they are the best family one can ever have

i feel like the shepard siblings all have very different ways of pulling pranks. like, tim doesn’t seem to understand the concept and thinks that punching curly in the arm is the best ‘prank’ ever. curly pulls really lame ones that everyone can see coming, like he’ll put a bucket of water on top of the door, but it’s so blatantly there so no one falls for it. angela is the only one who’s good at pranks, she’s meticulous as hell about it. she’ll spend like a month slowly moving all of their furniture a few inches to the left so that when curly comes home drunk he’ll bang himself on the couch and fall over

The little montage at the end of “Regarding Dean” is one of best things to ever come out of 12 years of Supernatural. It wasn’t there to further the plot. It was there to give us a glimpse of a side of Dean Winchester that we don’t see all that often; that we haven’t seen in awhile. It was there to show us the side of Dean that can still enjoy life, despite everything that these boys have been through in their short yet long lives. It was there to remind us why we started watching this show and why we come back every week to hear more of the Winchester’s story. It was there to remind us why we love these boys.

And it was definitely there as an excuse to film Jensen Ackles having fun on a mechanical bull. 

Long story short, it felt like a gift to me: the kind they gave us at the end of “Yellow Fever,” or the video of Jensen singing “All Out of Love” on set in season 7, or the cast/crew appearing in the “Shake It Off” video by the Hillywood Show.

It felt like a gift to the fans, a gift for the cast and crew, and maybe even a gift for Sam and Dean.

Things like this are the reason why I’m still watching Supernatural after 12 long years. I love this Little Show that Could, and I’m with it til the end.

FFXIV NPC Ask Prompts!

Send in any of the following, and I have to answer with…

  • Louisoix: What is the greatest sacrifice my character has made?
  • Nael Van Darnus: Where was my character during the Calamity?
  • Minfillia: Would my character make a good leader figure?
  • Alphinaud: What is my character’s greatest dream/aspiration?
  • Alisaie: How far would my character go for family?
  • Thancred: Is my character good at singing, or any musical instruments?
  • Yda: Does my character where any kind of masks?  Literal or figurative.
  • Papalymo: Who is dearest to my character?
  • Y’shtola: What’s the highest level of education my character as received?
  • Urianger: Has my character lost a loved one?
  • Tataru: What does my character find cute?
  • Raubahn: What scars does my character have?
  • Nanamo: Has my character ever been betrayed?
  • Kan-E-Senna: Is my character good with plants?
  • Merlwyb: Can my character swim?
  • Momodi Modi: What’s the best way to woo my character?
  • Baderon: Does my character have any hidden talents?
  • Mother Miounne: Is my character the type to care for others?
  • Hildebrand: Does my character have a history of good/bad luck?
  • Drillemont: How pious is my character?
  • Jandelaine: Does my character dye their hair/use makeup/other cosmetic products?
  • Iceheart: Does my character prefer hot or cold weather?
  • Lyngsath: Can my character cook?
  • Landebert: How’s my character’s financial status?
  • Wilred: What’s the greatest mistake my character has made?
  • Riol: What’s my character’s greatest success?

anonymous asked:

Hi Nat! I'm currently fanficing and I can't find anywhere the location of where the Stark family home is/was? Has it ever been mentioned where Tony was raised? Was it implied to be Malibu? I always assumed Tony built the Malibu house himself. If it hasn't been mentioned where would be your instinct to set it? Seeing as you know his character best. I'm deferring to your judgement. Thank you!

i don’t think it was ever mentioned in the mcu tbh? or if it was, it might have been hinted at during one of the agent carter seasons or something, i wouldn’t know because i zoned out so b a d during the parts that had anything to do with howard. if i remember this right the starks do have a new york residence that appeared on the show. anyway according to the official SHIELD file (which i take with a grain of salt because ah yeah marvel and general consistency…. lol the file is missing the one non-english language tony actually spoke on screen also the eternal 1970 birth year vs 1991 stark death year Problem… mmmmm anyway) (hello click moi) the birth place is listed as manhattan

me, personally, specifically, an Intellectual, nowadays when i rp my personal mcu/616 mix tony,

