluten. I’d freak and almost throw up and then she’d laugh and say she was just joking. The way Lili talks about Mads being vegan, I see a lot of the same tendencies in her. It goes right back to the last point. If you inherently think you can’t be taken seriously then you make a joke out of everything and that’s not okay.

Do I think Lili is a horrible person? No. But, I do think she has a lot to learn. I don’t think she is currently able to understand why any of this is wrong, and maybe it has to do with being raised in the midwest or something. But, currently, I would not want to be friends with her. I hope she learns and I hope she grows, but you ask why I don’t think she is with Cole, this is a big part of it, why I think Cami has kept some distance, it all comes back to this. I don’t know if she knows any better, but even if she doesn’t that doesn’t excuse her actions.

Just some food for thought.

And Lili, if you read this, I don’t you’re a bad person at all, you just have some growing and learning to do like all of us. And, if you are interested I’d love to chat further. I just have a really hard time condoning this behavior. I had to say something.

  • White character: *murders an innocent person for power*
  • Fandom: He had no choice!
  • Character of color: *shows mercy*
  • Fandom: How weak, he never did anything!
  • White character: *stalks, harasses, and exploits vulnerable characters, in large part for their own gain*
  • Fandom: He's doing the best he can!
  • Character of color: *hurts someone in the process of saving their life, with the only other option being to let them die*
  • Fandom: He's no better than a rapist!
  • White character: *lies frequently, lashes out at loved ones in anger, and hurts an innocent person just because they are feeling hurt*
  • Fandom: He's been through a lot!
  • Character of color: *takes a while to recover from trauma and assault and needs time to feel safe around a person who tried to kill him*
  • Fandom: He's emotionally abusive! He's manipulative!
  • White character: *manipulates and lies to others*
  • Fandom: He's practical! He's getting things done!
  • Character of color: *manipulates and lies to others*
  • Fandom: HOW DARE HE?!
  • White character: *makes a plan we don't see the entirety of until after it happens*
  • Fandom: How clever!
  • Character of color: *makes a plan we don't see the entirety of until after it happens*
  • Fandom: How manipulative!
  • White character: *murders an innocent member of their family for power*
  • Fandom: He's just trying to preserve the rest of his family and help the community!
  • Character of color: *actually tries to help his family*
  • Fandom: He's selfish for helping his own family instead of everyone else's families!
  • White character: *is actually seen hurting someone in the canon material*
  • Fandom: The show is distorting events to make the hero of the show look like a hero!
  • Character of color: *actually goes through harm and trauma*
  • Fandom: It's made up/exaggerated! They should be able to recover right away!
  • White character: *does something shitty*
  • Fandom: He's traumatized! He has a mental illness!
  • Character of color: *makes a mistake they tried to avoid before it happened and try to rectify after*
  • Fandom: Trauma/mental illness is no excuse for anything!
  • White character: *background or recurring character with a simple/superficial story*
  • Fandom: Here's a million and one headcanons and AUs that we'll perpetuate so far that people don't realize they never actually happened in the show!
  • Character of color: *main character of the show, engaging story line, and deep narrative*
  • Fandom: This character is so boring! Nothing ever happens, he never changes, and he never does anything!

anonymous asked:

what are some really important pointers you have for people who want to make animatics?

this is probably gonna be a bit long so just a heads up i guess?? also please note im not a student for anything in art and am not a professional i’m just giving out my opinions on this and things based on my own experience.

