they are the bad


So Link’s puns started the lexical concept of a ZSelfie in Hyrule and you can’t fight me on this ever. Fact.

He’s so charming no wonder u fell for that potato Zel top notch pun trash i clap to u

((aka @judithestelle made the best typo ever and I just couldn’t help myself. Thank you Juds.)) ALSO If u wanna help this trash check out my comishes or my ko-fi over my blog u da bomb <3333

You’re a Squig you’re a Squid

Squigs username is mis-spelled as ‘Squid’ in streams so much that I felt a deep need to draw Squig as a Squid.

I hope ya like it Squig!



Sorry guys I just need in of help, my tablet is about to die and has been glitching badly. So I am opening up only 1 slot for 200$ paypal only Reference sheet of a character of your choice!

What comes with the package:

  • Front/back full body
  • 4-5 Expression sheet
  • Color chart
  • Option choice of; Painted Head shot / Alternative Outfits / Waist Up

If interested or not, Signal boosts will be appreciative!! 

just did normal tomb of sargeras with karkat vantas as my raid leader lads

this guy was like “I WILL KICK ANY OF YOU FUCKERS IF YOU DIE TO MECHANICS. DONT BE BAD. I AM WATCHING.” and thats… thats karkat vantas, tank, raid leader,