they are the best onscreen couple ever

Eternal Love (Tom x Reader)

Request from anon: Can you do a TomxF!Reader imagine where they’ve been together since they were young & they’re at the final HP Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere and she is also in HP,apart of trio, and while she does her speech with the the trio,Tom proposes to her? ❤

Ahhhhh!!! I love this idea! Thank you so much for requesting anon! *If my schedule has worked correct, it should be Friday atm*

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This was it; in a few moments, you’d be sealing what had been the greatest adventure of your entire life; Harry Potter had brought you love, eternal friendship and so much happiness. You looked at yourself in the mirror, still feeling the same nerves you felt ten years ago when you were turning up to the Philosopher’s Stone premiere - now here at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere, you quarrelled on how quickly time flied. You still recognised yourself yet you had matured - you had experienced so much and you were so lucky.

Practicing your mantra in an attempt to control your breathing, you took a breath for seven seconds, held it for five and exhaled for six. “Having fun?” You heard an all too familiar voice chime from behind you. You turn around, spotting Tom stood leaning against the doorway. “I’m so nervous.” You declare, walking over to him to give him a peck on the lips. “You look ravishing.” Tom comments looking you up and down with a smirk. You were wearing a navy full length dress that hugged your curves in all the right places. He was wearing a navy suit (which just so happened to be the same shade) and his hair was tousled just the way you like it. “So do you.” You replied in an oddly surprised tone. Tom hadn’t really bothered with the previous premieres, even turning up in jeans and a t-shirt to the last one. “You sound so surprised, love.” He chuckles, intertwining his fingers with yours. “I am, I didn’t think they’d make you look this sexy. Now I have to compete with all the other girls.” You chime, reaching up to peck his lips once again. “You’re not competing, Y/N, I’m already your boyfriend. Besides, you look amazing, should I be worried about any man trying to steal you away?” Tom asks with a grin on his face. You shake your head. “Of course not.” 

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The Panel Crasher

Hey y’all! :)

Here’s another quick one for you- I laughed way too much while I was writing this, and I hope you like it! 

Warnings- none (let me know if I missed anything)

Word count- 1261 (okay, maybe I lied about it being quick)

Pairings- Jared x reader, Jensen x friend!reader

Y/N- Your Name

Y/L/N- Your Last Name

No hate towards Gen or Jared’s family- for the sake of this fic, Gen is happily married to someone else

Ah, conventions. It would be hard to find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy… Nah, just kidding. You loved the conventions. Although you were still getting used to being in front of hundreds of fans hanging on you every word, you wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Your boyfriend Jared felt the exact same way- after all, you first realized that you loved each other at a convention. That was a few years ago, but you still got butterflies in your stomach every time you saw him. And today was no different- as you stood behind the stage curtain and watched him onscreen, a million tiny wings were happily flapping away. He and Jensen had started their panel about 15 minutes ago, and everything was going as planned (well, as much as it could- come on, this is Jared and Jensen we’re talking about). Well, that wasn’t going to last long.

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Season 1: Any Means Possible

1- Beauty and the Beast

Episode 1.15
Title: Any Means Possible

Story by: Roger Grant/ Director: Steve Adelson

It all started and ended with some of the best kissing ever seen on TV. If we thought the kiss in “Tough Love” was something fantastic , we had no idea of the true meaning of “worth the wait” until  this episode. After such an epic first kiss in “Tough Love” we got one of the best onscreen kisses ever! Jay and Kristin,Vincent and Catherine, have “ruined” every other couple seen  on TV!

K o l l y w o o d   C h a l l e n g e 

All are welcome to join this challenge! There are no specific requirements as to what you got to make or what software you are to use. You can make anything you want to answer the questions listed below from GIFs, photosets, collages etc. It’s completely up to you how you would like to take on this challenge! 

The rules:

  • Answer each question in order starting with the first one.
  • There’s no deadline.
  • There’s no requirement as to how often you do this challenge (although doing one everyday would be pretty cool), its ultimately up to you!
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Inspiration: x (credit to the wonderful Malika from nimbooda for inspiring me; for you bollywood lovers check out her challenge!)