  • born in new york (personally i go with long island because i am a 616 Tony Stark Whore)
  • again, as a 616 Tony Stark Whore and most importantly as someone who obsessively projects my personal experiences on this character i choose to believe he moved around a lot while growing up (and by “growing up” i mean ages 0 to 7 because lol howard low key booted him out after that lmao anyway). some of my fav 616 iron man stories (vol. 3) took place in seattle and miami so i tell myself that baby tony spent some time on each of those places. the Main Home was in new york though (aka the house he’d come back to during school breaks or whatever) but his parents weren’t necessarily there
  • when he was seven, he technically relocated full-time to andover, MA because that’s where “phillips academy” is (aka the Boarding School, listed on the file linked above)
  • cambridge, MA during his MIT years, obviously
  • the way my personal timeline works out, tony finishes his comicbook-genius-grade levels of UNREALISTICALLY AND UNCANNILY FAST bachelor’s+doctorates combo when he’s 19
  • then he heads off to london (the “Abroad” mentioned by maria on cap 3) to get his MBA from the london business school aka one of the most prestigious in the world 
  • december of that year, his parents die
  • tony moves to california out of sheer force of a) grief-stricken desperation (since california is like literally as physically distant as you can get from new york within US borders) and b) unadulterated futurism because tbh tony’d been telling people since f o r e v e r that the silicon valley was going to become off-the-charts important very soon so that was a good place for the HQ of stark industries to be set
  • the starks already had a los angeles residence but yes. yes. the malibu mansion was a Tony Stark Acquisition (like oh my god the things…. the THINGS AND THOUGHTS that the IM1 production crew put into the design of that mansion tbh… i have the Art of IM1 book… listen…. LISTEN…. send me a reminder so i can share some Important Facts with the world later when i’m less busy/lazy i’m just gonna say…. the house was designed… as a Character Statement i’m dying this is exactly why IM1 is the True iron man movie) 
  • anyway, over the years, tony clearly gravitates between new york and california
  • ask me about my feelings re: tony’s New Yorker ™ bitterness and nostalgia while he’s in los angeles. and then also ask me about tony’s Californian ™ longing while he’s in new york. ask me about tony stark + found homes + the feeling of being eternally Misplaced (and i will one more time call this me being a 616 Tony Stark Whore [616 tony stark, aka mister Tragic Nostalgia] AND a creatively bankrupt piece of shit that projects her personal conflicts onto tony stark)
Supernatural Themed Personal Asks
  • <p> <b>Dean:</b> Who would you selflessly help out no matter what?<p/><b>Sam:</b> How tall are you?<p/><b>Cas:</b> Who is your current crush?<p/><b>Bobby:</b> Do you have a chosen family?<p/><b>Rufus:</b> IRL friends on here?<p/><b>Benny:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>John:</b> What is one weird obsession you have?<p/><b>Mary:</b> Do you love your mother?<p/><b>Ellen:</b> Who's you're mentor?<p/><b>Jo:</b> Do you have an unrequited love?<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> Favorite sweet thing to eat?<p/><b>Balthazar:</b> Any sex kinks?<p/><b>Michael:</b> What are some of your flaws?<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> What are you proud of?<p/><b>Raphael:</b> Eye and Hair color?<p/><b>Garth:</b> Any weird habits?<p/><b>Bela:</b> Something you can't live without?<p/><b>Charlie:</b> Sexual orientation?<p/><b>Anna:</b> Are you a virgin?<p/><b>Lisa:</b> Are you in a relationship?<p/><b>Hannah:</b> Have you ever pretended to be someone you're not?<p/><b>Abaddon:</b> What color is your hair?<p/><b>Crowley:</b> what would you do if you were king? (of hell or the world)<p/><b>Becky:</b> Celeb crush/es?<p/><b>Chuck:</b> What would you change to make the world better?<p/></p>

if ur worried bc ur life isn’t going the way you planned or u feel like u haven’t got ur life well put together yet and u think it should be, today i was visiting my old college with my best friend and we were talking to two of our old teachers and we said “you guys really remind us of us just like…with ur shit together” and one of them literally laughed and said “that’s the funniest thing ive heard all day, you think my life is well put together wow”
so don’t worry, u can have a degree, a solid career, a house and family and still be ????? about what ur doing, bc the secret to happiness is realising none of us have any clue what the fuck is going on ever