  • do thumbnailing 

you don’t always have to start it with the actual frame and the drawing for thumbnailing doesn’t have to be good. this is just to let you have a feel of what you want for the final frame. it also doesn’t have to be digital you can just doodle it in some paper you found lying about. this is also good for parts of your animatics where there’s lots of movement(like dancing!) 

thumbnailing is also good for parts where you have multiple ideas! doodle all your possible ideas and see which one is best for that scene

  • perspective/angled shots

these are super cool and can help with the atmosphere of the scene! for example:

they also just look really nice and interesting and fun

  • landscapes and backgrounds

you can’t always have just a bunch of people gathered around all in one frame, you gotta show the setting of the whole thing

this also allows for your characters to move around more! don’t always make them flat like this though(this doesn’t mean you can’t do this, just don’t do it all the time)

grab a ruler or if you don’t have one like me, zoom out completely and try to make straight lines(they don’t rlly have to be perfectly straight though! but don’t make them too slanted either)

and if you have sai, free deform it and set the perspective to 100% and then just mess around with it!

also remember to add buildings/furniture/etc if needed!!

  • do dynamic poses

these help the facial expressions of the character! a lot of people seem to just concentrate on just the face for emotion but body language is also important!

you can throw in some perspective into this as well!

  • make a LOT of frames

as mentioned above, movement is very exciting!! and you can show movement with those frames. it doesn’t even have to be a lot of movement like one second they were there and now they’re in an entirely different spot, subtle movement is also very good! 

try not to reuse the same frame too much! it might end up looking very awkward 

also try not to just erase and add things to the body of a character as if it were some kind of paper doll stuck to a wall like this:

it’ll end up looking very stiff and awkward. instead, just redraw the character completely! make them move around a bit

you don’t always have to make things super clean

you don’t have to do clean lineart, just doodle a frame and make it easy to read for everyone on what’s happening. especially because drawing hundreds of frames is already so time consuming and not to mention stressful. do yourself a favor and not tire yourself out more than you should.

that’s kind of all the pointers i have. hope this helps!!!

Hey! You made it through the first week of Mental Health Month. Have you been following along with our weekly prompts? Last week was all about posting it for yourself. You’re the most important person in your life, you know? Gotta take care of yourself the best you can.

This week is about focusing on each other. Focus on being an encouraging and understanding friend, or part of a supportive community. Even just being there to listen or get leaned on can make a huge difference in someone’s life. There’s no wrong way to show kindness. Here are some other suggestions to bring this kind of supportive kindness to your Tumblr:

  • Create a post with positive message for someone going through a tough time. Make a text post, a video post, use stickers, make a GIF—whatever feels right to you.
  • Message someone a compliment. Maybe send them a sticker.
  • This is the positivity cat. Message it to 17 of your friends to give them positive vibes all month long. 🌞
  • Leave a nice reply on someone’s post.
  • If you’re up for it, make a post that your ask box is open to anyone who needs to chat.
  • You’re never alone on Tumblr. Turn your dashboard into a mental health community and follow these search tags: #postitforward, #self-care, and #positivity.
  • Reblog and tag your friends on this post or mention them in the replies to remind them to drink water.

If you follow through, and we hope you do, make sure to tag your posts with #postitforward so other people can find your stuff.

We hope you have a good week, Tumblr. Don’t forget, we’re always here for you too. <3 

Oh yeah! Keep your eyes tuned for these Answer Times we put together just for Mental Health Month:

ok New Jersey is the butt of just about everyone’s jokes, and so it honestly shocks me that no one ever talks about pork roll. Because it is frankly the most hilarious thing about New Jersey.

Pork roll is a pork-based processed meat that’s served as a patty. It’s essentially a hotdog shaped like a hamburger, and it’s exactly as disgusting and horrifying as it sounds.

Except everyone in New Jersey loves pork roll. We fucking love it. Every deli offers it as part of a sandwich, and some people just order it as a side and eat it with a fork and knife. The capital of our state literally has a yearly pork roll festival. Even the McDonald’s in New Jersey will make you a pork roll egg and cheese (called a “Jersey breakfast” around here). We are fucking serious about our pork roll.

I forgot to mention the best part, which is that only half of us call it pork roll. The other half calls it Taylor ham. North Jersey says Taylor ham and south jersey says pork roll, and central jersey is our Switzerland because they say both. Multiple New Jersey newspapers have done studies to try to figure out where the line between the two names is, and they’ve come out with tons of different maps trying to show exactly where the border between Taylor ham and pork roll is.

