they are such cutie patooties cries a lot


This is my third follow forever ((I think)) and I wanted to do this because we recently hit 2,000 followers - something I didn’t think would actually happen tbh lmao.. 

This is just a way of saying thank you.. Thank you so much to all of my friends, I may barely converse with any of you but please know I love you all dearly.. I apologise for my lack of communication with you all. I’ve met some amazing people on here and I’m so happy I have these people in my life - even if it is just online.. most importantly though, I want to say thank you to all of my followers, the followers I see in my activity feed at least once a day, I want to give a quick little shout out to my most active followers ((according to tumblr)): 

Last month: @jyxnx @theunicornotaku @sweetbabygirllor @alexnzc

Last 7 Days: @jyxnx @theunicornotaku @gwikimchi @alexnzc ((U 3 on a roll lmao))

Last 3 Days: @jyxnx @gwikimchi @channwooo @peachio-chan

Last 24 Hours: @xchuckyx11 @johnnyssmollgf @holdmetaevhyung @michelleclaira 

Now the follow forever really begins…

Mutals = bold

A - H

@angelicjeno @antiwhitewash @aysuh1009 @badlydrawn-nct @bokutcho @broduce-101 @caliboyjaeffrey @caratvocals @cherrymargarie @cloud9carats @cutie-lee-taeyong @cutiephon-texts @dofawn @donghans @dream10vely @dthaechan @fykangdaniel @flawlessjeno @fy1ao @giibby @haecchan @haechannie @hansolsdeliciousanus @herecomedatjohnny @hey-uta @h-nsol @hqleetaeyong 

I - O 

@iamncttrash @jaehyunbelviso @jaehyunsguns @jaehwan-mp3 @jaeminnana @jibabylovesyou @kaepop-trash @kawaiijapantattoolover @keyismystarlight @kngdaniel @koreankollection @maeriad @markleetrashh @markleesa @marksvocals @mkayjaemin @nct-madness @nctreacting @nctokki @ncttrashaf @nct-tysjawline @neodreaming @nyannai @onyourmarklee @oppafeels 

 P - Z 

@paradiseyuta @princeyoungho @sebooty-lyfe @solarkwan @stormae @svt-can-fvck-me @synchnct @taeyongitslow @taeyongshi @taesyong @ten-ie @tenislove @textnct @thecameradonghyuckpunched​@watchhowitriumph

A few small messages for my dearest~

@bokutcho - Gab, you were my first friend I made on here and I’m so thankful for you. I miss you sosososo much and I really hope uni is going well for you 

@iamncttrash - Bar~ you’ve only recently become one of my friends but I’m so happy you messaged me and we started talking! I’m so blessed that you give me honest feedback on my work and I hope we can become closer in the future 

@jaeminnana - Vivi, my Cutie patootie tootie frooite ((yes ur name on sc is still that and I’m never changing it)) I cannot believe- u spoil me so much with ur fine af sweets and I love how well spoken you are at only 15, like I wanna cri you’re so damn tol and so damn cute and ur my fave jaemin stan and ilysm 

@markleetrashh - Cheryl! I know we aren’t that close, but I still adore you sm.. I really really hope we can become closer in the future and I really hope you’re happy and healthy 

@markleesa - Ashley, boo, ily.. I wish we could’ve gotten A LOT closer than we did when the KCT group chat started, I feel like we could easily be two peas in a pod I love you and ur writing sm ((here’s johnny, that absolute gem)) and I want to thank you so much for helping me the other month, you don’t know how much it meant to me 

@nctreacting - Flo, I feel like I’m the closest to you out of everyone tbh, tho I know we haven’t talked much since exams started ((I hope they’re going okay!)) You’re a tol softie ((jk u fukin wild af)) and ur a true supplier of them memes.. I honestly hope you’re okay because I know you haven’t been feeling the best recently and I just want you to know ilysm and pleasepleaseplease hmu if you need to talk about anything.. I truly miss you

Final shout out is to the KCT kids.. I love you guys so much, everyone is truly amazing and please never doubt yourself, we may not always be active but I know I have you guys whenever there’s a problem I’m having and I’m there for any of you if you need the help.. I hope we stay together for a while longer ily

We actually reached 250+ Sea Turtles WTF I LOVE YOU SEA TURTLES SO MUCH
Sup guys! This is AlyBrittny Loire~! We got this Bias List for you guys because we had this blog for over a month, and a lot of Sea Turtles came before and after Easter.
We wanna say thank you so much! You guys have been so fun, supportive, and sweet.
I really had so much fun with Bunnymund here, and it’s great that you guys believe in him ayyy.

Even it’s either IC or OOC, Skype or KiK, you guys still kept up our shits with crack and a bit of action and angst, and man oh man, you all are such talented writers and this is such a wonderful journey with Hot Fluff Butt cries forever to the sun ; u ;

Movin’ right along with the list!! Check under here!

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lufffluffyhippos-blog  asked:

Hey I know this is probably out of the blue but I just wanted to drop by and tell you how awesome it is to see how much you've grown and bettered yourself as a person. You're an inspiration to a lot of people and I hope you remember that whenever you are down. Also you're a cutie patootie too!! But um,,, I'm probably butchering this so I'm sorry in advance but ; 7 ; espero que tengas un buen día de fiesta!

gracias ahh…. .. .…. [accidentally cries]