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Summer feels,Part 2

Summary:  The reader was sent ( by her mother) to spend a summer with her Father, Tony Stark, in New York. At first she is against it, but then she meets Peter and ends up having the best summer of her life.

Warnings: Swearing

Words:1,2 K

Pairings: Dad!Tony Stark x reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Part 1  

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The first week of the summer had flew by crazy fast in New York. You were busy with the avengers, they all wanted to get to know you so you had to be with someone everyday. You even had your own ‘squad’ now, which included you, Wanda and Natasha. You often had these girls nights, where you would watch chick flick movies and gossip about everything. Sometimes you would pull pranks on other avengers, mostly on Vision and Clint since Wanda had crush on Vision and Natasha had on Clint. You thought it was cute the way they tried to get attention from the boys. 

Steve and Bucky had demanded to teach you basic self defense moves. So you spent the whole day at gym working out, after that you were super exhausted and slept better than you ever have slept. The next morning you were in pains for trying too hard. Steve noticed your funny walk when you went to get some cereals for breakfast. He had asked you if you were okay and offered to took you out for an ice cream, that was an offer you would never turn down. 

As you two were heading out you ran into Bucky, Steve of course being the perfect gentleman and a friend, asked if Bucky would like to join you.Soon you three were sitting in a park with your ice creams.They had told you what it was like to grow up back then. They told you all the stories about their adventures as children, they had also told you about your grandfather, what he was like and how much Tony reminded them of him. 

Speaking of Tony, you and him didn’t saw each other much during that week. Only bumping into him occasionally. He was busy in the lab with Bruce and you were busy with everyone else.This was upsetting Tony, he had thought that he would spend this whole summer with you, his daughter, instead he ended up working. So he decided to took couple days off and finally be with you. Asking you what you would like to do and the answer was shopping. You had in mind to  the normal non expensive stores, but Tony had insisted that you should shop somewhere more “classy”, as he said. 

You were trying these really cute heels on at Chanel. The vendor was standing right next to the mirror with a fake smile on her lips. You could see the frustration straight through her. Tony was sitting and admiring you spinning around the room with the high heels on, he couldn’t but smile. 

“ Do they look good on me dad?” 

“ Yeah kiddo, you look great” 

“ Sweet, how much are these?” You turned your gaze on the vendor, who’s smile was now much wider. And more fake.

“ twelve thousand dollars ma’am” Your eye’s grew as wide as the smile on the girl in font of you. What the hell? Never ever in your life have you heard that pair of shoes could be so expensive. Turning around and rushing to take off the shoes. 

“ Twelve thousand?! Do the Rolling Stones come and play for me while I’m walking with these? Geez” 

Tony got up from his seat, stopping you before you got to take them off. He took out his wallet, pulled his credit card out and gave it to the vendor. She nodded her head and went somewhere.

“It’s okay Y/N, you’re Stark, money is just number for us” 

“ No dad it’s not, I don’t need so expensive shoes when I can get the same ones without a brand logo, with 10 bucks.” 

Soon the vendor came back with a bag and this time she wasn’t smiling. She handed the bag to Tony and left. Tony looked at the bag, then at you, raising his eyebrow as you mouthed simply ‘no’. 

“ Alright I guess I have to give these to pepper..” Lifting his sleeve he tried to look what time it was. “ Which reminds that we are having dinner with Pepper soon, so we better hurry up. “ 

Pepper Potts was your dads new girlfriend, okay well I wouldn’t say new they had been together for almost 8 years now. But before they were dating she was his personal assist.You had met her once, when she came to your 5th birthday party with Tony. You thought that she seemed nice but your mother had different opinion about her. Talking shit behind her back.

“ Meet you here in twenty?” Your father asked when you arrived back at the tower. You nodded and headed to the common room, knowing that it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for you to get ready so you thought you would watch cartoons for about ten minutes.

 You heard the sound of the TV as you get more and more closer to the room. At first it looked like it was empty, just the TV playing. But when you looked better you saw someone’s head. Moving closer to the couch you recognized the person. It was that same boy who was with Sam the first time you arrived here. He looked like he would be the same age as you.

 Leaping right next to him, surprising him. He jumped a little when you fell next to him. His gaze was at you for a second and then turned his head back on TV. You observed him for a minute, admiring his facial structure, hair and his lips. Damn, you thought to yourself, he sure was a cutie.

“ You know when a dame comes to sit next to you, you usually introduce yourself to her” Smirking at him.

He now turned his gaze on you again. A small nervous smile appeared on his lips. “ O-oh right, umm.. I’m Peter” He offered his hand for you to shake. You let out a small laugh and shook it. 


“ Pretty name for a pretty girl..” He didn’t even realize that he had just said that, he didn’t mean to, it just slipped. 

“Aww..You think I’m pretty?” You smirked at him as he got really nervous, you could almost see the sweat running down his forehead. 

“ No, no , I do , yo-you’re really pretty, like one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, oh god I did it again, Okay I’m gonna shut up now.” He was now a red as fire truck. You could feel yourself blushing at his words. Just as you were about to answer, your father came in the same room. Noticing how the two teenagers were acting his father instincts begun to alert immediately. 

“ Y/N we’re leaving soon go get ready!” You stood up and started to walk towards the elevator. You winked at Peter saying ‘bye’ and left. Your father was watching the scene in front of him with horror. His little baby girl flirting with some Spider-Boy.

“ Do not even think about it Spiderling.”

“ Y-yes sir” Peter let out a breath that he  didn’t even notice he was holding in. Raising from the couch he rushed away from Tony. There was something that Peter found frightening about Tony. 

“ Kids..” Tony sighed and took out his phone to text to Pepper, telling her that you would be there soon. 

Yay, part 2 xd So It’s literally 3 am and I’m so tired and my cat won’t stop playing with my toes xd , lol anyway I think there is some mistakes but yeah whatever. The first part got so many positive feedback I can’t even, you make me so happy x) Love you all. 


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