Damian as a husband

I hope your day gets better. Until then heres some headcannons of Damian as your husband

- best dates ever. Like its the top restaurants and museums. Lots of occasions to wear gowns to.
- Competitive but fun. Like whoever wins at sparring doesn’t have to do dishes.
- This man can say the sweetest sentence. He usually does it in his native tongue which you love.
- He knows if he ever hurts you his brothers will come after him.
- Super jealous when other guys hit on you. Also extremely protective. Someone save anyone who thinks they can kidnap you.
- Jon being his good friend, also the one you turn to when Damian is acting odd.
- If your cooking isnt the best he wouldnt tell you but he might always have the take ready just in case.
- Totally protects you against Talia. Always will take your side in an family argument.
- The last guy who made a comment about your outfit is still recovering from it.
- This man would do anything for you.

Shattered - Part 9

|Prologue| |Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 10| 

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2185

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely heartbroken for Taehyung and the news about his grandmother’s passing. We all knew something was happening with Taehyung, but this is definitely so unexpected. The fact that he had to deal with all this alongside the promotions and all the antis. No one should ever have to face that kind of hurt. I wish the best for Taehyung and his family. He is undeniably an incredibly strong person and what we should do is send him all the love and support we have, and keep his grandmother in our thoughts ♥︎

Originally posted by kths

“W-what did you s-say T-taehyung?” You’re not quite sure if your misheard some words or if you were still in daze from what happened.

“Come live with me at my place Y/N. Bring Jaemin as well. I know that the police are taking care of Hanseok, but what if he comes back and does something even worse than this time? I’m not always going to be next to you and I can’t stand the thought of Hanseok laying a hand on you and treating you with so much disrespect. I know this is very sudden,  but I just want to know that you’re safe Y/N.”

“Taehyung… I… I don’t know what to say. A-are you sure about this?”

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One of the most upsetting images I have seen in my life time. It speaks for itself a million word. It says how humane you can be. A normal kid who didn’t commit any crimes except for being a Palestinian. 

A Palestinian child the only survivor from the fire set into his family home by extremist Israeli settlers killing both his parents and little brother leaving him scarred for ever. The settler is free. Ahmed holds his best mate’s face tight close and expresses his mixed feelings of happiness to see his Neighbour friend and a sad feeling which reminds him of what was a normal life with his family and neighbors like all the other kids around the world. Palestine is a sad story Palestine had suffered for decades and Ahmed in this photo is one example of many other stories created by the only democracy in the Middle East as the west claims called Israel. Apartheid Israel. 

One of the worst inhumane and most hideous apartheid that existed in human kind history. Belgium, Paris and all other terrorist attacks are condemned but who will condemn this act of terror which deprived this beautiful kid from the most precious thing in life called family. Sad…

Rami Abusamra

I sat awake pretty well all night trying to wrap my head around what I was lucky enough to be apart of last night. I can honestly say last night was one of the best nights of my life. Even trying to type this is almost bringing me to tears again. Being apart of something like last night is such an incredible feeling. SHINee performed better then I ever could have imagined they would. They really put their heart and soul in every song. Shawols. Wow! You guys truly are a family. If ever I could relive a moment from my life. Last night would be it. I can only hope to experience SHINee again and I hope that everyone who loves them gets that same chance at least once. Thank you SHINee and thank you Shawols❤

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Could you write one where readers grandpa passed away, and reader and he grandpa used to be really close. So she shuts down like she hasn't really had the good cry she needed. And Kirk confronts her about it, and she finally breaks down. And he helps her through it, please it would be much appreciated. If not that's okay. Please and thank you.

Kirk X Reader – A Great Man

A/N – Gotta admit, this one hit pretty hard. I always remember my granddad who, to me, was the best person in the world. I could say I’m sorry to all of you who’ve lost a grandparent, instead I’ll say this: Remember the good times, the music they listened to, the way they talked, everything; it’s better to have known them in the short time we can than to of never known them at all.