  1. First Kollywood movie you ever saw
  2. Movie containing your favorite cinematography 
  3. Favorite bromance
  4. A character you’d love to be best friends with
  5. Best onscreen jodi (couple)
  6. Best offscreen jodi
  7. Favorite classical dance number
  8. Favorite “modern” dance number
  9. Favorite kollywood song remake/remix
  10. A scene that made you cry
  11. A scene that made you laugh
  12. Latest kollywood movie that you saw and liked
  13. Funniest movie you saw
  14. Most underrated movie
  15. Most overrated movie
  16. Your dream cast in your “dream” movie
  17. Favorite sad song
  18. Favorite item song
  19. Movie containing the best costumes
  20. The movie you didn’t finish
  21. Most boss female character
  22. Most underrated star
  23. Favorite “era” of movies
  24. Cutest smile
  25. Overall favorite director
  26. A favorite actor of yours
  27. A favorite actress of yours
  28. Favorite song
  29. Favorite mother onscreen
  30. Favorite father onscreen
  31. Favorite feel good movie
  32. Favorite movie from childhood
  33. Favorite on screen jodi from your childhood
  34. Favorite song from childhood
  35. Favorite rain song
  36. Favorite comedian
  37. A character that made you so frustrated/annoyed
  38. A movie of your choice with an alternate cast
  39. An actress you wish would return to acting in kollywood movies/act in more kollywood movies
  40. An actor you wish would return to acting in kollywood movies/act in more kollywood movies
  41. Favorite Song Lyrics

If you have any questions about the challenge please feel free and do not hesitate to ask me on my ask page!

Here you can find my answers to the challenge questions.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and have fun! 

anonymous asked:

I wish I could be as positive and confident as you when it comes to jonsa. This is probably the saddest i've felt. Every reactor once again picks up on the vibes in the cave scene, and once again, none of them pick up on the hints of jonsa. How can not a single reactor pick up on it? My friends say it's because jonsa is entirely in my head and no one else sees it, or a very small minority do. I think i'm done with this show.

Hi Nonny. I’m really sorry you feel this way. I’d like to remind you that you probably started watching GoT way before you ever shipped Jonsa, so why would you quit the show? I’m actually not big on shipping -believe it or not, other than Jonsa, the only onscreen couple I’ve shipped in this decade is bethyl. Half of my ship died, and I still continue to watch TWD. Why? Because I loved it way before I shipped, and I’m invested in the characters.

I can’t tell you what to do, Nonny. If you feel that walking away from the show is what’s best for you, then by all means -do as you must.

As for the anti’s -of course if they ship J/D they’re going to tell you that. I’d suggest not even arguing with them about it. Come here to the Jonsa tag when you want to flail, so you won’t be ridiculed when you want to express your love for the ship. I’ve long ago stopped giving a shit about what other people think when it comes to the things I enjoy -it would be highly beneficial if you did the same. 😉And honestly, I beg to differ that we are the minority ship. There was a huge influx of new shippers right after the season 7 premier -yet, even if we are, that matters very little.

What is a reactor? Do you mean a reviewer? There are plenty of reviewers who have written about the romantic undertones of Jonsa and the lack of sparks flying between Jon and Dany. Maybe some of my followers can reblog this and add links of their favorites. There happens to be one on my blog just a few posts down from where this one will be.

I have faith in the ship because I believe in what my eyes have seen. I recognize a lot of the same ploys and tropes I use in my own writing, but mostly because GRRM is fucking brilliant and he’s not going to pull the most deliberate card that everyone expects. Hasn’t being a fan of this show for almost 7 years taught you that? The fact that it doesn’t jump off the screen at everyone is a good thing, imo. Plus, I base a lot of my beliefs on clues I’ve gleaned from the books. It’s not coincidence that most jonsa shippers are book readers.

As for the J/D romance set-up (if you can call it that) …as @litwitlady posted a few days ago -you have to build your house of cards before you can knock it down.

my Top 5 onscreen ladies of 2015

Have you had your fine share of “2015 top whatever” lists?
GOOD! here comes another one. but i’m going to spice it up, instead of going on about my favorite media pieces of the passing year, i’m going to list my…

✿✿✿ TOP 5 LEADING LADIES of pop culture that made my 2015 ✿ ✿✿

Jessica Huang, portrayed by Constance Wu (“Fresh Off the Boat”) 

Holy shit was I wrong about this show. What started out as another dull family series turned out to be one of the most enjoyable comedies around.

Constance wu, a goddess among us, holds the whole fucking thing on her dainty shoulders, and portrays a surprisingly unique sitcom mother. Brilliant, cynical, a little bit clueless and undeniably hilarious (not at her expense) , she’s one of those characters you constantly want to see more onscreen. Her amazing dynamic chemistry with co-star Randall Park is the stuff of legends, and creates the most adorable married TV couple since HIMYM.

✧ Best Moment: “The Real Santa” Season 2 , Episode 10, Jessica as Lao Ban Santa.
Evan: “But all the Santas I ever see are white men!”
Lao Ban Santa: “They all work for me.”

✧ Could use work: The show wants to be Malcolm in the Middle just a liiiiittle too much, and Jessica’s starting to develop some suspicious similarities to Lois. Stick to your own thing FOB.