And this isn’t a friendly debate: people in New Jersey are ready to go to war and die over what the correct name for this lunch meat is. I went to college in central jersey, and I witnessed people get into legit FIGHTS over what it’s called.

The most hilarious part, though, is that a couple years back, state legislators thought it would be fun and easy to make it the official state sandwich. Except then they DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT, and the politicians we elected to represent us literally spent our tax dollars debating the name of this lunch meat on the fucking senate floor. And the best part? They never made a decision and dropped the bill altogether. The debate between pork roll and Taylor ham rages on, and probably will forever.

Hello everyone. If you haven’t yet watched the video then these words might come as a shock to you. If you have watched, know that this is exactly what I would have said in the video, if filming it wasn’t one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. This morning, I announced that I will be taking a step back from PTX.
I’ve struggled with this decision a lot. It has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Before I explain why, I want you all to know that the past 6 years have been the most unbelievable years of my life. The things we’ve accomplished, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve touched with our music… It surpasses anything that I could have ever dreamed up for my life.
I believe one of the big reasons why we have been so successful and accomplished all that we have is because of the unbelievably fast pace that we keep. Throughout my journey with PTX, this pace has always been a struggle for me. It’s been hard for me not to be with my family and friends when I need them or when they need me. It’s been hard to not be able to escape into nature when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need some time to myself.
Through all of this, I’ve done my best and I’ve kept pushing myself to keep up. Really, the reason why I’ve been able to push so hard and for so long has been because of you guys. You all have inspired me and lifted me up every single day and, for that, I am eternally grateful.
I do love you all so very much, but I’ve come to a point where I just can’t keep up anymore and I would never want to inhibit any type of success that we have because I truly do believe in everything that we’ve done and everything that they will do. I just know that I can no longer continue at this pace and so I have to do what’s best for the group and I have to do what’s best for me.
I do want you all to know that I’m still going to be doing music and I’m going to be doing it with my whole heart. I will ALWAYS do my best to lift others up with my voice. I hope that you’ll all support my decision and that you can understand where I’m coming from. And regardless of anything, I just want to thank you for all that you’ve given to me. I have been so unbelievably blessed and humbled to be a part of all your lives in any way and I wanted you to hear this from me. From my voice. And from my heart.
I love you all deeply and I thank you for everything. Truly.
And just so you know, I will still be performing at all of our announced shows, so come say hi and give me a hug. I love hugs.

I know the announcement is already going around tumblr but I thought I’d upload the video. Watching it made me realize how sad and sorry he is. And even though I’m upset about the news, I think I’m more worried about him. I’m seeing lots of support and love for him on the internet, and I hope he’ll see it. Hopefully his decision will allow him to take back control of his life, get some rest and focus on whatever he wants. Maybe he’ll finally ask Sara Bareilles out, who knows… I just want him to be happy. It’s going to be hard for the band and for us fans, but both Avi and Pentatonix will still be able to make good music and succeed; except now he’s going to be able to breathe and go at his own pace.
Also, give him a hug from me if you can! x

Cartoon Network Newest Show: Villanous

Hello CN fans. Tired of this

or this

And this

I know what you thinking this are reboots from old and beloved cartoons. Where are new cartoons? While Cartoon Network decided greenlit these questionables cartoons


And yeah Mighty Magiswords is not bad show but is not good neither. Seem all hope is lost 4 CN. Until now…. 

Only one minute: They capture our attention and hearts. Fanarts of Villainous started to pop-up. Their animation is beautiful.  Likeable Characters especially Black Hat… (please don’t kill me Demencia)

This brings us memories of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy & Evil con Carne 

I highly recommend it. So go and watch Villainous…. OR ELSE  *demonic voice*

And the best of part is the fact is MEXICAN CARTOON. (HOOORAY)