Warnings – Death of a close family member.

Rating – T

Every person to ever exist has those moments in life when it feels like a bomb has dropped. Those rare instances where time freezes and in pure deniability, we think about the things that don’t really matter; for you it was, “Why is the conference room so damn bright?

Earth’s Starfleet HQ had just informed you that your grandfather had passed away and you could only think about why the room was too bright.

“By Starfleet regulations,” Admiral Amari, your old mentor at Starfleet continued, “you are permitted two weeks off to grieve. We are sorry for your loss.”

You forced your face into a serene mask, speaking evenly after a deep breath. “If it pleases Starfleet, I feel that I would be more effective working at my usual station on the bridge.”

“Do you not think it wise to rest and fully take in this news?” Amari cautioned.

“With all due respect ma’am, my grandpa taught me to celebrate life rather than mourn death.”

“Very well. You may return to work as soon as you see fit on the condition that you get your CO’s approval. Over and Out.”

You saluted before the screen flashed off, then left the conference room to meet the Captain for permission to work.

As soon as the turbolift opened, all eyes were on you. It was apparent that everybody knew somebody close to you had passed because that was practically the only reason anyone received a call from their planet’s Starfleet HQ. Kirk left the Captain’s chair, moving with urgency to meet you at the door, his face was creased in concern.

“(Y/N).” He whispered, forgetting all formality and using your first name. “Starfleet already informed me of your circumstances. You don’t have to- I mean… Take all the time you need, I’m sorry for your loss.”

I’m sorry for your loss.’ You turned the phrase over in your mind. It was such an odd saying really. Why should people apologise for something beyond their control?

You replied with a conventional head bob. “Thank you for your condolences Captain. Please may I return to my station now?”

“I’m sorry, what?” Kirk’s eyebrows flew up at the unusual request.

“Captain, my grandpa was the best man in the world to me and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t upset but right now but I can’t just sit in my room overthinking everything. I would prefer to be here, doing my job instead of twiddling my thumbs, doing nothing. Is that okay?”

Kirk nodded hesitantly, “Alright, but only if you’re sure.”

You nodded and moved to your station where a holographic map of the solar system you were in appeared upon sensing you. You began scanning the nearby planets and stars for any anomalies, taking comfort in the pulsing beeps that came through your headphones.

Throughout the following weeks, the quality of your work slowly deteriorated along with your emotional well-being. At first you would only fail small tasks that went unnoticed such as misfiring a probe or miscalculating the worth of a mineral deposit. However, each day of work took a toll on you, leaving behind a numb, empty husk in place of the bright-eyed Starfleet officer with a passion for work. Finally, unable to care about any tasks left to you, you made a mistake which almost cost the landing party their lives.

After your error, you were called to a meeting room where Kirk and McCoy were waiting. Under their scrutinising gaze, you apologised quietly, never feeling the full weight of your words; you had almost cost someone their life, yet for some reason, you didn’t hold much regret for the situation.

“No Lieutenant.” Kirk growled. “Some good people almost died down there today, I don’t want an apology, I want to know why you didn’t realise the distress beacon was a trap.”

In all your years working under Kirk, you had never seen him angry at you, it brought the full severity of the situation down hard; the death of another officer could have been your fault and up until now you hadn’t really cared. What felt like invisible constricting bands clasped tightly around your lungs, making it impossible to breathe properly. You raised a hand to your throat, spluttering and gasping horribly.

Kirk’s brow creased in confusion, “What’s-”

McCoy pushed past him, sitting you on the floor, “Damn it Jim, (s)he’s having a panic attack.”

Kirk looked terrified as McCoy started giving you simple instructions, starting with yes or no questions about your medical history. After about a minute, McCoy sighed irritably and glowered at Kirk who was hovering restlessly above him.

“What are you still doing here?” McCoy hissed. “You want to help (Y/N)? Go get my damn medical bag from sick bay.”

Kirk nodded, pelting out of the room as McCoy counted down the breaths you should be taking on his hands, holding up finger each time he wanted you to take another deep breath.