✧ Personal influence: Be yourself, it’s awesome.

✿ Cookie Lyon, portrayed by Taraji P. Henson (“EMPIRE”)✿

From the moment you see her stepping out of jail in that huge white fur coat matched with a leopard print dress you know the queen has arrived.

Cookie rules every shot she’s in and you can’t help but root for her every time. It’s really no wonder why she’s the most popular among a cast of truly fantastic characters: Cookie is a fierce, fast talking lioness who isn’t afraid to literally pull out fists against any given threat, but at the same time compassionate, kind and unconditionally loving. 

(at no point does she stop calling her kids “my babies”. how wonderful is that?)

She really is the heart of a show I consider a true revelation this year.

✧ Best Moment: That entrance in that first episode. God damn. Best character introduction.

✧ Could use work: The show can get a little bit cheesy at times (“i’m gonna get whats mine”) but hey, you either like that tone or you don’t.

✧ Personal influence: A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing.

✿ Susan Cooper, Portrayed by Melissa McCarthy (“SPY”)

I’ll admit it, i needed some convincing to watch this. I finally did on a Toronto > LA flight, and, well, really wish the passengers don’t hold too much of a grudge against my howling madwoman laughter.

I adored everything about it, with an emphasis on how great that main protagonist was written. She’s fun but not goofy, loving and helpful but not passive, I adored everything about it, with an emphasis on how great that main protagonist was written. She’s fun but not goofy, loving and helpful but not passive, she fakes her way through most of the movie but her power is sincere and really there.(who of us girls never had to fake confidence to get respect?)- overall- she brings in the jokes. They’re not at her expense. And that’s sadly refreshing with main female characters in comedy. especially if their looks don’t fit the hollywood mold.
oh, Melissa McCarthy. can she just be in everything?

✧ Best Moment: Every single banter with Rick Ford (Jason Statham).
Susan: “And by the way, I can see your gun, unless you’re SO extreme that you have a second dick coming out of your hip.”

✧ Could use work: That weird sexual harasser guy bit could’ve been dropped or written better. Having the hots for an overweight lady is not a punchline, neither is sexual harassment.

✧ Personal influence: Fake it till you make it

✿ Jessica Jones, portrayed by Krysten Ritter (“Jessica Jones”)

No surprise here, as i’ve written about this one before!
I’ve been thirsty for a proper MCU lady portrayal for a while. No one was quite right and i really started losing hope when lo and behold a savior came from netflix. I was already a big fan of Krysten Ritter before, but she had really outdone herself with this one.

Jessica is complicated and traumatized, yet elegantly avoids the cliche “dark” traits of post modern depressed heroes. She is a resilient fighter, but chooses her battles wisely and doesn’t get into unwanted trouble willingly(unlike SO many hot headed MCU dudes), she is empathetic and compassionate but refuses to become anyone’s personal babysitter or moral compass. She won’t give her love to just anyone, but those who win it- are so so lucky. Most of all, for me- she’s something quite new, yet represents something  so familiar.
I love how she’s written and her having a female showrunner really truly shows.

✧ Best Moment: That very last interaction with Kilgrave. Won’t spoil it!

✧ Could use work: People have mentioned the fight scenes could be better, and some character arcs could use a drop and I guess I agree. i’ll add I wish some of the brooding would be toned down. as I said, she’s not “I’M BATMAN MY PARENTS ARE DEEAAAD” yet, but at some moments it was cutting close.

✧ Personal influence: You’re no one’s personal babysitter or savior. Walk away.

✿ imperator Furiosa, portrayed by Charlize Theron (“Mad Max: Fury Road”)

Damn. is there really anything left to be said on this one? Awesome awesome awesome awesome. She’s everything I every wanted in a female action hero and never dared to dream i’d see in my lifetime and I still have sweet dreams about that incredible fight scene with Max. I’ll be honest- I wasn’t the biggest fan of that movie (no solid reason here, it’s just not my kind of jam), but man did its characters brightened my year. Four for you Charlize Theron, four for you George Miller.

✧ Best Moment: Furiosa meeting all the awesome desert biker grandmas.

✧ Could use work: Can’t help you here. I had a lot of personal trouble with the film that really had nothing to do with it objectively.

✧ Personal influence: Sisterhood is valuable, stick up for your fellow female comrades.


No matter what’s going to happen, John and Sherlock will be my perfect couple, the best ship ever and nobody will convince me otherwise. This is absolutely and exclusively up to me, to my reading of their story, even if other people perceive their relationship in a different way. So, I am not afraid of any outcome, I’m just peacefully waiting for tomorrow. Nothing’s gonna change my attitude and spoil the pure pleasure that I have watching my two boys onscreen together again.