they are such nice guys

you guys, cherish your friends. especially your best friends. cherish the ones who know just the right things to say even when they don’t realize it and cherish the ones who will stay up with you late into the night even though they’re tired just because you’re upset and need someone to talk to. count your blessings ♥

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Anonymous said:
Amy I love you and everything you have ever written ever can I throw money and or candy at you until you are happy with the amount not like in a weird way but just cause you deserve it (I’m on pain meds sorry if this makes no sense)

Honestly this is the sweetest thing, and I’ve been smiling about it all day

Anonymous said:
Yo I love those tickets you did in Duke’s pov!!!10/10

Well thank you! I’m really enjoying the option of a narrator who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. It’s an interesting POV to work with. 

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squidbles  asked:

With your trip to Disney TVA, were you able to see anything about the new Ducktales reboot?

A couple things in passing, but nothing I’m going to share, sorry.

Although a cute information bit is they’re working in the same area where Wander Over Yonder used to be! They took down the Lord Hater banners from the last time I was there, but it’s still pretty neat!