“I used to have a dog that well trained.” McCoy noted calmly, “till my wife took it in the divorce. Still, joke’s on Jim, I don’t even have a medical bag but I expect Nurse Chapel will keep him distracted long enough.” McCoy saw your quizzical expression and begun to explain himself. “He was like a bull in a china shop, bucking around here, wondering what he could do; the best he can do now is bother somebody else. Of course, he uh, wouldn’t do that with many people; I probably shouldn’t be the one to tell you but he cares about you.”

Even if you could have spoken, you wouldn’t, instead you kept your focus on steadying your breathing which had almost returned to normal. You’d never been blind to Jim’s affections and although the thought of pursuing a relationship had crossed your mind, you’d never encouraged it, mainly because you were afraid of what it would do to your friendship if things ever went wrong. Now however, was not the time to be thinking of relationships, McCoy must have sensed it too because he changed the subject. “Look, the body’s no good without the mind and the mind can get just as ill as the body. You need time to mourn, I’m-”

Kirk burst into the room panting. “I’VE GOT THE BAG.”

“What took you so damn long, I don’t even need it now.” McCoy griped.

“Wait, wha-”

“(Y/N)’s agreed to take a month off for mourning, right (Y/N)?”

Knowing there was no use in arguing, you murmured a quiet, “Yes.”

“Now if you’ll both excuse me, I’m going back to med-bay.” McCoy took the dummy bag from Jim on his way out, leaving the two of you alone.

Jim approached you cautiously, joining you on the floor. “So… this was about your grandfather then.”

You nodded.

“Want to talk about it?”

Fresh tears flowed unchecked, until now you hadn’t quite known how much you needed to talk to someone. “I-” You gulped. “I’m afraid I’ll forget him. It’s getting more difficult to remember his smell or the way he laughed; I don’t want him to leave me.”

“Tell me something about him, something only people close to him knew.”

You pulled a flat disc out of your pocket, pressing the surface to reveal a hologram of your grandpa; you didn’t remember putting it in your pocket but you were glad it was there now, ready to comfort you as needed. “He… he always called me ‘My dear.’”

“And…” Kirk prompted, wrapping his arms gently around your shoulders, drawing you to him.

“And he loved the song ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head.’”

“I haven’t heard that one before.”

“It’s old.” You hesitated before releasing a shaky breath and singing the opening line. “Raindrops keep falling on my head, and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed.”

Kirk held you tightly while you sung, listening peacefully to every note. In that moment, he promised himself that he would be there for you while you recovered, making sure you were no longer alone. Although you had a rocky start, he was sure that now you were talking and taking the time to properly mourn and cry, everything would eventually be alright, for where death is present, life always goes on.


Scott x Sister!Reader

Part One

Part Three

“So anything?” Scott asked hopefully.

“Besides really getting on Lydia’s nerves we got nothing.” Stiles shrugged.

“We found out they have (Y/N) in a basement under a nightclub a few miles out from Beacon Hills, your dad can’t get any evidence because… well he can’t exactly tell the feds that I sniffed her out.” Scott grumbled back.


“Scott if I’m honest the best thing for her is to break in and get her.” Lydia sighed. “They think she’s something called an Alpha Shield and I emptied the family accounts, still wasn’t enough.”

“What’s an Alpha Shield supposed to be?” Malia asked as she joined the group in crowding round the outside of the Jeep.

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Another Munday Meme
  • ➀ Who has been your favorite muse to play so far?
  • ➁ Who has been your least favorite muse to play so far?
  • ➂ Do you prefer plotting or winging it?
  • ➃ What's your favorite animal?
  • ➄ What's one thing that can always put a smile on your face?
  • ➅ What is your favorite scary movie?
  • ➆ Are you close with your family?
  • ➇ What's your best holiday related memory?
  • ➈ Tell me a story about when you turnt up (got shitfaced drunk).
  • ➉ How much money do you have in your bank account? Can I borrow some?
  • ➊ What's your favorite Disney movie and character?
  • ➋ If you could humanize a cartoon character, who would it be and what would be their FC?
  • ➌ Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
  • ➍ Did you have a hot high school teacher?
  • ➎ What's one FC that you will never use and why?
  • ➏ Do you watch anime?
  • ➐ Give me an unpopular opinion.
  • ➑ What's a thread that you would say no to?
  • ➒ Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? We all know you have a plan to survive. What would be your plan?
  • ➓ What's your favorite fairy tale/legend/myth?
  • ♡ What fictional character has your heart?
  • ♢ What muse do you desperately want to rp with?
  • ☁ What do you do when the weather is bad?
Birthday w/ Brad would include...

- Waking up to Brad gently singing you happy birthday
- Brad making you a ‘fancy breakfast’
- He burnt quite a lot of it
- “Here you go babe”
- You open Brad’s gift to reveal a necklace engraved with ‘Always and forever’
- “Brad… I don’t know what to say. It’s beautiful”
- “Only the best for my girl”
- Really massive cuddle with kisses here and there
- “We’re going out”
- “Where?”
- “It’s called a ‘suprise’”
- “Asshole”
- Brad getting James to come and pick the two of you up because he cannot drive
- You teasing Brad about his inability to drive
- “Shut up babe”
- “You can’t tell her to shut up, it’s her birthday!”
- “Shut up James”
- Arriving at a posh-looking building
- Brad covering your eyes and leading you through the building, before finally removing his hands
- All your closest friends and family, as well as the other two vamps boys, in a big room with a massive dining table
- Having one of the best dinners ever
- Dancing after dinner in the little dancefloor area
- Sitting down and resting your head on Brad’s shoulder, eyes closed
- “Wanna go back, babe?”
- “Mmmmmhhhhhmmm”
- James driving you both back home
- “Carry me”
- Brad carrying you back to bed before the both of you slid in it, not bothering to get changed
- “Thank you for my amazing day, Brad”
- “No problem, babe. Happy birthday, I love you”
- “Love you too”


I’ve never done one of these but it’s my birthday so thought I would.

Send this post to a Brad girl on her birthday as an internet gift :’)

Connor - James - Tristan


ask me all time low songs!!

The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End

Hit the Lights (Tribute to a Night, I’ll Never Forget) - do you remember the best night of your life? what happened?

The Next Best Thing - what have you always wanted? did you ever get it?

Last Flight Home - have you ever been in an airplane before?

Memories That Fade Like Photographs - best memory from when you were a kid?

The Party Scene

The Party Scene (tps) - what is your blood type?

Lullabies (tps) - longest you’ve slept at one time?

Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies - what do you want to be remembered for?

Circles - what is your perfect pizza?

We Say Summer - what’s your favorite season of the year?

Break Out! Break Out! (tps) - have you ever called 911?

Running from Lions (tps) - do you get along with your family?

I Can’t Do the One-Two Step - can you dance well?

The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler (tps) - have you ever been in love?

Sticks, Stones, and Techno - what’s your favorite song?

Put Up or Shut Up

Coffee Shop Soundtrack - if you could be any age for a week, what age would it be?

Break Out! Break Out! - have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler - how long did your most recent relationship last?

Jasey Rae - what type of music do you listen to?

The Party Scene - what did you do for your latest birthday?

Running from Lions - what’s your favorite movie?

Lullabies - how many pillows do you sleep with?

So Wrong, It’s Right

This Is How We Do - where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Let It Roll - do you like surprises?

Six Feet Under the Stars - are you interested in space?

Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) - what are your hobbies?

The Beach - what is your ideal vacation?

Dear Maria, Count Me In - ever had a secret admirer?

Remembering Sunday - are you religious?

Vegas - are you an introvert or extrovert?

Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night) - do you daydream often?

Come One, Come All - do you like having attention drawn to you?

Poppin’ Champagne - best New Years Eve memory?

Nothing Personal

Weightless - how would your friends describe you?

Break Your Little Heart - have you ever broken up with someone?

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) - have you ever had sex?

Lost In Stereo - do you listen to your music quietly or full volume?

Stella - do you have a nickname? what is it?

Sick Little Games - 

Hello Brooklyn - have you ever been out of your state/country?

Walls -

Too Much - who are your OTP?

Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal - what do you do to stay in shape?

A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) - have you ever been hungover?

Therapy - have you ever had a therapy session?

Poison - have you ever had food poisoning?

Dirty Work

Do You Want Me (Dead?) - how many languages can you speak?

I Feel Like Dancin’ - ever danced with someone?

Forget About It - do you have memories you wish you could delete?

Guts - have you ever had surgery?

Time-Bomb - who knows you the best?

Just the Way I’m Not - have you ever pretended to be someone else?

Under A Paper Moon - do you have good drawing skills?

Return the Favor - what song sums you up?

No Idea - make up a question.

That Girl - if you could go back in time & change one thing, what would it be?

Heroes - who is your biggest role model?

Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me - list two pet peeves.

My Only One - do you plan on getting married?

Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass - what do you want for christmas?

Bad Enough For You - what do you do for a living?

Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now

The Reckless and The Brave - have you ever broken the law?

Backseat Serenade - do you have your driver’s license?

If These Sheets Were States - do you miss someone?

Somewhere In Neverland - would you run away with the person you love?

So Long Soldier - have one of your family members ever been in the military?

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - have you ever had a near death experience?

To Live and Let Go - have you ever lost someone close to you?

Outlines - can you write stories well?

Thanks to You - what’s the last movie you watched?

For Baltimore - what city do you want to live in?

Paint You Wings - do you want the ability to fly?

So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze - have you ever had alcohol?

A Love Like War - have you ever fought with a significant other?

Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted) - have you ever been in a one sided relationship?

Canals - can you swim?

Oh Calamity! - would you take back one of your exes if you could?

Future Hearts

Satellite - what’s your worst habit?

Kicking and Screaming - have you ever been so angry that you physically harmed someone?

Something’s Gotta Give - what TV character are you most like?

Kids In The Dark - what book changed your life?

Runaways - have you ever run away from home?

Missing You - do you wish you were with someone right now?

Cinderblock Garden - what’s instruments do you play?

Tidal Waves - have you ever been to the beach?

Don’t You Go - have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color?

Bail Me Out - have you ever been arrested?

Dancing With A Wolf - what kind of pets have you owned?

The Edge of Tonight - have you ever stayed up all night?

Old Scars / Future Hearts - who’s your favorite celebrity?

Bottle and a Beat - what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Your Bed - what’s your idea of a perfect first date?

How The Story Ends - if you could be one thing from history, what would it be?


Actors - what’s your dream job?

Alejandro - how many people have you dated?

Art of the State - who is your favorite artist?

Elastic Heart - which one book do you wish they taught in schools?

Fool’s Holiday - favorite holiday?

Light the Way - who would play you in a movie about your life?

Living the Dream - what do you want your future to be like?

My Paradise - what’s the coolest story about yourself?

Painting Flowers - can you paint well?

The Worst Kind of Lullaby - can you sing?

Time to Break Up - what was your worst relationship like?

Toxic Valentine - have you ever had a valentine?

True Colors - what’s your favorite color?

Umbrella - day or night?

We All Fall Down - have you ever broken a bone before?


So my birthday is almost over and I’ve been laying here reflecting on today.

I’m not usually a birthday person. I’ve always seen it as another day out of the year without anything special about it. And with the exception of celebrating with my family, i can count the number of times I’ve actually truly celebrated my
birthday on one hand and still have fingers left. So, same as always, I wasn’t really thinking much about my birthday this year.

But this year was different. Today I woke up to what I could only describe as some of the sweetest things to ever happen to me. I’ve been given so much love and so many well wishes over the course of the day that my heart is full. I was gifted some of the best surprises I’ve ever received. And so many good things have happened to me today. I’m just so touched and happy and there’s no way this day could have been any better.

So to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday: thank you. I never expected anything like this out of today. You made today so special for me and everything you have done means more to me than i could ever put into words.
There are a lot of things I could say here but not nearly enough time or words to do so. Just know that this has easily been the best birthday I’ve ever had and I will never forget today for as long as I live. I love you guys.


Listen, I’m all for Damian having a complicated and at times difficult relationship with his mother, Talia, but that’s because LIFE IS LIKE THAT.

I mean, I love my parents but tbh there are times when I’ve seriously thought I’d have to straight up fight or murder one of them so like, ya know. Relationships are difficult, especially familial ones, ESPECIALLY when you’re family itself is complicated and full of imperfect people just trying the best with what they got.

If Damian and Bruce can have a complicated and occasionally hurtful relationship, but still be on good loving terms with one another so can Talia and Damian.

Talia has ALWAYS put her family first, even at her own expense. (Her defending Ra’s but not always supporting him or his beliefs) Why would she suddenly turn her back on her own child, especially a child she had herself with a man she loved and even was married to? It doesn’t make sense.

She doesn’t have to be perfect, no one ever is, especially not in comics, but let’s not pretend that abusive “crazy” Talia is game changing and wild. It’s racist. It’s sexist. And it’s complete and total bullshit.

You want drama, well there’s enough in the text as is for potential drama.

Damian is the child of Batman and the daughter of one of his greatest enemies. He’s a child who was born into a very dark and very painful life. And not just because of who his mother is. He was born to a woman raised in a violent cult controlled by her own father, is extremely capable and intelligent in her own right but constantly belittled and abused by said father and other family members simply because she is a woman. (Ra’s weird obsession with having his heir be Bruce of all people instead of his own daughter, and using her for more heirs basically, plus the general bullshit of being raised by the League of Assassins, I mean do ya’ll really think she had an easy life? It makes sense she was raised the same way Damian was) And his dad is Batman, the poster child for everything wrong and fucked about Gotham, mental health, trauma, etc. etc. Bruce is a very troubled and hurt man who doesn’t deal with trauma well and his children and the people he love more often than not suffer for it. His parents aren’t together specifically because of their own issues and their inability to work through them in a healthy and stable way conductive to a healthy relationship.

Like, that’s drama ya’ll. That’s real. Ya’ll always complaining about not enough realism and accurate portrayals of certain things, well I’m telling you, that’s accurate. I can personally attest to this. 

Sure it’s fiction and not a biography, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t do better with our stories. 

Why is it so important to people that Talia be an evil hag who’d kill her own child, yet look after another as if they were her own? Does that make sense to you? That Talia would choose Jason of all people over her own kid? Come on now. Check yerselves.

For Anon;

“Sir, you can’t send her home!” Alexander pleaded. Washington looked mildly distraught. A woman; they had been allowing a woman to fight for the last year. What if you had gotten hurt? What would they tell your family?

“I have to do the right thing, Hamilton,” Washington stated. “She needs to go back to her family.”

“Sir, you can’t just send her away,” Lafayette said, wanting to defend your reasoning for lying.

“Have you seen her with a gun? She could hit a bull’s eye from over fifty feet away!” Laurens pointed out. “If you send her home you leave us without one of the best marksmen we’ve ever had.”

“The decision isn’t up to me-”

“No, it should be up to her,” Mulligan said. He opened the flap to the tent, where you had been standing and listening the entire time.

I am so ready to be out of here. Mentally, emotionally, physically…. Family shouldn’t be this draining. This manipulative, aggravating, degrading. I can’t wait for the day I wake up in a home of my own, with my pets and my love by my side, without being afraid to walk into a different room. Without literally putting off eating and going to the bathroom simply to avoid them. Without being guilted for not having money and for not living my life the way they expect me to. Leaving was the best choice I’d ever made on my own and having to come back was one of the most heartbreaking and desperate moments of my life. I just want to leave again and trust me, it couldn’t come soon enough. If I didn’t have my pets I would go live on the streets. Fingers crossed.

erniethedork619  asked:

59, 62,75

59, 62, 75

Have you ever been caught masturbating/having sex?

A couple of times yes, luckily not by family.

One of the best times was at a friends house and everyone had went to sleep, I’m a night owl so I just jacking off cause I was bored and didn’t realise my friend had woken up, let’s just say I was getting fed a load pretty soon after that 😈

Can a dildo feel as good as a penis?

Nothing is going to beat a dick personally but when the mood takes you and you need something up there, it definitely comes in handy!

Do you often imagine people naked?

ALL THE TIME!!!!!! Literally, all the time. I day dream a lot about all different scenarios so naked people is just a very good scenario to think about 😉